Dr. Divye Omita (DO) , MA Psychology, MA Philosophy, Rehabilitation Psychology, Counselling and Guidance
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Rehabilitation Council of India
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Specific Skills and Interests
Psychotherapy - Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Color Therapy, Talk Therapy; Counselling Psychology - Relationship, Marital, Family, Child, Adolescence, Education or Career, Job, Old-age, Retirement, Addiction or Substance-Abuse, Disability, Rehabilitation related issues, Stress, Anxiety, Depression related issues; Performance issues, Happiness Coaching, Performance Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Life and Soft Skills Training, Image Consulting, Grooming Consulting

Hello and Greetings! I'm DO - (DIVYE) OMITA, a PSYCHOLOGIST, Talk THERAPIST, Happiness, Culture, Performance & Wellness COACH, Life & Soft Skills TRAINER, and Image CONSULTANT with rich Corporate and Clinical experience of about 11 years.
With a focus on both, conscious and subconscious mind and behavior, I dive deeper into your thoughts and feelings while visiting your life experiences and concentrating on your emotions. My therapeutic sessions are aimed at helping you clear your mind against negative thoughts and feelings, including Stress, Anxiety, Phobia among other problems you face and would want to Talk about, and at the same time train you for future success and in setting realistic goals in life.
Your support system and INTERVENTION SPECIALIST during the difficult times, I can help you overcome personal challenges, and deal with issues/illnesses and disorders that may affect a person's daily life. My specialized REHABILITATION SERVICES include:
•     Loss or setback - Human/Career/Job/Relationship/Family…
•     Stress and Anxiety
•     Depression
•     Phobias, Panic/Anxiety Attacks, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders
•     Family and relationships
•     Unhealthy Habits and Addictions (Smoking, Drinking, Drug use, Eating/Mood disorders and Sleeping problems)
•     Learning issues
•     Performance issues
•     Relationship issues
•     Need of Mental clarity, Suicidal tendencies
•     Mental health disorders
•     Other allied reasons when You may need Help in:
•     Recovering from prolonged or ongoing illness. …,
•     Medical symptoms that tests don't explain. ...,
•     Feeling stuck where you are. ...,
•     Feel to not being able to control your emotions. ...,
•     Feel to be unhappy with your life. ...,
•     Feel to have a drink to relax. ...,
•     Having often triggers of Panic/Anxiety attacks. ...

My customized INTERVENTION PROGRAMS are focused on -
•     Individuals, groups (including couples and families) and organizations covering all age groups, such as children who have behavioral problems; late adolescents with educational and career concerns or substance abuse problems; adults facing marital or family difficulties, career changes, or overcoming disabilities; and older adults facing retirement
•     Groups, assist in finding solutions to many of the listed problems as above, as well as to improve the Personal and Interpersonal functioning of the group members
•     Organizations (e.g., businesses) and Work groups, assist as Performance and Wellness Coach and help organizations create a Culture and Work Environment in which people can work and succeed together, and enable organizations in elevating their productivity and effectiveness
•     Image and Profile Influence Management, Job search and Personality development CONSULTANT for the Individuals and Groups
•     Creating solutions and programs for Individuals, Groups, and Organizations, for Personal and Professional excellence, effective Change and behavioral management covering and addressing Family/Relationship/Child/Adolescence/ Career/Job/Old-age/Retirement/Addiction or Substance-Abuse/Disability/Rehabilitation related issues

Adding value to Lives - I Live To DREAM and Make It HAPPEN®, can help you achieve Yours…, you can
CONSULT ME to experience the New You!

* "We get only One Life - Let's Live It To The Fullest", also ask me about "DTD with DO®" and "FEEL BLESSED with DO®",
reach me at ***divye.omita@gmail.com

Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/do-divyeomita/ 
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B.M. Gupta Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,
H9-15, Arya Samaj Road, Uttam Nagar, Near Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Delhi 110059,
Delhi, Delhi, View Clinic  
Sat, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Education Details
Degree earned
MA Psychology, MA Philosophy 
Name of the university
Post Graduate Courses - Delhi University, IGNOU 
Residency / Post graduation
Year of post-graduation
Degree earned
Rehabilitation Psychology
Registered with RCI 
Fellowship / Specialty Training
Year of fellowship
Degree earned
Counselling and Guidance
Certified by Delhi University 

Other Details
Worked with esteemed professionals, Non-government organizations, and other institutions like University of Delhi, British Council and Times Group's Teach India initiative, National Commission, Vishwa Jagriti Mission, K2B Learning for Women apart from the practice in private hospitals and with corporates. 
Rehabilitation Council of India 
Other professional achievements
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