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My eye lids became itchy and sore on saturday and now in the morning and the they swell up. theres no discharge. they are just really itchy and uncomftable. Pharmaists are saying it looks like a allergy but i've not changed anything in my routine? should i give it a few more days before going...
1 0 1 minute ago
Last night I was petting my sister inlaws cat and a few minutes later my started itching so I rubbed it and then my the white part of my eye swelled up. Now (the next day) its only swollen underneath my top and bottom eyelids. What can I do to get rid of this?
1 0 3 minutes ago
Hi, I hope I m not bothering or anything - but recently, my left eye has been really itchy, particularly the caruncle. Most of the itching happens in the evening, if that makes sense, but I m not too sure whether it s on purpose or just like that. Is it a pink eye? If yes, what should I do?
1 0 4 minutes ago
Hi Doctor,I have a boil below the right eye lid with swelling, I am using Clearine but there is pain and swelling please suggest a medicine which can treat this in India.Thanks,my email address is given below,kindly send me the reply asap.Is it a paid service.
1 0 13 minutes ago
Woke up with a dark purple eye lid, from middle of my eye towards my nose, does not hurt. What caused this? Didn t hit my eye or rub it, can t imagine why I have this. I was told my last blood test showed something tath indicated I needed to see a thyroid specialist could this be a symptom of...
1 0 17 minutes ago
My right eye got injured last week. Due to that i got swelling and pain when seeing the sun light. I have consulted optalmologiest and they have advised to take Toba-F and Homide for 2 days. My right eye vision became blurred and i have got headache and cold. Is this normal because of this...
1 0 17 minutes ago
I was told by my dr. yesterday that the test he took showed that there may be weaking of the optic nerve. I need to go back in 2 months for another test. Not sure what kind of test. What causes this and what can I do about it? I have chronic dry eye, could this just be an inflamation? YYYY@YYYY
1 0 26 minutes ago
Hello, i m concerned about a persistant, long term redness in the inside corners of my eye, extending out to about 1 or 2cm from the pupil, it doesn t hurt ot anything, but it looks very wet and red, and i never used to have it. It s been there for at least a year or so now. I just need to know...
2 1 1 hour ago
I suffered a concussion from a 15 fall from a loft w.multiple facial lacerations, tooth through the upper lip and deep lacerations to my legs and knees; however, the most difficult thing I m dealing with is severe pain behind my left eye...burning, watering, blurring of vision. Can you advise?
2 1 1 hour ago
I have been prescribed GLOete tablets for eye. Are they useful for eye treatment? This is Pycnogenol (French naritime extract pine bark extract and bilberry extract tablets. It is written on the pack that they are diatery supplement and are not for medical use These are costly too Do you think...
2 1 2 hours ago
About once a month I experience almost a full vision loss lasting 45 min-an hour. It starts off as a blurry tunnel vision and the only thing that seems to remedy it is laying down with eyes closed for about an hour. There is no major headache or dizziness accompanying these episodes.
2 1 3 hours ago
I am a 45 year old femaile with no health problems and take no meds. Lately I have been experiecing a heavy feeling on my eyelids along with some twitching and blurriness. I notice it mostly when I have been on the computer. Sometimes when this happens I try to open my eyes wide and get a funny...
2 1 3 hours ago
Hi My lower eyelids are twitching (not visible externally) and fell stretched or stiff. It has been the case for nearly 2 weeks now. I recently checked my eyes and have started to wear spectacles for -0.5 cylindrical. I took a course of multi vitamin tablets too. Nothing seems to work. Eyes are...
2 1 3 hours ago
Hello Dr, I been having a light-clear whitish discharge from my eyes and I have never experience this before. When I pull my eyes side ways it burns in the corner of my eyes. I no longer receive medical so I can t go into the doctors. But can you at least help give me an idea so I know whats...
2 1 3 hours ago
I recently had laser surgery to repair a retinal hole in my left eye. Now I am sensitive to light, and if a bright light is shone into my left eye, I pass out. ?!? This reaction does not happen if a light is shone into my right eye. What could be causing this??
2 1 3 hours ago
My mom has recently being suffered by Kala Pani (GLAUCOMA), I am from a small town where no good medical facility available. Doctors said that she has lost vision of one eye and second eye is in the process of losing. Please suggest good medical hospital where her vision can be rectify. Please...
2 1 4 hours ago
Yesterday my mother woke up with her right eye being extremely puffy. It also goes towards her cheek and has been drooling. She has been tearing up even before the swelling. Redness only when ice with cloth is put on swelling. There s gn no sign of pain. She slept on her right side too. She has...
2 1 4 hours ago
I have a drumming noise in my left ear when I fully blink. I have been on a dive trip but have had zero issues during the trip. I am a Dive Instructor and dive over 200 times a year not counting being in the pool 4 nights a week. There is zero pain only the noise.
2 1 4 hours ago
i have recently started wearing contacts again after 12 yrs of stopping the use of contacts. I wore RGP prior to now. i have a very bad Rx and a very bad astigmatism in both eyes. I am wearing soft contacts now and the Rx isn t just right but as close as they can get. For some reason my right eye...
2 1 4 hours ago
hi there i have just returned from a holiday last week and since then i hame been getting a shooting pain in my left eye acompanied with a sore head on the left side i have had my eyes tested and they are fine .... doctor prescribed antibiotics for sinisitis but the pain is still there .
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