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taking cyanocobalamin for vitamin b12 colchicine prescribed correct medication delayed periods spotting pregnant can i use mensovit 8 year old vomiting diarrhea cheeks extremely red advise child with rashes on the legs have itching any medication headache sleeplessness depression low self esteem smoker help lumps in the pelvic area need to go to emergency constipation protrusion from anus internal hemorrhoids in colonoscopy help severe pain on wrist hurts when thumb is extended advise spotting cramps persisting what is the problem using dermovit for hair loss no relief any help used lysol chest tightness breathlessness should i seek medical attention suffering from rectal bleeding darkened blood around the area guide dark circles on the face acne need a remedy bumps in vagina suffer from hemorrhoids do i have herpes had protected intercourse with sex worker chances of std dizziness headache difficulty in balancing need to get checked pressure in the head with sharp shooting pain reason cold strange odor of hands taking robitussin advise light spotting after intercourse cephalexin given am i pregnant pain while passing stool applied vase line more painful piles terrible headache diarrhea vomiting what could be this loose motion vomiting fever prescribed ceemi flexon ronycold better treatment rashes throughout body itching warmth levocetirizine offers relief advise depression gets mad easily argues advise twitching along left cheekbone heart rate 90 advise smelled cocaine coughed vomit diarrhea that smelled chemical advise delayed period cramps clear discharge am i pregnant tick bite raised spot red normal have sun light allergy reddish patches on the skin medication difficult to get an erection need a solution walked a lot heel pains a lot achilles injury fatty liver fluid around liver ribcage hurting recommendations severe fatigue after angioplasty is this normal baby aspirin suggested during early pregnancy had miscarriages suggestions have stomach swelling tenderness headache and nose bleed suggestions numbness in the tongue fainting episode lightheadedness any help small bump on lower stomach painful difficult to walk treatment dark color at end of left toe no pain remedy on coq addyzoa carnisure no sperm proper treatment advise burning sensation after urinating and urge of frequent urination uti cramps after sex no ejaculation inside vagina possible pregnancy pain in clitoris after urination frequent urination sexually active guide ugly dark marks left behind from boils reoccurring treatment hard lump on forhead history of getting punched hematoma want increase in height gloxi products effective pain and heaviness in shoulder armpit area recommend flatulence frequent watery stools after intake of zentel advice throbbing sensation while urinating history of treatment for uti reason spots on face heartburn abdominal pain negative hpt reason used marijuana post surgery tingly sensation information pregnant with gestational diabetes positive frenal frectum test done suggest odd rash on penis red worsening diagnosed allergy problem head lice no remedy with vinegar and olive oil help recurring itchy oozing and spreading rash on forearm reason suffer from insomnia reddish gums suggestions hcg injection for weight loss health risks nausea stomach ache headaches clear virginal discharge suggestions painless blister on penis had unprotected sex masturbating suggestions have sores on face tried antibiotic cream no change remedy diagnosed with schizophrenia violent and abusive any hope discomfort under the ribs colonoscopy suggested is mri better diagnosed with hyperthyroid prescribed neomercazole stomach is always bloated suggestions cramps headaches and spotting after periods pregnancy tickling feeling while going to urinate itching taking monistat suggestions child with stomach pain near appendix with low temperature advice what are the effects of smokeless tobacco on general health bumped on head threw up yellow diarrhea had flu advise using speed height capsule is there is any side effect suffer from headaches history of brain fever recurrence taking vyvanse can i take double dose getting angry very possessive counseling can you tell me if my blood test is normal suffer from typhoid and depression what would be the treatment suffering from rug burn prescribed cephalexin suggest swollen lips rashes bumps on hands reason having vomiting feeling puish frequently burning sensation digestion problem normal suffer from aids and chronic bronchitis cure pain on chest neck prescribed omeprazole olfen not helping advise child with whooping cough what is the treatment suffer from stomach problem depression need medication addiction to masturbation affecting normal life suggestions having chest pain and cough taking panto what to do have psoriasis on feet it takes white color treatment hearing loss in left ear taking sudafed got worse remedy mri of cervical spine taken findings and treatment skin tag in the anus is it external piles suffering from severe acidity after c section delivery treatment kidney tests done recommendations 32 weeks pregnant yellow discharge anything to worry white globs of stuffs coming from bottom reason irregular periods ultrasonography done arcuate uterus any treatment thalassemia carrier how serious is that nausea bruises bleeding gums chest pain serious have premature ejaculation blood on condom am i infected sore breasts nausea and diarrhea removed mirena pregnant antiphospholipid syndrome right hand fingers swollen itchy advise intercourse after period completion bled the next day advise delayed period bloated abdomen uncomfortable sensation in lower abdomen advise dizziness while swallowing what is causing this stomach ache greenish black stool what is happening having secondary infertility hsg results shows dilated fallopian tubes normal have seasonal allergies taking nasal spray zyrtec and decongestants guide type 2 diabetic lower back pain after taking metformin advise pain on right thumb tip blisters with redness advise child has typhoid prescribed azithral tablets healing time white spot on the gum not healing what is it used crystal meth before surgery on hand what to do heavy periods fluttering in the uterus back pain endometriosis had unprotected intercourse took i-pill bleeding not stopped pregnant 11 weeks postpartum vertigo headaches dizziness advise high sgpt levels and triglycerides taking robusar further medication nail scratches and scars on face how to erase them spongy area inside vagina had thrush itchiness achy worry high bp takes benicar supplement of potassium is it related painful osteoarthritis done x ray taken norco is that suitable semen report shows sperm count 52 millionml meaning head ache pounding what could be this having red and bruised eye allergic to pollen suggest suffer from fever how often can i give the meftal genital skin is brown and pinkish in some areas normal have bumps between butt cheeks applying hot water cause rash on right shin raised red bumps itchy bruising reason soreness on the penis due to excessive masturbation remedy heavy bleeding after taking depo shot miscarriage or pregnancy had intercourse before removing mirena mild spotting chances of pregnancy taking depo shots noticed brownish like urine pregnancy itching burning and pain in the penis cause child has sugar level 142 non fasting normal missed contraceptive pill no periods gained weight what to do child has vomiting no fever could have eaten something suggestions have spotting and stomach cramps had 2 miscarriages normal sore legs difficulty in movement painful cure for symptoms have chemical embalance depersonalization experiencing anxiety and blank mind suggest depression what are treatment options 1 year baby discomfort while urinating red swollen clitoris treatment took unwanted kit for abortion chances of incomplete miscarriage throat infection and ear pain taken levofloxacin cure ultrasound shows unilocular ovarian cyst should i undergo surgery have guillain-barre syndrome taking percocet guide itching in the vagina grayish vaginal lips what to do infant with vomiting in sleep not waking up concerned variations in bp taking medication what could be the reason fetus scan done what are the findings and suggestions stroke lost temporary memory used marevam depricap loprin side effects have pre-seminal leakage no erection medication sharp pain in hip and pelvic joint throbbing pain worry blurry vision strange heart beat asthma has cardio myopathy medication have fever running nose irritation diabetic taken cetzine serious started ivf treatment had embryo transfer done ultrasound pregnancy chances fever teething on tylenol why is baby irritated swelling after tooth removal injected anesthesia will it subside headaches back pain and pain in the breasts pregnant dry itchy cough with yellowish mucus shortness of breath bronchitis grains in the head hair loss reason irregular periods body ache and fever reason child with fever and diarrhea giving adol need further medication missing periods spotting when should i check for pregnancy severe constipation painful internal and external hemorrhoids need surgery need a better medication that prestiq on serquel for sleeplessness frequent urination tingling in the clitoris std newborn on lactogen formula can i give her water difficult bowel movements with release of semen no std reason anemia breathlessness chest compression gastritis headaches prescribed vitcofol suggestions bleeding after taking cytotec pregnancy test negative am i pregnant constant chest pain dizziness due to stress or stomach ulcer pigmentation on arms bleaching natural remedies did not work advise choking breathing difficulty while coughing burp runny nose advise lump in ribs is it cancerous treatment 2 year baby mistakenly taken thyroxine sodium tablets 50 guidance peeling gum with pain anything to reduce redness and pain healing with antibiotics called azithromycinum safe remedy delayed period contraceptive taken delivery through surgical operation advise 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound done what does the findings mean perforated eardrum balancing problems constant tinnitus advise having irregular spotting trying to conceive concerned having cataract and diabetic treatment for surgery disappearing and re-appearing itchy bumps on body advise strained neck muscle sore throat chances of thyroid cancer helicobactor pylori infection diagnosed pain in the stomach any suggestions lumps filled with liquid on glans history of circumcision advice have t2dm diagnosed through dka taking lantus safe remedy irregular periods usg pelvis ultrasonography donewhat does the findings mean have red circles between eyebrows what can this be positive pregnancy test spotting miscarriage need another test taken novaclox capsule early periods pcos cause of early periods missed period cramps low iron levels nausea am i pregnant x ray of chest done conclusion from result can sweet craving lead to passing out after sometime chicken pox barky cough sore throat on methotrexate infliximab advise having dark bruise below knee joint concerned nervous in publichands and legs shake worried heavy periods after childbirth pain in the abdomen reason gastroenteritis abdomial pain nightsweats weight loss vomiting on nexium advise chances of being pregnant after and during periods chest x-ray showing nodule had asthma smoked in past advice pregnant with spotting nausea urine pregnancy test negative implantation bleeding fractured arm bloating on medicines hydrocodone ibuprofen taken advise heavy bleeding popping sensation while having bowel movement reason fluctuating blood pressure levels on losartan ekg normal pinched nerve swollen lump on the knuckle after an injury cartilage damage had bleeding after unprotected sex has dizziness cause pulsating feeling in the stomach ultrasound normal what is it dark toes pain in the small toe no injury ultrasound and doppler done findings of report worms in the sperm how is it possible altered periods after intercourse implantation bleeding tingling in the uterus 18 year old having heart flutters reason delaying period on levlen ed had unprotected sex explain situation painful urination painful ejaculation pressure sensation on cipro sufficient corn on pinky toes white discoloration what can i do itchy area on thumb herpatic whitlow what is it headaches why does it last for so long dark brown bleeding heavy flow cramps implantation bleeding marijuana can i safely get an abortion bladder prolapse lower back pain done surgery had hysterectomy further recurring ulcer infection on foreskin given ibilex what is recommended knee injury bleeding swelling painful will it get better had an anal fistula surgery have discharges will it heal scaphoid fracture swelling had the cast off will it heal painful heart had kawasaki disease treated any ideas sprained ankle hard lump on top of foot painful treatment have fever and sore throat what is wrong moving ribs no pain reason high blood pressure in the hospital normal when relaxed cause pregnant with bleeding back and abdominal pain suggestions painful bumps on the head hair loss what are these blister on the lower lip tried peroxide any home remedy smelling chalk in the nose lightheadedness neurological problem back pain lump on the back what is it reddish flaky ring in the pubic area what is it gad a pilomatrixoma on face ear painful shoulder bruised treatment irregular period have brown discharge paranoid cause cloudy urine dark yellow blood in urine frequent urination worry had cold fever loss of appetite lethargic what is wrong pcos on nolvadex-d checked for follicles abnormal thyroid pregnancy chances teenager small amount of blood in stools concerning suffer from vitiligo need help missed periods pregnancy test negative suggestions high esr levels pain in the joints reason diagnosed with oligo astheno teratozoospermia what is the treatment low bone density alendronic acid 70mg taken healing time re-occuring boils around the groin area terrible scarring preventive measures have achy heavy and sore legs cure headaches fever fever on betahistine dihydrochloride relief condom broke taken pill any chance of becoming pregnant infant watery frequent stools rashes around vagina remedy little bump under nostril no pain history of acne suggest severe bleeding after taking mistoprol headache swollen breasts bloating pregnant line in vision after bring hit on the head concussion delayed period did not have sex why did this happen nauseated discomfort vomiting after eating honey visit a doctor reddish bump on the penis after masturbation worried rectal bleeding after having intercourse have hemorrhoids not pregnant stomach pain above navel irritated heaviness done abdominal ultrasound suggestion itchy thighs and scrotum no relief after using zincoderm tingling and pulsating sensation in the nostril sneezing allergy vomiting nausea painful reflux after food is it an allergy have a heavy head continuously medical cure for this what is the cost of a kidney transplantation severe vomiting after eating food allergy headache numbness in the head vertigo getting worse treatment chin injury swelling ear issues is this something serious hematoma getting harder treatment weakness and fatigue lack of appetite what is wrong got a hiv test done should i be worried feeling spasms in the chest normal ekg and bp reason suffer from irregular periods and infertility solution pain in the knee joint relaxyl gel prescribed need help blackish watery stools abdominal pain tiredness suggestions trying to conceive prescribed medication dosage blood tests done am i infected with typhus chronic hepatitis c liver cirrhosis can sulfazine treat liver cirrhosis brownish discharge instead of periods pinkish discharge while urination pregnant discomfort in lower abdomen increased urination and nausea sugest dizziness while climbing steps taking medication for bp suggestions child with sore throat had tonsillitis any thing serious having itchy vagina after intercourse medical cure for this dizziness pain in head blurry eyes advise blurred vision left eye less focused advise excessive sweating acne issues what is the reason have stents fitted low cholesterol prescribed omacor reduce mt atorvastatin bloated tummy increased period discomfort is that normal mild spotting occasionally pms out of control taking lisinopril advise had migraines prescribed topirimate what is the dosage itching and disturbing discomfort in private area suggestions noticed spotting after periods taking pre-natals suggest diagnosed with temporal arteritis biopsy done prednisone given advise having swelling in the thumb suggest recurring tonsillitis constipation difficulty in sleeping need help habit of eating blackboard chalks will this affect my kidney blood clots in lungs in enoxaprin injections warfarin worry sufficient tiny hard white bump inside cheek and on clitoris advise pluggedpainful ears sore throat chest congestion taking penicillin treatment swollen bilateral cervical lymph nodes persisting lump what to do swollen tongue difficulty in swallowing chances of cancer swallowing with loud sound medical concern excessive body heat took cymbalta for hot flashes any advice pus filled ingrown hair in the pubic area treatment spotting upon missed taking loestrin fe chances of pregnancy sudden weight loss excessive thirst uncontrolled urination diabetes sore jaw joint tingling in the ear reason what is the importance of nutrition and healthy food fast erection and quick ejaculation help semi numbness in toes after wearing heels nonstop advice chest pain upon running heart check up normal anxiety teenager with low body weight can i try protein shake ct scan of uterus taken what does the findings mean child overeating and runny and extremely smelly stools advice headache after playing in the sun what to do child with distended abdomen after a fall worried lump in the tonsils pain on touching need treatment no periods spotting taking diet pills pregnancy tests negative advice fever nausea had sunburn reason severe stomach pain on healthy diet what is it broke the metacarpal had surgery need to remove the plates suffer from psoriasis on homeopathy treatment sudden relapse need help many sleepless nights want to have good sleep medicine sperm analysis showed zero sperm count blood test advised suggestions irregular periods brownish discharge advise painful lump kidney stones advise 10 year old blood tests done suggestions from results condom break brown spotting period nordette taken is this normal heart spasms twitching in shoulders ekg blood work normal suggestions bruise like pain in thigh tight lower back muscle advise pregnant getting braxton hicks colorless thick vaginal discharge labor symptoms had unprotected sex took nordette pregnancy chances stinging and tingling during urination std chances had unprotected sex need medication to postpone the periods dryness in mouth tingling sensation on tongue suggestions pinkish patch on the lower lip is this vitiligo had unprotected intercourse have throat pain loose stools hiv newborn with underweight what are the precautions to be taken getting acne before periods black discoloration of the skin cure delayed periods due to stress had measles advice suffering from vaginal infections need a permanent solution fever and diarrhea can ibuprofen be taken missed periods mild bleeding frequent urination headache back ache pregnant took femara and clomid chances of pregnancy have pcos diagnosed with hypothyroidism will i be able to get pregnant pain in the lower back could it be fluid retention child with pain while having bowel movement reason irregular period on implanontaking femodette cerazette is it normal severe pain in the stomach spotting reason gas vomiting weakness previous acidity problems suggestions pregnant lost the mucus plug back pain in labor pregnancy ultrasound showing no fetal heartbeat black vaginal discharge worried worried about having kidney stones urge for frequent urination mass present in the pregnancy scan biopreg prescribed worried suffer from sleeplessness palpitations taking epitril any side effect suffer from pneumonia on ventilator recovery chances pain in the hand when mentally upset reason usg scan done what does the findings mean sensitive to temperature changes dust taking fedac any side effects pain in the shoulder blade and heart itchy breasts reason cough and low grade fever took antibiotics symptoms persisting why irregular periods need a permanent solution infertile days irregular periods are there chances of pregnancy hyper pigmentation on the nose applied creams no results recommendations mild cough pmt shows mild obstruction stream suggestedadvise dry and itchy penis burns during intercourse advise chest pain fluctuating bp levels any suggestions dizziness and vomiting after having sunburn food poisoning infant suffers from hydronephrosis need to do vcug test asthenospermia mortalityis 25 morfology 36 oligocare forte prescribed advise had sex painful testicles lower abdominal pain suggestion unprotected sex took pill late periods pregnant swallowed down the wrong pipe had cough why the irritation back spasms dizziness shallow breathing tremors advise anger issues disruptive at school energetic kid is it adhd 5 weeks pregnant can she take unwanted kit having tonsilloliths bad breadth and heart burn treatment heavy breathing with cough after exercising pain in chest advise had unprotected sex took pill missing period am i pregnant loose stools diarrhea hemorrhoids heavy-headed on daflon reason had itching used thrush cream used shower gel worth worrying dieting have numbness shivering weight gain am i in trouble pain in right hip that feels like a bruise advise foreskin trouble had phimosis why does it keep falling out nausea pain in the rib cage what is happening diagnosed of discitis after mri is it serious second opinion fever after being bitten of a dog emergency infection rigor attack panadol tablets taken advise hole in ear drum had a tympanoplasty surgery sufficient chronic migraine taken ada and narco how should i feel pinkish vaginal discharge with foul smell after hysterectomy reason 17 year old with frequent migraines need cure trying to conceive taking pregnacare frequent menstruation due to pregnacare complement test done what do the results indicate what are the side effects of micronor prescribed for spotting how to overcome the lingering anxieties that masturbation is evil pains cramps bloating endometriosis laparoscopic hysterectomy done advise dehydrated penis light yellow green bruise should i be concerned rash around tattoo is it an allergic reaction pregnant left palm burning sensation ferrous fumarate prescribed advise have allergy and asthma had root canal treatment suggest rapid heart palpitation suffering from atrial fibrillation suggestions started with periods after sex normal noticed skin peeling on heels what should be done recurring abdominal pain in different place occasional sharp sting treatment rough slightly painful brownish spot on the neck any idea have cramps clotting constipation bleeding is it related to stress taken monistat breasts swollen had discharge white clots ideas white blisters sun-burnt tonsillitis itchiness worry need to get a fairer skin headaches and vomiting bleeding what could it be pregnant with brownish spotting ultrasound normal concerned irregular periods after having sex what could be this taking interferon for hepatitis c low hb levels any suggestions feeling dizzy lightheaded and cramps had unprotected sex pregnant dead skin peeling bleeding wrinkly what is that small bumps on body itchy had diarrhea suggestions 2 year old accidentally took ponstan tablets concerned have hernia testicular lower abdominal pain problem heartburn having lesion taking medication any ideas hypoglycemic attacks swollen joints fingers dizziness had hysterectomy problem suncken crown on major diet change consult doctor delayed period sexually active during ovulation am i pregnant intense burning visible blood in urine taking cipro any ideas had unprotected sex took pill brownish discharge reason burning while urination and bowel movement reason sore breast back pain frequent urination am i pregnant extreme thirst dry mouth light headache any chance of diabetes pimple like thing in genital area not sexually activeany ideas dyspnea on exertion decrease in o2sats normal test results recommendations frequent urination painful bladder lower abdominal pain am i pregnant ecg taken anything to worry heavy bleeding during periods ultra sonography done suggestions bruised swollen thigh after an injury need to get checked underweight allergies asthma sickness getting worse are they infections painful stomach light sensation tiredness what is going on addicted to spasmociplus ways to get rid of it had protected sex delayed period milky white discharge advise can scabies come without rashes nose dripping have migraines headaches csf leakage other symptoms corns on the toes causing soreness need a permanent cure irregular periods safe to postpone periods using pills reddish brown spotting bowel movements had unprotected sex reason did blood test for hepatitis is the result ok have svt having numbness in hands pulse slow worried stomach ache black spot on stomach nausea restlessness hernia suffering from lower abdominal pain having difficulty in walking cause itching in the vagina after intercourse hiv or std chances smoked solitary cigarette experiencing chest discomfort suggestions 15 year kid suffering from infection taking medication guidance tiredness shaking headaches sickness lump behind ear what is it transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound showed thickened endometrium meaning diagnosed with pcos any chance of pregnancy completed hepatitis c treatment having pale loose stools suggestions masturbated more often penis became sore on the inside cure 33 year old with pain in the heart cause 34 weeks pregnant advised for torch test treatment need to reduce weight can i take herbal life products anal sex penis erection inappropriate why is that happening nauseated loss of appetite abdominal pain stressed what is wrong want to improve skin tone melacare cream recommended irregular periods getting regular periods while taking safi treatment suggestions had surgery for verrucas in feet having stinging pain treatment how to treat abnormal ejaculation during sexual time abdomen or stomach tb in dialysis patient suffering from epidydamo orchities uncomfortable while walking can i marry trying to get pregnant taking duphaston no periods why had an appendecectomy developed a hematoma medical cure for this had unprotected sex worried of a possible hiv infection headache on left side only nausea and dizziness treatment suffering from cylindrical eye sight problem worried treatment cluster of lumps in my abdomen should i be worried heart palpitation increasing frequency habit of chewing tobacco reason intense pain in back neck used methycobalic injection permanent cure high temperament how to control it ultrasound of fetus done suggestions hit thigh knee painful how to treat it ankle injury iced it any complications worth fearing had frontotemporal craniotomy associated with encephalomalacia concerned lump on breast ear cancer can it be spread suffering from ra terrible pain low fever treatment extreme lower back pain taking hydrocodone permanent cure suffering from hyper pigmentation treatment white rubbery discharge and itchy vagina yeast infection suggestions hair fall using anti dandruff shampoo smoker poor diet suggestions teenager delayed periods cramps nausea low appetite stress pregnant daignoesd with hcc tumor was operated for cabg any suggestion white mucus floating from urine history of uti uti reoccurring diagnosed with pseudoseizures altered menstruation paralyzing of legs need cure leonell morning pill taken will this affect my future baby period twice in a month gallbladder removed previous fibromyalgia advise ultrasonic scan of baby taken anything wrong with baby pregnant feel low tilted cervix have period like pain suggestions iron levels and creat ratio high blood screening done advise pregnant traces of blood in urine what is wrong cramps in right side side numbness advise uncontrollable shivering pain down rib cage headache tonsils treatment had unprotected sex took birth control pills pregnant married to distant cousin cousin couples have late babies blurred vision burning eyes high bp taking medication suggestions teenager seizures ekg shows mild pulmonary hypertension hyperinflated lungs help gurgling stomach loose orange colored stools any home remedies having repeated ear clogging and wooshing took steroids injections cause blood during urinating fingering frequently no pain scratch or what can people having epilepsy donate plasma experiencing anxiety disorder and having chest pain suggest taking seroquel having swelling in hands and legs suggest got scrapes while skating knee excoriating concerned wrist pain from childhood sometimes happens while stressed any ideas frequent urination diagnosed as lung cancer taking rapilif suggestions fibroadenoma is cryoablation the permanent treatment for this difficulty sleeping possible vitamin b12 deficiency diabetes stressed lack of sleep tender nipples breasts on iud advise tapering off adderall and ambien feeling tired sleeplessness need rehabilitation urine analysis done suggestions from result developed bumps near corona irritates when touched guide continuous menstruation need a remedy excessive hunger fatigue and weakness is this due to stress persisting inflamed ingrown hair have type 1 diabetes medication tear in cervix bleeding with heavy flow treatment noticed blood after intercourse is it implantation bleeding cause intercourse without precautions pregnancy test shows positive any solution pregnant having swollen legs muscular pain suggest pregnant diagnosed with hyperthyroidism safe to take medications suffering from retina detachment since birthany treatment for vision restoration vision blur zig zag flashing haziness cure would a humidifier help in sinitis is masturbation harmful to teenagers having nightmares and nose bleeds are these related brownish vaginal discharge pregnancy test negative trying for conception reason under birth control late periods abnormal discharge what is this suffering from gaseous extractions bad odor cause and treatment itchy vagina weird discharge pale yellow discharge anything to concern child with vomitting and taking only glucose suggestions suffering from cough and sometimes vomiting should i be concerned on periods flow only while passing urine normal pregnant body parts getting darker in color remedy growth in the ear mastoidectomy suggested any other option buzzing feeling inside anus post partial discectomy any remedies pain and boils on the penis cause 3 year kid suffering from geographic tongue treatment trying to conceive no results should i go for ivf treatment for pcos failure in conception feel sick exhausted have numbness in knees suggest have cut under tip of penis applied wockadine cream guide premature ejaculation history of hit to scrotum any connection sharp prickling in left foot advise suffering from tb jaundice taking medications further treatment lump on back of shoulder blade diagnosed as cyst treatment semen analysis done what does the findings mean cystitis sachets provide temporary relief advise suffering from loneliness and depression treatment suffering from breathing problem on regular exercise any advise constipation yellow stool thick and creamy discharge from anus treatment hair near ears period problems gaining weight taking diane suggestions mole skin bumps blemishes anything to worry irritating cough pneumonia antibiotics taken any other treatment methworms vaccinated with albenza is there anything to concern 7 year kid taking zentel-albendazole dosage 2 year kid not willing to have food suggestions have calf pain sporadically what could be the cause cure dark spot on left side of chest chest pains blockage indent post hit on the forehead will this go away continuous sneezing runny nose after jogging worsens on bending reason ivf transferred 3 embroys heavy bleeding miscarriage suggestions feeling bloated unprotected sex stomach pain headaches sickness pregnant unsafe sex irregular periods should i take a pregnancy test take soboxine strips safe medicine irregular periods noticed dark spots have marina coil suggest numbness in toes and toe nails to go purple worry itchy painful pimple kind of bumps under anus skin treatment irregular periods due to pcos need treatment reddish brown watery semen previous paralysis colonoscopy recommended advise nausea stomach feeling full chances of liver cancer or indigestion how can i get the pubic hair removed permanently severe headaches and earaches after having a head injury worried sore eyes headache mdma taking medication advise have thoracic outlet syndrome delayed surgery guide suffering from breathing problem not getting sufficient air remedy stool analysis done what does the findings mean no relief after taking metformin alternate medication hot flushes sweating and feeling extremely cold due to caffeine suffering from eye infection taking steroids will steroids harm eyes entrance of vagina hurts during sex what could be this stinging cramps diarrhea after taking spirulina ibs cause of pain sore throat burning while swallowing blood in mucus treatment bloating and cramping after iui spotting normal urine test done what does findings mean burning on the calf redness and redness lump formed cause suffer from mood swings difficulty in anger management need help burning sensation constant urge to urinate paining while sitting treatment herpes near thigh itching increasing applied ointment suggestions had 8 abortions pregnant will abortions be evident in ultrasound rashes on skin itching black in color taking medication suggestions blood while wiping bleeding while sweating internal hemorrhoids bumps on outside of vagina itchy burning clit r commendations irregular periods spotting after intercourse reason trying for detoxification from methamphetamine need help burn marks on upper thigh appear with jogging cause 34 weeks pregnant ultrasound taken anything to worry discoloration in face looks dull remedy will laser session work pregnant after abortion prescribed with cycotec feeling heartbeat bloating confused shaky hands tremors in hand what could be this irregular periods after taking emergency contraceptive pills chances of pregnancy how long should will it take to treat hematoma having symptoms of pregnancy took late birth control pills pregnant ibs constipation sticky stools pantodac not helpful advise child sleeping excessively no temperature concerned unprotected sex lump sensation in stomach worry suffering from fever blood tests done suggestions rash in the vagina with itching and burning reason lost my voice choking sound advise cough sore throat and ears blocked sinus doxycycline taken recommendations unconscious after bleeding from a razor injury vomiting reason diagnosed with dcis calcifications in the milk ducts need treatment diabetic nose bleeds is it natural feeling unwell sweating shaking and exhausted suggest have multipel sebaceous cysts near ear painful recommendations missed periods taken blood tests what does this mean bit my tongue feel painful suggest late in starting pack on althea will i get pregnant suffering from acne pcos treatment to reduce acne marks hair loss is anaphase shampoo recommended for hair loss parkinson#39s increase in stalevo since recovery from pneumonia adverse reaction pinkish colored penis any infection 3 year old cough fever taking antibiotics suggestions feel muted pressure in head faint sometimes concerned pinkish spotting headaches and stomach pain on birth control reason missed taking pill chances of getting pregnant had rough sex vaginal lip swollen suggest ear pain yellowish fluid leaking out what could be this having spotting after periods what could be the reason had surgery for hernia frequent bowel movements cause taking cocodamol for cervical spondylitis have constipation suggest having pregnancy symptoms spotting negative pregnancy tests decidual bleeding having brown discharge with blood and feel cramp pains pregnant got snug pierced swelling pain redness taking acetaminophen serious infection stomach pain blood in urine and stool any ideas hsg shows open tubes delayed period pregnancy tests negative advise bleeding spotting cramps pregnancy test negative pregnant ejaculated on buttocks are there chances of me being pregnant bleeding slight cramps taken unwanted kit suggestions stomach bloating tremors fever advise having chest pain took antacid no improvement treatment left arm pain and jaw pain taking aspirin suggestions had nostril bleeding have headache and nostril ache suggest suffering from pain in the chest guidance have underdeveloped testicle will this lead to low testosterone prickly heat on leg near my scrotum treatment clearing abnormal period on novelon is it safe difficulty in swallowing multinodular goiter anything to concern have mild asthma is it due to premature born pain in top half of body stress suggestions suffering from erectile dysfunction treatment and exercises delayed periods noticed brown spots having low back pain pregnant have hypoglycemia get very thirsty and lips taste salty suggestions having spots on stomach taken antibiotics diagnosed with scabies guide got off depo having sex white discharge nauseous pregnant hair fall dandruff recovering from anorexia normal swelling at the base of nostril spreading amoxicillin taken advise recurring sore reddish pink spots on tongue remedy teenager overweight exercise to hit maximum height brown discharge from vagina had intercourse took pill suggestions had intercourse no erection watery liquid leaking from vagina pregnant sudden pain joints discoloration around knuckles diabetic under control cause gynecology ultrasound done what does the report indicate missing periods line on stomach negative pregnancy tests any ideas taking loette noticed breast pain had sex pregnant irregular periods with pain and blackbrownish and pinkish discharge guide no results of medication seen on clozapine changed dosage advise missing period had unprotected sex took nordette pills suggestions accidently took higher dose of acetaminophen anything to worry feeling weakness during sleep feel very hot and sweaty suggest baby has head lag rarely vocalizes fed formula milk normal having lower abdominal pain using iud what should i do suffering from infertility should i go for ivf delayed periods abdominal pain had unprotected sex no penetration pregnant pimples on face oily skin using astrogent treatment undergone ivf 3 embryos transferred haven#39t got periods pregnant have pcod trying to conceive suggestions have itchy patches around vagina and inner thigh suggest having nasal blockage used otrivin have copd alternate medicines suffering from acne taking minoz od hyper pigmentation advice pregnant home based solution for abortion without any side effects delayed periods treatment other than taking medicines delayed periods undergone iui negative pregnancy test results any ideas had male circumcision penis swollen cure have abdomen pain suffering from indigestion suggest suffered fracture in skull long term damage to her brain difficulty in erection headaches while masturbation reason congestion and nasal swelling foul smell what could it be delayed periods negative pregnancy tests guidance consistent fever cause symptoms of tuberculosis pregnant advised inserting tablet vaginally will this harm baby breathlessness head getting numb normal x ray treatment is there any injection or medicine to get periods immediately increased sgpt taking medication guidelines to make it normal swelling in forehead bridge of nose eyelids allegra given advise is step up growth powder recommended to increase height suffering with hydrocephalus new shunt inserted what are the complications having pain in the legs and thighs guide infant on breast milk refusing the formula what to do having joint pain had ischemic colitis took motrin suggestions pregnant on thyronorm can i continue this medicine experiencing hair loss what can i do to avoid past anal abscess drained leading to infection advise suffering from dry skin near vagina cause medication has large lump on head had stroke suggest taking femilon having thick white discharge ovulation normal migraine dizziness completely blank undergoing stress should i meet doctor infant with blocked nose wheezing and difficulty in sleeping concerned neck pain swollen glands stiff neck what could be this injured glute fractured 7th vertebrae bruising should i stop exercising intercourse delayed period spotting blood after urination advise tightness across back of leg painful what could be this spotting cramps late periods negative tests results pregnant swelling on waist taking medication what could be this frequent black outs diagnosed with bronchitis using inhalers suggestions pregnant lost mucus plug labor sign feeling electric sensation in the body reason pain while urinating prescribed nitrofuran monohyd and pheazopyridine uti hashimoto hypothyroid goiter pain in thyroid choking advise indigestion becomes full without reason urine frequency low kidney problem flatulence mucus discharge frequent bowel movements with odor treatment sensation of falling sick gagging advise fluctuating bp olmetec taken advise lightened period menorhaggia headaches swollen tummy tiredness suggestions done ecg and echo what do results indicate on yasminelle sexually active delayed periods pregnancy test needed upper thigh has white spots flat what could this mean wax in ears sore neck suggestions headache tiredness dizziness mdma consumed advise depression after getting depo shot side effect sudden lightheadedness nausea after having food cause frequent urge for urination any suggestions 12 year old with excessive sweating reason noticed spotting but brown had sex could i be pregnant observed specks of blood in phlegm after quitting smoking worried 3 year old with choledochal cyst need surgery mri scan showed non displaced fracture in left butt suggestions foul smell from the rectum reason sensitive teeth throbbing pain due to reduced enamel pain in the ankle in the mornings why pain in the lower abdomen bloating delayed periods pregnant flareups on the hand due to spider bite need help severe anxiety loose stools and vomiting need medical attention banged head hurting having headache minor tingling on forehead shoulder pain that intensified with wine intake reason have internal hemorrhoids forceful urination guide weight gain itching on hands and palms allergy injured the sclera hurting and having congestion see an opthalmologist chest tightness causing breathing difficulty dizzy spells reason pregnant have fluctuating bp extreme chest pain throbbing reason have ulcers hurting and troubles breathing taking amoxillin treatment taking alternate medication for alprazaolam is there a problem poking sensation in chest treatment infant given vaccinations for rotavirus and pcv are these safe can urine retention cause problem with erection bubbles in abdomen fatigue nausea throwing up sweating food poisoning pain in the arm after blood donation is it normal 14 year old with nose bleeds no fever reason difficulty in breathing and cough during rainy weather why periods ended earlier have brown discharge achy breasts cravings pregnant spotting vaginal itching and discoloration what to do nausea headache and food cravings altered menstruation frequent urination pregnant lump on the scrotum with pus formation getting worse why diabetic diagnosed with thyroid problem need to take medication lifelong itchy penile foreskin with raised bumps std lower abdominal cramps white discharge pregnant painless lump under chest is it a cancer pregnancy test positive can take megifest and cytolog to abort white patches around eyes is it due to ayurvedic treatment started masturbation penis seems curvy can it get straight somehow feel uneasiness advised to take water and juices cause on implanon chances of multiple pregnancies due to this medication taking micronor missed taking pills spotting what to do now taking mycrogynon leveonelle had withdrawal bleeding will i be okay missed periods ultrasound scan suggests missed abortion explain loose stools frequent bowel movements cure have subarachnoidal bleeding headaches can i take a flight brownish spotting headaches nausea and sleeplessness reason swollen bleeding spot in the waist what is it x ray of chest done suggestions had shoulder muscle pain treatment needed worried about the findings suffer from pcod cysts recurring after childbirth any permanent cure fever recommended urine test no pain in abdomen kidney infection dark yellow urine after taking emergency contraceptive pill pregnancy chances bleeding after periods trying to conceive any suggestions semen analysis showed 18 millionml meaning suggest painful sex due to vaginal dryness suggestions planning to conceive irregular periods gynaset prescribed worried pinching pain in the penis tried antibiotics reason five year old with recurrent utis treatment using acutret experiencing hair fall should i continue using it experiencing anxiety having trouble sleeping what medications can help me had spinal surgery can i join my work headache difficulty in swallowing worried pressing sensation in neck headache and nausea what is wrong having swollen lymph with tonsil had unprotected sex any std play soccer cannot move shoulder without extreme pain fractured discomfort in jaws feel fatigue and tired cause cure can you help me read my cbc report sensitive mole near the eye with swelling treatment fever dark loose stools abdominal discomfort on antibiotics cause hiv test results negative index value changing advise low tsh low globulin suffering from hypothyroidism suggestions suffering from ms need a permanent cure overweight feeling of hunger after brisk walk suggest thick creamy sour white vaginal discharge methamphetamine used advise cut under urethra opening suggestions masturbation habit joints wrists knees crack with pain related ear infections no saliva radiation therapy chemo double taken advise have sinus headache treatment for pain and mucus build up painful white spot on shaft of penis advise pregnant shortness of breath weakness pressure in chest advise was treated for sinusitis eye swollen and 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suffer from cellulitis gall bladder removed fingernails stopped growing why pain below the ribs cough pulled muscle trying to get pregnant have brown discharge worry weight loss and pelvic pain cause fluctuating thyroid test levels why in coma due to asthma attack any suggestions bleeding after scratching the leg pus formation not healing why dizziness and sweating suffer from panic attacks on sertraline advice have hydrocele discomfort painful result from my vasectomy treatment contracted chlamydia post anal sex is this possible heavy periods after having a miscarriage anything to be worried heavy periods dizzy nausea taking birth control any ideas swollen tight knee painful previous cartilage shatter advise urine sensation but no urine cystoscopy done bladder retention will smoking cannabis before nasal surgery cause problems chronic sinusitis bronchitis continued low grade fevers green cough suggestions taking synthroid for thyroid problem low wbc reason unprotected intercourse 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discharge implantation bleeding brownish vaginal discharge after intercourse reason suffering from leucorrhea have severe weakness reason irregular periods pcos on aromek proper medication pregnancy chances has follicular mycosis fungoides medical cure for this taking daphne pills weight loss abnormal period side effects frequent urination difficulty holding back suggestions trying to conceive pcod femilon prescribed dosage painful extra skin on anus treatment partial hysterectomy done persisting abdominal and gastric pain relief measures getting dark day by day type 2 diabetic thyroid problem urine microalbumin 200 advise scan report shows bulky uterus with focal adenomyosis explain blemishes on cheeks expanding gets dark in summer cure irregular periods bleeding after sex want to conceive suggestions have high blood pressure should take telmisartan and amlodipine have hormonal imbalance pimples on krimson and azifast sufficient have liver issues alcoholic will it create any problems pelvic scan anteverted uterus homogeneous myometrical exchotexture am i pregnant diagnosed with bppv have recurring spells of imbalance cause have headaches giddiness migraines vertigo on medication no relief why burning sensation after smoking swelling difficulty in swallowing treatment pregnant shortness of breath while lying down dizziness nausea suggestions trying to conceive ultrasound taken suggestions 40 year old fnac tests done treatment missing periods conflicting pregnancy test reports what is wrong fnac test for thyroid goiter what does the findings mean cramps light bleeding orange in color trying to conceive pregnant knee injury severe pain weakness tingling sensation numbness reason elbow injury shoulders subluxated normally painful bruised what is wrong have large bites swelling painful blisters yellow liquid treatment have eczema have nearsightedness wearing contact lenses allergies dry cough throat congestion what to do pain below breast numbness why does this happen left side of head itching clear yellowish liquid secretion advise severe posterior nosebleeds cramping irregular periods clotting disorder dark brown skin how to get a fair complexion headache sore nipples lightheadedness and spotting pregnancy chances trying to conceive normal periods suggested trigger shot injections recommendations had hcg injection what are the chances of pregnancy had unprotected sex ovulated early safe to take next choice yeast infection uti cramps how could you explain this blood from stool tight stool what is the reason premature ejaculation on medication why delay in sexual stimulation itchy leg purple bruising under skin advise have spells frustration what is wrong simply anxiety anemia eaten uncooked rice is addiction to it bad had copd on diazipan why did he die light period cravings excessive thirst does this mean i#39m pregnant done with mri what does this mean anything to worry on depo shot irregular periods reason swelling in lymph node behind ear paining on cipzen-d suggestions delayed periods have pco disease took primolut-n pregnant increased pulse rate weak heart taking medication recommendations stabbing pain in uterus spotting earlier period suggestions seminal fluid analysis done suggestions joint pain difficulty in walking blurred vision having fibromyalgia suggestions missed birth control pills brown discharge cramps unprotected sex pregnant bleeding during intercourse irregular periods yellowish discharge pregnant constipation nausea headache fatigue taking suboxine remedy spotting and cramping had scar tissue after operations recommendations pain in lower abdomen bloating messy periods jelly discharge treatment dark spots on face got worse after applying creams remedy sperm analysis done what does the findings interpret suggestions for taking contraceptive pills dry chapped pinkish lips need a cure difficulty in opening mouth chewing tobacco for 10 years suggestions ringing in the ear black outs and nausea need help does smoking marijuana affect heart readings on a monitor pinkish spotting nausea inconclusive pregnancy test report pregnant ear drum constantly pulsating sensitive to loud sound guide reoccurring pilonidal sinus had operations what should be done have body pain and sweating sweating continues till morning suggest ultrasound after miscarriage showing fluid around the adnexa need dc what are the side effects and adult dosage of haloperidol numbness in upper back aggravates after burping heat burn suggestions sharp pains in shin numb sensation weakness any ideas altered menstruation after having unprotected sex pregnancy chances pain while swallowing vomiting hole in the throat need help having stomach pain and vomiting should i see a doctor bumps on the elbows which are itchy what are these soreness in the calf muscle tried incing and ibuprofen reason on and off tints of orange covering the vision advice diet to avoid recurrence of renal stones loss of vision low blood sugar levels worried severe back pain after a fall need help unprotected sex using withdrawal method pregnancy chances hole with pus formation on the buttocks what is it swollen neck bruised light headed feeling tingling sensation any ideas coughing blowing out mucus balls bloody nose chest pains treatment sore breasts around nipples what could be this experiencing painful urination exposed to pool chemicals continue swimming leg pain tight feeling cure for symptoms spotting missing periods had unprotected sex negative pregnancy tests pregnant did ceramic lamination in the teeth correct decision breast pain late periods had unprotected sex advice ultrasound shows 7 weeks pregnant how to calculate conception date 6 month baby suffering from fever premature taking medication suggestions trembling in hands and legs syndopa and parkitidin prescribed diagnosis infant gasping for air difficulty in breathing reason visible blood vessel on face paleness express concern on testosterone does it interfere with healing of the wound suffering from tennis elbow taking treatment suggestions for full recovery 7 month daughter blood tests done suggestions taking meprate had iui no follicles hcg negative pregnancy chances semen analysis shows low motility cause and treatment had liposuction to stomach had sex delayed period normal taken mext sazo defza have liver dysfunction worry much procedure for ivf treatment period and cost involved small bumps on thighs treatment anxiety restless rapid pulse taking qlaira previous hysterectomy suggestions steroid induced rosacea pimples redness minocycline tetralysal rosex taken advise panic disorder phobia previous ocd venereophobia paxidep zapiz prescribed suggestions o husband and wife will it pose complications during pregnancy delayed periods worried about pregnancy accidental swallowing of tiny fragments of plastic remedy is papaya used for a natural abortion itchy and flaky area on the inner thigh need cure pain in the abdomen while urination due to pulled muscle pregnant with yellowish vaginal discharge reason low potassium levels muscular pains need more information about hypokalemia took ampiclox and postinor after unprotected intercourse chances of pregnancy painful white spot in pupil using contacts suggestions condom leak period delay unwanted 72 taken pregnant high fever sore throat suggestions diabetes high bp gas diet suggestions dull ache in testicles penis treatment need medication for scar removal from the face using saffromycin spotting pregnancy symptoms on cerazette pregnancy test negative suggestions diagnosed with episcleritis on steroid drops further medication can you help me read the pregnancy scan report ringing in the ears while sleeping palpitations and fluttering reason left ear numbness valium tramadol gabapentin taken recommendations pregnancy test is positive want to have an abortion medicament multiple intercourse withdrawal bleeding i-pill taken pregnancy tests negative pregnant chest pain crash dieting suggestions 2 year old child damp spores bad chest unwell advise how to use the travatan eye drops lower back pain stiffness suggestions infant frequent changes in tsh value harmful dandruff hair loss using mintop 5 permanent remedy