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7 1 5 hours ago
Hi back in May I had Bells Palsy,a month ago I started to get this poping sound and still have it also my gland keep coming up also the corner of my eye feels funny and some days looks like I have a crocodile eye sight since the Bells Palsy has made my vision not clear. Do you think I...
4 1 5 hours ago
For the last 2-3 weeks I have noticed very sudden headaches behind my eyes. It actually feels like the pain is in my eyes, just an ache feeling. Moving my eyes around seems to be bothering me a lot as well. Within the last week I have also started to wake up in the morning with dry blood in my...
2 0 6 hours ago
My eye is red and I noticed a tiny white spot on the white of my eye on the side closest to my nose. My eye hurts if I put pressure on my eyelid. Also I wake up with discharge in my eye. I ve put eye drops and a warm compress but nothing seems to help.
4 1 6 hours ago
What can cause one eye to bulge? I am a 34 year old female. This cannot be seen in photos from several years ago... I have had previous symptoms where the eye was bulging very noticeably. MRI revealed nothing causing pressure behind eye. I now notice how much larger my left eye is in pictures,...
2 0 7 hours ago
Hi. I m 19 and nearsighted. Recently I have noticed flashes when I rapidly move my eyes. I have also noticed what looks like an orb with wave lines in it. I see both on the left. When I was younger I used to get migrains a lot. Any idea what it could be?
3 0 7 hours ago
Okay. here goes. I have had both retinas detach in both eyes and have had them repaired with a scleral buckle. I also had a epiretinal membrane removed in the right eye. I have also had lens implants in both eyes, one for distance and one for close. Because I had Lasik years ago, my doctor had to...
4 1 9 hours ago
The skin around both eyes are very swollen, red, itchy and flaky skin. From my eyelids up to brows and under eyes are very swollen and red down to my cheeks. The skin peels off like I ve had a sun burn. It s embarrassing ! My eyes are fine. No redness, itching,or discharge. It s all around both...
4 2 9 hours ago
I ve had bags under my eyes ever since I was a child. In my family I am the first one who have eyes bags . I don t think it s from stress or lack of sleep. At morning time it increases or eat rice ,during periods or weeping it is increase more . ? Is there any hope for me getting rid of...
4 1 9 hours ago
on 11-16-14, i had a very bad fall which produced a huge bump over my right eye (almost 2 wide and over 1/2 high) and i lost conciousness, i was taken to er and xrays and ct scans showed i had bleeding in the brain...a small orbital fracture....and a large hematoma, i was hospitalized overnight...
6 2 9 hours ago
The vision in my right eye is impaired. When I watch the screen on TV and put a hand over my left eye the vision in my right eye is scratchy and waverey and I have a pulsating feeling in the eye. It is OK with both eyes open, but I am sensing an unusual feeling on the right side of my eye socket....
8 2 9 hours ago
i busted some blood vessels in my eye... almost the whole white part of my eye is red.. i wear contacts and i was afraid to take them out cause i didnt want the blood to go over to the blue part of my eye..should i take them out? and is there anything that i can so to make this go away... it has...
7 1 9 hours ago
My daughter has Marcus Gunn Syndrome plus ptosis in her right eye. She received ptosis surgery at age 5 and now again at age 9. My questions - if we do the Marcus Gunn surgery will she be able to blink and close her eyes at night? Will she have to use her brow muscles to open her eyes? What is...
8 1 9 hours ago
Hello I had a tooth infection couple weeks ago which was my upper right back tooth. I had root canal done on it in 2010 and the tooth infront of infected tooth had a chipped cap which might have been the cause of infection. I got s temp crown and was told a maybe re root canal be needed.But from...
4 1 9 hours ago
I am being treated for rosacea thru my dermatologist. I ve never had that before. I have been using several meds for a couple weeks: a topical steroid called Desonide on the skin under my eye, an oral antibiotic called Keflex twice a day and took my first dose of Stromectol. The next dose is...
4 1 9 hours ago
My husband had cataract surgery 3+ days ago. The doctor used drops to constrict the pupil after surgery to keep the pressure low. It is still constricted. How soon should the normal function return and should he call the doctor s office tomorrow morning? Thanks.
4 1 9 hours ago
Hi, I am 30 years old male with no major medical history except chroititis in my eyes 7 years back which got healed completely. I had severe para typhoid when I was 12 years old and had to be on medication for almost 6 months. My Father is a Diabetic however my sugar level is well in control. I...
7 1 9 hours ago
9/25/14 had surgery for advanced right eye cateract. Surgery went well and I m fine. However, since Aug 2014 I have been getting recurring blepharitis infections along with dry eyes. I was treated with Lotemax 0.5% each time it came back. This med. can only be used no longer than 3 mths otherwise...
4 1 9 hours ago
I started having double vision in my left eye yesterdayand went tothe eye doc. He said I have fluidbehind the retina. and gave me some drops for the inflamation and told me it may take up to a month to go away. I don t understand what is happening                                                   
6 1 10 hours ago
my left eye was irritated tonight so i put 2 drop of my allergy visen in it and a couple minutes later i noticed that while reading a text on my phone my vision was a little blurry. I went to the mirror and noticed that the left pupil is much larger than the right. I m 18 and I am getting...
4 1 10 hours ago
My dad was fallen down from a lader. His left eye is fully filled with a red thing.he got internal wound . Doctor suggested mezol and mexicip eye drop.he wrote 4 drops (mezol) and 3 drops( mexicip). is it a one day dose ?and how frequently to take a drop??? 4 drops at a time or at morning,...
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