Fourth Month

  • At this age you can expect your infant to roll over (front to back), bear weight on his/her legs(if you hold a baby upright she will be able to support her body weight on her legs) and sit with support. In the fourth month most babies can sit on his/her own, for a few moments. You have to be careful and be close to your baby as he/she can lose balance and fall. They may also start making the first clear sounds like ma-ma or da-da but not to the right person.

    Most babies sleep at night and do not usually wake up for night feeds. It is still too early to start your baby on solid foods. Experts suggest that a baby should be exclusively breast fed for six months. You can begin the first solids in the next 2 months.

    Baby massages
  • Oil massage is a common practice in our country. While massaging you have to be very careful about the amount of force you use. Too much force can injure your baby. Make sure that you wash off all the oil after the massage, as residual oil can cause a lot of skin irritation for the baby.

    Do not put water/oil into the ears or nose of the baby at any cost. It can lead to serious infections. The ears and the nose have self cleaning mechanisms that work well enough.

    Your baby's third dose of DPT, oral polio and Hepatitis B vaccines is due this month. Check the immunization schedule for more details.

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