Fungal infection

What is Fungal infection?

an infection is the body due to the presence of a fungus is fungal infection

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I went to the doctor earlier this month inquiring an discoloration between my breast. He told me it was an fungal infection between the breast from sweating. He gave me Ketoconazole. He told me to use it for about three weeks and it should be gone. At first it was going away now it is back again but this time it is peeling. What should I do?

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Hi welcome to HCM
Yes Possibly it is a fungal infection. Most likely a dermatophyte infection.
It most commonly occurs in moist areas of the body.
The best advice at this point will be to go to a lab. where there is facility for diagnosis of fungal infection.
After exact identification of the...

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Hi, I have what looks like a fungal infection in my groin area. Hi, I have what looks like a fungal infection in my groin area. It looks like white patchy skin with a few red dots. What is this, what are its causes and how can I treat it?

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hello dear. yes u r very correct. it is a fungal infection. keep the area dry.apply abzorb powder. it will help.

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i m suffering from ear infection ( fungal ) for which i visited a ent doctor.after examining my ear, doctor said that i m having 2 small holes in my eardrum.will it cure on its own or i ll have to undergo operation.

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Usually, small perforations of the eardrum should heal in a few weeks after the fungal infection is treated successfully. It also depends on how long the perforations have existed and how they were caused - from self inflicted trauma or due to the fungal infection. The middle ear is always wet...

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HI I recently discovered that i have skin fungal infection on my left wrist and rashes on my fore arms, is it adviseabale to go for swimming ?

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hi, i have been to the doctor and was told that i have a fungi infection ( vaginal ) she asked if i was single and i said yes ...but i was too shy to ask if masturbation could be causing this or could make it worse...pls help

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Hi , I have reddish bumps on my testicles which are itchy .at night the whole body is getting itchy,I consulted a doctor he said that these are due to fungal infection ,but after using medicines for 10 days again I'm getting itchy as now the course of medicine is over.

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Hi. Te itching all over the body with scrotal area, which increases at night is more suggestive of scabies , may be something else too. I would advise you to see a Skin Specialist/ Dermatologist so that a correct diagnosis and treatment can be instituted. Do the other members of family/ friends...

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hello im 175 cm sitten 65 kilo i got given from one doctor otocomb otic for a fungle infection but my doctor said to keep using canastien ? so i just used otocomb and it cleared but some little dots are ther an my penus is sensative as hell now an lookes like these last little red dots dont wont to goaway since i masterbated lol :( ?

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It seems that apart from local application of anti-fungal cream, you might require one course of oral anti-fungal medicine like Flucanozole.
Keep local hygiene clean, dry and airy.
Ok and take care.

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My hair has been falling out for the last 5 months quite rapidly, there is no male pattern boldness in my family. My doctor thought it was a fungal infection and have been using anti-fungal shampoo for 6 weeks now, the hair loss has slowed but I'm still losing 20-40 hairs a day. I only wash my hair twice a week and use shampoo high in zinc.

I'm also on tetralysal tablets for acne treatment, my acne has pretty much cleared up now but was wondering if this medication could cause hair loss? or whether a change in my hormones meaning no more acne could be the problem?

There are no bald patches it's jsut generally thin all over, I am having a bllod test on Monday to se if i'm low on zinc in the blood.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Hi Dr. Dilip Raja,

I am a 23 year old, sexually active male. I have had a history of fungal infections (jock itch, infected toes, etc) all over my body. About 3 months ago I started having severe pain on the tip of my penis that worsened after urination, ejaculation and chaffing. I was tested for all STDs at 2 months and 4 months after possible exposure and everything came up negative. I was put on 2 months worth of antibiotics which did nothing to improve my condition. Recently the pain at the tip has gone away but there is now a small line (indentation) along the base of the head of the penis which is the source of the discomfort. It is greatly affecting my sex life. I hope you can help.

Bejan Hakimi

doctor1 MD

Dear Dr. Srinivasan

Name - Nitin

Age - 36

I have had recurring problem of red spots (isloated) on my penis head for 3-4 years. I have consulted many docs with varied diagnosis.

I was single then and made to believe it was fungal, it comes on its own and have been getting treated accordingly by a dermatologist.

Recently i got married and again recurringly had red infection on my penis. Along with this, my wife also developed infecion and was put under Gynea treatment, again for fungal infection and Fas Kit prescribed to both along with aplication of fungal infection creams. For the reason not transfering infection bw me and wife, we have stopped having intercourse (unprotected) however my wife was ok but I kept developing these red spots/ infection.

However on repeated occurances we consulted a different dermatologist and he suggested Herpes but blood test reports ruled out. However he insisted that indeed it is Herpes and sometimes the medical reports do not show the same. I was put on Famtrax 250 for 1 week along with application of topical anti-biotic(fusidic acid cream). The red spots kept going and coming but doc clamed it is Herpes geting cured and that takes time to cure as in past i have been exposed to steriod in form of anti-fungal creams. Post a week of Famtrax, i was put on antialergic and anti-biotic cream for a week.

the red spots have gone but now there is recurring white spots (small pimple types) which come and go. On showing to doc, he said its miliaria of penis and common and due to non drying of the area. I was asked to take urine test (culture and routine) and culture cam normal. Routine test pointed to some epidrmal cells (UT infection, I have mild recurring burning sensationtoo) and doc asked me to take Disodium Hydrogen Citrate (Alkasol) for a week. I am currently on Alkasol and Antialergic.

But the white spots are coming and going everyday still. I am not sure if im cured yet but doc says im fully cured but the white spots can be ignored and i can have unprotected sex with my wife.

Problem is i want to start a family soon but am confused due to various diagnosis. I do not want to pass on to my wife and abstain from sex.

Please suggest cure for white spots.

i wll be very greatful.

Kind regards


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A friend had psoriasis for over 20 years. Shje is now 57 years of age. 12 years ago she began to suffer from arthritis. Doctors merely said it was psoriatic arthritis. Over the last two years her kidney became diseased (stage 4). It was then that a doctor said she was most probably suffering from yeast/fungal infection. I was wondering if she could be treated for the yeast/fungal infection by way of starvation with saline drip and antifungal. Of course if this is possible it will be done in a hospital. Once the yeast infection is cleared, the kidney disease could be addressed. Your views under no obligation or lialibility please.

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My daughter is overseas and has asked about a rash she has developed: First one, now two, salmon-colored slightly raised patches of approximately 2 and 3 centimeters, respectively. One is just anterior to her left axilla, the other is on her...

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My ESR Test Result: 30mm/hr in 1st hour and 2nd hour 60mm/hr why it’s come like can you please explain. Last 2 weeks on word i ma getting itching .what the reason The doctor has started working on your question. Once the doctor submits the answer,...

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Hi Doctor, The inner skin of my thighs are becoming black and with small hard pimples . Please advise some medications as one of the pimple is paining and during itching has got open as well

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