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What causes elevated heart rate and stomach discomfort while on medication for lung infection?

Answered by
Dr. Priyank Mody


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Posted on Sat, 17 Oct 2015 in General Health
Question: Hello Sir,
I am writing in today because i was doing well and rejoined my work for the past 2 weeks but today after i had my lunch I felt my heartbeat to be increased and drowsiness. But after about and half an hour i started feeling a bit relaxed because after that i had a few long burps which relaxed the condition a bit. I Also had a checkup with my doctor and he has prescribed with pantocid dsr capsule. However i am still feeling a slight elevated heartbeat. I was being diagnosed with a lung infection which is now pretty much clear. During this i had the echo test which showed that i had mitral valve prolapse. What could be the reason behind this . Could you please help me understand my condition?

For lunch i had Rice and chicken and after that i had a few Chocolate biscuits. My doctor after hearing this suggested to cut down on the chocolate part.
Answered by Dr. Priyank Mody 9 hours later
Brief Answer:
Mostly it's gastritis, though mitral valve prolapse may cause symptoms

Detailed Answer:
Hello XXXX,
Let me go through different aspects which may have caused the episode.
1) Because of the medication you are taking for the lung infection, it would have been heavy for your stomach leading to subclinical gastritis, so a good meal just precipitated severe gastritis and some reflux of the stomach acid in the food pipe, which caused caused all the symptoms.
Here I am not not really worried about and 3 weeks of pantocid dsr 15 mins before breakfast would be enough complete healing.
2) now coming to your query, mitral valve prolapse is a condition where the two leaflet of the mitral valve (the valve separating the two left sided chambers chambers of the heart) are floopy an hence may cause following clinical senerios.
- floppy valves may now completely close leading to small back leak (Mild MR in your echo report), the reason I had advised you to do a repeat echo every 2-3 years to make sure there is no change in leak. To reassure you mild leak is of no clinical significance and may happen in normal individual.
-some times these floppy leaflets may touch the heart muscle leading to extra beats, these extra beats may be presided by you as palpitations and increased heart rate. So the symptoms you describe may be due to some extra beats of the heart
- lastly in some patients it may cause some chest pain (not due to the blockages) , breathlessness during exercise, dizziness, numbness on both upper upper limbs, anxiety or even panic attacks. This is called mitral valve prolapse syndrome,
The above symptoms are not at all life threatening however If very frequent it may need treatment with a very simple drug.
However as you had an isolated symptoms, nothing required for medication at present, but we will just keep a tab on symptoms.
Also if you feel your heart racing very frequently we will get a 24 hour ecg recording called holter test to see if it really causes increase in heart rate.

Anything that is stimulant whether chocolate, ,coffee, smoking or alcohol binge is something you may avoid. So your doc was right is advising you the same.

Hoping I could help, any clarification you may require I would be happy to assist.

So lastly as it was an isolated event just take pantocid and things should be . If persistent or if it again occurs after stopping all lung infection dose, we would discuss the next step and a medication for MVP
Regards Dr Priyank Mody
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Raju A.T
Follow up: Dr. Priyank Mody 7 hours later
Hello Sir,

Thanks for you reply.

The heart rate is back to 83-87 bpm but after yesterday's event my body is feeling tired and weak even today also a slight dizziness feeling in between. Also had a small breathing flow problem. I also am feeling something like irritation in my throat like some thing is stuck and also had a little tingling feeling in arms and legs after yesterday event. Could this be due to the sudden event or some other factor. The only thing is that i am driving to office every day in my bike and while driving i donot feel these cases. But after that I would feel a bit of breathlessness and it will last for a couple of hours. Could this be due to MVP or any other condition.

Answered by Dr. Priyank Mody 16 hours later
Brief Answer:
Mostly a component of resolving lung infection and reflux gastritis

Detailed Answer:
Hello XXXXX, I did go through all the information you provided.
Presently the pulse rate is perfectly withen normal limits
Now in MVP, most commonly the symptoms are episodic. The persistence of symptoms is not very common.
Also the sore throat you describe and slight breathlessness post a drive, favour respiratory cause as the more predominant cause here. Maybe continuing esiflo inhalation for sometime may help. More important here is to gargle s post taking inhaler as the fluticasone(steroid) component of the inhalation when struck to the throat may cause sticky feeling and throat soreness
MVP per say can cause variety of symptoms which are completely non specific and even the exact mechanism is not known, and hence it should be considered only after other causes are ruled out.
The simplest medication for MVP which will have effect both of preventing the progression of leak and eliminate palpitations would be for you a cardiac specific beta blocker, only after the lung part is completely sorted out.
Also reflux of stomach acid in the food pipe may be additional cause to precipitate the event.
Lastly you are a young guy with an active life, don't peek too much into the symptoms if they are just a mild deviation from the routine, as some symptoms related to lungs and systemic like tiredness, muscle ache may persist for 3-4 weeks post viral fever.
It's also perfectly safe for you to drive , avoid pollution and air (use mask or handkerchief) to prevent exacerbation
If similar symptoms recur let me know
Also any clarification needed I would be happy to help.
Wishing you the best of health and early recovery.
Regards Dr Priyank Mody

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Neel Kudchadkar
Follow up: Dr. Priyank Mody 14 hours later
Thank you sir for the detailed explanation and analysis.

Lastly I want to ask you if there is any specific diet that I should follow and avoid certain items in everyday meals. Also anything specific that can be included to improve the condition.

Also Sir request your suggestion for a personal query

I was working in germany from the past 2 years but returned because of this infection as I didnot get any proper treatment for a week. Since the temperature currently there is below zero I have put my travel back because I thought it might aggravate the condition. Is it ok if I can travel anytime soon or to put it on hold until complete recovery
Answered by Dr. Priyank Mody 19 hours later
Brief Answer:
Do go through the detailed answer

Detailed Answer:
Will enumerate my views for individual queries
1) In terms of food any stimulant like coffee, alcohol, chocolates in moderation, stop smoking
2) for mvp no recommended diet, however for lung recovery, diet rich in antioxidants and protein. Fruits 2 serving per day, if you take fish, fatty fish like salmon 2-3 rimes /week or omega 3 fatty acid for supplement 1-2 gm per day. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, Are good
3)now for mvp if there are no symptoms, no treatment is required. We just have to do echo 2-3 years for progression of mitral regurgitation
If symptoms are there some medication.
For you if possible get a treadmill stress test, it's not to see how much you can walk, but whether with exertion are there symptoms or extra beats on the ecg. So with TMT if you don't have any symptoms, it means even with exertion things are good and you should not have any problem in Germany.
Now if symptoms, safest drug to have is tab prolomet Xl 12.5 mg once a day, it's contains metoprolol and smallest diesel is available in only this brand (standard). However let your physician examine you be because your chest should be perfectly clear.
4) you may move to Germany from my side, just make sure the lungs are perfect healing mode. Why I am not commenting on lung infection part is? Here a proper clinical examination is essential why I would not be able to do.
Otherwise wishing you a healthy life and even from Germany anything needed let me know.
Regards Dr Priyank Mody

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Vinay Bhardwaj

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