Premature ejaculation

What is Premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the ejaculation of seminal fluid before the culmination of complete sexual act.A man experiences orgasm and expels semen soon after sexual activity and with minimal penile stimulation. It has also been called early ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, rapid climax, premature climax, and (historically) ejaculation praecox.

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Hi how r you .i have problem of premature ejaculation and might be erectile dysinfuction .please I need urgent help

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Brief Answer:
Premature ejaculation

Detailed Answer:
Hello and welcome to healthvcaremagic

I am Dr. Kakkar. I have gone through your query and I have understood it.

You could use a topical lignocaine 2% gel locally, 30 minutes before intercourse to delay ejaculation. It reduces the sensitivity of...

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I am 28 year old and last year felt that i am suffering with Premature Ejaculation , i consult a doctor, he gave me anti depression medicines named feliz. but no result. finally i contact with Hashmi Davakhana online (website is Http:\\ WWW.WWWW.WW . they given capsules and some oil, results was good enough and problem was solved. they continue treatment duration of 7 months. Now after six months of completion of their treatment problem is renewed. also now Erectile dysfuntion is appears. and they tried to continue the treatment for a prolong time

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Hi Dear and Welcome to HCM ......
dearest i advise you to take the following things as a part of your diet:-
almonds,banana,pine apple,saffron,aniseed,cardamom,figs,honey,pumpkin.....
cap Gonadil -F are good and effective....1 cap twice aday for 3 months.....
tab clomfranil 25 mg 2 hours before...

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hi. im planning for conception.. undergoes with all tests ov study, pct tests are after one week. .. my problem is with my husband. my husband have all problems.he has problems like premature ejaculation,
penis cant get straight, no sperm liquid no sensation etc etc.. what should i do. when i told these to my doctor? i want my husbands medical test also.

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hello dear, welcome to healthcare magic forum.In any case of infertility it is adviced to have the clinical investigations of both the partners.Premature ejaculation, low sperm count, all there are reasons which interrupt conception.You need to take your husband for all investigations as they are...

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I have premature ejaculation problem. I last about 4 thrust into my wife. I've never lasted more than 3 min. I can even cum accidently just from really thinking hard bout something that turns me on. I'm 50yo. I tried confido n it really helped with everything but actually intercourse with my wife. slight improvement there. I think I might've lasted almost a minute with her. woopy! I also think I got a bad side effect from confido, blurred vision. so stopped taking it. What can I do? please help. thanks

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Hi there ~

It is normal to ejaculate prematurely during the initial stages of having had a relationship, although this experience may be different people. You should focus on yourself and I am glad the confido helped in improving your sex life. I also thing that the blurred vision may have been...

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Hi doctor, I am 33 years oId male married. i had never sex before. I think i have premature ejaculation problem. I never smoke and drink. Whenever I just kiss and hug a while, my penis discharges sticky white fluid liquid due to excitement. This happened often. This also happened before when I watched videos, films. Can you please advise what shall i do? Thanks

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Thanks for your query.Based on the facts that you have posted it appears that you have problem of Premature Ejaculation.
The white sticky discharge you get even with slight excitement is nothing but a secretion of Periurethral glands located in urethra.

This is normal secretion of these...

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I have turned 17 few months ago. There is one thing that I am afraid of. If I masturbate, ejaculation occurs in 1-1.5 minutes (sometimes bit longer). So can it be called Premature Ejaculation?
Can premature ejaculation be tested through masturbation, or it's different?

Is there any cure to premature ejaculation? I am afraid. Please help.

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Pre-mature ejaculation cannot be commented on masturbation. Its only through actual sexual encounter, it can be commented on.
Ejaculation occurs faster on masturbation.
Pre-mature ejaculation, if at all occurs in later life,can be treated.
Hope I am able to answer your concerns.
If you...

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Hi doctor , i consulted a dermatologist for hair loss . He suggested finpecia tablets . When i checked online , the side effect mentioned is premature ejaculation . I am already suffering from premature ejaculation and taking ayurveda medicines for it . Shall i continue with the finpecia tablets ?

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Brief Answer:
I think you should not take risk

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for using healthcaremagic.

The decision to use a medication is made after considering all pros and cons of the particular medication. Since you are already suffering with premature ejaculation it is better not to take...

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During Motion & urine sperm over leaking ?

Im 28 old last men,last ten years i'm doing masturbation. Last 2 months i'm having severe problem Motion & urine sperm over leaking & also pre ejection, some time i feel pain in my penis. i planning for marriage is year end. i'm so scared.

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Brief Answer:
No need to scare

Detailed Answer:
Hi Vel,

I have gone through your query. You have mentioned about over leaking sperm during urination and defecation along with premature ejaculation. I hope, i understood you clearly. If not, please rectify.

Sperm coming out along with urine is...

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Having recovered from cancer treatment and feeling healthy again I have started dating and sexual activity.Discovered I am experiencing premature ejaculation.I am on synthroid137 dose could this have a part in it?What treatment or program would you recommend?

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Brief Answer:
Premature ejaculation

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for contacting HCM with your health care concerns

I am thrilled to hear that you have recovered from cancer therapy. you are now back into life and dating. But you have noticed you have premature ejaculation. This is a common condition...

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With reference to the previous questions sir on Premature Ejaculation should I start with the medications list you have provided . My wedding is planned in Nov 2015 and I want to get rid of this problem before that . Also is the issue Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction . Need to take some steps immediately

Is there some private doctors etc that you could refer in XXXXXXX rather than hospitals . Also is it posisble to talk to you sir if you could provide your contact details
as I want to explain the problem in detail . Seems like the upper skin of the penis is very sensitive and leads to the problem


doctor1 MD

Brief Answer:
Please describe your problem

Detailed Answer:
Dear Purusottam,
Thanks for writing back to me.

Unfortunately from the day one you wrote about premature ejaculation and never described the problem in detail. I request you to describe the problem in detail so I can make a proper...

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Recent questions on  Premature ejaculation

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Hi, I just had a question about premature ejaculation. I always thought that this occurred when a male ejaculated too quickly. This is not my problem. I can last for a long time (30 minutes or more) yet a few years after first discovering solo sex (11 or 12) I have rarely ever really orgasmed. It seems I go right from normal sex to ejaculation but without orgasm. I remember the first time this happened because I rushed as a kid growing up due to fear, etc. Is there any way to reverse this without hypnosis, etc. Thank you for your time.
Age 29

doctor1 MD

Hi, Following is for your consideration:

AGE: 37 years

Weight: 51 Kg

Height: 5.4'

Body Type: Slim

Status: Married (7 Years Ago)

Children: 02

Problem History:

About 17 Years ago I got infection in my urine, after some treatment I consulted with Urologist and he diagnosis that there is infection in prostrate, since that I am suffering from some drops (I don’t know whether these are seminal drops or some else) whenever there is some sexual attraction. I have used different medication from homeopathic, allopathic and traditional herbal medicines but not get rid from the said problem.

Current symptoms:

•     Drops from penis whenever there is some sexual attraction but without full erection.

•     Sometimes there is Ejaculation without full erection while watching sex.

•     Loose erection, can’t sustain erection even for 10-15 seconds

•     During sex get rapid ejaculation, have no control on it, also there is no hard erection in sex and also can’t sustain erection, drops from penis during sex

•     Fatigue

•     Poor Appetite

•     Backache

•     Headache

•     Depression

I will be grateful if you kindly send me your expert diagnostics for the above and relevant treatment.


doctor1 MD

Hello Sir

I have been over-masturbating and I'm experiencing these symptoms :

-Memory loss
-Lack of concentration
-Fatigue. Feeling tired all the time
-Lower back pain
-Stress / Anxiety
-Weak Erection
-Premature Ejaculation
-fuzzy vision
-Feel shy to talk to other

On a site that I’ve read (I think it’s WWW.WWWW.WW , the doctor said lower my masturbation to about 2-3 times/day and take his medicine located on the site some where to replace the brain and health chemistry that I have lost such as the brain’s acetycholine, dopamine, and serotonin levels.

I'm still a teenager (18 years old) so I don't want to be ordering a product or else my parents will find out and that will put me in the most awkward situation.

Could you please suggest some medicine that I can buy from a store, please respond ASAP!!

Thank you

doctor1 MD

Hi, I am suffering from irritable bowel syndrome so cannot digest anything, all would come out with frequent bowel movements. And i am also suffering from extreme weight loss, premature ejaculation, stout penis, urinary incontinence, and excess of precum... plz suggests me what should i do to get rid of these problems?

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Hi, I have a problem of pre mature ejaculation, the sensitivity is too high and as a a result the climax is reached very fast.

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I need a doctor to review and explain my semen analysis report Following are the two tests I have taken in the last month Test # 1 - 3rd Nov 2017 Color: Grey White Volume: 1.5 ml Consistency: Liquid pH: 8.0 Liquification time: 35 minutes Total...

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Hello, I am a 40 year old healthy male. Just wanted to ask you an important question. 1. Is it okay to rub the penis against my wife’s clothes for 10-15 minutes, when we both are wearing the clothes and doing foreplay in the initial stages. I...

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