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Good afternoon. I began having some discomfort/pain in my abdomen

Good afternoon. I began having some discomfort/pain in my abdomen since June. I was doing a lot of lifting and yard work so I assumed it was a muscle pull or hernia type injury. I rested and stopped lifting for a month. When I tried to start exercising again it hurt. It is slightly left of my belly button. The pain would come on if I exercised (Jumping or running) or as my day progressed. Lately it has come daily along with a bloated tummy. Hurts if I put pressure in the area as well. No other symptoms. Sleep, Diet, Menstrual cycle, Stress, Routines are normal. Absolutely not pregnant. I have made an appointment with my primary but I am feeling like I cant wait until Oct 17th to be seen.???
Sun, 30 Sep 2018
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doctor1 MD

I m a 42yo Caucasian male. Since about last August, have had serious constipation. Changed my diet to include less meat, more fiber, more water, more fruits and vegetables. However, to date, I can go 2 - 3 weeks with no or very little bowel movement and, of course, I always feel full. After 2 - 3 weeks of discomfort, I generally resort to an over-the-counter product to assist in bowel movement, and sometimes it doesn t work completely. I ve developed an increasingly growing pain in my left abdomen during this time, including under the left rib cage. I sometimes feel pain across my entire abdomen, sometimes just on the left and right sides. The left-side pain and discomfort seems to increase when I lean over or lay on that side, even after those few times when I am able to have a good bowel movement. Though I take very good care of my teeth, my gums have also began receding around some of my teeth during this time. I sweat more, especially under my arms, and feel constantly fatigued.

doctor1 MD

Symptoms: Right Flank Pain: is a dull aching, throbbing pressure on a regular basis but flares to a pretty intolerable stabbing pain. It is located mainly right at the base of my ribs. It occasionally radiates into my lower back and kidney area on my right side. Additionally I have very tender spots to palpation on my lower rib cage front and back and just below my rib cage on the front. I often feel like my kidney is achy. The flares in pain seem to be avoided by minimal activity. Night sweats/hot flashes: I have been experiencing hot flashes mostly in the late evening/overnight period. I feel like I have a severe fever, I have checked several times and have no fever. Additionally I find myself very sweaty at night, I awake and find my pillow damp and my shirt soaked with sweat. The night sweats and hot flashes are not normal to me. Extreme Fatigue: I feel tired and unrested upon awakening and desire to sleep in the afternoon as well as go to bed much earlier than normal. Initially while off work I was sleeping 12+ hours each night and napping 1-2 times during the day. Now that I have had to return to work I find myself feeling unrested upon awakening in the mornings and desiring a nap when I get home. Additionally, I am going to be earlier that I would normally. Nausea w/o vomiting and appetite reduction: While I do think my appetite is better than it was just a few weeks ago I still do not see it as normal. I am a 27 year of female who I would consider to be healthy. My past medical history includes a C-Section 2 ½ years ago and a Cholescystectomy in October of 2009. I also smoke less than half a pack a day. My recent problems began a little over a month ago with a diagnosed UTI in the ER. My urine labs came back rather bad. I was prescribed a 7 day course of Cipro, told if my symptoms worsened to return, and sent on my way. Two days later my pain was just as bad as before but it no longer hurt to urinate. So I like my discharge instructions stated returned to the ER. They ran a urine test, blood test and gave me a liter of fluids. They said that the urine tested negative this time and there was nothing remarkable about my blood work They gave me meds for the nausea told me to continue the Cipro and sent me on my way, this time telling me it could possible be pyelonephritis and to follow up with my PCP. So the next morning I did just that and was seen by my PCP. She too ran a urine test and it was still negative. She said she wanted to rule out a pyelo so she scheduled me for a CT of my abdomen and pelvis. I had the CT scan done and the findings were: small umbilical hernia, normal appearance of the appendix and small mesenteric lymph nodes right lower quadrant, otherwise normal unenhanced CT pelvis. Following this she gave me a diagnosis of Mesenteric Lymphadenitis. I was basically told to rest and given a work excuse until further notice. I was given Vicodin for the pain and told to continue the Phenergan as needed for the nausea. After about two weeks I was starting to feel better, not as tired and not having flares or attacks of extreme pain. After several follow up visits and three weeks total off work my PCP released me to return to work. I did just that. On my second day back however my pain once again worsened. I called my PCP and she said that the Mesenteric Lymphadenitis doesn’t flare and wanted to see me. So I once again returned to see her. This time she paid careful attention in palpating my abdomen checking all areas and organs. My pain upon palpation in the kidney area has greatly improved but now I have pain around my rib cage, front and back. And some tenderness just below the rib cage in the front. She is stumped and told me so, she does another urine test in the office which comes back negative. She decides to send me for a chest X-Ray, blood work up and stool sample. The X-Ray is normal, stool samples came back good and blood work as follows: High HGB, HCT, MCH and Low RDW-CV. Now I have been referred to a Gastroenterologist which I see next week.

doctor1 MD

Good afternoon, Dr. Narasi. I accidentally swallowed a small but sharp goat bone yesterday. i am aware if I have a dark stool, it must have gotten stuck somewhere in the stomach or the intestines. And yes, I started having dark stool today. But I do not have any pain, discomfort yet. Should I go get an Xray/CT scan done? Pl help

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