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    What causes premature ejaculation while suffering from chemical burn of external urinary meatus?

Posted on Wed, 8 Jul 2015 in Urinary and Bladder Problems
Question: Hi there, my name is XXXXXXX I'm 26 from Canada.

I was living in Peru up until recently and I had visited an MD at a clinic who prescribed me trichloroacetic acid because I had a wart (HPV) inside of my penis just inside the meatus. What happened was, the first application of the acid was applied by the doctor. After the first application, the doctor told me that I could do the remaining applications from home. (Not the best advice now looking back)

I had my partner apply it with one of the large Q-tips provided by the doctor. She held the qtip on the skin for too long, I got burned really badly and since then I have been struggling with fairly severe premature ejaculation. This happened in November of last year (2014).

After I was burned, the skin struggled to heal. It would constantly turn white when I got it wet and skin would peel off. I used a high quality tamanu oil for well over a month to help heal the skin and kept it covered most times but it seemed that inevitably skin would peel off and I was in a lot of pain most days due to friction from walking.

The area that was affected was the lower half of my meatus and surrounding area of the glans. It is difficult to tell now, but if one looks closely you can see that part of my "lips" were completely burned off and they do not show signs of regenerating. An added bonus I received from that is not having a fully closed meatus and so when I urinate, I always leak afterwards and also pre-ejaculate comes out if I'm aroused. These were not issues prior to the burn.

The burn has left a scar that feels like a tiny hard spot at the burn site and the tip of my penis often feels irritated. The pain could be described as a "burning" sensation. Go figure. The irritation becomes more apparent if pressure is applied.

The elasticity of my meatus; the opening seems to be significantly reduced. It almost feels like the skin grew back deformed. I cannot pull back the skin to expose the inside of the meatus as easily as before and am thinking that perhaps part of the frenulum was burned and now it is causing a tightness and irritation that is possibly the cause of the premature ejaculation?

I have not had problems with premature ejaculation in the past.

What do you recommend I do in order to help correct this issue that I am having?

It seems like such a fluke thing to happen. I can't really find any information or find anyone else who has had this same thing happen to them so it is difficult to know exactly what is going on.

Any advice I would greatly appreciate. Its a nightmare not being able to last for more than 30 seconds and I feel really emasculated not being able to make love to my girlfriend like I did before.

Thank you,

Answered by Dr. P. T. Patil 6 hours later
Brief Answer:
Premature ejaculation is not due to burn.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your query,based on the facts that you have posted it appears that you have sustained chemical burns to your external urinary meatus and surrounding area of glans penis due to application of chemical which has resulted in scarring and burning of urethra .

You have been suffering from Premature Ejaculation since then and have a doubt the premature ejaculation to be due to this burn.

At the outset I would like to state that the premature ejaculation that you have is not due to the burn or injury that you have sustained .It is mind related and due to what is called as performance anxiety.
Following general measures will help you to have sustainable erection and to help to have enjoyable sex and delay ejaculation.
1) Practice regular exercise for 45 minutes followed by meditation for 1/2 an hour in the morning.
2) Take high protein diet rich in vegetables and fruits and Vitamin A,C,D,E.and Zinc
3)Take anti oxidants like Almonds 5-6 everyday..
4) Avoid alcohol and smoking..

Taking combination of Viagra and Dapoxetine one hour before sex will help to resolve your problem

As regards the issue of meatus and glans ,looking at the photograph that you have uploaded it seems to be in a stage of healing.

Please take antibiotic like Augmentin along with anti inflammatory medicine like Diclofenac twice daily and topical steroid cream for application over affected area for two weeks..

Ensure to wash your genitals twice daily.

Get the prescription of drugs from your family physician.

Ensure to avoid sexual activities for 2 weeks till it heals up completely..

Hope I have answered your query. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me I shall be happy to help you .
Thanks and Regards.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Yogesh D
Follow up: Dr. P. T. Patil 1 hour later
Thank you for your answer, Dr. XXXXXXX It is much appreciated. Yes, I do have some follow up questions and concerns.

Regarding the photo, this photo was taken today (June 21,2015) and so it has been approximately 9 months give or take since the incident of the burn. My question with regards to that is, is it actually possible that it is still healing after almost 9 months? It has already been so long. How long could it possibly take until it is fully healed? I did recently read that a tight frenulum can cause premature ejaculation. Since the burn my penis has done some strange things. It started curving a bit to the left and also while erect the glans would curve downward... This I read to be a symptom of an overly tight frenulum, which I am thinking I possibly burned off or damaged.

My thinking is that because the skin was burned, it is more sensitive. The glans of my penis constantly feels a bit irritated and I get a "tickle" feeling very often; right inside of the meatus that magnifies with an erection and causes me (or so it seems) to ejaculate rapidly. The sensitivity of the glans of my penis seems to be extremely increased since the burn. I know it is normal for the glans to be more sensitive than the rest of the penis, but it feels much much more sensitive than it did before this incident of the burn.

As far as performance anxiety, I am not confident that this is the case with me. To me it feels like a physical issue more than a mental one. There are moments where I can simply squeeze my penis and I will ejaculate. This happens when I am alone and would NEVER happen before.

I would like to know what gives you the impression that it is due to performance anxiety? Indeed yes it bothers me that I cannot last in bed with my partner, but this happens while I am alone as well and feel like I have taken many steps (diet, vitamins, meditation, vitamin E, herbal remedies, PC muscle exercises) to correct this issue but have had little success.

I am not someone who generally takes pharmaceuticals, especially things like viagra. I regret using that acid.

Is there any other (natural) recommendation that you can provide me with?

Could there be a possibility of urethritis that is causing the premature ejaculation, perhaps?

And the final and big question is, do you think I will be stuck with this problem forever? Are there circumstances where premature ejaculation simply cannot be corrected? That is my biggest concern.

Thank you for your time, patience and good service.

Answered by Dr. P. T. Patil 1 hour later
Brief Answer:
Read detail answer below.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for follow up.

The premature Ejaculation is defined as uncontrolled ejaculation that occurs within one minute of penetration of vagina while having sex with female partner and not while masturbating.The ejaculation that occurs while squeezing your penis is due to excessive stimulation by firm grip of hand is termed as early ejaculation and it is not premature ejaculation.

The premature ejaculation that you have noticed very recently can be due to excessive sensitivity of your glans which can be managed by using condom while having intra vaginal penetrative sex with your female partner .

As regards the curvature of the penis downward you need to consult qualified Urologist for clinical examination and get it treated by a minor surgery called Frenuloplasty.He will be in a better position to comment and suggest as regards burn and scarring of the meatus by direct visualizing your urethral opening.

Finally I would like to state that every man in his life suffers from premature ejaculation at some time or other and it gets resolved spontaneously without any treatment .

You can consult qualified sexologist to learn and modify few sex techniques like Stop and start or squeeze technique This will help you to delay ejaculation.

Do not worry ,have a patience This is the problem which gets resolved of its own as one becomes experienced in sexual life .

Thanks and Regards.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Prasad
Answered by
Dr. P. T. Patil


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