First Month

  • MomYour baby is still adjusting to his/her new world. It is normal for babies to lose about seven percent or so of their birth weight in the first week. This happens because babies are born with extra fluid which is lost in the first few days of life. They regain most of the weight lost by the time they are two or three weeks old. By the end of this month your baby may be able to lift his/her head a little when he/she's lying back on his/her tummy. He/she may also be able to turn his/her head from side to side. His/her/her leg and arm movements are less jerky and as he/she gains more control of his/her muscles, his/ her movements will soon be much more coordinated. By the end of this month he/she'll also begin to make cooing noises. Keep talking to him/her as much as possible. He/she simply loves hearing your voice right now.

    Common Problems

    How long will my baby have an umbilical stump?
  • The stump usually turns black and falls off within two weeks of birth.

    Does the stump require special care?
  • The most important thing is to keep the stump clean and dry. When changing diapers it is important to take care not to get urine or stool on the stump as this could cause an infection. If it gets dirty wash it with clean water and mild soap and pat it dry with a clean, dry towel.

    Signs to look out for
  • if there is any sign of the stump becoming swollen or red or if you see any foul smelling discharge, consult your doctor immediately.

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