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Posted on Tue, 28 Nov 2017 in Skin Hair and Nails
Question: I have hammertoes, a bunion, also very thick calluses on the entirely of both feet that restore themselves within a day or 2 of my soaking and filing them. Any ideas as to that ,why, and how to fix?
My feet burn and perspire profusely even after treatment for neuopathy. I sleep with lunchbox ice packs at my feet every night. I cannot bear wearing closed shoes for more than 1-1 1/2 hrs because I sweat-soak my socks in that time. I wear sandals year-round if possible, and at home, I wear socks indoors and sandals outdoors. In 2011, I had to resign my job due to this and am still appealing my Disability case.
Answered by Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 3 hours later
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Need specific advise of experts.

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Hi kstittermyler,
Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.
All of the symptoms you have -Hyperhidrosis,hammer toes,bunions,&thick calluses..could be due to the periferal nuritis you have.... diabetes can be one of the causes for such nuritis...which needs to be examined for (you haven'tmentioned about it)... if it is so management of diabetes along with feet care would help you.
Ill fitting shoes worn over a long period can also cause hsmmer toes,bunions &thick calluses or corns. Here correction of foot wear with foot care with podologist's advise would help.
Hyppothyroidism can cause dry feet with all the following problems.
*To investigate for these things as a cause&treat them basically / to have nurologist's advise &get the feet problems set with podologist's advise&altering the foot wear/ physiothrapy yo set the deformities rarely surgery needs ti intervene in ordr to set the hammer toe deformity...are the answers to the problems you have.
Hope that guides you in management.Any follow uo query is welcome.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 4 hours later
I have been tested for diabetes; I do not have it. This is why I described my condition as my neurologist does: idiopathic. I was sent to a particular podiatrist's practice in 2006 and have been seen by her and 2 other drs there as needed since. It's supposed to be the best in the city. Lamisil did nothing after the 1st round and the most respectful dr there (no longer there!) said if it hadn't worked by then, it probably wouldn't do much better on a 2nd go, and since that and most of my other meds have potential for liver concerns, we agreed to not try Lamisil again. 2 sets of custom-made orthotics (1 for running shoes and 1 for dress shoes) produced more discomfort than they relieved, so I don't wear them. I see my neurologist 4-5x/yr. He is aware of my foot situation but, currently, we're working on nerve conduction, memory loss, failing balance, and joint pain. Shall I ask him about the feet at my next visit and, if so, what specifically might I say?
Answered by Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 14 hours later
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Ask him for management of hyperhidrosis.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for the follow up query.
You have been already under regular care of a neurologist & he is aware of your foot problem.So obviously while he is treating you for nerve conduction,balance issues & joint problems... he would have that in back of his mind.. &would try for the neurological improvement of your foot too.
It seems you are more concerned about fungal infection of toe .. for which Lamisil was found not to be useful & overall foot problem with all the corn, hammer toe ..bunion & fungal toe infection on the top of it make you more concerned.
* All the problems (hammer toe,calluses, corn ) is basically due to excessive pressure &friction of skin due to misfitting shoes (tight,narrow toed,high hilled)...these need to be corrected by using comfortably loose foot wear, with flat heals &soft/cushioned soles.
- Treatment of present calluses &corns needs to be managed regular pedicare &external application of over the counter medicine like corn cure. A regular pedicare is essential for prevention of further friction due to footwear.
-Management of bunions/calluses need to be done separately by physical therapy, exercises & surgery if needful.
*Fungal infection needs moist &warm skin to settle &thrive. I feel in your case excessive sweating of feet is the cause for non-healing in spite of antifungal medication.
So something must be done to keep the feet managing hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)like the use of local anti perspirants (alluminium chloride/oral anticholinergic drugs/iontophoresis/or surgery in some cases.
This way treating& excessive sweating along with local antifungal powder/spray would have fair control over the infection.
In case this fails, doctor can think of adding oral antifungals in short course.(balancing it's benefits &side effect)
** Thus you have seen that accompanied management of foot problem with help of a skin specialist, podologist & physical therapist along with careful personal care...would help you.
***Actually managing nerve conduction would improve overall foot health. So if at all you want neurologist to help you beyond managing peripheral neuropathy...would be management of excessive sweating by adding anti cholinergic medicines (in case all local medications)
I hope that clears your thoughts. Any follow up query is welcome.

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Vishesh Rohatgi
Follow up: Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 47 hours later
What does "anticholinergic" mean?
I haven't worn tight/narrow-toed/high-heeled shoes on a regular basis for 25-30 yrs. I've worn them now & then (jobs, church, dressy events, etc.), but not often. I wear flats, "kitten" heels, open-toes, sandals, thick-soled flip-flops or just socks or go barefoot. Drs have a fit about flip-flops (no support), but mine have a thick (1") sole of very dense, firm material and conform to my feet like a custom insole. Drs also object to socks and barefeet (no support).
How can there be pressure/friction with nothing or very little to cause them? Also, how can so much excess skin build up so quickly for no apparent reason. Ideas?
The nail fungus began mid-1990s. Shoveling after a major snowstorm (>2 ft.), I didn't notice my boots leaked until I'd been out awhile and by then, it was too late. My left 4th toenail eventually fell off, grew back misshapen/crumbly, and the condition gradually spread to all 10 toenails. Nothing OTC or prescription (podiatrist) has helped.
Fungal problem of pinkie & 4th toes began shortly after. They slam together so closely that there is no air-flow at all. I dry them well, esp. after showering. I've tried remedies from podiatrist, dusted cornstarch between them, used toe separators. No success. Ideas?
Calluses began approx. 2003. Feet began to burn/perspire Oct.2010 suddenly--about 3 wks from comfort to misery. I bought new shoes/insoles, tried my 2 pr custom insoles again (they hurt!)--no luck. I resigned by pt job 9/2011. Couldn't stand the burning any longer. (Worked in a book warehouse--had to wear closed shoes.) Ideas?
Answered by Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 4 hours later
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Detailed information below.

Detailed Answer:
Hi Kstottlemyer 59,
Thanks for the follow up query.
-Anticholinergic medicines block (here) the substances transmitting stimuli (nurotransmeters)to periferal nerve& secrete sweat, to result in decreased secreations of sweat glands in feet.. in order to give relief from excessive sweating.
- You are using the foot wears of the patteren as to avoid pressure or friction..&still you have the symptoms .
Actually the problems like hammer toe,bunion are caused mostly by ill fitting foot wear... alternatively the pressure can be exerted by over weight/wrong way of walking (gate) or change in walking pattern to avoid pain (affecting pressure on other side).
- The incidence in 1990..exposing your feet to extreme cold..thereby making the skin weak..might have been the point when you started getting fungal infection
Fungal infections are difficult to heal &need prolonged care &treatment...which was not possible &so the infection spreaded over the time to all the 10 toes.
The lack of gap between toes could be your natural built up or due to infection itself.
-Calluses started forming since 2003.. after a prolonged fungal infection &itching had instigated fast /thick formation of skin
-A prolonged fungal infection is liable to add up with secondary bacterial infection...both of them damaged the skin to irritate periferal nerves to aggravate symptoms of idiopathic periferal nuritis &lead to burning/pain /perspiration...
Increased perspiration formed very good (damp &warm) feet &helped fungal infection to flurish.
The vicious circle is going on to increase your sufferings.
*Way out as already stated consisits of control of infection/control of periferal nuropathy & daily strich foot care.
I wish you a quick recovery....&am sure a meticulus management &positive psychology would definately succeed!

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Nagamani Ng
Follow up: Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 2 days later
Thank you. Your explaining makes good sense to me.
You wrote: ..."alternatively the pressure can be exerted by over weight/wrong way of walking (gate) or change in walking pattern to avoid pain (affecting pressure on other side)." Yes, how true! I'm right-side dominant (stronger/larger/lower than left). Late '90s, used to speed-walk/jog/yardwork, was quite fit. Then I wore out running shoes, couldn't find comfortable replacements, hurt right outer ankle bone (x-ray okay), no more running. Joined gym, recumbent bike for cardio, wgt machines stabilized body, brought R/L pretty much even, improved posture, straightened gait. 2000, got pt job, grad school, divorced w/kids--no time for gym. 2010, my whole system seemed to wear out/resigned min.wage job/can't even walk 1/2 block/sleep w/ice packs at burning feet. You suggested I speak w/neurologist re: med to inhibit foot sweat. Already did. No success. I will mention your other ideas. Question: What did you mean about "positive psychology"? Please clarify. Thanks.
Answered by Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale 4 hours later
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Detailed Answer:
Hi kstottlemyer 59,
Thanks for the follow up query.I understand it..
It is writely said that half of health problem is psychological....many a times just a sight of a family doctor (who is believed in ) half of patients trouble disappers. This explains psychological effect on sufferings.
On the other hand...prolonged illness causes physical as well as psychological stress...which leads todepressive thoughts & patient looses optimism about getting cured.such negetive thoughts help progression of the disease & obstructs cure.
To be positive means try for recovery sincerely &patiently with a confidence of getting fully cured.
A serene mind acheived by psychological concentration exercises/ body relaxation techniques with help of a psychologist /psychotherapist's advise helps healing.
So along with expert advise &self care along with positive psychology is essential for getting out of a health hurdle.
I hope that answers your query. Any more information you need.. please feel free to ask.
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
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Dr. Vasudha Jayant Athavale

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