Thirty Fourth Month

  • As your child approaches his/her third birthday you may find that his/her interest in his/her evening play time at the park has increased. He/she will be impatient to meet his/her friends at the park. This is a normal part of the child’s development as his/her social skills improve. On the other hand if you find that your child is a little shy and does not mingle easily, there is nothing to worry about. This depends on your child’s personality. Avoid ridiculing or telling your child that what he/she does in such a situation is wrong. This can lead to a confidence crisis in the child.

    It is important to repeatedly remind yourself that you should not compare your child to another, even to a sibling. If you are worried about your child’s growth or any other issue always discuss it with your pediatrician. If you still have doubts take a second opinion, but do not hassle the child at any cost.

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