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What is the use of daxid?

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hi i want to know why daxid 50mg is given its been given for my wife from todsy for the first time as wr consulted a physctic doctor
Posted Mon, 25 Nov 2013 in Smoking and Alcohol Addiction
Answered by Dr. Preeti Parakh 32 minutes later
Brief Answer: Usually for anxiety and depression. Detailed Answer: Hi, Welcome to Healthcare Magic! Daxid contains sertraline which is medicine of the SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) class. You have been prescribed Nexito which contains escitalopram,which also belongs to the SSRI class of medicines. SSRIs help in anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and related disorders. I guess that your psychiatrist felt that you both have been feeling low and anxious because of all the stress, and so prescribed the SSRI. You have mentioned that your wife is rigid in nature, adamant and quarrelsome. If she has always been like that, then it is her personality, which may not be be a normal one. However, if this is a recent change, then one needs to assess what has caused this. Anxiety, depression and many other mental disorders can be responsible. Please let me know how long she has been having these symptoms. If possible, describe the symptoms in greater detail, so that I can guide you better. Best wishes. Dr Preeti Parakh MD Psychiatry
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Follow-up: What is the use of daxid? 13 hours later
my wife was not so anxious as she is now since a few months she is always doubtful of me and listens secretly to all my callls and discussions with everyone more so with my brother she does not do anything at all she is lazy not bothered about kids at all although surfacelevel interedt is there does not mingle with any of my relatives and no respect for anything she is least bothered about others pain she is very jealous in nature
Answered by Dr. Preeti Parakh 1 hour later
Brief Answer: May be a psychotic disturbance. Detailed Answer: Hi, Thank you for providing more information. You have mentioned that for the last few months, she appears to be suspicious of you and tries to snoop on your conversations with others. If there is no rational reason for this kind of behavior, then one needs to assess her for any psychotic disturbances. In psychotic disturbance, people develop false beliefs that either someone wants to harm them or is talking ill about them. Many times they suspect their spouse of infidelity, even when there are no grounds for the same. Because of these delusions, they frequently try to snoop on others and listen to their conversations. When family members try to reassure them of their suspicions, they are unable to believe them in spite of being given proof that their beliefs are false. They often become anxious, depressed and quarrelsome because of these false beliefs. If your wife has been going through something like this for the last few months, then she will need treatment for the same. SSRI group of medicines will not be of much help. They will just reduce the anxiety and depression but cannot correct the false beliefs. She will need to take an antipsychotic medicine (e.g. olanzapine, risperidone etc) to break these delusions. Perhaps the psychiatrist you consulted missed this and so, prescribed only Daxid. You have mentioned that your wife is "very jealous in nature". Do you mean to say that she has always been a jealous kind of person and it is her nature or this is a recent change? If this is her nature since the beginning, then it is unlikely that medicines will be able to change it. But if this is a recent change, then it is likely to be due to a psychotic disorder and will respond well to medicines. Hope this clarifies things to some extent. Please write back if there is something that you do not understand or would like to ask. You must be going through a very bad time and I would like to help if I can. Best wishes. Dr Preeti Parakh MD Psychiatry
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Follow-up: What is the use of daxid? 30 minutes later
Hi Yes i and all my family members are going through a very tough phase of life with very bad character my wife is expressing off late and her jealousy is mainly because my brother is better settled and abroad and she does not even respect anybody at home she does not know how to behave also, How can i seek your help kindly let me know please ,My children have become restless and losing marks in school and throws lot of tantrums at home and no attention even i say something to be done like homework , etc , dont know what to do can i get help Regards XXXX Mobile 0000
Answered by Dr. Preeti Parakh 19 minutes later
Brief Answer: Need to give detailed information. Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX You have not mentioned anything about whether your wife is showing any of the pointers towards psychotic disturbance, which I described in my previous answer. In the information you provide, you also need to differentiate between what her personality always has been and what has changed now. If she has always been jealous of your brother, then medicines will not help as it is her personality but if it is a recent change, then it can improve with treatment. You say that she does not respect anybody but you do not mention if she has always been like this or this has happened now. When you say she does not know how to behave, what do you mean? Please give examples of her abnormal behavior. Unless you give details, it will be difficult to help you. I guess you have one more follow up query left. Write in detail, starting with how long you have been married, how was her behavior in the initial few years, since when did you notice a change in her and in your understanding, was there an incident that could have caused the change. Also narrate what changes you have noticed in her. These are the same questions your psychiatrist should have asked you when you consulted him. No diagnosis is possible without going through these in detail. If you can give this information in detail, I'll be able to suggest a likely diagnosis and plan of management which will help you when you next consult your psychiatrist. Since I am in Jaipur and you cannot XXXXXXX me, let me do the best I can for you over the internet. Best wishes. Dr Preeti Parakh MD Psychiatry
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Follow-up: What is the use of daxid? 7 hours later
Hello dr XXXXXXX I had sent a Long mail ,just prior to this mail , I really need help immediately pls Regards XXXX Mobile 0000 Hello Doctor I would like to narrate the entire history of our marriage from XXXXXXX 2002, it’s been 13 years now We got married through internet marriage by our own self with consent of parents at later stage Very initially we were normal and for s few days a month or so and then I never noticed that I had sexual problems like bad erection and although I could perform well sometimes , but I never even thought or had realized that I had such a problem and we could enjoy when it was actually required ,and we started to have some relationship issues and she started fighting with me and started acting very strangely like hitting me , biting me , scolding vulgar words and scolding my mother a, etc and she used to go away to her mother’s place in another city for long time as and when she wants And after a few days we went to a trip to costal Karnataka and I could not perform at all because of erectile problem and our trip was sour One day she left the home and has gone to Central bus stand and called her father that she is there to go back home , her father instead of convincing her and gving her good advice , instead she complained him that I am bad and horrible and father and daughter went to their city (Dharwad ) in the bus leaving me in tears She became very aggressive and started strange activities again like biting , hitting with whatever she gets etc , all this forced me to tell her about what she was doing to me and all of us she did not listen , so I was forced to inform her father over phone several times but all in vain he never used to respond properly and give it up , she used to lock up inside and go away somewhere without informing for long because of which I had to look for her everywhere and creating tensions However I decided to write a letter to her father and immediately he and her uncle came to my house to discuss and my mother called in my uncle and her sisters and the discussion went on and on and created a lot of chaos inspite of this few days she was alright and she started all the troubles again and again , and by then she was pregnant for the first time but she wanted to get it removed and acted crazily and went to a doctor and my neighbor intervened and bought her back and we informed her parents and after all the initial ceremonies and XXXXXXX s for her to celebrate pregnancy she went to her home for delivery for six months After all the delivery and other procedures and a year later , she came back to our home and slowly started the trouble again and she started acting very strangely and wanted she started comparing me to my brother and his designation and earnings and she used to tease me and she started calling me by names like “chakka “ I had no idea of the trouble I was going through but I was trying and sometimes could perform well And then one day suddenly there was lot of loud fight [physically and verbally breaking up things and she said she will get out of the house and went away at 10.30 in the night I went behind her and tried convincing her and she said she will go to police , I said go Infact she tore her clothes in the street and started saying I did it , police sent her back saying solve it at home Every time she used to say I useless , unworthy , chakka , etc and compare me to my brother as he was still not married then and Infact – My brother (was married to his girl friend who was a muslim and did not stay together even for a single hour together because of her parents and they got divorced after two years ) MY WIFE STARTED TEASING ME BY SAYING all this about my brother which used to upset me and scold back and fight starts even now she says this , off course now my brother is happily married with a child for five years now and now my wife is jealous of their marriage from the day one , she did not welcome her properly and does not respect her parents when they come home , etc She started saying I have other affairs and I am getting sex outside so not doing it with her and we used to quarrel badly (Physically and verbally in front of the child and mother) All this kept on going some days she was ok, and then she started showing jealousy towards my brother and his family again and my mother comparing me to him and others purposely Three and half years ago suddenly on my son’s birthday , she was awake all night and took bath twice in the night at 1230 and 6 30 and Infact for our surprise I don’t know if it was planned by her alone or through some support , she had hired a lorry and packed all her stuff and left our home for good to go away without informing anyone of us (me and my mother ) we did not know what to do and how to react , she was shouting ,murming all night with open hair ,and then I was helpless because she had taken away my kid as well and scared for him , so went searching for where she had gone and searched house by house and located them by scooter she had taken ,Infact to my shock she had gone into one of my school classmate’s house for rent who have seen me and my brother and our family from childhood and it was a terrible shock for me as I could show my face to them but somehow managed because of my kid ,and the reason she said was she did not like my mother (which was a lie)\ Suddenly three days later she fell ill and I had to rush back home from work only to find that she was totally down , and I immediately inspite of all the problems I admitted her to hospital and they said she was suffering from Low BP and they did not give any other reason and discharged her after five days , and when we came home there was lot of fight and she told me to get out of the house so I decided and went back to my mother’s house , as my mother was all alone at home and a patient After a week I was also feeling bad as I had not seen my son , and I had changed my mobile number she somehow identified my number from my office and called me to inform me that she was pregnant again second time (Although happy could not believe her and did not believe her ) so I said I don’t believe and out of anger I said how do I know its mine ( after a few days one Sunday new years day 1st XXXXXXX 2010 she said she will come with cops to my mothers home , I said pls come with them and she started asking for property of my mother by saying why don’t you build a house on top of this house etc , etc in front of cops and she was sitting cross legged without manners and talking in front of elders , they noticed all her behavior and scolded her and they also informed how a decent lady should behave and they left , after all this my wife and their parent left back to their house which I front of cops said I can’t leave my mother and come at any cost whatever happens things continued this way and out of sympathy because she was carrying my second child I took her to doctor and started taking care of her ,however she and her people took it as my weakness and started playing with me in as many ways as possible Even during pregnancy inspite of giving her everything she wants she was fighting verbally and wanted sex I used to come visit my mother’s house morning and evening daily and take care of her which she was jealous two and half years outside my mother home , She had varicose veins and had water oozing out of her legs which I used to dress daily by cleaning it with saline water and sterile pads and they had to decide to ampute her left leg , my wife started acting as if she is becoming all right and has changed her character and that she is new atleaast she used to portray all this to my mother , my mother although educated also and worked for 40years in defense she could understand her drama , one day she and my brother decided to call us back home permanently without my knowledge , I told my mother not to do this mistake she decided to call back , oneday while I was out on work to a different city as my work involves travel she has come back to home Now she has started showing jealously on my brother again as he has bought a new home and she does not want me to attend the house warming ceremony there , she has become very crazy for sex and inspte of hard days work and going home she used to trouble me full night murmuring and scolding me not allowing me to sleep at all and making me try and I could not so I consulted a urologist and took some medications and able to perform now , These days she feels anything I talk to my brother she feels he is teaching me something bad and she hears every conversation ,she checks on my phone , my pesters me to show my account details which I don’t although I have shown once I have lost my first job in a reputed companies three times because of our family issues and hr knew the issues and I am unable to perform well and could not concentrate Suddenly one day out of fighting mood she came out completely naked from the bathroom in front of the maid and I had to force her to go back My god she does not respect anything or anybody and does not do any work at home just sleeps long hours and when free does not take care of kids at all I have to clean them in the morning and feed them and etc etc So I had decided to divorcé also but because for children I lagged back so I decided to take her to Pshychiatartist after discussing with her and her consent which she accepted and we discussed some things with the doctor and she suggested DAXID 50 for her and Nexito 5 for me She has become more anxious these days , she has become more aggressive these days , she has become very jealous off late Kindly let me know if any thing can help , also suggest some legal help if you know for me so that I can take precautions as my mother’s leg was recently amputed and needs a lot of rest these days Regards XXXX Mobile 0000
Answered by Dr. Preeti Parakh 1 hour later
Brief Answer: Explained below. Detailed Answer: Hi XXXXXXX Thank you for the details. After going through the information provided by you, two things are clear. 1) Your wife does have a psychiatric disorder. 2) Sertraline (Daxid) is not likely to help. Regarding the diagnosis, it appears to me that she needs to be assessed for both bipolar disorder and psychotic disorder, in addition to a personality assessment as I suspect that she may also be having a personality disorder too. Bipolar disorder is characterized by episodes of either mania or depression. In manic episodes, one feels very cheerful, energetic, talkative and overconfident. There is increase in libido. One even walks and talks faster than usual. Even the dressing becomes somewhat loud. There is social disinhibition. Events like bathing twice at night, coming out of the bathroom naked, sitting in inappropriate postures etc all can happen in manic episodes. These episodes usually improve in a few weeks and the person returns to normal. However, in your wife's case, perhaps a personality disorder makes it difficult for you to live with her even when she is not in mania. In addition to manic episodes, there may be episodes of depression when one feels very low, sad and hopeless. Perhaps this is what had happened you had to get her admitted and were told that she had low BP. The latest episode also seems to accompanied by psychotic features as she is accusing you of infidelity and also is trying to snoop on your conversations. It is common for manic episodes to be accompanied by psychotic features. XXXXXXX I understand that it is not easy to live with her, but it also may not be easy to get a divorce on grounds of her mental illness. A lawyer will be able to guide you better, but I feel that if she is unwilling to divorce you and you are forced to contest it in the court, it may not be easy for you. However, if she herself wants to divorce you, then you should consider taking that opportunity and getting out of the marriage. I am saying so because while bipolar disorder responds well to treatment, personality disorders are not amenable to treatment. If there is no personality disorder and in between the episodes, she becomes totally normal then I feel you should do your best to get her treated adequately. I do not know if your psychiatrist heard the full story before prescribing Daxid or not. If not, then take an appointment and inform her in detail about all this so that she can modify the diagnosis and change the prescription. If the prescription was written after going through your history in detail, then I feel you need to see another doctor. I guess you are from Bangalore and so I'll suggest a visit to NIMHANS. If that is not feasible for you, there are many other good psychiatrists in Bangalore. Often doctors do not give adequate time to patients and often family members spend the time given to them in describing useless details which have no bearing on the diagnosis. Because of this, many times wrong diagnoses are made and there is no benefit. I have given you some pointers regarding possible diagnoses. Please try to analyse if her behavior and history fit into the description I have given. If so, you must emphasize these points when you consult a psychiatrist so that a correct diagnosis is made. Hope things turn out well for you. Best wishes. Dr Preeti Parakh MD Psychiatry
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