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General & Family Physician
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Rajeev Ghandi University of Health Sciences 
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3 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice and 1 year in field of HIV and related medicine
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Good advice and a quick reply.
Written by : RyanWed, 13 Feb 2019
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I had comp metab/lipid panel done on 7/22/17 and all of my numbers were perfectly in line. Between then and most recent metab/lipid panel done on 3/10/18, I all but ceased my normal exercise routine and did not really watch my diet very well and I...

doctor1 MD

Hi Doctor, My daughter is 14 months old and her weight was approx. 10 kg one month back. She had fever on 3rd March (after playing with water on Holi on 2nd March) and developed cough and runny nose as well on 4th March . We were giving her...

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I don t know to eat, or drink to keep from getting the runs. A little bit of a headache, I just don t feel up to par

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Lately when walking up a slight incline am out of breath so badly i feel like I can not breathe.

doctor1 MD

I recently had a sinus infection and was prescribed amoxicillin . I was taking both amoxicillin and Advil but was getting really bad headaches even when I was finished. I then broke out in a rash and had an allergic reaction . I went to the...