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abdominal pain diarrhea back pain taken imodiums meaning stomach ache had unprotected sex taken postinor pregnant have amenorrhea done hcg beta on duphaston help severe headache no relief from advil suggest painful swollen and cut clitoris light yellow discharge guide trying to get pregnant have black discharge am i pregnant forehead skull fractured on retam lamin valprol side effects chest pain heartache history of heart diseases done ecg help itchy legs and stomach scabbies spreading what does this mean child thick foreskin suggested eumosone cream circumcision needed burning sensation in urethra history of dysuria treated remedy underweight taking nutrigain powder how can i gain weight facial cauterization just done effects if i shower loose motions green and frequent what is the reason high bp on perindopril amlodipine bendroflumethiazide continue bumps and rashes on legs in infant itchiness help elevated b12 serum folate done blood test taking b12 cause cellulitis enlarged spleen bladder infection nausea headache taking bactrim suggest pregnant nauseated sickness nausea suggestion nauseated stressed have cramps had unsafe sec pregnant have nightmares disorriented feeling on champix why had c section have cystic ovaries calcification on walls help back injury vomiting bruised what may be wrong suffered with chicken pox used dermadew will it avoid infection breast lump heaviness soreness in armpit done ultrasound suggest had sex cramp in stomach gas am i pregnant tear in penis during intercourse bleeding harmful bitten by snake conduction tests done what s the cure pain in knee active lifestyle no insole problem advice have itching hands legs anti-allergen subsides reappears lactating had c-section have first stage blood cancer which is hospital fever sensitive skin sunburns possible cause and cure food coming back to the throat do i have gerd taking depo provera want to conceive how to conceive infant staphylococcus haemolyticus not active suggest penis size reduced erected size 45 inches is size normal acne pimples during periods leaving spots very oily skin suggest delayed periods could it lead to pregnancy proper usage of anaphase shampoo and pills pregnant given hcg injection advised bhcg recommendations carrying pregnancy pain in lower back like cramps periods what is cure period not stopped bleeding tired what#39s the reason and cure typhoid fever loose motion what is the possible cure congestion in nose breathing problem allergic any permanent cure lump on head hurts when moved what is cure diabetic suffering from cellulitis history of heart problems concerned swollen stomach due to pancreatitis do i have hernia had hysterectomy convulsing again and again medical cure for this feeling numbness in the leg reason have night sweats fatigue feeling lightheaded and numbness in the head food poisoning vitiligo taking betnesol when stopped patches reoccurs recommendations undergone echo suggestive of hypokinesia what is hypokinesia fungus in penis taking light treatment condition worsened stopped recommendations period delayed brownish discharge am i pregnant bleeding during pregnancy ultrasound done what could it be noticed faint pinkish blood on tissue after sex worried suggest coughed up a lump smelly will it lead to infection reddish purple tonsils no fever need to be worried have the habit of eating chalk is it harmful delayed periods yellowish vaginal discharge and cramps pregnancy chances itchy bruises spots like bite marks on body help diarrhoea vomiting nausea what should i do pregnant having pinworm infestation will medication hurt the baby dizziness numbness in hands abnormal ecg report bradycardia done mri had shoulder surgery suggestions suffering from nausea and stomach ache what is wrong headache abdominal pain vomiting and diarrhea reason feeling tired urge for frequent urination and delayed periods pregnant suffering from hernia without treatment is surgery required suggest vertigo no nausea sweating and pain in ears suggest mammogram done fibroid s or cancer boil on buttocks painful taking bactrim any medication for relief having tonsillitis developed frequent urination given penicillin suggest blood in stool hard stool do i have cancer pain in stomach no urination medical cure for this itching in vagina swollen clitoris reason submucous fibrosis afraid of injections any oral medicines fatiguelow strength runner histroy of high energy levels any problem discolored thickened toe nails peeling skin swollen feet fungal infection reddish itchy bumps spreading on the elbow need immediate medication painful cluster rashes on the upper arm cause 21 weeks pregnant ultrasound done suggestions reddish dots on chest after getting a tan reason moustache area swollen and burns not an allergy home remedy widespread endometriosis severely uncomfortable monthly cycle can visanne taken advice persistent cough green mucus and sinus guide brown spot on thumb keeps growing what can it be child distended belly history of flu and vomitting serious sore and swollen eyelid white secretion from eyes help have itchy rashes in body had boils avoided non-veg reason have fluttering in stomach getting tired quickly pregnancy feeling tired while tapering antidepressants reason child with chemical smelling stools took miralax what is wrong enlarged liver test shows heterogeneous parenchymal echo-pattern please advise coughing after ejaculation is there anything to be concerned about small circular patches on shoulder cause 2 year old with vomiting at night is this serious spotting abdominal pain have irregular periods not pregnant what else itchy rashes developing on the body what are these could you suggest an ayurvedic medicine for prostate enlargement throbbing headache when passing stools help recurring bumps on thigh itchy what is it headache fatigue and bodyache any tests recurrent epigastric belly pain vomiting suggest remedy sore throat dizziness swollen gums any ideas strong random heart beats tiredness restlessness what could be this advise on the proper use of ovral-g and its effects irregular period have pcod and uterus didelphys suggest remedy which symptoms suggest that a woman is pregnant swollen eyes numb nose and lip had a fight suggestions sore nipples cramping in uterus took implanon am i pregnant how long proluton depot is prescribed in a pregnancy getting headaches from childhood could this be migraine scan report showed minimal renal pelviectasis renal splitting meaning concerned painful frenulum while having erection chances of injury during intercourse irregular periods hair on face and chest treatment getting spotting instead of periods why pregnant with rubella igg positive concerned small penis not strong or straight weakness advise medication discomfort in abdomen feels like bruise taking omeprazole suggestions dizziness sore throat headache how to diagnose my symptoms uncircumcised unable to pull foreskin no problems with penis normal blood test reports say thyronormalcy what does it mean severe pain during periods after last child#39s birth anemic remedy bleeding while on progevera continue inflammed vagina pus painful sex negative results for infection recommendations child slightly painful lumps near ears since childhood serious constipation bloating colonoscopy report normal history of bypass surgery advice blocked ears suggested virus solution pain in the foot chances of a stress injury seminal fluid analysis says normal consistency can you explain itching of vagina after oral sex infection not able to conceive egg not getting fertilized reason any medication i can use to delay periods diagnosed alopecia on minoxidil retina and proscar no relief advice abdominal pain fatigue bad breath upset stomach constipation any thoughts vaginal bump no pain blood-filled itching what can i do recurrent genital warts any permanent cure child asthama on inhaler and occasional singulair sprinkles suggest pain in all the joints benzibiotic injection suggested no relief pregnant taking mkat will the baby have abnormalities recurring growth on eyelid prescribed cefalexin treatment removed ovary abdominal pain colonoscopy normal worried about remaining ovary pregnant done ultrasound any concerns hair loss prescribed finax mintop forte any side effects fatigue no social interaction depression child has nosebleeds bloodclot in nose need help vomiting diarrhea loss pf appetite had stomach bug help have black stool constipated taking sorbifer what is it suffering from leg pain and back pain mri done recommendations 34 weeks pregnant ultrasound shows notch in early diastole meaning have pneumonia in icu chances of survival child vomitting diagnosed multiple enlarged non caseating mesenteric nodes suggest burning urination uti test negative what else could it be painful ribs taking celebrex swollen ribs weight loss mri normal have diabetes micro blockage causing angina chest pain tiredness had pneumonia gained weight smoker chest pain visit doctor vomiting loose stools teething on antibiotics what can be done ultrasonography shows anteverted uterus enlarged size what does it mean been through hysterectomy had hernia operation on tostran sufficient height issue done x ray growth plates issue taking doxycyline monohydrate what is your opinion on this urine is orange uti taken uti and pain pill help have pcos taking clomid why are periods delayed memory loss confusion prescribed donep diagnosis tests required done valve replacement surgery dizziness mri normal any idea have shingles headaches lethargic bbv what should i worry about jaw pain tightness cramps painful serious bruise on leg and thigh sore what is it ectopic pregnancy miscarriage cramping heavy bleeding negative pt suggest have breathing difficulty taking asomex-5 and coversyl for hypertension related constipated stool has white stuff init is that a problem shooting chest pain tired cold and chills visit doctor serious hypersensitive heart issues have disprin cardio care tenorman help suffering from vaginal itching took cypriflicacun and antihistamin medications bed wetting had behavioral issues what is going on pregnant intake of two aspirins problem positive pregnancy test scan showed no embryo possibilities had wisdom tooth removed vomiting weakness fever help have toothache diabetic can online doctor help swollen tonsil sore throat fatigue bloody mucus reason nausea knot under rib cage advice itchy pinkish bumps on body advice have cramps feel menstruating noticed periods appear different dates hard round mass cyst on butt near cleavage lymphoma excessive formation of saliva in mouth reason had intercourse noticing bleeding from vagina pregnant what to do pinking brown spotting had unprotected sex pregnancy test negative advice child with high bilirubin count treatment spotting sore breasts cramps fatigue and mood swings pregnancy chest pain in anxiety ekg ultrasound treadmill test normal serious horrible left flank pain diagnosed with staphylococcus haemolyticus infection contagious concerned about broken hymen after using tampons during periods worried can you explain the urinalysis report frequent diarrhea abdominal pain back pain what is wrong painful hard blisters on the foot have yellowish discharge treatment severe stomach pain spotting pain in the pelvic area reason mild periods white discharge and cramps had unprotected sex pregnant semen analysis done noticed abnormality sufficient for pregnancy pregnant feeling breathlessness and pain in lower abdomen any suggestions have repeated sniffing obsessive anger paranoid symptoms bipolar disorder ocd have hypothyroid did thyroid test suggested thyronomalycy what is it noticed bruises on legs knees feet and thighs cause child had asthma attack given plumicort medicine has steroid continue underwent mri l4-l5 disk causes effacementdifficult in walking circumcision operation white coating on penis head infection healing time irregular periods pimples on cheeks any immediate solution frequent masturbation pain in legs strained and thin legs suggestions miscarriage periods irregular spotting seen chances of pregnancy have thyroid issues on contraceptive pills eltroxin lotte pregnancy chances fluttering in scrotum perineal area strenous what does it mean precancerous cells delayed period undergoing treatment is that normal wet dandruff itchy scalp over scaling of scalp remedy taking food on time weight decreased diabetes pain in lower stomach swelling in nipples headaches pregnant condom stuck in vagina had bleeding what is the meaning irregular period lethargic loss of appetite on proglyuton help suffering from missed abortion had bleeding why pre-term infant with loose stools diarrhea upon taking duricef advice pain in the anus constipation had diarrhea hemorrhoids noticed bleeding had ultrasound stated gestational sac misshapen successful pregnancy feel dizzy hot over weight started running changed diet taking vasograin when headache permanent remedy side effect guide feel thirsty despite drinking water increased urination what is it spotting after unprotected sex not pregnant feeling tired what else have chronic nasopharyngitis taken antibiotics operation unsuccessful possible solution pregnant sonography normal igm increased previously had abortion suggest late periods unprotected sex dizziness mild cramps pregnant noticed blood sugar increase consuming glycomet sudden increase suggest hunger pain after having wisdom teeth pulled out reason semen analysis shows 40 to 50 percent dead motility normal spot on tongue not bleeding or painful smooth shiney frequent masturbation reduced sperm count unable to control suggestions adhd learning difficulties anxiety taking diazepam and zopiclone suggestions child has fever given crocin safe to give meftal-p sunburnt with swollen forehead and nauseous feeling any suggestions persistent headaches throbbing pain back pain tiredness help suffering from inappropriate sinus tachycardia numbness in hands back treatment painful knees popping sensation screeching noise why diarrhea fever on florastor pedia lite what is going on irregular periods medication done will she get pregnant or not severe pain in the back disc related treatment had a dog bite need to take rabies vaccination immediately severe neck pain no relief after taking diazepam pain in abs during abdominal exercise suggest noticed white flakes with pain while urinating hypochondria prostate cancer pain in clitoris inflammed advise to ease it down had constant back pain took panadol treatment fatigue red bumpy spots underarms flu have vomiting diarrhea having hypertension placed iui chances of pregnancy severe abdominal pain on amoxicillin side effect swollen fingers due to angioedema what is the treatment bump under the nipple with pain on depo shot opinion neuropathy pain leg injury on hydrocodone fentanyle patch suggestion chronic pain in forehead solution undergone surgery to remove cyst under nipples recurring paining treatment baby pooping in greenish colour grainy watery problem feeding suggestions have bladder pain after intercourse menopausal will estrogen help bleeding with severe pain headaches dizziness and bleeding gums why have generalized muscle pains discontinued hiv medicines remission from medicine had intercourse on the ovulation day cramping altered menstruation pregnant child has fever cold cough vomiting need help head injury cuts swollen forehead fluid accumulation normal on depo provera shot nausea bleeding what is wrong swollen hand soreness stiffness have hypothyroidism related symptoms red itchy rash on chest swollen appears when hot worried recurring knee blister fluid-filled have scar what could this be history of root canal have hard swelling tenderness dangerous sexually active difficulty in erection with different partner solution infant gray stools diagnosed acid reflex advice on diltiazem cardizem and amlodipine dosage pregnant vomiting dehydration taken peremperal and rantact no improvement echocardiogram shows borderline atrial enlargement cause child has autism touches girls#39 hair how to handle this delayed periods noticed scanty red discharge pregnancy test negative concerned teenager itchy flaky dry scalp severe hair fall help leg injury swelling pain cramps bone out of place have nosebleeds done cauterization bleeding from mouth what to do late period not pregnant what could this be red itchy blotches after showering sores burning bleeding skin biopsy shows lymphohistiocytic inflammation meaning had unprotected sex after stopping pill have nausea pregnant weakness agitation confusion increased heartbeat coughing sign of pregnancy kid losing weight stomach bloated vomit need check up had unprotected sex lazy sleepy increased appetite urination pregnant 12 year old taking levothyroxin concerned about the height had unprotected sex have fever hiv 3 year old with pus filled boils what is it rash on feet itchy dry and red spreading suggestions nausea frequent urination throw up headache anemic tired whats wrong loose motion temperature sneezing dry cough prescribed enterogermina asthalin suggestion redness in eye relief with telekast-l kid safe edfrequent urination pe regularly masterburate suggest infant with swelling above the ear no injury reason felt dizzy vomited weird on bending what is it had chalazion after sty on eye home remedies any permanent cure for xanthelasma will dermal abrasion work pain and sound from the knees need advice gluthathione injection effective on dark skinned person to be fair severe pain in right side of body while moving suggestions underactive thyroid bodypainnausea shortness in breath advice having brown discharge pregnancy should i consult a doctor on dianne prescribed to start with althea thoughts advised bypass surgery on medication for lowering bp kidney problem had ultrasound problem in vessels in testicles normal infertility operation recurring bump under thighs painful black colored treatment is comvac5 suitable for 6 weeks baby dosage child passes stools several times what medicines should i use recovering from ischemic stroke using diaper reddish rash fungal infection having cholesterol taking ecosprin-av and rabemac-dsr side effects child with vomiting diarrhea and hives on the cheeks concerned sperm analysis done is it normal ask doctor online irregular periods took treatment get pregnant have peasized lump under ear tired will do colposcopy trying to conceive got brown blood discharge cramp stomach miscarriage diabetic taking diamet should i continue side effects have anxiety had beer abnormal hangover symptoms quit cigarette smoking have constipation uncomfortable headache what to do quick whippingwhooshing sensations in head what could be the reason bruise in hips ankles heels what is it irregular cycle not proper flow how to get cured had bowel movement odor of bleach vomiting ideas autistic child has constipation soils pants doing it on purpose painful testicle irritating what is the reason smoked weedfeeling dizzy cannot concentrate what should i do inhaled plastic have throat irritation headache chest pain abdomen pain constipation dizzy loose stools how to get cured have heaviness back of head x-ray normal what tests acidity what is the purpose of lesuride 2 ml injection child with petechiae on neck recurring fever any relation pregnant bold spot on head is this normal anemic severe muscle spasms what to do middle back pain can i continue exercising pregnant use of mtp kit safe infant with loose stools fever vomiting how to get cured have radiography report can any online doctor help child has nose bleed sneezes sometimes anything serious semen examination shows viscosity as thick guidance got hand job chances of pregnancy have spinal stenosis done mri herniated disk meaning heavy drinker obese blood pressure cough suggestions high fever diarrhea on calpol meftal cause severe bleeding before periods due to yeast infection have crusted scabies sore on tongue and gums treatment bruise on toe purple spreading suggestions can you give some information on asperger syndrome baby having fever gave crocin stomach bloated crying guide oral thrush after undergoing dental surgery taking antibiotics recommendations missing period got fibroid removed by laparotomy taking medication treatment irregular period pimples cramps vaginal pain suggestions dizziness diagnosed as benign positional vertigo due to neck muscles taking thyroxine irregular periods worried about possible pregnancy taken levonelle late period negative pregnancy test reason taking prednisolone for productive cough safe to take long-term chest pain shallow breathing after fall coughing feeling unwell have implanon brown period cramps bloated stomach feeling sick blurred vision after staring directly at sun can i wait burning leg while taking bath black dot what is this headache cold taken painkillers dry eye problem running eyes want second opinion have hernia no pelvis bone need hernia specialist dizziness light headed doctor suggested dehydration worried knee pain when walking running bending leg reason done dc after miscarriage fatigue dizziness stopped bleeding normal child has huge penis what to do regular masturbation weak sexual power high sexual desire help abdominal pain hurts to breathe deeply have ibs help pregnant done ultrasonic fat cavitation what to do itching near chest vaginal pain underweight what is wrong have irregular periods have unprotected sex spotting cramps any ideas shoulder blade tingling pain in area what do you think red lump on shin warm to touch insect bite ankle pain after fall blurred vision muffled hearing concussion pain when straightening arm taken naproxen want second opinion difficulty straightening arm pain when lifting objects can you help breastfeeding white discharge tiredness headache constipation vomiting bloating pregnant again baby sneezing heavily blood coming out of nose allergies suggestions how is the staph infection contracted bumps on the chest can i take cymbalta with oxyelite pro caffeine burning sensation while urinating after having intercourse bleeding recommendations having acute bronchitis prescribed inhaler feeling pain remedy irregular periods pelvic usg shows haemorrhagic cyst is surgery must having periods hit on abdomen pains advise cloudy vision in the corners after using contact lens reason back pain diagnosed sciatica prescribed codomol pain worsened unbearable suggestions tooth turning black in color cause due to liver problem had oral sex concerned about hiv diet during first trimester pregnancy guide feeling uncomfortable taking flucloxacillin pill is this normal irregular periods took primolut conflicting pregnancy reports what to do chondromalacia patella the best advanced treatment period of recovery expenses hair loss dandruff itching treatment having small lump between ribs suggest pregnant developed hypertension overweight normal delivery possible have hypothyroidism taking thyronorm cure medicine life long noticed spotting after periods having headaches lower backpainslight nauseous remedy suffer from headache dizziness and greenish discharge from breast concerned pregnant want to have a normal delivery precautions is egg consumption harmful for health ultrasound done on kidney suggestions prescribed with atorvastatin heartburn cough dizziness and sleeplessness side effects throat congestion cough what is wrong can folic acid tablets effect or get affected by aspirin why am i losing hair despite having a healthy lifestyle gerd cough hot flashes chest pain endoscopy scheduled insight over weight oxy ellite pro tenormin pills taking safflower suggest irregular periods on duphaston and folsafe can i get pregnant having thrush under breast burning frequent urination guide having beltching gurggling bowel movements chest pain discomfort could anyone tell me what this rash could be used to taking pantosec for gastric problems any ill effects noticed blood during intercourse with pain what is the reason should i not masturbate if i want a healthy baby losing sexual activities how to get back to sexual life blurry vision neck pain weakness and headache what is this stomach cramps had sex taken unwanted 72 is she pregnant child has esophagus discomfort swallowed doxycycline pill diet abdominal pain heavy period had unprotected sex what is wrong had mtp bleeding bit heavy then normal process completed light red color blood discharge sick am i pregnant timus small ovaries irregular period on femoden cycalcur elp slightly sore raised bump on top of head headache reason brain tumor on neksium eptoin ultaset continue surgery sleeplessness dizziness headache nauseated sickness is it norovirus worry 50 years cysts in right ovary never given birth concerning soreness in muscles knot feeling shot up methamphetamine suggest had pelvic scan done can online doctor help have swollen tummy fold over scar had total hysterectomy healing blood stools vomiting sickness what is wrong sore throat cough painful to swallow taking medpanadol ideas chronic gerd loose stools taking antacids enteriquinol zenoflox risky multiple clots from hip to foot on medication help thumb nail split appears to bulge ingrowth raised tenderness help kidney stone proximal hydroyreteronephrosis done ultrasound what is the meaning having headache taken cidolutnor side effect suggest delayed periods had unprotected foreplay pregnant pregnant ureaplasma high risk of miscarriage hurting bones good to use cealabrex monistat vaginal cream used on teeth swallowed some help buttock boil discomfort painful pus filled what can help itchy scalp dryness in scalp thinning what can help have swollen lymph nodes in throat had blood test suggest severe nose pain swollen headache sleeplessness taking medication suggestions reoccurrence of head stroke having light headedness and dizziness suggest has stage 4 metastatic cancer using meth on chemotherapy continue pimple like spots smelly collects oil gland problem 32 weeks pregnant ultrasound done normal itching penis taking antibiotics suggestions have erectile dysfunction had excess alcohol can this cause ed bit by mosquitoes no sensation on toes phalaria suggestions traces of sugar in the urine need to be concerned unprotected sex had periods light pink spotting problem pregnant wheezing congestion stuffy nose short breath concerned rash between scrotum legs easy solution premature infant having blocked runny nose is allergex safe late period light discharges negative pregnancy tests chances of pregnancy bleeding during sex clear chlymedia test any ideas x-ray shows fibronodular densities in right upper lobe meaning done hysterectomy bloating difficulty emptying bladder internal bleeding dizziness worried child has vomiting stomach ache no fever taken nordette after unprotected sex no periods will nordette work holes in face due to picking of pimples remedy delayed periods very heavy bleeding visit to the doctor needed pregnant severe itching pins and needles on thighs advice dizziness fluttering in chest fluctuating high bp panic attacks suggest reoccuring swelling broken tender painful capillaries on right calf help abdominal pain ct scan bloodwork ultrasound normal any ideas thickening of collar bone tenderness not tissue swelling suggestion leg sweats at night and feeling uncomfortable reason should i be worried about my gfr and creatinine levels irregular periods after stopping microgynon light bleeding excessive discharge normal have sexual intercourse brown vaginal discharge something to worry about taking lisinopril and hctz for bp tired knee discomfort cannot eat food with extra salt reason tingling sensation in head cause said to be concussion treatment bloated stomach gas slight fever lack of energy any ideas red spots like petechiae after drinking suggestions stress and chest pain before surgery for back reason unprotected sex on loette pill get pregnant irregular periods partner had vasectomy pregnant having unprotected sex difficulty in getting pregnant advice have lymphoma consuming cannabis increase melatonin levels itchy rash on chest inner arms spreading any ideas pregnant light dark brown blood spots stopped worried suggestions breastfeeding fever nausea diarrhea took acetaminophen hydrated concerned want to get pregnant prescribed fertyl scan normal advise asked to stop antibiotics before course completion advice getting high bp took pre-workout supplement suggest swollen tight vagina after intercourse feeling lump inside cancer feeling numbness in right cheeks normal had cold symptoms for a week noticed orange mucus normal have delayed periods spotting seen have abdomen pain underwent raspa done mtp how to get upt negative within one week pinkish spotting no proper periods why not on birth control suffering from urinary infection taking antibiotics condition not improving suggestions is pentaphos better than ossopan for a 5 month old large painful boil in the anus immediate cure had pain now bump on forehead living stressful suggestions spotting before and after periods diagnosed mildly bulky uterus serious no bleeding after taking mifeprestone for abortion what to do thin walled gallbladder intense shadowing mobile echoes in lumen treatment index fingers shorter than other fingers and missing knuckles treatment had empyema now taking diving classes risk have had intercourse with multiple partners want vaginal tightness possible pregnant advised microgest feozin hemofix had miscarriage abortion right medicine have gained weight habit of masturbating medicine weight loss pregnant prescribed hormorin cyst on foetus effect of drug have fallen repeatedly problem standing walking wobbling unstable lightheaded have been told rantac helps bowel movements senile right medicine thyroid problem diabetes obesity taking thyronorm 150 mg insulin advise spreading red spots itchy prescribed cream suggestions semen analysis done abnormal morphology get pregnant on implant light cramps bleeding bigger breasts pregnant headache nausea tried painkillers hydrated not helping ideas had miscarriage rubella positive when to plan pregnancy having vomiting during periods tiredness taking meftal home remedy watery stools taking norflox tz recommendations nephrotic syndrome steroid dependent cyclophosphamide prograph retuximab infusions taken recommendations have painful lump at tailbone solid previously broken tail bone numbness in the hands during a long flight reason undergone surgery for anal fistula biopsy done suggestions constant growling grumbling in intestinal area no pain any ideas unprotected sex don t want kid what is cure swollen painful lower back histroy of fall from horse suggest semen analysis done could online doctor advice eye test done can i undergo laser eye surgery irregular and light periods after hysterosalpingogram suggest noticing dark red discharge after urinating what is it teenager brown discharge severe abdominal pain bloating constipation help diagnosed with high creatine levels taking medication suggestions due for periods dark red spotting very mild cramps concerning dry cough less appetite taking light medication recommendations diagnosed bronchitis and ptb 3 advice delayed period pregnancy test negative suggest birth control 85 years old diagnosed encephalomalacia histroy of brain damage recommendations semen analysis done final outcome of report quit smoking drowsiness mild cough dark sputum recommendations low menstrual flow duphaston prescribed medical abortion done suggestions humerous bone displaced undergone surgery cast removed suggest weight reduction is slow what is wrong with me dry cough shortness of breath vomiting at times suggestions small amount of blood with mucus after periods reason have general anxiety breath shallow how to get cured painful sore throat and ears due to fluctuating weather have anxiety disorder and depression having medication what to do bleeding unlike period flow i-pill taken previous abortion advise numbness in quadriceps could this be meralgia paresthetica bruised patch on the back getting bigger no pain cancer chemotherapy done for colon cancer pain and sleepiness survival chances yellowish ooze from wound post pilonidal surgery done advise disc bulge disc protrusion with lateral extension need surgery pain in penile shaft diagnosed peyronie#39s disease remedy in homeopathy pain in the lower abdomen gall bladder problem delayed periods pregnancy test negative ovulation problem has seizure experiencing nose bleeds frequently what could this be suffering from excessive acid reflex sleeplessness treatment what means the heart size is within normal limits on cerazette pill no periods mild spotting pregnant hair loss brittle cracked nails glared vision any ideas feeling lump in the throat is it sinusitis need antibiotics on birth control pills no penetrative sex chances of pregnancy unprotected sex faint pink spots whats this anemia shown in the blood test what is the treatment irregular periods unprotected sex pain in lower abdomen suggestions schizophrenia on olanzapine self medication- on beer thoughts high tsh levels after child birth need to increase medication painful rashes around mensturation blood test negative whats this dizzy had hearing problems high blood pressure on tramadol advise tender breasts with acid reflux feeling dizzy pregnancy chances small hard lump behind right ear reoccurring any ideas irregular periods brownish vaginal discharge hpt negative what else hearing constant voice in the ear what is wrong history of hypothyriodism asthma ulmer tendenitus mri scan done advises dizziness nausea tender breasts and altered menstruation reason pinkish vaginal discharge with delayed periods pregnant brownish spotting delayed periods have cysts in ovaries pregnancy chances 10 year girl continuous coughing taking light medication treatment nausea after eating bitter taste racing heart any ideas daughter has fever given crocin meftal-p suggestions on mirena iud smoking marijuana side effects risks dry upper lip itchy flaking skin tried aloe vera cure developed an itchy rash afterwards what is wrong with me taking metroprolol tartrate high blood pressure should i take losartan unprotected sex itch on penis spreading cloudy white discharge infection irregular menstrual cycle pregnancy detected through ultra sound advise bloating diarrhea skin rashes and migraines gluten allergy sperm test done can i be a father light period for a month taking depo provera advise abnormal periods sleepy sharp jab on breast pregnant semen analysis done normal recommendations done with uterus scan what does this report indicate pregnant cramps pink brown spottings had tubal surgery concerned have cold took mucinex on empty stomach shaking nauseous problem red color rash on penis treatment dvt dry cough breathlessness diagnosed allergy anemic on warfarin suggestions trying to decrease weight increase height workout suggestions varying power on eyes whats the power for contact lens piles tried injection details on laser treatment for piles taking lipo6 black can take ibupeofen sodas taking primolut n for irregular periods chances of pregnancy had depo shot unprotected sex bleeding ways to get pregnant no pain or bleeding on first sex broke trust advise snoring sleep disturbance concerned thoughts digestive problems going to toilet late gives headache treatment had oral sex is pregnancy possible diagnosed with fatty liver frequent bowel movements improper digestion reason took migrogynon as contraception safe remedy trying to conceive painful periods is anything wrong constipation bloated pain in stomach on methadone help 1 year son suffering from recurring cold taking medication suggestions sunburn marks on cheeks outfield job on sunscreen lotion suggsest child loose motion no relief from medication advice sore throat cough swollen tonsil cure for symptoms suffer from constipation stomach ache need a remedy planning to conceive took albandazole worried about the side effects irregular periods weight gain can i take theragran cough pain in the rib cage and headache life threatening lost sexual feeling confidence suggestions borderline diabetic with bacterial infection irritation in vagina treatment leaking semen frequently weak erection remedy suffer from acne diagnosed with pcos bulky ovaries need cure severe pain in right shoulder suffering from spondylitis treatment histroy of miscarrige diagnosed weak sperms in husband possible can diet pills be taken with prescribed medication persisting bleeding after taking primolut abdominal pain what to do missing periods pregnancy test negative any advice delayed periods frequent urination pinkish spotting reason irregular periods overweight feeling dizzy nausea fatigue what is wrong stiff index finger with swelling taking advil arthritis pain in the lower abdominal area after bowling why headache loose stools fever constipation widal test report normal typhoid weakness abdominal pain diagnosed with tuberculosis taken akt-4 kit advise mucus in stools taking meamucil on wheat diet advice fever and loose stools history of spleenectomy taking lactobasillus advice 7 year kid vomiting breathing faster what could be this red bump on leg reoccurring painful applying neosporin recommendations fatigue in right shoulder no relief from medication suggest irregular periods recurring brown spotting pregnant swelling of hands and joints losing strength in hands arthritis 19 year old feeling dizzy could this be vertigo acne applied doxycline and gel taking dianette treatment no hair growth on head after trimming reason nausea dizziness shortness of breath had gall bladder removed suggestions frequent urination brown scanty periods constipation bloating stomach ache have weakness difficulty concentrating numbness lip tingling shaking help knee pain stiffness etoricoxib 90 mg hilin gm prescribed advise trying to conceive delayed period taken nordette advise histroy of hepatitis b cured moderate beer drinking safe pregnant red blood in toilet is everything normal uti took pregnancy test negative what is problem and cure cracked my back is this anything to worry about severe weight gain after hepatitis c treatment why spotting nausea and tingling above belly button pregnant pain in the vagina no sexual abuse reason eyes exposed to gasoline used lubricant and refresh tears advice on hrt gall bladder removed abnormal liver test report cause delayed periods had protected sex pregnant need sexual education help infertility gluten intolerant how to improve my fertility recurrent sores in throat fever dry mouth and allergies suggest flat light brown mark on thigh reason diabetic feeling heavy tongue reason stopped heavy drinking have bleeding after meals what to do bloating headache nausea abdominal cramping spotting negative hpt pregnant shoulder and neck pain taken excedrin sound familiar clear discharge after having unprotected sex could i be pregnant child has projectile vomiting red rash worried dizziness headache taken treatment for anxiety worried about brain tumor had herpes what are treatment options had unprotected sex brown vaginal discharge sign of pregnancy had mirena removed no periods could i be pregnant clicking sound coming from knee when climbing stairs advise on and off severe stomach pain reason child red rashes on body fifths disease flaky skin in the beard reddish patches what is wrong double vision left eye drifting outwards what is the reason bumps on the legs after using sun tan cream cure stomach pain blackout nausea vomiting what is wrong tingling sensation at penis tip tingling urination reason for symptoms suffering from over weight thinking about using derumine suggestion diagnosed interstitial cystitis advised cystoscopy with hydrodistention suggest shortness of breath after taking anti tetanus vaccination recommendation occasional stabbing pain in chest after switching to nuvaring normal undergone colposcopy dry skin redness itchy allergic reaction or yeast had unprotected sex pinkish bleeding and clots reason had posion ivy on penis itchy and swollen medication fluttering feeling in genital area on birth control pills cause doing yoga and exercise suggest diet chart for tummy reduction urine test revealed arsenic level 56 ug recommendations sever headache dizziness and orthostatic hypo-tension what could it be hurt in the back of head headache and dizzy serious fell from horse coughing up blood clots bruised concerned delayed periods had unprotected sex preganant stomach pain vomiting discomfort food poisoning or flu bug stomach bloating after eatingany gastric problem very lean endocrinologist suggested biochemical reports ideas to increase appetite unprotected sex spotting bloating cramps sore breasts am i pregnant swollen tonsils mono-negative have spit blood in the morning problem have night fall excessive masturbation worried about loss of strength child has cold cough vomiting diarrhea fever help cough runny nose green mucus no relief with nightquil advice bumpy tongue and spike inside the cheek on antibiotic passing stools frequently taken rekool ridol ibscim rifagut help have perianal warts prescribed podowart lotion course of application have mirena spotting back pain stomach cramps is this okay recurring patches on body diagnosed psoriasis treatment have muscle catch numbness in feet and leg reason pregnant bleeding diagnosed with threatened miscarriage increased hcg levels help hip bone pain difficult to walk and drive weight gain after tb treatment side effect of medicines pain in mid spine and back while walking help medication for cmv and rubella bleeding and pain after sex treatment diagnosed semen report normal can my wife conceive forgot to take a birth control pill excessive discharge normal in forties getting periods stressed reason will regestrone help unable to achieve intercourse partner has pain lose erection normal light discharge after periods on implanon since last year suggestion underweight fatigue feeling of sadness suggestions mri shows scattered subcortical gliosis have recurring headaches meaning swollen tongue earlier had cold cause infant having urine infection does he require mcu test started exercising after childbirth will it affect periods pco patient was pregnant lost baby how to get treated suffering of internal piles using medicine sheild ointment painful cure frequently passing urine and stools disturbed sleep need advice constipation tiredness high cholesterol prescribed thyronorm hashimoto s disease stopped masturbating feels like testicles getting small is it normal had pilonidal cyst do i need to have a surgery having pimples on my face on melrio and microbenz cure premature ejaculation cause and cure severe itch around the legs after getting wet aquagenic puritis in need of sex education guide putting on weight frequently what should i do diagnosed with tortuous oesophagus what to do child having undecended testes what are treatment options on continuous period spotting what is the cause pain in abdomen tingling feet bloated stomach cause and cure pain in lower back cheek what can be done child having stomach infection hard stools cure will hiv get transmitted by wearing the dress masturbated loss of sensation and tingling in the thumb reason low sperm count on infertility treatment pregnancy test negative having pins and needles pain dizziness diarrhea vertigo lump near zyphoid process soreness what is the treatment pus filled bump not getting healed std loss of balance buzzing in the head why bumps on the chin throat congestion concerned persisting bleeding with cramps need to see a doctor pelvic scan shows rv bulky uterus advice clear vaginal discharge after intercourse is this normal abortion pill not working stomach pain took misoprostol reason hyper thyroid patient weight gaining ankle pain what to do had dental surgery took hydrocodeine concerned blood in saliva mucus wedged in throat what is it headaches feeling sick dizziness moodiness stressed taking fluoxetine capsules advise delayed period pregnancy tests negative taken ellaone advise frequent uti and foul smelling urine on antibiotics cure thinning hairline took propecia but no result will biotin help hard pale scab on my scalp how to cure it feeling thightness in neck thyroid test normal suggest have ongoing gas bloating uncontrollable belching is it colon cancer nausea cramps and fatigue peeling of the skin cause had abortion on loette stopped no periods reason 17 year old with low blood pressure have dizziness worried spot on vagina itching lesser vaginal discharge concerned have complex regional pain syndrome hydrocodone prescribed correct medication bulging veins on forehead pressure slightly closed right eye thoughts sunburn on face neck arms chest cure regain tone spotting after unprotected sex pain while exercising anything serious pregnant with hypothyroidism and abdominal pain not under medication advice irregular heart beats in the evening is this serious is there an alternate medication for adderall had unprotected sex missed cerazette pill will i be pregnant suffering from anxiety disorder having disturbing thoughts suggest swelling in the clitoris after intercourse is this normal blood in stool has impotence problems are these related taking vyvanse absent period lost weight problem had alcohol stomach pain nausea headache body ache chills problem reoccuring abyss pain dizziness tried pills cream home remedy reddish face after eating need a cure fever nausea vomiting and fatigue chances of rabies skipping heart beat no history of anything problem need natural medication for scalp psoriasis allergic to prednisone diagnosed with severe uti and pneumonia bleeding while urination concerned sudden chills and feeling cold high temperature what to do two light shaded lines at sides of face serious on 3 month injection continuous bleeding since a week reason teenager had unprotected sex light periods pregnant small hard brown gray itchy patch near underarm advice irregular periods with heavy bleeding and painful cramps need help irregular periods pregnancy test negative after having delayed periods advice drained pimple leaving a hole how to get it cleaned have abdominal pain pain exists with progressive course required treatment missed period might be pregnant suggest pillsshot to avoid pregnancy pregnant suffering from dry cold any remedies body ache dizziness while closing eyes what is wrong hard lump near the clitoris should i be concerned cut on penis applied polysporin harmful issues on healing severe itching and swelling in the vagina yeast infection having pain in and around anus taking metamucil suggest on birth control unprotected sex brownish red discharge normal pregnant sudden swelling in the eye need to go to emergency upper respiratoy tract infection cough phlegm fever natural remedy heavy bleeding irregular periods suffering from pcos suggestions brown discharge no smell not hurting missed period pregnant had bmv on penidura necessary to continue injection degeneration in vertebrae regenerated spine any ideas trying to conceive had regular periods pregnancy test- negative treatment suffer from migraines taking vasograin safe medication need help in de-addiction from alcohol fell on shoulder sharp pain tenderness treatment taking ovaashield pregnancy test negative have pcod chances of pregnancy overweight with irregular periods vaginal bleeding nausea pregnant semen analysis shows 21000000ml sperm count meaning suffering from urosepsis taking syndropa plus developed tremor treatment will i gain weight if i discontinue going gym loss of balance after an injury high bp treatment using lomela for skin fairness any side effect never had periods diagnosed small uterus pregnancy possible delayed periods pregnancy test- negative what to do having bubbling in stomach smelly stools suggest delayed periods pregnancy test negative took duphaston pregnant sore muscles head aches staffs coughing whooping cough delayed sickness can an online doctor explain the histopathology report 60 years shrunk clitoris treatment having scratchy throat heaviness in the chest allergy suggest red rash on both cheeks should i seek treatment feeling pain in lower left abdomen suggest dark painful inflamed cheeks with fungus prescribed oxistat cream advise taking cerazette not started periods pregnancy test negative cause child drank kerosene vomitted test results- normal what to do bloated stomach stomach pain had food poisoning need medical attention burning and intense itching in the anus reason child with thick discharge in the eye what is it shooting pain from neck to head when looking up advise shifting pain in bladder also after intercourse advise vomiting headache constant nausea cure for symptoms burning while urination urine test normal no std what else suffering from cold pain in right ear remedy bleeding from cut in perineum during sex medication white discharge frequent vaginal itchiness advise itchy irritated throat and nose have swelling treatment trying to conceive light spotting any problems with pregnancy suffering with disk compression medical cure for this weight gain nerve pain on masturbating suggestions undergone blood tests explain me about the results liver problem upset stomach acidity took vitamins advise regular chest pain sometimes when sprinting suggest nerve pain switch to tegretol from gavapentin recommended swollen labia size of labia increased after delivery painful treatment reoccurring fibroid in uterus myomectomy done suitable for ivf mole on aerola hard painful bleeding dark color concerned painful rashes on genitals cause lump on the head headaches what is wrong what causes placental lakes fever pustules on face fever blister suggestions breastfeeding prescribed with primolut safe for baby on lisinopril metaprolol occasional rapid heartbeat wean metaprolol 26 year old with no menstruation chances of pregnancy severe headache taking light medication suggestions met with car accident did mri scan explain the results colorless bumps with itching on the body what are these more than 029 in nuchal translucency test worrying perianal itch prescribed pevisone cream need prescription one of the twin babies diagnosed dilated heart advice no periods after miscarriage light brown staining concerning small sore lump between thigh and groin suggest teenager painful bump under nipple with whitish puss discharge help brown flat spot on penis after foreplay reason brown spot floating around left eye blurred vision headaches treatment continuous severe bleeding with pain on implant solution delayed periods light red spotting and cramps sexually active pregnancy fleshy red bulge next to growing new tooth serious diarrhea nausea bubbly stomach taking promethazine suggestions delayed period after protected sex thick yellowish discharge pregnant sebutex roxicondones xanax valium what can i take cracked skin on penis stinks on urination after sex reason had spider bite lump on arm spreading itchy cause is sticky stools a symptom of ibs weak black stools weak legs food poisoning pregnant need to vomit breathlessness burning sensation in heart normal reddish bumps on butt itching bleeding what could be this stomach ache diarrhea have pcos cysts problem fatigue headache scratching scalp insomnia irritability anxiety reason cough allergy when eating out spit white colour problem shin injury swollen ankles treatment ringing in ear dizziness on moving head remedy infection in bladder severe pain help had an unprotected sex years back will i have hiv vaginal infection prescribed travogen dosage how deep to go in constant headache and fatigue all tests normal guide can hiv spread through materials handled by the deceased pregnant want abortion any technique at home infant on zerolac milk continue trying to conceive prescribed lupride injection suggestions teenager short in height heavy weight pimples on face suggest engaged in auto-fellatio have sore neck how to reduce it diagnosed with vericocele taking painkiller surgery required unable to control bladder treatment taking vibramycin getting more acnes is this normal 32 weeks pregnant scanning done what does the report indicate concerned about the size of the penis and premature ejaculation will there be bleeding after dc procedure allergic to pork what can be done heaviness in head vomiting low blood pressure reason vdrl positive have sore throat is this test result correct suffer from hazy vision have diabetes treatment and precautions bleeding after bowel movement soreness in the anus hemorrhoids painful heavy menstruation what to do persisting bleeding after abortion taking misoprost need dc have neck shoulder pain mouth tingling numbing reason delayed period signs of menstruation already there am i pregnant have symptoms of ocular migraine any preventive medication no facial hair taken testosterone injection should i continue it took i-pill after unprotected sex chances of being pregnant throbbing headaches in the sleep reason yeast infection mild burning itchy what should i do painful bumps on the face using mupirocin what are these bit by mites itchiness bruised what should i do high bilirubin levels due to jaundice dark urine recovery missed periods pregnancy test report negative chances of pregnancy how to solve the problem of cubitus valgus lower rib pain taking domapan for acidity belching constipation help eye discomfort after rubbing it what could it be severe neck pain headache difficulty in focusing cause undergone hysteractomy black pigments on cheeks pimple acne scar medication pain in the anus constipation history of hemorrhoids recurrence nausea during menstrual cycle tired vomiting had unprotected sex pregnant swollen painful knee after injury need to get checked immediately numbness in hands and legs needle pain remedy pain behind the ribs back pain indigestion and fatigue cause rash on the scrotum got worse on applying hydrocortisone advice hurt left arm pain lump used ice suggestions rashes diarrhea fatigue blood test for hiv needed dark skinned oily skin treatment to make skin lighter extreme itching after shaving vagina discharge foggy urine advise severe abdominal pain while draining paracentesis tube reason hair loss used finasteride tugain solutions previously treatment quick ejaculation regularly masurburate advice short periods brownish and white discharge history of abortion help suffering from chest infection taking medication nose bleeding cause suffer from headache disturbed sleep due to nightmares need help had unprotected sex gynaecosid recommended as emergency contraceptive scar above the eyebrow treatment infant runny stools red and painful bottom serious difficulty in bowel movement tried suppositories fleet enemas treatment stomach discomfort after drinking nauseated reason teenager habit of masturburating ill effects history of 3 pproms suggested cerclage for future pregnancies explain swollen red and sore perineum history of having sex help hip and joint pain cough on tamoxifen effect of medication throbbing pain in right side gums after eating periodontal disease rigid feeling on left testicle no pain normal missed taking birth control pills will this affect next periods adrenal fatigue prescribed hydro cortisone dosage delayed periods urine test negative trying to conceive guide pain in abdomen thin difficult stools frequently passing gas suggest teenager underweight suggest a diet plan to tone the body teenager constant dizziness and tensed suggest dried hands with same towel which had semen infection back pain done with urine analysis suggestions umbilical menopause spotting hernia can hernia cause vaginal spotting diagnosed with peritoneal carcinomatosis vomiting black things reason fatigue anxiety cold sweating stomach pain taking thronome side effects outside of vagina torn difficult to urinate discharge painful remedy chest pain uncomfortable sensation in chest advise white puss pimple on side of mouth reoccurring treatment have recurring infecting after gallbladder removal tried antibiotics suggestions missed period pregnancy test negative had donated blood cause itching on the arm with swelling and redness need treatment irregular menstrual cycle had unprotected sex white discharge pregnant vomiting loose motion taking domstal emodium should antibiotics be taken reoccurring lump on lower back painful any ideas unable to control temper extreme elavated aggravation advice trying to get pregnant taking clomid feeling abdominal pain pregnant reddish painful bumps on the penis no std what else will frequent use of i-pill affect future pregnancy pain in the side of appendix worried missing period usually regular negative pregnancy tests suggestions short lived erection partial penetration into vagina suggestions suffering form fever hot spots teething taking paracetamol recommendations pregnant taking mtp tablets minimal bleeding options other than surgery suffering from likoria not able to concentrate study treatment prescribed microgynon ed fe pills as contraception explain itchy shin taking mesalazine for ulcerative colitis cure weak erections no ejaculation frequent urination is anything wrong child having tonsil infection and salivating medication taking femilone pills weight loss medication side effect red swollen and bruised thumb history of fall fracture blurred vision palpitation and sweating in the night causes no sexual desire deperession on s citadep10 solution occasional masturbation decrease in sex drive penis small advise sgpt level 72 medicine for controlling cholesterol taken advise spotting heaviness in breasts and frequent urination pregnant 3 year old with asthma taking bentolin advice painful throat taking calvepen do i have streptococcus laryngitis want to gain weight can i use endura mass trying to conceive taking hucog injection any advice unable to sleep works for night shift medication on and off lower abdominal pain and painful gas recommend