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Infant having cold, cough and breathing problem. What medication should be given?

Answered by
Dr. Uma Rajah Ananth

Pediatrician, Neonatology

Practicing since :1970

Answered : 891 Questions

Posted on Sat, 15 Dec 2012 in Child Health
Question: My baby's current age is 14 months. My baby is having cough & cold issue.We found this for the 1st time at 5 months age when he encountered breathing problem due to cough and cold and he had to admit to hospital. After medications & all he was recovered from this.
Doctor did not prescribe any medicines for home care for long run.

Now again few days back (age 1.2 years) he had same breathing problem due to badly cough. He was again admitted to hospital & came under mediation of nebulizer(medicine - Levolin) now after he was released from hospital on 5th Nov 2012. He was adviced by doctor to use Levolin Inhaler at home if any cough issue arises & SOS.

Now from last two days again he is having cough & cold and we are using that Inhaler prescribed by Doctor.

Even during releasing from hospital we observed some coldness. Doctor hardly used any oral medications & emphasized on nebulizer only during in-hospital treatment. We asked doctor to prescribe some oral medicines to use at home during any cold & cough. Even we asked doctor if is it possible to get cough/mucus out of body through stool using any medicines. Then doctor said this is not possible & not known to him.Instead he said that only Inhaler is enough to cover cough issue.

Please see my queries as below :

1. Is there any medication to get cough/mucus with stool or during vomiting ? Is it a good practice to come over from cough/cold problem ? Please advice !

2. Is Levolin inhaler devolves the coughs from chest & drain out from nose ? How does it solves cough issue ?

3. Is there any bad effect of this breathing problem in long run in my baby's lifetime ?

4. Is there any home care available to get my baby rid of this cold & cough issue for ever ?

5. After few days baby's doctor has prescribed for flu vaccincation. Is Flu vaccination is good to get rid of this cold & cough problem ? Or this problem again may arise even if baby take this vaccincation ?

6. Some allergetic conditions we have found during normal days i.e sometimes some boil kind of thing arises on his head or around it. Some times it takes larger size & after using
Neosporin ointment it goes off slowly. Is it a skin allergy or any gland issues ?

7. He also got one gland at his ear back. We observed that after when baby got released from hospital 2nd time (5th Nov 2012) that gland was really small or sometimes tough to recognize. But slowly now we can observe it prominently .. Is it due to coldness of my baby or any gland issue ?

My baby was borne in ceaserian process.. Any other additional views from your side would be great. My intention is to keep my baby out of this problem. We are currently tensed as already two times my baby got admitted to hospital.. PLS ADVICE !!

Thanks a ton for your advice's in advance...

Answered by Dr. Uma Rajah Ananth 1 hour later
Welcome to XXXXXXX

From your long and detailed mail ,very well written and summarised I can understand how concerned you are!

I will answer your questions one by one!

Query 1-
There is no medicine to make the phlegm come out with stool.
Babies sometimes vomit phlegm along with milk,especially if they have swallowed nasal secretions when sleeping.
Once the basic problem clears, the mucus will clear automatically.
Kids till they reach 7-8 years of age do not know how to cough out phlegm.

Reg Levolin,it is called broncho dilator.
Your child has bronchospasm or wheezing attacks from what you describe.
Levolin causes the dilatation of bronchi ( small tuebes)in the lungs and thus makes breathing easy for the baby and air can go in and out of lungs easily. So the cough which is a reflex reaction to obstruction is relieved .

If you do not have family history of asthma or allergy ,your baby may get over this as he grows to 5-6 years.

Just keep the house clean from dust and clean the AC frequently.
Avoid carpets.
Vacuum the house to remove fine dust.

Still it may come but less frequently!
Viral infection is one of the causes for wheezing.
The boils are more likely from skin infection rather than allergy.

Q7 the last!
What you call gland is the enlarged lymph node!
It can be the result of any infection in scalp or facial,skin.
However if it persists show to the doctor to check mantoux test etc to find the cause.

Finally do not worry!
There are many many kids like yours and they all grow to be great adults!!
God bless
Dr Uma
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Uma Rajah Ananth 15 hours later
Hi Dr,

Thanks a ton for your valuable responses. You response has cleared me few confusing ideas. Please see my below follow up queries in continuation to above discussion :

In continuation to Q1
As per your comment "Once the basic problem clears, the mucus will clear automatically", if cough does not come out of baby's body with stool or during vomiting then how does it disappear automatically from body ? Does the cough becomes dry & stayed over lungs when the basic problem solved ? Again it appears when baby gets cold ?

In continuation to Q2
As per comment, then Levolin does not drain out the coughs out of nose but it makes a small tube to lungs to make the breathing smooth. But today after using that Levolin Inhaler we saw that coughs are being coming out of baby's nose after being de-solved. Can you please put some lights on this to clear my doubts ?

In continuation to Q3

I have my niece having asthma. She is using Inhaler. So it means my baby will never be cured & out of this danger ? What can I do to get rid my baby out of it ? Any suggestions for long run good effect ?

In continuation to Q4

We are from middle class family & do use AC in summer but not now. We don't use carpets & all. Complete flooring of my house is made of stones & tiles. I am going to buy Vacuum Cleaner as per your suggestion. But still if you are staying in a house with family instead of a small flat then its very tough to keep your house complete dust free. So can you please help me understanding better, how do I keep my child so that he don't get cold ?

Is that cough & cold is coming due to this dust & all and not from winter seasons or weather changes ?

In continuation to Q5

Ok. But is there any vaccination which can prevent my baby out of this allergy of prone to coldness or dust ? Can you please advice then I can speak to my family doctor.

In continuation to Q6

This is not exactly a boil but likely to be boil. But baby does get any pain from this. After using Neosporin ointment it goes off gradually. So how do I confirm that its from allergy or any skin infections ? Is there any solution to get rid of this skin allergy or infections ? Please suggest .

In continuation to Q7

Does this lymph nodes becomes serious in later stage of life ? But tell me one thing, how my baby us having this infection in scalp or facial,skin whereas we as we kept him with special care & hygienically. Please comment for any permanent solution.
Is mantoux test safe for 1.3 years old child ? Then I will speak to my doctor.

Thanks a lot doctor for you kind attentions & fabulous response.

Expecting the same again..


Answered by Dr. Uma Rajah Ananth 9 hours later
Hi again,
Thanks for your comments on my response!
Mucus is just excessive secretion of something which is normally present in small amount.
Some of the excess comes out by vomiting,some in stool,some through nose and then the production stops when infection is cleared .With the next infection or allergy again there is excessive production.

Q2 yes.
Because the obstruction is cleared by opening up the bronchi , not only there is better flow of air in and out, there is also movement of secretions (phlegm) which could not come out earlier.
So opening the airways is the important function.
Nothing that you can do !
Your doctor may prescribe a medicine called monteleukast which you can give for 1 year or so .This will decrease the frequency of wheezing attacks.
Your niece has one parent from outside!
So it does not affect your baby!
Wait and watch.

Dust is one of the reasons for allergy
Try your best within your means.

Cold and cough can come from viral infections ,tuberculosis, and other bacterial infections also.

No specific vaccination for allergy!

Skin infections prevented by general hygiene.
Skin allergy can not be prevented but decreased by the same medicine.

Mantoux test is safe for your baby.
Reg the skin lesion ,your doctor can specify whether they are infective or allergic by clinical examination.

Do not be anxious!
This is not a major illness!
God bless
Dr Uma
Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar
Follow up: Dr. Uma Rajah Ananth 15 hours later
Hi Dr Uma,

Thanks a lot for your descriptive responses.

I have one more set of new queries as below. I know, asking so much Qs but really I am helpless because the family doctor has gone to UK few days back hence not able to contact him. I feeling little bit relaxed to see your last comments & advices.

1. My baby is currently taking one anibiotic medicine called "Cepodem 50" for recovering from present illness. Doctor had prescribed to take it for 5 days twice a day but did not mention when to take. Now please let me know is noon time & night time is ok to intake that medicine ?
Even if my baby is recovered before 5 days then also do we need to complete the 5 days course or we can stop the medicine as soon as he is well ?

2. Plexin/ Zincovit are both vitamin syrups. I have few Zincovit syrup left with me & purchased Plexin yesterday so can I use both of them alternatively to make use of Zincovit. As soon as it finishes then I will continue with Plexin only. Is it fine ?

Is Plexin good for appetite ?

Thanks.. XXXXXXX
Answered by Dr. Uma Rajah Ananth 21 minutes later
Twice a day means morning and night(approximately 12 hrs)
You have to finish the course for 5 days .

Both are good tonics.
Any one of them can be used
Finish whatever you have and then start the other!

There will be minimal effect on the appetite.
These are vitamin supplements.

Good luck

God bless
Dr Uma

Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Chakravarthy Mazumdar

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