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have nocturnal emission during sleep and pain in testicles medication have itchy scar on vagina had sex related have irregular periods and bloating pregnancy test negative reason have headache and blurred vision had periodontal disease recommendations have black spots on hands cause and cure have pneumonia diagnosed with aids and on mask prognosis have pain in ear took sofradex cure have swollen and red foot what could it be reoccurring cyst near butt cheek reason had hysterolaproscopy after which have not got periods suggestions have sleep disorder taking medication for anxietyptsd and gerd related abdominal pain bloating gastritis on medicines not much improvement suggestions pain while intercourse inflamed vagina reason used lubricant getting lumpy discharge and itching side effect taking levkomontus tablet any effect on period got positive pregnancy test want to abort how itching in the thighs and testicles need medication child with enlarged liver is it serious hepatitis breast feeding three month old best formula to introduce extremely tired dizziness lightheaded nauseous chills appetite fine possible reason accidental intake of blood pressure medication what to do no energy low heartbeats sleepiness sense of dehydration solution stomach pains dizziness backaches vomitting weakness what could this be crusty dry sores on legs nose solution intermittent dryness in throat ultrasound normal solution frequent vaginal spotting taking noriday chances of pregnancy taking medication for bp sugar test done am i diabetic spermogramme examination done what does report mean red bump on neck pain on pulling rubbing treatment options lower abdominal pain lower back pain bleeding had childbirth diagnosed with cholecystitis chronica wht does it mean hyperthyroidism proximal myopathy started physiotherapy session nausea vomiting fever cure ejaculated outside should i take an ipill bruised thigh large indentation mild discolouration cause of concern positive stress test diabetic bp issues stop diabetes medication red bumps on legs stomach chest what can be done badly drunk still have dizziness hangover after a week suggestions irregular periods hormonal imbalance poly cystic ovaries treatment options irregular periods vaginal spotting brown discharge back pain suggestions having brown discharge during periods reason on shots after childbirth having light bleeding during periods reason liver parameters high matter of concern pregnancy having herpes bacteria what medicine should i take us shows anechoic cyst in ovary what does this mean missed periods negative pregnancy test had taken plan b cause lesion formed on the gum have gingivitis what to do 17 year old suffer from sleeplessness what to do fever restlessness vomiting and diarrhea food poisoning consistent cough hoarseness difficulty in talking help symptoms of under-active thyroid since starting prostap related having pain in colon area is it diverticulitis irregular periods pregnancy test negative could i be pregnant hida scan showed that gallbladder wasnt emptying why having sensation in vagina after urination what do i do shocking tingling sensation in neck arms when screaming cause high chloride levels low carbon dioxide levels inter-related reason bp keeps spiking am pregnant should i be concerned diabetic taking enterogermina for poor digestion problem looking for suggestion severe stabbing pain in groin what is causing this tingling between the testicles and anus back ache damaged nerve took cytotec during early pregnancy will it affect the baby have pain in arm unable to sleep suggestions have white bumps on butt what could this be have incomplete bowel evacuation tests all fine treatment trying to gain weight is stress a reason how to confirm hiv triod test alternative medicine for slovakia bnetacorton to treat psoriasis got fits increased the dosage of eptoin cure have inflamed and painful eyes recommendations recurring anal fissures any treatment other than surgery need a personal diet accidently slammed trunk on daughters head medical care required left leg twisted after accident how to correct it occasional freezing and tightening in chest head-rush cause fractured eye socket would it be safe to fly chronic fatigue fibromyalgia migraine disturbed sleep will water cure help what is the constituent of antibiotics mri revealed non specific brain lesions diagnosis consistent urine infections kidney scan showed urine back flow serious bloating fluid in stool had gallbladder stone removed stressed remedies on citalopram have onset of pvcs stress cause pregnant lower back pain leg pain had disc slippage suggest pneumonia had nebulization congestion cleared on flohale suggest profuse sweating twitching in stomach stressed invasive testing severe ear pain have migraines on amoxicillin treatment pimples around lips of vagina itchiness had sex suggestion child vomited dry heaving what is wrong infant has vomiting diarrhea given zinc sulphate is it gastroenteritis severe headaches neck pain taken paracetamol ibuprofen will this help pain in left breast diagnosed artery aneurysm suggestion epilepsy suggested encorate chrono is it sufficient have had miscarriages have thrombosis can i get pregnant again severe hair loss used morff biotin is this sufficient sore throat fever tonsillitis infection anxiety had unsafe sex suggest zit on ankle not puncture hole should i fear it diagnosed fna with probable fnh quit alcohol suggest had liver pain addicted to spasmo proxyon suggest abdominal surgeries painful was on narcotics what can be done diarrhea blood in stool had bonefish what can be done have swelling and blurry vision after hitting eyebrow recommendations have dark spots on skin how to clear them have blood in stool had spicy food suggestions have gas stomach and back pain started menopause treatment have facial hair will facial threading increase thickness of hair my ultrasound shows cysts can i get pregnant treatment have neck spasms frozen and painful shoulder cause and cure have high bp heart flutter and dizziness am pregnant recommendations child has loss of appetite lethargic and tired suggestions have fever pain near hipbone and while urinating appendicitis symptoms have bleeding in vagina after masturbating should i be concerned suffering with piles severe itching advised dermovate betnovate guidance diagnosed with high fecal impaction is there any immediate solution have depression would having a dog help report of basos is 5 is this normal have vertigo and nausea on meclizine healing time suffering from sjogrens syndrome corneal ulcer meningioma hypoglycemia treatment query on 2d echo interpretations have constipation pain and bloating had hernia surgery done recommendations suffering from cold flu and diarrhoea taking day quilt suggestion had periods within hours of intercourse is it normal want to stop taking cocaine recommendations have constipation and blood in toilet tissue cause and cure transvaginal sonography shows small fibroid what does it mean infant has fever low appetite shivering and sleep issues suggestions have constant stomach bloating feeling depressed due to this suggestions have numb tongue and swollen tonsil had tooth pulled cure burning sensations in knees is it due to torn ligaments constant thirst urinating frequently hunger taking gatorade and electrolyte explain had unprotected sex clear discharge missed birth control worry restarted nuvaring periods stopped light spotting anything to worry have irregular periods how to predict fertile days spotted pink painful abdomen contracted trichomoniasis taken metronidazole suggest delayed period nausea swollen breasts car sickness fatigue headaches pregnant itching in leg sole testis has swelling what is it found something in the navel what can it be 62 year old faints frequently medication not helping suggestions does eating healthy food prevent pimples is there any medicine for growth of facial hairs have itching with discharge near vagina treatment have cyst in stomach what to do infant is hungry every hour takes 15 oz bottles suggestions frequent urination how to make it normal lump between chest and collar bone what is it had unprotected oral sex could i have got hiv am 5 weeks pregnant and had bleeding had miscarriages recommendations have muscle spasm episodes with pain have fibromyalgia suggestions is it possible to see a rheumatologist privately doing hand practice have nightfalls feeling weak any solution swelling on penis always had protected sex use fucicort cream have three children trying to concieve pregnancy tests negative suggestions constipation belly button pain burping reasons for symptoms after endoscopy bruise on forearm lump underneath had blood pressure taken trying to reduce smoking best dosage to start nicotine patches experiencing rheumatoid arthritis how can it be treated excessive masturbation losing fairness strength remedies to avoid masturbation thyroid level high taking thyroidish dose of medicine to control bloating while hungry difficulty in belching farting internal heating ulcer cramps pale stools after taking probiotic should i discontinue use fractured elbow sore wrist painful blue discoloration reason have thrush painful itching inside bleeding how to stop itching swelling in cheek prescribed amoxicillin and ciprofloxacin what to do frequently passing stools yellowish colour stools and urine suggestion worried about the side effects of using enbrel suggestions difficulty getting erection buzzing sensation in penis diabetic losing weight without change in diet regime reason tightness in throat when running reason prescribed zolpidem for sleeplessness no improvement solution white spot on the iris of eye painful red solution fluid movement in head having frequent headaches matter of concern remedies for growing even and thick moustache broken wrist severe pain unable to move it swelling treatment rapid heart rate feeling hazy fuzzy occassional chestpains serious colonoscopy done nausea light headedness diverticulitis polyp removed normal symptoms depression cry very often will frequent crying cause side effects bleeding after periods since miscarriage causing ovulation issues treatment guidance fluctuating sgpt diagnosed with fatty lever gall stones guidance have back pain and muscle spasms fell from horse treatment numbness in back with swelling similar feeling in arm cause diagnosed with ais difficulty in walking weakness in hands reason chest x-ray shows cardiomegaly with congestive changes sub-pulmonary function meaning pains on the lower right side could this be gas delayed period clear white discharge low appetite breast soreness cause cyst on liver ovaries treatment frequent severe headache with high blood pressure cause for headache having black out spells what is the cause irregular spotting almost black mucus type discharge using depo suggestion have lower back pain had fallen from horse suggestions have lumps on groin no pain what could it be frequently getting cuts near vagina had yeast infection related how to reduce triglycerides and blood uric acid without medication am pregnant will saffron milk intake enhance complexion of baby had tonsillectomy will smoking harm in healing had endometriotic surgery how soon can i get pregnant have bump on toe have pain i play hockey treatment child having many amorphous deposit in urine treatment to follow having hurt in knees swelling what can i do best treatment plans to get lipo for stomach area have migraine had hit nose any need to see doctor have reoccurring painful split wound on butt treatment child had viral infection previously having intermittent cough allergy reoccurring warts on face underwent electrocautery not cured other measures have hypothyroid on medicationhow to reduce excess weight after pregnancy have whitish injury marks on skin remedy fever muscle pain after having unprotected sex symptom of ars redness around dog bite prescribed antibiotic creams back pain when taking deep breath what could it be have vaginal itching using lactacyd acid wash need solution prescribed fertisure to increase sperm count any side effects taking antibiotics for ear infection have vertigo treatment whooshing sounds after having grommets fitted normal painful testicle discomfort due to trauma clear hiv test spinal x-ray shows cervical stenosis and cervical spondylosis treatment itching skin sore throat coughing breathlessness taking rablet and xaria bleeding after frozen blastocyst could i still be pregnant nausea difficulty walking dizziness cold lips why is this happening pain in corner of eyelid swelling what do i do have lumps in soles of foot painful to touch have hair fall taking thyroid tablet prescribed mx5 and follihari frequent urination numbness in arms and legs tiredness can you suggest medicines for fungal infection in lower abdomen fluttering above belly button no pain what could it be have upset stomach in the morning gas bowel movements help spinning in head wanted to throw up what happened when should i start taking pills to postpone periods irritation constantly in penis head prescribed cetzine reasons having postpartum thyroid on thyronorm results improved continue medication numbness burning stinging in toes after wearing high heels solution child passing frequent stools with chemical smell reason swollen feet sharp pain in the knee to ankle cause persistent tenderness in knee groin after injuring toe possible treatment teenage pregnancy bright red colour on tissue when wiped reason i have red line on calf with burning sensation suggestions have irregular periods had taken misoprostol cure have headaches dizziness and vomiting cause and cure have uticaria tried different medications no change advice child has diarrhea has watery stools with foul smell reason have dent in ankle had posterior tibial tendinitis recommendations have bumps with smell on penis what could it be have locked jaw after scuba diving how to cure myself i pass wind after sex how to stop this going to get genital warts removed healing time have irregular period and bloated tummy could i be pregnant have smelly and sticky water discharge from vagina treatment how to give up anti-seizure medications spotting instead of periods lightheadedness with dizziness nausea any suggestions have painless bump on gum had tooth extracted reason did urine test and found spot of blood reason have pain on knee while bending treatment yellowish urine vaginal discharge and delayed periods pregnancy symptoms reddish spot on the penis after unprotected sex blood clot have white spots on nails what should i do have headache nausea heartburn and joint stiffness cure for symptoms have swelling beside toe its itchy and red remedy have pain in joints and lethargic am diabetic reason have bouts of excessive sweating is this any medical condition urinalysis showing remark of trichomonas vaginalis what is it blood in urine no pain what is causing this migraines with aura have seizures taking zoloft different treatment option light bleeding with pelvic pain watery vaginal discharge cause have wrist pain and swelling of fingers healing time left shoulder pain after angioplasty and stent placement muscular pain siblings having fever sore back and arms what is it severe pain during ct myelogram allergic reaction to contrast pain in the gum no swelling reason child has chest pain with rapid heartbeat suggestions have muscle spasms and headache treatment suffer from plague psoriasis is there a permanent cure palpitations shortness of breath why headaches dizziness and stomach cramps what is happening can i use betadine for ulcers discolored menstruation bloating swollen breasts trying to conceive severe mood swings thoughts of suicide and lethargy depression chest pains with breathing trouble pulmonologist opinion required have missed period pregnancy test negative cause and cure have white lump on back of throat no inflammation suggestions pelvic sonography shows bulky uterus normal endometrium and ovaries suggestion suffering from depression absolutely normal after treatment is depression hereditary need help in terminating pregnancy delayed periods cramping extra discharge came off pills reasons luvox and gabapentin prescribed missed taking medicine what to do reddish bumps on the penis with pain std sharp pain and white discharge from the breast cancer child having stomach ache vomiting reason masturbating hymen not broken how to quit masturbating can we prevent diabetes without medication through food child with strange behavior and mentality way of treatment done laparoscopy hysteroscopy had intercourse periods late chances of pregnancy child has fever given meftal p and crocin any suggestions have nausea before period have unprotected sex reason done blood test what shall i do done myocardial study chest heaviness radiating to shoulder done semen analysis need interpretation history of c-diff constipation diarrhea now white substance in stool yellow semen discharge no odor frequent urination cause want to gain weight need help delayed period negative pregnancy test diagnosed as closed cervix pregnant cramps and bleeding after taking cytotec is the abortion successful discharge from anus due to slug in juice pregnant had diarrhea and nausea what does it mean knot in stomach pain when pressing vomiting headache cause pain in lower side after partial colectomy normal pre-teenager having big nipples treatment to reduce the size child with vomiting when boarding the bus to school suggestion morning sickness spit little blood in the morning why what is the treatment for hypercondriac having weakness foaming in mouth fever cold shivering treatment having stomach problem all test negative what is the problem safe to use tetracycline hydrochloride opthalmic ointment for itchy eyes increased sugar levels advised insulin suggestions about food serious weight problems on synthroid can i use splenda unbearable pain in right abdomen feeling hungry frequently nausea suggestions anxiety spells cant control what to do looking for a cochlear implant specialist in sc painful lump near vagina what can i do about it ecg shows non specific intra ventricular conduction delay meaning short deformed torso due to spinal injury genetic disorder sore throat hurts to swallow tried throat lozenge child has wrinkled hands and fingers should i be concerned shivering fever burning eyes body pain dark circles need assistance pain in heel after tripping swelling stress fracture taking albenza for pinworms have constipation nose tickling and headaches child has green stools fussy eater difficulty weaning off breastfeeding pregnant weight loss abnormal white cell count should i worry negative pregnancy test light bleeding stinging urination what is wrong cramps and nausea after having sex am i pregnant swollen tonsils difficulty talking swallowing breathing what should i do lump on back of neck dizziness hurts to touch spots on back irritable mood any suggestions headache after exercising taken aspirin should i go to er renal scan says bilateral cortico-medullary differentiation maintained meaning have sore lump under sternum have bloating cause and cure given asthalin syrup for cold how to increase childs immunity whiteheads on tattoo not popping should i seek a dermatologist taking carbamazepine for seizures still having seizures better drug shoulder pain chest heaviness when breathing deeply normal ecg have nausea and no bowel movement taking vitamin d suggestions ejaculated semen smelled like rotten fish possible reasons infant with break outs what are the treatment options urine test done what does report say meaning of occ scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery is it safe vomiting abdomen pain is anything serious abdomen pain reactive mesentretic adenopathy what all this points out not getting pregnant on unprotected sex what shall i do child vomitting water frequently during evenings suggestions what kind of medicine can i use for skin burn pain in ankle taking carnisure is there anything serious rash on butcrack odoury red patches any treatment have water dripping from nose while bending cause and cure unable to straighten knee fully had meniscus surgeries recommendations sensation in throat happens during cold pregnant harmful chest pain discomfort neck pain shoulder pain headache help had bleeding cramps had unsafe sex ejaculated outside suggest spotting through period sharp pain in abdomen worry diarrhea wheezing high temperature tonsillitis taken ibuprofen paracetamol suggest diagnosed as epileptic has febrile convulsions taken sodium valporate suggest have coronary heart disease hear is working 20 only suggestions suffering in deep vein thrombosis swollen leg increased pain suggest hyperactive child behavioral issues prescribed amilab noofen and sizodon worry have syphilis injected with penicillin had sex partner in danger have cold sneezing disturbed sleep cough treatment ligament tear in knee will it be cured at all frequent pimples darkening face dryness used melacare forte permanent solution diagnosed with costochondritis possible coeliacs disease what are the chances has bleeding undergone scan thick endometrium suggest excessive bleeding taking cycloreg side effects intermittent pus spots near the head of penis itchy solution hurt knee head after falling numbness pain below knee solution child has cough can i try nebulizing ampule has high bp cough vertigo prescribed vertin curable having acne cycles normal no hormonal problem what to do excessive urination constant and tingles hurtful what is wrong delayed period suggested deviry what is wrong with tummy anti pregnancy tablet familon use protection as well given expired medicine panadol given milk what can go wrong delayed period have menstrual pain what medication can i take infant unable to walk what may be the reason headache over weight are they related reason have had chest infections given doxycycline will i be okay cure for hair loss without side effect of impotence affects of marijuana on a new born baby anxiety and depression after knee surgery what is the treatment scratchy throat after breathing bleach water suggestions waking up with lower arms caressing the upper arms reason taking microgynon spotting between periods cause of breakthrough bleeding have irregular periods bleeding after having sex help breast pain when taking deep breath taken equaline migraine formula lump near buttocks bleeding discomfort help prolonged period abdominal pain brown spotting cause child has tonsillitis appetite loss difficulty swallowing any suggestions genital itching rashes used travocoat cream permanent treatment child has deformed nails what is the problem restless legs tingling bruise on calf arms tingling have sweating fatigue breathlessness shoulder pain chest pain had pericarditis difficulty walking up difficulty motivating myself history of depression feel anxiety when having sex with boyfriend treatment low grade fever neck pain taking aleve for back pain bruise on calf no pain should i see a doctor whitehead on labia pus discharge what is this numb arm and fingers during flight what do i do increased heartbeat tingling arm gas constipation reason child has sore kidney after lithotropsy inserted stent normal child has chronic ear infections taking augmenting has diarrhea help rash painles blemishes on foreskin concerned nervous cramps increased heartbeat diarrhea is this anxiety cough with mucus after taking thyronorm watery eyes stomach pain taking depo provera constant and light bleeding cause lump in groin no pain what is it hand pain swelling at night brown spotting cramps light headedness reason have tachycardia normal blood tests cause of high pulse rate nose injury feeling sleepy headache pain when touching nose spotting between cycles after having stomach surgery exercise or menopause blood after having sex bleeding from buttocks cause cough difficulty catching breath taken medrol on right track trying to get pregnant white semen of partner normal dull pain while coughing and on breathing deeply kidney infection fit person with unusual pulse rate anything wrong monkey bite just a bruise rabies vaccine taken prior travelinjection burning in the groin area herpes have anemia pregnancy symptoms fatigue bloating pregnant had unprotected intercourse irritation on the penis white discharge reason pain in the lower abdomen after intercourse reason diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer scanning done life expectancy soreness in vagina yellowish discharge from vagina reason smelly urine after sipping water throughout the day reason depression constantly crying after implanon insertion solution diagnosed with mono cmv experiencing dizziness balance issues ibs suggestions fluid discharge from penis itchy rash on penis face medication can zzzquil cause elevated liver enzymes swollen lymph nodes reactive hyperplasia taken medicines further treatment pain in the stitches after caesarean delivery solution feeling sleepy after being stung by honeybees reason having frequent urination stomach and body bloated periods heavier reason frequent urination at night feels like missed periods why delayed periods can you get periods during your pregnancy having negative thoughts how to come out from this hernia suggest cure other than surgical intervention is cetirizine hcl can delay period any adverse effect pregnant rubella igg negative igm positive ultrasound report normal worried is there any complete cure for rp eye blindness uncontrollable gas bloating loose stools after eating anything reason monocyte levels nil high ldl levels high lymphocyte count suggestions costochondritis severe chest pain good consultant in pensacola florida chest x-ray report suggestive of prominent bronchovascular markings suggestions 6 weeks pregnant under ivf had brown discharge normal red bruise on left earlobe is there anything to worry reason for red spot on bladder wall to be biopsied lower abdominal pain possibility of ovarian dermoid correct diagnosis possibility of getting pregnant after foreplay genitals did not touch off birth control having dark bleeding before periods early period using unwanted-kid tablets having pain bleeding continue tablets take ortho tri-cyclen to postpone periods possible side effects severe lack of sex drive opt for hormone replacement therapy bumps in genitals since childhood no help with ointment solution missed period last month having prolonged periods this month reason whistling in ears soreness in chest symptoms related are low iron levels and hypothyroidism related shortness of breath strange heart beats while lying down reason having bloating pain extreme nausea no help with laxatives suggestions painful lumps under chin non movable matter of concern have swelling on penis after intercourse no pain advice have burning sensation in body no fever reason 95 yr old has back sores using powder solution have rashes and swollen lip taking antibiotic side effects having rib pain chronic back problems sciatica suggestions pus filled bump on vagina chest what could it be what are the adverse effects of masturbation sore throat cough temporary relief from amoxicillin permanent remedy heavy bleeding after abortion no pain is this normal mri showing tibial plateau fractureneed a brace recovery period lump on the face cyst on ortho patch experiencing pregnancy symptoms chances of pregnancy noticed blood spots in underwear no pain reason have heavy breathing constantly what could it be have hip pain getting worse suggestions foul odor from vagina have mirena iud vaginal discharge causes bleeding from a pore on the nose anything serious how to increase the height of a 10 year old auditory hallucinations psychosis not improving with zoloft treatment options losing weight after removing the copper iud is something wrong sore breasts mood swings frequent urination and heavy periods pregnant non-itchy reddish bumps on the face and body fatigue allergy numbness in the hands swollen knee after orthoscopy need help is aspirin taken for rheumatic fever pain in the upper stomach radiating to lower part reason pregnancy ultrasound not detecting embryo heartbeat miscarriage infant suddenly collapsed epilepsy diarrhea and vomiting need medication persisting bleeding after miscarriage is it normal child having cough vomitting solution child got mouth sore what is the proper treatment was treated for trichomoniasis having the same symptoms reoccurring lacking motivation for studies was not like this previously reason feels like pills are lodged in nasal passage recommendations have painful sore on tongue like hanging skin treatment had abortion twice had bleeding at early pregnancy reason have ache and itchiness in abdomen not properly diagnosed advice what tablets should i take to regulate periods pregnant have hearing loss any effect on baby pregnant got food poisoning safe to take antibiotics how to treat minor skin avulsion old aged shoulder in horrible pain what could be wrong what treatment to be done for callcification of aortic knuckle having headache with little high pressure any serous problem had unprotected sex experiencing early pregnancy symptoms chances of pregnancy is having 2-4hpf pus cells in urine normal heaviness feels like swelling in head neuro disorder severe pain in abdomenback and waist fibroid in family guidance persistent diarrhoea with urine coming from anus cause for condition stomach pain cracked my neck tension what shall i do heavy bleeding after taking femilion guidance bumped head on metal bar blurred vision hurting worried is skunk odor dangerous for children hurt wrist badly terrible pain consult doctor pregnant has morning sickness prescribed navidoxine will she be okay stressed pressure sensation in neck what could have happened black spots on nose should i undergo laser treatment knot on foot painful worry what is it frequent cold nose blocked temperature high during night treatment abdomen pain nausea dark urine loose stool any measures brokenswollen ankle bone heavy pain what shall be done stomach problem burping farting what precautions should be taken unable to get all stools out using enema bag solution pregnant coughing bad pain in rib suggest suitable measures tested negative for hep b virus on liv52 suggestions child suffering from enlarged adenoids is surgery necessary had abortion recently getting cramping is this normal bad headache high bp during headache medications headache near eye blurry vision hurting feet provide effective solution abdominal pain urine tests results normal what could it be can i take amoxicillin and clarithromycin together stung on wrist suffering from dead arm occassional itching suggestions hairloss using follihair side effects of using this medicine varying body temperature blood work shows low hb reasons trying to get off cymbalta what are the risks vomiting diarrhea face red and blotchy is it flu hairloss reducing hairline on forehead medication delayed periods pregnancy test negative pink discharge chances of pregnancy childs nose bleeds while crying reason pregnant done c-section had polyhydromniosis have epilepsy attempt vbac have irregular period with vomitingtaking loestrin could i be pregnant have stomach flutters frequent urination vomiting and irregular periods suggestions swelling in elbows painful shoulder on pain medication help pain and tingling in the fingers after injury need treatment feeling sad low confidence levels on antidepressants alternate therapy options pain in the stomach could this be ulcer spotting with abdominal pain remedy history of irregular periods delayed periods cramping and fatigue what is happening child with high neutrophil count looking for a hematologist shock like impulse in the armpit weakness and dizziness reason have migraine menopausal weight gain taking zonisamide done acupuncture reason taking medication for hypertension have diabetes cramps on legs cause is primolut a hrt medication on chemotherapy for colon cancer twinging in the lower abdomen bloated stomach pregnant internal anal itching used lotrimin any recommendation stomach pain grinding feeling should i be concerned does excessive masturbation cause std or excess white discharge hyper acidity and menstrual cramps missed period why severe chills after c-section childbirth why why is alzheimers getting worse child with fever feeling raised heart beat is it normal trouble with varicose pain in legs what are treatment options tingling sensation after alcohol consumption why missed menstrual cycle could i be pregnant bleeding brown and headache what should be done spotting vomiting tied tubes chances of conception vaginal discharge with foul smell not pregnant reason does cold weather exposure lead to miscarriage pain in the ankle swelling no injury cause trying to conceive have bleeding help nightfall swollen tight testicle causing depression suggestions chances of having precum on vagina possibility of pregnancy dark yellowish urine high sgpt levels liver problem headaches lumps between eyebrows what could this be reddish spotting with foul smell from vagina implantation bleeding child having low body temperature while sleeping reason itchy rash on the foot dryness with scales cure 5 year old with frequent cold and cough need medication surgery tomorrow to solve snoring problem is it dangerous suffering from irregular periods given oral cp chances of pregnancy have pcos on oral contraceptives withdrawal bleed take progesterone anxiety legs and fingers get affected taken cipraflex suggest recurring extensive bleeding blood clots painful will i be okay liver ultrasound done what does report suggest pulsating sensation in anal area have hemorrhoids cause constant vaginal discharge itching after getting intimate possible cause swollen bump on lip painful have yeast infection rosy cheeks have braxton hicks pregnant normal white mark on finger after burn will the scar vanish excessive heating up of plastic wrapped food is that harmful have nerve pain in tooth taking gabapentin amitrin help chest pain had ecg taken is my heart functioning right taking triquilar pills postpone period by missing pills acne painful pimples used resteclin brite nite glintra gel continue burning sensation in lower stomach chronic constipation tried lactulose suggestions have menstrual cycles taking yasmin spotted a blood clot cause anxiety panic attacks depression taking telmisat continue taken ovatosta for irregular bleeding have bleeding now need guidance had unprotected sex forgotten to take estelle is this okay pricked by sewing needle should i get tetanus shot bruising below breast spreading soreness should i be concerned done semen analysis how to improve liquefaction time treatment pregnant tests show vaginal infections excessive mucus treatment rib pain and back pain x-ray showed no fracture reason painful knee groin heel ruled out hernia what can help breaking into hives been on bcp help red spot on face turned to scab what is it has fever high crp chest congestion cough is this serious had unprotected sex taken ipill have irregular period fear infection diarrhea cramps constipation headaches high bp bloated reason pimples given oxoderm moxinta ornidazole continue with it inflamed lymph-nodes painful swelling protruding bulge had fnac done further have cramps anxiety nausea tiredness miscarriage given apo-misoprosto suggest urticaria rashes itchiness used calamine lotion taken benadryl help stiffness in back shoulder solution sore throat swollen hurts to talk swallow solution depression due to homesickness sleeplessness loss of apetite solution sores in mouth hurtful what is wrong headaches vomiting sensation after skipping meal solution severe diarrhea hemorrhoids had bleeding painful what can be done chest pain and breathlessness done ecg what is the problem have tonsillitis asthma taken azithomicine cifixime amoxicllin remove tonsils painful lump between the crack of buttocks cure blackness on opening eyes dizziness feeling uneasy possible cause does simple saline work the same as neilmed sinus rinse have headache had ear and sinus infection medication found thyroid nodule advised biopsy what are the risks involved have addiction to alcohol recommendations have bruises near to armpit thighs and stomach reason can i get pregnant with one tube open child has stomach pain foul smelling burps and diarrhea advice have rash on arms chest and back no itching remedy 27 years addicted to heroin scared of withdrawal treatment addicted to masturbation effects of masturbation have irritation and pain in throat had tooth filled related have weakness trouble breathing constipation and lack of thirst advice persistent mass in lung not tb what could it be child having cough distended stomach goes back after vomitting suggestions ana positive antidna 12 ana 116 see which specialist lump inside knee will it grow bigger solution yellow green watery discharge no help with vaginal pills solution stomachache vomitting advised breathing test colonoscopy reason abnormally small hands feet symptoms of acrodysostosis bright red discharge cramps breast fullness suggestions suffering from premature ejaculation will viagra help large lump on the thigh what is it constant nausea fatigue bloated stomach and chest congestion cause have headache vomiting and chills cure have fever with dry cough and headache on medications suggestions my fingers are shaky is it hiv having burning sensation in stomach throat how to prevent it child has discoloration on tip of penis advice have bumps on back of tongue and cough cure child has secretion from breast antibiotics not helping treatment my heart beat increases due to stomach gas problem cure have lower cramps and fever had bacterial infection remedy face get red fatigued construction worker why is it difficulty in urination bleeding reason how can i stop taking xanax concerned about seizure have pain in chest and fainted on gi medication advice frequent clearing of throat reason fever with shivering what is wrong pain in the head to cheek bone need pain medication pain in the stomach and back rashes is this herpes diagnosed with pericarditis symptoms persisting due to alcohol consumption treatment will gloxi height enhancer help in growing taller pain in shoulder bubble type feeling how to relieve pain gas problems after a miscarriage severe pain is it normal both had af-kit tablet when can we have intercourse had sex pregnancy tested negative am i pregnant hairline fracture in tibia swelling what are teratment options manic depression low self confidence treatment child getting wheezing can it be for cold mensuration after pregnancy high fever cramps what this can be suggest some diet medicine or exercise to increase weight red dots on chest and thighs only purging reasons missed pill had unprotected sex during periods chances of pregnancy trying to concieve with ivf treatment experiencing pregnancy symptoms pregnant prescribed medicine for chlamydia is it the same as azithromycin pain in head after concussion should child rest nausea bloating weight loss constipation history of hemmorhoids lower back pain when running tightening of legs child has headache vomiting fever given nurofen connected symptoms heaviness in head headache taken benzodiapines what sensation is this irregular periods after taking premolut-5mg can u suggest any remedies taking cortisol got elevated testosterone androstendion progesterone reason skin bubbles on skin suggest ointment are they worms toe has a cut pus oozed used disinfectant emergency dizziness diarrhea blood pressure issues taking metosartan metformin help spotting and passing clots after taking mononessa normal muscle spasms near belly button twitching what is this skin rashes painful itchy having sore throat sneezing treatment ultrasound report suggests biateral polycystic ovaries suggestions nasal congestion cough breathing issues no help from antibiotics reason pregnant improper digestion heavy pain suggest measures to avoid it eats slate pencil gained weight how can i avoid this headaches oftenly where can i find more information about this sudden heavy heart beating what could be reason red dots all over body itchy what this is res spot on cheek with smelling pus coming out treatment infant with breathing problem can i ask doctor online trying to fall pregnant shorter periods more symptoms reflux nausea heartburn unable to sleep solution warm sensation on the bottom of feet cause cystic acne on face neck acne on neck bleeding treatment diagnosed eczema no improvement with medication how to cure headaches high bp what can i do to help have small movable lump on face worried of cancer advice have painful spot behind anus is it pilonidal abscess infant has bilat esotropia treatment discharge from a bump on the gum need surgery shingles on the lower back need medication for itching period is late have cramps trying for baby early pregnancy vomiting shivering after eating outside stomach pain any solution pain ovaries infected what are the risk factors liposuction done ovaries reconstructed could i get pregnant pinched nerve which treatments do you recommend why stress gaining weight what could be the cause headache tumor on blood vessels what should i do living with hiv positive do i need to get tested diabetic spine infection pain what could cause this uterus enlarged anteverted what are treatment options cramping in lower groin area what should be done black mark on the penis circumcised any suggestions suffer from sleep apnea memory loss any treatment pvns over body what could be the cure child with stomach pain fever what could be wrong headache stress neck sore how to get rid off it blood pressure thyroid reeling sensation what could be the problem breast pain what can be done to treat it stomach ulcer is there something ig should be worried about itchy anus applying cream burns what this can be bruised muscles bones pain how to deal with it cum ejaculated inside could i become pregnant ulcer sores in vagina mouth cancer what could this be bad odour what can be done diarrhoea what should i prefer in meals severe snoring and headaches how can it be treated tumor in parotid gland lump what to do have dyscalculia what are treatment options foot swelling dizzy spells why is this happening fatigue sore sensitive breasts acne bloating what could cause it missing period after unprotected sex suggest any abortion pill pregnant taking duphalac for constipation will it affect the unborn have lichen planus in the mouth looking for homeopathic treatment suffering from uterus fibroid is this curable without surgery implanon inserted having painful intercourse suspected for endometriosis second opinion chances of contracting hiv virus from precum outside vagina can endometriosis pcos co-exist in the same patient having phobia towards sex starts shivering what is the matter delayed periods hpt negative any other tests for confirmation persisting chest pain numb breast gastroenteritis irregular bleeding after cervix test is it normal pain below the breast due to strain feeling throat congestion after travel swollen tonsil need help white eardrum loss of hearing had laryngitis any advice discomfortsoreness in testicles after unprotected sex suggestions pregnant with twins will anxiety affect the developing babies pregnant diagnosed with hypothyroid will it affect baby can ultrasound from outside help in follicular study difficulty in swallowing pain in chest suffering from seizures solution anxiety attack have pacemaker hurting stressed what do i do losing hair baldness what are treatment options vomiting have tonsil what do i do pregnant body ache breathing problem lump on tongue worried continuous mensus bleeding took contraceptive pills what is treatment brhad gastroscopy pregnancy test positive will gastroscopy harm the babybr suffering from severe back ache missed periods suggestion planning for baby asthenozoospermia what is treatment regarding report childvomiting dark greenish tint diarrhea what could be this fever very high do we need to see a doctor trying to conceive bleeding what does bleeding mean filariasis fever suicidal tendency is filariasis treatable nauseous headache sharp pain what can be the treatment pregnant experiencing numbness on the left side of vagina normal child having recurring fever viral fever has senosite given multivitamin syrup alprazulam tablets will they help had internal ultrasound diagnosed ovarian cyst painful back help lost consciousness sore head cough will i be fine how effective is rabies vaccination having pea sized movable lump under skin lipoma lump below eyebrow hurting what this could be absess between toe pain what do i need to do on yasmin having depression side effect of yasmin hiv infection precautionsbr how person get infected with hiv had sex periods started am i pregnant swollen lymph nodes what are treatment options yellow discarge red sensitve penis head is it uti graves disease voice hoarse related to the thyroid steroids nauseous hpt test came negative what could this be diabetic passing heavy blood will i end up anemic again why is dexamethasone injection given during pregnancy safe for baby severe diarrhea vomits abdomen pain any treatment why am i not losing weight even on gyming headaches dizziness nausea pain should i be concerned headaches leg pain sinus body ache what do i do rashes all over body what should be done sweaty itchy bum hole what should be done abdomen pain gas is this a gynae or gastro problem toothache vomiting fever what do i do child having swollen ears reason stomach pain taking creatine what it could be penis itches is there a possible infection from the piercing chest pain should i do investigation by a cardiologist heavy brown discharge pain what can it be going pain management no relief what do i do bad headache spinning bloody nose matter of concern is excessive masturbation curved penis a threat to married life tenderness pain under armpit shoulder blade caused by muscle strain dry sore throat hurts to swallow tonsilitis pregnant having obsessive compulsive disorder having uncontrolled anger suggestions boils on scrotum not std what could it be child having constipation prescribed miralax suggestions increasing heart rate chest pain after physical activity angina had varicocele near testicle will it cause fertility issues been spotting uncomfortable had total hysterectomy used morsilator help have dizziness body ache weakness been off cymbalta suggest lump between breasts rashes is it tumor thick white and sticky cum is it bacterial infection dehydrated endometriosis ovary removed have cramps chest pain swelling seen help testosterone levels abnormal cardiac issues what is going on white tongue no blood what is it blood on clitoris after sex swelling what is going on tip of penis hurts course of action knee pain soreness worse in cold chondromalacia patellae help infant has raspy cough has diarrhea ingested baby oil worry gerd painful breathlessness fever on omeprezole suggest meat in anus after bowel movement what could that be shortness of breath ankles and legs swollen suffocating sensation help had a-fib heart in sinus rhythm prescribed flecainide suggest cold fever red blood clots in saliva am i okay have multiple fibroids partial hysterectomy what should i do had unsafe sex spotting cramps levelen ed help collarbone chipped after a fall painful through out arm help bone popped unable to move wrist swollen is it fractured had vaginal infection itching is that life threatening sex during ovulation nauseated cramps am i pregnant red bump on anus cheek inflamed what is going on palms have spots itchiness swelling taking modafinil allergic reaction dent on skull been stressed can they be related dyspnea perioral dermatitis painful rib-cage and back taken zenhale help suffering from a dull pain in tricep what is wrong taken plan b had sex wiped out blood possibilities dizziness vision brightness fuzziness water helped what happened had unprotected sex had bleeding spotting what is going on sore vagina swollen penis after sex bleeding std no weight gain become pale and weak why no menstruation noticed bleeding suddenly is ct scan necessary random scabs on the body causes removed copper t last week getting stomach pain related unable to get proper erection any treatment unable to grow a proper beard suggestion pregnant having soreness ion mouth with yellow vomiting normal burning while passing urine in penis is that uti sneezing pneumonia attack allergic what is treatment for allergy pubertyejaculation what is treatment of sexaul obsession got prolonged period suggested to take etosys correct medication what does gravid anteverted uterus with homogeneous myometrial echotexture mean 20 years old want to increase height possible have fluid in lungs any treatment other than operation diabetic suffering from constipation and stomach bloating looking for cure negative thoughts vulnerable to drinking go to a psychiatrist pregnant have sacral joint arthritis precautions pco ultrasound showed inadequate folliculogenesis hepatomegaly with fatty infiltration help diabetic hypertension triglycerides what is treatment mucus like discharge from vagina is that indicates std growth stopped calcium stocked in bones how to increase height rashes near penis area uncomfortable in walking what is treatment acidity gas headache weakness what is treatment heart beating hard randomly is there anything wrong 3 yr old having cloudy urine any thoughts suffering from macular amylodosis having dark color stomach chest treatment suffering from rheumatoid arthritis taking allopathy can i take steroids short tempered mood swings getting stressed easily cause of worry is hypoglossal piercing dangerous rib pain nausea sudden heavy vaginal bleeding cause of worry throat pain nausea excessive sweating at night causes for symptoms physic very thin how to improve stamina and muscle tone had molar extraction done swollen pain what to do am on depo getting strange period is it normal increasing kidney values how to reduce it chronic back pain mild scoliosis pain what is the treatment headache after pull-ups what could be the reason for this child with unsurity of toilet what are treatment options pregnant thinking of termination what should i do no herniation chronic pain in thoracic what are treatment options growth hormone more testosterone is that effective had sex regular period hpt negative should i be concerned rashes dry patches applying cream shall i see a doctor pinkish brown spotting light bleeding what could this be have hepatitis b inactive vaccination how to get cured stomach pain fever vomiting should go for er dizziness weakness pain on touching excessive sleepiness causes for symptoms infant congested nose early morning taking sinarest any side effects dizzy doesnt eat junk food tired what can i do lump near head tingling sensation numbness what are treatment options breathlessness exhaustion asthma taking vitamins will i be okay experienced headache dizziness itchy scalp cold flushes tiredness why unsafe sex during ovulation taken nordette chances at pregnancy swallowing painful throat pain ear pain what is wrong elbow hurt back pain stiffness what do i do had lap surgery abdomen distended shrinking is something wrong buzzing in ear ringing sensation headaches taken tylenol cause dizziness breathlessness anxiety seizures have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy help knee hit swelling lump what should be done painful period contraction feeling tested for dysmenhorriea normal suggest hazy vision retina detachment operated treatment blood test revealed low neutrophil have celiac disease allergy temperature dropped sleeping a lot white bowels worry hard stool taking stool softener will i be okay throbbing behind the ear on thyroid medication feeling tired high glucose serum levels pre-diabetic state stomach cramps vomiting nausea what is wrong dizziness weakness sickness troubled breathing what can be done tying to conceive had follicule monitoring swollen follicles next rashes on upper back and shoulder lumps what is it bumps on back of head in-growth spreading what is it what is duphaston used for brownish spotting headache breathlessness and sweating need cure white discharge from breast bloated belly am i pregnant taking metformin for polycystic ovary syndrome pregnancy chances pink penis is it normal light period cramps on orsythia birth control am i pregnant positive ppd result started with isoniazid suggest knees pop painful sharp pain what may be wrong painful clitoris white discharge have yeast infection am i okay heavy bleeding negative pregnancy test what is going on have rosacea taking synthroid doxycycline sufficient ingrown hair in labia tenderness and swelling what is it having asthma attacks cough giving cefdinir what is happening how long does the effect of social smoking stay diagnosed prostate cancer increased psa had testicles removed chemotherapy missed period sore breasts headache reason irregular period taken duphaston unconfirmed pregnancy test am i pregnant masturbation addiction semen leakage premature ejaculation hair loss treatment options diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis taken fentanyl suggestion been stressed movements during sleep what is wrong masturbating daily becoming an addiction will it cause health problems can semen fluid cause pregnancy suffering from paranoid schizophrenia hyper-acidity should i go for homeopathy white spots on foot prescribed flutuvate is it curable has varicocele has zero sperm count is there a treatment had unprotected sex taken nordette will it help head injury pulsating sensation pain what should i do trying for pregnancy missed period taken gestofit pregnancy have stitch marks on face what can remove the scars depression numbness in body on anti-depressants what is wrong have headaches anxiety loose motions restlessness taking spasmo proxyvon suggest back pain fever dizziness sneezed out blood allergy or sinusitis hair loss thinning hair have dandruff help mitral valve prolapse irregular heart beat dizziness severe headaches recommendations history of miscarriage can i get pregnant again prescribed meprate for irregular menstruation safe to exercise while menstruating forehead and nose injured swelling headaches taken painkillers worry will masturbating have harmful effect on health have irregular periods pcos prescribed meprate no periods yet pregnant scan shows fetal pole but no fetal heartbeat worried taking hydroxicut can i take inhaler simultaneously trying to conceive taken folicular report on sipene sufficient intermittently high fever deep cough what may be wrong having pain in joints taking medications what to do suffering from vitiligo weakness what is the treatment aggressive behavior stubborn what is way to change had sex periods missing shall i go for pregnancy test lymph node swollen taking lithium paining is medicine causing this new glasses head ache shall i visit opthalmologist spotting after sex pap smear shows cysts on cervix normal have abdominal pain had natural vaginal birth sore mouth swollen gums reddish brown spot help have acne and scars on face suggest home remedies chest pain echocardiography shows pulmonary hypertension solution ear pain taken antibiotics for flu need guidance child crying continuously prescribed phena-p and lycobest itchy water-filled rash on lower back worried have dizziness earlier had chicken pox what to do throat discomfort after swallowing hot food what can i do child has loose motion passing gas given vaccines reason blood in urine diagnosed as bladder infection what is it spotting on implanon birth control do not have periods pain when brushing teeth tried otc stopped taking femilon will i ovulate after completing dose white balls in stool constipation bloating gurgling sounds cause behcets fatigue sore lft shoulder shall i see family doctor vdrl negative first then positive is the baby norml spatic colon diverticulosis what is causing this problem insomniac uneasiness what is the treatment tooth ache headache shall i see a dentist scrotum cut bleeding is it safe to have sex dizzy naussea vomiting not pregnant what it could be vomiting sweating no intake is he suffering from food poisoning abortion pregnancy test positive miscarriage what do you suggest cough bouts of cough is the coughing severe problem head ache viral fever what is the treatment stomach soreness pain kidney liver normal what could be wrong painful vein bulging what is it get lot of saliva while speaking what could cause this severe vomiting and pain in legs prescribed zophran suggestion decreased basal tracer distribution bilateral patchy parietal mesial temporal meaning chest pain spitting sputum regularly running lung disease headache cramps passing clots spotting what could this be