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accidently swallowed a small staple what are the complications why am i pretending conversations in mind diagnosed with osteoporosis suggest some medication what causes ear drum to become indented suffering from memory loss how to treat this problem suggest some medicine to maintain hemoglobin level why am i getting pain in penis during intercourse what are the sign and symptoms of herpetic sycosis how to get relief from clogged feeling in the ear can i use logynon as an emergency contraceptive pill does defuse rib cage causes breathing problems have itchy raised freckle on chest should i be concerned having nausea and heavy headedness how to treat this problem suggest some exercise to reduce weight foreskin not going back do i need to do circumcision which is best treatment for hair transplant had unprotected sex urine test done what is the problem having loose motion what medicine should i take i am having dry eyes what precaution should i take why my eye is hurting since morning why am i getting headache every alternate day sperm analysis done taking trazure m looking for suggestion suffering from reoccurring neck pain how to reduce this pain having abnormal heartbeat does anxiety cause atrial fibrillation is cefspan 100 mg safe to take while on breastfeeding my body mass index is 29 how to improve this how to get testosterone levels checked trying to conceive what test and cure should be done feeling a mild pain in ear after using headphones worrisome how to prevent skin tanning what precaution should be taken what are the risks and complications with mammoplasty surgery child having cough what treatment should be done suggest a vaccination chart for newborn baby what is meant by acu puncture suffering from stomach ache and vomiting what is wrong child having painful and bloated tummy suggest some effective treatment noticed swollen cheek hurts to touch could it be parotitis will swimming in a chlorine swimming pool aggravate pityriasis rosea when should i go for pcr-hiv test how to improve sperm count and motility nuvaring inserted started having less bleeding is this normal suffering from constipation and light heartburn what treatment is required having hair loss problem and pcp syndrome looking for suggestion how long should i continue vaginal follicular study have itchy marks on buttocks could it be genital herpes why do i get slight bleeding during orgasm have squishy stool and suffering from urinary tract infection worrisome what treatment should be done for erectile dysfunction what precaution should be taken for a sexual life looking information on intestinal spider parasites is tuberculosis a contagious disease have swollen painful and hardened nose suggest some medicine what should i do for weight loss missing periods after how long should i take pregnancy test took mifegest will there be any problem in conceiving fell down noticed bruise and swelling what should be done how to get relief from headache what can i do when acid reflux burns my tongue what are the risks of having hiv after unprotected intercourse do eyebrows grow back after stitches diagnosed with pcod is it safe to take shatavari have slightly swollen and tingling calf should i be concerned have mole that changes its colour could it be cancerous suffering from hearing loss what cure should be done why am i experiencing lightheadedness before a bowel movement having movable pain in stomach whats wrong have a bladder infection with proteous mirabilis suggest some remedy can zoryl m3 be the alternate for zoryl 3 mg have intense pain foot what medicine should i take took 100mg of diphenhydramine and nyquil what are the complications 87 years old having rectal bleeding looking for cure on metformin 1000 mg for diabetes what should i do have blood sprinkling when having gas problem any remedy getting wobbly feeling in eyes looking for cure why my belly button skin is splitting and is red getting high temperature in day time what should i do diagnosed with anxiety disorders what is the cause foreskin of penis is tight should i go for circumcision what is causing the feeling of cold with poor circulation facing breathing problem what is the cause and treatment required testosterone level is of 42 nmoll what does this mean getting pain around toe how to get relief can i use ultrasound jelly as lubricant for anal intercourse why does the labia stings when peeing is 206 heart beats per minute high is it safe to take androanagen as testosterone replacement tablet have intestinal infection will it be safe to take darolac why am i getting headache in the evening taking aspirin why does vein behind hand hurts to touch red dot appears on arm after scratching is this serious which is better medicine for sinuses ceftin or zpak tested for std and tpha showed positive what is wrong toddler having fever using acetaminophen worrisome started homoeopathy medicines for hair fall suggest some permanent solution does frequent sperm ejaculation of men reduce the sperm effectiveness suggest some medicine for pimples and acne on face getting blood after insertion of mirena normal 19 years old what is causing dark circles under eyes experiencing sharp pain in arm ekg normal concerned 29 weeks pregnant how to increase haemoglobin level suffering from vertigo what precaution should be taken dilation and curettage done does it affect fertility suffering from urinary problems how to over come this situation noticed blurred vision after tissue massage what is going on advise some medicine to reduce weight i am smoker will it be safe to take livolin how to treat stains causing due to hemorrhoids suffering from anxiety how to get relief from this problem what is causing white stool colour noticed shaky hands and fingers how to cure this problem is pruritis completely curable how long should i continue medicine can i take half of the lisinopril-hctz 20-25 mg tablet diagnosed with thelessimia suggest some natural products to get cured does eating sabudana helps to gain weight missing periods and started spotting could i be pregnant what treatment should be taken for adhd why am i getting mild brownish spotting without abdominal pain what does left ovarian follicle mean suffering from anal fissure what treatment should be done any exercise for weight gain treatment for erectile dysfunction i slouch all the time how to improve posture how to remove black spot on face due to pimples what should be done for psychological issues or personality problem how can i control worry thoughts what is the treatment protocol for a herniated disc is it safe to travel at 2 month pregnancy diagnosed with pnet-ewings sarcoma what is the best treatment available taking blood pressure medication suffering from erectile dysfunction required treatment having persistent headache how to get relief baby suffering from constipation what diet should be given diagnosed with hydrothorax what could be the cause suffering from uti on antibiotic and ofloxacin looking for advice getting pain in throat and tongue looking for relief noticed sand like particles in ejaculate what are the complications can weed affect treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhoea suffering from speech disturbance are these symptoms of aphasia suffering from high cholesterol and heart palpitation worrisome what could be the cause of dark semen 6 week child having gray stool should i be concerned why am i feeling sore throat how to get relief why am i getting pricking sensation all over the body will it be safe to take carbo cycleing diet can i lose weight by stimulating my thyroid on thumb what is the normal range for endometrial thickness what is the reason for itching in groin area what treatment and cure should i do for hair fall what does remote and superimposed mean slipped on back eye started looking bloody is this serious why am i having pain in waist and back why am i getting white spots on face have red patches on scalp is there any permanent cure why am i getting headache and pain in eye can i take duromine and fluvoxamine together noticed movable lump above collar bone concerned suffering from haemorrhoids suggest some permanent cure what treatment should be done for lower back pain raw feeling inside lips what this could be how to calculate ovulation date with longer periods is there any side effects of vaporized cannabis can we use solving cold af instead of sinarest af can primolut 10mg cause spotting knee started hurting suddenly what could be causing this why am i feeling hot on forehead and sweating does a creatanine level of 65 needs dialysis child suffering from dengue fever what treatment should be done what could be the cause of bleeding in early pregnancy can i take horseback riding lessons after hip replacement how to get rid of cut marks on hand can i give cow milk to a 3 month baby how to treat hard black pimples suggest some cold medicine for a child does novolexin 500mg pill help in uti advice some diet plans to reduce weight pregnant urine analysis showed trace of albumin is it normal missing periods after delivery started spotting what could this be noticed bumps in pubic area how to get relief have ecoli infection in urine what is the required treatment can i use hhsone lotion on daily basis having itchy vaginal discharge what could be causing this suffering from recurring diarrhoea what treatment should be done effect of methadone in pregnancy missed periods after tubal ligation what should i do urine analysis done what does the values suggest what should i do for fluctuating blood pressure getting severe pain in leg during periods what is wrong 98 years old developed loose bowel movement suggest some medication what is the dangly thing underneath my tongue is keratin hair treatment bad for hair health is it normal to take melatonin for a longer period what is the cheesy substance producing inside mouth is drinking apple cider vinegar daily good for health constipated and noticed blood have i caused gastrointestinal perforation is it safe to take glugophage 850 before meals why do i feel like rotating while moving head feeling constipated after rhinoplastic surgery what should i do accidentally took evion 200mg is there any risks what are the risks in plastic surgery suffering from severe diarrhoea what treatment should be done what treatment should be done for 21 av block had unprotected sex missing periods pregnancy test negative worrisome have itchy and painful anus what could it be noticed fluctuating high blood pressure should i be concerned is it safe to take zincovit in pregnancy 19 years old how to gain weight should i be concerned with hiv infection after unprotected intercourse feeling tired chills and sweating on klonipin any suggestions suffering from constipation what should i do suffering from severe back pain how to get relief how to get relief from ankle and knee pain have extremely dark circles all around eyes suggest some remedy suggest some medication for white discharge with itching need a medication to improve digestion and boost metabolism does vyvanse interfere or increase hormone levels in women diagnosed with schizophrenic stopped medication due to erectile dysfunction worrisome noticed one tonsil slightly larger than the other concerned have enlarged tonsils feeling dizzy should i consult a doctor constipated colonoscopy and endoscopy done what is the problem toddler has bronchiolitis and not drinking milk any advice have large cyst on abdominal wall what could it be child is vomiting what dosage of ordem should be given have itchy purple lump below knee how to cure this where can i buy hcg ultra drops in dubai pregnant noticed blood in stool what are the complications can penicillin vk 250mg tablets treat chlamydia is 2mg per day of alprazolam tablet lethal what is the dosage of stamlo 5 mg medicine what is cardiac embolism how to prevent this is resting heart rate of 120 bpm dangerous what is the treatment for chronic incisive papilla is it harmful to smoke half a cigar a day diagnosed with distal deffuse disease can i have whisky noticed stringy white stuff after urination what is this suggest some cream for oily skin experiencing brown discharge what is causing this sinus patient getting dry cough any solution for this problem feeling shaky and racing heart after anethesia what to do noticing blood after urinating and wiping what is the problem what medication can i take for headache with cipralex antidepressant why am i having abdominal pain semen analysis done what does the value specify getting frequent urination after dinner what medicine should i take stool test done what does the reports mean is there any treatment for white spots what should i do to increase penis size had tubal ligation missing periods could i be pregnant what should i do to remove mascara particles from eye looking for a diet plan when should we start the clomiphene citrate suffering from migraine suggest some exercise and diet had unprotected sex implanted embryo now pregnant parental identity noticed a bulging pulse point on wrist what to do how to get rid of long hair in penis noticed faint line on pregnancy test kit am i pregnant does sinus cause lump on the roof of mouth noticed redness and thickness inside of penis foreskin worrisome found a bruise on stomach what could it be can a pregnant woman use oflomac 200 mg suggest some preponing or postponing tablet without any side effects can lisinopril combined with hctz cause scalp itchiness what are the strengths and weakness of the bipolar disorders having headache and took advil any proper cure suffering from shaky hands could it be a parkinsons disease looking for 24 hr blood pressure monitor noticed flesh growth from vagina what could be this diagnosed with manic depression should i consult a psychiatrist what is causing white hair appearance all over body chances of getting character from a surrogate mother what are the effect of low dose testosterone on eye why do i smell and taste blood while blowing nose 80 years old why my testicles is getting soft does the papaya juice helps in dengue fever missed periods pregnancy test negative could i be pregnant have a 25 ejection refraction can medication increase it used mtpill kit to terminate pregnancy looking for suggestions what diet should be given after c section getting pressure on abdomen while bending what this could be noticed numbness in toe could this be related to panhypopituitarism does a low haemoglobin count impact ekg results diabetic why have i developed dent on top of skull used expired tobradex for eye infection what are the risks have swollen lump inside armpit what could this be found a lump between anus and testicle worrisome how to avoid mental depression does this stretching thing works at the age of 45 should i take amlongmt for high blood pressure using flucort for dark patch on forehead suggest alternate medicine ct scan showed haze on upper lungs any suggestions is there a medical way to break the hymen any remedy for dark circles puffed eyes and dark complexion is it normal to have swollen foot after child birth is it safe to take dart for headache having severe stabbing pain in buttocks how to get relief why am i feeling weak and have stomach bloating having twitching above ear looking for cure having abdominal pain ultrasound showed hypoechoic lesion chances of hemangioma have small moveable nodule on collar bone any thoughts how to treat a chemical burn on vulva should i be concerned about lump on back what should i do to lower the cholesterol level noticed purplish lumps on inner thighs what could it be suffering from erectile dysfunction what treatment is required diagnose with andro genetic alopicia which specialist should i consult does cannabis show up on a full blood count what are the effect of emf on a child health diagnosed with seizures experiencing leg pain suggest some medication having sinus problem lump on nose related suffering from premature ejaculation what treatment should be done is it safe to travel in pregnancy taking warfrin can i take any sea sickness tablets suffering from genital herpes suggest some permanent cure having flu like symptoms with costo chondryitus is this normal which specialist should i contact for skin rash and itching suffering from pre-asthmatic condition what treatment should be done best doctor and hospital for knee replacement surgery noticed lump behind nipple should i consult a doctor how to remove chicken pox scars in short time what are the chances of contracting hiv without penetration why my palm colour is getting dark what is the cause of the recurring sore throat getting white discharge from penis what could be this what causes leg pain with a kidney infection going to gym and started losing weight any suggestions found bump on anal hole what could it be having lower back pain what medication should be done how to get relief from back ache what should be done to remove excess hair from body what is the treatment available for linear scheloderma test question please do not answer suffering from mental disturbance how to get relief suffering from erectile dysfunction how to get rid of it having varicos on leg looking for treatment what is the cause of muscle spams given laxative fluid by the anus for constipation any suggestion noticed little redish white vaginal discharge what is wrong how to find the ovulation date after periods is pancreas cancer a contagious disease suggest medication to quit alcohol and for gastro acidic reflux having clear snot stuff come from anus any reason suffering from allergy have runny nose any proper medication how to make my baby to leave breastfeeding does the life expectancy increases after chemotherapy noticed heart rate around around 50 is there any problem suggest some medication to cure skin abrasion and darkening suffering from erectile dysfunction what should i do swimmer and having ear ache looking for suggestion what can cause a pulsating pain in rectum having hole in ear drum what precaution should i take which tablet should i take to postpone periods suggest a suitable diet to reduce weight can thyrotrophin pmg cause diarrhea does nicotine prolong the excretion of cannabis in urine 13 years old diagnosed with adhd aspergers and bipolar worrisome are cmv and thyroid nodules related should i be concerned about pulsating spleen having severe pan n stomach and rib cage any treatment how much quantity of whisky is good for heart suffering with leg water retention suggest some home treatment chances of getting hiv after oral sex having dry mouth after gallbladder removal can i take oxycodine what are the side effects of xtin plus medicine missing periods pregnancy test positive which specialist should i consult what are the side effects of finasteride tablet have red tongue tip and burning scalp any treatment why do my lips feel sticky had unprotected sex missing periods chances of getting pregnant suggest some exercise and diet plan to reduce weight having frequent bowel movements could it be ibs or crohns why am i suffering from premature ejaculation why am i hearing pulsating sound while changing eye direction having slight pain in ear after cleaning suggest some remedy taking benadryl for itchy skin should i consult a doctor having unbearable pain in natal cleft region what to do what is the treatment of red scrotum syndrome feeling lump in vein any ideas what it could be is there a possibility of getting hiv through orovaginal sex i am having tooth cavity what should i do have white patches on scrotum and penis any treatment have shiny scaly sensitive and tight skin worrisome free triiodothyronine says 336 is it risky pregnant ultrasound done is the report normal have shivering hands and head looking for medicine and remedy alcoholic stated feeling twitchy after drinking what should i do what could be the cause for sore and smelly scrotum what are the chances of std after protected sex can durmine and cymbalta be taken together pregnant feeling dizzy is this normal with gestational diabetes taking pain killer for back pain suggest some effective medication have mild vertigo ear hurts and feels heavy any suggestions accidentally pricked thumb after vaccination should i be worried started spotting after periods can i douche now missing periods after child birth what could be causing this have high blood pressure tips to control bp what is a hyperechoic lesion what should i do for penile enlargement noticed warts on scrotum how to get rid of it suffering from erectile dysfunction what treatment should be done having runny and hairy nose whats wrong have serum cholesterol of 332 mgdl suggest some medication having vomiting tendency after taking food how to get relief had intercourse during ovulation period missing periods chances of pregnancy pregnant can sneezing cause a brown mucus discharge child keeps gasping for breath what is the problem having bad cramps and abnormal bleeding what is causing this noticed inflamed and burning labia how to get cured developed breathing problem after delivery how to solve this problem not able to sleep properly suggest some medication tip of tongue gets numb after brushing what to do can heart murmur be developed with excessive exercise child having tight squeezing in leg any cure is it possible to control bp without medication what is the difference between meningitis and encephalitis why do i have burning feeling during intercourse why do i feel funny in legs after drinking alcohol 30 years old and having shaky hands any advice trying to increase weight what should i do have recurring indigestion and noticed lump at anus any solution having clod what treatment should be done how to reduce sgpt cholesterol hdl ldl and sgot levels diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis how to treat this problem why am i having severe itching on the butt area can being on the nexplanon implant effect a pregnancy result took asprin for wrist pain is this pain heart related have black spots spreading on nose suggest some medication is there are any drug interactions between slimquick and yaz treatment for a sexually unfit person how to handle a depressed person have recurring painful lump on neck any permanent cure noticed round patch in middle of my neck any solutions pregnant what diet should be taken suffering from hair fall and dandruff suggest some effective medicine suggest some effective whitening cream or fairness cream got hit on coccyx started bleeding and having pain worrisome why am i getting pin prick sensation periodically what could be the cause of vaginal itching diagnosed with grade 2 prostatomegaly what treatment is required can ibs cause elevated cea level took deviry after intercourse missing periods any advice can i use trisprintec birth control pills as emergency contraception how to make a teen boy to stop masturbating suffering from alopecia what treatment should be done what could be causing chest pains during a hike can vytorin 1020 cause a slight elevation in blood pressure partner had turp surgery can i still get pregnant naturally suffering from cancer suggest some proper treatment how effective is taking lymecycline and dianette together is there any medication to suppress sex drive chest x-ray showed broncho-vascular markings of lungs any advice does keraglo men cause erectile dysfunction should i take medicine for blood pressure 111 over 44 having acidity problem how to get rid of this problem having bp of 9640 after drinking is this normal gaining weight and have strong urine odor any suggestion having sinus problem is there any remedy in homoeopathy is it possible to enlarged penis without any sides effect taking champix safe for wife to conceive should i be worried about bloody discharge between periods what are the side effects of pause 500 found red chunk in semen should i be worried is atrial fibrillation related to radiotherapy and lumpectomy have swollen lymph node how to get rid of this developed itching on genitals what to get cured is alpha radiation dangerous for a child health what symptoms does a vitamin b deficiency cause noticed bumps on head is there any risks suffering from skin rashes could it be urticaria why am i getting tingling sensation in legs are dengue and malaria fatal for babies have smalls bumps on vagina and burns during urination concerned why do i feel tightness while fingering the vagina have dark spots inside vagina should i be worried have severe bacterial vaginosis what treatment is required can polyfix ointment be used for a burnt skin is abdomen massages beneficial while trying for pregnancy felt shaky and fast heart beat what is going on having lower abdomen hernia what should i do smoker getting throbbing sensation on chest should i be concerned suffering from dhat syndrome looking for proper diagnosis started vomiting and loose motion what treatment should be done have inguinal lump and fever what to do why do i get burning sensation in penis after intercourse got sudden and transient lightheadedness any suggestions why am i getting sticky urine suffering from sleep paralysis what treatment should be done detected small kidney which is not functioning properly good nephrologist suffering from premature ejaculationwhat medication should be done is it normal to have scar due to leukemia accidentally swallowed a seroflow rotacap what are the risks having bubbly sounds in stomach and feeling discomfort any advice which type of yoga is best for weight reduction suffering from constipation suggest home remedy to cure permanently suggest some dietary plans to reduce body fat noticed pus coming out of eye what should be done 9 months baby not crawling is it normal have painless hard lump on ankle should i be worried have small testicles should i be concerned diagnosed with ocd is it safe to take anti depressants have red and swollen mons pubis worried about psoriasis have left ventricular hypertrophy experiencing severe breathlessness is this dangerous blood test showed high cholesterol any advice what happens if overdose of panadol and citrizin is taken what are the side effects of taking mtp kit suffering from bad breath should i consult a gastrenterologist suffering from retrograde ejaculation what treatment should be done suggest effective medicine for red eye what medicine should i take for foot pain what are the chances of conceiving after injecting fertegyn 5000 testis burns after urination urine test done looking for suggestion getting black spots in vision what treatment should be done why have i started spotting after delivery if jjwe ausitn goes my heart would u do having excessive gagging what treatment should be done why am i experiencing a musty smell looking for remedy felt swollen and tender scalp could it be malignant tumor have little redness around pubic hair what should be done noticed growth on vagina what could be causing this took benadryl for itching and chest pressure any advice have popping pimple on neck what treatment should be done have weird foot problem any treatment have lost height in slipped disc now test question please do not answer this question have had itchy bumps near anus suggest some effective cream can costochrondritis cause elevated white blood cell count what is causing rumbling noise in stomach after eating how to reduce body fat without losing weight 65 years old suffering from cold any advise suffering with chest pains what treatment should be done why am i getting severe itching on palm and feet suggest a good toothpaste for bleeding teeth can taking i-pill damage ovary why am i feeling heavy headed and uncomfortable while breathing is there any natural treatment for penis enlargement suffering through sleepless nights what treatment is required is it safe to take hajmola in pregnancy have acne on face what treatment should be done started itching after shaving pubic hair should i be concerned noticed itchy pink tissue on the inside of vagina worrisome what medicine should i take for asthma what should i do to get fat having cramps frequent urination bloating and started spotting any ideas getting clear liquid anal discharge what is going on no periods after using mtp kit what should i do have pleural-pericarditis how long should i take motrin plus colchicine having chest pain with caffeine use any advice smoker noticed dots on bottom lips could it be vitiligo have thyroid and gastritis diet plan to reduce weight how long does pernicious anemia takes to get cured have swollen lymph node in groin area concerned why am i getting bad odour in armpit having severe pain in shoulder joint is it spondylitis pregnant what are the risks of doing amniocentesis procedure noticed yellow stools what could be the cause how to get rid of foul smell during period is it safe to have intercourse during periods list of anit-oxidants that do not thin the blood experiencing diarrhea after swallowing sperm what could be causing this how to get relief from pain and swelling in leg can extreme depression cause headache can i use calcirol sachets for infant how to get rid of painful mole 9 month old suffering from vomiting what is causing this suffering from hcv hepatitis c genotype 3a looking for remedy does electromagnetic radiation cause cancer or any other disease how to reduce weight developed lump on labia minora is it a cyst what are the signs and symptoms of spondylosis suffering from hair fall what treatment should be done diagnosed with parotid tumor and having severe pain any thoughts developed spots and itching on penis head what is this why am i getting fever after total hysterectomy why do i feel pain and discomfort after drinking alcohol suffered a severe tbi what does bottoming out mean on medication for adhd can vyvanse cause a peptic ulcer how long does a broken finger take to heal have hirsutism irregular periods and hypothyroidism is it curable suggest some exercise for back pain and weight loss why am i getting random bruises all over body have painful lump on stomach should i be worried have tiny pimples all over body any ideas why does my back of head hurts when i laugh why do i feel light headed and shaky after bending recurring uti taking alprim is the medicine correct why i am having pain in the ankles suffering from cough what treatment should be done planning for hair transplant any advice suggest some exercise for back pain and knee pain is it safe to use otrivin for bleeding nose suffering from throat infection what medication should be done noticed small red blotches within pubic hair worrisome pregnant is it necessary to go for tiffa scan have less beard and moustache growth is there any treatment have bumps on penis and noticed yellow urine required treatment cricoid cartilage hurts to touch should i be concerned pregnant have slightly elevated homocysteine levels on medicine any complication taking refemrin started spotting between periods what is causing this constant burping with skipped heartbeat what to do taking cipralex is it safe to get pregnant missing periods what medication should be taken noticed bend in penis what is causing this and cure testing website function please do not answer it used fluorescein eye strip for eye exam is it dangerous is it dangerous to get 409 beach in the eye can prostate be checked with colonoscopy ggt test showed 103 ul what does this mean have detached retina in eye what treatment should be done diagnosed with moderate sensorineural hearing loss will it be cured why am i feeling lump while swallowing got scratch by pet cat should i take rabipur injection had unprotected intercourse missing periods what medicine should be taken unable to breath after drinking carbonated beverage any suggestion test showed low cholesterol level should i be worried suffering from chest pain what are the risks suffering from stomach aches headaches diarrhea and vomiting any treatment feeling discomfort and ecg showed rbbb any suggestion noticed mucus around anus while wiping should i be concerned getting frequent gas problem how to get rid of it i have mitral valve prolapse can i take levitra can pradaxa and cashew nuts cause allergic vasculitis why am i getting long periods having throat pain and hurts to swallow what is wrong why am i having interrupted breathing advice some medicine for hair fall how to get rid of blisters on forearm noticed faint line on pregnancy kit could i be pregnant can consuming alcohol cause spinal stenosis why am i getting needle like pain after gallbladder surgery why am i feeling dizzy while laying down on side 15 days old passing frequent stools is this normal sore penis after intercourse whats wrong child having fever and vomiting is it safe to travel taking epilem started getting memory problem is it reversible have chronic back pain suggest some medication suggest a good diet plan facing acidity problem how to get rid of this feeling bloated and have gas problem what should be done how to improve whitening of teeth and breath smell vomiting sensation during first day of periods suggest effective medication suffering from hair fall suggest home remedy is it safe to fly while having plantar calcaneal fracture suffering from erectile dysfunction advice some effective cure safety of binaural beat technology are they safe to use have recurring bruise on arm any cure suffering from chronic dysentery what medication should be done root canal done developed tooth abscess how to get cured diagnosed with high red blood cell counts any home remedy how to reduce weight in 45 days why am i experiencing electric shock pain below armpit suffering from mood swings is this a sign of menopause are the cells in kartageners syndrome similar to cilia syndrome contracted herpes simplex type 2 what treatment should be done contracted herpes simplex type 2 is there a permanent cure experiencing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation looking for remedy post menopause noticed light brown urine what is going on noticed dark lines under finger nails what is causing this is it safe to take ecosprin 75 in pregnancy got hit on groin area should i be worried can primolut n affect the baby in pregnancy is portable ekg safe for 15 years old why am i getting headache smell and taste urine 22 years old how can i increase my weight started feeling pain and irritation in eye any thoughts suffering from constipation what medicine should i take why do i get short memory loss after intense masturbation where should i go for eye and migraine test having pain and sores in mouth suggest a remedy can coughing interfere with the thymus have microcytic anemia do i need blood transfusion why do i get cuts on hands after washing dishes suffering from hair loss problem any remedy suffering from stabbing chest pain what is causing this took expired anadin and cafeine capsule what are the risks have swollen eyelid after mosquito bite what to do missing periods what should i do to get periods suffering in hypertension what treatment should be done what causes dizziness after gall bladder surgery using neutrogena sunblock on face for pigmentation problem any suggestion chances of contracting hiv from vaginal fluid ecg showed right-precordial repolarization disturbance what are the risks how to diagnose sexual aversion disorder took misoprostol 200mcg not getting periods what should i do fnac test showed colloid goiter looking for advice what should i do to reduce tummy and waist size is there a link between soft drinks and joint pain have had typhoid having uti are they related smoked weed missing periods pregnancy test negative any suggestion have bilateral apical pleural thickening what does this mean felt rapid heartbeat for few second should i be worried noticed lump on shoulder what could it be why am i having swollen tonsils without pain have twitching eye can it lead to a stroke have raised and itchy rashes looking for cure experiencing pain in toe and abdomen any advice have small painless lump above jaw worrisome noticed burst vein in leg what treatment should be done diet plan for 2 months old noticed bubbly urine is it stress related this is a test please do not answer what are the chances of getting pregnant from a handjob what are the symptoms and cure of hepatitis diagnosed with gastritis is it safe to take franxit have osteoporosis what treatment should be done recovery time pregnant had food cooked with cologne side effects on fetus experiencing hair fall how to get rid of this problem took emergency contraception will it cause any problem in conceiving have pterygium nail what cure and medication should be done why do i feel itchy inside cheeks after taking mdma noticed black spots on penis what could be causing this feeling sore in anus after enema is this normal had unprotected sex should i take plan b why am i getting prickling sensation in throat diagnosed with polycystic ovaries treatment and diet having pain near collar bone how to get relief which specialist should i consult for back pain suffering from parkinsons disease how to get cured have bleeding gums while brushing what should i do is diabetes a hereditary disease suffering from severe hair fall suggest some solution is it safe to take fast food during pregnancy suffering from severe leg pain what medicine should i take missing periods pregnancy test negative any chances of pregnancy what precaution should be taken to avoid dengue suffering from acne looking for effective treatment can atenolol 50mg and hctz 25mg cause thinning of hair child has high eosophinil count what could be causing this on thyroid medication got severe headache what should be done how to get rid of smoking addiction risks of std hepatitis or hiv after sucking breast how to get rid of body moles why am i having panic attacks at night any ideas using nuvaring how to avoid queefing suffering from constipation could it be hemorrhoids pregnant blood test showed 101 what are the risks have bumps on labia majora what is this and cure have sprain in neck suggest some effective medicine have bilirumin level 72 how to control this level pregnant is it safe to take macgest 100 started gaining weight and have gastric problem suggest some medication taking rexipra for panic disorder need a better treatment 5 months pregnant and breast feeding can i continue is pharyngitis and sinusitis a contagious disease took senokot and feeling constipated any advice have painful red circular spots on inner thighs any suggestion child feeling congested what cure and medication should be done missed period even after taking lavonelle chances of pregnancy is sexual aversion disorder a type of phobia noticed red spots inside lower lips should i be worried what is normal size of penis in erect position why am i feeling difficulty while swallowing have clear red stringy discharge what does it mean feels like something stuck in anus how to get relief have frequent bowl movements with stomach cramps any solutions noticed bleeding during intercourse and have dermatographic urticaria ovarian cancer what are the reasons for the falling hgb level 18 month old not interested in solid food any suggestion is it normal for testicles to change position have a freckle on penis shaft should i be worried what are the treatment options for stage 4 cancer why am i getting clay colored stool took oxy ellite pro missing periods what is causing this concerned about inequality in socio economic status and nature why am i getting clear oily discharge from breast treatment for mood syndrome psychosis and risk assessment for suicide child having lumps on head any cure why am i spotting after my period and feeling dizzy developed slight tremor in thigh what to do missing periods even after taking meprate 10mg am i pregnant what treatment should be done for zygomatic fractures how to get rid of warts on the neck developed boils on inner thigh should i consult a dermatologist getting sensation of noise in ears could it be tinnitus what foods should i eat to increase semen flow not circumcised have red vein on penis not itchy reason taking proactiv getting acne problem how to prevent this noticed watery stuff coming from 3 years old vagina worrisome noticed blood clots after peeing should i be worried have movable lump under armpit what could it be how to get a big and strong penis can uterus fibroids be removed through lsh how to cure semen leakage and frequent urination suffering from back pain suggest some medication have unwanted hairs on face suggest some home remedies suggest some exercises for abdominal fat reduction feeling uneasy and drowsy got normal uti report any cure suffering from stomach pain and diarrhea what am i suffering suffering from loose stool and low grade fever any treatment getting sharp pain in ear cause and cure have headaches nausea and pain in both arms any cure have headache feeling pulsating sensation and dizzy looking for cure noticed white discoloration on roof of mouth is this normal urine analysis showed rbc 135u what are the complication noticed small black worm after urination concerned child passing hard stool and frequent urination cause and cure have cough started diarrhea after taking antibiotics is this normal what should i do to get relief from itchy vagina noticed erectile dysfunction what cure should be done noticed pink discharge and feeling cramps after periods whats wrong feeling rapid heart rate should i be concerned noticed red and blotchy rash around vagina what to do mri showed osteochondral lesion of the talus surgery required why am i getting sharp pain in scrotum while standing noticed blood in urine should i consult a doctor can a peripherally inserted central catheters line cause a stroke have erectile dysfunction problem what treatment is required 2 month old having constipation problem what should i do have itching and burning sensation in eye any cure suffering from ibs abdominal pain and frequent urination proper medication noticed bump on bottom of thumb could it be warts had hysteroscopy having postmenopausal bleeding what does scanty biopsy mean pregnant prescribed susten 200 how should i use it noticed absence of ejaculation after masturbating feeling uncomfortable whats wrong why am i having pain in lower chest clitoris hurts to touch will it be cured by surgery diagnosed with anisometropia of amblyopia what treatment should be done what does the prolonged liquefaction time of the semen mean suffering from mild stomach pain and bloating looking for cure feeling pain in back while breathing looking for proper diagnosis what are the chances of pregnancy after protected intercourse how to get relief from severe tooth pain noticed small blood blisters inside cheek how to get relief experiencing clear vaginal discharge after full hysterectomy is this normal veins under tongue started hurting any common reasons took two dolo 650 will it cause any harm what precaution should i take to avoid pregnancy what does rubella igg test in grey zone mean test showed high lymphocyte count what treatment should be done what treatment should be done for sinus headache have had swollen taste buds and acid reflux any suggestion what is causing non specific lung opacities in paracardiac region want second opinion on colonoscopy report and ct scan report can sucking breast cause any std pregnant test showed tsh level 31 should i be concerned have sore and red gums is this serious feeling thirsty and started breathing faster what is causing this have stomach bug and experienced irregular heartbeat worrisome is there any link between osteoporosis hypermobility and pmdd 1 years old having frequent urination should i be concerned 21 years old keep fainting should i consult a doctor suffering from erectile dysfunction after prostate removal any solution have painful swollen bump near anus what could this be tobacco user getting pain in chin how to get relief what does mild restrictive ventilatory defect mean felt lump on arm and having severe pain any cure 5 years old is becoming lethargic what is the reason why am i feeling pain inside ear noticed blood after bowel movement what is going on have painful cyst in labia majora what is causing this can a pregnant woman have raised esr level what is the diagnosis of bipolar disorder have wheezing problem not cured by medicine any remedy noticed blood in bowel movement what should i do feeling weird and getting bad thoughts whats wrong found blood trace in urine what to do found large red spot on calf what could it be got the echo report suggest treatment depend upon this noticed blood in the saliva what could be the reason quit alcohol getting trembling hands is there any cure why am i getting pain in palm while having uti getting headache have leaky valves and low bp worrisome have sharp shooting pain in coccyx how to treat it having symptoms of menopause noticed pink watery discharge worrrisome any treatment for vomiting diarrhea and sever abdominal pain having headache and have normal to low bp any suggestion why do i feel lonely while doing yoga anemic suffering from indigestion diarrhea and shivering hand effective medicine started itching under arm how to get relief have painful red lump above tailbone any solution large purple bruise appeared on stomach any cure having pain in shoulder and arm could it be bursitis 95 years old suffering from terrible cough natural remedy can gout cause discomfort under right side rib cage why do i have puffy penis what are the side effects of eating expired soup lump on collarbone near the shoulder its paining cure male want to have sexual contact with guy reason hit the front of head now having headache normal have multiple lump throughout my body is it lymphoma lump throughout the body symptom of lymphoma have dark circles below eyes suggest some cream or medicine have sinusitis noticed blood streak in phlegm any effective cure what is the diagnosis of aggressive behavior disorder what supplement should i take to increase my height what is the pattern of secretion of adrenal androgens is chronic hep b curable safe to drink alcohol suffering from palpitations problems on medicines how to get cured is evion capsules safe for skin accidentally swallowed tiny plastic what are the risks how to get relief from acute head ache having facial twitching should i be worried feeling facial twitching what could be causing this have sensitive penis how to get relief from erectile dysfunction what is the causes for excessive and salty sputum found painless tiny lump in mouth concerned for mouth cancer does bismuth subsalicylate cause any increase in ggt levels felt a lump on breast worrisome facing hair fall problem what should i do does unprotected intercourse cause hormonal imbalance blood pressure 14070 should i be concerned how can i strengthen my cardiac sphincter can you contract als from a tetnus shot is exercise a cause for pilonidal cyst pregnant no heartbeat seen in scan am i miscarrying fell down have breathing difficulty without bowel movement any suggestion why am i getting pain while having sex why am i getting postive pregnancy test after an abortion have thickened womb lining looking for suggestion 63 years old is it safe to take mirtex 75mg suffering from migraine with dizziness took samatripan proper diagnosis child has loose motion with bruises on buttocks suggestion pregnant ultra sound scan showed monochorionic twins meaning burning sensation near neck what could be the reason experiencing prolonged menstrual periods what to do can penis be transplanted from one person to another mri showed scattered areas in the white matter meaning what should be done for sensitive penis tip took an oxicodone after a drink normal got hit on forehead and started pain suggest some cure developed lump below clitoris what could it be why am i feeling stressed and started loosing memory does masturbation affect sex life can spondylosis cause acid reflux or vice versa semen analysis showed poor motility any advice suffering from heart palpitations what treatment should be done how to get rid of excessive saliva during night treatment for internal fever headache and loose stool having difficulty in ejaculation after taking paxil side effect got a cut on head should i get stitches having dull pain in calf and shortness of breath reason painful hemorrhoids hurts while sitting or walking surgery needed tested for cholesteral hdl and ldl looking for suggestion premature child with loss of appetite suggestion notice red streaks of blood after bowel movement whats wrong having grinding sensation while turning neck what is the cause have depression and confilicts any help suffering from anal itching problem suggest effective cure is diagnostic system needed in psychiatry have high fever blood test done could it be typhoid suffering from gas problem suggest medicine to get cure diet plan to increase weight blood test normal except wbc should i consult a specialist noticed brown stringy odorless discharge after periods hpt negative worrisome getting prolonged periods after using mtp kit worrisome have red spots on penis is uti sexually transmitted disease treatment for stress fracture in tibia ocd and dental problem suffering from back pain after delivery effect of pregnancy how to get rid of excessive saliva and burping child feeling hot while running and drinking water concerned what is causing the feeling of full bladder after urination why do my hands and thumb hurt while urinating abdominal pain with bloating had uti is it ibs should i be worried about swollen lymph nodes behind ear can stress cause a pink discharge after period taking tagrital for epilepsy getting headache what test is required what treatment should be done for snoring problem what is the best treatment for rosacea how long crestor remain in body have lump above ear and feeling lightheaded looking for suggestion is it possible to have friction burn on labia how should i use mifepristone 200mg noticed semen in urine how to cure this found growth on lips how to treat it how to treat a picked scab on scalp history of cold why am i experiencing headache painless lump appeared near hip pulled muscle or bursitis accidentally took 90ml of walgreens cough suppressant any risks why do i get urine feeling during intercourse suffering from epilepsy not cured by oxetol any suggestion how does prescribing xanax 2mgs look trying to conceive how to get rid of tubal ligation have food intolerance with breathing difficulty what should i do how to get rid of hair fall and oily scalp have swollen labia with a tiny white pimple any cure suffering from dysentery suggest some medicine proper treatment for refractory groin rash how to get rid of throbbing sensation in the vagina suggest medication for better milk production is masturbation a normal sexual act skin started getting dark any effective medicine breathing difficulty at night blood test done looking for suggestion why do i feel weak and tired after sex have keloids in chest how to overcome noticed black stuff while blowing nose what could it be does taking beta blockers affect the production of beta hcg on losepine for reflux feeling pulsing sensation under breast concerned have recurring red spot on tongue could this be cancer have fibroid and prolapsed uterus should i go for surgery diagnosed with bulky uterus and fibroid cause and cure suffering from tension headaches any complication took clomid got periods and started spitting chances of pregnancy what medicine should be taken for stomach pain have anxiety disorder and started sweating should i be concerned how to help an alcoholic stop drinking feeling giddiness have severe headache and body pain any treatment medicine for hot flashes and unbalanced homeostasis looking remedy for gastric distention induced by norpace is there any medicine to convert hair color to white does sleeping pills cause erectile dysfunction what are the side effects of eyes dehydration treatment how to get rid of severe shoulder pain why is ovulac prescribed is there any side effects can the pill cause stomach ache diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa safe to take neotigason