What is Pityriasis?

Pityriasis is a scaly erythematous lesion characterised by pigmented scales on the skin. It is caused by a fuus called pityriasis furfur. Clinically it presents with pigmented lesion and itching.

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Hi , I have 3 year old boy, i can see white patch on his face not scaly. it came last year also then gone. now again it come. he has white marks on nails also.

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i can understand your concern.

it can be quite distressing to see white patches on the face of a child. there are many causes to it.

the most common cause is a harmless condition called pityriasis alba. its an eczema that...

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I have little red dots on my abdomin, iner thigh and sides and alittle on my back.
They dont hurt or itch and arnt raised.

It looks like someone dotted me up with a red marker.

Ive had them for about a two weeks.

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Brief Answer:
Pityriasis rosea; use a topical steroid

Detailed Answer:
Hellp. Thank you for writing to us.

I have gone through your query and I have also reviewed the image.

I suggest a possibility of Pityriasis Rosea which can present like this. The distribution is very much suggestive of...

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I have pityriasis abla on my arms now for about two years. I have gone to the dermatologist and they prescribed me locoid lipocream but I feel that it hasnt helped. I have eczema and asthma which I know are associated with this disease. But I m wondering, since I had scabies as a baby, does it have to do with my skin now? And, can this disease spread down my arms further or what other treatments can I do?

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Hello.i think u are suffeering from atopic dermatitis as u have all features of it.regular applying of moisteriser and application of steriod cream in the morning and tacrolimus helps to cure pityriasis alba

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I have been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea. Have had a horrible rash covering most of my body for 2 weeks now. Skin is extremely dry and I have recently noticed a distinct odor originating from my skin. Is the odor common and how can I get rid of the odor? I know I pretty much just need to wait for the rash to go away.

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Hi, may I answer your health queries right now ? Please type your query here...We think our 13 year old daughter has pityriasis rosea. We see a dermatologist next week. She now has a sore throat. She has been spending time with a cousin over the holidays who had strep throat. Is it a problem for her to take oral antibiotics?

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I have a big black/brown circle shape on my back but it don t hurt me in any way though. and there is also white patch like thing starting from from my back right shoulder covering my right arm and on my right chest. my right hand is not completely affected by it but it looks strange as some part of it is normal skin colour and some is white. its kind of mix and hardly noticeable from some distance. I did some research on Google and I m confused what it is and as far as i think its pityriasis-versicolor but I m no doctor so I m not sure. I didn t had this since my birth but its on body for more than 15years if i can remember. I m 23years old right now and I m from south India where temperature is mostly hot and i usually sweat a lot even if i do a small work.

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Hi, I have a rash on my arms and neck. It was diagnosed as pityriasis rosea. I have had it for almost one year now and it is still not going away. Just recently little red bumps have also appeared besides the round reddish flakey rashes. What could this be? SHould I be worried?

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Hello Doctor, My 5 month old daughter has developed white patches/discoloration on her cheeks. Initially we thought it could be because of winter, but now it looks quite prominent. We are afraid if this is vitiligo . Attached, the pictures for...

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I got a rash on the side of my stomach it's oval shape looks like a ring worm , I went and got a cream and used it the rash has got bigger and now I have about a dozen little ring worm looking rashes on my chest stomach and arms. Not sure what it...

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I have white spots on my neck and these seem to be increasing as I go in sunlight. PFA pics on the neck - whitening patches. Please help me with the cause and possible cure for this. I have been applying HALOVATE Ointment on this as of now.

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