Dr. Jyothi B L , M.B.B.S., M.D.
Pathologist and Microbiologist
Salem, Tamilnadu, India   View Clinic 


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Professional Details
State Licence Number/NPI
State/Board registered with
Karnataka Medical Council
Pathologist and Microbiologist
Years of experience
Patients seen per week
Procedures done per week
Specific Skills and Interests
Histopathology, cytology, infectious diseases, immunology & Hematology 
Clinic Detail 1
Vinayaka Mission medical college,
Salem, Tamilnadu, View Clinic  
9 am-4 pm
Education Details
Degree earned
Name of the university
MS Ramiah Medical College 
Residency / Post graduation
Year of post-graduation
Degree earned
JJM Medical College, Davangere 
Other Details
Other professional achievements
1.     Cytohistological Correlation of Grading in Breast Carcinoma, Diagnostic cytopathology,2010,Vol 39,(4):251-7.
2.     Application of Pattern analysis in the fine needle aspiration of solitary thyroid nodule, Journal of cytology, 2010,27(1):1-7.
3.     Divide and Rule: Cytodiagnosis of Thyroid Lesions Using Pattern Analysis: A Study of 233 Cases, Diagnostic cytopathology, 2010, 39(12):888-95.
4.     The value of systematic pattern analysis in FNAC of breast lesions: 225 cases with cytohistological correlation, Journal of cytology, 2011, Vol 28(1):13-19.
5.     Aspiration biopsy cytology of solitary thyroid nodule. National Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, 2010,Vol 1(2).
6.     Adolescent Menorrhagia: Study of the Coagulation Profle in a Tertiary Centre in South India, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2011, Vol 5(8):1589-92
7.     Histomorphological Study Of 134 Primary Ovarian Tumors, Advance Laboratory Medicine International 2011; 1(4):69-82.
8.     Panorama of solitary thyroid nodule, International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, January 2012,Vol 1(1):19-26.
9.     Study of histomorphological changes in placenta in pregnancy induced hypertension, International Journal of Current Scientific Research, 2012; Vol 2(1):255-8.
10.     Red cell alloimmunization and transfusion transmitted infections in repeatedly transfused thalassemia major patients, International Journal of Current Scientific Research,2012; 2(1):251-4
11.     A clinicomorphological study of carcinoma cervix. NJBMS 2011;2(1):4-7.
Review article:
1.     Reviewing manuscript for international medical journal: issue on ethical problems of author. Case Study Case Rep. 2012; 2(2): 23 - 28.

Case Reports:
1.     Calcinosis Cutis: Report of 4 Cases, Journal of Laboratory Physicians, 2011, Vol 3(2):125-6.
2.     Owl Eye Inclusions In Placenta, Case Study and Case Report 2011; 1(3):131-6.
3.     Giant Hemangioma Of Shoulder, Case Study and Case Report 2011; 1(3):125-30.
4.     The common and uncommon cestodal infestation encountered in routine histopathological practice from a semi-urban population in south India and their public health importance. International Journal of Current Scientific Research. 2011; 1(2):48-51
5.     Tuberculosis masquerading as Sarcoma. National Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, 2010, 1(1).
6.     Rudimentary non-communicating uterine horn pregnancy – A rare multiparous case presenting for the first time. National journal of basic medical sciences 2012;2(3):220-1.
Letter to the Editor:
1.     Chylo-Lymphatic Cyst Of The Mesentery In A Neonate, Case Study and Case Report 2011; 1(3):150-53

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Prompt, precise and to the point. Thanks.
Written by : SurinderMon, 6 Apr 2015
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