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has trigeminal neuralgia and carbamazepine causes dizziness suggest still bleeding in small quantity from long time cure has aching stomach and is peeing every hour suggest have pain below ribs whenever sitting anywhere suggest want to fix hernia repair reopened suggest has adhd and fetal alcohol syndrome looking for specialist do smoke and blood pressure is 11080 normal what can a 140 alkaline phosphatase mean had frequent urination prostate and diabetes test normal cause does nutralite fiber intake daily is safe for health advise regarding the setting of sports injury causes recurrent bacteria vaginosis having pain in throat neck and jaw help cause does taking priloscec increase weight have prostatitis noticed burning sensation in penis have spondylolisthesis cause what s the normal age for first menstruation have copd and coughing up blood treatment cat scan revealed to have enlarged ovaries is it cancer have cerebral palsy disorder not sleeping regularly suggest treatment retarded and diagnosed with fatty liver suggest have blood in urine suggest have blood in urine every time treatment having pain on right side lower back and stomach help suffering from chronic hair loss on blotin supplement suggestions have recurrent urine infection prescribed antibiotic suggest had total hysterectomy suffer hot flashes remedy does hiv antibodies ever become dormant or undetectable hiv antibody test by icma with western blot confirmation meaning suffered fatigue cipralex and rivotril prescribed wellbutrim guide have had shingles chances of recurrence have a erection problem not getting hard suggestion feel tired and cant wake up early overweight suggest diagnosed with chronic urticaria get hives taking attarx side effects having cough throat pain cold and got fever suggest on citalopram for anxiety when will feel better have bloody discharge during ejaculation cause noticed lot of wrinkles on penis what can this be have itchy ribs along with digestion problem cause what is the anticipated treatment which is the most successful method to determine gender selection penis loses hardness during penetration remedy have stopped taking premarin and have gained weightrelated have black patches on feet suggest treatment met with an accident what does the diagnosis mean can lantus cause backache or muscle pain when is ritalin presribed for a patient with paranoid schizophrenic what material is used in shoulder prothestic and cobalt prothestic feeling nervous cannot sleep in night what to do have black spots on face what should i do what food can be consumed to lower the cholesterol levels have rash in arm pit and chest remedy suffering from throat infection taking augementin doing gargle suggest medication what is the function of natural killer cells can i conceive physically after weeks of miscarriage can a psychiatrist get depression report showed hemoglobin is 5 can i donate blood remedy for itching after skin cancer surgery what are the main ingredients in the medication trazodone have muscle sprain on back remedy have blood pressure 152105 what does this show precautions prescribed sublinox for sleep side effects could i take panadol while taking cialis 20mg give the disadvantages of lasik surgery for short sight give tips to gain weight advise is omeprazole same as nexium under weight need to gain weight suggestions have discomfort in lower abdomen anything serious done with semen analysis trying for baby any abnormality getting fluttering sensation in face underlying cause was unable to speak fingertip got numb underlying cause on avanza mirtzipine for nausea and anxiety help trying to come off mitzapine what to do feeling dizzy blood pressure 11269 suggest have stomach infection taken norflox tz should i continue noticed blood coming out in stool suggest the treatment have headache and vomiting sensation suggest medications have piles noticed skinny stools should i see a doctor have abdominal pain around navel since bowel movement suggest could acth deficiency and cortisol hormone causes dizziness and unbalancing having dark pink spots on face like scaly patches treatment what is dosage of levothyroxibe during pregnancy diagnosed with weak lungs and put on ventolin suggest pregnant getting constant pain at bottom of feet cause suggest the diet control on food parameters for diabetic having neck pain what could be the cause suggest suffer post orgasmic illness syndrome due to semen allergy guide have red bumps on penis suggestions feel depressed by what happened in past what to do have severe psoriasis what to do suggest natural treatment for vitiligo lump popped out in forehand suggest the treatment got horners when had complete thyroid taken suggest suffering with headache on one side suggest got irritated penis after having sex even sing protection std feeling dizzy after eng test normal can i take lexapro when needed like valium or xanax experienced frequent uti urine culture showed e coli infection suggest while having sex get early ejaculation suggest have constant lightheaded all test normal suggest any side effect of zolfresh medicine to 74 year old is medial branch spinal injection considered a surgical procedure child had circumcision not feeling comfortable suggest had numb lips and tingling sensation on cheek suggest always angry and stressed with nervous stomach suggest child had fever given tylenol what to d have low platelet count and high triglyceride suggest have excess breast tissue from taking elavil and clonazapam suggest child swallowed xanax pills what to do suffer from back pain remedy suggest medicine for excessive gas trouble have toe nail fungal infection treatment diagnosed with morbid obesity suggested weight loss surgery advice ct scan showed fatty atrophy of pancreas meaning have untreatable lymphoma no mental problem started sleep walking child having extremely limited vocabulary abilities suggest the treatment gained weight normal in kids feeling weak want to increase weight advice very weak suggest the suitable way to increase weight lupus patient diagnoisis with hep c suggest treatment for frequent cold and cough can i order fioricet could i take four tablets of cialis at once facing problem of gastric and back pain suggest medicine what foods should be avoided while taking zarelto gaining weight lost weight due to sickness suggest diet child has ulcer in mouth and prescribed gel suggestion got married into blood relations any problem in conceiving had sex how to prevent pregnancy scared to be pregnant after sex how to prevent it child was given high dose of amoxicillin anything dangerous is tingling in hand fingers a symptom of fibromyalgia suggested celebrex for pinched nerve safe urinalysis microscopy reads occasional wbc meaning can you drink beer while taking ciprofloxacin taking cymbalta 30 what will happen if i withdraw what is the mortality rate in percentage of botulism disease did not had penetration and no ejaculation pregnancy chances take medicine for hypertension feeling lightheaded and nauseous suggestion have had blood test done what does report mean noticed blood during bowel movements painful could this be hemorrhoids does severe bleeding affect nerves system best place to go for severe crippling anxiety attacks infant passing green color motion is it normal having small blisters on face suggest suggest diet to help control cholesterol level having cold running nose and blocked nose had temperature normal taking femhart going through menopause prescribed cyclacur correct medication is meclizine superior superior to dimenhydramine for motion sickness does drinking green tea reduce semen count using herbal life product to reduce weight continue eyes are full of water what to do give details regarding the usage of mtp kit painful red spot next to clitoris suggest the medication diabetic on dialysis no liver function on ventilator prognosis experiencing problems controling urine discharge should i go to emergency take clonodine along with vistaril to help sleep suggest dosage hi i have a about hiv fingertips are slightly numb what could be the reason what are the methods to apply for heel lock bandage pregnant report suggest low lying placenta can travelling be done suggest ways to terminate pregnancy naturally ultrasound showing kidney cyst is it cancer had vaginal culture done what does finding suggest have epithelial dysplasia under tongue what is it hold breath while dreaming and also grunt suggestions bad herniated disc taking oxycontin suggest medication for pain have erection problem need solution what is the treatment for apical pleural thickening of chest have raised cholesterol level how to control it child diagnosed for spinal muscular atrophy treatment can i use niaspin instead of slo- niacin having lower back pain with numbness in thighs suggest had upper eyelid roll behind eye eyelashes not visible cause have chest pains when laugh or cough underlying cause accidentally took benicar dose twice should i worry suggest the medication for balanoposthitis have dust allergywheezing problem planning for a baby suggestions did cholesterol test hdl is high should i be worried having rectocele do i need a surgery pregnant having dry cough suggest safe medicine trying to conceive can i continue going to gym prescribed with trazodone for sleep what dosage i should take what could be the reason for narcisstic behaviour taking supplements and other stuff for yeast infection solution is fenugreek good for breast enhancement is constant fever a symptom of perimenopause have black dots on penis under skin is this warts had unprotected rubbing no penetration chances of pregnancy after spleenectomy developed diabetes and gout what is the connection rash on my arm around biceps what treatment to take infection near penis area need advice child had fever and throat infection prescribed azee suggest what are the findings from the blood report how does carafate cure ulcers having burning in stomach and feel nausea diagnose getting little pain in testicles after hand job cancer hypertensive and diabetic can i have brandy severe depression and cardiomyopathy with suicidal thoughts any cure having tingling fingers suggest the cure suggest suitable way to reduce tummy fat what is the normal procedure to remove kidney stone taking revital having heartburn side effects suggest the cure for heart problem in stating stage what are the possible reason of muscle weakness what are the side effects of spinal block taking docusate sodium having constipation done with colonoscopy taking thyroxyn for hypothyroidism having constipation side effect shoulder pain after an accident ultrasound came normal suggest a drug like oxycodone that could relieve pain done with blood test is my report normal diabetic noticed swelling in both ankles have knee pain instances of sudden painless double vision takes lavera any complication in conception need information about ritalin taking provera and pushing feeling in pelvis further tests needed get lightheaded frequently blood work is normal underlying cause on cymbalta is it safe to drink alcohol take zolfresh when is it recommended to take unable to resist urine suggest further treatment gingivitis in pregnancy will the fetus be infected could semen ejaculated from backside lead to pregnancy sore throat and bruise on neck what should i do due for colonoscopy could i take ambien can cipro be used for divirticulitis pain having pain in knee diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia cause after a tubal reversal what is likelihood of successful implantation has ear discharge and ear pain what to do will the habit of masturbation affect fertility had sex missed periods any chances of getting pregnant have vangina worts can this be hpv had endocarditis taking warfarin propecia and synthroid any side effects cause for non raised white spots on back have brown discoloration on hands and fingernails remedy exposed to black mold bloody noses and swollen gums have cold running nose suspecting allergy suggest suggest cure for neuropathy in feet have psoriasis on legs and arms have itching help had laser face lift should i use ice taking prozac for anxietypanic attacks suffer depression take seroquel nervous can a lifetime working with hay cause lung infiltrates fever and have shivering normal reaction prescribed motrin suggestions had surgeries having chronic pain prescribed methadone suggest had unsecured sex with friend delayed periods suggest had widal test done what does report indicate suggest precautions for getting pregnant quickly what does it mean when lab result shows inflammation child stopped sleeping after getting vaccination dose any reason trying for baby no result can anybody help getting urge to masturbate during sleep is it normal having soft finger nails and ridges about nail any deficiency suffer lack of control over urination suspected uti ideas blurred vision bloated and weak marijuana smoker anything wrong feeling unbalanced and dizzy pregnant suggest the treatment left hand paralyzed what could this be please tell me famous doctor for jaundice infant drank curdled old formula what to do can steroids prescribed cause constipation taking two pill of lorazepam and anti-depressant what to do suffer from depression taking trazodone how to reduce celluloid fat have artery in front of neck that is pulsating normal can statins cause painful ankle wrist trying to conceive periods came early am i pregnant had endocarditis surgery taking metoprolol and warfarin guide having no hold during intercourse what to do done with mri scan should i do arthroscopy test result showed high sensitive reactive protein meaning report showed hgb level 57 pre stage for diabetics having solid bowel movement and frequently concerned does exposure to mold cause congestive heart failure have warts on foot applied liquid nitrogen not cured twitch in scrotum is it due to daily work out taking prednisone for copd suggest alternative medicine decrease of vaginal discharge during pregnancy should i be concerned have taken zolfresh suggest dosage for getting continuous sleep have taken alprax how many hours of deep sleep having rebound anxiety from klonapin how to reduce it back pain what should i do does masturbation causes dengue or malaria fever have constant dizziness and heavy head all test normal suggest fasting blood sugar is 102 should i be worried have been passing out for long going through menopause related having a casual relationship will this affect future life child has fever given iblugesic could it be dengue allergic to many things could bee pollen help heart beats irregularly at times reason child swallowed to axanax what should i do how to remove fluid from inner ear can amoxicilin be used for bladder infection pregnant smoked ice for first time baby will be fine have acne in face cure had surgery in ankle fibulatibula not heal properly took viagra had sex having headache from viagra normal one month pregnant suggest pill for abortion side effects sprained knee and experiencing pain icing the knee treatment chronic sinusitis done surgery taking allergy shots any other treatment itching and redness near scrotum suggest the treatment mri report shows brain stroke suggest any ayurvedic treatment precaution to take before pregnancy for pcos pregnancy test positive after delivery what should be done is it advisable to apply body oil to infant would metamucil affect nexplanon purplish swollen inflamed vagina tissue no discharge or lesion painful ingrown toenails is there any permanent solution hemoglobin count is less need blood transfusion which is the best contraceptive method left knee turned purple with pain not injured any suggestions is it safe to use dettol or bleach inside vagina will inhaling oil based paint cause brain damage diagnosed with factor five had several clots what to do has slashed forearm on drugs take ambien to sleep treatment had tonsilitis and now feel dizzy what could this be what part of the spine does the l5 connect to finding an expert in female urology what type of disease is epilex what causes common bile duct to be prominent severe body pain what is the reason for this doing sudarshankriya any side effects having bad brain chemistry what does it mean had elevated sgot-338 an dsgpt-47 total bilrubin 146 mg suggestions had spontaneous pregnancy have uterine fibroid prescribed ecosprin safe develop pain when skate selling in shin what to do how to reduce the elevated enzymes fingernails are becoming flat reason having hypoeechoic lesion on testicle painless suggest treatment have severe hair fall taking keraglo and trocoton safe contracted dengue fever while travelling delayed periods suggest what is the chances of getting false bp result fungal infection in penis need remedy recurrent ear discharge suggest treatment pain in uterus after doing exercise what should i do how to get out of blemishes on face does the blood report indicate any abnormality have vomiting rapid pulse temperature 966 brain cancer patient had surgery bed ridden depending on dexamethazome suffering from fever and pain in palms suggest having pain during urination and feel nausea suggest get headache frequently help brown spots on body suggest the treatment has fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive feeling helpless suggest a solution abcess between anus and testicals what is this child suffering from heavy cold suggest the treatment androgen receptors have effect on brain any proof doing sky from last week any effects glycerin in sisha non tobacco does it have side effects have leukemia fingers and feet go numb what to do hard painful bump on both foot suggest a solution itching and swelling in scrotal area should i be worried can i take shelcal and rb tone for daily supplements back pain what is the solution having back pain suggest some exercise or diet coughing and sore throat suggest the treatment intermittent back pain any advice back pain problem suggest medication or any yoga frequent lower back problem history of sciatica need a solution had malloelus surgical fixation did the ankle heal severe back pain unable to bend flexibly treatment weight gain and irregular periods are they related got sperm analysis report can anybody explain chances of having std from mutual masturbation terrible back pain suggest treatment can i use sunscreen after applying fucicort on inflamed area pregnant having cold and sore throat suggest medication having clear watery discharge from vagina suggest the treatment have post orgasmic illness syndrome suggest the treatment had sex and penis is hard sometimes is this normal itching inside penis suggest the treatment esr is high suggest the treatment to reduce it right foot throbbing at night what could this be had insemination would masturbation affect development after conception dizziness with movement of head what is this left adnexa cyst should i be concerned widal test is positive what should i do used vibrator for orgasm vagina is swollen suggest the treatment took blood test high alkaline phosphatase should i be worried confused about the order of pancreatic cancer stages clarify will hcg activator and vitamin b12 affect blood pressure what is the difference between hydromorphone and diflusinal suggest the best treatment for foot drop bleeding after inserting vaginal speculum what should i do suggest the cure for diabetes suggest the best medication for vaginal yeast infection red bumps on penis what could this be high cholesterol not interested in taking statin drugs any advice anxiety and breathing problem lexapro didnt help suggest medication suggest the treatment for infected skin tag pain in right lower back x-ray showed osteophytic lipping unable to empty the bladder completely what to do having low levels of menstruation is this something abnormal eye pain with swelling suggest treatment how to check the bad odour of vagina infection in pod what type of treatment is required took extra dose of lisinopril any effect taking allegra fluticasone nasal spray can i take vicodin took avodart having side effects what to do what is the dosage for cholecalciterol granules high sgot and sgpt matter to concern cold cough dizziness and headache is this normal dry mouth after hysterectomy surgery what should i do having trouble in gaining weight any suggestions what are the diseases humans can get from monkeys mri scan shows memory loss suggest treatment suggest treatment to gain weight child hit by bottle on head should i be worried pain in left side of throat what is it bowel incontinence followed by constipation what could this be mucus in stool anything wrong is accidental application of nitro glycerine patches harmful to children done with fnac test what does my report says stomach pain and vomiting should i be concerned acne problem accutane and doxycline is not helping suggest treatment having leg dermatitus which otc medicine should i try how can i delay evacuation of sperm during intercourse inflammation in head taking aleva suggest treatment can dogs carry the shingles virus swollen fingers while getting up in the morning reason having strong sexual urge during sleep normal mucus in stools swollen abdomen and leg cramps suggest treatment prescribed with duoluton may i know the side effects circular sores on scrotum is it a fungal infection have worn splint having tenderness what can be done breastfeeding mother getting severe cramps in upper abdomen what is the difference between fertigyn and koragon color change in foreskin should i consult a doctor took ambien no good sleep safe to drink alcohol burning sensation on the outside of right ear suggest treatment having stomach pain diarrhea burning burps and vomiting any suggestion have painful white bumps on tongue concerned suggest the diet for a person with diabetes what type of food to feed the baby initially what are the chances of getting hiv through hand job had protected sex no morning erections after that anything wrong diagnosed with breast cancer need second opinion regarding the treatment done with health checkup what does the report says could i stop period cycle forever at home without surgery suffering from intractable constipation on miralax done colonoscopy how to become fat and active suggest the supplement to treat post orgasmic illness syndrome twitching in eyes suggest treatment suggest medication to prepone periods what are the side effects of tazzle and duralast drugs cleaning sofa by rubbing alcohol will the fumes hurt me is the exposure to rubbing alcohol harmful to health had orange stools with bout with diarrhea reason can k flex be taken with aciphex have extreme anxiety taking xanax had alcohol hair fall problem may i know the reason for this painful urination and white spots near urethra is this hiv extra white skin on face what should i do recurrent severe strep throat how to get it cured fluctuation in the igf1 levels should i be concerned having hot flashes depression take wellbutrin chances of insomnia two months pregnant suggest suitable way to abort i cannot taste anything what may be the cause blurred vision lasting for some minutes what could be this child having vomiting dizziness and stomach pain reason chances of having prostate cancer from over masturbation have blood blister soaked in salt water still increasing what are the side effects of femilon and cabergoline chances of hiv from unprotected sex discomfort in anal canal did endoscopic exam prostate cancer took probiotics for diarrhoea have mucous in loose stools taking thyronorm for thyroid problem chances of conceiving irregular heart beat is this any heart disease what does the medical report indicate does monoclonal b-cell lymphocytosis contract infections on hydrocodone stopped medicines having diarrhea is this withdrawal symptom having problems concentrating and fail asleep should i be concerned fighting flu pregnant test showed faint positive line have high fever frequently treatment having dark circles from a long time remedy information on myasthenia gravis disease test available to prove arsenic poisoning after 20 years is there a link between hives and hormone changes have constant phlegm and ears feel mucusy remedy what is an encycical episode have lupus have constant pain taken percocet steps to relief taking ambien for several years noticed deteriorating memory remedy have little blisters on fingers suggest the treatment can cold or flu create pressure in ears suffering from itchy skin problemon legs and calves cure ultrasound reports showed bhp grade ii causes treatment left arm gets numb after eating dinner reason thyroid report showed cyst nodule and goiter prognosis done with gama gt test what are the findings on metoprolol tartrate and citalopram hydrobromide for blood pressure suggest the treatment for erection problem toe is arched and unable to stretch feels painful remedy get rash of red bumps after physical contacts getting irritation after using zaha ointment what to do noticed a lump in throat what this could be can i take alcohol after donating blood throat irritation can exposure to paint fumes cause this child with high fever and diarrhoea and stomach pain having food indigestion what to do having knee pain how to overcome this problem inflammation in ribs prescribed with ultram suggest alternative medication is it common to have reflux after hitialhernia surgery what are the side effects of prolonged use of vicadinacetaminophen blood test showed neutrophils at 825 wbc normal concerned how to apply progesterone cream have chronic projectile vomiting remedy suggest treatment for fractured penis taking acutret tablets skin is dry what should i do bloated stomach and burning pain above belly button any suggestions how does carafate drug cure ulcers is there any relation between testosterone and tinnitus diabetic suggest the blood pressure medication depressed due to respiratory problem suggest a solution tiny brown spots on arms suggest the treatment pain in left ankle what does it indicate diagnosed with ankylosing spondilatis what is the treatment for this numbness after having alcohol does it indicate any abnormality done rheumatoid factor test what does it indicate which medications cause arrhythmia if taken with alcohol how to remove pigmentation from neck is it ok to use the sauna what can be done to increase the vitamin d3 levels glucose blood in urine is 104 am i diabetic had bleeding after taking ipill periods delayed pregnant shaky voice and trouble in talking what could this be have piles problem did haemoglobin test had dengue painless bump under tongue any opinions which drug dilate the blood vessels having throat pain while swallowing safe remedy had beer taking rispendone any upcoming risk done with medical test is the report normal red spots on buttocks what is the disease called pain while food is starting to descend is this heartburn what would you suggest for urine incontinence having trigeminal neuralgia tinnitus no sleep suggest medication headache and nausea any idea excessive vaginal discharge with sour smell what could this be high cholesterol taking biotor and glyciphage any suggestion gastric problem full body pain what these symptoms suggest severe back pain is this a sign of an illness have sore bellybutton going for knee replacement safe white spot on penis should i be worried chances of getting hiv from wound having skin allergy problem solution itch and pain on groin and testicles suggest treatment diagnosed with hypothyroid suffer concentration and memory loss help diagnosed with visceral hyperalgesia in colon is it curable severe stomach ache need remedy blood in stool suggest the treatment suffering from gastric problem how to get rid of this have high cholesterol suggest medication suffering from anxiety disorder should i take rtms treatment diagnosed with uti cannot stay awake anything wrong having thyroid and weight increased after pregnancy suggest treatment had sex after periods started bleeding meaning does high testosterone levels raise igf1 and gh levels suggest the treatment for intercranial bleed missed period after having intercourse hpt came negative not able to maintain erection have high blood pressure have abnormal pap and high risk hpv monogamous provide information unable to breath and choking should i be concerned problem of excess sweating how to avoid this had loose motions had blood testsendoscopycolonoscopy and biopsy suggest eyebrow is sensitive to touch and nerve like discomfort can i retract foreskin with some stretching using steroid cream information on doctor who specializes in autoimmune diseases using karbesat blood pressure 12878 pulse reading 65-70 suggest sore throat and cough should i take cefadroxil experiencing neck pain suggest medication or exercise on coumadin coughed blood taking to emergency suggest heart has a measurement number of 25 what does mean had total lap hysterectomy discharge has funky odor normal had hysterectomy lump on thigh what it might be itching in penis with red spots suggest medication need some counselling for depression issues itchy scalp suggest medicine suggest a solution to stop hair fall done ultrasound scan of pelvis what does the report says headache in right temple how to get rid of it taking inhaler for chronic bronchitis need ayurvedic remedies baby having dry cough suggest remedy suggest suitable way to stop biting nails having some scar tissue biopsy came negative anything serious having some scar tissue mole biopsy came negative anything serious can i take a melatonin supplement with xanax bp ranges from 125 to 135 is this normal skin tags on neck and under arms need remedy feeling stomach bloated with gas missed periods need help have demyelinating disease ulnar nerve got damaged any cure suggest the medication to prepone periods by a week thank you i am feeling goodno problem swallowed an almond sliver will my stomach digest this facing under weight issue how to increase muscles size baby has barking cough suggest treatment have sore on the foot remedy having back problem will oxycontin show up on urine analysis when is the best time to take blood pressure medication child having high fever giving paracetamol need suggestion fever with tense abdomen why is it possible to get hernia after bladder imaging suffering from leukorrhea will this affect my child birth treatment talking and hallucinate all night long looking for sleep specialist red streaks on hands what could be the reason have itchy skin under foreskin what could be this have pcos gained weight delayed periods suggest diet plan what does serolgy crc mean done mri scan what does the result says had flu temperature normal feel tired help suffered anaphalactic reaction to medication feeling tired and dehydrated normal hit forehead applied ice have swelling noticed black spots suggest bubbles in urine in the morning what could this be does gabapentin effect your kidneys pain after hysterectomy is this normal taking fiorinal for years suggest good substitute had headache and checked blood pressure is it normal cholesterol is 148-tgl and 220-hdl advice baby having itchy face suggest remedy dildo stuck up in anus what should be done stomach hurts feel like throwing up what to do masturbated and penis skin is swollen need advise multiple follicles shown in ultrasound chances of pregnancy have unusually swollen legs and ankles suggest the cure took half of xanax could i take trazodome for sleep noticed bubbles in toilet water what could it be fell and hit head have swelling what should i do suggest the exercises for broken femur bone can bartonellosis cause miscarriages and blighted ovums suggest the treatment that can relieve tinnitus had very dry tongue is this normal on sandoz fenofibrate e do i need a stronger dose does modus 10 have side effects suggest medication to increase height can a parasite or fungus live in clothingfabric and furniture wisdom teeth extracted and still experiencing pain is it normal does emphasyma cause lung cancer or any other cancer child having fever and back pain suggest medication irregular heart beat is this a sign of an illness lump after injecting crystal meth will it go away quickly inner left ankle is bruised and numb what is wrong what are the possible treatment for prostatic cancer sore throat and left sided headache any idea fast heart beat what could be the cause suffer from add lost job concerned pain in right shoulder suggest treatment rashes on arms that bleed medical cure for this suffers stomach ache suggested intestine problem having pain suggest medication is it possible to get hiv after upper body massage have frequent urination having frequent thirst indication of diabetics having sudden stomach pain with loose motions suggest pregnant taking folic acid did not take before pregnancy safe experiencing pain in vagina during intercourse what to do have oily face have acne and scars suggest medication having frequent urination does this indicate bladder problem noticed only spotting and pink tinged mucus during periods suggest feel heavy head and always tired what to do diabetic having diarrhea and abdominal pain have hoshimotos hypothyroidism suggest delayed periods noticed spotting what does this indicate have swollen tissue under penis head pain and irritation guide side effects of consuming more than 20 crocin tablets feeling dizzy all over the day what to do have ulnar nerve injury suggest remedies have stomach pain when passing stools what to do have little red moles should i be concerned suggested folliculitus prescribed doxycycline and clindamycine using antibacterial soap cure breast feeding safe to take raciper 20 have an allergy sneezing with mucus can i take zicam diabetic taking g probiotics suggest have abdominal bruising suffer watery diarrhea what should i do pregnant having gingivitis will it affect the foetus any correlation between taking testosterone and tinnitus have food poisoning how to overcome it child having bronchitis and fever suggest medication have lump on back of neck what can this be diagnosed with boop on steroids is there any natural cure early identification for lewy body dementia having soreness near breast and armpit suggested musculartreatment got hairline fracture in head of fibula treatment over eater suggestions further precautions hungry but unable to eat suggest remedy touched mouth with finger while talking get ocd worried what are the low and high creatine levels in urine looking for eye doctor help safe to switch from atenolol to timolol suggest ways to remove friction burn scarring on penis can height be increased by homeopathy have two cataracts needs to be removed suggestions reason for becoming iron deficient is blood transfusions only option intermittent stomach pain and headache what could this be having epididymal cyst on testicle having pain suffered testicular torsion vaginal bleeding after routine examination underlying cause breathing problem after i stopped taking lorazepam why safe to use stool softeners daily is pioglitazone same med as actos diabetic having breathing difficulty looking for a heart specialist has muscle catch on left hip recommend good doctor will percocet taken show up on the urine test having memory trouble suggest medication can use nystatin so soon after wisdom tooth extraction trying for child give some tips to get pregnant diagnosed with hepatitis c hiv test came indeterminate any suggestion had unprotected sex missed periods am i pregnant stomach pain tried gaviscon and panadol suggest medication what should i do to remove whiteheads whooshing sound in ears what might be causing this ldh is high what could be the reason pregnant is the sgpt and gamma-gt levels normal done with blood test what does my report says having bleeding after abdominal hysterectomy is it normal feeling restless what causes jittery feelings in legs getting occasional pimple like sores what could it be suffering from prostatic calcification treatable with medicine hair are falling abnormally from few days suggest medication suggest medication to postpone periods have itching sensation on upper back remedy waking up with sharp stabbing in chest suggest taking mirapex for restless leg suggest alternative medicine does amoclan work against petrogen injection have tooth infected and causing pain what can i do report showed low monocytes elevated bilirubin should i be worried ultrasound suggest tetheard cord how serious is this had fainting spell and panic attacks what to do having pulsating systems feel heart beating in head suggest lower right abdomen pain what does it indicate is tinnitus a side effect of wellbutrin what is the treatment for steriod induced myopathy pain in lower abdomen nausea and headache underlying cause warm feeling in leg is this the cause of concern having copd tired and weak medical cure for this taking gabapentin for back pain falling asleep what to do alcoholic and vomiting blood how to overcome this lightheadedness stomach ache and sweating what could this be suffering from balanitis how to get rid of this scanty periods does this indicate fertility issues ulcer on tongue unable to eat properly suggest remedy itching and irritation in vaginal area suggest medication child having sores in mouth what could be done small red bumps on face suggest the treatment foul smelling vaginal discharge what to do pregnant could i take gynaecosid drug done with chest x-ray what does the report says have pain right side never goes away what to do on eltroxin for hypothyroidism how to lose my weight body tingles while coughing anything wrong have swelling in perineum having reddish discharge near anus diagnosis what are the withdrawal symptoms for neurotin got some itchy bumps on butt what are these white substance getting deposited on tongue what does it indicate numbness in right arm suggest medical cure for this purple spots on eyelids and belly what are they muscle pain all over the body what is wrong what is linear bibasilar atelectasis or scarring taking metformin getting swollen lymph nodes suggest medication is there a way to cure vertigo periodic pain in the upper back of leg reason worried about std pap smear test came negative ganglian cyst on right hand medical cure for this green stools and rib pain could this be lung cancer no mustache and beard suggest a remedy vein in hand keeps twitching and pulsating reason wound from spider bite continuous seepage of clear fluid treatment does a hernia in groin area causes testicle to hurt irregular heart beats what should be done what could be the cause of constant urination suggest daily diet for healthy hair and hair loss feeling tired could i take flomax child having petechial rash on ear lobes reason took i pill during periods extended menstrual bleeding any problem should i shave groin hair before going for colonoscopy suggest medication to postpone menstrual periods need information regarding ham reduction therapy is it safe to take nebivolol and paroxetine together is it possible to have leukemia without any usual symptoms low hemoglobin level should i go with transfusion pimples on scalp anything serious suggest medication for scalp pimples having alopecia and itching on head suggest treatment suggest medication for itchy skin masturbating from long time how to overcome premature ejaculation swallowed a gold crown suggest the treatment have blurred vision got blood in stool anything serious are blood tests for allergies more effective than skinscratch tests lump in cheek what could be this what is the correct dosage of clopidogrel can i go for swimming after having knee surgery frequent urination while on flomaxtra reason factor viii is high in test result what is it factor v111 is high taking asprin is this okay what does placenta fundal posterior grade 2 means suggest the medication for running nose and sneezing feeling sleepy after taking lisinopril can i stop the medication is there a safe medication to suppress sex drive does heart problem cause nausea daily need to order apipex-p child having runny nose could this be allergy persistent bleeding after delivery is this normal why is the heart beating rapidly only at night is it safe to take hydrocodone with trazadone child having frequent nose bleeds what could be the reason heart rate is 64 bpm is it normal can i use gabapentin for boils on butt elevated tsh level suggest the dosage of thyronorm hiv test result came indeterminate should i be worried tingling in right hand fingers should i be concerned where is oxycodone absorbed in the digestive tract having slip disk problem how can i recover from it suggest treatment to reduce weight on primolut having prolonged menstrual bleeding will i get pregnant can primolut help in pregnancy itchy baby toe what could be the reason having kidney problems can i take tylenol for toothache diabetic patient how to lose weight suggest treatment for blue mold on stool stomach ache and gastric problem suggest treatment lesions on face is it folliculitus or roscea suggest medicine for premature ejaculation sore throat medical cure for this suggest treatment for growth on face cold cough and tingling in throat suggest medication what are the findings from the semen test report is there any connection between haemorrhoid and psa level suggest a substitute for atenolol drug how to improve the metabolic rate had sex without penetration will i be pregnant white vaginal discharge suggest treatment is there any way to treat liver cancer without surgery diagnosed as fatty liver and consuming liquor need advise suggest a quick and healthy way to lose weight what causes swelling above the base of the penis have severe hip pain after gallbladder removal what to do have pain from testicles to lower abdomen remedy how quickly should dulcolax and miralax show results suggest solution for acid reflux other than antacids suffer itchy foot removed dead skin using scrubber need help suffering from loose stools can i take pepto bismul what is the treatment for person infected with animal mites can i use bystolic with pristiq could fishy smell stools be due to an infection suffering with anal fistula and frequent urination suggest on thyroid medication should i take the medicines life long does kissing vagina cause any problem noticed lips swollen taking benedryl side effect of medication diabetic hands shake uncontrollably need to consult a neurologist how early can typhoid be diagnosed through blood test when should i start taking femilon pills to avoid pregnancy having hip pain after gallbladder removal what to do should i give pneumococcal vaccine to my baby black stool after drinking red wine underlying cause is there any supplement that helps to increase sperm count suggest a remedy for skin itching suggest a remedy for itching around and below the waistline frequent periods what should i do having non-cancerous small nodule in breast what to do having forgetfulness ct scan shows dementia any suggestion suggest the treatment for polyps in bladder what is the difference between measles and rubella getting aorta valve replaced will smoking marijuana affect this should i be concerned about the blood pressure reading what could be the cause for throbbing ankle joints how to overcome myself from a broken relationship did lab test are the findings in normal range suggest the medication to increase penis size what is the next step for abortion if misoprostal fails severe hair loss suggest solution feeling cold with sweating what could be the reason severe anal itching and rashes on buttocks suggest medication what are the new approaches to treat addiction disorder spotting after periods should i be concerned what treatment should i take for white pimples on head can i drink alcohol while on omnacortil nausea back pain and constipation underlying cause which high blood pressure drug would work without giving palpitations have clear discharge could this be std could berry juice change the colour of stool to red found cold spots on forearm what could this be noticed spotting after sex is this sign of pregnancy frequent periods after having unprotected sex what could be wrong tired of being sad how to overcome this problem unable to hear properly and echo in ear suggest treatment have pain under armpit feeling lumps what to do symptoms of mercury poisoning concerned hair loss problem is this related to vitamin deficiency should i be worried after taking plavix having persistent diarrhea marijuana smoker what could be done water blister on left inner thigh what could this be bad smell from anus how to get rid of this how often should i take cifran for std pea sized lump on anus what could this be tsh is 125 should i take thyronorm suggest the treatment fro swollen testicle ct scan indicates mild mastoid thickening what does it mean diagnosed with pleomorphic adenoma is micro-paradectomy an option baby swallowed nasoclear drop by accident can this be harmful suffering from hair loss what can be done baby sweats a lot what should be done can flu shot cause elevation in liver enzymes daughter received dtp shots twice will this cause any problem experiencing tender and itchy nipples what is the cure blood work shows elevated alt levels what does it indicate blood sugar is 349 taken humalog given insulin suggest can i take shilajit with refrigerated cold milk blood from nose while sleeping what might be the issue prescribed with miralax for unlimited time need opinion reddish ring around stool what does that mean having reddish ring around stool what could this be child having different shape for testicles is this normal can i take prednisone for the flareups of emphysema what could be the reason for swollen legs what are the side effects of taking benzibiotic less hair growth on scalp suggest some home remedies pimples on the lip of vagina what could this be bloating stomach pain and weight gain what could this be frenulum got tore while having sex is it normal what could be the reason for weight loss could acidity be due to smoking getting puss from buttock area prescribed with oflex tablets pregnant had sandwich with styrofoam any effect on baby will taking nyquil affect the outcome of an a1c test can i get an online prescription for vicodin can a bone spur grow back after surgery recommend any supplement for hand tremors and teeth chattering taking acupuncture for sciatica weakness in legs mri showed nothing and had blood work suggest treatment red itchy rash in armpits suggest treatment scanty and irregular cycles having pcos is this normal noticed blood on underwear what could be the cause had hiv test what does the result say pulsations in right ear should i be worried is trasadon and vistril good match for persistent insomnia what is the cure for hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms had a marker for hep c continue taking lipitor suggest the dosage of adderall xl had protected sex oral and vaginal chances of hiv infection red blotch on lower neck what could this be will klonopin clonidine and lamictal help during alcohol withdrawal height 511 weight is 178lbs what is my bmi having tailbone pain what could be done bleeding after masturbating how long will the bleeding last what is the treatment for sarcoidosis had complete hysterectomy having excessive vaginal discharge suggestions having regular periods and cyst is pregnancy possible diagnosed with bells pasly given steroid shot and valtrex suggestions suggested to have triple by pass surgery need second opinion child having fever and loose greenish stools suggest treatment burns on tongue after drinking dettol what could be done acidic taste in mouth what could be causing this what could be the reason behind chronic cough blood clots during menstruation what could be this bloated belly after oopherectomy for ovarian cysts is this normal acne on face and back suggest medication what are the environmental factors that affect intelligence quotient suggest treatment for a child having blisters on rectum vaginal itching and peeling std tests came negative suggest treatment noticed bleeding and pain in womb anything serious depressed and worried about child health how to overcome this suggest the treatment for swollen legs having vision problem and wearing glasses need advise can i contract hiv through blowjob is sauna good for skin washed penis with same soap will it cause hiv could i take vaccination for hepatitis b again experiencing shortness of breath while talking anything serious does ultram cause heart problems experiencing fluctuation in periods what could be wrong should i be concerned about low body temperature could i take amitriptyline hcl along with buspirone hcl what could be the cause of numbness in right knee getting abdominal pain in left side what is the treatment something under nails took acyclovir what could it be unable to sleep and eyes are burning what is wrong tender spot on rib cage what do you suggest rbcs milf anisopoikilocytosis what does it mean child vomiting and noticed pink colour what could it be how to increase sperm quantity and stamina for sex what are the complications of tonsillectomy in children having red lines on hand what do you suggest can you write a prescription refill marble sized ball on left testicle what could this be colon spam found in colonoscopy should i be worried have diarrhoea and diagnosed with cryptosporidiosis anything serious what is the treatment for restlessness having difficulty in swallowing what should i do suggest the cure for split fingernails non erection during sex and small penis need solution on concerta for adhd is this the right medication hiv rna level below 20 am i having hiv could i consume alcohol while taking lamitor what cautions should i take after root canal treatment upper eyelids over part of eyelash child ate vitamin c tablets should i be worried could fainting be a sign of atrial fibrillation condom tore while having sex how to avoid pregnancy having dermatitis what could be causing this how can i come out of erectile dysfunction slow heart beat with lightheadedness should i be concerned what are the adverse effects of watching television white spots on legs what could be this would high bp cause cough and swollen ankles obsession with sexual thoughts and poor concentration suggest treatment swelling cheekbone after hitting face should i be worried what is the best test to detect hiv had oral sex what are my chances of getting hiv having diarrhea and passes ball segments what could be this what is the treatment for bacterial vaginosis vaginal bleeding after sex should i be concerned