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New Delhi
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State Licence Number/NPI
State/Board registered with
Delhi Medical Council
Years of experience
Specific Skills and Interests
Gynaecology:      I can confidently perform all emergency and elective gynaecological surgeries, like hysterectomies (abdominal and vaginal, non descent vaginal hysterectomy ), tubal ligation, myomectomy, adnexal mass tumours etc.
I also have experience in diagnostic and operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, Laparoscopic Fallopian tube ligation, etc.

Obstetrics:      I can confidently perform all emergency and elective CS, and also manage complicated cases having PIH, gestational DM, precious pregnancy, previous CS, instrument-assisted normal deliveries, etc.
I am also proficient in medical management of antenatal and post-natal medical problems, and experienced in handling complicated, referred and morbid patients.

And laparoscopy:     This is a specialized field and I have deep interest in working in this area. I have hands on experience in various ART treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI etc. I have presented papers on ovulation induction and I believe infertility treatment is the future of ObGy practice.
I have researched into the role of hysterolaparoscopy in infertility, and presented a thesis on the same.

Work experience:
Organization     Designation     Duration
Independent private sector     Consultant Clinician and surgeon, IVF practitioner     July 2011- Present
CSMMU, Lucknow     Senior Resident     January 2010- June 2011
Sahara Hospitals, Lucknow     Senior Resident     August 2009- December 2009
Babu Jagjivan Ram Municipal Hospital, Govt. Of NCT, Delhi     Senior Resident     April 2009- June 2009
St. Stephens Hospital, Delhi     Senior Resident     October 2008- March 2009
BJMC,Civil hospital, Ahmedabad     Senior Resident     May 2008- September 2008
Clinic Detail 1
S G P G I Lucknow,
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9AM to 5PM
Education Details
Degree earned
Name of the university
Residency / Post graduation
Year of post-graduation
Degree earned
Other Details
Gold medal details:
No.     Subject     Name     Course
1     Biochemistry     B.J. Alumni Association Gold Medal     1st MBBS
2     Physiology     B.J. Alumni Association Gold Medal     1st MBBS
3     Overall Highest     Dr.K.A.Pandya Gold Medal     1st MBBS
4     Pathology     B.J. Alumni Association Gold Medal     2nd MBBS
5     Pharmacology     B.J. Alumni Association Gold Medal     2nd MBBS
6     Overall Highest     Dr.K.N.Mehta Gold Medal     2nd MBBS
7     Ophthalmology     B.J. Alumni Association Gold Medal     Final MBBS
8     Surgery     Torrent Pharma Gold Medal     Final MBBS
9     Medicine     U.N.Mehta Gold Medal     Final MBBS
10     Overall Highest     B.J. Alumni Association Gold Medal     Final MBBS
11     ObGy Theory     Mrs.Shanta Amin Gold Medal     MS (ObGy)
12     ObGy Practical     Mrs.Prasanna Gauri Mehta Gold Medal     MS (ObGy)
13     ObGy Uni. Topper     Mrs.Hasumati Mehta Gold Medal     MS (ObGy)
14     ObGy Uni. Topper     Mrs. Chanchal Shelat Gold Medal     MS (ObGy)
15     ObGy Uni. topper     B.J. Alumni Association Gold Medal     MS (ObGy)
Other professional achievements

“Prognostic factors for vaginal birth after caesarean section”
-- J Obstet Gynecol India Vol. 60, No. 6 : November / December 2010 pg 498 - 502


Thesis on
“Role of hysterolaparoscopy in Infertility”

Presentation, conferences, workshops, training courses:
No.     Topic     event     Accomplishment
1     Emergency Internal Iliac Ligation     SOGOG 2006, Bhuj     1st prize for best paper
2     Prostodin 125 uG for prophylaxis of PPH     SOGOG 2005 Jamnagar     1st Prize for best Paper
3     Conventional surgeries for Prolapse     AICOG 2007, Calcutta     Paper presentation
4     Application of stem cells in ObGy     Transplant update 2002 IKDRC     Paper Presentation
5     Ovulation Induction     SOGOG 2006     Faculty in Panel Discussion
6     PPH     Conference on normal labour, MOGS, Mumbai     Paper presentation
7     Endoscopy     National endoscopy conference IAGE 2007, Ahmedabad     Participation
8     Carbonyl iron v/s routine oral iron     SOGOG 2005, Jamnagar     1st prize for best Paper
9     Daytime Obstetrics     SOGOG 2006, Bhuj     1st prize for best paper
10     Normal labour     Astra Zeneca PG quiz     1st prize in quiz
11     Pediatric Quiz     Indian Academy of Pediatrics     1st prize in quiz
12     Save the girl child     SOGOG 2006, Bhuj     1st prize in essay
13     Mediquiz     Vibrant 2002     1st prize
14     Mediquiz     Pulse- AIIMS 2002     1st Prize
15     Normal labour     Practical obstetrics workshop     Conducted quiz
16     Emergency Peripartum hysterectomy
     AICOG 2011, hyderabad     Paper presentation
17     Uro gynaecology,
Family planning and welfare,
Practical obstetrics     SOGOG 2005, Jamnagar     Compered workshop
18     Practical Obstetrics     SOGOG 2006, Bhuj     Compered workshop
19     Practical Obstetrics     AICOG 2007, Calcutta     Compered workshop
20     PNDT act     Ahmedabad ObGy society     Compered seminar
21     Rational use of blood     Gujarat state aids control society     Attended workshop
22     HIV awareness     NACO     Attended CME
23     Basic ultrasonography     Fogsi certified course     Underwent course
24     Fetal echocardiography and colour doppler     Workshop by Dr.S.Suresh, Chennai     Attended workshop

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