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1 0 38 minutes ago
Doctor, I have been told by my doctor that I have increased eye pressure due to glaucoma and cataract in my left eye. My doctor has recommended Travarthan eye drops which have given some relief but my vision is slightly blurred after using Travarthan eye drops. Will you recommend me to stop or...
1 0 2 hours ago
Husband Thursday had a head injury and concussion as a result of a ladder sliding down a wall and he had to ride it down. When it hit floor his head must of smacked floor or rings of ladder and jerked his head. Got 6 internal issues and 12 external stitches above his left eye. Must of smacked...
1 0 2 hours ago
i have this tiny (like 1 or 2 mm) bump on the outer rim of my lower eyelid. it has been there for a couple weeks and looks like it might have fluid in it but i havent tried to pop it or anything. i think i ve had the same thing at least once before, but on my inner eyelid, and i scraped it off,...
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1 0 6 hours ago
Eye have had what I thought was pink eye crusty red left eye that subsided but now my left eye continues to be weepy most of the day and this morning my upper eyelids was swollen as well as under the eye tissue especially the left eye is that pink eye?
1 0 6 hours ago
My left eyelid swelled up over night. This happened before but I thought it was due to dryness. I had dry flakey skin previously and some moisturizer seemed to help. I went to bed last night and my eye was fine and this morning it just seemed to swell up. What could this be?
1 0 7 hours ago
my brother has a tumor affecting his sight. The DR he went to said it was behind the nerves and needs to be removed as soon as possiable. He says that the tumor has been described as liquid in the center with a hard surface suround. Can you give me any insight on what type of tumor this is and is...
2 1 8 hours ago
my father is losing his vision very fast. he is unable to identify any person face from 15 feet away without glasses. we are in very much threat by his health & eyesight problem. he is a diabetes & BP patient & taking medicines from a very long time. will u please tell us what going wrong.
2 1 8 hours ago
Hi, need a help My 8 year old daughter uses glasses for past x2 years Her recent eye examination shows a sudden increase in her power for one of her eyes, the clinic people were worried with that Why would a sudden increase occur My daughter is a heavy reader.. Please advice
2 1 8 hours ago
i ve had a small bump removed from rite lower inside lid 4 times; i ve had a diagnosis of 1)wart, 2(cancer & 3)pyogenic granuloma. each time it s regrown , in less time & more aggressive, in the same spot. my ophthalmologist wants it removed again, but i m hesitant due to regrowth. it s been cut...
2 1 8 hours ago
About 6 months ago I accidentally banged my left brow on a door and it bruised badly and cut but healed very well. However it left a small indentation on my eyebrow. Yesterday to my horror I banged the same place on a kitchen cupboard door Today it is sore the touch and I have a small swelling. I...
2 1 8 hours ago
Hi. I ve been wearing my contacts for 2 months now and haven t had any problems. But the last couple of days my eyes has been red and hurting a lot. I m not sure if it s due to the contacts. Both My eyes has a little white dot on it and my left eye hurts when I blink. I m scared it might cause...
2 1 8 hours ago
Hello, so about four weeks ago my left eye got blurry. I hardly can read with it and it seems that my eyes are more sensitive to sunlight. I wear sun shades every time I drive while it s sunny. I never had that issue before. I went to pearl vision to get my eyes checked and they couldn t find the...
2 1 8 hours ago
My girlfriend is experiencing a high amount of pain, specifically throbbing headaches/severe sensitivity to any kind of movement/sensitivty to light and sound/some blurred vision/sweats/chills and she is just over 3 months pregnant.. What could possibly be wrong with her?
2 1 8 hours ago
The right caruncle in my eye is tender to touch and slightly painful when I rub my eye. My eye was itching earlier but that has subsided. Currently it isn t red but it does look slightly swollen compared to my left eye. I don t know what to do to make it normal again...
2 1 8 hours ago
Hello, I was wondering if you could help me? I just received a phone call from my mother who told me she had a bath earlier got out and woke up on her bedroom floor. She said she s had a blackout, she also mentioned having pain behind her eyes for the last 3 days.
4 1 8 hours ago
Thank you, I would like to know why the outer corners of my eyes (on the skin) is turning brown (discoloration) - I am a fair skinned Black female - could you please tell me what health issues this entails and is there a cure for it? Thank you please
3 1 8 hours ago
Over the last three to our months my eyes have been watering, to the point people ask me if Im crying. Happens inside and out. Its winter so I cant believe its seasonal allergies which I have experienced. I have tried benedril and clariton with no improvement. We do burn wood for heat so I also...
2 1 8 hours ago
I had a Pain over the lid of my Right eye. I Put my cold hand over it to re-leave it some. Then the pain went away, but I ended up with Blood in my eye that looked like a blood clot . It is starting to go away now, is it anything to be worried about? Thank You , Brenda
4 1 8 hours ago
This is nt all the time but yeasterday night my vision became really wierd like i could see but it just felt off then this moring my vision was somwhat better but i felt sick and dizzy, then later today I felt fine and almost forgot about it then all the sudden my vision got wierd again(like hard...
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