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Professional Details
State Licence Number/NPI
RMC 21383/7530
State/Board registered with
Rajasthan Medical Council
Years of experience
Specific Skills and Interests
- Expertize in all types of skin / dermatological problems
- Expertize in problems related to nails and hair
- Expertize in all sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS
- Expertise in lasers used for skin & hair - Nd YAG; Diode; IPL
- Expertise in minor and major dermatological surgeries (including Blister grafting, mini punch grafting for vitiligo, excision of growths, nail surgeries, cryosurgery along with chemical cauteries and peeling etc chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, suction blister grafting
- Expertise electric & chemical cautery, radio frequency, microdermaberader, intra-lesional injections; scar reversions
- Expertise in Botox and Dermal fillers
Clinic Detail 1
Kanodia Skin Clinic 1,
Sethi Colony, Rajasthan, India View Clinic  
With prior appointment
Clinic Detail 2
Kanodia Skin Clinic 2,
256-A; In front of laxminarayan temple, Gurunanakpura; Raja park,
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India View Clinic  
With prior appointment

Education Details
Degree earned
Name of the university
University of Rajasthan(Gold Medalist) 
Residency / Post graduation
Year of post-graduation
Degree earned
S M S Medical College; Jaipur 

Other Details
Best Dermatologist ( skin specialist ) Award 2016
Best Doctor Award (2012, 2013): National Institute of Medical Sciences
Young Achiever's Award- CODFICON-2013
Best Post Graduate Award- SMS Medical College-2005
University Gold Medalist : (2001)- from University of Rajasthan     
Rameshwar Goyal Gold Medal Award-2001
C.K.Joshi Gold Medal Award (2001)
Best All Rounder Award 2000
Best Literarian Award 1999
Best In cultural Award 1999
Best Debater Award 1998
Professor- Deptt of Dermatology; National Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Jaipur
Certification - American Academy of Dermatology
GCP certification United Kingdom
Fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology     Marico India     2007     Mumbai
Enhanced training in Botox and fillers     Coherrent India     2008;2011;2013     New Delhi
Member IADVL- LM/R/7815
Other professional achievements
Published multiple papers in national and international journal and Written three chapters in various books of Dermatology (Clinical Pediatric Dermatology) & cosmetic Dermatology

• Asif M, Kanodia S, Singh K. Combined autologous platelet-rich plasma with microneedling verses microneedling with distilled water in the treatment of atrophic acne scars: a concurrent split-face study. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2016 doi: 10.1111/jocd.12207. [Epub ahead of print]

• Yashdeep Malik, Kishor Singh, Sanjay Kanodia, Arvind Verma, Surender Singh, Yogender Yadav. Antibiotic sensitivity patterns in cases of pyoderma around Jaipur. International Journal of Recent Trends In Scince and Technology November 2015; 17 (1):92-96.

• Yogender Kumar, Kishor Singh, Sanjay Kanodia, Surender Singh, Neha Yadav. Clinico-epidemiological profile of superficial fungal infections in Rajasthan. MedPulse - International Medical Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - March 2015 pp 139-143

• Kishor Singh, Amarjeet Singh, Sanjay Kanodia, Jyoti Singh, Akansha Trehan. Efficacy of isotretinoin alone and its combination with azithromycin in moderate to severe acne vulgaris: a comparative study. MedPulse - International Medical Journal, Volume 1, Issue 6, June 2014 pp 310-315.

.• Amarjeet Singh, Kishor Singh, Sanjay Kanodia, Surendra Singh, Jyoti Singh, Mohammad Asif Bacteriological study and antibiotic sensitivity patterns in cases of pyoderma. MedPulse - International Medical Journal, ISSN 2348-2516 E-ISSN: 2348-1897. Volume 1, Issue 8, June 2014 pp 357-363.

• Akansha Trehan, Kishor Singh, Sanjay Kanodia, Amarjeet Singh Verma Contact hypersensitivity in hand eczema – A study with Indian standard series of allergens. MedPulse - International Medical Journal, ISSN 2348-2516 E-ISSN: 2348-1897.Volume 1, Issue 6, June 2014 pp 304-309

• Kanodia SK, Dixit AM, Shukla SR, Seth AK, Balothia V, Gupta R. A study on knowledge, beliefs and attitude towards leprosy in students of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Indian J Lepr. 2012 Oct-Dec;84(4):277-85.

• Kanodia SK, Seth AK, Dixit AM. Dose related efficacy of gabapentin in acute herpetic neuralgia among geriatric patients. Indian J Dermatol, 2012 ;57:362-5.

• Sanjay Kumar Kanodia, K. C. Singhal. A study on efficacy of Pregabalin in acute Herpetic Neuralgia. Sanjay Kumar Kanodia, K. C. Singhal. Annals of Neurosciences, Vol 18, No 4 (2011):148-50

• Sanjay Kumar Kanodia, Amoolya K. Seth, Shailja Ratan Shukla. A Study on Genital Fixed Drug Eruption in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Sanjay Kumar Kanodia, Amoolya K. Seth, Shailja Ratan Shukla. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research 2011 August ; 5:700-702.

• Kanodia S K, Shukla S R, Bhardwaj P. Efficacy of Famciclovir and Acyclovir in Herpes zoster and Post Herpetic Neuralgia: A Comparative study. Current Medical Trends. July and Oct 20011; Vol 15; Number 3-4; 2692-2698.

• Kanodia S K, Tomar A, Shukla S R. Fixed Drug Eruptions in tertiary care hospital. Journal of Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety; January-March 2011, Volume 8: Number 1: 25-28.

• Kanodia S K, Shukla S R, Bhardwaj P. Role of early therapy of Gabapentin in treating Nocturnal pain of • Herpes zoster and Post Herpetic Neuralgia. Journal of Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety; April-June 2010, Volume 7: Number 2: 80-82.

• Kanodia S K, Balothia V. Role of vaccine in post herpetic neuralgia: Annals of Neurosciences: Volume 16; Dec 2009 supplement: 85.

• Agarwal U S, Kanodia S K. Nodular vasculitis-Is it of tubercular origin. Current Medical Trends. Oct.- Dec. 2006; Vol 10/No. 4:2015-20.

• Purohit S, Kanodia S, Shukla SR, Saxena VN, Meena RS, Saxena V. Linear psoriasis. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2006 Sep-Oct;72(5):398

• Bhargava P, Kanodia S K. Imiquimod: A Novel Immune Response Modifier. Indian Journal of Sexual transmitted diseases January- June 2006; Vol.27 No.1: 2-5.

• Kanodia S K, Agarwal U S, Shukla S R. Mixed bullous disorder- A case report. Current Medical Trends;July- Sept. 2006; Vol 10/No.3:2001-4

• Bhargava P, Kanodia S K. HIV and leprosy: a case report- Indian Journal of Sexual transmitted diseases. July – December 2005; Vol.26 No.2, 89-90.

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