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4 1 Thu, 25 Feb 2021
I just found the bullseye rash on my husband who is a kidney transplant patient. He is a builder and works out in the fields often. His name is XXXX and I am XXXX I am the donor for my husband. Our email is YYYY@YYYY I will call the doctor first thing tomorrow.
2 1 Fri, 8 Nov 2019
I am eighty years old. I had Norovirus last January. needed to go to hospital. Dr said kidneys were shutting down. Took weeks to recover.How will this affect me this year? Will i have any immunity to it, or will it be easier for me to catch it?Thanks.
11 1 Mon, 4 Nov 2019
Hi, I am regularly prone to being attacked by a viral fever almost every 2 months, ususally during a weather change. It gets healed by normal drugs for viral fever. Is there a permanent cure, whereby I do not suffer so often? Regards, XXXX
2 1 Thu, 22 Aug 2019
Can you transmit herpes after testing negative for antibodies in blood? My partner stated they recently contracted the virus and we believe that it may have come from me. I had a blood test done and came back negative for hsv1 and 2 antibodies however we both know in males the virus tends to hide...
2 1 Thu, 1 Aug 2019
Hi! i had mononucleosis almost half an year ago but the test from my liver came back really high, it was 200. The dropping of that number was slow but now it is 19 so the question is that can i drink now normally? I don’t drink regularly so it’s not a problem that i would drink regularly, but i...
2 1 Thu, 18 Jul 2019
Sir hi I m XXXX from varanasi I was scratched in january by a puppy outside my house 2018 jan I visited doc and told to have 3 dose and watch till 10 days puppy was fine and i discontinued But yesterday 26/10/18 a pet suddenly grab my finger while he was eating somthing Dog was pomelian and has...
2 1 Mon, 15 Jul 2019
I have eaten an apple in which I found a blood clot and a injenctiin syringe mark. There are also rumors that Hepatitas A/B/C and HIV / AIDS infected people inject their blood into fruits. Can anybody acquire such diseases by eating such fruits. Help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
2 1 Thu, 27 Jun 2019
Hi...several weeks ago got a sinus cold, by the third day had a sore throat too. One week later, overnight, got aching and swelling in lower and upper gums, swelling of roof of mouth and terrible sore throat. Went to doctor and was put on antibiotics. After 5 days, still not feeling well and...
3 2 Wed, 26 Jun 2019
so many years I have fungus on both my feet this time of yeIar is really bad. I read online apple cider suppose to help it s been two days now and it s my third day I have the apple cider I have it on my feet but it s still really itchy too a point I want to itch it until it falls off should I go...
2 1 Wed, 26 Jun 2019
I am an RN, so I m a bit worried. This is the 5th day I have felt sick , and my daughter and husband are starting to feel the same way. I ve had 3-4 loose watery stools per day, and a rumbley stomachache. I feel weaker too. I m able to eat and drink. I have mainly eaten toast, bananas, crackers,...
2 1 Wed, 26 Jun 2019
hi I have ingrown hair deep under my skin and out . I have very coarse hair and been taking different medation . I was trying to put the hairs but also founding holes under my skin and white heads and infected all on one side on my face. so tired dealing with it . I neeed the best way to get rid...
2 1 Wed, 26 Jun 2019
Hi, im from Malta and around 2 months ago i had a surgery to remove a pilonidal sinus which was after stitched with a drain connected to remove excess fluids. Around 3 days ago i woke up feeling some pain in that area and now the area is red and swollen and i feel pain when i sit. Will it come...
2 1 Tue, 25 Jun 2019
I am having throbbing pain on the side of my big toe. Yesterday it only hurt very slightly when the area was touched. A tiny part of it was green, so I soaked it in Epsom salt and sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide twice. This drained the pus out but it still remained a little red and swollen....
2 1 Tue, 25 Jun 2019
4 days ago I was in bed with fever for a day. Now I have a sinus infection with thick globs of yellow mucus. (No runny nose, no sore throat) Also coughing up thick mucus globs. How do I determine if it is bacterial and would responds to antibiotic, or viral? I also have a gum infection (no pain...
2 1 Sat, 22 Jun 2019
Can canker sore and heroes be distinguished by a picture? I got diagnosed with heroes simplex by a Thai doctor, but after much research and starting to think it’s canker sores.. so the antiviral I’m taking would be pointless? Only sore in the inside of my lips. No blistering just white/yellowish...
2 1 Wed, 19 Jun 2019
Hi sir, I got my ear cartilage pierced 1.5 months back. It was healing normally but suddenly since three days a bump grew on both the ears, it is painful, and I think it is filled with pus, not sure though. Have been applying t bact since a day but no improvement. M wearing gold ornament.
2 1 Mon, 10 Jun 2019
My uncle is diabetic, hypertensive and has hepatitis too. Today, after checking for his sugar levels, I accidently prick the same needle into my finger. What should i do in this situation?
3 2 Fri, 7 Jun 2019
Hi I found out a few days ago my daughters have threadworms. We all took a over tablet on Thursday night and I’ve just checked one daughter who still has some coming out while she is asleep. Should this have worked by now ? It’s been 3 and half days
2 1 Thu, 6 Jun 2019
My daughter has a tiny hole like ear pit below her nose. and may be connected to the upper part of tooth gum. when she was 15 months she got an infection. Doctor give her antibiotic and she gets well. now she is 4 years the infection come back again. What should I do now? Please help me !!!
2 1 Thu, 6 Jun 2019
Hi sir my pet dog is of 3months old it has been vaccinated from geting any infections like dat and dewormed but rabbies vaccination is due in next 2weeks..before being vaccined for rabies it bit me on the palm and blood came out n i washed with antispetic cream .does a 3month pupy devolopes...
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