Thirteenth Month

  • By now you will have your hands full running around with your baby and making sure he/she doesn't get into trouble. You might have a great modern artist in the making and if you let his/her free with a crayon he/she will decorate your walls and any other surface he/she can find with his/her scribbling.

    His/her vocabulary would have improved greatly and he/she might be shouting ma-ma to you when she sees you or craves your attention. You might be able to understand a few more words that he/she now says clearly, (although it's your immediate family will be the only ones to clearly understand his/her words right now!). He/she will also understand a few simple phrases and engage in animated baby talk. Encourage his/her and it is a good idea to start reading to his/her and involving his/her in conversations to help him/her grasp language better.

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