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Hello Doctor, From my latest Annual Health Checkup Report, with

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Posted on Mon, 28 Jan 2019 in Internal Doctor Category
Question: Hello Doctor,
From my latest Annual Health Checkup Report, with the below red flags.
HDL Chol est er ol
HDLcholesterol iscommonlycalled"good" cholesterol becauseit canaidintheremoval ofexcesscholesterolinbodytissuesandhelppreventtheaccumulationofLDL cholesterol inthearteries. Higher levelsof HDLcholesterol aredesirable.
Thisresult isassociatedwithalowriskof coronaryheart disease
Your Result : 38 mg/dL
Laboratory comments:

Aliver(hepatic)functionpanelisabloodtest tocheckhowwelltheliverisworking.Highorlow levelsmaymeanthat liverdamageordiseaseispresent.
YourRiskof havingaDiseaseassociatedwithyourLiveris: high Source: Quest DiagnosticsClinical ReferenceRanges

Aspart at e Aminot ransf erase (AST)
ALTandASTareenzymesproducedprimarilyintheliver,skeletalandheartmuscle.ALT ispresent intheliverinahigherconcentrationthanASTandismorespecificfor differentiatingliver injury frommuscledamage.
Your Result : 49 U/L Laboratory comments: METHOD: KINETICIFCC SAMPLETYPE: SERUM

ALT (Alanine Transaminase)
ALTisanenzyme, atypeof proteinthat promoteschemical reactions. ALTisfoundin theheart,kidneys,pancreas,andmuscleswiththehighest amountsintheliver. Accordingly, it ismost oftenusedasatest of liver function. Whentheliver isdamaged, ALTfromliver cells leaks intothebloodcirculation. IncreasesinALT areassociated withliver damageduetoinfections, suchasthecommontypesof viral hepatitis, and cirrhosiswheretheliver becomesscarred. ALTisusedtodetect thesideeffect of certaindrugsthat causeliver damage. ALTisofteninterpretedwithother testsof liver function.
Your Result : 46 U/L Laboratory comments: METHOD: IFCCWITHNAD SAMPLETYPE: SERUM

Bilirubin Total
Bilirubinisthemainpigmentinbileandamajorproductofnormalredcellbreakdown.It ishelpfulinevaluatingliverfunction,variousanemiasandinevaluatingjaundice, yellowingof theskin.
Your Result : 1.8 mg/dL Laboratory comments: METHOD: DIAZO SAMPLETYPE: SERUM

TheRDWistheredbloodcelldistributionwidth,reflectingthevariationinredbloodcell size. Forexample,aftermultiplebloodtransfusions,thereistypicallyincreasedvariation inredbloodcell sizeandhighRDWvalues. TheRDWisbest interpretedwiththeMCV.
ARDWabovethereferencerangecoupledwithalow MCVisconsistent withiron deficiency andbeta-thalassemia. Thecombinationof highRDWandMCVwithinthe referencerangeisconsistent withearlyiron,folate,orvitaminB12deficiencies,an unusual formof hemoglobinsuchassicklecell trait, or disturbancesinthebonemarrow whereredbloodcellsareproduced. Finally,whenbothRDWandMCVareelevated,there maybedeficiencyof folateorvitaminB12,acoldagglutininorantibodiesthat destroy red blood cells.
Your Result : 16.0 %

Blood Pressure
Your value:134/84
Act i on Pl an
Highbloodpressureisoftencalledthesilent killerbecausemanypeoplehaveit foryearswithout recognizingthat theyareill.BasedonyourresultsfromtheBlueprint forWellnessyouhavebeen identifiedasbeingat riskforhighbloodpressure. Formanypeople,bloodpressurecanbecontrolledby loosingweight if youareoverweight andbecomingphysicallyactive. Therearealso,pharmaceutical methodsforcontrollinghighbloodpressure,it isimportant toworkcloselywithyourphysiciantobuilda plantocontrol your bloodpressure.
(Even though I eat healthy, exercise and manage stress my BP has been showing this since last year)
I want to know the significance of these readings and impact with remedies/solutions to bring this to normal.
p.s : I cannot find the link to attach reports here.

Thank you
Answered by Dr. Raju A.T 10 hours later
Brief Answer:
Attach a scan of the report

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for your query.

Please attach the report

Waiting for your response,
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