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20 year old female presents with tender over maxillary sinuses.

20 year old female presents with tender over maxillary sinuses. sclera red and slightly swollen, and frequent tearing; outer nares with red, irritated skin; internal nares with red boggy, moist mucosa and one medium size polyp on each side. Pharynx slightly erythematous, with clear post nasal drainage
5 week history of itchy eyes and nasal congestion with watery nasal discharge. She complains of a tickling cough especially at night and sneezing. She also gets frequent colds every spring and fall
Mon, 8 Oct 2018
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doctor1 MD

Hi,I was asking one of your colleagues about my 30year old chronic sinusitis problem.I had an MRI s few years ago and was told my sinuses were clear.He ignored my GP letter detailing persistent and chronic infection,bilateral scarring of eardrums and severe tinnitus.She and I feel that if the Eustachian tubes were scraped and cleared I might not suffer so much congestion and pressure around the bridge of my nose.My GP has another patient with a similar clear MTI of sinuses and this scraping and cleaning of nasal tubes is effective for her.Your colleague mentioned the possibility of vaso motor rhinitis..could you explain that to me.I get infection every 2months approximately,have tried elimination diet,neti pot,steam inhalation,supplements .all avenues tried.Doctors have commented on my very narrow bridge of nose and very narrow nasal openings..they likened them to slits.I always feel like the gunge is stuck in the tube under my eyes and close to my nose..despite drinking pints of water daily its almost impossible to get the gunge out..hence infections.To me it seems logical to scrape the tubes,there has to be huge build up from years of infection My ear problem is worsening,with fluid in middle ear,tinnitus and vertigo.Would really appreciate your opinion,very interested to know what vaso motor rhinitis is which your colleague mentioned.Thanks for reading this.Incidentally good bloods..normal haemoglobin,some gluten sensitivity which I address,recently diagnosed with RT3 problem with thyroid gland,,after years of having hypo symptoms but normal basic tests,endocrinologist sent bloods to France,came back with FreeT3 to RT3 ratio of should be over 20.And DHEA of 6.2...range is 3.4 to 33.On liothyronine 3 months and the difference is amazing.I,ve had CFS/ME for 2yrs,finally getting somewhere.Again thanks in advance..Maria Kelly

doctor1 MD

Hi, I have had a series of issues going on over the course of a few years ... I will try to go through them in order .. I started having stomach issues during college .. 18-21.. Had an endoscopy and colonoscopy at around age 21.. Showed a hiatal hernia and further testing showed gastroparesis. I ve felt light headed and fatigue for years now .. Where I get blurred vision and have to sit down or get tired easily. At 23 I had pilodonal cysts that were drained .. A few months after that I was getting numbness and tingling through one side of my body.. My lips and fingers would go numb.. Neck pain.. This occurred on an off for a few months.. One episode sent me to the ER where they did a CT of my head which came back negative ... I also had an mri of my spine and brain. Showed one small white spot on brain and neurologist said it was insignificant bc of the area it was in and wouldn t relate to my symptoms. About a year after this I was getting severe stragulating pain in the middle of my chest .. It kept me awake at night where I had to sleep sitting up at times .. When I was able to eat I would get a pulsating feeling through my arms and legs .. Felt my heart race as if it was struggling to digest any food. got to the point where I Couldn t consume any food or drinks for about a week or two..Felt numbness again in my extremities .. My lips and fingers while I felt a strangulating pain in my esophagus .. Had an endoscopy done which showed only large hiatal hernia .. Some time after this episode I began having pain and discomfort in the left upper abdomen above my rib cage .. Felt like heart palpitations at times .. Pressure and a dull acheyness... Keeping me awake again.. Symptoms worse during the night.. I will wake up not being able to catch my breath.. Keeps me up for hours. Feeling like I had trouble breathing ... One night I woke up to go to the bathroom.. Noticed I had a huge red dot in my left eye .. I wound up sitting on my bed afterwards then getting a rush of nausea .. I stood up to walk towards the bathroom thinking I was going to get sick and instead I fainted and collapsed on my bed room floor.. I woke up in a cold sweat confused and panicked .. Blurry vision and pale white ., called 911 and went to hospital.. Blood work came back ok, EKG came back and I was released. A month later I went to the ER again bc of the severe pain in my left chest and abdomen .. Did cat scan of lungs and ekg again which came back fine. Went to a cardiologist and wore a 24 hour heart monitor, also had a heart echo come back fine. At this point I am still feeling the pressure and discomfort on my left side on my ribs.. Feels like a dull acheyness .. Goes into my back ribs as well... it isn t much of a pain but a feeling like I have sores along my rib cage or that my left side of my upper abdomen is swollen ... I can no longer sleep on my left side.. If I do I wake up having to catch my breath during the night ... Feel often that I have to gasp for air and have trouble sometimes swallowing feeling like I am dehydrated even if I am not... No one is able to find what s wrong and I m getting exhausted feeling this way... And getting worse .. Other non related issues I have are: chronic sinusitis, dry bumpy skin, shakey hands and legs, sweating and frequent urination. Only surgeries I have had are tonsillectomy, adenoids and deviated Septom. Shorty after Adonid surgery I was hospitalized bc of an infection near my brain. Was fine after a few days. Never cleared my sinus symptoms though. I m sure there are some things I am Leaving out but that s a start.. I am a 25 year old female. Thanks!

doctor1 MD

Just received the results of an EKG: Possible left atrial enlargement nonspecific T Wave abnormality and borderline ECG Sinus Bradycardia with SInus Arrhythmia What is the cause, implications and is there someway to improve this? I do a lot of exercise, hot yoga, spin and bootcamp. I am 55 year old female. Thank you for your response.

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