Eighteenth Month

  • By now you may have realized that keeping up with a toddler is not as easy as it seems. But it's likely that your main problem is his/her eating habits. It can be extremely difficult for you to fix a meal for your toddler. Don't be disheartened or feel that you are not putting in enough effort into feeding your toddler. Most toddlers are extremely fussy eaters. Try to give your child a varied, mixed diet and if he/she feels like eating a particular fruit/vegetable or anything else on a particular day, let him/her have his/her full.

    He/she may also be getting into a lot more physical activity like climbing over furniture or up the window. Make sure an adult is with your toddler at all times to supervise. If you want more information about your toddler's nutrition you can check out the common queries link.

    Nutritional needs of a toddler:
  • You will no doubt be barraged with free advice from family and friends about what to feed and what not to feed your toddler. Don't let this advice affect you too much, especially when someone tells you that one particular food [e.g. Fish or a particular fruit] is very good or absolutely essential. Many mothers panic when someone says this and their toddler doesn't like that particular food. As long as your toddler is having a well balanced, mixed diet and growing normally don't let this bother you.

    1. Every child has its likes and dislikes. Don't force your child to eat something that he/she does not want to.
    2. It is safe to give your child home cooked food but with less salt. Even now your child's daily salt requirement is about 2g/ day which is less than half of what an adult requires.
    3. The only time you should avoid a food is when your child has food intolerance or a food allergy.
    4. As long as your child is eating a wide variety of food and growing well, he/she most probably will be getting all the nutrients he/she needs.
    5. If you feel he/she does have problems with eating, always discuss the issue with your pediatrician at your monthly check up and growth evaluation.

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