Second Month

  • Are you wondering if your little one recognizes you? Chances are that he/she does! Your baby may actually smile when he/she sees you and coo and kick with pleasure. Your baby has lost the curled up newborn look. From now on he/she may gain weight faster- about 1kg a month. You'll probably notice that he/she sleeps a lot less- some babies this age are awake for up to 10 hours a day. Your baby's also getting stronger; though he/she still can't hold his/her head steady for long, maybe for a few seconds at a time.He/she has begun to prefer bright colors and complex shapes. He/she can also track movements, which means that a simple rattle passed in front of your baby's face can get his/her undivided attention. He/she might also look at his/her own hand when you do this. Being able to "regard" his/her hand is the first step towards reaching out and grabbing things.

    Common Problems :

    Dieting during breast feeding:
  • It is important for all lactating mothers to remember that you require additional nutrition in this period as well. It is very important to have a healthy, nutritious and well balanced diet with plenty of fruits, veggies and water. Do not go on crash diets or try to lose weight as this can interfere with how much milk you can produce for your baby. You will gradually lose the excess weight you have gained during pregnancy. Do not take notice of any comments about your weight. Remember your baby is much more important that what a few silly people say.The only food that you should avoid eating is something that you feel may be causing irritation to your baby. If your baby seems to cry/ feel uncomfortable when you feed him/her after having a particular food, avoid eating them. These could be very oily food or certain veggies like cauliflower. Your baby's DPT, oral polio and Hepatitis B vaccinations are due this month. Check the immunization schedule for more details.

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