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Quite satisfied with the answers....but I was more interested to know about the effect of medicines in use on uric acid levels. When I scanned the literature I found that use of thiazide diuretics can increase uric acid levels which was happening in my wife case also......
Written by : Sandeepsharma956Sun, 7 Apr 2013
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my brother has been diagnosed with bipolar and taking medicines as below: Lamitor 50mg, arip 5mg in morning Lamitor 100mg, rospitril 3mg at night. taking weekly counseling sessions too and in regular blood check up his liver enzymes, birubin are...

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What does it mean when the CT scan says the gallbladder is moderately distended, and 12 weeks later the report says the gallbladder appears to be contracted? (Husband was diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer on 10/24/17)

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I leaned over the edge of the sofa yesterday causing a pain under my left arm on my ribs. I have a cold and it really hurts my ribs. No bruising. I have osteoporosis . Could so little pressure cause a fracture? Last scan rated the osteoporosis 3....

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I have an enlarged prostate . Yesterday I started urinating much more frequently. This morning I saw two little blood clots in the toilet bowl. Since then I suddenly have the urge to go and can,t stop, It burns and the water in the bowl is cloudy...

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Can the side effects of simvastatin occur after using it for 4 years ? Recently experiencing fatigue and joint/ muscle and have been using simvastatin for 4 years. Blood tests and CT scans over the past three months have not identified a cause.