Seventeenth Month

  • By now you will understand more easily what your toddler wants. He/she will most probably use a few words in combination with sign language to convey his/her likes and dislikes promptly. His/her sleep habits are likely to change and decrease to just one nap per day. You will need more energy to keep up with him/her during this additional 'awake' time.

    You will also find that kids of this age can be pretty stubborn. It is important for you to understand that this is a passing phase during which he/she is too young to reason with. You have to be the one who has to adjust and be smart enough to tactfully deal with any issue that arises, instead of being confrontational. Most children are easily distracted at this age; so use this to your advantage instead of losing your temper.

    Ear infections
  • Ear infections are a common complication after a bout of cold in children. There are a few things than you need to understand about ear infections in children and why you need to be extra careful.
    1. If your child has had a cold a few days [3-5] before, and then develops a fever it could be an ear infection.
    2. The Eustachian tube [a tube connecting the middle ear to the back of throat/nose] in children is shorter and more horizontal. This predisposes to ear infections.
    3. Ear infections can lead to complications. If you suspect that your child could be having an ear infection, do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician.

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