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neck pain cough with mucus earlier had fever and chills lump near belly button stomach cramps could it be hernia cough discomfort below clavicle neck pain taken penicillin help missed period have menstrual cramps cause child fell down stairs lump beside spine need for concern chest pain stressed should i be immediately worried heartburn burping due to black mold spores difficulty holding urine dribbling urine reason tingling and numbness in index finger discoloration child has swollen gums vomiting yellow stools taking trinessa period started early reason had surgical removal of iud what does operative note mean throbbing mass in lower groin frequent urination tired scratchy voice nausea dizziness after taking paxil have cystic fibrosis child treated for fever and cough done blood test interpretation lump above knee tenderness if touched what is it swollen lip after surgical biopsy no bleeding any home remedies eye swollen bruised iced it painful what could be done down syndrom heart problem for child shall i abort snoring problem degenrative twisted neck disease suggest treatment child with pain in rib cage is this normal felled of chair bone feel pain should i ignore it lump on neck pulsating pain visible what this can be obsessive-compulsive disorder heridetary schitzophrinia symptoms treatment thickening of uterin wall lumpectomy on breast cancer stomach problem head ache acidity burning sensation cure for symptoms diarrohea body ache fever smelly breath what is treatment gianotti crosti syndrome rash symptoms treatment dark yellow urine strong odor treatment child with fever and woke up hallucinating cause for hallucination child suffering from fever headache and chills given advil suggestion have irregular period lower back pain craving pregnant suffering from nose blockage sneezing prescribed cetirizine hydrochloride suggest having pain in one particular teeth what is wrong diagnosed with multiple myeloma given bortezomib decamax sufficient chemotherapy pregnant rash on vagina burning and itching help irregular periods taking regestrone sandoz pills light bleeding treatment options bleeding during bowel movement is this serious have cervical incompetence had premature delivery can i get pregnant protected sex delayed periods pregnancy test done negative result suggestions short periods taking cap what are the symptoms of pcos gone through tubectomy earlier no periods pregnant diagnosed with viral hepatitis dizziness weakness what should i do toe itchy swollen red throbbing what is wrong with me felt sluggish palpitations shakiness then anxiety what could be this how many months after miscarriage one can get pregnant diabetic having spinning symptoms on medicines insulin solution using nexito forte as mood stabilizer side effects dark skin on forehead around temples caused by acne cure child vomitting daily no weight gain suggestions bump on penis sebaceous cyst or herpes trying to conceive tests normal what to do done sperm analysis will i be a father have frequent periods taking althea pill normal taking duphaston and clomid negative pregnancy test still no periods excessive itching during pregnancy have asthma any solution green sores on labia majora swelling what are they child has fever cough leg pain given advil help have thumb pain when bending forward numbness could you help headache when wearing glasses ear pain what is wrong ear pain sore throat sinus pain coughing tired prescribed zyrtec swollen feet painful to touch what is wrong ecg shows primary t wave abnormality meaning had wisdom teeth pulled feeling cold shaking vomiting normal child has body odor problem medical problem constipation trouble breathing bloating due to inability to pass gas child has nasal and throat infection cannot hear properly nausea dizziness weakness exhausted confusion have hemorrhoids cannot pass stools without taking laxatives need help child has increased tsh level after being born worried numbness on top of head what is wrong unusual chemical smell in nose what med should i take diabetic on metformin insulin having high levels of ppbs reason had unprotected sex having total igg igm reactive hepatitis b what is the treatment periventricular white matter microvasular ischeamic injury left ear numb hearing fine what this can be weakness fatigue taking several vitamins per day reason chestpain heart murmur had same symptoms 12 years ago serious sleeps much does night shift is there something wrong where should i go to buy oral contraceptives brown patch on side of penis what could this be is atorlip a good medicine to reduce cholesterol level blisters on arms calves no improvement with betamethasone predisone suggestions erectile dysfunction of penis cure intermittent otitis externa ear itching scaly solution have back pain neck pain and dizziness suggestions have stomach cramps pain and dizziness have epilepsy remedy high bilirubin count levels outside normal range cause of worry having flutter in chest taken xanax what is anything persisting pain in the lower abdomen what is causing this nausea cold had protected sex pregnancy chances diarrhea throbbing lower abdominal pain bloating and constipation treatment palpitations during exercise normal ecg and x-ray anxiety taking chemotherapy for ovarian cancer mal-nourished need diet advice stopped having periods after child birth spotting is it normal difficult bowel movements colonoscopy normal distended stomach pelvic floor dysfunction swelling between vagina and anus no injury reason tender biceps pain while moving the arm reason and treatment brown colour discharge never had periods before is it periods dark stool had beets what is going on stomach pain running nose cough cold gas vomiting worry pins and needle sensation on the back vitamin b12 deficiency dark stool diarrhea abscess in the anus what is it have sore breasts cramping and tender cervix early pregnancy symptoms have heavy bleeding taking meprate healing time have uti taking amoxicillin vagina is swollen remedy can a fetal heartbeat be irregular in a typical pregnancy 6 year old feels sick blood tests normal suggest pregnant has edema swelling itching serious tattoo done pain scabbing redness swelling yellow discharge normal symptoms seizures withdrawals incoherence withdrew from methadone help swallowed anesthetic during root canal treatment nausea chances of complications high bmi do i have an eating disorder child accidentally ingested kerosene what to do palpitations tingling in the body loss of appetite ulcer have chf tightness in the chest need to be concerned leg collapse from thigh should i consult a doctor diabetes and indigestion taking medication can i try ayurvedic medication pain in the leg after being hit fracture 3 year old with persisting fever is blood test needed string like growth near the clitoris what is it hair fall on roaccutane side effects has gastric issue and excessive hunger brsgpt report high hepatitis fever cough sneezing viral infection leg pain trouble walking cure persisting menstruation after child birth is it normal suffer from headaches stomach problems and anxiety need medical marijuana taking thyronorm trying for pregnancy need suggestions pregnancy ultrasound not able to detect fetal heartbeat any suggestions severe sensitivity to sun dark circles why bug bite on lip swelling scarred what is wrong swollen calf muscle with pain poor blood circulation had cyst rupture in the ovary how dangerous it is episodes of itching on the legs reason suffer from elephantiasis any physiotherapy treatment taking duphaston sore nipples could this be a side effect trying to conceive scanning report said hemorrhagic follicle normal pregnant have fever and cold safe time to travel infant with vomiting after feeding had bladder infection treatment suffering from epilepsy what are treatment options irregular menstrual cycle what could be the reason had implanon removed getting stomach pain related diagnosed with laryngitis remedy does lygynon can be used as an emergency contraceptive pill found fat necrosis bilateral mx chemothrapy reconstructive surgery suggest breathing difficulty nose bleeds x-ray shows nasal adenoids surgery necessary excessive stress in life emotional pressure from girlfriend treatment options vaginal discharge itchy yellowish dirt what could be wrong severe infection in teeth what are treatment options voice hoarse raspy what are the treatment options pregnant will going in smoking zone affect my health severe vertigo prescribed betahistine reason what is recovery time what are pregnancy symptoms how to confirm it have pcos taking ova shield healing time have headache and pain in chest had laryngitis remedy have light and irregular periods any need to worry have sensitive bumps had burns in forearm related have loud heart beats at night its not fast reason throat tighthad miscarriage due to complications what could be wrong tore frenulum redness burns while urinating is it herps fell smacked knee swelling pain what should be done internal fever medical test normal what this may be shingles pain finger numbness what to do spondilitis in neck having excessive burping headaches vomit solution have bad odor in vagina is it smegma cure have recurring urine infection and itchy vagina hiv symptoms have abdominal swelling had laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair surgery related diarrhoea after a few minutes of eating food diagnosis suffering from bipolar schizophrenia solution to ease the mind am pregnant have painful swollen vagina and uti recommendations mri shows dominant ovarian follicle what does it mean have swollen sweat gland near groin it itches advice child has fever and odd colored poosuggestions have breast cancer ct scan shows hepatic cyst recommendations have tiredness and sleepiness taking cypralex related have dizziness after appendectomy is this normal have epididymitis have pain and swelling healing time have inguinal hernia surgeon wants to use mesh advice sickness movement in womb pregnancy test negative chances of pregnancy severe cramping and heavy bleeding with clots is it normal can i undergo tooth extraction even if i am breastfeeding have swollen mosquito bite on leg what to do have crackly and tight skin on feet medication i ejaculate very quickly after masturbating reason child has mononucliosis blood analysis shows high lymphocytes advice have red itchy bumps on scalp and forehead recommendations pregnant smoked and drank any effect on baby bad headaches constipation missed period am i pregnant have iga deficiency should i get yellow fever vaccination forehead injury extreme pain disorientation suggest having problem eating depressed less energized what should i do hair fall balding depression go for hair transplantation experiencing excessive thirst what could be causing this have lipomas taking homeopathy treatment any other treatment noticed small fleshy bumps around anus genital herpes mennorrhagia ovarian cyst hypothyroidism tuberculosis unable to conceive suggest single uterine pregnancy but baby bump is huge why suffering from multiple sclerosis want to lose weight how having micro penis is there any treatment suffering from depression and anxiety any cure had sex on combined pill any chances of getting pregnant head injury severe headache body heat nausea medical attention required lump on tailbone excessive wbc overweight is it a pilonidal late period slight spotting vomiting what all this indicate breath stops when swallowing is done consciously reason delayed periods experiencing hot flashes tiredness mild headaches reason blood in urine no pain discomfort reason abdomino-pelvic ultrasonography done what does report suggest urinalysis showed crystals epithelial cells mucus threads leucocytes suggestion sex very painful and burning advised lubrication problem persist solution irregular bleeding orange discharge curious what could be wrong severe case of crohns take tysabri or ustekinumab headache leg ache loose stool flu what are treatment options pneumonia fatty deposits on kidney what does this mean pain numbness in arm after drawing blood matter of concern blood after urination spotting no cramps pregnancy test negative reason started birth control pills had short light periods nausea suggestions internal bleeding black stool on j tube take peptobismal congenital cyanotic heart disease have breathlessness cold taken deriphyllin suggest overwhelming anger passed out what happened urine analysis shows blood should i be worried taking flagyl for gland infection after root canal healing time have fasting bsl 220mgdl treatment have bags under eyes medication pregnant light tan stools discomfort in stomach causes for symptoms have chronic back pain after chiropatic adjustment treatment have high triglycerides how to lower it have lump on scrotum havent shaved recently suggestions have pain on back stomach and penis tests normal remedy hemorrhoids painful lack of fiber diet suggest unconsciousness tiredness high bp loss of appetite is it epilepsy lips and cheeks swell while sleeping could this be tumor trying to conceive had two ectopics suggestions trying to conceive had intercourse delayed period spotting pregnant had full hysterectomy have bladder infection what is wrong have migraine heavy breathing chest pain dizziness prescribed replax suggest am pregnant and taking eltroxin should i continue child has rash and swollen gums taking prednisone advice have increased hair fall taking folliderm doing physical exercise related have lump on lower back have pain and sleepiness advice how long can i use tarana side effects took abortion pill persisting bleeding what to do on doxycycline hyclate for acne delayed periods due to medication autoimmune hepatitis sjogrens high liver enzymes on prednisone suggest child with blood in urine penicillin prescribed symptoms persisting why non-functioning gall bladder removed fatigue and nausea any natural supplements addicted to oxycodone hydrocodone how to get treated delayed periods sore breasts due to aging burning sensation while urination and bowel movements reason severe stomach pain after eating peanuts belching reason inflamed muscle on the knee cap painful walking any advice fracture of the finger pain and numbness what to do sore eyes with fluid discharge inflammation difficulty in getting erection solution had unprotected sex after the nuvaring insertion chances of pregnancy child with hypoglycemia sleep walking irritation what is happening vaginal discharge could this be due to depo shot fever abdominal pain and loss of appetite vomiting dizziness spots in vision what is causing this pain in the armpit and ribs neuroma numbness in limbs back pain choking otc sleeping aids help underweight high bp dizziness have arrythmias what is wrong frequent pain in the upper stomach reason vomited after taking mdma anxiety palpitations need a solution sharp pain after getting the contraceptive implant is this normal had invasive back surgery reduced beta blocker clonidine tablets suggest spotting after periods due to stress pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis what is wrong greenish vaginal discharge diarrhea no std other reasons voice becoming hoarse why no cold cancer chances stabbing pain behind the ear tried different medications cure irregular periods due to change in climate trying to conceive stringy blood clots tubes tied bacterial infection headaches lightheadedness and throbbing in the head need a relief altered menstruation not pregnant what else is the reason painful cough cold and fever history of bronchitis reason seizures headaches taking eption eeg head x-ray done suggest sore left hand no injury reddish painful bump any suggestions having erection for a short period of time suggestions pain in the ankle have diabetes overweight any thoughts anal itching fissure need medication has hives for 18 years treatments not helping alternative solutions diagnosed to have severe depression medication not working recommendations 96 years old and has diarrhea is whate treatment possible shivering in hands feeling conscious whole body started shivering suggestion child suffering from cold prescribed budate and telekast suggestion diarrhea constipation stomach ache on indigestion medicines what seems wrong toddler unable to walk who was born pre maturely suggestion what are the chances of getting pregnant on continuing duphaston cysts in both kidneys stomach bulging suggestions dizzy chest tight hands numb should i be worried suffering from anxiety and depression feeling dizzy and unbalanced suggestion does the height increase formula work is it worth using swollen ankles condition terminal prescribed furosimide heart failure severe headache giddiness due to it help delayed periods test negative no major symptoms pregnant had implanon took out unprotected sex could i be pregnant child with broken collar bone what are treatment options pregnancy test positive drink heavily any harm to baby child having bruise inside lip solution blood blister underside finger treatment persistent dry lips peeling temporary relief from creams solution brsemen analysis done what does report suggest possible treatment pregnancy willing for normal delivery what precaution can i take acidity due to irregular eating habits take rantac prescribed glasses for shortsightedness should i wear it continuously had protected ex and took pills have irregular periods reason have extensive hair fall used to have thick hair treatment have irregular periods for long time reason have sore throat cough fever and headache remedy have bumps and discharge in vagina have fever suggestions having cramps low estrogen taking seasonale suggest chest pain fatigue and dizziness do i have tietze syndrome on antibiotics for ear pain greenish discharge any natural remedy on birth control patch white discharge is it normal diagnosed with thalassaemia in the second pregnancy treatment headaches dizzy spells back ache loss of appetite reason trying to get pregnant will femibion help low sperm count have blackheads and whiteheads with black pus throughout body medication have pains and feel heart is squeezed while driving recommendations have high creatinine drinking lots of water advice am suffering from chronic halitosis treatment have itchy freckles on body cause and cure itching and pus formation in the penis yeast infection daily migraines stiff neck causes child with itchy rashes taking antihistamines cure bump near the clitoris could this be std pus and blood filled bump on the pelvic area remedy pain in the teeth swollen gums is there an infection bruised swollen ankle bump formation what is it pinkish red mucus in the stool need to be worried have rumbling in ear and tightens jaw remedy had hit knee while snowmobiling have hard sensitive lump cure injury to knuckle pain and swelling need to get checked suffering from bloating on gluten and lactose free diet solution blister in the groin area ingrown hair spitting grayish mucus have asthma are these related feeling nausea spotting stress or pregnancy has painful burning penis during sex trying for baby remedy severe hair loss need treatment pregnant prescribed with mcbm can i take fol123 instead period is late had sex pregnancy test negative advice irregular periods after child birth any advice recurring fungal infection on the neck need permanent cure toxoplasma present in blood during pregnancy treatable will eating beet root cause change in color of stools darker pubic area chances of cancer wheezing cough cure and suggest reason hair loss medicine medicine same or different treatment for pregnancy how to take measurement of ovary follicle iui ecpopic raptured is it safe to try ivf have constant constipation and bloated abdomen taking laxative treatment itchy patch on penis itchiness painful what the cure hoarse voice concerned what should i do taking amoxicillin developed dry tongue cough and stuffy nose suggestion huge swelling in upper hand body weak stomach syndrom treatment no emotion no smiles selfishdont like bondinghelp what side effects other medicines can have when pregnant anxiety stress heavy speech tongue worried what shall i do suffering from premature ejaculation what are treatment options history of miscarriage low blood platelet count large spleen reasons headache for six days after drinking any reason follicular study done chances of pregnancy have bumps near vulva itchy best remedy feeling shaky sick have headache dizziness after drinking have viral hepatitis a increased bilirubin level is it dangerous using amoxicillin does it reduce the effectiveness of birth control have regular menstrual cycle have abdominal cramps spotting implantation chest pain taking zerodol for costochondritis any other medication drup user developed abscess red not feverish suggestions difficulty passing stools gas breastfeeding at present rash on head of penis redness should i apply moisturizer have ovarian endometriosis prescribed felon reason for no period have allergic dermatitis inflammation on face dosage for betametadine have urine infection taking medicine without relief suitable remedy addicted to masturbation will excess masturbation lead to infertility itchy penis and underarm had unprotected sex sti cystic ovaries no abnormality or free fluids complication pregnant nurse nursed patient with tb any risk what are the side effects of skinlite cream knee painphysio mri xray all normal on crutches help child complaining vaginal hurting red clitoris what should i do no ovulation motility low low testosteroneon replacement therapy advice infant with eye tearing problem what should i do tube fitted spotting sexually active hpt negative is this normal weak tiredness dizzy is it because of studying hard intense stomach pain diarrhea weakness vomiting is it serious brown discharge heavy periods polycystic disease what should i do bleeding from nose allergic pregnant does it harm babys health weak fatigued dizziness nausea headaches smelling sense increased possible cause undergoing iui cycle hormone levels normal humog75 injections required frequent cramping diarrhea for last one week medication required having dermatographia causing big blotch in skin any treatment suffering from upper left arm pain possible reason have fever and hard stool with blood should i worry have itchy rash in groin area and thighs solution have heavy periods tried mefanemic no effect remedy redness hotness swelling in fingers reason skin peeling off arms face inside of thighs solution have back hip and leg pain hard to walk reason half of cervix removed having hpv dysplasia solution spotting increased weight size could i be pregnant itching sensation in vagina medicine smelling discharge reason small amount of blood after bowel movement reasons blocked ear odd hearing high pitch audible what is wrong had mammogram and found microcalcification suggested to do biopsy advice have elevated lipase levels have hypertension and high cholesterol recommendations have tingling in back of head should i worry have burning sensation in penis masturbates once a day cure unable to judge noise no infection has neck pain suggestions child has closed vagina applying hormonal cream healing time have neck pain diagnosed as spondylosis treatment have numbness in middle finger bloated stomach what is wrong have mouth ulcer low bp low triglycerides taking nebigard sufficient unable to ejaculate depressed what can help swelling in neck collarbone shoulder painful tiredness what is wrong swelling in the ankle spreading cure hpt positive high pulse rate no spotting given ovitrelle suggest have clear and watery semen had stomach problems suggestions not a frequent brusher afraid of cavities recommendations can i take iterax for itchiness during pregnancy have back pain and spasms while jumping or running reason have muscle twitching in right flank area suggestions have pain during bowel movement and urination had miscarriage related have fibroid outside uterus trying for baby can i conceive have itchiness at night have little lines with scab treatment had bells palsy face seems distorted can something help me child has cold and cough eats nothing in sickness remedy acne on face blackheads what can be an effective treatment had fever diarrhea minor typhoid precautions have indigestion and chest pain gave up smoking suggestions period is late had protected sex taking meprate reason has wheezing problem skin allergy are these related had unprotected sex had bleeding taken emergency contraceptives pregnant hyperthyroidism done ultrasound detected renal calculus is it dangerous lump growing in neck collar bone tuberculosis what is wrong hair loss fatigue and shivering getting worse why pregnant have stomach ache stool discharge bleeding suggest has hallucinations suffering from paranoia on zolpidem tartrate suggest have fordyce spots on penis virgin are they genital warts pregnant bleeding through vagina cramps in abdomen am i okay have retracted nipples taken radioactive iodine therapy total thyroidectomy help acne pimples history of asthma have haemochromatosis suggest trying to conceive brown spotting what is going on have spotting had intercourse withdrew taking althea suggest enhance skin color use skin lite cream what are the side effects of doing handjob daily something stuck in throat feels sick what to do increasing fat around belly any tips to reduce it can lack of exercise cause higher heart rate twitching in eye insufficient sleep anxiety stressed any remedy black mole on buttock is it cancerous had sex bleeding 2-3 drops am i pregnant anxiety insomnia tensed what is treatment masturbate got back neck pain how to cure it have bruise in mole what should be done pregnant how to confirm the date of ovulation chest pain exostosis what to do pain during urinating paralysis suggest medication and tell reason had rectal bleeding mucus in poo what are treatment options stomach cramping head hurt on period what could be wrong infant fell got bruise on forehead what is the cure ejacuated missed period could i be pregnant first time intercourse bleeding stomach and back pain suggest medicine sebaceous cyst on top of scalp painful suggest cure sensation in penis after urinating pain cure boil on inner thigh fever pain what is treatment severe headache trying to conceive is there need for concern fatigue tingling in legs osteoporosis suggest medication and cure miscarriage taking bromergon can i get pregnant while taking drug diarrhea late periods food poisoning what could it be pain in shoulder tingling effect cure and medication delayed periods used contraceptive brownish flow solution 2-3 2 blackish moles on bottom what are these blood glucose around 8 glucophage or insuline shots cyst in scrotum pain in groin need checkup birth control but didnt take pills regularly pregnant will fingering of woman with ejaculted fingers lead to pregnancy what causes cervicitis bulky and deviated uterus reoccurring lumps inside vagina painful itchy what could it be periods due light spotting headaches backache cramps am i pregnant have bells palsy is there any treatment and cure addicted to masturbation does it harm body how to quit complains of stomach ache vomited should go to doctor chesty cough with pain in the lower rib area pneumonia ast level high taking zoloft zanax further blood work required feverish with reddish blotchy skin diarrhea nausea and headaches treatment diabetic after kidney transplantation is fistula flap or plug safer twisted throat swallowing test suggested choking on food frequently ataxia any birth control pill to delay periods and avoid pregnancy missed taking birth control pill chances of pregnancy pain while urinating warm urine screaming badly whats wrong looking for supplements that work as phytoestrogens delayed periods mushy cervix tired moody cramping whats happening had tubes tied severe bleeding blood clots anemic help frequent urination burning sensation had uti after sex why diarrhea vomiting lower abdominal pain what can be done marijuana addict pregnant heartbeat not traced what is wrong pregnant breathlessness rapid heartbeat why does this happen painful scalp flakes on scalp suggest oil have burning sensation and swelling on penis after intercourse prevention have yellowish discharge once had c-section reason diagnosed with ischemic heart disease diaphragm has tightness help have cold sinus vomiting and eyebrow hurts normal have hair fall taking ayurvedic medicine no effect treatment weak erections prescribed viagra will it do any permanent damage had bleeding cramps took ibuprofen what is it how to detect jaundice in babies without blood test ingrown hair on shaft swelling what can help back pain muscle pain numbness tingling burning sensation why swollen feet pain in the leg what should i do tender breasts bleeding had an abortion am i pregnant again pregnant had an abortion membrane ruptured amniotic fluid leaked help trying to conceive iui scheduled given clomid folliculin suggestions passes wind makes noice while feeding what is the treatment soft stool abdominal distention took ercefurylmetronodazole next step infection in semen what is reason and cure unprotected sex lump on labia minor what is cure bug bite felt sick increasing diarrhea is this normal diabetic bp problem taking diovan is treadmill safe to use flutteringmoving sensation around ovaries is it just ovalution bad abdomen pain back pain breathlessness what is causing this painful ankle how to cure it undergoing through constant mood swings depressed what should i do bright red under eyelid bruised hurts what should i do hypertension brain chemical imbalance taking cap what is the treatment sharp chest pain leg pain what might be cause taking clomid headache what could be wrong is it normal shivering headache what could be the cause heavy abdomen pain what is the permanent cure have inguinal hernia burning sensation gas what are treatment option penis not erected masturbating what should i do had spontaneous pneumothorax cured can i start drink and smoke abdomen pain stomach bloated kidney infection what should be done stomach ache dizzy ovarian cyst what could be cause on birth control unprotected sex spotting could i be pregnant had hysterectomy pain while peeing what is the cure face burnt fill with fluid what should i do advised cialis tadalafif for erectile dysfunction will it help broken wrist swelling cortisone shot what may help the swelling inner labia injury bleeding extremely painful need stitches next step diagnosed with pemphilgus vulgris on prednisone what is going on headaches neck pain taking advil cause high postprandial sugar levels normal fasting sugar causes and treatment sleeplessness fast pulse deep breathing what is wrong yoga solution have digital mucous cyst on finger will coban tape help have pain while pushing at a point under ribs reason does having a period confirm that i am not pregnant is there a written test for dementia patients have swelling on top of belly button have pain reason back pain cough had pneumonia bronchitis what treatment is suitable seizures and atrial fibrillation is there any connection rash on face burning tightness redness was it rosecea mild chest pain anxiety shortness of breath worry diagnosed with anus fissure taking prune juice will it help drinking cold beverages causes pain in throat and chest suggestion transvaginal sonogram revealed cystic ovaries what can be done weight gain pcos started cidophage will weight loss happen child having rashes that bleeds painful what are they reason for fluctuating blood pressure taking nyquil for cold symptoms pain in buttock cracks swelling back discomfort what is wrong does appendectomy causes weight gain delayed period lost virginity should i worry had bulging disc tramadol worked further clear mucus from vagina painful stomach is it an infection had a frenulum tear emergency have uti symptoms lower back pain constipation painful nausea help stomach pain suddenly what may be the reason have sleeplessness and taking placida will it cure side effects have itchy rashes near labia unable to sleep home remedies have sore nipples and feel constipated had unprotected sex pregnancy have high total bilirubin not alcoholic help pregnant taking injection duphaston will baby be normal have follicles in ovaries ruptured recommended goodova and duphaston further have pcos tried iui and ivf gaining weight cure upper lip numb burns on licking what could be cause pregnant brown spotting on duphaston why am i still bleeding headaches sensitivity have chronic iron deficient anemia and hypoglycimia help have impaired renal function irrelevant talking screams why schizophrenia had chest pain breathlessness had angioplasty is that normal suffering from reoccurring nightmares feel unstable after that cause have cough which is not subsiding stopped smoking solution have sticky discharge from breast had abortion related have fits no symptoms of epilepsy advice have asthma and taking medications any alternatives to stop medications taken ipill have heavy bleeding ever since what caused this have infected virus injury dryness irritation tears headaches suggest have face peeling using epishine cream neutrogena sun screen effective pregnant have clear and stringy discharge will i be okay have irregular periods loose motion and pain near abdomen recommendations have swelling and itching on toes taking neosporin remedy irregular period taken bbt duphaston suggest gaining weight used triphasil birth control what can be done pregnant excessive vomiting prescribed pregnadoxin suggest loss of energy and enthusiasm lethargic what is wrong have extreme sneezing is it an allergy curable varicose testicle surgery done problems with fertility on tamofem sufficient pregnant excruciating pain in abdomen is it hernia stiffness in shoulders prescribed tab bio d3 plus side effects pregnant discharge from vagina heaviness in abdomen given betamethasone suggest irregular period swollen abdomen diagnosed polycystic ovary can i conceive mri shows degeneration of supreior labrum suggestions clitoris in pain swelling bumps dryness what is it cold cough and fever loss of weight taken telekast serious infant suffering from cold prescribed maxtra then taximo right dosage diabetic fluctuating sugar level had an angioplasty related have throat pain hard lump sensation what can be done diabetes high sugar level what can be done missed period have under-active thyroid pcos what can be done pigmentation on nose and forehead is melacare recommended painful heat boils on scalp headaches swelling what is wrong missed period spotting abdominal pain what is happening eco test revealed m-modeprolapse of mitral leaflets meaning unable to get pregnant taking braingate gold and suprafer-z sufficient have pcos scanty bleeding have fibroids endometrium given regestrone suggest have lipoma at the back of head what happened mri shows dessication diffuse bulge herniation of disc interpretation coughing breathlessness vomiting done bloodwork cause had copper coil fitted heavy period negative pregnancy tests explain diarrhea stool after every meal why pregnant can i take mtp kit is it safe operated for complete rectal prolapse removed meases no ejaculation why vomiting abdominal pain headaches fever dizziness what is wrong pink bumps on skin itchy given levocetirizine help irregular period have pcod taking yamini will i recover hypertensive burning sensation in feet taking atenolol amlodipine reason had acute bronchitis given prednisone is it safe to take can one get pregnant without actual ejaculation skin irritation before menstrual cycle applied ointment cause thick smelly discharge from mouth concerned lower abdominal pain runny nose fever weakness diarrhea have hemorrhoids children getting sunburnt easily any creams to use lower abdominal pain liver usg showed increased echotexture suggestion done urine examination during pregnancy is everything okay taken nur-isterate irregular periods what is happening chronic migraine tension headache neck pain taken motrin applied ice mood swings sexual urge anger after period ended normal constant ear clicking any help prescribed pancio for acidity any side effects of long-term usage want to reduce weight need advice on diet having dark lips solution to make it pink naturally met accident swelling in testis shrunk what is the cure noises coming from stomach and anus taking charcoal tablets reason have torn ligament on shoulder is surgery thr only solution delayed period had unprotected sex taken unwanted 72 pregnant missed period had a c-section taking levothyroxine suggest have endometriotic cyst ovaries sever pain taken danazol help sperm discharge sexual dreams what can be done have diarrhea on similac will the infant be okay peri-menopausal have vaginal bleeding with bowel movement why obese pimples scars losing color what is going on bump on back muscle spasms what is wrong cyst in thyroid gland taking synthroid will i be okay thumb pain and numbness taking duoloton what seems the problem stomach g-tube sticky drainage is this normal pregnant leaking fluids does this mean labor is near brown blood discharge light spotting what would cause this suffering with mg crises taking cap what are treatment options oily skin and hair how to control mouth tasteless due to intake of 10 ml dettol advice fever increased from 99-102 wait overnight or consult immediately low bleeding usually its heavy sore breast and nipples help swelling due to sprain pain and color change guidance diabetes under medication urine test results increased medication affecting kidneys gastroenteritis diarrhea nausea stomach pain what should i do runny stuffy nose sore throat headache is anything serious fell at elbow pain in shoulder what should i do pain in collar shoulder after lifting weight solution lump in right bicep arm numb what are the treatments plugged milk duct clogged duct what is treatment feeling hungry even after eating enough food already overweight solution excessive bleeding stomach ache what happened ulcerative colitis rapid hear beat dehydration on doxycycline worry unable to sleep concentrate on work losing hair solution have strange heart beat on omeprazole is it acid reflux have excessive bleeding have retroverted uterus bulky inhomogenous meaning missed period positive pregnancy test had spotting and clots help had unsafe sex taken hiv test negative worried help brown mucus discharge what could be cause lump above tonsil health anxiety smoker what could be wrong have pregnancy symptoms pregnancy test negative can i be pregnant developed cough after lipatripsy having tickles unusual movements solution had very painful back spasms should i see a specialist left ear aching hearing distorted sound is it permanent risk of getting infected with hiv after receiving oral sex have pain in ribs had twins unable to eat suggestions have abdominal pain on right side appendicitis have entamoeba coli cyst taking metronidazole healing time have brown vaginal discharge had unprotected sex cause have cramps during periods taking concerta related migraine attack what could be cause have cholesterol 244 and ldl 150 should i worry stretch marks on underarm thighs having ehlers-danson syndrome fatal shortness of breath chest tightness backpain while running suggestions severe ra on prednisone methotrexate folic acid oxycodone help has lower back pain has increased after massaging remedy have headachevomiting and weakness medication painful knees high cholesterol and ldl carbohydrate intake reduced help fetus ultrasound enlarged brain verticle recommendations have diarrhea taking norflox enterogermina emset and seconil suggestions will transferring embryos for fertilization increase chances of multiple birth taking trigestral causes headache and nausea have asthma alternate solution addicted to heroine having a baby what can be done child pees in pants diagnosed as immature bladder recommendations knee is swollen and purplish have pain while bending treatment child has frequent cold taking antibiotics primary complex chances have hyperthyroid taking thyroxin 25mcg am pregnant suggestions has keloids on breasts and chest is it contagious have swollen toesitching and pain in ankles home remedies having benign cysts in breasts can they turn into cancer bump next to clitoris itching swelling sensitive to touch worried child taking foracort for asthma any side effects done f2f surgery have frozen shoulder neck pain clicking testicle pain little ejaculation now unable to ejaculate need help had partially protected sex delayed period chance of pregnancy have cough taken klaracid for sinusitis fever headache need help vaginal bleeding after using sunbed any reason pus discharge from wisdom teeth normal prescribed zoloft lamictal and ambien becoming unbalance cannot move legs have patchy facial hair reason had thyroid removal have dizziness taking levothyroxine worried taking microgynon bleeding thinly before period what is wrong is there any alternative medicine for otrivin childs lips turning dark had foetal distress upon birth worried prolonged bleeding biopsy shows endometrial wall thickening taking duphaston worried frequent menstrual bleeding with clots no pain worried child has dangling baby tooth how to help remove it taking mirtazapine have nightmares paranoia mood swings irritability need help have cystitis constipation painful urination swollen abdomen will acupuncture help have nonviable pregnancy prescribed apo-misoprostol normal to have moderate bleeding can long-term use of miralax cause digestion problems small red spots on inner thighs no sensitivity have pcosreasons intestinal tb what are the treatment options detected pcos facing hirsutism what is the permanent cure pain on tailbone lump what could this be suffering from latissimus pain what medicine should i prefer sudden dizziness sweating heavily doing body building scan shows spondylosis annular disc bulge is surgery necessary sonogram of kidney done what does report indicate having brown discharge missed periods stomach thickening chances of pregnancy anti-social angry tired gained weight having extremely heavy periods reason penis does not penetrate into vagina but fingering does reason 81 year old has coughing spells mucinex not helping advice have pain in penis urine test is fine reason pounding heart ecc bp x-ray normal should i be concerned sinus infection itchy rash bp elevated cure for symptoms taking tapazole blood test showed elevated liver enzymes underlying cause what are the long term effects of blood transfusion have painful sore trachea its tender to touch treatment diagnosed bv positive foe gonorrhea done pap test suggest paranoia irritability currently taking saphris cymbalata prevent psychosis had a seizure shivering rolled eyes took klonopine help walked wearing flipflops foot hurting pulled muscle have cough and flu taking dayquil advil will this help brown discharge from naval have umblical hernia yeast infection help has liver cancer has swollen and aching legs life span extremely heavy continuous periods no help from pill solution child has chest cold wheezing and congested nose remedy have constant back pain sitting and bending is excruciating advice had birth control removed had pinkish discharge am i pregnant 5 weeks pregnant having dark spotting cramps miscarriage child has stomach pain sleepiness and cough no fever treatment have belching shivering gas headaches tiredness cold what is wrong lump on testicle movable opinion have abdominal pain had bleeding am pregnant miscarriage sore throat minor headache and hot flashes pregnant periods have not stopped had strep throat took penicillin related blister on the penis not getting healed pus formation reason child having constipation problem nausea dry heaves specialist care required diagnosed with cervictis prescribed doxy any chances of getting infertile premature ejaculation occur during masturbation tried medications no effect advice am basketball player having pain in knee any abnormality suffering from perthes disease arthritis any issues in having children severe allergies on prednisone benedryl vitamin d supplements steroids help tongue feels bruised soreness in throat difficulty in swallowing tonsilitis chronic cough taking methyl prednisolone will seroflo rotacap inhaler help where do i get information about utilization of dopamine eating skin peeled off from legs hands mental disorder pregnant concerned about low lying placenta internal os closed suggestions frequent urination discomfort during masturbation what is happening sore throat blotches on back and thighs what is it stomach cramps pain when passing stools swollen tummy abdominal pain eye problem after accident recommendations on medication uterus bulky with intramural fibroids heavy periods health issues had abortion still bleeding lightlylarge blood clot discharged recently surgery ejaculating early want medicine to solve problem taking primolut for irregular period when will periods start child has head injury no crying now fussy normal done sperm analysis do i need medicine feeling sleepy tiredness headache thirsty restless legs what to do history of acne painful pimples after childbirth need help tongue peeling lost sharpness of taste allergic reaction done semen analysis interpretation effect on fertility child has protruding breastbone is it a result of puberty have constipation headache vertigo appetite loss help difficulty urinating after hysterectomy no fever pink urine normal pregnant concerned about toxoplasmose results meaning child has fever cough prescribed cefixime high platelet count reason child has bloated stomach and bad breath what is it black spots on lips peeling skin have elevated liver enzymes how to speed up recovery drowsy shaky depressed uncomfortable abdomen urine dark yellow suggestions liver enzymes and gtt elevated is it possible to normalize what is the procedure to take tablet to avoid pregnancy suffering from frozen shoulder anxiety disorder suggestions missed periods severe breast pain reason red bumps on foot curvy red line what is it discomfort in tail bone lower abdomen hips post menopausal help had swelling in leg was filaria still infected hypothyroidism and depression taking thyronorm and fludac need further treatment is there a medication for chicken pox scars brownish vaginal spotting before periods cramping reason swollen epidermal cyst after rupture what to do period is late pregnancy test positive how to abort naturally scar on the face from childhood what is the treatment large lump on the mastoid bone cancer diabetic hot tempered on insulin under stress help male with sore nipple could this be due to gynecomastia suffering from bites cannot find any bugs what to do pain in the thigh after playing soccer why sever pain in stomach if not eating cause metallic smell in the nose taking multivitamins weight loss reason have persistent tonsil stones recommendations have no pleasure through penetration like clitoral simulation only suggestions could you suggest methods to straighten teeth other than braces irregular periods sexually active reduced flow of blood suggestions trying to conceive normal period cycle suggestions to speed up have pimples and white heads on testicles no pain remedy is there any medicine for skipped beats period is late had brown discharge pregnancy test negative reason have swollen itchy tingly and irritable lips am breastfeeding remedy had burning sensation while urinating took urikind tablets advice taken registerone to delay period is it possible any ayurvedic medication for back ache child has large blue veins on calves cause have lower back pain bloating nausea tiredness failed pregnancies help gassy unhappiness in child on similac advance help having endometrioma collapsing follicular retention cyst treatment adams apple feels dislocated what is wrong need a permanent cure for premature ejaculation estradiol level low prescribed clomid progynova help can you assess the cbc report of the child burn in hand blisters pus in chest taken lizoforce suggest how do you antidote stillbirth with the help of homeopathy lung filled fluid stent inserted what can ease the pain have light period ejaculated inside am i pregnant severe gastric problem excessive burping headache vomiting suggestions had an operation for endometriosis had pcos taken yasmin help had protected sex had tests revealing positive for bacilli treatment found solid mass in stool have constipation what is it thick sperm weakness during sex what does this mean pimples after stopping oral contraceptives when will this stop sudden memory loss disorientation headache pain in ribs urine analysis shows reactive cellular changes associated with inflammation meaning headache fainting had head injury need guidance child has stomach bug vomiting nose bleed reason white discharge with blood fishy odor need help grey hair sweaty palms of hands masturbation addiction suggestions taken hcg injection prescribed gestofit correct dosage prescribed taking seasonique for endometriosis no periods now pregnant shivering hands when writing or gripping things remedy bleeding scar on inner elbow cause prescribed eltroxin for irrelevant talking tests normal negative pregnancy test sore breasts delayed period what is wrong frequent urination burning urination due to excessive masturbation back pain after childbirth discomfort in ribs taken wrong dose of tussionex ext-rel any side effects brown spotting after implanon removal was it ovulation spotting dog scratched ankle no bleeding updated tetanus shot required childs weight gradually reducing after giving solid food suggestion taking domperidone for episodic vomiting have hypertension low sperm count taking treatment varicocele surgery suggested your opinion missed period had unprotected sex taken ipill help done semen analysis are results normal taken pill for hemorrhagic cyst have light periods normal loose stools after taking generic statin foul-smelling vaginal discharge typical have lung cancer swollen feet and ankles life expectancy suffering from fever loose motions taking metrogyl chlormycetin correct medication dry sore itchy eyes difficulty sleeping what should i do history of miscarriage have bicornuate pregnancy possibility of normal pregnancy discontinued cerazette now prolonged bleeding can you help abdominal pain normal abdominal usg should drotin be taken thinning hair after taking hormone therapy history of hysterectomy suggestions bitten by car washed with dettol boric powder rabies chances pregnant with pus cells in urine reason have metastatic breast cancer lumbar spine fracture spinal stenosis help frequent headaches strain around eyes dizziness nausea possible reason suffering from fever jaundice decreasing platelet count on paracetamol suggest scrotum area cut while shaving is this serious faint pink discharge during ovulation is it hormonal missed period cramping had tubal ligation chances of pregnancy over weight delayed period have pcos was taking primoult help suffering from pigmentation foof allergy using melacare solution have dizziness have ear infection what does this denote have dizziness sore throat pressure in ears have lipoma help have trouble swallowing parathyroid gland level is high cure child has frequent urination digestion appears fine reason sfa test morphology shows 6100 head defects advice unable to swallow painful given ambroxol and levocetrizine help had slipped disc leg pain numbness had lumbar discectomy help imbalance sickness had laryngitis bronchitis asthma what may be wrong upper teeth ruined have low platelet count had chemotherapy suggest have raised wart like bumps on legs advice tonsilitis on levofloxacin cough sound during forceful expiration reason cramps bloating rashes had food poisoning is it candida nausea spitting up bloody saliva bloating diarrhoea weakness headache suggestions pain in knees wearing knee braces what could this be had breathlessness sweating stent in arteries diabetic blocked artery help baby having intermittent fever eye crusty runny cough tiredness suggestions does masturbation many times a day will it damage sperms have hot spots on top of feet remedy diarrhea vomiting and body ache notovirus infection tumor on the waist getting bigger cancer painless lump near belly button what is it headache nausea and increased heart rate 16 years old why bruised painful toe after an injury what to do itching below the penis why swollen painful leg after a fall is this a sprain severe diarrhea gas cramps in abdomen bleeding worry chronic anemic safe to take five hours flight stomach bulging not experiencing any taste pregnant smoked a lot of cigarettes throat hurting take treatment reddish eye should i take antibiotic eye drops had sex with condom condom slipped chances of pregnancy can get pregnant with precum without ejaculation heavy smoker experiencing chest pain several times a day reason frequent neck sprains after restarting workouts cause child having severe stomachache vomitting prescribed medicines solution frequent diarrhoea cramping constipated food poisoning addicted to corex trying to quit going through withdrawals solution handle bars of bike hits stomach bad bruise hurting recommendations milky white discharge from vagina pregnancy or yeast infection had hsg pinching spotting bleeding heavy whats going on have eczema on testicles prescribed clobex spray suggestions taking pregnacare in first trimester any side effects pregnant stress vomit short breath should i be concerned can one take flaxseed if on hypertension medication sperm analysis shows sperm count 110 million per ml normal can high bp cause ringing in ears have growing skin tags travoderm cream not helping recommendations what are the chances that pre-cum can cause pregnancy unable to take breakfast after taking insulin suggestions had circumcision took 20 days to heal normal used dettol and burnt skin cure pregnant having low leucocyte count prescribed medicines suggestions vagina is very tight how to treat this have cold with green discharge and congested nose remedy right knee pain whom i should consult loose motions contractions on zanocin further have itchy and painful throat taking antibiotics recommendations have gastro problems and cough diagnosed as reflux treatment have pimples on face leaving dark spots medication prolactin level increases on taking allopathic gas pills reason child has cough medicine not helping advice child teething fever diarrhea green stool given ibuprofen suggest child had hiccups and started vomiting anything to worry have gamma gt 6400 ul is this very high stomach pain watery stool constipated on norflox omeprazole ciprofloxince suggest any natural way to get tsh levels in normal range imbalance lightheadedness have cervical spondylosis homeopathic medicine suffered with typhoid malaria and alopecia areata health in future have pain in upper chest and minor flu symptoms solution have tender breasts done colonoscopy oil threads were cut pregnant injured leg knees in pain can i start doing splits high bp pain in left arm given ultracet take tramadol has jaundice liver cancer stopped chemotherapy what now headaches nausea fatigue delayed period had spotting pregnant gallbladder cancer jaundice inserted plastic stent insert metallic stent instead pink discharge from vagina diagnosed with gbstrep help forgetfulness tensed kidney issue undergoing dialysis what does report suggest clitoris has burning sensation pain bladder fullness had sex related have tb viral infection fever cough bleeding what is wrong trying to concieve soreness after sex solution pregnant hymen layer still intact will delivery be normal have hair fall taken scalp tone tablets regrowth possible suffering from high esr rate no results of improvement suggestion limited diet diarrhea pink mucus in stool what is wrong broke fabula tibia fracture had a cast will i heal diabetic increasing sugar level on ecosprin tmetola now bumps on two knuckles feels like lump beneath skin remedy stomach ache and cramps in hands also experiencing headache reason significant bleeding from belly button and soreness felt reason irritation and bleeding in clitoris severe pain treatment dark skin on upper side of elbow suggest cream pregnant hcg went up then dropped will i miscarry it ankle pain after beginning treadmill suggestions trying to conceive accuracy of dettol pregnancy test scan result shows the echo patter is largely homogeneous meaning opium addiction feeling guilty of taking xanax what to do irregular periods heavy bleeding how to get regular periods have itchiness and tingling in vagina cause and cure 34 year old and have bmi 184 am i underweight can duphaston cause weight gain been smoking anxiety unconsciousness emotional rush why suffering from cirrhosis diet plan to follow had turbinate reduction nose bleed taken prednisone am i okay appendix removed feeling nauseous weak fainting how to improve health child has headache and nosebleed taking antibiotics cause had lymphoma horners syndrome dropping and constricting pupil help have hand tremors has asthma anxiety see neurologist how can one increase penis size naturally