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Which tooth paste can i use for children ?

My children are brushing their teeth with Colgate tooth paste. But my friend told me that the tooth paste used by adults should not be used by the children. It will affect the teeth. Iam confused then which tooth paste can i use for the children
Mon, 5 Aug 2013
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Dentist 's  Response
normally tooth paste contains 1450 ppm of fluoride (1000-1100 ppm in USA ) which helps prevent dental caries
now this fluoride containing toothpaste can be acutely toxic if ingested in large amountsnow the risk of using fluoride is low enough that use of full strenth toothpaste (1350-1450 ppm ) is advised for all ages but smaller volumes are used for young children....a smear of toothpaste till 3 years of age
major concern of dental fluorosis is for children under age 12 months ingesting excessive fluoride through toothpaste
having said that what i would like to advise that you keep an eye when your children use tooth paste if they are very small because most of the toothpaste have sweetning effect and the children can eat them in large amounts
rest assured if they are only using the tooth paste for brushing purpose
best of luck
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Dentist, Prosthodontics Dr. Ashish Pandey's  Response
Fluoride reduced dental decay by at least 40%, so all children should use fluoride toothpaste.It is important to use only a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste for children, as they are likely to swallow some of it. For children under the age of six you can use toothpaste with a lower level of fluoride.
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Dentist Dr. Juhi Soni's  Response
As your query is for children
So you can have junior colgate toothpaste which has fluoride which is for cavity protection and freshens breath.
You can use a pea-size amount. For kids age 5 and older, use an amount the size of a small bean. To avoid giving your child too much fluoride, be sure to follow the recommendations.
Take care
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Dentist Dr. Qazi Ammara's  Response

Thanks for asking the query,

Children at the age of 2-4 years toothpaste which do not contain fluoride are given, a small amount almost half of the pea sized should be given and the child should be guided to brush.
Children above four years should be given fluoridated toothpaste which are available in the market, presence of fluoride causes reduction in caries upto 40%, a small pea sized amount toothpate should be given along with brush.
Give your rinses after every meals.

Hope this helps out,

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Dentist Dr. Neha Sumra's  Response
Welcome to HCM
A child aged 18 months or 2 years can brush their teeth with toothpaste. Since most toddlers have not mastered the technique of spitting at this age, it should be understood that some of the toothpaste might be ingested by them.Some of the facts that should be considered while selecting toothpaste are:-
-Most toothpastes are fortified with fluoride to fight cavities but too much of fluoride can cause fluorosis. So perfer using non-fluoride toothpastes for kids.
-SLS (Sodium Laruyl Sulfate) : SLS is an ingredient in many common toothpastes but in kids it can cause mouth ulcers. So steer clear of any toothpastes with SLS in them.
-Their toothpaste should contain only low or mild abrasives.
-Select their flavour according to your child's taste.
The top 5 kids toothpastes in India are Colgate kids, Pepsodent Kids, Pigeon, Chicco and Mee Mee.

Take Care
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Dentist, Pedodontics Dr. Amitabha Chakraborty's  Response
Welcome to HCM. Though a lot of doctors already answered this question. Still I would like to mention few things here. Children up to 6 to 7 years of age swallow some amount of tooth paste or tooth paste containing saliva. Regular fluoride containing tooth paste contains 1000 ppm or more fluoride. Long time ingestion of certain amount of regular tooth paste everyday MAY cause damage to the bone and teeth. A pediatric fluoride tooth paste( many available in the market) contains 500 ppm of tooth paste and the recommended amount of use is half of a pea size to the children of 2 to 5 years and a pea size tooth paste for the children of 5 to 7 years. This amount of use of tooth paste is totally safe as observer by all researches. Always use a fluoride containing tooth paste. It will reduce more than 40% chance of having dental caries on tooth surface. I do not know from where you are writing. If your drinking water contains supplied fluoride then stat using kid's fluoride tooth paste from the age of 5. A tooth brushing habit should start from the age of 2 years, initially with the help of someone and later by the child himself. Before this age you should clean your kids teeth by using a wet gauze, twice daily. Always use kids tooth brush till age of 4/5 and then shift to normal tooth brush. Tooth brush should always be soft. Medium and hard toothbrush should never be used, even by the adults. Thanks.
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Dentist Dr. Bindiya Bhaskar's  Response

Thanks for writing to us.

Fluridated toothpaste is usually recommended in children after 3 years of age.

This can prevent caries incidence.

Meanwhile,maintain good oral hygiene too.

Rinse mouth after every meals.

Take care.
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Dentist Dr. Geoffrey Ward's  Response
Hello and thank you for your question.
Children can use the toothpaste as long as it isn't Prevident 5000 or says on the box not to be used with children. The toothpaste does have fluoride which can cause fluorosis in high dosages chronically ingested by your child. Use a child sized tooth brush and give them only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste or less. Children tend to swallow so less is better on their brush. You should brush your child's teeth until the age of 6 or 7 when their manual dexterity improves.

Best wishes and good health

Dr. ward
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Dentist Dr. Udaykumar Bondre's  Response
Hello & welcome,

If your children are between 2 - 4 years of age, then any toothpaste can be used to brush their teeth except those containing fluoride within them.

Fluoride containing toothpastes like Kidodent or Cheriogel can be use in children above 5 yrs of age to minimize the risk of child being eating the paste due to pleasant flavors.

Fluoride containing toothpaste are found to reduce the occurrence of carries by about 35 - 40 % compared to those who never used them.

Fluoride containing mouth washes can even be used but under parental supervision to avoid intake or accidental drinking of the same by child.

Last but not the least, Proper Brushing technique is always more important than frequency of the brushing. After you visit your dentist, ask him to demonstrate the proper brushing technique for children.

Take care.
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Dentist Dr. Benley George's  Response
Tooth paste for adults and children are different. It is usually based on the fluoride content of these toothpaste. Kids tooth paste contain about 500ppm of fluoride. So I advise you to use a kids toothpaste for your children. Toothpaste are now available in a variety of flavours which you can choose according to your childrens preference.
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Dentist Dr. Mohit Kumar Chourasiya's  Response
your child have any problem with teeth like caries, sensitivity,pain ,than u should used medicated tooth paste.colgate not harmful to the child.the brush should be soft and change in every 1 month.if their is bleeding from gums and stian used CHEERIO tooth paste.


Dr. mohit
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  User's Response
Rakesh Verma's  Response

Colgate is good for children.Only if you/kid have any problem like sensitive or carious prone teeth then use fluoride tooth paste.Kids like taste,try using "Cheerio" paste by Reddy's,it comes in attractice tube and has bubble gum type taste. 

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rashid's  Response
Use colgate gel in childrens. its very good as its good it contains more salt and fluride. because its gel my son uses it very well.
  Anonymous's Response
Anonymous's  Response

There are various tooth past available now in the market mainly for the children. It is available in pepsodent. So you can try this. My children are using the same and they are happy with it. It is also less irritating to their gums

  User's Response
mikio's  Response
hey there is new paste for childrn in colgate which come in 2 flavours orange and strawberry is very good now my son wants to brush his teeth regularly
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