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bruise feeling surrounding my heart bruised feeling in hip hip feels bruised and ovary hurts feels like bruised hips wrist feels bruised hiv bruise normal feels hot my leg muscles hurt and feel bruised male nipple hurts feels like a bruise spine feels bruised stomach hurts swollen inflamed toe that feels bruised spine feels bruised no injury legs feel bruised inside the inside of my lip feels bruises pregnant upper stomach feels bruised inside out knee feels bruised but isnt pain in thigh feels bruised but isnt skin feels bruised but isnt toe feeling bruised and itching slight swelling leg feels bruised and itchy bruise like feeling on the jaw line bruised feeling on jaw line knee pain that feels like a bruise bruised feeling knot on right shoulder knuckle feels like a bruise bruise like feeling on lower left side feels like a bruise left ribcage lower left ribs feel bruised outside of left wrist sore feels bruised left tip of penis feels bruised bruised rib feeling in left rib left side rib feels bruised feeling bruised under left rib bruised feeling on left side feels like bruise on leg no marks spots on legs that feel like bruises leg muscle feels bruised and lumpy bruise feeling on leg but no marks pains on legs feels bruised vein in leg feels bruised bruise on leg feels warm lipoma feels like bruise bruising of ribs feels like liver pain lump feels like bruise lump on shin feels like bruise feels like a bruise but no mark painful mole feels like bruise patellofemoral pain syndrome feels like bruise penis pain feels like bruise stomach pain feels like bruise thigh pain that feels like a bruise pain in throat that feels like bruise feels like bruise on penis feels like stomach is bruised while pregnant pressing on stomach feels like bruise sore quads that feel like bruising feels like a bruise and red sarcomas feel like a bruise bruise like feeling on scalp sore throat feels like bruise what does a bruised spleen feel like feels like a bruise in stomach vomiting and stomach feels like a bruise feels like bruised tailbone feels like a bruise above temple feels like thigh bruise varicose vein feels like a bruise lower spine feels bruised lump in middle of spine feels bruised tiny lump under skin feels bruised lump on spine feels bruised roof of month feels bruised bruise feeling on roof of mouth bruised feeling in top of mouth bruised feeling on neck bruised type feeling on side of neck see a neurologist scalp feels bruised sore throat palate feels bruised bruised feeling in penis penis feels bruised red penis feels tender and bruised vein protruding temple pregnant feels bruised red welt that feel bruise should a bruise feel warm bruised feeling on tiop of shoulder bruised feeling on side of vagina skull feels bruised in spots spine feels bruised in one spot bruised swollen feeling spot on spine wrist feels bruised vein swollen bruised feeling in testicle bruised feeling in throat bruised feeling in throat for 5 weeks why do bruises feel warm bruised feelin in hip bruised feelin oa hip bruise like marks on feet without injury bruised feet and legs painful feet and legs and bruising bruise like marks on feet bruise marks on feet bruised palms and feet pregnancy bruising on feet bruising on soles of feet pregnancy pregnancy swollen feet and bruising bruised feet when pregnant red bruising on feet red bruises on top of feet bruise at side of feet bruises on soles of feet bruise and swollen feet bruised tailbone tingling feet bruise and lump groin female can fetal movement bruise you penis head bruise and fever unexpected bruises on legs fever headache bruised tailbone and fever bruised hard lump over fibula bruised upper fibula knee inside bruised muscle around the fibula large fluid filled bruise on leg random bruises under fingernails sore bruised numb fingertips bruised wrist fir no reason flaking skin bruise on leg bruise on flank on skin unexplained bruise flank area flip turn heel bruise bruise on the floor of tongue bruising with fluid in middle flying with a huge bruise flying with bruised leg flying wiht a bruise bruising on neck folds from hypothyroidism hair follicle infection bruise bruise following hamstring tear bruise followed by knot leg pain followed by bruising suddent swelling followed by a bruise bruised ribs food poisoning leg pain and foot bruising mark like bruise on foot bruise like marks under the foot bruise like rash on foot small bruise like things on foot straight line side of foot bruise foot looks red and bruised on top why does my foot look bruised mysterious bruise on foot symptom mystery bruise on foot bruise of foot from needle bruising on foot for no reason swollen bruised foot no reason numbness and bruising on foot pregnancy swollen foot and bruising pregnant small bruise foot red purple bruising on sole of foot random bruise on foot random bruise on sole of foot random bruise on top of foot red bruise on my foot twisted right foot bruised scoliosis and bruises on foot shin bruise spread to foot shin bruise foot swelling bruising on side of foot sudden bruising on side of foot bruising on top of foot spreading sudden bruising on foot sudden bruise on top of foot unexplained bruising on top of foot bruised tender leg injury football forearm bruise and swelling of hand unexplained bruise rash on left forearm bruise like rash on forearm veins lump on forearm with bruise lump on forearm muscle under bruise lump under skin forearm not a bruise lump forearm then spreading bruise unknown bruise and lump forearm bruise in middle of forearm red bruise on forearm bruised ring on forearm sore very swollen bruised forearm sudden bruise on underside of forearm forearm bruise and tennis yellow bruise on forearm kids bruises on forehead wont go away bruise on toddlers forehead wont go away bruise on forehead and headache hurts like a bruise on forehead bruise like rash on forehead bruise looking spot on forehead bruise on forehead no pain sore area on forehead but not bruised 2 year old bruise on forehead purple bruise on forehead random bruise on forehead reoccurring red bruise on forehead sudden unexplained bruising on forehead vertical bruise on forehead fourderm on foreskin bruising how to treat bruised foreskin bruised penis inner foreskin foreskin bruise not swollen bruise under foreskin of penis knot has formed where thigh was bruised bruise forming next to pimple red spots form then turn to bruises scar tissue forming under bruise bruises forming on the stomach male found bruising under my left nipple fractured toe no bruising bruising for freezing warts what does a fresh bruise look like bruised and lumpy fromslamming meth fruta planta and bruises fucidin ointment on bruises is it toe nail fungus or bruise toe nail fungus vs a bruise toenail fungus versus bruised toenail a bruise that keeps getting larger leg bruise getting worse taking tramadol and getting lots of bruises does getting bruises mean im pregnant bruised rib pain getting worse getting rid of bruises on penis keep getting bruise same place bruised rib getting worse keep getting bruise in same spot thigh bruise now swelling getting worse tired keep getting bruises giant bruise on leg giant bruise on thigh laser glans penis bruise purple bruised glans penis purple bruise on glans penis urology permanent bruise on glans small bruise spots on glans treatment for bruised glans bruised and swollen gland bruises on nose from glasses bruises go straight to green grey bruise going away hand tremors bruise that wont go away bruises wont go away knee bruised line going up my leg lower leg bruise that want go away bruise on lower leg wont go away bruise leg not going away vein bruises from shooting meth go away painfull bruise that wont go away reasons why bruises wont go small bruise wont go away bruises on stomach wont go away bruises that wont go away underarm bruise gone but hard lump underneath bruise is gone but lump there bruise gone but lump still present bruise gone but lump remains bruise gone but still painful bruise has gone red bruise where got stabbed by pencil bruise has got redder bruised green vein iv two green bruises on 6 year old bruised toe is green pink grey bruise on hand why is my bruise grey bruises in groin area womens health unexplained bruise in lower groin itchy bruise near groin bruise like mark on groin small bruise lump in groin bruised sore lump in groin area purple bruise in male groin area sudden bruise groin area painless bruises by groin from sit ups bruising of skin in groin area sudden unexplained groin bruising bruising upper groin toddler is bruising related to growth hormones too vaginal growth and leg bruising bruises and muscle growth red bruise like mark on gums bruised looking spots on gums swollen bruised lymph node in gum purple bruise on gums red bruise on gums salt on bruised gums bruising and increased hair loss hair loss on legs and bruising muscle weakness bruising hair loss hair loss bruises stomache pain unexplained bruising and hair loss bruising on lower half of legs hard knot hamstring bruise heard a pop hamstring bruise hamstring injury bruise week later unexplained bruise on lower hamstring unexplained bruise on hamstring hand bruise no injury iv bruising hand wrist knot on hand around vein bruise red bruise mark on right hand knuckle reaccuring bruise on knuckle of hand long lasting bruise on top of hand bruising on top of left hand swellingin hands and leg bruising medical looks like bruise hand bruise like on lower right hand bruise like mark on hand bruise like mark on hand no pain red bruise like marks on the hand what are bruise like marks on hands bruise like rash on hand red bruise like spots on hands bruise like spots on my hands bruise looking mark on hand bruised looking hands veins bruise mark on hand bruise mark on hand but not painful red bruise mark on hand reoccuring mysterious bruise on hand sore hand not bruised or swollen sudden and painful bruises on my hands strange bruises on hand painless hand swollen bruise painless bruises on right hand and stomach problems skin rash on hands with bruising bruising and red spots on hands syndrome of red bruise on hand bruise right hand side ribs bruise rings on hands bruised and swollen hand bruise on top of hand hand bruises when writing bruise with hard hot lump hard bruise and hot to touch bruised hard lump on inner wrist bruised knee now a hard spot spider vein bruise hard knot hard knot under bruise hard bruise on leg bruised leg hard to walk bruise hard lump small bruised hard lump thigh nerve pain bruise on stomach with hard lump unhealed bruise and hard lumps bruises hard and lumpy bruise marks hard spot on shin spider bruise hard middle bruised pain in hard palate bruise sore on hard palate hard bruised skin patch on shoulder hard penis bruise toddler hard protrusion on ribs bruised hard swelling around bruise on shin hard bruise shin white bruising with hard spots hard bruise on stomach hardened bruise on leg bruise on lower leg hardening surgery for harden bruise bruise that hasnt healed turned red leg bruising from hcg tiredness stuffy head bruise wont heal bruise on head still hurts bruised inside head of penis laser bruise penis head long lasting bruise on toddlers head bruise like pain on head bruise like spots on penis head unexplained bruise lumps on head mysterious bruising on head bruise on head numb bruise red patch on side of head bruise on head of penis bruise on penis head of penis red bruise on penis head sore bruised penis head bruised penis head symptoms small pin head bruising red bruise on head bruised sensation in head what are bruises on my head knee replacemevt bruise headache late period bruising headaches bruises on legs and headaches headaches and unexplained bruising on upper legs symptoms lightheaded headache bruising tired stomach bruise tired headaches mood swings nausea tiredness headache bruising stomach pain bruises and headaches headaches with bruised temples tired bruising headaches how to heal bruised palate how to heal a bruised penis non healing bruise leg nose bruise six month healing time painful bruise that wont heal bruised palm wont heal penile shaft bruised wont heal healing bruised penis tip tip of penis bruised wont heal bruise on the scrotum take to heal bruise on side of heal bruised spleen time to heal bruised toenail wont heal why a bruise wont heal bruise marks near heart bruised heart muscle treatment what is a bruised heart muscle bruising and heart problem bruising of the heart wall bruised testical ice or heat heat rash and bruising top lip heavily bruised and injured hockey puck heel bruise help for an indented leg bruise does infared sauna help bruised ribs unexplained bruises on my legs help will meloxicam help bruised ribs herpes looks like bruise herpes and unexplained bruising small purple bruises hgg bruise looks like hickey high temperature and bruising bruise on hip now red and hot sore bruised knot on hip bruised hip and upper leg light bruising on hips bruise like rash on hip bruise with lump on hip bruise hip in 8 month old recurring pain from bruised hip bruising on hip while pregnant purple bruising on hip bruise above right hip large unexplained bruise above right hip unexplained bruising and swelling in hips raised red bruise on hipabdomen hit lower leg now swelling with bruising pregnant hit stomach bruise hit and bruised varicose vein bruises on leg from hiv hiv spots or bruise hives that leave bruises hives that sting and leave bruises homeopathy treatment for bruised knuckles honeycomb bruise on leg horse shoe bruise on leg horseshoe shaped bruise on shin itchy hot bruise hot pin pricks itchy bruises itchy hot spot bruise on thigh hot bruise on leg leg bruise red hot red hot swollen bruise hot tub bruised ribs bruise hot to touch bruised rib and hottub how to treat a bruised lower leg shin bruise lump how to treat how to get rid of penis bruise how to treat a bruised penis how to treat a bruised spleen how to treat a bruised windpipe huge lump under skin bruise obsessive plucking huge bruise on shin huge bruise on wrist bruises that itch and hurt lump on leg that hurts and bruises vein in leg hurts and bruising quickly bruises on my legs without hurting do leukemia bruises hurt mole hurts like a bruise stomach hurts like a bruise tounge hurts like bruise bruise on lip does not hurt lump on bruise hurts old bruise that still hurts terrible bruise still hurts hydrogen peroxide for bruising pulmonary hypertension looked bruised hypothyroidism and neck bruises hypothyroidism and unexplained bruising bruising 6 months post hysterectomy ice bruise on leg numbness presure iches bruise leg sudden ichy skin with a sudden bruise idiopathic bruising posterior thigh illness with random bruising bruising on implantation in pregnancy red or bruised indentions on inner thigh indentation left from bruise leg with indented pitting looks like bruise indented pain bruising leg treatment of a indented leg bruise bruised thigh and indentation unexplained bruising in infants infants bruising in infants inner thigh infant bruises with knot bruises on lower leg of infant infants bruising on upper lip lump with bruising over rib in infant bruise with lump underneath infant bruises on spine infant bruising on spine and tailbone in infants bruise infection on the leg infected swollen bruised penis leg and thigh bruises prove infidelity random skin inflammation and bruising info on bruised windpipe unexplained inguinal ligament bruising bruise in im injections site sudden non injury bruising on inner thighs lump thigh bruise no injury bruise with no injury bruised toenail pain no injury bruising in an old injury post shin bruise injury inner leg itching and bruising bruising on inner thighs itching itchy inner thighs with spots and bruises itchy inner thigh and now bruised bruise on inner knee small bruise on inner thigh with knot largevunexplained bruise on my inner upper thigh red bruise like spots on inner legs mystery bruises on toddlers inner leg red bruise like marks on inner thighs bruise like marks on inner thighs bruise like patch inner thigh little red bruises inner thighs bruising inner thigh male bruise marks on toddlers inner thighs what does bruising on inner thighs mean inner thigh bruising in men mysterious bruise inner thigh random bruise on inner thigh near vagina bruise inner thigh next to scrotum inner thigh bruising no pain bruised inner thighs on 2 year old unexplained painful bruising on inner thigh bruising on inner thigh pregnancy small bruise inner thigh pregnant pregnant inner thigh bruises inner thigh raised red bruise red bruise on inner thigh bruise shape vein inner thigh small bruises on inner thigh bruises on inner thighs tiny inner thigh bruise on vein bruises treatment on inner thigh insatialble itch that leads to bruise bruise marks on inside of knees sore inside knee bruises bruise on inside of leg and lips bruise on inside leg newborn bruise like mark inside lip bruising on inside lips of vagina bruised lump inside mouth bruised spot inside the mouth my nuva ring bruises my insides small bruise inside of palm white ring inside welt or bruise white spots inside bruises bruise on inside thigh bruise on vein inside thigh intense itching and bruising internal bruising from pregnancy itchy red spot that turned inti bruise investigation painful bruising shins zits pop inward bruise bruising ion top pallet low iron bruises on legs from iron small bruises lump in bruise on leg itches itch bruise now red legs severe itching and bruising on legs bruise with lump and itching meth itch and bruising bruising for no reason itching pneumonia rash bruising pain itch h pylori bruising itching severe itching with rash and bruising itching bruises on stomach rash stings itches then bruises bruising and itching on upper thigh itch turns into a bruise unexplained bruising and itching bruise on wrist itch itchy thigh leads to bruising leukemia itchy bruised legs unexplained itchy bruises lower legs itchy legs at night with bruises itchy bruised legs steroids itchy leg thighs bruised itchy leg then turns into a bruise unexplained itchy bruise leg vasculitis are leukemia bruises itchy itchy unexplained bruises leukemia itchy rough bruise looking patches of skin itchy unexplained bruises lupus sudden itchy bruising on outer thigh bruises outer thigh itchiness itchy spot over bruised ribs vein puffy itchy then bruises itchy bruise i think i pulled itchy red rash and bruising skin rashes itchy bruises itchy skin rash and unexplained bruising bruise turned into an itchy rash unexplained bruising with itchy rash bruise with itchy ring itchy bruise on shin itchy small bruise on thigh tender itchy bruise on thigh itchy bruise on thigh itchy thigh turned into bruise itchy thighs and bruising without anything there varicose vein bruises itchy itchy bruise on waist itchy wrist and bruised iud bruises on legs iv meth no bruises spontaneous bruising iv meth iv bruise no swelling unexplained bruise under the jaw of toddler radant kc for bruise bruises on kids shins lumps bruise in mouth kid bruises on outside thighs on kids small round bruises on kids spots that turn to bruises in kids kidney pain and bruised legs kidney transplant bruises on legs bruising near right kidney bruise kidney wile running purple bruise klike sores bruise like welts around knees and thighs numb bruise on knee purple bruise outer knee knee pain right side outterside bruise knee pain similar to bruises knee bruising and playing soccer protrusion on the knee from bruising recurring bruise on knee same spot red bruise on knee v shaped bruise on knee unexplained bruise on side of knee bruised tendon in knee wife has bruises on knees moveable lump near kneecap with bruise unexplained bruises on lower legs with knots bruised upper leg muscle with knot random bruise knot on legs knots in legs under bruising unknown knots and bruises on legs knot without bruising on leg bruised knot in neck vein bruising knots punch ribs bruised knot toddler raised small knot and bruise under right rib round bruise on thigh white knot bruise with knot under skin thigh bruises turn into knot unknown knots and bruises knot where bruise was knotted bruise with white bruised knuckle moves around painful bruised swollen knuckles red bruise wasp sting on knuckle relief for bruised knuckles scar tissue under bruised knuckle sudden bruise on knuckle unexplained bruising and swelling of knuckles swollen bruised knuckles unexplained bruises on thumb knuckle unexplained bruise on knuckle purple bruise like labia swollen bruised labia minora lacerated liver vs bruised liver laser bruise on lip long lasting bruise in leg leg bruise lasting longer than a month bruise on leg lasting 9 months bruising lasting longer than a week bruise lasting 3 months bruise lasting over 2 months swelling from a bruise lasting a month unexplained bruising on ribs lasts a year bruising lasting more than a week bruise on my lower lat muscle ulcer on leg leaving a bruise old bruise that leaves a painful lump urticaria that leaves bruise marks should a physical therapist leave bruises bruise on skin that wont leave bruise like lump on left side stomach bruise on lower left stomach bruise on left ribcage with lump bruise lump on left stomach male with bruise above left nipple bruise has left a white mark microdermabrasion left skin bruised random pain in left shin and bruise purple bruise on left side of tongue unexplained bruising on left and right side shadows left from bruises bruise on left side bruising on stomach left side bruising on left side of torso unexplained bruising on left side bruise under left of stomach bruise on left torso unexplained bruise left torso bruise on left wrist why leg bruise light in middle looks like large bruise on leg spots that look like bruises on legs bruise like marks on lower leg red bruise like mark on lower leg bruise like leg lump bruise like red lump on leg red bruise like marks on legs painful red spots like bruises on legs upper leg area pain like bruising bruise like patches on leg bruise like spots on leg when pregnant bruise like ring around leg bruise like spots on stomach and leg bruise like spots on upper legs bruised leg and limping pregnancy bruise on leg red line line bruise tumor in leg non painful bruise looking spots on legs bruise looking rash on legs red bruise looking rash on legs bruise looking spots on legs lost weight and legs are bruising bruise that moves to lower leg persistent bruises on lower legs bruising streaks on lower leg bruise and lump on leg bruise leg no reason small lump lump bruise on leg pregnancy random bruise and lump on leg lump on leg under bruised skin bruise soft lump on leg traveling bruise lump in leg bruised leg with two large lumps unexplained bruise and lump leg lumpy bruise on leg strange bruises on legs and lyme bruise marks on leg bruising on legs while using tyroid meds bruise on middle of legs sudden large bruise on leg teen multicolored neck pain bruises on legs sciatic nerve leg bruising bruise on newborn leg leg bruising no pain small bruises on legs for no reason sore spot on leg no bruise swelling in leg with no bruise numbness and purple bruise on leg bruised tailbone leg numbness leg numb bruised testicle leg bruise and toe numbness legs numb and bruising walking bruises on legs of six year old bruising on legs overweight pain radiating in leg from bruise bruising on legs and pain in shoulder painless bruise on leg parasite bruises on leg patchy bruises on legs persistent bruise on leg pid and bruising on legs pinching and random bruising on legs veins popping out in leg bruise swollen bruised leg in pregnancy pregnant swollen legs bruising pregnant unexplained bruises leg leg problems rash and bruising legs bruised and puffy purple bruise on leg symptom raised bruise on leg swollen leg and random bruising random bruising on legs tingling random bruising on upper legs skin rash and bruising on legs rash on legs unexplained bruising symtoms leg bruising and rash and warn recurring bruise on leg leg bruising red streak leg bruises turning red bruised leg red and warm bruises and restless leg bruises on right leg and swollen ring shaped bruise on leg bruising on legs and scabies why bruises on legs scabies scoliosis and bruises on legs bruises on legs since tonsillectomy spasm in leg then a bruise spreading bruises on leg warts on legs starting to bruise sudden unexplained bruising on my legs varicose vein swollen and bruised in leg swollen leg with weird bruising what to do with bruised swollen leg tender or bruised areas in legs tender whelts on legs large bruise unexplained bruising and leg throbbing bruising legs to tonsilitis bruising at top of leg trama bruises to leg bruised vein leg treatment unexpected bruises on the upper leg unknown bruise on leg bruised veins in legs bruising on legs and visible veins weird bruise on leg bruise on leg for years purple marks on leggs not bruises reaccuring bruises on legg leprosy bruise like marks bruise like lesion on upper thigh are leukemia bruises always purple bruises on spine leukemia bruised periodontal ligament symptoms bruise with light spot in middle strange bruise light in middle unexplained light bruising in 2 year old lighter spot in middle of bruise bruise like mark on lip whwt does a lithotripsy bruise look like mark that looks like a bruise looks like bruises on nails spots on neck look like bruises norwegian scabies looks like bruises psoriasis looks like bruises purple rash that looks like a bruise purple skin rash looks like a bruise scabies rash looks like bruise looks like red bruise looks like bruises on ribs can ring worm looks like round bruises ring shaped spot looks like bruise bruise that now looks like ringworm looks like a round bruise scabies looks like bruise spots that look like bruises looks like bruises under my stomach do varicose veins look like a bruise what a bruised wrist looks like bruise like mark onhands bruise like mark on penis bruising on stomach like pinch marks purple bruise like mark purple bruise like marks on tummy random streach mark like bruises red bruise like marks on skin red bruise like marks on stomach bruise like mark on shin bruise like mark on stomach sudden stretch mark like bruising bruise like mark on vagina bruise like mark on wrist strange nodules like bruises under the skin palate pain like a bruise bruise like pain in shin bruise like spot on palm bruise like ring around penis bruise like spots on penis purple like bruise on penus shaft bruise like spots pregnancy purple bruise like rash purple spot like bruise on skin purple bruise like spots on tonsils purple like bruise on toe bruise like rash on thighs and underarms bruise like rash underarms red bruise like spots small bruise shaped like ring bruise like ring on skin small bruise like spots symptom spine tender like bruise bruise like spot on stomach sudden bruise like spots bruise like spot on thigh red line bruise in mouth on lip bruise with red lines and lumps bruise with white line in middle bruise with purple lines purple bruises on skin in straight lines red line rash bruise red line in bruising bruising in a thin straight line bruise on waist line white line through bruise bruised looking lips thyroid mysterious bruise on lip red bruised part of lip purple bruise on lip purple bruise under lip strange bruise on my lip bruise tingling on upper lip bruising around toddlers lips ulcer on lip bruise unexplained bruising around the lips unknown bruising on the upper lip bruised little lump on wrist little bruises all over little round purple bruises bruises under little toes walking shoes bruising on little toe little bruises on torso liver problem bruise torso spontaneous bruising and logynon bruise looking spot on lower stomach bruised look around mouth bruise looking thing in mouth why does my toe nail look bruised bruised looking veins in neck random old looking bruises on spine bruise looking rash on 8 year old under my tongue is purple looks bruised red looking bruise what is it what are bruise looking spots on stomach my bruise still looks thick bruised look around waste losing weight bruises all over tired tired losing voice and bruising toe pinkies bruised and low platelets small bruised lump on lower stomache lump and bruise on lower stomach 2 yr old lower spine always bruises rt lower quad bruising right lower quadrant bruising bruise to rigth lower side bruise on my lower shin bruises on lower spine bruised lower spine symptoms bruise on lower spine toddler unexplained bruising on lower spine sudden bruising on lumbar bruises from surgery lumbar pea sized lump in middle of bruise weird lump in the middle of bruise bruise with white lump in middle lumps in mouth bruising bruised lump on neck bruise and lump on newborn lump next to shin but no bruise lump by nipple bruise lump in an old bruise lump under bruise on 3 year old pea sized lump on bruise shin small pea size lump with bruising pea sized lump on temple turns bruised pea sized lump under bruise bruise with pea size lump underneath persistent lump or bruise on shin lump on rib bruise bruise with lump on toddlers ribcage bruise on scocum lump on testical scrotum bruise and lump on testicle toddler lump bruise on shin shin bruise has turned into lump bruise with lump on side lump bruise on side of stomach soft lump under skin with surrounding bruise lump surrounded by bruising under skin bruise with lump under skin lumps under skin which are bruised bruising and small lump on spine small lump in stomach bruised small bruise with lump on stomacj small bruise lump on temple small lump bruise on thigh sudden bruise and soft lump sore spot on thigh lumps and bruise bruise on stomach with lump toddler white lump bruise swelling bruise and lump on testicle lump under bruise in testicles lump and bruise on thigh bruise that turns into a lump bruise on vein lump white lump and bruise around it lump on wrist wiith bruising lump and bruise on wrist can i smoke pot with bruised lungs puffy skin bruises wet sounding lungs bruise over lymph node bruise over paraspinal lymph node swollen lymph nodes and bruising