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What is Skin rash?

Rash is not a specific diagnosis. It is generally outbreak of skin inflammation and discoloration that change the way the skin looks and feels. Common rashes includes poison ivy, eczema and heat rashes etc.

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My husband has had a rash that strated sunday covering his hip and arm and side. T took him the the er they said it was a allergertic reacton to something. He took bendryll for 24 hours and did not get better .Then I took him to a urgent care because the rash got a little worse and his upper lip swelled up. They again told me that it was just a allergertic reaction and told him to continue take the bendryll and gave him prednisone. Woke up this morning and lower lip is swellon and the rash has spread all over his body what am i to do he has dr app tomorrow at 2 but i am affriad of what met happend to him by morining
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He seems to be having Hives/Urticaria. Urticaria presents as skin welts, which can be distributed all over the body. Itching is usually present.

Acute Urticaria OR hives can occur due to various causes; common causes that can cause urticaria are...
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I have rash on temple area of face from Allopurinol.. Stopped taking the drug for 2 days now. The rash seems to have gotten a little better, but there is some swelling on that area and near eye. I was told by my doctor, who is a specialist to stop the medication if rash occurred. Is the swelling a normal side effect?
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I really appreciate your concern the given history suggested the hypersensitivity reaction due to the drug called "Allopurinol" in very rare case this drug induces the reaction but the eruption of rash goes away as soon as you stop taking the drug and nothing to worry...
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Is there a treatment for the rash associated with low potassium? It looks like she has been scalded with hot water.

Thank you for your query.

Low serum potassium level does not give rise to a rash.

You mention "it looks like she has been scalded with hot water". This is a bit confusing. Does the rash appear like it or there is scalding due to hot water present? I shall appreciate if you can upload a...
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My daughter is 7. She developed a rash on her arms, face and chest. Two doctors appoitments later they gave her prednisone. Today was her last dose. I checked on her while sleeping and notcied the rash is back. It comes and goes. What do I do. What could it be.

Diagnoisis of rash involves thorough clinical examination, would sugest you to send us clinical photograph for further assesment.
If the rash is not associated with other symptoms then there should be no cause for concern.

Take care

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I have a rash to the left of my left breast , on the right side of my stomach and lower back area and in head. It is very itchy. it started with the head, then beside left breast and now right and lower back area. What could this be? I am takeing kolopin and I am weening myself off of this medication , Could this cause this type of rash? also, i usually use ivory soap, we were out for a couple of days and I used safegaurd. Could this be it? Although the head I spoke to my dr and he gave me medicine a while back. said it was psoriosis.
Apparently, you are using the medicine and the soap for quite some time - less likely to cause a new event like this
The distribution of your rash does not suggest a definite diagnosis
Psoriasis is diagnosed by seeing and/or at times scraping and blood tests. Your doctor is the best person to...
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My 5 yr old son has a rash/hive on his inner thigh that I believe to be ringworm. We went to the doctor today, before I knew about the rash, and the PA (there is no MD) said his wbc's were elevated and his ear canals were agitated and red. We were scripted a braod specrum antibiotic and sent on out way. I know that this won't help a fungal infection and I am hesitant to give it to my child and wrecking his flora and ph..Any advice will help. i have covered the rash with tea tree oil, neat.
rashes over inner thigh could be fungal or due to friction on inner thighs.can use moisturizers,anti histamines and and can give anti fungals after seeing the rashes.
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i have a rash that started about two months ago on my chin and now its going around my mouth, i have not changed anything in my diet or and face creams or new medication. only thing that has changed is i stopped takeing my st.johns wort. i am 29 5'7" white
You have not given any history of itching or scales over rashes. Considering log duration, it can be fungal or allergic rashes. Local examination by a dermatologist is requered. If fungal then aplication of candidb is suitable. If allergic application of betnovate ointment will be effective.
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yeah i had intercorse with a male im a male to and um he didnt put lub on cause there wasnt any and excuse my lang but up i was just super horny to care. not my hole has redness like a rash is it possible that its just a friction burn from not useing lube?
it is due to friction during sex because of absence of lubricants. use of lubricant is very important to prevent it and incontinence. so don't worry you will be fine soon. hope my answer is helpful and thankful for you. take care. and have a happy and healthy life.
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