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random shoulder shocks what is causing them took cough syrup aderall tiredness congestion are they related bad headaches migraines took medicnes no help solution pregnant foul taste from teeth after getting it cleaned solution been accidentally kicked in breast having small lump tenderness suggestions diagnosed with pah joint pains ana positive lupus pregnant on macrodantin 100g tablets will it affect my pregnancy delayed periods diarrhea vomiting and weight gain worried pregnant with severe cramps after bowel movements lightheadedness reason bruising on the legs after exertion is it normal how to get rid of the wound scars from childhood severe headaches in the afternoon what is the cause had tubed tied after c-section have light brown discharge pregnancy small blood filled lump on the scrotum what is it blood test done what does the analysis mean itching in the vagina due to thick hair growth x-ray shows lymphoid hypertrophy of pharyngeal tonsils meaning taking rigevidon missed dosage am i still protected bruise on buttock hot to touch swelling pain and discomfort child has diarrhea bump on head what could this be taking tramadol and morphine for pain worried about medicine interaction done stress test results okay i am overweight hard bone under clavicle painless lump lymph nodes extreme thirst low energy level headache what could this be vaginal itching yellow discharge swollen what should i do have asthma using salbutamol frequently coughing should i be concerned low heart rate tiredness should i see a doctor soon concerned about side effects of intraconazole child has cystic fibrosis shooting pain in the stomach suffer from endometriosis need medication vomiting and diarrhea after fall related breast itching peeling and dark area what could this be feeling electricity when touching metal object cause and prevention red veins in throat swollen tonsils how to restrict it lightheadedness when drinking water reason child has stomach pain vomiting fever diarrhea reason trying to conceive irregular periods what does it show spotting after an unprotected sex delayed periods any suggestions have itching on the penis foreskin discoloration what to do not getting erection what to do legally blind albino type 1 diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa recommendations delayed periods breast tenderness and lower back pain pregnancy symptoms suffering from bulimic symptoms eating in excess amounts any advice bumps in the vagina after shaving how will it heal constant sneezing and itchy throat after smoking cessation cure suffer from sore throat fever and headache treatment have an infected swollen elbow bursitis hard lump formation cause resistant to antibiotics what to do have uti and diarrhea what are the advantages and disadvantages of masturbation what is the cause and remedy for asthenozoospermia orange colored urine elevated liver enzymes what is the reason childs urinalysis shows pus cells as many suggestions salty taste sensation of gel substance in mouth advise taking istamet and metformin have diabetes and hypertension safe medications have frequent dizziness while lying down or waking up suggestions ckd patient on heamodialysis can stem cell therapy cure complications need medication for hypertension without side effects breathlessness palpitations chest heaviness sweating diagnosis and treatment swelling and itching on the hands have burning sensation allergy is there any way to grow chubby cheek getting itchy rah in winter season is this eczema is cranberry juice and pomelos good for health dark skin tone use carofit ultra painful breast red bump under nipple painful what is wrong allergic to nuts cow milk on omnacortil side effects trying to conceive taking otc pregnancy vitamin what is wrong tight foreskin erection harder painful sex help diagnosed ibs diarrhea constipation on gluten free diet help high tsh level losing weight on thyronorme why bruises in leg increasing purples lines will i be okay abdominal pain burning sensation blood in stool had hysterectomy suggestions noticed lump on patella should i consult a gp feeling headache while holding urine for sometime reason itching dryness red spots after being in sun why pregnant tubal surgery removed tube on fulgest help bowel prep take sweet tea with magnesium citrate blood sugar level high on insulin telmicin gd lipkind help suspected grandular fever blood test abnormal worry dark pigmentation black spots scars mole removal treatment help have fever dry cough muscular pain anorexia abdominal discomfort diagnosis taking idy pills took nordette after unprotected sex pregnancy chances low breathing rate indigestion nose block suggested dns surgery solution soreness in vagina pimples irritation discomfort what is wrong has vomiting bad odor taking prenatal vitamins what is wrong lower abdominal pain on condomol help diagnosed with arthritis taking steroids folitrax medrol suggestion pregnant minor contractions have cramps braxton hicks diarrhea help suffering from androgenic alopecia investigations revealed dht low treatment masturbation habit withdrawal leads to stress sleeplessness shivering why had grand ball seizure has shivering on lapitor help have hair fall asthma taking spirivia inhaler prednisone suggest mild pelvic pain low potassium level are they related concerned about height and puberty can injections enhance height have beauty spots laser removal recommended papillary cancer used same injection two people help high fever cough less appetite given meftal p help irregular period painful abdomen why knee pain popping sensation sprained taken anti-inflammatory help prescribed antibiotics for tooth infection delayed periods caused by antibiotics bladder feels raw stressed on citalopram what is going on recovered from stomach flu experiencing dizziness lightheaded reason suffering from cramps no periods sore breasts pregnant have schizophrenia and ocd feeling others are staring need medication depression constipation cold sensation weight gain tsh level abnormal help swollen feet painful to touch do i have cellulitis had unprotected sex cummed outside then inserted penis pregnancy chances wound on the tongue after biting accidentally what to do severe vomiting during pregnancy prescribed navidoxine will it affect baby headache cramps bleeding cysts tubes tied partial hysterectomy advise increased heart rate of 157 bpm cause severity have severe fibromyalga and arthritis had cancer using subutex guidance anxiety anger on vyvanse is it a side effect burning urination nausea vomiting sore back shivering urine test normal excessive mucus in throat tickling throat had shoulder injury have adenocarcinoma of duodenum uncontrollable shaking given ativan any ideas broken tibia fever pain how long to recover prescribed hcqs for chikungunya side effects red spots after laser hair removal scared of permanent scars pregnant sonogram showed low heartbeat does this definitely indicate miscarriage babys foot making popping sound but walking fine normal bloating gas diarrhea abdominal pain what could this be burning facial skin dark areas what is happening black vaginal rash painful itchy any suggestions have stomach pain and nausea should i induce vomiting child eats lead pencils and paper daily suggestions using tampon hurts when inserting sitting no problem walking suggestions severe anxiety depression and panic attacks permanent solution had unprotected sex precum taken ipill pregnancy chances low rbc count hemoglobin hematocrit taking ferrous sulfate tablets help nose injury bump formed swelling and pain what can help itchy eyes painful slime from eyes no allergies reason bump between the crease of leg pubic bone benign tumor red penis tip soreness is it an infection skin indentations scars dark and red what are they bump on shin itchy what are they pins and needles in arms and legs dehydrated help pregnant smoked marijuana worry about thc pregnant nauseated weakness vomiting worry rotator cuff surgery latex sensitive itching prescribed hydrocodone acetaminophen advise difficulty in concentration taking synthroid will it improve concentration suffer from knock knees concerned about recurrence in future severe headache crying spells myopia do these affect my brain levothyroxine prescribed need help in deciding the correct dosage feeling sick anti sickness tablets not working having diarrhea cure old aged iron levels high possible outcomes bleeding from anus diarrhea internal hemorrhoid rupture suffering from headaches while sitting down shoulder pain treatment is there a medication for getting lighter complexion in summer abrasion on labia minora with pain reason gerd gastritis vomiting taken nordette sufficient 7 year old with constipation and sticky stools any medication 14 year old with melanoma what should be the treatment reddish blister in the ear cure mri taken what does findings mean and treatment taking metformin diabetes stable diagnosed with ibs caused by metformin difficulty breathing trouble swallowing coughing fever side-effects of local anaesthesia shoulders sore inquiring about extended use of naproxen suggestions sprained wrist and knee having swelling x-ray clear suggestions itching toes numbness do not have diabetes done urine test what does it mean painful swelling under armpit done tests prescribed isoniazid any suggestions history of asthma difficulty breathing tiredness help have adeno and sciatic nerve problems any medical help green and thick semen discharge stopped masturbation negative std test red bumps on back of tongue should i be worried done ultrasound what does it mean child with red bumps above anus causing very pain suggestion trying to conceive done follicular study need explanation of report done torch test is everything normal changed from methadone to suboxone still have withdrawal symptoms why swallowed straw what precautions to take missed period taken regestrone negative pregnancy test want good medicine ear pain head pressure history of bulimia reason for symptoms history of ulcerative colitis taken sulfasalazine diarrhea nausea bloating vomiting have back pain no traumatic injury done angioplasty taking multaqcelexa and crestor feeling excessive fatigue normal have premature ejaculation want solution redness swelling scabbing on penile shaft applied polysporin any thoughts sudden fainting breathlessness what is the issue cramps brown discharge tenderness itching have hpv pregnant home remedies for sweating a lot at normal temperature white spots all over body vagina completely white reason ct scan showed elevated diaphragm treatment numbness on top of head weakness what is wrong broken arm swollen legs water blister should blister be wrapped missed periods stomach cramps sickness pregnancy tests negative reason severe lower back pain have diabetes need suggestions backpain chest discomfort after sleeping in the wrong position suggestions ast high having lupus anticoagulant sjogreens related 8 months pregnant and has high blood pressure solution mild pain tingling in body when drinking alcohol pancreas issues have severe flu constant headache vomiting what should i do taking mini pill ortho micronor noticed bleeding during sex normal inflamed nostril sinus pain painful lumps in the nose reason child with blurred vision suggestions had abortion cervix is painful normal lymphadenopathy in the retro peritoneal area cancer history of cholelithiasis have painful stump neuromas had bi-lateral neuroma surgeries done advice gaining weight and urinating a lot taking sentraline side effect have pinched nerve in groin painful home remedies should anal sex and oral sex considered inappropriate penetration taking eltroxin dry wrinkled eyelids with itching due to medication could you please provide information on coronavirus had a partial hysterectomy pain in the abdomen constipation solution irregular menstruation with cramps altered blood flow reason accidental intake of bones in the food will i die darkened labia majora after waxing what is the reason need medication for pain addicted to pain killers does implantation cause whitish substance in the cervix lump on the clitoris no pain need to be concerned diagnosed with meniscus tear pain in the knee surgery needed how much does it cost for a whooping cough injection sudden trouble in breathing pain while breathing heart related suffer frequently from shingles severe pain with no rashes remedy swollen clitoris with pain and itching why diarrhea foul smell from the penis yellowish urine infection child with high temperature need to be treated had cut arm by blade how to remove scars 27 year old female having baldness any medication 25 year old with grey hair need a solution can i use herbal body growth formula to increase height which are the safe days to have sex without condom skin rashes on the body not getting cured remedy suffering from constant shakiness through the body undergoing menopause guide pregnant with light brown discharge after intercourse suggestion prescribed to take viorele birth control any side effects sound from scratching the jaw bone reason recommended for 5month baby woodwards or sorbiline suffering from running stomach noticed sticky yellowish fluid worried use colored contact lenses white spots inside eyelid eye infection how to balance prolactan harmones to get pregnant cystic ovary heavy bleeding overweight surgery advised complication of hysterectomy pregnant with hemorrhoids on lactulose severe pain surgery advisable reveal implant done eventual chest pain breathing problem serious family suffering from swollen red itchy rashes cause for rashes can you recommend sexual health supplement for ejaculatory anhedonia pain when brushing gums white spot inflammation worried prescribed cyproheptadine dexona stanozolol to gain weight are medicines safe pregnant having brownish discharge good foetal movement suggestion had viral infection having earache hurting jaw solution had 2 miscarriages trying to concieve prescribed medicines reason on femodene contraceptive pill feeling depressed irritated alternative medicine scan shows mild periventricular leukoencephalopathy indicator of early senile dementia vague pregnancy test report have methamphetamine addiction worried about pregnancy constipated took movicol no help what should be done need diet and nutrition plan for infant infant with boils on scalp treatment have infammatory pseudotumor taking steroids chemo tablet and methotrexate guidance having high respiratory rate should be concerned due to acidosis enlarged tender breasts light cramping and mild spotting pregnant small raised red itchy patches on skin what are they severe abdominal pain after cesarean delivery diagnosis taking atenolol synthroid bp high severe sweating possible reason finger swollen after being pricked by a branch solution was in car crash previously having spinning during sleeping solution child complaining of backpain has diarrhoea what could it be child stomach soft but bulging matter of concern altered menstruation pinkish spotting had unprotected sex implantation bleeding unprotected sex early period pinkish bleeding advise delay in periods negative pregnancy tests what could be this pink marks on breast no itching or pain hormonal red itchy rash sore throat i am pregnant help leg and arm cramps have liver disease diabetes any suggestions nervousness shaking involuntary ejaculation what is going on twitching face numb upper lip cause applied ice to back after injury coughing history of pneumonia lower back discoloration sores have bulging discs blood disease painful knees and hips looking for natural remedy child scratched by dog under eye is child safe hard lump near anus appears after constipation pus-filled worried uncontrollable shivering fever stomach pain reason have anxiety taking wellbutrin and lorazepam breathlessness difficulty swallowing rash and blisters on penis earlier had lichen planus help pain and weakness in arm at night neck pain cause pain below rib cage chest pain what could this be history of hysterectomy have vaginal and rectal pain reason ultrasound shows bilateral cortical cysts is it harmful bruises on thigh hives done dc earlier always sleepy worried headache bruising on top of eyes shaking arm serious problem abdominal pulsing dry mouth pregnant chest pain difficulty breathing test shows asthma need for concern dizziness taking synthroid for hypothyroid related symptoms unable to have proper erection have quit drinking swollen finger peeling skin applied ice difficulty losing weight post childbirth high blood pressure reason child has cold yellow discharge swollen eyes watery eyes reason tiredness falling due to low bp or low sugar levels brownish vaginal discharge on levlen pregnancy chance had periods having sore throat fever started bleeding again cause heart beating loud irregular causing sleeplessness suggestions menopausal any effective methods of detecting cervical cancer bulging veins on forehead temples flares up when smiled solution forgetfulness trouble remebering names faces solution for bad memory problems infant with intermittent fever vomiting gave crocin further treatment abdominal pain fatigue dizziness yellowish discharge what could be this raised reddish rash on the lower leg infected ingrown hair bleeding after intercourse will there be further problems difficulty in breathing headache what could be causing this have cramping and spotting taking birth control sexually active pregnancy have frequent urinations after circumcision normal foot injury bruise pain nausea recommendations child with fever vomiting and leg pain viral infection itchy spots crusty applying creams suggestions loud ticking noise from head worried about brain cancer continuous mild bleeding usg taken suggestions swollen vagina with irritation sores on the lips yeast infection ultrasound scan of uterus done what does the result indicate boils on the body after taking fiber supplement side effect teenager delayed periods sexually active pregnant usg taken what could be the heartbeat as per usg need natural supplements for muscle building instead of protein shakes need dosage information on the use of oral contraceptive pills is there anything called compulsive talking disorder talking continuously suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome will fibrocare help callus like growth on penis need treatment blood in stool not able to eat fatigue reason welts on the back of the thigh with itching remedy pregnancy scan showing abnormal endometrium thickness is the baby safe can you suggest a face wash for acne continous mucous mucolyxir did not help treatment suffer from constipation need cure having high sugar other tests are normal what to do stomach pain back ache constantly weeing painful cure weakness joint pain growth has stopped advise have dry cough sore throat and voice loss remedy took letrizole abdomen bloated and have headache pregnant have colectomy shoulder pain and ribs bruised treatment need information about ineffective breathing patterns lump on vagina no pain swollen what it could be uterus scan done what does the result indicate taking akruit for tb high sgpt and sgot levels reason mild cramping delayed periods bloating pregnancy test negative what else performed cunnilingus tingling sensation in penis advise palpitations lung infection surgery done taking painkillers any side effects pregnant taken medication for period what is going on have uterine bleeding irregular periods taken lupron provera surgery necessary swollen lower lip no trauma twitch in eye taking telma and cardace for high blood pressure side effects irregular period less pain reason body pain back and leg pain masturbate a lot medicine high intracranial pressure nose bleed taking diamox need for concern have ventricula septic defect affected by weed smoke prescribed eritel for high blood pressure reason for high bp blood report shows leukopenia what to do fractured fibula will masturbation delay healing had unprotected sex red spots on foreskin serious taking ursocol for high levels of bilirubin swollen feet sore throat sinus congestion fever cold sweats reason sore throat painful difficulty eating what is this feet injury bruise wore crutches still have pain why hard lump on foot painful applied ice had an abortion under-developed fetus what can i expect applied creameto for rashes can infection spread through cream taking adderall for narcolepsy difficulty falling asleep different medicine headache dried blood in nose tiredness help boils on face after homoepathic treatment will krimson help frequent urination abdominal discomfort tender and swollen testicles help child has stomach cramps vomiting appetite loss help history of concussion swollen eye bruised head how to treat pcod taking folvite done beta hcg what does it mean gastro-infection vomiting stomach pain given emset done ultrasound suggest had miscarriages done torch test showed toxo rubella infertility itchy and irritated skin spots is it std shivers nauseated tiredness high sugar level what is wrong having hair fall thinning of hair taking cap permanent cure headaches mri scan reads mild generalized micro vascular disease meaning diarrhea in yellow and green nausea tiredness rsv help bee sting sickness fever what can be done now vomiting gerd gastritis taken nordette is it safe heaviness after physical exercise dizziness why infected ears only platinum suits pus discharge what should help had angioplasty stents fitted shivering what is wrong nerve pain have trigeminal neuralgia arthritis removed nerve center medication pulse rate high high bp on medication treatment lose penis immediate sperm discharge what is wrong possible pleursy bouts of pneumonia asthmatic on lorazpan help frequent migraines problems in vision pregnant what could be this severe cramping dizziness diarrhea and nausea delayed periods pregnant neck pain shoulder and arm pain dehydration what is wrong frequent bowel movements tried glycerin suppositories why frequent urination is it kidney problem or uti pregnant had irregular period taking yamini help have itching clotting had unprotected sex help lump in ribcage growing will he be okay foreskin tear bleeding had unprotected sex on antibiotics help bad headaches blood rush rapid heart beat am i okay lower abdominal pain intense menstrual cramps taken hydrocodone help had unprotected sex taken i pill pregnancy chances have irregular period received cortisone injection related pink and yellow discharge after sex what does this mean have acidity chest pain neck pain what is going on had cbc eosinophils abnormal are they elevated oily and sensitive skin acne what is wrong sore throat paining while sticking out tongue any ideas ibs lightheadedness dizziness irritability panic attacks tiredness on dopamine suggestion miscarriage prescribed misoprostol is this normal knee pain bruised unable to sit or stand appropriately why black gums tobacco user what can be done delayed periods spotting lower back pain pregnant feel the urge to urinate frequently burns what is this have pcos having bleeding after using fingers suggest suffering from idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis treatment on yasmin hpt negative have abdominal cramping bloating reason cure itchy left eyelid irritation headache cure for symptoms having pregnancy symptoms negative test results what could be this frequent dizzy spells difficulty in focusing taking dianette cause had headache feel weak and shaky what could this be stomach pain headache loss of appetite pregnant having short of breath taking birth control pills suggest blisters in the throat difficulty in swallowing need medical attention taking antibiotics for acne need a permanent cure have irregular periods bloating diarrhea and weak nails anything serious child has fever seems confused ate little took medicines suggestions bruised knuckles without injury reason loss of voice after having cold coughing with phlegm cure swollen uvula throat congestion mucus in the throat any suggestions trying to concieve delayed periods having brown discharge spotting reason penile skin not retracting need to be treated nausea strong abdominal pulse what could be causing this heavy bleeding after a medical abortion swollen stomach why taking mirtazapine for depression weight gain due to medication suffer from sinus infection prescribed with prednisone any alternate medication pain in the fingers overlapping each other what is wrong whitish vaginal discharge normal culture report how to stop this 29 year old with discharge from nipples reason heavy bleeding stomach ache miscarriage nausea delayed periods unprotected sex pregnant pain in the stomach constipation greenish stools what is happening white substance around cervix advise scan for complete abdomen done findings treatment high liver enzymes cholesterol levels suggestions to lower levels high cholesterol levels do not want to take medicines suggestions ankles swollen reddish brownish patches around ankles suggestions had ovary removed recently having irregular periods since then medications recommended oosure tablet possible side effects on body chest x-ray showed density in lungs worried itching on vagina temporary relief from soaking in bath suggestions trying to concieve noticed light spotting could i be pregnant suffering from anxiety short of breath need medication hurt toe during cheerleading toe become purplish sprain or fracture suffering from epileptic attacks taking oxetol zonicep need stronger medication baby having very less apetite temporary relief from medicines suggestions on depo birth control boyfriend cummed inside chances of pregnancy lower back pain ripped muscles feeling weak cause periods irregular after marriage no pcos reason for irregular periods child vomitted brown liquid during sleep suggestions to settle stomach dental filling came out pain in the tooth need help reddish swelling near the ear elevated temperature what is it reddish circles on the thigh birth mark little blood in ejaculation no blood in urine reason delayed periods negative hpt stress increased vaginal discharge advice having headache neck pain and sensitive skin medication loose yellowish stools bloating and gastric pressure need a solution taking ocella dark brownish spotting with heavy clots pregnant suffering from frequent urination suggest pregnant precautions to avoid premature birth suffer from brownish spotting due to tubal infection concerned fluid filled lump on the lower lip chances of cancer why do i feel pressure around the eyes pain in the toe do i have a broken bone is nose bleeding normal after death had epilepsy suffer from erectile dysfunction taking medication for bp need medication mole on the shoulder need to get checked for neurofibromatosis missed periods pregnancy test positive have bleeding what to do pregnant feeling mild contractions normal ecg done what does the result mean sore throat and ear difficulty in swallowing taking antibiotics suggestions having severe back pain what is the treatment required concerned addicted to spasmo proxyvon capsulesand smoking need help painful vagina ulcers uncomfortable treatment diagnosed with vesicoureteric reflux treatment diagnostic tests surgical intervention pregnant exposed to paint thinners worried severe weight loss after childbirth how can i gain weight pain in the calf muscle while running cause vaginal itching dryness fibromyalgia sjorgens or lupus uterus scan done what does the findings mean pain in the wrist after an injury is this serious 36 year old with grey beard any cure noticed blackbrownish on nipple should i consult a doctor had bilateral hernia repairs difficulty in getting erection reason suffered brain hemorrhage and stroke talking continuously zolfresh recommended suggestions taking suboxone will this show in drug screening tests taking hucog heavy bleeding during intercourse cause getting sores on the head after drinking soda reason whiteheads on the nose treatment result of hysterosalpingogram test showed bilateral stenosed fallopian tubes explain had cabg on painkillers done bypass recovery suffering with knee pain joints pain numbness what is wrong have morning sickness night sweats on implanon suggest taking birth control pills using condoms will it affect fertility over weight abdominal crunch bulge in stomach what is it stomach flu diarrhea vomiting foul smell help white rash on palms wrinkly is it cystic fibriosis masturbation habit sperm discharge too early taken herbal medication help low cholesterol donated blood taking fish oil and vitamins help cough can a child be treated with brandy suffering from severe bad headache and chills cause for symptoms pregnant diagnosed with chiari 1 malformation using pessary explain situation having cramps white discharge braxton contractions pregnant pap smear showed parakeratosis inflammation meaning suffering from excessive sneezing gastrointestinal problems related symptoms tvus done what do the results indicate painful bumps on chin lips nose face on ampicillin help have low platelet count knee pain taken cartigen carticare help frequent urination itching abdominal cramps have hives tried benadryl cause swollen fingers bleeding used goof off what can be done severe tickling in anus itching sensation what can help stressed taking lorazapam and nortriptline dependent on tablets ckd stage 5 under dialysis espogen 4000 recommended advise severe cramping and spotting back pain had an abortion concerned feeling bloated increased breast size spotting on mirena implant pregnant viginal laceration are stitches required will it damage vaginal wall itching on the lower rib is it ingrown hair suffering from sle appropriate medication painful when retracting foreskin during masturbation worried about paraphimosis solution missed periods having nausea diarrhoea acne due to hormonal imbalance is operation advisable for prodruding disc and oesteophyte sudden reduction in the muscle mass and body weight worried sore red swollen outer ear tenderness in inner ear suggestions bloody piece of skin in toilet on pills advise breastfeeding mom taking noriday no periods should i be worried diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma high bilirubin levels any treatment mild bleeding after miscarriage should i be worried persisting sore throat difficulty in swallowing any suggestions dizziness black out and cold sweats what could this be hard painless lump below the collar bone cause painful reading sensation on fourchette had thick discharge worried 2 year old having fever leg pain medication stomach achepain above the testicles during bowel movements advice tight penile foreskin have pain should i get frenulum removed itching and redness on the penis symptom of std child with pain in the ear cheeks and jaw reason child have otitis antibiotic did not help advised surgery recommendations spotting delayed periods birth control removed pregnancy 3 year old with frequent vomiting is this serious strange smelling sweats in breast recently started breast feeding advise suffer from vaginal discharge and sore herpes or bacterial infection blood test showing diabetes can i control it by diet treated cll with retuxin suggested treanda any other non-toxic medication taking levoxyl for hypothyroidism severe fatigue irritability need permanent cure severe exhaustion vomiting headache and dizziness flu symptoms small pimples on glans what could it be severe ear pain after yawning or hiccup any immediate cure does the hot weather create craving for sweet things high sgot levels having nausea weightloss no apetite suggestions having vision dark and blurry dizzy spells low blood pressure dry chapped lips with bruise need to see a doctor pain in the left arm have marijuana addiction serious taking medicine to lower sgpt difficult to sustain erection related husband does not have firm erection has delay ejaculation cause rashes in the groin area reddish bumps std swelling around the eye and nose what is it migraine chest and back pain pain in head meaning urge to pass stools after meals want medication done semen analysis is the report okay coughing white phlegm with blood pain in ribs wrist pain swelling shoulder pain need help history of abortion cause of bleeding during pregnancy constipation stomach pain stopped drinking alcohol normal sweaty feet could it be due to thyroid problem mild pain in the lower abdomen above the testicles hernia diagnosed vocal cord polyp on homeopathy surgery addicted to opiates broken ankle on detox treatment pregnant have pcos had abortions on duvadilan suggestion stressed hemorrhoids fissure bleeding discomfort what is the condition called abdominal pain after stopping enema advise sore wrist black spots on body bone scanned advise bruised lower spine with pain reason liver function test done what does the report indicate blocked throat sensation throat infection fever is it cancer treatment had intercourse before and after periods chances of pregnancy how to reduce weight on diet doing exercise no growth spurt have hit puberty what to do numbness in the toe have diabetes nerve damage taking lyrica had ear infection cured still problem persists permanent cure skin becoming darker after hemodialysis why kidney transplantation urination issue do kidney biopsy painful stitch like sensation on stomach what is it frequent urination abdominal pain irregular periods have ovarian cyst suggestions pus discharge from nipple swelling painful what is it undergone appendisectomy bulge at the incision what is it mandible jaw surgery maxiofacial surgeon get a second opinion child has fever widal test shows platelet count 12 meaning period started can i take norethisterone to stop it have hyperuricaemia joint pain myaligia have bilateral renal gravels help unprotected sex had swollen lymph node fever diarrhea suggest nausea dizziness cold sweat weakness shivering what can be done bleeding in nose painful eyebrows blood vomit what is wrong have acidity heartburn nauseated taken omprazole cancer related delayed period less bleeding dizziness vomiting headaches what is wrong missed period weight gain negative pt taking sandoz suggestion painful thigh sleeplessness what can help heal multiple sclerosis painful spasms in legs taking carbomezaphine sufficient has vomiting diarrhea tiredness arms and leg pain serious pcod stomach ache prescribed meprate positive pregnancy test help penile discharge taking allopurinol reaction to the drug pregnant have brown discharge taking nora-be what is it missed period taken susten am i pregnant have weakness lightheadedness low thyroid level what can be done nauseated vomiting diarrhea tried ginger what is the solution has bleeding had sex without condom given postinor suggestion painful breasts bleeding had surgical abortion taken contraceptives suggestion had a cesarean delivery bloated tummy solution pregnant have bleeding cramps low hcg levels miscarriage pregnant taking utrogestan can i continue with it pus filled bumps on the face bacterial infection medication period delayed on dicynone will it show results pain in the lower back muscular pain pain in the upper abdomen dark stools bacterial infection suffering from cold and cough have breathing difficulty suggestions reddish rash on the face any medication telminorm not available alternate medication got medtronic spinal stimulator implant does only mri reveals ms burning urination slow urine stream urine analysis usg normal cure got diarrhea pregnant hoe to get rid off it ignored by boyfriend feeling frustrated angry and upset advise chest x- ray taken have cold advised aigmentin side effects diagnosed with non-displaced laterial tibial plateau fracture healing time cold bronchial infection pain in surgical incisions when coughing suggestions pus cells rbcs in urine high cholesterol levels suggestions tingling pain in leg buttock experiencing bouts of indigestion solution hearing voices but do not see anyone reason side effects of taking nano leo tablet zydolisis md 20 child having vomitting diarrhoea lost apetite prescribed medicines suggestions had blood with mucous after masturbation lost virginity recurring red itchy skin on labia sometimes have bump reason excessive vomitting sore muscles sore breasts after conception suggestions tiny black dots under penis itching diagnosed as fungal opinion small purple outgrowths in vagina no pain periods regular serious persistent bloated stomach no help from medicines suggestions tooth rubbing against the flesh leaving a sore dent solution burning cramping in lower left quadrant what could it be foreskin swollen after masturbation amxious reason hit on nose nose swollen having nasal congestion permanent damage drastic drop of sgpt from 157 to 65 normal pain in right arm through collarbone causing sleeplessness suggestions suffering from hypothyroidism adrenal insufficiency had seizureaura reason continuous pain in the right side of head cause treatment 3 months pregnant tested positive for tpha what is it tickling sensation in chest related to anxiety stress have pimples that leave marks on face cure child having bloated stomach gas burping stomachache suggestions had sex feeling of pregnancy symptoms how to get sured stomach gurgling red blood during bowels reason child might have accidentally taken aspirin solution child done with lab work is this normal high liver enzymes levels high cholesterol levels suggestions itching in face suspecting scabies contagious intermittent fever headaches shakiness rash on back suggestions 22 weeks pregnant developed boil in ear see the doctor child hit eye bruised cut swollen go to emergency having dark brown bleeding fatigue nausea migraines reason pregnant bulky uterus is it dangerous for baby delayed periods spotting history of tubal pregnancy miscarriage worried having dizziness nausea anxiety dystonia taking zyprexa side-effects of medication feeling strain while talking should i take medication have abscess after colon reconnection severe pain why child having shaky vision reason pain in the throat difficulty in swallowing cancer sores on perineum painful urination advise fainting vomiting stomach ache tingling hands what do you think tooth pain taking combiflam tablet what to do skin getting darker after treatment for chest tb any help child suffered dehydration due to vomiting diarrhea cure painful bump on buttocks is this pilonidal cyst bloating stomach when breathing chest pain reason have costochondritis lightheadedness pain in shoulder neck chest and back boils on penis white and yellow drainage foul smelling late periods had partially protected sex help history of piles taken antibiotics for cough fever surgery required muffled noise in ear after blowing air hose in ear have epilepsy taking zeptol encorate belparen no improvement no periods after having partially protected sex worried numb penis urinary incontinence bowel incontinence reason sore throat hurts to swallow ear pain drooling dry cough peeling skin itching after bleach and facial help child has red patches cough symptoms of serious problem chest pain difficulty taking deep breath no visible bruising red swollen and painful ear lobe taking antibiotics help appetite loss difficulty sleeping restless weight loss help taking norditopin for hormonal problem will height increase movement in stomach negative pregnancy test what is it have epididymitis normal tests prescribed ciprofloxacin steroid packs any suggestions pain in arm bruising wrist pain no trauma reason gastric pain belching stomach pain pain below ribs help taking glucomet for diabetes sugar level changes only after exercise electric shock feeling when touching door handles reason done aortic valve replacement dizziness anxiety has anemia cause chest x-ray shows hazy infiltrates in lung any herbal medicine painful lump under tongue difficulty eating help history of bv getting too wet to have sex help have sinus infection taking decongestants stomach hardness painful any correlation frequently thirsty headache grumbling tummy puffy face worried history of anxiety exercising leg pain stressed cause childs stool shows pus cells rbc mucus infection hair fall taking more and keraglo but no relief help fibrotic streak on chest but x-ray normal significant medical condition high serum creatinine level history of kidney problem suggest medicine had partially protected sex can it cause pregnancy trying to conceive pinching feeling in breast chances of pregnancy have irregular periods anemia ultrasound clear cause pain while urinating bleeding after getting fingered what to do child has difficulty passing stools could you help dizziness tiredness sleepiness weight gain need advice swelling at base of skull painful ear numbness help prescribed clobazem for brain worm permanent homoepathic cure does paracetamol overdose cause itchy skin bites on waistline scaling skin on buttocks can you help severe re-flux during birth subsided sleeplessness what can be done wheezing cold like symptoms on flohale what is the dosage swelling below the knee cap groin pain what is it was on heroine opiates on methadone and dihydroceine herbal medication atrial fibrillation rapid heart beat treatment bleeding after bowel movements implantation bleeding on medication for diabetes need diet advice difficulty in managing anger what can be done stomach gurgling nausea and constipation acid peptic disease what is the color symbol for rectal cancer history of sinus have fever fatigue tiredness dark circles suggestions itchy patches on skin liquid oozes out see a dermatologist had unprotected sex started taking lutera spotting chances of pregnancy numbness on the face upon blowing the nose why hard surface underneath cheek skin pimples how to prevent them skipping rope to be fit is it harmful for uterus pelvic ultrasound scan done what does the report indicate high temperature constipation on paracetamol multi-vitamins suffering from suffer from hair loss need a solution cough phlegm excessive crying vomiting what can we give her on lanoxin eltroxin calaptin serafo inhaler clopilet side effects burning sensation inside knees what is the cause of this spasm and tightening in the rib cage reason underwent abortion taken isotroin 10 was abortion the right decision 1 year old with stomach ache can i give peptobismol fluid in belly button soreness brownish semen is it safe to drink alcohol while taking ds tablets pregnancy ultrasound showing no heartbeat have bleeding and cramping miscarriage delayed periods pregnant pregnancy test reports negative over excitement about sex solution itchy penis reddish foreskin related to intercourse fetal pole missing in the pregnancy scan missed abortion what is the rh factor chances of blood group incompatibility burning and flaking lips with itching after kissing reason irregular menstrual cycle had unprotected sex will i get pregnant pinkish spotting after unprotected sex back ache and nausea worried taking interferon alpha2b for melanoma diagnosed as hemochromotosis help diagnosed with psoriasis skin getting darker any remedy suffer from ibs slow digestive system need diet advice light periods pink spotting pain in the breast pregnant on depo shots abdominal cramps spotting chances of miscarriage frequent sinus infections having fever taking augmentin immunity so poor difficulty in erection need a cure ct scan done what does the findings mean bumps in the vagina rough skin yeast infection diagnosed medication noticed black spot on toenail feeling sore serious melanoma wheezing sound while breathing deeply no asthma had smoking addiction have itching in anus while urinating had anal sex sti have cramps and white cervical mucus had miscarriage normal semen analysis shows 40 immotile and abnormal viscosity meaning pain and itching on the finger feeling heavy insect bite bruise on the arm with dizziness insect bite child with nose blockage mouth breathing chesty cough need medication is compounded porcine thyroid extract capsule a safe drug extreme mood swings after taking micronor medication side effect total hysterectomy advised concerned about the removal of the ovaries pregnant with cough stuffed nose is the baby safe prescribed focalin for arthritis have vitamin b12 deficiency safe medicine has vp shunt suffering from headache suggest pregnant had implantation bleeding will ultrasound be able to determine blackish vomiting after excessive alcohol intake uneasy stomach need medication repeated ankle injury lump formation need medical attention itchy lump on the penis what is it sharp sudden pain on the forearm feeling numbness need help how to get rid of the tobacco and alcohol addiction have stomach ache and gum motions avoided fast foods remedy have bump and itching in vagina sexually active suggestions recurring cough coughing up blood have smoking addiction worried pain in the arm with swelling chances of fracture having thick white discharge irregular periods cramps and bloating pregnant diagnosed pcos on meltiform trying to conceive advice painful shoulder joint can not lift the hand reason prescribed epilive for epilepsy side effects child has fever stomach pain given tylenol heavy period distressing feeling weak tired and dizzy perimenopausal diabetic have tailbone infection what are treatment options penis not standing up what could be the problem cure on depo provera frequent periods was it a miscarriage brain mri shows retention cyst in left maxillary antrum suffer from giddiness high blood pressure on medication reason delayed periods ultrasound taken for a possible ovarian cyst concerned prescribed glycipage should i take it to help reduce weight having constant headaches high bp light headed need medication colorless urethral discharge painful urination taken ofloxin uripass suggestions taking eltroxin for hypothyroidism weight gain medication increased why toddler swallowed tiny bit of aftershave should i be worried permanent scar in left lungs history of pulmonary infection cure removed gallbladder taking pankreoflat stomach discomfort how is my health had angiography for artery blockage not on medication any advice diabetic with reddish eyes bleeding from the nose cause child has pain on tummy why is this caused frequent urination and premature ejaculation any solution suffering from hydrocele injured testesm what is the treatment ultrasound shows no fetal pole what does it mean have polycystic ovaries have late periods what do i do child has increased wbc fever diarrhea done blood test reason arthritis in hip is riding a recumbant bike not recommened mental disorder depression breaking things negative thinking advise child had a dog bite need anti-rabies shot infection in genial area what can be done yellowish discharge from nose after teeth removal infection need to increase the height can i use steroid got a renal scan what does this report indicate severe lower back pain difficulty in holding urine cure got an mri scan what does this report indicate reddish cheeks with burning allergy delayed periods spotting need medication getting headaches after taking vyvanse lithium and lamictol side effect acne problem on face lips and forehead treatment had a fall applying voltarol cream pain still remains recommendations have been involuntarily scratching head leading to blood reason night sweats palpitations lump on the neck concerned suffer from chf sleeplessness can he use mmj severe headache stomach pain constipation and vomiting need help feeling lightly dizzy nauseous getting grumpy impatient am i pregnant pregnant done elecrophoresis test worried about thalassemia is masturbation harmful will it affect ones married life irregular bleeding during periods have cyst on seivista worried burning and itching lips with swelling steroid prescribed allergy pelvic scan showing pcos crisanta tablets prescribed any side effects brownish discharge and nausea after unprotected sex pregnancy chances bruised thumb stiffness suggestions stomach bug stomach flu and gas what is the reason urine smells of trout eaten jamaican food causes delayed periods asked to take primolut what to do now delayed period brown spotting after unsafe sex am i pregnant blood in stool sudden urge for bowel movements why dizziness confusion cold flush headaches anxiety and vision issues recommendations pain in the chest while running and deep breathing cause suffer from schizophrenia taking respiral swerquel and lorazepam advice missed taking loette pills bleeding started can i take primolut sleeplessness tried nyquil need better medication molar tooth pain after cavity was filled suggestions bug bite looking rash affected to all at home contagious abrasion on the forehead how can i remove the scar bad cramps without periods on beyaz birth control pills concerning missed taking birth control had unprotected sex delayed periods pregnant swelling and pain after tragus piercing yellowish discharge infected severe vomiting pain while swallowing need a cure chronic pain need pan killer tried narcotics lisinopril causing diarrhea headache and high blood pressure alternate medication child with fever headache stuffed nose need to be worried suffer from asthma is there a cure smoked pcp during early pregnancy will the baby be affected pain in the palms near the thumb remedy pain in the penis while urination took arithmycin pain persisting irregular periods trying to get pregnant lab tests- normal treatment period is late hpt negative taking vitamin d tablets related has boil in anus entrance which bursted and reoccurred treatment have bloated stomach taking psyllium husk to ease constipation advice 21 year old diagnosed with vulvodynia concerned about intercourse have sinus infection on fertility medication took amoxicilin suggestions have pain in left testicle effecting erection what to do irregular periods polycystic ovaries found in the ultrasound treatment child drinking too much milk will it cause any problem noticed brown discharge after periods had unprotected sex pregnant vaginal discharge cracked skin yeast infection not responding to monistat taking tpha treatment for vdrl is it contagious left nostril bleed after shower advise recovering from asthma on steroids altered menstruation medication side effect taking hydrocodone after hip replacements restless without medication addicted tender breasts dizziness hot flashes and nausea brownish spotting pregnant taking unani treatment for pcos is it safe having gum problems any advice pimples in the pubic area what are these treatment reddish swollen penis with bleeding bumps std hypersensitive low heart rate over weight what is the relationship two bumps on asshole history of treatment for hemorroid remedy unexpected sex how to know whether hymen is broken ultrasound shows good environment for pregnancy missed period pregnancy suffering from headache sent for scan suggest unable to ejaculate occasional abdominal pain small tight testicles advise stomach pain diarrhea nausea gurgling what could be this removed tampon abnormal discharge with pain why is it lack of family understanding and stress advice hit head leading to bump no dilation had diarrhea consultation dizziness nausea heaviness in body what can this be suffering from diabetics dark pigmentation on face taking treatment suggestions had unprotected sex took postinor missed periods am i pregnant itchy hives with swelling severe rhinitis can i take celestamine brownish discharge after using expired implanon on arm reason taking perindopril erbumine continue medication for life safe lump on the testicle could this be a vein will masturbating increase swelling in nose ecg done what does the findings mean regular periods but limited bleeding swollen feet normal suffering from less sexual desire gained weight guide painful genital wart gets bigger with time treatmentbrbr loss of sensitivity of penis during intercourse need help irregular menstrual cycle heavier discharges taking daphne am i pregnant fluctuating serum levels is it due to eating outside food severe bleeding after sex chances of pregnancy child with vomiting and diarrhea itchy rashes allergic reaction veins blocked injected spasmo proxyvon capsules in the past advise what does homocysterien level 30 mean phobia of stage presentation tremors in body faster heartbeat help pregnant legs swelled stomach pains vomiting sensation is this normal started masturbating at early stage will it affect my growth had unprotected oral sex got blood spots is this serious light brown loose tools medication blocked ears pain while swallowing need a permanent solution reddish itchy bumps after getting a tattoo done cure yellowish phlegm nasal discharge permanent solution have intestinal cystitis what is the next treatment procedure child with diarrhea and vomiting any medication taking suboxone need to speed up the treatment bump on the outer labia not std what else cough with loss of voice could this be psychological bumpy yellowish dots in the vagina after unprotected sex std cannot ejaculte during sex problem sensitive itchy vagina white discharge from clitoris what is this will excessive masturbation cause infertility having multiple knee dislocations swelling pain popping sounds remedy bruise in the palm without injury protruding vein difficulty breathing throat congestion had septoplasty is that the reason delayed periods with spotting what is wrong swelling in the labia minora stinging while urination solution painful bruised swollen knuckle reason severe sore throat difficulty in swallowing spitting blood worried cyst under the scrotum any home remedy brownish vaginal spotting cramps pregnancy test negative implantation bleeding abdominal pain nausea fever stomach noises bowel movement problem advise irregular periods spotting pregnancy test negative what is causing this infant with strep throat and rash severe itching need medication hoarseness in the voice cough chances of a cyst reddish eyes with itching need and eye cream severe pain under the foot what could it be bruises from dog bite concerned about rabies had rabies vaccination painful bumps on the legs after childbirth hormonal or fibromyalgia rashes on inside of wrist itching taking prednizone recommendations suggest some diet plans to gain weight large line bruises on thighs advise food poisoning promethazine prescribed suggestions experiencing memory loss abnormal behavior lost appetite treatment swollen eyes steaming water got hit by branch treatment prickling pain in vagina after fingering advise problem with premature ejaculation cure having pain while sliding the foreskin during erection need suggestion no hair on chest and face advise mildly rapid eye movement difficulty in focusing things muscular exhaustion noticed blood spots in urine diaper given antibiotics concerned have a burnt-like mark on neck legs what is it having gastric trouble took rzl insyte gastico plus concerned elbow injury pain stiffness x-ray normal advise foul smell during intercourse history of miscarriages reason diarrhea after having dialysis reason pcos removed bleeding after intercourse nausea what could be this had unprotected oral sex is there a risk of pregnancy pain in wrist and hand what should i do had cut underneath left eyebrow how to get cured tremors in hands legs what should i do could you interpret the urinalysis skin getting darker what is the solution pregnant feeling lightheaded pale nausea should i be concerned heart skipped beat lost balance what is wrong burning while urinating after fingering why is this severe headache black eye with swelling medication pericarditis heavy smoker smoke marijuana trying to quit cause child with blood on penis after urination need immediate care swollen reddish cyst on the lower back treatment pain in the abdomen diagnosed with h pylori permanent cure on thyroxine recurrent miscarriages should i increase the medication dosage blood on urine pressure while urination after intercourse bladder infection on yasmin pill swollen breasts and abdomen pregnant welts formation after bursting the shingles blisters severe itching recovery getting stomach pains lost weight normal results in test suggest virgin messing around had precum took levonelle get pregnant feeling cold in the stomach lightheaded pregnancy chances taking levofloxacin for upper respiratory infection have dizziness reason history of back surgery have painful lump on back reason stomach pain vomiting taking anti-acids can nutritional deficiency be corrected taking cerazette numbness in legs not pregnant worried history of prostate removal blood in urine drank seltzer water itchy rash on legs red dots what could it be have constipation stomach pain feeling full dehydration tiredness help cramping lower back pain bleeding taken cytotec after dc normal blocked ears after snorting cocaine normal abdominal pain radiating upwards what is it sperm discharge during sleep need solution trying to conceive have brown discharge chances of pregnancy itchy bump on elbow swelling arm heaviness what is this headache chest pain back pain due to alcohol wearing off on nuvaring had unprotected sex spotting heavy bleeding pregnant constipation blood and mucus in stools pain in side reason had typhoid getting fever attacks how long for full recovery brown discharge cramps after having intercourse possible pregnancy burning when having sexual intercourse reason late period cramps brown bleeding implantation bleeding bruises on leg having sore muscles could both be related cut on labia bit of blood crusts irritation suggestions cold followed by dizziness smoker any possibilities of severity bumps on side of tongue on nystatin fungal infection have pcos had unprotected sex sore breasts and nausea advice