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abdominal pain after sex reason constipation swollen stomach painful to pass gas help hard stool may be piles can i continue vegetarian diet terminated pregnancy urine test positive abdominal pain ectopic pregnancy back and breast pain enlarged breasts during periods under medication for vaginal infection why does it burn severe cysts and period taking advil on fertility treatment further had ears pierced why did they bleed why the swelling had random rapid heart beat why is it normal on adhd medication why do i have issues with sweating sore throat fever followed has vomited is it flu suggest magrim diet pills have fibromyalgia low bp side effect weight gain allopathy of better help diet plan stressed and have lost virginity why is period delayed ankles sprained and swollen difficulty in walking what can help had a stent placed when pregnant have stomach pain suggest on water pills and high bp had apricots take vinegar low dosage of birth control breastfeeding why nauseated pregnant why hair fall why dandruff issue reason missed period why did i spot possibility of pregnancy experiencing vaginal numbness dryness without itchiness what is the reason eyes twitching heart pounding widened eyes after smoking pot why breast pain why is it getting worse experiencing dizzy spells nausea and headaches why was bp low had nose bleeds after meeting with an accident serious frequent urination problem emptying bladder chronic headache fainting tunnel vision nausea vomiting stretching arm cracking sound painful shoulder is it torn why is baby unresponsive to tickling or any other sensations cannot make a fist and simultaneously bend wrist serious unstable angina after heart attacks how to approach tribunal want to lose weight what should i do uncontrollable shivering nausea dry heaving food poisoning pimple on nose dark discoloration after rubbing suggestion cramps in lower middle torso constantly orange discharge from hole in shoulder worried lower abdominal pain hurts to cough walk or sneeze cause elevated liver function test values should i take medicine pcos cramps light headedness nausea headache pregnant child trembles vomits and falls asleep pain in head pain in wrist swollen blue vein anything to worry about dizziness and pressure in head during eeg normal irregular bleeding after pap smear could i have friable cervix blood in stool stomach pain internal hemorrhoids help bumps on penis used tecnu what could it be stinging wrist when applying pressure should i look into cause trace of urobilinogen in urinalysis what does that mean yeast infection likely have an inflammation in vagina change diet left groin in pain why why does it keep returning child taken extra dose of amoxicillin for ear infection harmful tongue feels fuller swollen area at the back no pain breast pain increased heartbeat how should i help this disorientation light headedness what to do does having sex while on periods prolong the period painful mass of skin on cheek help bleeding cyst on ovary done hysterectomy why syncope had fever painful knees caps and vomiting what is wrong pregnant have used cocaine caused irreversible damage hurt my baby regular stools yellow mucus surrounding stools abdominal pain serious symptoms cold running nose coughing phlegm lack of appetite teething cure itchiness in area around thighs is it an allergic reaction diagnosed with diabetes om galvusmet mignar what now hypersensitive on lsarbeta and zycolchin what do i expect missed pills havent had period other warning signals lower back pain and onset of fever why smelly gas natural remedy for chalazion that occurs in eyes abdominal pain spotting mucus discharge cramping 29 yr old problem with getting erections any advise knot on knee after fall painful venous insufficiency edema dizziness frustrating what is the cause got pap smear result is it normal or abnormal suffering with g6pdd which citrus fruits are recommended testicle pain swollen testicle swelling in face cure child has redness around anal region applied baby lotion brown discharge partially protected sex am i pregnant on levothyroxine tsh level abnormal what about the ivf solution have a difficult time breathing why had heartbeat increased first intercourse resulted in a slight leak what now high rbc count high bp what is the connection tingling arm and dizziness when i move neck why does smoking marijuana in teenage years affect brain and intelligence pregnant ultrasound shows maturity grade 2 what does it mean hyperpigmentation used hydroquinone creams but no effect help semen examination shows oligoastheno spermia advice on next action hair fall resumed after stopping minoxidil help had unprotected sex no pre-cum am i pregnant been experiencing exhaustion heart burn cramps and dizziness pregnant had unprotected sex spotted blood am i pregnant suffering from hair fall from root applying hairjoy reason using femilon have migraine why is my stomach bulging sweats like sweet vinegar why the smell pregnant lower abdominal pain leg numbness cause of worry pregnant panic attacks previous miscarriage can stomach injury cause miscarriage nose bled after eating chocolate is it due to weather fluctuating blood pressure taking yasmin reason child is coughing vomiting fever had double ear infection swollen foreskin penis shaft tenderness lump in groin treatment options alt ast and triglycerides high hypochondriac suggest chronic bloating and constipation following ic friendly diet opinion masturbation small penis fatigue how to enhance penis size light period tiredness lower stomach soreness abdominal pain headache cramps am i being pregnant child bitten arm soreness lumpy redness worried about hiv infection had unprotected sex have open cut tenderness in hip area hurts constantly weight loss thin stools tiredness pain pregnant pain on right side what could it be had anal sex passed white-yellow mucus normal mid back pain worsens after eating cramping shoulder tightness swelling and pain after fall cracking when bending knee excessive sweating and feeling cold simultaneously any suggestions red itchy patches taking benedryl how long should i continue abdominal pain x-ray showed dark circle had concussion but no blurred vision is that normal tingling in arm numbness after fall scheduled mri serious area near lip piercing itching swollen red tender infection headaches during increased heartbeat nosebleed what is wrong done angioplasty have fever and elevated wbc count help strange feeling in mouth light headed smoker cause of concern had bowel issues constipated on miralax why is stool smelly started nortrel can i have unprotected sex fear headaches breast pain irritation in front nipple cure for symptoms constipation white clumps in stool black stools taking suboxone treatment want to lose weight what to do on clomid why dark brown blood start clomid again low hemoglobin delayed period what does report suggest irregular periods ultrasound shows suggestive polycystic ovaries chance of pregnancy nausea before eating food solution orange-red drainage from ear have tubes in ears normal white cyst under skin diarrhea applied ice what is it suffering from allergy taking levosiz tablets side effects and precautions stomach getting bigger despite exercise can you help throat allergy chest pain taken forecox and r-cinx suggestion wheezing difficulty breathing through nose dust allergy remedy for symptoms xanthelasma palpebrarum around eyes do not want acid cleaning advice neuritis taking ayurvedic and allopathic treatment simultaneously harmful chronic shoulder pain hard lump painles swollen child passing yellow watery stools after every feed worried high aso titre taken homeopathy medicine what to do typhoid low grade fever prescribed cefpodoxime no relief cure pcos taking duphaston and glucophage continuous bleeding normal taking lukoskin for white patches what can i do head injury headache dizziness due to worrying or stress high pulse rate what could be causing this white spots on back prescribed diflucan is the prescription safe pcod taking siphene undergoing follicular study chances of pregnancy done urine analysis kindly enlighten me about the results palpitations increased heartbeat shakiness strange taste in mouth prescribed citalopram occasional nausea eating regular meals done hemogram test are the results ok is there a link between taking contraceptive pill and depression panic attacks when going out alone help small child constipation difficulty passing stools breastfed introduced solids cure have swollen uvula been taking penicillin why chest pain took tryptomer have severe cold bronchitic suggest delayed periods white sticky discharge red spotting pregnancy symptoms suffering from bilateral pcos used loette no bleeding take cyclogen lump remains after landing on head is a scan necessary breasts cancer spreading to liver why vomiting and diarrhea pregnant sonography of uterus found abnormalities with the baby opinion endometriosis constant bleeding cramps taking birth control pill child has rash on arms spread to back concerned pain in head eyeball and cheek gum pain itching eyeball stomach pain shoulder pain taken ibuprofen causes heavy body pain muscle pain acidity problem depression reasons not able to conceive fibroids diagnosed what is the treatment delayed periods pregnancy test report negative how to regularize periods suffering from macular amyloidosis and hirsutism is laser treatment effective neurocysticercosis taking valporic acid normal eeg should i stop medicine diagnosed with diverticulosis altered stool consistency is this worm infestation is there sulpha in cigarettes itchy blisters face getting hot quick pulse shaking constant headache excessive sleepiness causes for symptoms blood in stool after taking methadone any advice weight gain bed wetting facial puffiness due to singulair steroid trembling hands and lips dizziness anxiety and sleeplessness reason vomiting and flu like symptoms after taking methamphetamine remedy on tetracycline pills had unprotected sex pregnancy chances reddish sore knot in the armpit need treatment severe diarrhea vomiting and hot flushes what to do migraine nausea chest pain sweating abnormal ecg any suggestions child has fever in evening how to take care hard bump above eyebrow should i be worried mucus on throat taken antibiotics runny nose coughing head pain near one eye throbbing feeling nosebleeds thoughts red bumps on arm swollen sensitive rarely itchy child has dark spots between legs above testicles normal chest pain after head injury becoming self-conscious help pain on underside of foot hobbling what is it taking microgynon brown vaginal discharge clotting what is the problem chewing tobacco tongue pain early signs of cancer scan shows small ovaries is this a sign of infertility burned scar white area within scar tissue childs chest x-ray shows inflammatory process in paracardiac region dangerous bleeding cramps taking birth control nausea pregnant had intercourse feeling movements in stomach chance of being pregnant nose injury deviated septum headache should i be concerned chest pain after re-starting cipralex normal proliferative nephrite sediment what type of diet should be taken developed male breasts what can i do abscess after injecting heroin applied antibiotic cream ammonia odor help can any online doctor analyze the follicular report frequent urination dark urine urinalysis showed rbc hpf preventive measures suffering with mental illness not satisfied on taking valance guidance pcod high testosterone taken fertigyn and duphaston chances of pregnancy can chlamydia be transferred via non sexual routes headache eye pain fever drowsiness after taking topcep advice ostosclerosis using hearing aid any remedy except spedectonomy pregnancy test done positive result vaginal bleeding miscarriage erectile dysfunction stopped serlift when will side effects stop pregnant ultrasound shows no fetal pole what should i expect partially protected sex delay in period what to do discharge from breast lump in breast had hysterectomy advice wiping out brown discharge cramping what is going on prenatal blood work results showed low esonphil count concern about have had rhinoplasty skin on nose thick alternative treatment urine test showed epithelial cells low hematocrit level cause sharp chest pain heavy breathing recurring condition causes and treatment heartburn hpylori taking amoxicillin claythromycin omeprazole cure for symptoms acute renal failure dizziness ultrasound scheduled treatment options can medication jam the sperms from ejaculating at all take folic acid tablets with thyroxine will it affect period dark large spots and scars from insect bites permanent solution red dots on thigh have anxiety what is going on fluttering in chest pulse loud headache what can i do had complete thyroidectomy thyroid levels elevated why leg cramps increased pulse rate nausea fluttering sensation on thyroid medication treatment does masturbation affect growth and cause bad effects on health resurfacing psoriatic arthritis pain after implanon fixing is this common diagnosed with minor orchitis will masturbating cause infertility knee injury feel numbness in toes knee soreness recovery time have multiple sclerosis night flushes sweats rashes why menopause periods with orange blood pelvic pain cause unprotected sex have nausea dizziness pregnancy possibility had sex delayed period why was discharge yellow later pregnant 2 year old shivering chills drooling saliva malaria infection had bariatric surgery using meth what is the life span flatus with metallic smell is this normal cold cough sore throat hair fall treatment for symptoms got normal periods post dry sex pregnancy chances can any online doctor analyze my haemogram what does the urine analysis report say tired breathlessness dizziness sickness pregnant had blood transfusion explain situation delayed period tsh level test done am i pregnant weight loss weakness depression is it thyroiditis have blighted ovum on clomid converted to cyst pregnant ever period only if i take regesterone pregnancy chances foreskin turned white tight circumcision triglyceride level high what can help to maintain the level bumps outside vagina sexually active what is going on severe headaches chest tightness and cough what is wrong lower back cramps had unprotected sex possibility of pregnancy cough and sore throat why is the child lethargic pregnant had blood clots in urine miscarriage chances pregnant hemoglobin level low diet recommended had unprotected intercourse took ipill will it affect fertility gall bladder removed had gerd veloz d helpful side effects shin hurt and in pain why is the hip painful had gastroenteritis lactose intolerant why grey and green stools been on cerezatte have brown discharge what is the problem pregnant doppler values abnormal bilateral protodiastolic notches were present meaning prescribed with vent bec inhaler for allergic dry cough substitute baby had fever rashes mottled skin why runny nose pimples due to mucus plug discharge treatment options lactating woman wants to gain weight quickly homeopathic medication throbbing calf strain have pulled muscle will vitamin d3 help throat swelling pink spots behind tongue travelling towards throat causes physical depression unable to concentrate lethargy suggestions can you please clarify doubts regarding sex after marriage hypothyroidism hairloss dark spots on skin on eltroxin side effects sore throat ear pain during pregnancy suggestions baby having pimples on face reoocuring after applying cream treatment black spots on face treatment without side effects weightloss mucous in stools with blood threads advice little bleeding after abortion stopped now no cramps suggestions swelling in the palms of right hand moving restricted advice slightly high levels of sgot reason baby suffering from cough cold no help with medicines advice baby suffering from diarrhoea eating very less food otherwise diet recurrent bumps on body looks like insect bite advice had medical abortion bleeding since then discharging dark tissue suggestions major mood swings loss of apetite weightloss overeating fatigue suggestions dark spot on lip should i see an oral surgeon white patches inside the mouth after chewing tobacco advice childbirth hypothyroid wants to conceive again precautions to avoid miscarriage dark skin on nose after applying peroduo gel remedy severe mucous in throat taking augmentin no relief advice bleeding from anus while passing stools rectal pain treatment options irregular periods taking medicines no relief with norgest yasmin suggestions prescribed galvus met for type 2 diabetes ver costly alternative hurting ears muffled hearing feeling with clogging suggessions for remedy excessive sweating weakness joint pain fatty liver sometimes headache suggestions vagina hurting after urination stomach pain vaginal bleeding suggesstions severe headache ct scan mri normal pain unbearable suggestions remedies to increase height size of penis chest pains tightness anxiety recurring condition due to potassium deficit depression suicidal tendency smoking addiction need to meet psychiatrist advice ultrasound shows enlarged thyroid slightly nauseous headache dizziness advice cramps after having sex due to birth control or hormones constant cough taken cough syrup pain under ribs help macrocytosis vitamin d deficiency moderate drinker any advice child having cough cold alternative to coriminic p syrup clogged ears no pain infection tingling legs burning sensation on tongue fructose intolerance pcos cure swollen vaginal lip redness not painful what could it be quintuple bypass surgery diabetic non smoker non drinker life expectancy numbness in toes after wearing heals anything i can do undergone angiography breathlessness side effect of procedure joint pain nausea white dots in stool body pain help stomach pain nausea fever normal stools urine torsion cyst hand injury wrist pain any suggestions regular hair loss how to solve problem applied retin a and doxycycline for acne condition worse normal floating rib dislocated tenderness movable lump what could it be hole behind molar teeth discomfort while eating cause difficulty breathing feeling weak done spirometer test diagnosis child has cough cold runny nose given asthalin preventive measure have jaundice will having sex cause low platelet count can semen transfer through smooching continous menstrual bleeding passed grey clots worried taking norethisterone for ivf cycle will medication prevent implantation painless lump in the vagina should be treated diarrhea pain fever night sweat after protected sex hiv infection shin injury painful no bruising swollen hard warm itching done thyroid test what does suggesting thyronormalcy mean had implanon heavy bleeding will having sex be dangerous face numbness when blowing nose tongue numbness want good pyschiatric for emotional and neurological treatment done hysterosalpingogram is my left tube blocked dizziness and breathlessness after taking tenolol 125 and walking cause bloating fullness constipation pain prescribed omeprazole cure dizziness light headedness and nausea due to ear infection pain in the knees while sitting need treatment options feeling like pooping dizzy and feeling faint laxative taken reasons need medication for persisting acne pregnant low and hard stomach vaginal pain cramps weakness after child birth white particle discharge itching cure heavy bleeding after lletz treatment normal burning urination dysuria frequent urination pain in fossa guidance sunburn spots on face itching what to do done laparoscopy for pcos taking inositol undergoing iui treatment pain in testis since childhood swelling growth on testis cure had unprotected sex pink vaginal discharge negative pregnancy test confused concluded treatment of tb is fnac a confirmatory test dizziness when head turned right scalp tightness solution semisolid stools lower abdominal pain eldoper helps what is happening abdominal pain when changing position or getting up head injury not aware of surroundings want cure pain in temple and sinus cannot sleep should i worry white discharge before urination tiredness leg pain help peeling palm dizziness symptoms of any disease persistent headache using paracetamol what is the problem bumps on ankles itching used calamine lotion and peroxide concerned viral fever high blood sugar suggestion to lower level child has recurrent tonsillitis taken augmentin and amoxclav suggestion swollen bump on leg with whitish yellow pus cure history of irregular periods medication to immediately stop period dosage of medication to control tsh levels during second trimester dermoid cyst of cavernous sinus fever what are the options sore neck dizziness nausea heaviness in eyes fatigue tingling face unprotected sex stomach upset taken o2 and metrogyl suggestion positive pregnancy test herbal way to induce abortion child has fever taken combiflam syrup dosage headache upper lip vibration heaviness in cheek normal mri help frequent urination burning urination tests normal prescribed antibiotics suggestions redness in breast after lumpectomy infection or healing process excessive hair fall iron deficiency no improvement with medication suggestions done widal test what does this indicate done total hysterectomy swollen inflamed toe blister between fingers throbbing pain treatment options fall on buttocks burn bleeding painful to touch skin why light-headed dizziness feeling faint on suddenly standing causes for symptoms hypertension nasal bleeding high blood pressure normal scans help soreness in lower lips tenderness red dots any idea is it safe to take duphaston to delay periods low tsh prescribed thyrowell will weight reduce after taking medication medicines to delay or postpone periods delayed periods pregnancy tests negative chances of pregnancy swelling pain in pierced tragus any infection done stool test want analysis mirena surgically removed bad odour in the vagina reason done blood test please analyze regular masturbation related to premature ejaculation child has constipation due to excess formula powder solution child has fever refuses medicine what to feed pimples on cheeks frequent outbreaks using clindamycin nicotinamide gel suggestions chest pain twitching lower lip what is it ibs abdominal pain loose stools discomfort permanent medicine pain in left side and stomach nause what is wrong unprotected sex bleeding brown cramps moody negative pregnancy test pregnant hair problem white substance falling when rubbing hair diet suggestions done blood work what does the urine analysis mean pain between eyebrows when exposed to sun reason quit smoking taking lipitor fatigue taking multivitamins advice purple patch on penis looks like a vein suggestions delayed periods headaches swollen breasts pregnancy symptoms blood in urine during period normal does second hand smoke affect ones final height pain in wrists and back of hands bulging veins serious dizziness headache cold shivering taken advil cause diarrhea after laprascopic hysterectomy history of ibs any ideas white spot on skin that itches what can it be vertigo ear infection trouble swallowing white patch on tonsil strep cystic ovaries intramural fibroid taking fertomid protected intercourse needed suffered from headaches numb fingertips taken ibuprofen picked up aneurysm pulmonary tuberculosis category iii what does it mean rashes blisters between leg and groin fading slowly herpes infection red and white itchy spots between breasts advice child hyperventilates and coughs when crying connected to asthma pain above breast hand tingling chronic neck problem what room temperature is suitable for typhus infected patient child has leg pain limping x-ray normal what is it pregnant ultrasound showed growth behind babys ear any ideas rib cage pain bloated stomach chest pain trouble breathing help headache stiff neck happens in afternoon blood in urine hurts to urinate taking birth control testicle injury painful bleeding swollen what should i do enlarged scrotum no pain or blood in urine varicocele child has lost weight history of ear infections reason abnormal bleeding bad odor itching vulva pain during sex bleeding after taking antibiotics for uti worried done home insemination sore breast mood swings stomach pain bloating missed period taking duphaston reason for delay schizophrenia hearing voices anxiety do i need more medicine chronic swelling in lower abdomen painful what is it migraine done tests have antral gastritis advice mycobacterium tuberculosis uterine fibroids can i conceive feeling tired weakness vomiting head feels hot have fsgn transplant failed on dialysis life expectancy done angioplasty is nutrilite salmon omega 3 recommended random hypoglycemia migraine back ache weakness chills what is it wisdom teeth removed lump in area of stitches normal swishing sound in ear headache should i see a doctor red dot on foot bled after piercing any ideas orange liquid oozes after breaking blister feels hot to touch polycystic ovarian disease prescribed zomet what does this tablet do fallen on buttocks swollen hard lump help black spot below lip tobacco chewing medication black stools taking folic domfy and aciloc what to do drunk mosquito repellant liquid and alcohol any side effects irritated throat coughing no blood shortness of breath heart pain pregnant done leep possibility of second baby being born early had miscarriage cardiac activity of fetus absent why brown odoriferous discharge taking antibiotics have pain in vagina help ingrown toe nail swollen hard painful unexplained itching on hands legs on metaformin for diabetes advice urinalysis showed occult blood wbc rbc squamous cells conclusion x-ray showed prominent upper lobe vasculature with peri-bronchial thickening meaning best remedy for scabies taken eurax and diprosalic taken mensovit plus to advance periods will it affect pregnancy headache dizzy recovered from kidney infection can you help diagnosed with pelvic effusion get mild recurrent abdominal pain advice done lft what are the possible diseases schizophrenia taking olimelt and lopez will hospitalization help recover faster irregular periods heavy clotting is it due to exercise suffering from typhoid given medicines bodypains headache persists treatment high blood pressure pulse rate ecg shows normal danger what do high lymphocyte monocyte levels indicate low segmenters high lymphocytes monocytes suggestions baby not breastfeeding stopped taking formula milk feeding cerelac reason itchy rash on right arm dizziness due to spider bite irregular heart beats advised to continue exercise suggestions done semen analysis test how to activate dead sperms jaundice severe itching weight loss no liver damage cure spotting mid cycle cramps hand numbness signs of ectopic pregnancy on the pill blood clots after sex normal cystic pimple under eyebrow swelling tried popping it infection cure high sugar level pregnant complications for child indigestion stomach bloating liquid stools diarrhea causes for symptoms upset stomach and cramping after taking femodette worried sudden chest pain when breathing in heart problem dizziness nausea sweating urge to pass stool after exercise reason congenital amblopia difficulty working on computer any special lens no period for six years should i take duafem pills water retention in face does lasix remove fluids from face high level of triglycerides diet remedy precautions getting periods frequently reoccurs when medicines are stopped advice child given pentaxin vaccine stuffy nose coughing fever normal mri shows degenerative changes present lower back pain asthma any medicine treatment to improve semen motility count ultrasound shows multiple uterine fibroids uring pregnancy effects on baby addicted to masturbation having bent penis tips for de-addiction re-occuring loss of sensation taking medicines no relief suggestions on atkins diet having bloody diarrhoea what is causing this reoccuring fever thick mucous in throat advice suffering from pcos irregular periods weight gain suggestions unprotected sex using withdrawal method delayed periods chances of pregnancy bleeding after taking mtp tablets should i take more tablets child had chicken pox severe itching relapse choking while having food water what could be causing this using contraceptive irregular bleeding hairloss gaining weight advice flatulence bloating constipation stomach pain taken paracetamol cause of worry small child fever cold hands and feet causes for symptoms taken duphaston after failed ivf no period what is happening sore above belly button lump burning sensation nausea muscle strain exercising calf pain lump swelling mild pain suggestions had partially protected sex could i be pregnant injury on penis painful taking cipro how to cure it ankle injury pain and swelling burning sensation tumors in stomach stage 4 cancer chances of recovery child refusing solid food effect of zentel on babys stomach spreading rashes on the chest causes pain below sternum vomiting diarrhea done ultrasound and ct scan excessive body hair any pill to balance hormones feeling weak shaky increased heart beat yellow cheesy discharge vision disturbance dizziness disorientation tingling what does it mean mri shows disc bulge bilateral neural foraminal stenosis surgery best itching nipple after breastfeeding tingling inoperable acetabular fracture dementia what are the goals of rehab itchy scrotum white bumps history of yeast infection any suggestions bumps on penis itching redness no pus discharge dizziness hearing loss no diabetes or blood pressure suggestions lower back pain have pcos no periods pregnant or uti fallen down stairs painful lump breathlessness xray required groin pain during period done mri could it be arthritis abdominal pain blood work normal hurts to push any ideas headache when doing exercises how can i avoid this pregnant ultrasound shows shadow in babys heart worried bump on belly pus filled hard any clues foaming spit stomach discomfort washed mouth with hydrogen peroxide help discomfort in bottom of foot stiffness throbbing pain masturbation white discharge difficulty retracting foreskin unable to ejaculate cure chronic bb and body odor bad smell in urine suggestion eczema itching bumps on lower legs what can i do pregnant bumps on thighs not itchy rough area inside bottom lip due to klabax pregnant upper back pain normal swollen itchy labia during periods tricyclic ineffective fibrocystic breasts taking sevista evion and primosa missed period normal stomach pain loose motion solution child has cough low grade fever hoarse voice any advice hashimotos hypothyroidism done thyroid test increase in hair loss suggestions which is the safest method to avoid pregnancy difficulty in conceiving advised boipreg-f will this prove beneficial what should be the ideal heartbeat during exercises leg pain lower back pain pain in calf and shin does kalms help with nervousness heart racing increasing blood pressure how should atenolol and amlodipine be taken excessive sweating hard nodule on thyroid chest pain done colonoscopy sweating on feet hands armpits knee pain best medication undergone ureteronephrectomy have constant fever taking faropen normal mycosis on lips after taking antibiotics itchy will bifalac help secondary bronchitis lump in roof of mouth tender sensitive related back ache knee pain swelling mri shows sacroillitis ankylosing spondylitis dizziness serum b hcg negative possibility of pregnancy chest pain shortness of breath chest discomfort painful black dots on labia minora itchy normal discharge worried diarrhea liquid stools even after taking medication better solution want anti-anxiety drug tried franxit and alprax nausea loss of appetite ultrasound shows abdominal nodes appendicitis lower stomach pain after periods reason sexual encounter with male negative test result conclusive results tongue numbness after flu shot allergic reaction vaginal bleeding taken birth control injection worried tooth pain sore throat soreness below jaw bone pain below earlobe swollen recovering from ear infection vaginal pain during sex burning sensation help dark bruise on knee no pain can you interpret semen analysis results prolonged fever throat infection runny nose sneezing taken ebast guidance chest pain elevated cardiac enzymes taking isorsobide denitrate breathlessness problem fever swollen eyes painful remedy leg injury bruise increasing concerned about swelling and itching have chicken pox blisters turned black dangerous loose motion done stool examination what medicine to take child has increased heartbeat coughing after exertion ultrasound normal help sternum discomfort painful breathing what is causing this severe headaches tension headache prescribed paxidep cr safe to take stopped masturbating ejaculate during sleep tiredness next day reason salty taste in mouth clear mucous clogged ears headache reason sudden weakness low platelet count eating well reason headache dizzyness suffering from cold mucous hacking advice done transvaginal ultrasound want to get pregnant any chance intercourse pain redness in penis shaft discomfort medical attention required brown discharge vaginal bleeding brown spotting negative pregnancy test pregnant sleep disturbance caused by kalms herbal sleeping tablets pregnant have situs inversus sickness due to condition chest palpitations sluggishness anxiety normal thyroid suggestions whole body shivering continuously help abnormal menstrual bleeding severe cramps brown discharge post periods cancer light bleeding less pain trying to conceive suggestions pcod open pores on face should i go for microdermabrasion unaligned eyes reading a lot not sleeping enough help dizziness discharge had tubal ligation what should i do chest infection stinging on passing urine taken flu injection cure bleeding and oozing pus from ear normal when gauging up thumb injury foul smell stitches nail peeling precautions against infection delayed periods bloating constipation negative pregnancy tests causes for symptoms haemorrhoids swollen tissue between anus and vagina suggestions testicle sack swollen after hernia surgery normal 14 yr old height 52 can i still grow taller breaking yellowing and ingrown toe nails remedy stiffness pain in the neck shoulders what could this be missed periods lower abdominal cramps taking duphaston continue medication tilted head upwards while standing nose mouth pointed upwards reason lips face swelling in the morning bleeding suggestions allergic bronchitis taking defecort doxoril serum ige test done cure missed periods after miscarriage pregnancy test negative suggestions tattoo has white spots underneath due to chemicals or infection done spinal fusion poking sensation in lower back any thoughts light period bloating lower back pain pregnancy test negative suggestions trying to concieve prescribed duphaston and folic acid tablet safe knee pain natural remedies and diet underwent surgery for ovarian cyst prescribed hormonal tablets side effects pregnant ultrasound shows grade 3-4 maturity right to do c-section purple bruise on thigh no pain concerned suffering from typhoid high fever diet recommendations and recovery time had unprotected sex no periods who got me pregnant pco vomiting after taking fertomid should i continue pregnancy done nose surgery stomach pain done lab test suffering with pcod advised nacfil what are its side effects fingering semen on fingers missed periods vomiting chances of pregnancy done angioplasty for awmi life expectancy and precautionary measures suffering with dengue and typhoid treatment advise acute constipation after uti treatment no improvement with castophene suggestions breast cancer done laparotomy admitted for fourth cycle of ct unprotected sex withdrawal method vagina tight result faint blue pregnant spinal cord injury with traumatic paraplegia have uti constipation reason vomiting while riding a bus help spread of urine infection have diabetes stent in heart help breathlessness history of malaria help taking anti-depressantsbody tingling numbness sore throat anxiety attacks help have prolonged period on nuolobotnl on set of menopause severe constipation taken lopamide medication relief from symptoms fluctuating sgpt taken lamivir what is my current condition can feel ear wax in ear advice watery stools stomach cramps what could be the problem hair loss done thyronormalcy test what does this mean dizziness taking treatment for high blood pressure abnormal ekg stomach pain due to heart attack undergoing hsg advised rubella infection ideal approach to getting pregnant constipation bleeding eaten prunes afraid of infection pus-filled bump on head what is it high bilirubin headache eyes turning yellow have hashimotos disease welts on hand itchy no pus what is it chest pain while masturbating normal headache no blurred vision or migraine no stress cause weakness no confusion or disorientation taking lipitor delayed period breast pain tired am i pregnant feeling hot shivering occasionally could it be caused by antibiotics prescribed glycomet tropan and syndopa any side effects high esr count remedies and side effects fingering vaginal spotting bleeding heavily at times cause of worry effect on beta hcg levels after suspected miscarriage done semen analysis will this affect fertility taking folic acid white and heavy discharge reason can natazia birth control pill protect me quickly shoulder pain taking medication done magnetic therapy advice pain and bleeding after wisdom teeth removal x-ray normal cause faintly positive for hepatitis b earlier tests negative actual status had unprotected sex bleeding midcycle am i pregnant ankle injury swollen bruised what is wrong negative home pregnancy test headache no period what to do frequent tonsil inflammation discomfort swallowing history of bulimia any thoughts irritation brown vaginal discharge history of gbs have mirena inserted chest pain when drinking cold beverage what is causing this want to know which amway product will reduce blood sugar continuous headache side effects of androanagen or tugain prescribed darolac for intestinal infection what are its side effects puffy nipples clots pain surgery required or chest exercises red bumps on body have winter rosacea dry patches hard lump in neck soft lump above collarbone tiredness irritability constant constipation stomach pain yellow diarrhea what should i do missed periods previous miscarriage pelvic pain negative pregnancy test pregnant forehand injury above wrist bruise swelling small lump bruised vein constant uterine bleeding have abnormal menstrual cycles reasons child has random bumps redness help burning sensation in rectum had large intestine removed treatment chest pain high bp ultrasound negative leg numbness suggestions intermittent bleeding and cramps after medical abortion normal pain in heel during yoga pose reason headache dizziness light headedness sore throat cold joint pain fever suggest medicine to reduce size of buttocks throat pain sore throat fever taken paracetamol cure thick gel production in eye redness allergy cervical spondylosis questionable empty or partially empty sella meaning lumbar protrusions rib cage pain reason mri shows pituitary microadenoma in brain headache taking parlodel suggestion cramps light headedness headache taking viibyrd negative pregnancy test suggestions high blood pressure taking atenolol and losartan other medication needed tonsil looks deformed feeling of obstruction any ideas had unprotected sex taken ipill vaginal bleeding normal red knuckles bruise underneath not tender any ideas possibility of pregnancy after recanalization previously had two deliveries swollen labia minora itching white spots no discharge treatment options anemia high cholesterol headache why has migraine worsened back pain chest pain hurts to breathe painful joints numbness redness inflammation could i have ra gastroscopy shows gastritis and reflux frequently passing stools serious condition abdominal pain ultrasound shows enlarged liver please correlate clinically child has diarrhea after eating rice porridge chest tightness and pain done angioplasty done ct scan guidance vomiting sensation with headache while traveling on vehicle preventive measures can any online doctor analyze my lft reports recurring sinus congestion intense odor neck pain neck crackling help systemic sclerosis intestinal lung disease breathlessness any homeopathic medicine done thyroid test what does thyronormalcy mean low appetite have reflux problem prone to cold and cough delay in periods prescribed norethisterone what is its function consistent prostrate enlargement on dutalfa advice for reduction of prostrate is my hair greying due to excessive masturbation swelling on lip after stitches help stomach pain during periods is it due to kidney stone suddenly behave like psycho sudden behavior changes reasons want liposuction for thighs suggestion lung pain after smoking history of lung infection advice hardness in stomach gas nausea stomach pain normal periods taken unwanted 72 after unprotected sex chances of getting pregnant child has green stools prescribed cinoz and gnorm reason child has infected ears after piercing okay to use mupirocin child has hard lump painful purple bruising worried had protected sex during periods chances of pregnancy stomach pain in the morning sticky stool help spotting between periods no cramps sore breasts pregnant exposed to disinfectant fumes feeling tired permanent damage child has diarrhea normal stool test and blood test reason burning sensation after urinating sperm leakage from bladder solution suffering from chronic seizures prescribed eptoin medication permanent solution done semen analysis after varicocelectomy should i take clomefine again sudden periods tender breasts irritable cramps reason pregnant taking steroid injections for uti safe for fetal health overproduction of mucus after removal of tonsils and adenoids reason dizziness and nausea after waking up normal blood work eye injury red and swollen eye any first aid genetic benign arrythmia taking bystolic can i take potassium supplements constant itching and irritation around waistband any suggestions swollen abdomen cramps had umbilical hernia repair knee pain no stiffness cannot put weight help cramps gas nausea sensitive breasts negative pregnancy test stomach infection marginal zone lymphoma in breast what may i expect object like rubber band in stool green-brown color tapeworm pain in lower stomach prescribed paroxetine no depression suggestions painful lumps in groin aggravated before periods hormonal problem itchy rash under the eye skin has started peeling cure can any online doctor help me with the trans-vaginal ultrasound diabetic have missed periods tests show one faint line conclusion thyroid tests suggest thyronormalcy what does this indicate failed iui sa report shows asthenozoospermia sneezing after sex movement in chest running nose reason can crystal meth cause elevation in blood sugar loss of appetite acidity flatulence weight loss cold cough treatment pain near molars slight swelling no ulcers persistent pain cure ventricular tachycardia cardiac arrest difficulty breathing cause of death dizziness nausea due to labyrinthitis fatigue a normal symptom having memory problems neck pains and headaches whats wrong bleeding after having sex after period what could this be frequent urination burning urination dry mouth after urinating any ideas juvenile rheumatoid arthritis provide pointers to specialist lightheaded numb feeling in fingers are they related throat pain difficulty swallowing using cold lazer on shoulder 13 weeks pregnant do not want baby help dizziness shakiness taking celexa fast heart rate tachycardia reason stomach ache fever body ache should i be concerned cloudy eye after red floater will this clear up yellow stool hypoglycemia removed gall bladder now abdomen pain help child has fever cold cough prescribed meftal p suggestions brown rashes itchy used cliface done chemical peeling urinary problem when smoking prescribed macrobid what is wrong does amlopres cause ed have high bp breathlessness after climbing stairs palpitation normal have pvcs after slight exertion is it alarming depression angry itching sensation taking atarax help what lab is generally elevated in chronic bronchitis cough stuffy nose tight chest back pain trouble breathing have type 2 diabetes concerned child has dizziness low appetite headache earlier broken arm blood pressure dropping below normal steady heart rate your comment metal plate in wrist causes painswelling and redness sudden nosebleed headache no trauma any advice heaviness in ear discomfort tried steam rooms and acupuncture help lost voice heaviness in chest difficulty breathing using puffer cramps during period shaking sweating dizziness why did this happen pain in back of hand done wrist arthroscopy pores in armpit discharging white substance what is it child has constipation used liquid glycerine suppository itchy bumps on body prescribed lindane no bed bugs does excess intake of tetracycline stunt growth increase in hydrocele size extreme discomfort treatment options with medicine what is the effective treatment to get fair complexion how long is the course of anti-rabies vaccination effective erectile dysfunction after heavy masturbation what does this sound like irregular periods taking duphaston have spotting can medicine stop spotting head injury dizziness nausea check up necessary weakness shaking episode disappears after bowel movement any ideas purple spot on vulva white discharge itching body pain 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itching treatment lacrimal duct blockage severe inflammation near eye medicines pregnant suffering with hemorrhoid no relief with daflon suggestion done tubal ligation taking the pill skipped period cause is primolut safe have heavy bleeding hormonal imbalance pregnant abdominal cramps normal scan will alkacitral syrup affect fetus taking m2 and meprate for irregular cycles no period suggestions big stomach smelly discharge after having tubes scraped liposurgery suggested rheumatoid arthritis taken rituximab can i get married pcos prescribed primolut can i start diane during withdrawal bleeding addicted to spasmos want medicine to help with withdrawal symptoms pregnant toxoplasma positive taken rovamycine what should i do any chance of increasing height after age of 23 years hepatitis b virus can it be treated chronic rhinitis decreased hearing will nasal spray clear this up fever headache palpitation muscle loss insomnia have hyperthyroidism any advice crohns disease unstable angina constipation pebble like stools help itching inside penis no burning on urination cause of concern delayed period taken mensovit plus worried disturbed periods nipple intrusion ultrasound clear scared of breast cancer pancreatic pseudocyst in upper abdomen prescribed pentocid is it ok are hepatomegaly and constipation related have genital herpes raw painful to urinate taking arnica advice lump on tonsil no bad taste in mouth taken antibiotics internal bleeding in head headache what does this sound like delayed periods pregnant surgical abortion required will limcee medication help tiredness dull abdominal pain taking cerazette flucloxillin pregnancy symptoms ekg shows sinus bradycardia should i be concerned should i take medication for high blood pressure child has fever should levoriz be continued had miscarriage bad cramping sweating passed black stools normal spotting mid cycle after sex implantation bleeding how to remove allergic scars from body cut inside buttocks itching suggest something for permanent cure itching in groin recurring after stopping medication help if cholesterol reading is normal should i stop taking medication why did liver enzymes rise suddenly stopped hcg done semen analyis are the results normal had protected sex delayed period could i be pregnant ct scan shows endometrial thickening abdominal pain lump on knee soreness when pressed numbness worried continuous bleeding after hysterescopy what should i do have breast implant itching and pain in breast puckered nipple head injury painful headache taken paracetamol should i be worried child has spots itchy rough to the touch red bugs taken morning after pills continuous bleeding is it normal light bleeding frequent urination more apetite drowsiness abdominal cramps pregnant professional boxer yellow discharge from ear muffled sound serious blood test results show absolute monocytes level low significant treatment prescribed cerazette for migraine worried about gaining weight deviated nasal septum sinusitis difficulty and pain swallowing remedy throat tightening barium x-ray normal any ideas injury hurts on putting pressure wearing tensor bandage done urine test what do my test results mean random hives breakout during night no change in routine cause newborn has breathing problem prescribed syscan any side effects irregular periods pcod difficulty in conceiving taken regestron effective remedy diagnosed with pleurisy chest pains no clot in lungs suggestions delayed periods after taking progesterone chances of pregnancy weight loss loose breasts wants stiff firm breasts treatment options itch around the anus get skid marks remedy high wbc count esr levels during pregnancy normal migraine anemia headache quickened pulse treatment for migraine had bypass surgery hypertensive diabetic taking medicines alternative to medicines baby suffering from hydrocephalus lost hope treatment in ayurvedic medicine lump between ribs no pain discomfort what could this be how to prepone menstrual periods brsuffering from restless body syndrome depression sleeplessness suicidal tendency suggestions spotting abdominal cramps pregnancy test negative chances of pregnancy increased heart beat rate losing breath cough acid reflux ultrasound shows bilateral polycystic ovaries will this cause problem conceiving symptoms of dengue prescribed crocin levoflox cetzine vizylac correct treatment patches of skin inside lips sore tongue treatment motion sickness dizzy forgetful anxiety reason pcod delayed periods breast soreness burping tiredness slight temperature pregnant had stroke effect of plavix on menstrual flow sudden knee pain taking medicines ice-packs gout diet airborne allergies rashes on wrists arms legs taking hydrocortizone treatment constipation pimples dandruff chest hair hair on chin remedy trouble in swallowing choking breathing difficulty swollen throat suggestions stopped taking tabnorethisterone delayed periods normal growing cyst in scrotum what should i do chest pain occasional decals had asd closed cause suffering from positional vertigo treatment hairloss took medicines no relief alternative treatment for hair transplant headache neck stiffness nausea took medicines no relief solution urinary track infection itching red swollen labia bladder infection how to lower potassium level in the body body jerking in sleep have chiari malformation dizziness weakness is nordette 21 effective when second dosage is taken late small red bump on the clitoris no itching discharge advice skin infection around the penis suggestions treatment have had frequent skin abscesses swollen nodes reason increased heart beat rate not on any medication alternative treatment removal of paragard short periods swollen breasts cramps solution constant pain in the back of thigh to ankles advice had concussion dizzyness during eye therapy common ultrasound shows sick uterus fibroids alternatives to hysterectomy suffering from add on adderall cannot manage clutter suggestions weakness lightheaded dizzyness thirsty frequent symptoms what could this be took depo shot bleeding since then kind of odour suggestions pimple on the ear painful solution had gall bladder surgery pale dizzyness on medicines advice sneezing a lot clear watery snot normal missed period pink and creamy discharge could i be pregnant child is vomiting fever cold feet and hands given panadol bump on nipple painful to breastfeed pus-filled hair loss taking minoxidil and finasteride will monistat help me missed taking marvelon am i still protected white discharge before periods due with severe pain relief measure tonsillectomy scheduled might be pregnant safe to undergo surgery hospitalized due to blocked valve further course of action ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis shows thickened endometrium treatment advise done lipid test low ldl and hdl high triglycerides suggestions want discussion about angiography report weird memory mri showed hypertension of t1 and t2 worrisome recurring injury since rupture of left knee acl permanent cure unwanted pregnancy advised mifeprin zitotec will they help in abortion smoker have rapid heart beats instability negative thoughts worrisome flu blocked nose breathing difficulty coughing treatment back pain mri shows complete disc dessication suggestions excessive saliva bad odour in the mouth suggestions heavy bleeding after taking mifepristone normal pain under rib cage no swelling want correct diagnosis persisting cough x-ray normal taking medicines not much improvement advice frequent urination with nerve irritation post uti increased inflammation remedy pregnant induction with enema bladder cath any anal defect can barotrauma cause fluid buildup in mastoid air cells child has bleeding from pinhole in chest applied ice cause had miscarriage previously bleeding during and after sex normal spondylytis head spinning prescribed medicines causing drowsiness constipation suggestions extreme hairloss after suffering from typhoid advice knee pain no swelling injury discomfort while driving suggestions nocturnal urinesis on nervemax problem still persists suggestions male lumps in breasts pains when pressed breast cancer had copper iud removed missed periods sore breasts normal ringworm causing blisters on and around the testis treatment failed iui taken gmh-hp injection humog correct procedure dull ache in the chindiscoloration of gums oral cancer chronic diarrhea intense burning when eating rumbling stomach heart pounding chest pain after smoking weed suggestions pregnant skin infection black spots around the wound itching normal semen analysis shows oligospermia with infection meaning treatment sore throat swollen tonsils difficult to swallow suggestions tired moody migraines because of 2 forms of contraception baby having vomitting diarrhoea nappy rash due to teething taking mebeverine continuous menstrual bleeding no cramps due to medication sunburn painful varicose veins in thigh concerned holes in tonsils green fingers prominent veins suggestions abdominal pain normal gastro tests taken acid reflux medication palpitations when walking skipping heartbeat breathlessness anxiety breathlessness when walking ecg normal reason smelling of fart not coming from anus white and thick sperm could it indicate something lump on neck behind ear not cancer taking antibiotics cause fever arm pain swollen foot numbness test shows inflammation weakness heavy breathing light headedness blacking out headache nausea help random sweating in hands anything i can do always depressed anxiety stomach cramps sleeping less child has tympanic spasms painful which specialist recommended suffering from hormonal acne want solution fullness in neck after taking synthroid what to do testicle injury stomach discomfort pain disappeared possibility of infertility itchy red spots filled with clear liquid recurring problem red lines on face flat no itching or pain diarrhea obstruction in anus yellow substance ovarian resistance increased fsh and ih should we take hcg abdominal pain belching nausea bloating exhaustion taken librax help missed period taken steroid shot for bronchitis concern about pregnancy absent minded light headed dizziness chills pale face sore throat feeling of obstruction redness in throat your thoughts stomach cramps diarrhea fever chest pain when breathing help breathlessness worsens after consuming caffeine chest pain asthma or anxiety blisters on labia majora itching no pain ingrown hair trying to conceive does progesterone help to conceive dizziness feeling flush no ear pain or headache itching legs prescribed ketoconazole no relief can one get hiv from sharing a bong does masturbation affect fertility and mobility jaw pain after eating steak did i tear a muscle elbowed in throat causing discomfort low voice dengue fever high platelet level given home remedies any suggestions