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2 1 1 day ago
I am 27weeks I have been diagnosed with a 7 mm stone in my right kidney the doctor has prescribed me Rowanix 2tablets before each meal and one sachet of Elijah twice daily before meal I just want to know is this safe to take during pregnancy and will it help the stone to come out thank you
2 1 Wed, 11 Oct 2017
I am 33yrs old my scanning report at gestational age of35.2 is: BPD coressponds to 32weeks of GA. HC corresponds to 32weeks of GA. AC corresponds to 33weeks ofGA. FL corresponds to 35.2weeks of GA. Please tell me is it normal ? Is there any abnormality in fetus growth or any dwn syndrom like...
2 1 Mon, 9 Oct 2017
Dear sir/mam I am a nursing mother( 84kg weight and ) 15days baby,may I take a tablet with following contents to beat Post delivery anemia?Elemental iron 100 mg Zinc bisglycinate 91.3mg Eqv to elemental zinc 27.5mg Folic acid IP 500mcg Adenosylcobalamine 500mcg Excipients qs????Thanks
2 1 Thu, 5 Oct 2017
I was in a MVA in 2000 and am on various medications. I am wanting to have a child. I currently take klonopin 0.5mg prn, Tordal 10mg prn, Clomipramine 25mg qhs, Propranolol ER 80mg qhs (using for PTSD not blood pressure issues), Demerol 50mg prn and Duragesic 25mcg qod. The pain Duragesic I can t...
2 1 Wed, 4 Oct 2017
Doctor, I am 7month pregnant.i am suffering from ringworm in the abdominal area for 2months... I use clotrimazole ointment in the beginning. But there wasn t any relief.. now it spread over the groin area and the buttox region.. then used candid gn and now use candiderma oinment... But there is...
2 1 Tue, 3 Oct 2017
Hi. Wondering if you can advise me. I have took norethisterone to induce a period 2 weeks ago (3 tablets daily for 7 days) finished course 8th Sept. I have found out last night that I am pregnant. Clearblue test states 3+ weeks. Will this affect my pregnancy is any way? Thanks
2 1 Tue, 3 Oct 2017
Hello Dr.,i have question related to my sister she has been missed her periods, we checked with dr. suggested by BHCG level at first on 25/02/17 is 226 and after repeated BHCG Count is 246. she actully feeling very week and suffering from some bleeding. Her Last LMP is 3rd Jan 17. Please suggest
2 1 Wed, 27 Sep 2017
Aching pain about 3/10 in/under/around right collar bone. Curios if it could be gas. I am 8 weeks pregnant, but have had no other s/s indicating ectopic pregnancy. No abdominal pain, no vaginal bleeding or cramps. Possibly gas or strain from new tension in abdomen?
2 1 Wed, 27 Sep 2017
dear doc, me & my(28years) wife had sex on December 24, 25, 26(protected).she had her period on January 16-22, a heavy one like regular(no sex in between as we work in different countries) . now in February, she is 13 days late. should we worry about her being pregnant or other health issues? we...
2 1 Wed, 20 Sep 2017
Hi, MY WIFE is 34 weeks pregnant, and suddenly last week the baby has come to breach position.. Would like to know if there is any remedy/way by which baby can come back to normal position head down side for normal delivery... Doctor also advice to take aminofit fo 7 days.. does it gonna help?...
2 1 Tue, 19 Sep 2017
20 years old was on depo/jab for 3 years been off it for 6 months and got my first period since being off depo on 1st july, lasted for a month and ended on 1st august just gone and now i have pinkish very sticky mucus discharge. can i start trying to concieve or not? thank you.
2 1 Tue, 19 Sep 2017
My daughter received a Tdap shot a week ago. She is pregnant. Her arm hurts so bad that she can t move it. She s in tears. She feels as though she s not being tough enough to handle it. But she s hurting badly. Is this normal? She received the shot way up by her shoulder and she is a thin person....
2 1 Fri, 15 Sep 2017
When will the follicle rupture after taking HUCOG 5000 injection? hello doctor, i took HUCOG 5000 IU on 29/08/17, my follicle size yesterday was 20 mm. I just want to know that how much time it takes for rupture after injection. and for how many days i have to get pregnant
2 1 Fri, 15 Sep 2017
Hi doctor... I am 28 years old and am 8 months pregnant.. today my doc told me that growth of fetus is not proper . My baby is very small and she also said that she may admit me if the condition doesn t improve... I wanna know about the risks of improper growth of my baby ..And wat treatment my...
2 1 Fri, 15 Sep 2017
Good night! I have a question: if I took a doxycycline 50 mg yesterday around 4pm, for how long will it stay in my system? I m also taking a birth control (every day, same time)and tonight I had sex with my husband and he came in. Any chances of pregnancy? Thank you!
2 1 Thu, 14 Sep 2017
Hi sir I m more then 5 weeks pregnant am suffering along with sickness I consulted doctor said 2 days to go check your pregnancy test just i was taken vartine 8 mg it will be effected or not sir vartine 8 mg taken with in half an hour I got period sir it will be effects are not please confirm...
2 1 Tue, 12 Sep 2017
Hi I m am 15 weeks pregnant . yesterday and the day before i was lifting heavy objects and today I ve been having a horrible pain feeling all over my stomach. I can t even move .now I m starting to have a migraine and nauseousness .is everything okay ? Or did i just pull s ligament.
2 1 Thu, 7 Sep 2017
I had oral sex with my girlfriend and ejaculated on her chest and rubbed it , we were wet as were under the Shower.i fingered her using the same hand . She washed it with soap water immediately after that .she had her periods 6 days ago and she has a normal cycle .is there a chance she can get...
2 1 Thu, 7 Sep 2017
My boyfriend ejaculated on his stomach while I was lying down next to him with my skirt down with no underwear on....I was lying on my side so my legs were closed. After he came he did not touch me at all and we got up and he went to clean himself up. Last to last month my periods started on 21st...
2 1 Thu, 7 Sep 2017
I had sex for the first time today with a condom, it did not break and he did not come inside me or near my vagina, I have a bad headache and stomach ache now. Since it was the first time I m freaking out about pregnancy, is there a chance I could be pregnant
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