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3 0 2 days ago
i have found that my left eye suffer from cylindrical issues. Doctor prescribed me glasses of 0.25 spherical with axis of 40. But when i use it, then my head feel uncomfortable like headach or million of tons weight on it. Now i am worried that if i am not using glasses then may it can more...
3 0 2 days ago
Hi, I m an 18 year old female and I m relatively healthy. I ve been having vision problems for the past maybe 13 months and I ve seen many doctors and had a lot of tests and everyone s struggled to give me a diagnosis. It started when at night time, I turned the light off and my room was not...
2 0 2 days ago
Can conjunctivitis make you sick. My little buy has conjunctivitis but also for the past 3 nights he has been sick. He has been fine throughout the day, eating and drinking normally and being his bubbly self. His routine has stayed the same. He s 15 months old. It s like he s sick in his sleep
6 0 2 days ago
Three times this year I have broken a lot of blood vessels in my left eye and I worry my yoga could be causing this. It is blood thru the whole eye. I do not have diabetes nor high blood pressure. I do not take aspirin because it leads to extreme bruising. Any suggestions. Judy
2 0 2 days ago
I was told I have thinning retina in left eye and my opthalmologist is sending me to retinal specialist for consultation. I have history of high blood pressure and take medications. What might be causing this and what treatments are available? Can it be improved? what about supplementation?
4 1 2 days ago
My husband is 44. The other night he had an episode where his balance was off, his vision was impaired, and he was having really bad headaches. His right arm and digits were jerking. I should say that this is his third episode in about a month. He hardly sleeps and has constant headaches. Also he...
3 1 2 days ago
yesterday evening I noticed a blood spot in my eye at the end of a vein next to the color area. This morning it was larger. With the blood spot I also have some swelling of the eyeball and some pressure like throbbing. I m not sure how concerned I should be. My father had glacoma at a very young...
2 0 3 days ago
I went into a sauna that was operating at about 80 deg C and after an hour I had bloodshot red eyes. I did not detect any fumes off the sauna and it did not smell of any chemicals so I am wondering what caused it. I recently had an eye test and the optician who is also a retired GP said my eyes...
4 1 3 days ago
Hello im 25 year old i would like to ask you about my worries On september 26 2014 I had an accident in Afghanistan war zone One strong explosion happen while i was working 150 meters away and some shrapnel flay around me but i was happy they did not hit me I m diagnosed with ptsd with a lot off...
5 1 4 days ago
I was heavy lifting. Leg sled on my back when at the last rep i felt a pop sensation then a flood of pain that began to circumference my head. It continues to aggravate when I attempt to exercise. My symptoms were pain, dizziness, blurred vision, and light-headedness especially when my head was...
4 2 4 days ago
My son had sand thrown in his eye this morning but I only found out when fetched from school- now eyelid is puffy and peri-orbital skin is red. Conjunctiva not really red, blood vessels slightly more enlarged than other eye but not obvious. Eye sensitive to light and sore. Eye not visibly tearing...
3 1 4 days ago
I take these eye drops for Glaucoma and I am a recent widow and although I have a medi drug plan I still cant afford the drops. I usually pay $40.00 but this month woth my new insurance it is $113.00. Is there away I can get some support with this ?
4 1 4 days ago
Please, I am a female 64 years old. My eyes have been light sensitive for years, but just in the last year it has became worse, If there is any bright light, sun, room lighting, ect. my eyes receive sharp pain. I have my house dark, and even the TV or internet cause pain if I look at them to long.
4 2 4 days ago
Hello, I have green eyes. I have yellow that circles the exterior of my pupil and then I have red around the yellow. I also have brown specks in my eye around the red. Nothing is in the white of my eye. Do you think you can tell me what kind of eyes I have or if there is a name for all this...
4 1 5 days ago
Hi, in the back of my throat I have two small very thin lines that appear red or dark when I use a flashlight and mirror to view it. It burns when I drink acidic or carbonated drinks. Its been there for about 2 weeks. I threw up that week I was wondering if that could of caused this? My throat...
4 1 5 days ago
I have been experiencing on and off pain in my eye socket and behind my eyes mostly on the right side but also mildly on the left. I went to see my local Optomotrist who gave me an extensive eye and vision examination, he said that my eyes are in good health and my prescription for reading...
67 1 5 days ago
I woke up this morning with what looks like a series of custed blood vessels in the white of my left eye . It s pink not red, and about the size of a semi-circle ..kind of like half a nickel. And my right eye has 2 small busted blood vessels in the white of my eye...My eyes feels slightly soar,...
7 3 5 days ago
I have been diagnose with a conjunctival cyst I had it for 7 months but the doctor was unable to tell me exactly what I have because my cyst drains during the day I notice the cyst when I wake up so but the time I see the dr they don t see anything in my eye so what I did I took a picture and I...
3 1 5 days ago
Hi, My daughter fell down stairs about a week ago and bruised her eye lid and eye socket. The bridge of her nose was swollen but the bruising has cleared and swelling gone down but I ve noticed she now has a hard lump between her nose bridge and eye socket. She has had an xray a week ago when it...
7 2 5 days ago
Hi my name is Tracy. I am a healthy,fit, 45 year old, eating primarily a vegan diet. In the past year ive been noticing my eyes becoming increasingly more blurry as time goes on, like right now after spending a large part of my day out in the mountains running with my dog. Ive looked up the...
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