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lip twitching headache slight pain two month old having high tsh levels what to do severe constipation despite maintaining good diet need help schizophrenia and tb doctor has advised rcine please advise dull pain in testicle doubt about testicular torsion can zincovit be taken with minerals and zinc tablets can chewing gum slip past ones throat without swallowing diagnosed with dementia started having hallucinations is it alarming anxiety hypochondria worried about heart attack or dvt weakness shaking body heart palpitation what is happening to me worried about pregnancy negative blood test unprotected sex want to know about emuaid for hidradenitis suppurativa are there other drugs that can replace budesonide and formoterol constipation vomited black liquid have cardiovascular problems and pneumonia stomach pain with fullness body ache burning eyes and headache premature ejaculation and low semen volume advice on medication frequent urination prostate examination normal continue vesicare advise brown spots on groin region fungus injured toe bleeding how worried should i be sputum with grey color concerned about the pulmonary system feel sick stomach upset but no diarrhea dark stools dizzy after holding breath comments weak shaky body feels like i had gone to gym noticed blood in my semen heartburn irregular bowl movement constipated gallbladder removed high sgot and ast level anything to worry about can i take oxy elite pro while taking levothyroxine puss filled bump on the back mild bleeding not healing had novasure ablation severe monthly groin pain why breast abscess hardened mass above nipple what could it be pain in the penis while urination foamy urine causes bleeding and pain in the penis after intercourse advice blood pressure slightly above normal requires attention itchy nose in the night reason pain and flickering pulse on the forearm should be concerned protruding flap inside the cheek is it an ulcer delayed periods any medication for getting periods irregular period taking deviry chest gets heavy normal remedy nausea back pain loose bowels cannot eat much can i use javex to clean wound sudden shock to heart at night when body is relaxed is there anything to solve the problem of snoring sleeping with legs curled leaving them numb is that normal very itchy skin unexplained bruises on skin what is this sore throat red vein on tonsils express concern over it is oxyelite pro safe use it while on tobacco can a private clinic pump out stomach does a bulging neck vein always mean heart disease child has low hemoglobin why would that happen can i get std by mixing of body fluids can something get stuck in colon will it come out done cholesterol and liver test interpret report taking crestor can nicoret gum cause bad breath how is my cholesterol and triglyceride level why does the penis go back inside uncontrolled eye movements central apnea atrial ectopy oxygen desaturation ear rash yellow crusty other ear starting to break out addiction to toluene even after rehabilitation how to help him is my fasting blood sugar reading normal cannabis smoking psychosis schizophrenia depression social anxiety ocd what causes back pain after eating my egd was normal thalamic pain irritable leg syndrome had stroke need help have a orthopedic tremor what is the treatment why is bleeding from right nostril a common event inflamed tendons is it good to stretch inflamed tendons mouth twitching eye twitching worried uti prozac post void residual urine endometriosis blood in stools tightness in stomach uncomfortable no pain lost desire to be businessman depression what can i do taken mdma while pregnant should i be worried accidentally took overdose of amoxicillin nausea is it serious severe pain on left side of forehead lumps at the bottom of testicle blood spots in underwear taken ochre tablets for emergency contraception should i be worried womb has descended what causes this treatment tape worm parasite concern swallowed a small lead shot what should be done took amoxicillin frequent bowel movements and noticing yellow stool normal gave an infant triple dose of flucloxacillin now what how to deal with heavy snoring how to reduce fat in belly regular exercise enough stomach reflux snoring trimethoprim treatment nausea vomiting dehydration chest pain shortness of breath myocarditis test query please do not answer enlarged spleen in the ct scan treatment options missed periods unprotected sex pregnancy tests negative spotting pregnancy chances can laser improve vision problems due to diabetic retinopathy vagifem post menopause endometrial thickening cervix opening closed is weight loss possible by taking alza 36 tablets painless lump on the calf muscle reason how do i know my sexual ability strong body odor feels hungry and thirsty hypothyroidism done blood test interpretation of fasting serum insulin vaginismus want to know how to treat it want to know the process of waxing facial hair recurring cough throat infection fever sinus no phlegm recovering alcoholic vomiting blood in spit should i be concerned have mild posterior diffuse disc bulge recovery period want to know treatment for hair loss suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction need solution tips to quit smoking and alcohol addiction discolored and rough patches on knuckles want second opinion what can i do for my pregnant wife poor academic performance lack of interest in studies not getting an erection for some time no medical history simple cortical cyst in kidney how serious is this cyst how to handle low bp for a forty-year-old black patch near eye and cheek treatment distended abdomen gas abdominal pain tenderness in ribs geographic tongue enlarged papillae sensitive to touch itchiness help appreciated difficulty speaking stammering cannot pronounce words properly can my penis size increase and become straight throat discomfort discomfort in left rib cage history of ibs what are the risks involved with a raspa procedure child having dark brown loose stools should be concerned folliculitis in pubic area itchy red boil infection staph infection simple renal cyst non-obstructing kidney stones blood in urine watery vaginal discharge after ovulation period lower abdominal pain spotting headaches fatigue confusion dizzy nausea what should i do 87 year old having a high heart rate diet recommendation depressed feeling like a fraud lump above testicle feels like spermatic cord white spots on skin no change inspite of medication high sgot and sgpt what remedies are available nose injury mri normal slurred speech and nausea coughing excessively eczema is this curable or not how can i permanently remove chest hair panic attack anxiety fear of death and diseases is debilitating can you take citalapram with lofepramine in the short term trouble breathing through nose want expert opinion on x-ray results delayed periods not sexually active reasons for not having periods distended abdomen possible hernia problem is it due to age reddish rashes on the penis discharge reason for recurrence underweight taken dexamethasone how can i gain weight nodules near eyebrow no pus swelling in eyelids can i take omeprazole 20mg and oyelitepro together vomiting not pregnant fainting when driving have ovarian cyst having erectile dysfunction after taking roxithromycin for cold smoking addiction acquired ringworm infection from hiv-positive friend chances of having hiv have esophagitis very thirsty and frequent urination why erectile dysfunction will caverta have ill effects on fetus child does bed wetting any treatment possible hepatitis c can hepatitis c be genetic knee replacement surgery no appetite nausea lethargy weight loss ekg shows possible anteroseptal mi should i worry about it baby has nodule on neck taken vaaccination am scared diarrhea pressure and gas pink and fleshy constipation not able to pass stool painful back pain medicines ineffective advise for better treatment sore spot on neck wisdom tooth slight pain abdominal pain below the ribs pressure in throat desire to burp gagging sensation cramping in fingers pulsating in legs walking sideways depression memory gaps taking medication any explanation will loratadine and azithromycin affect my birth control pill can spondylosis be caused by car accident back cramps tightening muscles any suggestion when it occurs concerned about high blood pressure want to gain weight taking healthy diet have good immunity pain and numbness on the toe why back pain had chills and joint pain swollen growth at entrance to vagina bleeding after squeezing brown discharge from vagina bleeding with itching why need advice for breast modification is surgery safe breathing difficulty cough having chronic lung infection permanent solution delayed periods after taking unwanted 72 pregnancy chances boils in thigh near groin want lotion for boils having sore throat tender glands night sweats after travelling bruise on belly no pain am pregnant is this normal painful swelling above clitoris what home remedies can i use blocked nose could the cpap machine be the reason head pain neck pain what could it be no fever sluggish motile sperm seen in microscopic exam want opinion will missing coumidin have any ill effects head injury in baby babys behavior normal emergency necessary child has ear infection taking antibiotics has low temperature bloating after eating need to regain form jerk in lower back noise in leg while applying weight can i get hiv from an infected dildo child has cold and cough frequently is montair safe high bp cholesterol in limits what should be done can i increase my height after growing age thrush in throat swollen tonsils prescribed eltroxim and cobadex take it together thyroid results bad partner kicks and punches during sleep have premature ejaculation after sex suggest medication for permanent cure lack of concentration and memory do i have adhd high frequency hearing loss lower frequency close to normal constipation nervous stomach mass in right liver lobe treatment question to dr aaaaaaa goyal thank you for your response left side chest pain when crying why want to get rid of homosexuality swollen and hurt hand will a doctor recommend an x-ray am pregnant have pain under ribs bump on back of tongue could it be serious abdominal pain cannot pass stools cannot stand upright clear discharge from belly button odor sleepless erections losing stiffness cannot maintain it is this erectile dysfunction child had head injury neck pain worried curved erection after carotid dissection stroke is this common intestinal gas bowel movement red mucus discharge red rash on hands foreskin peeling is ramipril the cause holes on penis pains while urinating should go for cystoscopy chest pain hand pain do i have anxiety sinus infection what is your opinion on surgery baby has black and thick stools is this normal abdominal pain after endoscopy stools smell like ammonia laparoscopic abdominal surgery wound infection lymphoma can i get pregnant by touching private parts permanent solution for getting straight hair mri revealed mildly atrophic pancreas provide information on seriousness swollen hand increased heart beat light headedness high bp anxious why is bp fluctuating start taking medication having impetigo tried mupirocin and clindamycin permanent solution causes for tingling and popping sensations in the head anxiety memory loss dizziness unwell worried about withdrawal symptoms of lamictal painless lump on the neck causes is watery vaginal discharge in early pregnancy normal occasional palpitations anxiety metoprolol sinus tachycardia fluttering in throat arrhythmia i have a sudden painful large growth under my tongue having cold cough nasal discharge and slight wheezing sinusitis blind spot cloudy floaters tunnel vision any idea what happened tachycardia inner ear infection related want tablets to stop night fall milky white foul smelling discharge not extremely itchy pain in arm and shoulder shaking have sinusitis cause and treatment for closed clitoris need advice on supplements for increasing height increased heartbeat weakness breathlessness heavy chest painful pimples inside the nose can i use enzoflam blood results back no hepatitis are the results bad depression anger problem tiredness want to treat mental illness is triamcincolone acetonide an antifungal or antibiotic medication painless lump on the forehead what to do stool had peanut like particles what can they be having irregular heart beat and constipation are these related burping and light headedness after eating gastric problem can sunburn cause swollen lymph nodes while taking accutane itching around the anus medication for worm infestation i feel like i have an air bubble in my 12 year old feeling cold all the time reason taking penicillin vk tablets for tonsillitis can i take alcohol fluttering feeling in the ear no pain or burning reason urge for frequent urination fever and pain while urination taken overdose of tylenol and advil is it an emergency ear infection hearing loss persistent clog unwanted pregnancywhat are the ways of early abortion what are the side effects of mosquito repellents severe vomiting with diarrhea is it food poisoning bleeding after stopping norethisterone trying to conceive history of miscarriage i would like to chronologically describe the events that have getting headaches after lumbar puncture is this normal side effects of human growth hormone are they non-reversible what are the transmission methods of gonorrhea and chlamydia causes for recurring hard bump on the forehead burning sensation under rib cage burning sensation in breast feeling lump in the throat tonsils not enlarged need advice can i take pepto bismol while on adderall early fall during sex why is it happening and why painful intercourse due to dryness in vagina other cure for porcelain gall bladder instead of open surgery abnormally suspicious spouse is there a self remedy neurogenic disorder pain in muscles metabolic disorders abdominal tb what precautions to maintain while sex have a dull pain in chest and have chills why waking up with shaking hands related to nyquil had sex will partner contract yeast infection that i had safe to start taking oxyelite powder while on champix irregular periods prescribed with susten urine pregnancy test negative is the discoloration of stools after taking beetroot normal polyp-like growths in vagina pain during intercourse any natural medication what should be done kind of treatment or surgery use of cannabis in treating itchy skin how do i know if i have adhd suggest treatment fungal infection in toe nails permanent solution pain while urination abnormal urine test report treatment options pain in the back non-obstructive renal calculus in kidney cure have ovarian cancer need information on next generation photodynamic therapy recurrent sore throat taken antibiotics can kissing be a reason urinating too often and vision blurs what is causing ecg showed right bundle branch block have extreme dizziness related can i get dried semen on hands can taking levaquin for bronchitis delay my period lightheaded low bp stroke has affected speech is everything okay meet good doctor can take care of my healthmeet good chest vibrates have angina do i have a heart problem can spondylitis cause shivering in hands and legs any drug interaction between chantix and oxyelite pro light spotting unprotected sex had period a week back pregnant frequent brownish yellow jelly stool for the past week vomiting head spinning in child bp result how to lower blood pressure irregular bleeding after taking pills for abortion reasons and treatment intercourse taken pills heart burn stomach ache irregular periods pregnant abdominal pain with blood in stool is it an emergency low energy upset stomach no sexual drive feeling bumps inside vagina is it herpes eye feels bruised reddish eye reason breathing difficulty fatigue fainting episodes prescribed with diazepam right medication is liquid edta good in reducing arterial plaque need treatment for acne and vertigo bleeding from nose headache high blood pressure advice painless bubbling sensation in the scrotum why can amoxicillin be used for a bee sting reation constipation watery stools weight loss causes need a diet plan to gain lean muscle mass breast cancer no carcinoma found is it safe to conceive pus filled pimple in the vagina bleeding when popped medication hypothyroid menopause ovarian cyst uterine wall thickening arm liposuction 21 femaleweight 250 poundshealthybipolar hearing disorders severe abdominal pain after bowel movement advice suffering from pcod cyst removed weight loss methods is it normal to see orange spots need eye check-up is there any medication or hormone injection to increase height irritation and blood in the anus causes obese trying to lose weight need diet plan infant crying uncontrollably could it be due to teething is evis md platinum blue light therapy for acne safe will testosterone replacement therapy affect heart rhythm suffering from depression overdose of combiflam what to do having recurrent itchy red lumps under the skin swollen ankle after taking excess mephadrone need help is loss of libido a side effect of onlgyza abnormal wbc result from semen test what are the causes raised hard sore vein under armpit what is it brownish stools is this a symptom nodes in buttocks itchy acne on shoulder and buttocks vaginal itching with white discharge taking medication for uti recurring swollen sore testicles with lower back pain need permanent cure for spreading reckles i want to quit smoking how to do it had chest congestion have lightheadedness taking z pac and mucinex have ckd stage iii chest pain light headed dizzy missed periods after childbirth have diabetes how to remove a non-obstructive calculi in the kidney what is the interpretation of my blood pressure what are the side effects of taking addyzoa capsules age-28 sex- male problem- tumors in my body kindly suggest medicines to control proteinuria have protein in urine have anxiety ecg shows sinus tachycardia what do you suggest i seem to have pubic lice please suggest a treatment are cialis and losartan safe to take together cut on the penis painful while urination causes frequent urination with burning difficulty in controlling the urination urge position sensitive chest pain feeling weak advice hbsag positive in the report what does it mean brown spots on back and shoulder concerned about the purple color of the penis will silver nitrate help in treating psoriasis permanent cure inter menstrual bleeding difficulty in urination abnormal pap smear report can urticaria cause chest infection painless lump in between the breasts should i be worried dry inflmed red bumps on the moustache area need medication high pulse rate should i go to the doctor immediately given dulcolax before caesarean surgery will it harm the baby non-surgical options to tighten the vagina diagnosed with gallbladder stone advised for laparoscopic cholecystectomy advice what are the causes and treatment options for being underweight comprehensive metabolic test done are the levels concerning any treatment for tanned skin taking levipil for epilepsy side effects brownish semen no pain causes sore eyes painful skin rashes on the waist diagnosed with tumor in lungs chances of malignancy painless flexible lumps on the calf due to injury how can loss of virginity be hidden persisting loose stools after the gallstone surgery have thyroid problem what causes septic skin spots on legs itching and swelling below ears delayed periods abdominal pain kidney enlarged feels tired and sick feeling pressure outside vagina after child birth frequent urination reason 31 year old having high blood pressure reddish itchy rash on the groin area using neosporin remedy child with brownish particles in urine dryness and irritation in the mouth solution need advice on diet and exercise for losing weight ultrasound scan report showing enlarged prostrate what does it mean irregular bowel movements due to hypothyroidism having yellow eyes and cold feet what are the causes ear pain nausea stiff neck headache feels dizzy migraine having mild hearing loss and ear ache advice delayed menarche rbc in urine need ultrasound scan if i have pleava should i get hiv tested red dot on tattoo is it melanoma see a specialist in old age can grommet help with better hearing capacity lactating or discharge from nipples normal after menopause infant has dry skin after waking up from sleep normal i have irritation in throat when i cough why i am facing early ejaculation problem why have diarrhea stomach pain and loss of appetite how much is a femiplan pill blood pressure on electronic monitor got two reviews reliable my mole hurts to touch what does this mean regular sweating in palms and feet suggest a diet plan to reduce weight lump in armpit pains to touch no redness no sickness cause and treatment of torticollis in a baby unprotected sex irritation on penis trauma cortisone and neosporin regular masturbation suddenly erection failed why is the sperm watery my husband needs a knee replacement no insurance are there tear in buttocks bleeding sore how can i treat this have rashes that itch what is causing this is my bp and and pulse rate normal been having throat spasms very painful what can be done have hemorrhoids noticed ridges in stool cause child stretches eyes and stares at the corner why can i start with daily supplements are they safe semen analysis report prescribed tab curam should i be worried heart skips a beat should i worry high blood pressure on bp medication suggestion how can i grow a mustache and a beard taking xyven and lamitor have depression is this proper medication dry itchy nipples discharge on scratching eczema severe headache when there is change in daily schedule reason scheduled for abortion used methamphetamine will it interact with anesthesia is roxid for uti safe in pregnancy is my bone mineral density in normal range chances of multiple sclerosis relapse no insurance advice child with adhd need medication parotid swollen cold dry breath foul taste acne on head urine test showing leucocytes and pus cells treatment diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes remedy breast pain fever blood in milk infection irregular periods had unprotected sex need help in preventing pregnancy what kind of hypertension medication has less sexual side effects can you show me a picture of a healthy l45 presence of brown tissue in the cough reasons is there a permanent cure for premature ejaculation red spots on eyelids fungal infection how to remove post inflammatory hyperpigmentation tried clearz plus triglow back pain after playing cricket pain while sitting and sleeping sudden weight gain lower back pain need help ringing noise from ear after swimming mild hearing loss infection does prolonged use of rozat reduce sex drive in men infant having lesions in the anus what does it mean having one testicle abdominal ct scan advised chances of cancer child getting frequent tonsils infections can clavam be used painless lump in the scrotum what could it be rbcs present in semen analysis is it normal can you smoke weed after an endoscopy can coconut oil be consumed if on warfarin can a broken bone cause weakness and flu symptoms over weight had a cesarean delivery how to reduce weight would it be safe to stop using anxinil for depression heavy eyes heaviness in head and weakness why child has stomach pain and low body temperature want to reduce weight am overweight taking thyronorm finished tb medication dosage have not yet conceived why back pain lump in lower back shooting pain down leg excessive hunger greenish stool nausea headache stomach viral infection what can get rid of bad nose smell ringworm lotrimin af ketoconazole aloquin gel microsporum canis cyst under foreskin skin color changed is there any treatment to remove black heads and acne muscle cramps weakness cns disease availability and cost of liposuction facility want to consult regarding symptoms of thyroid will swallowing semen cause pregnancy pink raised bump on side no pain itching any ideas what kind of mattress reduces back pain anxiety about daughters health vomiting breathlessness washing hands frequently conern over penis size early ejaculation rash in arm after tetanus shot warm to touch swollen cause and treatment for molluscum contagiosum chest x-ray shows hilar enlargment what does it mean medical history attached what are ulnars crack in buttocks painful itchy can you offer a solution used cytotec for abortion stomach pain and bloating feeling cold relation between psa and recent ejaculation what are the types of fat one must consume shaking in stomach jumping in stomach after eating want interpretation of kidney function tests have diabetes pain in ovaries lower abdomen after changed birth control swallowed a sperm will it cause trouble fluttering in chest occasionally what does that mean delayed period taken regestron is it safe get my period sex with virgin girls causes aidsor other std will anal sex result in any problem on protonix low stomach acid ppi pregnant took flurbiprofen twice today contained in throat lozenge worry how to stop erection during foreplay had unprotected sex took i-pill chances of pregnancy pain itching and bleeding from the clitoral skin treatment taking metoprolol does smoking interact with this medication tmt borderline positive for reversible ischemia is there a treatment will smoking weed affect surgical abortion treatment for erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness clear sticky discharge from penis with burning on urination causes what are the birth control methods other than condoms concerned about reduced semen and low sexual desire need information on pulse polio programme what is the dosage bruised bump on the chin after injury need x-ray vomiting and tiredness during menstruation is this normal treatment for retracted nipples information on breast reduction surgery on chemotherapy taking erbitux medication elevated bilirubin levels advice does smoking cannabis affect pcos need low gi diet diarrhea abdominal distention discoloration of the stools having flu remedy severe headaches if not eating properly treatment options will oral sex lead to infections what is the normal reading of gamma gt in women bleeding after injecting methamphetamine to the neck reason vomiting nausea loss of appetite and fatigue medication swelling in scalp hair loss blood report and biopsy normal treatment for brown crusty nipples history of migraine headache taken depakote and cymbalta dose loss of erection and difficulty in ejaculation solution any home remedy for dry chapped lips tried moisturisers can bone marrow transplant be done with low blood count high fever with kidney pain need advice on cbc test results should i smoke marijuana after taking zopiclone can you please suggest me a morning-after pill child has less weight and is not eating properly got acne after taking medication for spondylitis for back pain what is the natural medication used in herpes infection reddish fluid filled bumps on the penis what is it knee pains during sitting bone pain why is this happening pet scan report what is the next treatment child has partially blue arm could this be methemoglobinaemia what does hepatitis a ab reactive mean what is the recovery period of mastoiditis what is the purpose of movon abdominal pain during sex what is going on 26 year old having sagging testicles difficulty in erection advice when is sexual intercourse possible after ureteroscopy can a strained pubococcygeus muscle affect erection how can acne be effectively prevented why does heart rate rise when walking up stairs bump around anus and vagina itchy sore will oxetel have any impact on fetus or pregnant woman what cream should be applied on penis with small bites i need the following questions answered for a school assignment can syphillis be transmitted through kissing stomach pain dark stools sleeplessness can oflin be taken for acute bronchitis how long does it take for percocet to show up pain in the lower abdomen while menstruation started after abortion red spot on penis oral sex no bleeding std can oral contraceptive pills be started after the menstruation pcos on spironolactone oveweight hair loss tsh hyperthyroidism gurgling sound from the throat sore throat symptoms of sinusitis small white bump on epesiotomy scar extra scar tissue concerned about high resting pulse rate childs hands grey in color what is wrong concerned about the bleeding from vagina due to injury sore and swollen penis can over masturbation cause peyronies disease sleeplessness obese watery semen curable discolored raised spots on the penis not std any suggestions stopped taking clonazepam abruptly having anxiety withdrawal symptom infant with fever cough and stuffy nose medication suffering from migraine triggered by weather change remedy change in stool consistency have hemorrhoids chances of colon cancer bloodshot and yellowish discoloration in the eye jaundice want information on parkinsons disease causes for severe daily headaches multilevel degenerative changes within lumbar spine disc bulging hypertrophy pinkish discharge after miscarriage is it normal having feverish feeling with headache remedy no periods for an year started taking clomid proper medication trying to conceive difficulty in getting erection advice 25 year old having severe hair loss any treatment ultrasound report saying anechoic cyst in ovary is it critical white pimple near the healing wound on the face what is the remedy for constipation in pregnancy severe sunburn like rash spreading on the upper arm difficulty in ejaculation normal erection solution pus filled lumps in the anus fever anal bleeding reasons does chantix cause high blood pressure reduced menstruation with clots taking femodene for years side effect going for food allergy skin test concerned about anaphylactic reaction headacheweird taste of mouth nosebleed soreness in nasal cavity diagnosed with low sperm motility no smoking advice reddish painful penis with dryness what is it painless spongy swelling on the elbow what is the treatment for balantis on medication for hypertension discoloration and foul smell of the urine history of incontinence pain in the arm mri done need suggestions lower back pain chances of any pancreatic condition or cancer severe neck pain radiating to head on medication for hypertension hair loss due to dandruff want a permanent remedy how serious is my high blood pressure am overweight neck pain like a sprain treatment back pain done urine analysis worried about cancer right eye twitching what can be done to stop this test query please do not reply is vasectomy safe and simple does it have side effects what causes inflamation and scar tissue in frontal lobe getting cough and phlegm can you suggest medicines what should i do for recurrent mouth ulcers numbness and pain in leg cramps difficulty walking itching and dandruff in hair unable to concentrate is there any natural cure for cysts in the uterus this is a test query please do not respond take dabur nutrigo as health supplement are there side effects am pregnant and have body pain tired discomfort while breathing leg and arm pain is it okay to be gay and have anal sex taking microgynon started bleeding prescribed norethisterone start taking new medicine premature ejaculation not happy with sexual life please help bleeding piles precautions diet suggestion leg pain lower back pain any ideas can i have metformin along with dronis have pcod husband fights about past issues with wife and with parents can you suggest a natural way to treat constipation permanently mouth ulcers recurrent covered one side of mouth suggestions using cetaphil moisturising cream but pimples have not stopped occuring am pregnant sore leg and numbness should i be worried can salmonella virchow and giardia cause conjestive heart failure abdominal vibration no pain what could be causing it is there a cure for elephantiasis disease string-like mucus instead of bowel movement which is very white i need the best possible scar treatment suggest talcum powder or soap to relieve itching of skin feeling drowsy excessive fatigue do i need any supplements irregular periods prescribed with withdrawal pills any other medication concerned about the echo mri emg reports had sexual intercourse is there any possibility to get aids get severe headache when i go for outings or holidays stomach pain on the first day of menstruation increased heart beat nausea and vomiting after breakfast done vitamin d test what medicine should i take would miconazole nitrate treat herpes blisters itching on the lower back need medication what are the causes for extremely foul smelling stools irregular use of femodene having spotting pregnancy will lasik treatment be covered by insurance need information on wisdom teeth taking medication for pain swollen endometrium dc and hysterectomy advised cancer chances suffering from lower back pain due to muscle spasm suggestions muscular pain on hands elbows hips no fever medication checked for ecg echo hb level and thyroid profile advise need explanation on the knee arthroscopy reports feeling flushing on the skin after taking lisinopril side effect feeling hot under the feet in the night causes elevated uric acid and creatinine levels any complications overweight heaviness in the chest fatigue causes child having constipation after taking antibiotics what to do suffering from depression sleeplessness need treatment sudden urge for urination normal urine color need attention suffering from fibromyalgia on physiotherapy which specialist to consult need tips on reducing weight pregnant having discomfort in belly button is this normal having giddiness normal diet reason photo attached what are these spots warts diagnosed fibroadenoma advised lumpectomy could it be phyllodes bleeding after menstruation is this due to taking cymbalta kidney ultrasound results diffuse renal parenchymal disease advise and treatment pain in the elbow after injury medication chest pain while breathing and coughing difficulty in breathing frequent menstruation with heavy bleeding medication need advice or erectile dysfunction tongue feels rough due to excessive brushing need treatment for premature ejaculation brown spots on legs and feet suggestions excessive weight loss constipation done blood test need advice need information on the success rate and cost of iui retrosternal discomfort after taking fluclox can i take ranitidine painful lump in the armpit need check up need help is assessing the thyroid test report pain in the left side of abdomen possible causes what is the meaning of high eosinophil levels two emg reports require interpretation and suggession regarding it where can the flu vaccine be available can crystal meth be taken with amoxiclav feeling cold all the time why can pomegranate be taken during pregnancy rusty yellowish stool with epigastric pain no gallbladder stones suggestions side effect of metoprolol hives food sensitivity suffering from bloated stomach cure tightness pressure tingling sensation in the upper stomach advise is it safe to take sudafed with bethistine echocardiogram showing moderately dilated left atrium should i be concerned pain in the joints suffering from emphysema treatment cyst in kidney blood in urine aspirin pregnant is anorexia dangerous to the baby questions regarding shizophrenia infected sperm masturbation fetus smoking ziprexa damage of condom during sex taken contraceptive pill help required taken ten zolfresh tablets can it be dangerous done blood tests which is normal any suggestions on it should i trephine subungual hematoma affects of klinefelters syndrome on the embalming process lowered platelet count warfarin taken is it not normal bump on forehead ct scan done depression advise and treatment medical termination of pregnancy kit how to use it c-section mirena iud inserted pubic hair turns white intercourse red bumps on penis itchy std low sex drive on antidepressants how to increase sex drive medicine to relieve back pain c-section mirena iud inserted white pubic hairs white spot in stool what could be that do simvastatin or ramipril tablets react with kalms tablets dysplastic nevi moles removed melanoma why is erection lost when i lose concentration left ear has been numb since waking up causes extra split above rectum no further opening normal bowel movement drinker elevated ast and alt accidental intake on lipitor niaspan and carvedilol what to do what are the reasons for having greenish semen severe rheumatoid arthritis with lupus symptoms suffering from muscular pain infertility problem semen analysis report what does report mean pain in the throat while lying down causes semen analysis test report are all normal and any suggestion best treatment for wernicke korsakorf syndrome a black spot on tear duct what is it looking for opinion on my seminal analysis report lymph nodes in the groin area should i worry unremovable black patches on cheeks advise regarding treatment frenulum breve what can be done slipped and hit leg swollen leg is it serious advise dizziness to the point of falling low bp taking clamp for severe cough no relief what to do advice to reduce tummy fat pregnant ultrasound showing polyhydramnios and oesophageal atresia should be worried underweight depressed stressed how can confidence be gained treatment external part of ear feels numb no hearing loss reason low heart rate and cold body temperature why blemish due to pimples oily skin solution repeated appearance of hard non-movable lump in the armpit advice erectile dysfunction prescription for viagra diabetic burping problem stopped metformin what can be the problem hidradenitis suppurativa trouble anyone who can treat this advise lean and underweight how to gain weight is bleeding after anal sex normal suggest medicines for bad constipation have severe pimples what is a permanent solution pain in neck while swallowing sore throat nasopharyngeal cancer headache stopped alcohol can alcohol consumption affect the tests skin get red after injection pains trying to conceive periods reduced smoker taking advil urinary tract infection related to kidney pneumonia sore throat headache muscle aches leukemia leg pain consulted homeopathy what do the tests refer to watery sperm premature ejaculation how can this be treated infant has itchy rashes on face suggest remedy knot on the bottom of foot meaning pimples that leave marks on face help swollen lymph node in groin tender oval negative uti test what are the therapeutic levels for tramadol in mg percentage absence of periods how can the pregnancy test be confirmed fatigue and burning feet in afternoon black line on toenail fungal infection penis size decreased premature ejaculation frequent urination fungal infection can a rectocele be repaired with abdominal laparoscopic rectopexy non-productive cough abdominal burning taking steroids now throat burning had protected sex kissing will i get hiv constipation since childhood what is the remedy what are the exercises diet and medications for weight loss premature ejaculation how can it be prevented and treated oldage has cough with phlegm can it be pneumonia urinary tract infection sleeplessness stressed advise and treatment red rash on knee getting worse why sinus infection should go for surgery or homeopathic treatment will consuming tea in one breath help reduce weight cough problem taken medicine suggest treatment vomiting during pregnancy need to travel suggest precautions can women use diet pills to reduce weight side effects joined swimming suggest lotion or cream to avoid skin tanning penis shrinking cannot maintain erection not hard erection took ativan during periods feeling groggy be concerned infant has rashes is dermadew safe suggest best products difficulty breathing high pulse rate stage 1 lung cancer should go for surgery or chemo red swollen and scaly upper eyelids intermittent headache nausea trembling hands how to get relief what are post-coital migraines and its symptoms regular hard stool how to get relief which herbal shampoo would be good for oily hair how to cure anameia baby has diarrhoea prescribed with azithromycinpromethazone hydrochloride no relief treatment how can one stope oneself following through when farting can excessive masturbation cause hyperthyroidism jaw pain and back pain when urinating how to prevent hair fall and improve hair growth gradual disinterest in physical intimacy what could be the reason have inguinal lymph gland painful when pressed what is it taking plavix having loose stools should i be concerned tingling sensation in urethra could it be an infection fever stomach ache headache sore tongue with white spots flat itchy bumps on the labia no discharge causes headache fatigue neurological exam normal cns leukemia bloated stomach pregnancy test negative no missed periods does kidney cancer have signs in complete urine analysis reasons causes and prevention of sleep paralysis frequent hairloss dandruff since winter suggestion for remedy what is the remedy for night sweats in old lady should one eat watermelon after consuming alcohol vaginal discharge with bowel movement normal feeling painful lump in the throat reason hair loss patch on the scalp any medication can take chymoral forte tablet during pregnancy scaly skin rashes on forehead skin infection reddish purple knee area had hives advise lump in the arm treatment swollen vein between scrotum and anus advice will varicocele surgery help for better semen count need advice on ideal weight what is the best period to have intercourse for pregnancy acne on eyes nose and upper cheeks solution any non-surgical medication for neurofibrosis reddish sore groin area with white discharge infection need diet plan to reduce weight discoloration and itching inside the thighs any medication had a urobilinogen what does it denote does the use of flucloxacillin affect menstruation penis goes limp after sex is this normal blocked ear feeling vibrations in head causes lower back pain headache when exposed to sun overweight need advice on diet and exercise to reduce weight permanent removal of hair on buttoks treatment and advise chronic runny nose problem what is the best suggested treatment drinker for a long time damaged the liver by now my urine creatine level was abnormal should i be concerned what should i consume if i have typhoid fever shall continue vysyneral ossapand-d and ostacalcium drops for baby taken ofloxacine and ornidazole combination can i consume alcohol now take protonix in morning and omneprozoles in afternoon uterus bulky and auterveted and showing heterogenous echo meaning breast lump increased blood supply malignant have regular loose bowel movement what could be the reason fever going up and down body aches how to counter allergic reaction during season change pre-cancerous moles invasive melanoma normal lymph nodes survival chance rise in psa after prostatectomy taken casodex brown semen no pain or discomfort testicle discomfort have ed what does no infiltrate pleural effusion or pneumothorax mean can testosterone replacement therapy affect psa level stomach upset and diarrhea after masturbation scared about this itching in the rectum paper hard scales solution dark brown colored patches on leg since long urine analysis showed plenty pus cells how to proceed next dizziness spinning head tongue tingles have diarrhea what was wrong protein in urine will micoalbumin test help discoloration between shaft and glans circumcised bloated stomach not pregnant no ibs suggestion have tendonitis what is the healing period stressed due to overbearing in-laws how should i react using nuvaring nausea dizziness fever worried about toxic shock syndrome thyroid problem irregular periods after delivery sudden rise in bp had heart stent done recently lump on cervix pap smear how dangerous calf pain warm in foot ultrasound done deep venous thrombosis hyperplasia thickened endometrialnon erosive gastritis and diverticulitis ovarian cancer back pain when i drive two wheeler remedy mri says straightening of lumbo-sacral spine treatment bmi 33 bp 11888 is my bp high tightness in chest when breathing deeply should i worry how to deal with hbs agve in blood lotion to avoid pimples on face more hair fall any remedy took five nos of lonazep what should be done high urea level obese how to lower blood urea delayed period should go for pregnancy test pins needles sensation in hands feeling of lethargy is epilim chrono compatible with cephalexin have itching in private part how to get relief sleeplessness no other health issue healthy life style purple fingernails cough had lung problem pneumonia high liver enzymes pink discharge during menstrual cycle duration delayed periods with pinkish discharge chances of pregnancy sore throat with pain is allery the cause of it what are the side effects of fas 3 kit what are the different contraceptive methods that can be followed reduced facial hair growth any treatment advice on yoga to reduce weight severe headaches for a long period why having chest congestion and blocked nose smoking addiction taking mucinex can symbicort be taken with high bp medications bump on anterior pillar seems like cyst semen analysis report what is the problem suggested treatment pvc borderline echocardoigram blood tests normal is getting pregnant safe irregular menstual periods can pregnancy occur will losing weight and fat pad make penis look bigger dandruff oily skin sweating what is the solution leaking of semen without sexual excitement causes buzzing sensation in groin area what is the reason pea stuck in throat cough copd treatment and advise non reactive hcv hiv negative hcv rna pcr risk having yellowish eyes back ache and stool discoloration suggestions frequent urination clear urine any sign of infection overweight difficulty in conception what is the treatment feeding ghee to an infant is it a good diet rashes on testicles due to heat and sweat medication high pulse nervousness during pregnancy suggest remedy for it is it safe for a chf patient to get tattoo premature ejaculation quick erection what is the remedy itching and skin rashes after exercise allergic reaction sperms not functional can pregnancy occur method to heal abnormal ventricular relaxation in echo report heart failure stress anxiety frustration how can this be solved suffering from acidity is it safe to take nexpro side effects of prolonged use of birth control pills frequent hamstring muscle pull advise to avoid it need diet advice to increase height duration course and diet while taking the rabies injection dizziness fatigue vomiting during pregnancy black spots on tongue cold sores cause of spots suffering from acute acidity and gas permanent solution infection on the skin of penis dry areas treatment baby not able to walk even after seventeen months food to eat for patient with high blood sugar rotten meat smell what could this be experiencing night sweats more than usual should be worried will crystal bubbly show up in a urine drug test getting dark circles under eyes quite frequently upper back pain chest pain pains to swallow solid food what causes a brain frenula blood pressure level pulse rate concern normal side-effects of fertyl super 100mg extreme suspicious nature is there a remedy what does these reports imply heart burn feeling unwell what could be the reason does the plan b pill cause hcg levels to rise signs of hepatitis how yellow must the eyes be will the consumption of herbs in diet cause melanosis coli have severe leg pain what should i do can i become a father with a low sperm count cure for eales disease go for akt 4 took mt pill started bleeding why hasnt bleeding stopped yet erythrocyte sedimentation rate is high how can i reduce it can milk thistle change my stool color regular period bleeding normally bleeding after sex again why constipated started mirilax am i building tolerance to the compound been having white odorless and painless discharge from penis why pain in armpit connecting to left breast swelling in right ankle spreading to leg does smoking cause elevated cea level erectile dysfunction need prescribed medication why do i want to use the bathroom after masturbation swollen foot on paracetamol why has it not gotten better tsh levels elevated what can be the treatment is zolpidem dangereous for the health pregnant can i use cytrec suggest dosage when do i use the different dosages of paracetamol having extreme pain in right arm will it affect pregnancy information on my epithelial cells got ecg values sinus rhythms normal worry about the rest mild headache nausea gas sharp pain what can i do movement in stomach stops and starts what could it be running high temperature which is intermittent what can be done does lymecline and tetralysal affect microgynon vaginal bleeding pelvic pain endometriosis how to seek immediate care light headness ringing in the ears whats the reason pain between ribs and chest area what is recommended giddiness while passing motion reason what medication can be taken for emergency contraception sleep apnea tired after sleeping with cpap machine remedy swollen right testicle after hernia surgery whats the treatment advise twitching in the thigh reason and advise for treatment positive pregnancy test taken mensovite plus capsules will periods occur what are the normal parameters of weight and height infant not rolling active and energetic is the baby fine what to do for a scrotum skin tear took nuforce kit vaginal burns abdominal pain what is happening had prostrate massaged difficulty urinating how can it be rectified havent had period for months will it affect my fertility increased varicose veins calf twitching can i travel headache dizziness not having proper balance is it utibladder infection will voltrex interact with birth control pills penile rash chlymidia 1 hydrocortisone contagiousspreading itching treatment white pasty dischange under foreskin yeast infection canesten treatment genital skin tag uncomfortable treatment athletes feet hands burning stinging palms no pain fungus infection blood draw sharp pain no hematoma emg needed white bumps on my lips dont hurt cure yeast infection liver disease monistat cream treatment vomiting weight loss no heart burn is it esophageal cancer penis started cracking and shedding allergic reaction cialis ed hypertension how to quit smoking done liver funstion tests can it be explained bone lumps on forehead solution for it can a young girl start to gym with no harm thyroid test revealed elevated prolactin what can be done sick in the stomach why am i lethargic and tired std tests done hsv advise and suggestion why do i keep getting diarrhea am i okay what should be the food-chart for an unhealthy child purple spots on vagina what could it be treatment have lesion on forearm what it is this lesion what causes involuntary exhalation masturbation painful erection for a while cause and treatment advsie skin problem prescribed defza30 opinion and advise have genital wart how to get relief head injury headache blurred vision what can be the disgnosis saline implants done lump on breast is this cancerous pimple with pus oil discharge any suggestion for remedy can i use pimafucort on ringworm high bp had vertigo inner ear infection wobbly feet emergency what penis size is required for pleasurable intercourse tenderness headache stressed what these symptoms suggest fever nausea stomach cramps bleeding tongue suggest treatment and cause unprotected sex heartburn nausea can this be pregnancy will a person live if he has diabetes can gastritis cause throat itching and coughing neck makes creaking and hissing noise what is it recurring itchy anus bleeding sore tailbone white lump on roof of childs mouth firm any ideas feeling warm in stomach acid reflux after eating or drinking nose bleeding low carbohydrate diet is this common pain in upper back is this gerd or acid reflux fatty cysts on arm and breast area who to consult