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my heart skips a beat and it takes my breathe. Whats wrong ?

In the middle of talking, every now and then, my heart skips a beat and it takes my breathe. I also assumed it was because I was talking a lot, and running out of breathe, so there wasn t enough oxygen going to my brain or something of that sort. But I was outside talking to my boyfriend and it seemed like it skipped for a long period of time, I went to feel my pulse and there was nothing for what seemed like 3 or 4 seconds. Then when it picked back up, it was beating a little faster then normal... I do get heart palpitations.. My heart will race for no reason sometimes. I get dizzy and feel faint. Is this something normal that happens to a lot of people or does it sound like something more serious? I don t think love makes your heart skip beats... and I know how to check my pulse, because I find myself doing it all the time, since my heart races and skips beats often. Also, I highly doubt lung cancer, since I don t smoke, and I m only 21. (Female, not over weight, if this has anything to do with anything.) I ve had the racing heart problem since I was in like 11th grade. I noticed it after school one day, it was beating so fast I felt like I was going to faint. My mother told me it might be due to caffeine and sugar, so I stopped drinking soda and stopped eating things with so much sugar. It doesn t happen as often now, but sometimes if I bend over too quickly, or sit down/stand up, it happens.
Thu, 6 May 2010
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  Anonymous's Response
's  Response

My husband's pulse showed his heart was skipping two beats several times a minute. My husband had the same symptoms you described.  Turned out he has thyroiditis (Hashimoto's disease).  Dr prescribed Synthroid and Cytomel.  No more heart palps, no more skips...back to normal.  P.S. Apparently he had this condition for many years before it was property diagnosed.  Have your thyroid checked.   Good luck.

  User's Response
Carolyn's  Response

WOw that sounds like what I have and its called SVT..  google that and read the symptoms or psvt...  My heart would be fast when I would bend down to pick something up and stand up! I went to the hospital as soon as it happened and they did a ekg and said it is svt! I take medicine for  it.  My heart also skips beats it scary! I hate feeling like i cant breath 4 a sec!

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Abhinav's  Response
They're called premature ventricular contractions, or PVCs for short. For some reason, your heart will "double beat" and then has to pause and reset its rhythm. Most people have PVCs every now and then, but not everyone can feel them, and for those of us who can, they can be everything from annoying to downright frightening. Sometimes your heart adjusting to gravity will cause the skips while bending over or standing. Don't worry too much. Anxiety and fatigue are big contributors to PVCs. If they are particularly bothersome to you, beta blocker therapy might be worth looking into. Check with your doctor.
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doctor1 MD

Since last night I ve been having these weird palpitations in my heart. There is a history of heart disease in my family, and many people close to me have suffered from heart attacks. I m only 21 so I don t think I m going to suddenly drop dead or anything like that.. But I don t know what this is. I was so worried last night that I went to the hospital but they didn t take me seriously in anyway, probably because of my age. I m not a hypocondriact or anything like that either!! I rarely if ever go to the DR, let alone the hospital, its just when it comes to my heart its something i take very serioulsy becoz of the family history. The nurse at the hospital told me its Probably normal But I don t see ANYTHING normal with your heart pulpitating every couple of minutes, and espcially if it lasts this long. Does anyone know what this is? And what should I do about it, no one seems to be taking this seriously enough to even check if there is a problem! Thanks in advance. :) Just to sum up exactly what it feels like... I can actually feel my heart beating, it feels heavy and it feels like its skipping a beat then its giving a big thump, and beating irregular, but this only lasts for a few seconds at a time. Thankyou to everyone for answering my question!!! :) I will definetly stop worrying as much and I ll go see my GP, hopefully he can spend some decent time with me, and if he thinks there is anything wrong then maybe I can be put on a monitor or something, my dad has had to do that many times. Thanks for all your advice I really appriciate it. :) I usually get these weird palpitations every few months, once or twice.. I always thought that was normal. But Never this much and all at once! Thats why I was worried! But thankyou all for taking me seriously. :) I will be making an appointment with my DR very soon!

doctor1 MD

Hi, i am really searching for an answer on heart palpitations. I am a healthy 40 year old male, i exercise and do crossfit and run. But for some odd reason i can be just relaxing and without warning i get this upper stomach squeeze that takes my breath away and makes me feel like passing out . And when i feel my pulse i can feel it skip beats or a long hesitation before the next beat, that s when i get that stomach feeing that takes my breath away. I feel real tired aferwards like a did a days work. i have seen a heart doctor, and its hard to do a heart monitor holter, since it might not happen for a month till all of a sudden. but it is really a scarey feeling. Once it was so bad that i thought my heart isn t going to start beating again, there was such a long pause, I thought i was done for. Breathing in cold air can activate it like crazy. Been in the ER for it but by that time all looks normal on the monitor since i won t be having the symptoms anymore. Answers or ideas what could be causing it? I can t drink pop because that will trigger it to, but it can happen randomly. When i exercise and have my heart rate up it doesn t happen

doctor1 MD

Question, are these panic attacks or is it really heart troubles? The latest episode where I was taking a walk in the neighbourhood with a few others when at crossing a icey swap patch, when I just came out of it my heart started to feel funny. There was no pain, didn t feel like I was going to pass out (at least at that time). But I was clearly and fully aware that my heart was beating way faster than normal. My breath from what I can tell doesn t feel any different, however, kinda sounded funny (unforunately it s hard to describe it), no one else is able to hear it except for me . However the event didn t last long, probably around 5 minutes (max 10 minutes). But everytime it happens, it scares the crap out of me. Also does panic attacks cause any permanent damage to the heart? First ever panic attack happen on 2003 of October of 23, where I was running a lot and I noticed my heart beat was skipping some beats (or hence not normal). I went to the hospital when the event happen, and from what the docs told me, they can t find anything wrong with my heart and that from the blood work, mostly I was just dehydrated. I followed up with my regular doc, which I had a echo done and found everything to be normal. From that point on, I have had other similar attacks, but would happen at random times and at random places. Although now a days it doesn t happen often, just a couple times a year compare to when it first happened where I had similar attacks often. I haven t seen my doctor in regards to subsequent events.

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doctor1 MD

the other day when driving i skidded out on the ice and almost slammed into a truck coming the opposite direction. i was fine but my heart began beating slowly and pounding with the fear rather than faster. it took almost a minute for it to go back to normal and i was terrified.
is this normal? or is this something i should be worried about. i have heard about something called long QT syndrome, but do not know if this is a normal human reaction under intense sudden startled such as that, thanks

27 yr old male, former smoker. no other heart problems

doctor1 MD

I am a 23 year old female, studying medicine. For past 8 months, i have been having some episodes of heart 'dysfunctions' that now have turned constant. I need help in knowing what is the condition.
It started last may when one day i started feeling so weak that i just could not get up and was having a splitting headache, when i measured my BP was 90/55mmHg ( before it was always 120/80mmHg). I was having palpitations, bradycardia at times, tachycardia at times, extreme weakness, sweating ( especially on scalp) after sleeping after headache. I was also having light sleep.
Slowly, these episodes became constant. Now I am feeling weak all times, light headed if sitting or standing for long, headache (thumping with constant heaviness), inability to sleep, tightness in chest, chest pain sometimes, tachycardia at any normal activity (walking, doing some tidy up), BP is still low. I also get dry cough on breathing sometimes.
So i got a holter done for 24 hours, got following:
- sinus tachycardia( 110- 120) almost all day with some normal rate in between, my heart rate dropped to 50 in middle of night ( reason causing me to wake up from sleep and not to sleep again) and it remained like that for 3 hours
- average pulse -81
- my heart rate jumped to 179 per min when i climbed stairs ( 9 floors, easily climbed by others), breathing became laboured, headache with blacking out sensations ( i did not faint though)
- I have some abnormalities in lead I, II and III ( looks like left axis deviation as lead I is showing highest peaks and is moving away from III ) even the avL and avF looks weird, QTc>450ms is 47%, no ST deviation, no T wave abnormalities
I also have tachypnea (26-28 per min) and accentuation of Pulmonary part of second heart sound. I also have slight edema on my feet ( bluish tinge)
I also did a blood work up, I do not have thyroid problems or anemia
I need some advice on what i might be having, so as to proceed further on treatment.

doctor1 MD

About four years ago, I was diagnosed with ventricular tachicardia. I was given a catheter ablation to treat it, and it corrected an irregular heart beat that I've had since I can remember, but I still experience the rapid heart beats every now and again when Im out running or doing some other strenuous activity. Another thing that I've had since I can remember is excessive sweating, and I mean very excessive. What it takes for a normal person to sweat, it would take A LOT LESS for me. My question is, is the excessive sweating linked to the tachycardia? Of course, tachycardia causes the fast heart beat which in turn causes the sweating, but even when Im not experiencing the rapid irregular heart beats, I still manage to completely soak a t shirt when the guy next to me whose done the same amount of work is completely dry, aside from a few sweat beads on the forehead.

doctor1 MD

my blood pressure is 138 over 82 and my heart rate is 56 - my heart rate hardly ever reaches 60 beats when resting and bp is normally 116 over 72 - should i be worried about slow heart rate i am not at all fit athletic - i am a 55 year old woman with a history of sarcoidosis

doctor1 MD

I have high blood pressure(165/110) and was put on Lisinoprin 3 weeks ago and it has come down about 30 points...however i have head aches and have shortness of breath . I wake up at night and feel like i'm not getting enough oxygen . I weigh 260...

doctor1 MD

I was diagnosed with attrial flutters ( arrhythmia ) and the cardiologist did a cardio version and a subsequent EKG showed the condition was corrected. The doctor has me on Xarelto and a beta blocker . I feel fine and I am wondering if I can drink...

doctor1 MD

My husband is 80 years old and has been diagnosed with congenial heart dease. His heart is only pumping half the speed of a normal heart beat. And now his lungs are filling with fluid. He also has Alzheimer's.