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i had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery on may 2 i had kft recently where creatinine serum 2 42 uric i had laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair mesh implant sur i have 2 pee every 5 minutes in when i wipe its light pink i have a bad cough and now my necks hurts i have a blocked nose a ichy throat and a bad cough i have a bump on the bottom of my left thumb it is painful i have a burning and itching feeling on my arm i have a buzzing noise in my ear will it affect it when flying i have a cyst inside the scrotum sack what to do i have a dull minor ache below my right breast i have a hard knot after breast reduction i have a hard white pimple on my eyelid i have a large multi coloured bruise on my calf that i have a little hanging skin growth on my pelvic area i have a lot mucus in my stool and a pain in my rt back hip i have a lump on my ball sack its been there for about 8 or 10 months i have a reddish purple circular patch of extremely i have a sharp stabbing pain in my i have a sore bum a itchy virgina and a pain where my livre is i have a stomach virus with cramping and constipation in greensboro nc 09 i have a superficial lump near pelvic are i have a tingling feeling on my labia i have a very deep bruise on the back of my calf i went to i have a watery lump on my foot i have a white spot on my freckle i have a yellow string type substance in my stools i have am being treated for a sinus infection with amox tr k i have been farting everyday i have been taking dianette for pcos along with metformin i have boils between my legs that bleed alot i have brown marks from shaving my stomach i have bugs on my genital i have cramps in my chest when i bend down i have gallstones enlarged liver and enlarged spleen i have grade 2 fatty liver and elevated ggt do i need to a i have had a spot on my face for 3 months i have had my wbc count increased from 14 0 to 16 0 within 8 i have hypo thyroid low blood pressure and very high cholesterol i have patches of white scabs on scalp i have pin and needle sensation in bottom of foot after epidural i have severe itching in my groin area i have taken a laxative and now i am bleeding from rectum i have tender fluid filled cysts on my neck i have these sores near wisdom teeth and my throat sore i have to take a drugt test to be a correction officer what kind of drug test do they do i have tonsillitis and want to play basketball i have undergone colon reconstruction surgery 2 years back i have very bulky breasts and m suffering i havent smoked weed in a month drug test i heard a crack on my neck when i turn i hit my leg now i have a lump i keep fainting around 4 6 times a day im only out for ar i keep getting an instant headache when i use the computer i keep having nosebleeds and my mouth goes numb i keep having tightening in my upper chest bottom throat sa i m 5 0 and currently weigh 125 lbs i i m a 66 year old black man who exercises regularly with m i need help i am 5ft 2 ins and weigh 240 pounds any help on how to lose the weight i need to just postpone my period i need to know about dilated pulmonary artery i recently had my cholesterol checked my total was 297 but my hdl was 216 good or bad i slipped and hit the back of my head really hard ive slep i still wear diapers to bed at night i stopped breast feeding 9 months ago and have started lactating why i stopped drinking wine will my bilirubin levels decline i stretched my left leg and got this bad popping sensation d i take lisinopril and nasal spray i taste the sclerosing agent for varicose veins in my mouth i took 2 quick trim diet pill 1 stacker diet pill 1 ir i urinate a lot and it hurts i ve developed earlobe creases in both ears i ve been told i wake up with a headache and feeling tired i want chest hair grow medicine i was diagnosed with mild cardiomegaly i woke up this morning and my eyelid was sore i looked at i ibs and spotting ichthammol ointment and pregnancy if a couple has same blood group if thr is any prblm during pregnancy if cancer has spread to the liver and the spine is it treatable by chemotherapy if i have hormonal imbalance is it safe to take i pill if i sit in hot water will my stitches dissolve if i stop smoking weed will i gain weight if my blood sugar level is 278 is it good if puss cells in urine is 10 12 it means infection if someone smoked weed for the 1st time yesterday will it show up in a test next week if the area around a popped pimple becomes black if the common bile duct is blocked the skin will become if there are pimples on face due to waxing how to overcome it if tooth hurts from gingivitis push it out if u smoke marijuana in very early pregnancy will it show up in babys first stool sample if ur tongue turns black after throwing up if you eat 800 calories a day and jog for 40 min will you lose weight if you go outside with wet hair on a cold day will you get sick if you have been a heavy drinker for 8 years and have no symotoms and really cut back will your liver repair itself if your temperature is 96 do you have a fever at 98 ihave kidney stone about 11mm in size with mild pu obustruti ill stomach vomiting and loose motions im 10 weeks pregnant tonsils infection im 33 years old and always tired is that normal im 7 weeks pregnant and had a gush of water im a 28 year old male running a low grade fever with no symptoms of being sick im a diabetic and my anus is itching im a forty year old male but why do i hot flush im on the hcg diet and i noticed my urine smells im pregnant and my heels are numb im really thirsty all of a sudden pregnancy im sweating really bad and throwing up whats wrong with me im tired sneezing and short of breath imcops cholesterol drugs img younger amateurs thumbs 005 impetigo spread through saliva implanon and heart valve replacement implanon arm lump implanon cause urinating a lot implanon side effects pins and needles weak importance of milk of magnesia in the digestion process importance of sgot and sgpt in fever important things in 9th month of pregnancy impotence strap on in early stage of pregnancy fever and shivering is included in morning smelly diarrhea wind inclusive body myositis celiac incomplete rbbb causes stress anxiety increase in fever with exertion increased sgpt sgot sgpt during pregnancy incurable congenital birth defects indigestion a sign of ectopic pregnacy indigestion and unexplained bruising indigestion for 3 days indigestion spitting up blood infant constipation poop stuck infant lost voice infants lips dry and red infected blackhead in ear infected cyst on scrotal skin infected tonsils and tachycardia infected tooth marijuana infection hair sticky infection of pectoral muscle infections caused by clostridium butyricum inflammation in left ear found on mri inflammation of the membrane lining of the intestine and stomach inflammation pleural membrane ingrown toenail during pregnancy inguinal lymphadenitis reactive arthritis injecting drugs iv speed injuries caused by bad computer habits inner ear infection and change in altitude inner thigh bump pimple treatment inside of belly button is swollen and tender inside of mouth by lower gumhas a puss ball and inside of lip is swelling up inside of nose feels swollen insomnia and endometrial ablation insomnia with pounding heart while taking lisinopril instaflex arthritis medication instant canton side effects instant noodles pancreatitis insulin given to non diabetic insulin injection swelling insulin needle accident intercourse menogon injection treatment for ivf interferon essential thrombocythemia and skin rash intermittent mild ache chest internal defibrillator internal eye infection internal fever during pregnancy intestinal problems cause acne inverse psoriasis diaper rash irc to remove sentinel pile iron burn leg iron deficiency temple twitching iron supplement makes me dizzy iron tablets red face irregular bump on anus irregular heartbeat and dental cleanings is 115 blood sugar bad is 136 high for pregnant sugar level is 28 too young to have a heart attack is 38 a safe score for the ca27 29 test is 500 mg of epilim too much is 58 inch girth considered big is 67 too low for diastolic pressure is 73 pulse bad is 98 glucose ok is a colonoscopy safe if you have hyperthyroidism is a cyst on my adrenal gland serious is a heart murmur during pregnancy dangerous is a heart murmur in my 1 year old bad is a high pulse rate bad during pregnancy is a sore spine tail bone a hyperthyroid symptopm is a test result of 117 bad for a mono auto test is a total 235 cholesterol dangerous is a twinge in my left breast a sign of pregnancy is acne side effect of hcg diet is almond oil bad for stomach is an ldl of 106 bad is aspirin and duphaston good for pregnancy is bedwetting during pregnancy normal is belching bad for you is blood pressure 107 0ver 59 to low is brownish black specks on toilet paper after peeing a sign is bruising a symptom of toxic constipation is burping a natural reaction to a homeopathic remedy is cbc show signs of hiv is cheese bad for diabetes is chesty cough common in pregnancy is constant swallowing of saliva normal is copper t cause missed period is coughing bad for glaucoma is dehydration a common symptom after a miscarriage is dermovate good for dark spots is deviry 10mg harmful if taken for 15 days regularly is dextroscoliosis dangerous is dizziness from conjunctivitis is early ovulation a problem is evion 400 capsules intake remove dryness is evion 400 for reduse weight is excess saliva in the mouth related to talking spitting issue is excess thirst a sign of insulin resistance is farting one of hiv symptom is fast heartbeat and losse motion sign of pregnancy is femodene effective on acne is fourth stage throat cancer curable is ginette 35 helpful in getting pregnant is having a lump on back related to kidney failure is hazelnuts bad for hypothyroid is heart failure classed as a disability is heart rate of 56 dangerous is hemoglobin of 118 anemia is hifenac mr equivalent to cyclobenzaprine is is it safe to take prepone tablet after taking ipills 2 times in a month is it bad to have horrible headaches and nightmares is it bad to put bengay on is it bad to wear 2 tampons in a row is it common to have a rash after general anesthesia is it dangerous to use rubbing alcohol on my skin when i am pregnant is it hard to wean off of vyvanse is it normal for my newborn to have a bruise on their lower back is it normal for someone that dies o they foam from mouth is it normal to feel anxiety during puberty is it normal to have a lot of loose skin on your ball sack is it normal to have few drops of blood in the urine after pregnancy is it normal to see vein in tonsils is it ok to continue taking lipstat pravastatin sodium tablet 20mg is it ok to drink beer after hernia surgery is it ok to have dpt vaccine when my child has a cold is it ok to smoke weed with a corneal ulcer is it ok to take claritin d if you take insulin is it ok to take vitamin d 50 000 if you have gastritis and is it okay taking postinor during period is it safe to exercise if i have a 93cm ovarian cyst is it safe to get pregnant while you have a slip disc is it safe to get pregnant with avascular necrosis is it safe to go to the gym while having periods is it safe to put calamine lotion on dh face is it safe to take amoxicillin while 29 weeks pregnant is it safe to travel by train during 8th month of pregnancy is it safe to use loprin 75 during last trimester of pregnancy is it safe to use melacare is lomela lite cream effective for freckles is loose motion a symptom of hiv is low diastolic bad is lump in neck a hernia is melanin in dark chocolate is mucusy discharge from your anus normal is my blood pressure is 116 71 what does is my lip twitching caused by pregnancy is my toddler stomach swollen is nurofen good for burn pain is obimet safe to eat while trying to conceive is omega q plus good for men 40 years old is oxygen level what makes a person short of breath is peeing a lot a sign of cervical cancer is prehypertension dangerous is primolt n is safe for postponing periods is severe loose motion a sign of hiv is shoe size in your genes is stage 4 ovarian cancer curable is stress causing cervical spondylitis is synflex dangerous for pregnant is tender coconut good for gestational diabetes is test tube baby safe is the mantoux tb skin test ppd ok during pregnancy is there any complete cure for parkinson disease in ayurveda is there any side effect by using dental floss is thickened endometriom dangerous is ths possible to dissolve 4 mm gallstone is tightness of chest normal during pregnancy at 23 weeks is toothache a symptom of anemia is total cholesterol of 217 bad is tvd related to heart or cad is wet gangrene contagious isotretinoin teratogen syndrome it is possible to increase height after 24 itch along spine cancer itch cunnilingus itching after stitches from giving birth itching and night sweats itching around cervical area itching dry skin at tailbone itching problem due to heat itchy anas problem itchy and swollen scrotum sack problems itchy anus and pain in bowel and stomach itchy anus before bowel movement itchy areola with drainage itchy bridge foot itchy bumps electrical shock itchy bumps rash on my labia majora itchy bumps temples itchy bumpy red rash whole body itchy burning bumpy lips itchy buttocks hole and blood in poop itchy dry flaking skin around the nose itchy hands palms and ankles itchy legs and stomach itchy lump near clitoris itchy nose skin and phlegmy cough itchy palms and soles smelly urine itchy prickly scabby spot on back itchy raised skin scrotum itchy raw peri area itchy red rash on clitoris itchy red rash worse with insomnia itchy scabby elbows itchy skin on neck hurts when warm itchy skin on nose red nose itchy sore on areola itchy sore rash on thighs itchy spot on foreskin itchy tears on outside of labia major near leg itchy testis skin itchy yeast infection and lump vulva iud and perimenopause iud fluttering iugr in pregnancy what care has to be ive had a sharp pain in the back of my kneelower thigh ive had a small red spot on my bicep for approx 2 weeks i ivf turmeric jasmine tea and contraception jaundice and fever in newborns jaundice diet chart jaundice food to avoid newborn ginger javex on my body malkes it soft why jaw swelling underneath ear and i cant hear jittery feeling in arm jock itch eye infection jogging with tinnitus joint deterioration caused by meth use jolts of dizziness juicing for gallstones jump rope bad for back just had period and feel sick light headed and very tired juvenile gall bladder infections kalms sleep and contraceptive pill kariva flu karo syrup and constipation in a 1 week old baby keep feeling thirsty at night keep feeling this random flutter in my chest keep losing my breath while pregnant keloid pain while pregnant keloid treatment in siddha kerosene poisoning first aid keto diet while pregnant ketones in childs urine with fever kidney stones and tailbone pain kidney stones mm circles graph kidney stones spot of blood underwear in morning urine kidney stones with a itchy rash on my face kidney transplant morning after pill kigtropin hgh side effects kind of food good for 3yrs old having cold cough klebsiella oxytoca hemolysis klippel feil syndrome headaches knee and leg pimples knee cracking every time i sit down knee exercise to prevent snapping sound on knees knee noise when bending knee pain in partial seizures knot beside rectum knot filled with stinky puss knot in the middle abdomen with queaziness l arginine sleepy l4 l5 central disc protrusion contacts thecal sac l4 l5 gap reduced l4 l5 l5 s1 spinal fusion risks l4 l5 thickening of the ligamentum flavum l5s1 and pilates labia and clitoris swollen itchy labia minora swelling treatment labial grazes labor epidural swine flu contraindications labyrinthitis off balance facial tingling lack of sleep in babies and growth hormone deficiency lactogen 2 how much quantity per day for 7 month old baby lactose allergy plan b pill lamitor 100 lansoprazole cholesterol laptops and bladder cancer large bumps on tongue headache large hard abdomen in men large painful lump buttcheek large sore bump on my anus large vein in wrist laser treatment for eye shortsight laser treatment for tonsil cancer lasilactone in chronic liver disease and portal hypertension last days of ovarian cancer last night saturday i tried pot brownies for my first time last stage of aids how long do you live after late night anal itching late ovulation and pregnancy late period with sciatica laughing and your hand get numb lax anus muscles lax les grade 2 oesophagitis laxatives and fertility laying on my stomach with my head elevated eye pressure lazy eye seizures lbm before menstruation ldl 107 mg leaking lump on neck leaky heart valve pregnancy left and right rib pain after several c sections left ankle feels cold and numb left arm numbness and chest pain during pregnancy left axis deviation with heart palpitations left back side pain and cold chills left bundle branch block testing swollen abdomen left ear twitching good or bad left eye feels lazy left eye sore see pulsating shadows left eye twitches loses focus left hand goes numb when walking left l5 nerve compression constipation left paracentral disc prolapse l3l4 left pelvocalyces left side of chest feels hot left side of chest when drinking water left sided chest pain after playing rugby left thigh tremor for a male leg pain on awakening in the morning leg shivering problem leg vein popping out jogging leg warm feeling legiment tear around the heart lemon for sinus tachycardia lemon stimulating salivary gland lemon water for urine flow lethargy headache no appetite child leukemia and white spots lewy body dementia and sweeting lewy body dementia sweating lexapro causing asthma lichen nitidus genital lichen planus behind knees life expectancy of ventricular tachycardia patients lifting heavy load waist belt ligament of head of femur light blood in spit sore throat light green tinge to urine light head pounding in ears light headed and dizzy 2 weeks before period light headed and dizzy excessive urination light headed numbness in hands light headed stomach ache heart beating light headed when i walk fast light pink spotting nausea on day 24 light pink strong odor discharge lightheaded diarrhea for 2 weeks lightheaded fatigue sore neck lightheadedness and pupils small lightheadedness loss of appetite nausea lightheadedness when standing tumor lime green ear discharge line in ear means heart attack links between cervical cancer and dvt lip quiver and numbness lip skin same as butt hole lipoma cause folliculitis lipoma parasite lipoma smell lips chapped and burn turned black lips dry are red and hurt lips fading lips feel numb and a little red lithium chest wall pain lithotripsy burns little blood in saliva in the morning little dry patches on inner thigh little red bumps on face that burns little red spots on 10 year old stomach little scabs on legs little scabs on my stomach liv52 and iron tablets liv52 for kidneys liver enzymes and gi bleeding liver function test serum gamma gt livogen tablet content lletz procedure failed lmp in foetus sonography locked jaw from drugs lockjaw abscess infection smoking loestrin 24 false positives loestrin insomnia loestrin insomnia loestrin causing insomnia logynon how to stop period long life for blood group b neg long q t syndrome dehydration long term jaw and teeth problems after hypocalcemic tetany long term problems from use of rantac long term serious efrects of coxsackie virus long term use of wysolone long time use of udiliv looking pale after exercise diagnosis loose motion common tablets loose motion in children with sticky mucous loose motion stoping tablet loose motion treatment loose motions in infant 5 months old loose skin at butt hole loose skin on scrotum medical loose smelly black stool loose smelly stools and thirst loose stools vomit and low temp loose watery stools and probiotics looz directions to use losing hair on forehead losing morning wood heart problems losing weight after laparotomy loss of feeling in left arm loss of lordosis in muscular spasm loss of use in legs while drinking alcohol lost voice red spots tongue lotion burns urethra low back pain diarrhea first trimester low blood platelet count triple bypass low blood pressure 120 70 low blood pressure and heart palpitations low blood pressure for a 19 year old low blood sugar mastocytosis low body temp with strep low body temperature sore throat voice low dose adderall and bulimia low estrogen pins and needles low fever lump in throat nausea low fever sinus infection trying to conceive low grade fever achiness nasal congestion headache low grade fever and green snot low grade fever and irritated throat low grade fever with a headache nausea during menstruation low grade fever with gall bladder low heart rate nausea constipation weakness low hemoglobin and magnesium low hemoglobin count and type 2 diabetes low hemoglobin levels causes investigations low humidity bronchitis low iq in children symptoms low magnesium and increased need to pee low oxygen level elevated white blood cell count symptoms low platelet count tuberculosis low platelets and herpes low potassium cold feet low pulse rate 58 low sodium levels with osteoporosis low sperm count and sickle cell low temperature in cancer patient low testosterone and colon cancer low thyroid blurred vision low wbc and bleeding ulcers lower abdomen flutter medical questions lower abdominal pain after missed period lower back pain blood from bowel and red wine lower back pain sleepy after period lower back pain stomach bruise lower back pains sore throat fatigue sweating lower butt bone pain swollen rectum lower extremity rashes with swelling lower inner thigh rash 14 month old lower left back pain increases with alcohol use lower lip bruising lower ribs in back skin tender to the touch lower right side abdominal and back pain fatigue lumbar disk herniation precautions lumbar puncture and degenerative disc disease lumbar puncture throat tightening hands cramps lumbar spondalitis lumbar spondulitus lumbar spondylosis side effects lump attached to your spine lump behind ear bad smell liquids lump growth around navel lump in armpit movable lump in my neck on top of my vain lump in throat food caught in chest lump in throat while running lump inner thigh itchy lump inside where my chin is lump on calf of leg which disappears when sat down lump on external urethral meatus lump on gum of 6 year old lump on inside of knee lump on lower back left side of neck lump on lower right shin lump on male chest bone lump on my arm is it cancer lump on outside of my butt cheek lump on shoulder with smelly pus lump on throat tb lump on vulva minora with odor lump rightside midline of neck lump throat cracking neck lumps in forearm some cancerous lung cancer 5cm tumor lung cancer and low pulse rate lung cancer tumor size 5cm lung lung infection xray lungs hurt prednisone lupride injections indications lupus and tailbone lyme disease brown spot on tongue lyme disease muscle cramps lymphocytic colitis and swollen lymph glands macrobid leg pain maftel p magnesium deficiency in premature ejeculation magnesium relax sphincter malalignment syndrome of pelvic malarone effects period male grabbing while sleeping male passing urine alot man lower stomach feels bloated man shaved armpits now it hurts management to diabetic dental extraction mantoux test side effects sore throat marijuana brain bleed concussion marijuana effects on ketone levels marijuana odore di sudore marviol and getting pregnant massage contraindications forestiers disease massive heart attack ecg readings massive stroke during heart surgery mastoiditis kronis bilateral maximum days of menstruation cycle may i drink beer after surgery mcv 104 how to lower meaning of negative sgpt test meaning of non reactive for hiv check mebendazole tablet dosage for puppy medical ankle fat sac medical condition red lips medical term for absence of menstrual discharge medical term for ccf hpt medical term for low cholesterol medicine cream for urinary infection medicine for controlling loose motion medicine for sticky potty for children medicine menogon for conception medicine tablet udiliv 150 information use medicine to help calm nerves when riding roller coasters medicine to increase cheek medicine to reduce swelling enzoflam medicines in amway regarding menstrual problems mediform diabetes mefenamic acid 500mg mega cv dry syrupeffects mega shelcal megaloblastic change meladerm breakout melatonin and iud melted plastic pregnancy memory loss in brain tuberculosis memory power tips ayurvedic men issues urinating a lot meningocele and lipomeningocele menopause nonstop bleeding home remedies menses late for a week menstrual cycle 28 days with nuva ring menstrual cycle and anal fissure menstrual cycle and tanning beds menstrual issues with pelvic pressure discharge menstrual problems twice in one month menstrual scalp pain menstruation passing flesh menstruation thick blood with grey substance mercilon mood swings mercury poisoning back pain metal intestinal mesh mri safety metformin and minocycline metformin blood in urine metformin to lower sgpt meth bleeding veins meth injection numb below site now pain shooting up meth nausea vomiting smoke meth prostate meth sore inside of lip methadone sinusitis cure methadrone treatment method of taking mt pills methylprednisolone period change metogyl 400 metoprolol succinate atrial flutter metrogyl 200 in pregnancy metrogyl for stomach ache metrozyl tablets microgynon 30 fatigue microgynon amenorrhea microgynon and facial hair microgynon causes joint pain microgynon causing stretch marks microscopic hematuria while pregnant microtome applications migraine causing severe chapped lips migraine headache throwing up and bowel movement migraine teeth hurt migratory pruritic red rash mild clogged aorta arteries mild enlarged prostate grade 1 mild fever watery eyes running nose headache mild headache and bleeding nose mild loose motion in 11 month old baby mild signs of peyronies disease dent mild stroke stress left side mild upper dorsal dextroscoliosis mildly dilated atrium mildly polycystic milk eruptions milk of magnesia and cant stop milk spots on a fourteen year old miller dieker syndrome treatments mineralocorticoid insufficiency minor stasis dermatitis minor tibial plateau fracture mintop headache mirena coil and cervical erosion mirena metallic taste mirena oxytocin mirena side effects blurred vision help miscarriage with iud missed my period and prescribed primolut n missed period high tsh value missed period lower abdomin discomfort missing a twinrix vaccination missing heart beats and breathlessness mitral regurgitation and tricuspid regurgitation during pregnancy mitral valve problems resulting from chemotherapy mitral valve regurgitation smoke weed mixing a suppressant and an expectorant mixing oxy pro elite and aspirin mobizox dosage taken in a day moderate fat globules in infants stool moisturiser as lube for anall mold tachycardia mole and pus pain mole is bleeding and pus is coming out mole itches bad sign cancer mometasone furoate ointment callus monilia infant montgomery gland swelling montgomery glands morning after pill rapid pulse morning after pill sickle cell morning after pill with co amoxiclav morning nausea after eating in children morning vomiting in children morphea in vulva area morphine for last stages of cervical cancer morphine muscle spasms morsicatio buccarum fix how to stop motile bacteria pus cells motions in ninth month of pregnancy motions tablet loperamide mottled skin on tummy in pregnancy mottled sunburn mouth bitterness with slight fever mouth blisters and white spots mouth ulcer lip vitiligo movable lump on right testicle moveable lump between collarbone and skin mri scan tingling and numbness msf follicular mt pill tablet procedure mt pills cipla effects mucas from anus mucous arround the anus and itching mucous cough bulgum mucous thread in urine mucus and blood from sinus infection in bowel movement mucus and blood in bowel motion mucus and lungs hurt mucus in stool and cold in children mucus in the throat when dying mucus in throat and frequent burping smoking and anxiety mucus stool food poisoning mud colour of blood during mc multi nodular goiter and hypertension multi vitamin tonic for 2 year old children multiple brain abscess in new born baby multiple gallstones 16 17 mm and 13 14 mm are muscle cramp pc muscle muscle twitch seroquel 25mg musle power extra contain musturbating is bad for your health musty discharge mutton soup cholestrol content mx3 capsule for fibroids my 10 year old passing blood through urine my 15 month old baby is vomitting no fever cold or cough my 2 and a half year always has runny or sticky poo my 2 year old is complaing of eye hurting and head hurting my 4yr old has mucus around stool my 5 year old has a heart rate of 125 consistently at rest my anal hurts when i am taking a dump my anus bleeds when i go to the toilet my anus itches inside and out and inside my arm goes numb on the left side during an orgasim my arm hurts and my heart is racing what causes this my baby 3 months has yellow colour motion problem my baby has a hard spot on her chest between her ribs my baby has black sticky poop my baby is hard to wake up my baby self induced vomit my babys toe nails keep breaking my babys tongue is larger on one side my back and the bottom of my feet hurt my back hurts when i wee my balls hurt after my gf gave me head my balls hurt all the time my bellend hurts when i touch it my blood amylase level 187 my blood press is 137 88 is that normal my blood sugar is 287 does that mean i have dibetes my body doesnt feel right shaky nerves my breast are oily and itchy my chest burns when i drink my chest feels hollow on the left side my child has a lump in her jaw that moves my child is sick and has ketones in urine my child woke up with a very fast heart rate and was having trouble breathing my childs top lip is purple my cholesterol level is 67 what does this mean my colesterol is triglyceride 28 hdl colesterol 9 and ldl my ear hurts when i smoke my earlobe is swollen and it hurts my ears ringing with flagyl my eye has been twitching several times a day for almost 2 months my eye wont stop watering my face is numb and my chest hurts my face looks ugly from the left side my feet and palms get hot all throughout my fourth toe on my right foot is red why my groin area is becoming dark my head hurts when my heart beats fast is this bad my head is spinning and i have nausea my heart beat is 100 pulse per minute my heart beats 90 times a minute my heart beats hard and fast at random times my heart flutters and hard to catch breath my heart hurts after eating the ds mcdonalds am i going my heart hurts whats wrong with me my heart hurts when i eat mcdonalds my heart thumps then goes back to normal my hemoglobin is 8 wat i do my husband blood pressure in right arm 162 104 my husband fainted has upset stomach my husband has a lump in his groin my husband has low morphology with amorphous head my husbands blood pressure was 169 104 at 10 00 pm then at my inner labia is really red and swollen my inner thigh popped my knuckle cannot bend my left testicle has shrunk my legs hurts feels cold whilke im my lower back is hurting and i am 2 months pregnant what is going on my lungs feel heavy at night my mom is diabetic and vomiting my mouth gets watery and i missed my period my newborn stomach looks inflated my nose piercing bleeding my pee has been smelling really bad lately my period blood is a orangish red color why my pregnancy glucose test came back at 133 my right leg is swollen and testicle when i do cocaine my ring finder knuckle is red and swollen my sgpt is 153 and sgot is 142 my stomach feels bloated all the time my stomach hurts after i eat beets my stomach hurts and i havent had my period my systolic pressure is 155 my temp is 96 7 is this okay my testicles are shrinking after testicular failure my tongue is black and ive been throwing up my tongue is sore with red dots my triglycerides is 212 mgdl is this high my tsh level is 002 is that dangerous my urine comes every minute my urine is sticky and im 13 is that normal my urine report shows rare pus cells and epithelial cells mycobacterium avium intracellulare and fatigue mycoplasma pneumoniae eye myocardial hardening nacked sleep healhy for male nail bruise puss nail fungus from computer mouse nail patella syndrome nerve twitches nanded hiv treatment nasal drainage after cataract surgery nasal polyps and eating problems nasty shin bruise lump natural cures for abdominal tuberculosis natural diet for sperm increment natural home treatment for excessive bleeding due to adenomyosis natural way to shrink aneurism naturogest 200 usage nausea a week after drinking nausea after binge eating nausea and bloody nose a week after car accident nausea cramps and heartburn before period nausea during pregnancy caused by excess drainage nausea lightheaded back pain nausea muscle pain burst eye blood vessel nausea vomiting red face nebulizer medications for cold and cough neck and shoulder seizes up neck ear ache tight throat rheumatoid arthritis neck injury and motion sickness neck lumps during pregnancy neck pain after cabg neck pain among software professionals neck pain injection diprofos neck pain when smoking weed neck seizes up neck strained and swollen on one side neonatal cold injury nerve hit during blood test neublizer in asthma neuralgia leg pain neuro genetic disorder tired gain weight neurokind new born baby jaundice loose motion diarrhea new born baby nails fungus new born boil on tip of penis newborn baby lump on neck newborn baby shaking hungry newborn eye swollen smaller newborn head hard lump on hairline newborn lumps cysts in mouth on tongue newborn puppy with a heart murmur nexito plus tablet nicorette bad breath nicorette diabetes nicorette liver problems nicotine gum tongue nicotine gum weight loss constipation nicotine patch on penis niggling chest pain no growth of facial hair problem no period for 3 months and now random gushes of blood from time to time no period stomach discomfort negative pregnancy test no periods after deviry no taste smell swollen glands no voice swollen throat no pain noisy breathing 3 month old non specific changes ekg norlevo intermenstrual bleeding normal allowable range of eosinophil in blood normal bbt during pregnant fourth week normal bp and echo but still having chest pain normal echocardiogram next step normal echocardiogram palpitations normal fetal biometry normal plaque score normal range rapid forward sperm motility normal tmt results normal wbc count low platelet count nose bleed tired sleeps all the time nose congestion when pooping nostril callous novalgin by aventis is used also for throat sore nuforce 3 kit how to take doses numb feeling in hands numb feet weak chest tight numbness in arm from computer numbness in hands with quitting smoking numbness on left side of face eye and down arm numbness rib cage and feet numerous pus cells in urine during pregnancy nursing care plan one arm amputation nursing care plan stomachache nursing intervention for chronic cholecystitis nutrilite product for diabetes nyquil bad for heart oats for dinner will help to reduce weight occ rbc in urine ocid ors ohss rib pain headache oil glands on pubic skin oil in urine oily annal discharge