Twenty Second Month

  • Running to catch up with your toddler as he/she takes the first few running steps [though a little unsteady] will be one of your favorite pastimes. Your toddler will enjoy this too, so make sure he/she gets plenty of exercise. It's safer for you to play in an open level area. Taking him/her out to the park can be a good idea and the fresh air will do both of you a world of good. He/she may be trying to climb up or down stairs, but he/she will still need help for this. Make sure he/she is supervised near stairs or other potentially dangerous sites.

    You can get him/her a wide variety of mind testing toys like puzzles. These will help sharpen the mind and keep him/her occupied for some time. He/she will also want to play with other children and may prefer the company of other children to you. Don't let this affect you as this is just a part of the 'growing up' process. Once he/she has played for some time he/she will still come running back to you as you are still his/her most favorite 'possession'.

    Food Intolerance [and how it is different from food allergy]
  • Food intolerance is more common in children than true food allergies. While food allergies can be life threatening, food intolerances are not. Though the sort of symptoms that intolerance causes are different, it is important to identify this and avoid giving those particular foods to the child. This avoids putting the child through a great degree of discomfort and pain. The main symptoms are:

    1. Bloating of stomach
    2. Stomach pain
    3. Vomiting
    4. Passing of excess gas
    5. Loose motions

    Always discuss these issues with your doctor and look for alternatives that you can give your child so that your child gets a well balanced and complete diet.

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