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concerned about swallowing a metallic pin what to do has bilateral polycystic ovaries irregular period painful vagina suggestion child with eating problems need a diet unwanted pregnancy wants to abort foetus medication to induce abortion sleeplessness disorientation numbness what is wrong what treatment is suggested dizziness back pain runny nose and fatigue have diarrhea treatment purple discoloration with swelling on the testicles no injury fluid discharge from the scalp after itching need cure how to prevent psoriasis medication have androgenic alopecia applied minoxidil cause of alopecia headache nausea after head being hit chances of a concussion have hypothyroidism anemia is it safe to give espogen pregnant suffering from constipation bleeding during bowel movements medication child has soft stools diarrhea need help late period nausea upset stomach negative pregnancy test tired breathlessness had jaundice prescribed ursokem high sgpt and sgot level stomach pain back pain had early menopause pain nausea diarrhea after taking abortion pills successful abortion have stomach pain done colonoscopy where to go next abdominal pain done ultrasound could this be endometriosis chest pain dizziness tiredness due to heart problems ultrasound shows attenuated cm calculus in calyx renal disease have chronic sinusitis prescribed antibiotic and sudafed help have irritable bowel syndrome want exercise tips to increase height lower abdomen pain and constipation problem cause for pain due for periods natural method to postpone periods having nightfall problem suggestions for increasing the height rarely get morning erection caused by masturbation child has loose stools heredity or intolerance or parasite chest pain back pain coughing phlegm fever blocked nose pressure in head dizziness lower back discomfort diabetic with strict diet and exercise cause for gaining weight want to improve skin colour is glutathione injection safe watery semen and disinterest in sex suggest a medicine tightness in the right side throat difficulty in swallowing solution mirena inserted bleeding headache dizziness after intercourse possible reason rheumatoid arthritis taking hydroxychloroqine low platelets what can be done have nausea cramps depressed headaches weakness body pain sounds like missed period have pcos on duphaston negative pt help dizziness lost consciousness drank water was it seizure lump in neck tiredness what may be the cause cough breathlessness runny nose is it asthma stomach ache gas sensation of bowel movement am i okay is there an ayurvedic programme to have a male baby mole in nostril pregnant unable to breath suggest pale yellow skin vitamin d deficiency reason peri menopausal irregular cycle tiredness green stool bleeding help high bp dizziness lightheadedness on azor and busperine sufficient lumps in clitoris creamy color discharge are they warts trying to conceive heavy period prescribed norethisterone is it correct on primolut missed period should i fear hair loss heart ache growling noise in chest what is it pregnancy test positive having pain bleeding miscarriage nolo virus palms and feet itchy why painful period mood swings depression what is going on weight loss coughing clear mucus neck chest pain possible cause dizziness headache and chesty cough need a faster cure pressure in the head taking zocor is that the reason diagnosed with multiple sclerosis numbness in fingers legs chest suggestions have fever body pain worked out excessively visit a doctor forehead injured bleeding numbness bruising in eye suggestion popping in knee swelling what is wrong lump with stinging sensation on the elbow varicose vein breast feeding had bleeding is this normal pain in lower back ct scan revealed benign bone explain have hiatus hernia stomach feels hard painful ideas spot on buttocks painful to walk redness what are they back pain painful breast and stomach dizziness nauseated breastfeeding help foul smell in nose washing face helps is it sinus eosinophilic esophagitis has vomiting what can be done white flakes in pubic area bad dandruff what is it receiving ivf treatment started microgynon what is the dosage brain numbness headaches migraines diagnosed tmj taking methadone help feeling tired body ache lost appetite what is wrong blood in stool stomach pain is it a tear torn frenulum profuse bleeding is boner hurtful have diarrhea bloated and gas off opiates help can i get infected by hiv via a bath plug have tender breasts abdominal pain vomiting on clomid pregnant have hallux rigidus when should i have the chilectomy surgery had sex with multiple partners pregnant whose child is it pcos light period given diane and metformin what to do child has fever cough abdominal pain on liquid food help descended testes scrotum tight is this variation normal child stubborn with certain things does this denote ocd visual disks and lightning blots diabetic worry about cataract lump on the nose tender bruised what should i do developed conjunctivitis has temperature cough and cold taken amoxicillin worry multiple small and itchy red circles what can they be baby has diarrhea yellow green and watery what is wrong painful thumb injected cortizone will this be effective hearing loss had a tube inserted buzzing sound suggestion frequent vomiting headaches nausea dizziness negative pregnancy tests pregnancy symptoms soreness in body tiredness heaviness in head painful throat why hemorrhoids gastroenteritis ibs have swelling risk factors have uti had abortion lower abdominal pressure frequent urination why heavy and continuous bleeding is this normal had knee replacements had gallbladder removed take dextramethorphan have hypothyroidism wieght gain irregular period what treatment is recommended have sand flea bites intense pain tried tylenol treatment bloating diarrhea psoriasis ibs done colonoscopy help sore breasts bad headache bloating nausea had unprotected sex pregnant suffer from diabetes high microalbumin any natural remedy lump below buttock released blood when popped recurred again solution child passing white stools fussy off and on lactose intolerance urine retention during pregnancy after foley catheter was removed suggestions headaches nausea early periods short periods cycle causes for symptoms distended stomach gas anemic celiac disease diarrhea while having periods nausea dizziness severe cramps normal symptoms chronic headaches last for several weeks causes for condition pins and needles feeling after injecting methamphetamines cause done semen analysis prescribed oligocare will sperm count improve creamy vaginal discharge after having sex what is it had unprotected sex spotting increased discharge constipation worried pregnant vaginal scan shows no heartbeat failed pregnancy headache light headed dizziness frequent stools numbness stopped birth control have stomach ache diarrhea taken pepto bismal advil feeling cold low sperm count done semen analysis suggestion pregnant ultrasound shows low placenta safe to travel by train fractured skull numbness in head pimples dandruff normal painful lump red welt after scratching what is this lapidus procedure suggested for deformed foot what can i expect have pcod prescribed regesterone any side effects have hair fall weak roots using renocia suggest shampoo pregnant prescribed mcbm miprogen folic acid better option have mdd difficulty sleeping how serious is it unable to conceive taking ovashield duphaston doing follicle study worried have endometriosis bleeding pain fatigue what can i do headache pain radiating to body taking ibuprofen have migraine visual blurring taking naxdom suggest better treatment abdominal pain soreness vomiting nausea brown discharge after childbirth have crest syndrome pregnant taking duphaston will pregnancy be affected prescribed mcbm and ecosprin trying to get pregnant side effects child is congested difficulty breathing watery eyes discharge from eyes bumps on shaft of penis shaving pubic hair regularly abnormal periods scan shows polycystic ovary difficulty breathing hair loss redness and irritation after stopping betnovate prescribed desonide help have flaking scalp itching bleeding when scratching solution had partially protected sex any chance of infection headache taking tablets have muscle pull in neck itching in scrotum no signs of skin problems child has brown spot on tongue crankiness low appetite is my blood pressure of 9555 okay bumps behind ears white discharge pimples have oily skin done sperm analysis is the result normal abdominal pain during orgasm removed ovary and fallopian tube help sudden watery semen what does it mean high blood pressure anxiety attacks taking ramipril diltiaz-cd prognosis neck pain boil in ear x-ray showed spondylitis help discharge after having sex has smell what could this be shoulder injury after fall what can i do child passing hard stool prescribed duphalac suggestion bleeding during pregnancy taken primolut duphaston tranexamic acid miscarriage had unprotected sex on ortho evra patch brown discharge headache spacing out chest pain easily tired overweight with headache had high blood pressure during childbirth trying to conceive dark brown spotting implantation bleeding have cramps nagging back pain headache elevated psa levels prognosis severe itching with reddish spots on the body reason is my semen analysisbr normal face turned dark after applying cold wax solution child with pus filled bumps on the chest medication spotting fatigue sore breasts delayed periods pregnant occasional throb in the neck reason stomach pain with pus discharge from belly button reason frequent urination with burning sensationbruti any home remedy pain in the urinary tract history of utis recurrence suffer from depression need help 3 year old with cough vomiting need treatment no fever taking cymbalta and aderall are these safe medications have acromegaly taking sandostatin chest pressure increased pulse rate taking antibiotics for difficulty urinating vomiting soreness taking levaquin dizziness headaches lightheadedness excessive hunger post miscarriage cause spot on arm swelling lump semi-firm lump in the abdomen while lifting weights enlarged lymph node discolored stools due to taking energy powder pain in abdomen yellowish discharge bleeding what is wrong child with itching on the body no rashes contact dermatitis lost hearing completely tired horrible headaches dizzy whats this breastfeeding constantly hungry bloated what to do knee pain feeling hot have broken toe worried bumps on penis no pain or discomfort normal taking alcenolol for hypertension vision problems due to the medication poked with used electrolysis needle chances of hiv or hcv not getting periods even after taking i-pill pregnant pain in the chest rib cage and lungs reason bloating and puffiness after meals help small child difficulty walking high cpk reading autism treatment is smoking marijuana bad for gastritis should i ingest it persisting pain similar to prior surgery post lithroscopy reason back pain diarrhea fever taking antibiotics had kidney stone removed what is the safest way to terminate pregnancy scar tissue on eyelid suggested biopsy need explanation nausea sweating cold chills tiredness during periods causes for symptoms headache acidity vomiting episodes on skipping meals treatment options sore throat continuous nasal discharge chronic cold cure for symptoms trying to conceive history of irregular periods chances of pregnancy frequent gas issues headaches while in school watery stools cause ear pain bleeding ear pressure sore throat serious symptoms persistent rash itching hives bleeding on scratching treatment for rash taking laxatives for long time effect on conceiving vomited after taking doxycycline what is the cause why am i having itchy penis after oral sex why am i feeling lightheaded and tightness in the chest had umbilical hernia repair why am i having swollen stomach noticed brown spots around groin area how to remove this suffering from myopathy suggestive treatment hunger pains even after sufficient food suggestions continuous bleeding cramps lightheadedness imbalance bladder pressure post hysterectomy reason taking medicines for gerd ekg showed moderate repoplarization disturbance meaning asthmatic ordered symbicort feel uneasiness on its intake reason missing bowel movement after delivery what should be done taking pre-workout supplements since weeks experiencing slight chest pains related want to prepone periods what should be done delayed period mild cramping have tubal ring cause regular nose bleeds since tbi cause and cure chicken pox severe cough mild fever medicines to be given means of leprosy transmission and precautionary measures what are all the receptors that marijuana affect getting thick specks in urine what am i suffering from got pregnant after delivery looking for abortion pill getting nauseous vomiting and have low temperature whats wrong overweight does lemon cause impotence treatment for cough wheezing sinus congestion and plugged ear have itchy mole on upper lip how to remove this child diagnosed with cyclic vomiting taking zofran suggestions is it safe to take utrogestan 100mg during pregnancy child having laryngomalacia detected with enlarged tonsils required treatment have sebaceous cysts on testicles looking for home remedy pain and tightness around chest is this related to anxiety finished periods have vomiting fever headache spotting pregnancy what are the advantages and side effects of lamictal done embryo transfer have nausea severe lower back pains normal have slight antisocytosis platelets enlarged plates slight toxic granulation meaning pregnant have period pain what should i expect itchy knees spots on arm are they scabies forehead ache dizziness lethargic throat infection taken panadol suggestions irritated adams apple discomfort applied face cream what is wrong stomach rumbling constipated bloating cramps what are the symptoms stomach pain severe chills sore throat is this food poisoning boil on back hard oozes out pus what is it headache dizziness blurred vision swelling painful what is the cause prescribed oxodone have withdrawals what can help permanently multiple allergies asthma cold flu on citrozene am i mis-diagnosed have spotting brown in color why is this happening taken plan b missed period no pregnancy symptom suggest earache headache crawling sensation in scalp allergic to penicillin suggest wore magnetic earring cuts in ears bumps in earlobe help smelly discharge from tooth upset stomach done filling suggest how to get relief from sharp pain in elbow broke fibia and tibia infected the skin had surgeries suggest acute gingivitis diabetic allergic to benzocaine hyperthyroidism panic attacks help pregnant stomach pain leg pain nausea what does this mean constipated regular exercises healthy diet what is the reason hypothyroidism low tsh levels had mri no tumors found suggestions constipation vomited black substance stomach pain treatment options have migraines antistimine medication suggest medications pregnant abdominal pain uncomfortable feeling is it worth worrying bruised ribs painful what can subside the pain early signs of diabetes on metaformin irregular period reason protected sex have cramps irregular period taking adderall help cough thick mucus sore ribs fractured vertebrae help peri-menopausal overweight elevated blood pressure causes for high bp loose stools since c-section delivery cause and remedy swollen cheeks pain taken pills of ecstasy allergy taking vitamin d have headaches and nausea reason sprained ankle red streaks on foot will it persist injured forehead bump on skull swelling will it leave itchy arms bumps and bleeding what are they medium sized rash around injection site post shooting meth cause discoloration on toe severe itchiness and bumps suggestive remedy effects of high blood sugar in early pregnancy treatment for red sensitive swollen labia with itching and burning having severe headache could this be stress headache child having breathing difficulty should i consult a specialist consistent numbness in fingers no improvement with supplements help is it safe to take duphaston in early pregnancy severe hair fall temporary relief with tugain effective solution started spotting with cramps just after period whats going on recurring nose bleeds has heart catheter put in recently cause pregnant light spotting and pain after vaginal test any complication unhealed wound liquid drainage post treatment for fissures medicines ct scan showed mild brain peripheral atrophy meaning masturbation addict have stunted growth hair lose related difficulty in bowel movement is there anything other than miralax pcos retroverted uterus get severe bladder pains during periods cause diagnosed with high bp advice to get it under control early pregnancy on weekly injection what could it be recurring nausea after stopping medicines taken ondem rablet right medicines addicted to avil anxiet what are the possible side effects semen analysis done partner suffering with pcod interpretation is there any way to rebuild the hymen does smoking hamper the effectiveness of duromine intense pain inside nostril with foul smell slight scabbing remedy do thread worms or tapeworms cause spots on skin prescribed with pur-bloka what ailments is this tablet given for measures to make penis strong using natural sources no improvement in height even after several exercises help morphine overdose high kidney readings long term effects is the breathe right strip safe rashes on back heart palpitations causes and treatment for symptoms vaginal bleeding while having intercourse inter-menstrual bleeding causes and cure is there any permanent treatment for skin lightening have fever chills no help with paracetamol solution lost sex drive semen testosterone normal reason can lifting a heavy person cause acceleration of heart attack dull pain below the ribs back neck due to gallstones having high bp caused by thyroid type 1 diabetic had seizures twitching solution acid like burning sensation in the ascending colon area reason pain in knees when climbing stairs walking need surgery fainting frequently dizzy fluctuating bp what could this mean have irregular periods light bleeding and painful suggestion on beyaz no periods or spotting reasons lump under armpit had dizziness vertigo what could it be had tremors in lower extremities after bowel movements reason exposed to scabies using permethrin temporary relief with itching solution delayed periods heartburn diarrhoea tiredness pregnant two fingers swollen purplish itchy what could it be frequent masturbation causing sore skin suggest a cream drinker on drugs before having tunnel vision solution myomectomy done can i still have vaginal birth vaginal discomfort itching burning swelling redness due to yeast infection taking quasense missed periods upt negative chances of pregnancy have hypothyroid want to lose weight suggestion pain in the testicles while applying pressure why semen analysis done less motility what does report mean reddish patch inside the mouth stopped tobacco usage reason what are the side effects of the deprovate cream pain in the arm nerve problem any medication any tips on improving concentration and getting good grades pain in left leg limping difficulty walking causes for symptoms blood and urine test done is the report normal suffer hyopkelemic periodic paralysis is surgery life threatening diagnosed with hbsag b chronic affecting lungs serious lifelong treatment having acidity taking omez tablet what is permanent cure ultrasound done during pregnancy what does report mean pains all over body in ligaments how to treat it got hood in chest no pain cause for the hood have multiple sclerosis numbness in leg difficulty walking need explanation diarrhea nausea heartburn fever cause back pain after falling down stairs taken painkillers treatment history of abortion have pain when passing stool constipation normal stomach cramps vomiting yellow bile dizziness headache due to drinking bleeding when brushing endoscopy normal is it indicative of cancer feeling sleepy when reading difficulty remembering need help child has lump in neck wheezing not eating worried taking carbin and secozam done mri and ct scan cause stubbed toe no nail regrowth how to regenerate growth small bumps itchiness swelling bumps randomly occurring on arms treatment growing hernia under rib cage painful worried skin infection between fingers of right leg redness itchiness treatment dizziness cold sweats fainting episodes blurred vision causes for symptoms had a transvaginal ultrasound found follicles in ovaries meaning suffering from jaundice prescribed lactohep syrup effects of over dosage red rash on ankles and calves no itching swelling done urine test am i suffering from kidney disease unexpected death tan colored foam from nose and mouth cause pregnant bleeding with clots should i be worried suffering from epilepsy prescribed valprol torleva excessive weight gain suggestions have cramps after period radiating to back bloated taking sprintec have body pain associated with pill delayed periods pcos negative pregnancy tests pregnancy possible child has diabetes prescribed pancreatrophin and gymnema swollen finger redness pain is it infection child has gas and pain after feeding any solution prescribed azulix glimisave for diabetes should medicine be continued have hair loss suggested therapy how can i control it child has lump on wrist reddish what could it be have ckd and fatty liver treatment high fever breathlessness decreased appetite cough on antibiotic therapy suggest did hysteroscopy intense inflammatory endometrial lining taking doxicyclina healing chances no control on bowel movemements suggestions back pain below right shoulder pain in elbow joint reason experiencing pain in the left temple area caused by bp cause for itchy red bumps on stomach how to cure pcos missed periods enlarged and sore breasts am i pregnant breast feeding having scanty periods could i be pregnant tight swollen and bruised arm worry dizziness blurred vision double vision cold low bp suggest rapid heart beat nausea jitters vomiting taken hydroxycut suggestion have chicken pox how is it communicated suffering from chronic gastritis bitter bile reflux how to cure took medication for constipation belly upset how to cure stressed incontinence light period frequent urination early signs of menopause pregnant is black flakes in urine a sign of pregnancy pregnant can i use the mtp kit orange dots in urine what could it be womb infection after miscarriage can i conceive again excessive period taking tuberculosis medicine is this normal constant smell of varnish what does this mean abdominal pain moved heavy things is it serious sore throat cough headaches chills fever symptoms of viral fever burning sensation under heel difficulty sleeping done hip replacement done vasectomy partner has delayed period chances of vasectomy failure hand injury done x-ray painful wrist knot below thumb swollen tongue and throat red itchy eyes white discharge help diagnosed with scarring alopeciafollicular degeneration syndrome prescribed biotin flank pain normal blood work overweight have motion sickness stopped birth control pill have regular periods low lying testicle pain in testes any help inverted blackhead on breast suggestions for home treatment boils on face history of teenage acne cause head injury headache increased pain when turning head done gastric bypass weight loss need help have asthma prescribed prednisone still have difficulty breathing child has hydrourethranephrosis body feels hot need for worry swollen thumb what tests should be done child has vomiting fever due to stomach bug swelling under rib cage have minor scoliosis have blood and mucus in stool have hemorrhoids worried swelling in ankle bruises taking antibiotics what should be done swollen pimple on upper stomach should i worry neck pain chest pain concerned about clots smoker thumb smashed sharp throbbing pain swollen what to do feeling of bubbles in foot what is going on using jolessa spotting unusual discharge have protected sex cause have cold sore in throat used anti-bacterial gargle any help passing gas bleeding occasional hemorrhoids any ideas have trace hematuria have herniated l4 l5 stiffness flank pain feel tingling sensation with little milky discharge pregnant pregnant given neo penotran for hyphae blood in discharge runny nose cough green mucus fever body pain taking ibuprofen developed deep wavy fingernails does this mean anything really itchy anus hole with bleeding whats wrong will nutrigain help in increasing weight any side effects taking meth weight gain what can help reduce weight on topzole have weight gain hair thinning and sleeplessness suggest swollen tonsils prescribed prednisone will i be okay heart problems treated for tb taking methotrexate further missed period taking susten hpt negative what is going on done angioplasty taking amlogard supermet and stromix side effects hpt positive tsh level fluctuating will i have a miscarriage thyronormalcy what does tsh t3 and t4 level indicate low blood sugar unconsciousness does a chocolate bar help acne breakouts scars prescribed doxicyclin face cleansers treatment options seem to smell urine randomly everywhere why is this how can a tear in the piriformis heal pregnant taking epilem citalapram zoplicone safe to take during pregnancy abdominal pressure urge to pass stools suggest remedy chronic cold nasal discharge cough breathlessness chills treatment options having acne scars pores on face remedy small child suffering from constipation difficulty passing stools diet recommendations history of tb done lymph node surgery prescribed rhe-fd worried pregnant high sugar levels taking insulin suggestion pain in head sudden attacks any ideas buttocks injury red mark swelling hardness best thing to do joint pain swelling hand stiffness done esr test cbc cpr forgetting things tired emotional feeling low need help trying to get pregnant done follicular study taking eltroxin have unbalanced testicles pain discomfort suggest treatment have degenerative change in l5-s1 intervertebral disc need explanation pregnant how to find the gender of a baby itching in the left nipple left shoulder frozen reason remedy complete redness in the face after stopping lomela cream suggestions ultrasound shows bulky uterus with thickened endometrium advised dc suggestions have disc herniations spinal fusion an option sperm volume low high bp sugar levels hindrance to concieve labia minora swollen irritated itchy after shaving treatment high heartrate diagnosed with anemia having spotting after periods suggestions 80 yr old having swelling in hands x-ray normal reason tmt positive echo normal breathlessness while walking angiography required lightheaded after straightening hair tightness in righthand vision problem undergone microdermabrasion after second sitting having hyperpigmentation suggestions skin allergy after stopping crisanta ls birth control side effect irritating lump on vagina what could it be infection in gums suggestions to clean mouth after smoking neck crunching clicking in head extreme tiredness reason what does mild left foraminal stenosis early periods with brown discharge cramping what could this be reddish itchy ears with discharge what is the reason blood and grainy specs in stool any advice discoloration on the lip with cracks is it an infection child with fever stomach pain and constipation flu symptoms bruise on the thigh with soreness what is causing it discharge from ear reddish ears with pain treatment pain in the stomach cold sweat what is wrong taking lexapro for panic attacks can i drink alcohol stomach pain after alcohol consumption could it be a reaction pain in the head with body being cold fatigue reason difficult to manage anger what to do burnt hand swelling peeling using polysporin and levaquin anything else tops of toes turned purple itching what could it be can a person have a third testicle increased heart rate stress have smoking addiction any advice diagnosed with svt vomiting blood what is wrong child has tiredness fatigue what can help him optic neuropathy will it effect the other eye ultrasound showed small subcentimeter fibroids anechoic right ovarian cyst suggestion stickiness around rectum foul smell not sexually active suggestions herniated disc taking percocet shall i continue menstrual cycle bleeding from rectum bloody stool is this serious hair thinning anxiety had eating disorder taking prozac suggestion knuckle pads evaluated had lumps on knuckles go for surgery oily discharge from rectum gas had turkey rolls reason injured vagina clitoris in pain used iced took aleve suggest got bcr abl test result fusion transcript detected worry numbness tingling discomfort in leg had cocaine related hypothyroidism on thyroxine tsh normal go ahead with ivf on norplant having heavy bleeding tiredness frustration solution tests done to detect hepatitis what does report mean lump on side of scrotum hurts when squeezed solution loose frequent bloody mucous filled stools no pain discomfort reason having prolonged sinus infection blowing out brown mucous suggestions suffered a concussion headaches dizziness nausea treatment for symptoms excessive thirst dry mouth stomach pain causes for symptoms what is the benefit of taking methadone or suboxone had wisdom teeth extracted any chances of getting dry socket irregular periods pcos taken duphaston delayed periods causes for delay had subtalar and navicular dislocation pressure at ankle reinjury possible chewing tobacco firm lymph nodes under jawline normal done laparoscopy taken hormonal injections inserted endogest now bleeding pregnant red itchy painful bumps on body recurring white scabs shingles earlier had cough throat pain difficulty breathing cause child has rash after mmr jab tired sleepy tight foreskin difficulty retracting during erection suggestion about surgery thick and creamy vaginal discharge is it thrush itchy feet white big toe red bump on foot no periods had unprotected sex negative pregnancy test done raspa operation had menstruation twice abdominal pain bleeding normal skin irritation due to heat itchiness taking antihistamines permanent cure have palpitations and skipping heartbeats scared to take propranolol thick flaking skin in instep what may this be swollen feet ankles and toes donating plasma want opinion sensitive eye tearing prescribed steroid drops for bulphritis need help child is coughing prescribed ascoril is there any alternative medicine child passing green stools done stool test need advice taken penicillin and df1118 have throat ulcers difficulty swallowing done urinalysis need explanation of result have pectus carinatum unable to burp thin have depression stomach pain vomiting diarrhea reason small child stomach infection severe pain taking de-worming medication cure taking carbimazole for hyperthyroidism how to stop weight gain swollen lump on shin bone feels bruised any thoughts constipation passing stool with mucus and blood foul smelling stool chest pain difficulty breathing deeply done laparoscopic appendectomy taking epilex chrono for fits will the problem be cured done urine test need interpretation started menstruation after taking glasterone what options do i have numbness in back lump on neck painful cyst cause child has fever cough stomach and back pain given tylenol taking mini pill normal to feel tearful have pcod missed periods prescribed susten right treatment red spot on hard palate history of smoking suggestion collarbone pain bump on tendon what could this be body ache chills shivering no fever cause did excessive masturbation ejaculation cause for teenage baldness ultrasound shows mild bulky uterus planning for pregnancy reasons pregnant vomiting with green color solution hot flashes hunger dizziness blacked out why is this happening upper abdominal pain under ribs heartburns taken nexium ideas suffering with food sensitiveness on candida diet no help suggestions suicidal valium intake tastes like diazepam what is it dry skin itchy legs small bumps what do they mean child easily irritated and frustrated is this hormonal upper stomach pain nausea green diarrhea stomach rumbling gas suggest trying to conceive negative hpt missed period help fungus issues rashes on skin anxiety have typhoid worry high calcium high parathyroid in blood is it hyperthyroidism moody and aggressive child rectal itching what is the reason no period pain sweating cold is it early menopause have pericoronitis wisdon tooth extracted swollen jaw painful suggestion dizziness lightheadedness blacked out cough had hair dyed connected trying to conceive excessive hunger is this a sign hearing weakened wax blocking should i get a hearing aid have loose stools bad cramps dizziness what may be wrong redness in foot taken penicillin and betamethasone dipropionate anything else difficulty in respiration over weight taking oflomed prednisone suggest delayed period period pain is it stress related taken plan b after unsafe sex should i expect period mark on thigh gets darker related to veins or birthmark rashes in armpit raised and fluid filled irritation redness suggestion dry penis itchy what can be used to help exposed to pin worms prescribed albenza directions for medication how can i increase my height does exercise help fluttering in stomach dizziness lightheadedness bloating ultrasound negative suggest pregnant yellow mucus discharge and cramps what does this mean abnormal bleeding pap smear report shows inflammation hormonal imbalance infant with recurring stomach pain could it be lactose intolerance can chlamydia be a cause of delayed period my child is always hungry and thirsty diabetes any precautions to be taken for conception itchy spreading bumps on the elbow bumps getting bigger concerned foul smelling vaginal discharge no itching what is it diagnosed bipolar with ptsd have ss disability what can help fractured knee hairline and buckle fracture inflammation is this serious child with swollen bottom lip is this a disease got swollen head while suffering from influenza anything serious over bleeding during period taken tb gold test positive recovery pregnant tender breasts short period excessive hunger gas help missed period tiredness been busy what does this sound like thyroid testing done what does report suggest urinalysis exam found pus cells squamous cells hazy transparency meaning suffering with constipation asthmatic breathlessness water retention taken dulcolax sufficient taken i pill how far can we trust it pregnant have strep throat cold sneezing running nose help done blood test high sgpt suggest supplements to correct suffering from melasma since pregnancy using melacare is it safe pain in temporal lobe wears multifocals over weight connected cough running nose and fever given crocin anything else operated for myomectomy endometrial done can i get pregnant visual disturbances frontal headache blurriness scheduled hysteroscope taking primolut next preop ekg done what does left atrial abnormality mean small penis suggestions to increase the size scan shows bulky uterus thick womb prescribed hystoscopy cancer in coma body shutting down all tests negative reason addicted to masturbation will cause infertility problem having high fever after mmr vaccination sweating a lot solution child passing gas frequently on fiber gummies solution excessive burping passing gas frequently unable to control it treatment bleeding after masturbation hymen broken on medicines for canker sore hearing funny sounds echos solution pimples during periods pits whiteheads on face solution hypothyroidism on thyronorm having poor memory constipation depression hereditary cure male having very less facial hair masturbate often reason cure persisting soreness in clitoral region months after forceps delivery infection persisting stomach bloating severe gas taking rabonik plus root cause need more information about oral sex and intercourse diabetic kidney transplant patient trying for pregnancy advised pregnacare safe severe knee injury swelling has subsided persisting water blisters remedy severe hyperkeratosis on the tongue alternatives other than surgery partner having soreness while urination concerned about the pregnancy throat discomfort due to partial obstruction excessive burping treatment examined the vaginal lips with precum on hand pregnancy possibility can adhd medication lead to heart issues sore throat stuffy nose no fever any suggestions diarrhea feel dizzy nausea head spins while bending reasons throat hurts swollen suggest tonsillitis what to do what would cause low potassium levels in a patient suffered from flu despite getting the flu shot any advice pain in the genitals with swelling what is causing this bleeding from the ear after cleaning need medical attention suffer from migraine swollen cervix with foul smell any suggestions child with loss of appetite stomach problems need treatment persisting skin rashes on the leg allergy suffering from diarrhea need medication fear of going outside and being alone need suggestions persisting fever have tuberculosis how to bring down the fever bruised chest and hip after an accident need treatment painful bump in the thigh need to be removed recovering from flu blood in mucus need to be concerned seizures after a fib rapid dental decay reason right hand feeling cold why swollen hard lumps on the lower leg dangerous trying for pregnancy will turkey baster help irregular periods on homeopathic medication what else can be done pain in the hip bone after a fall no frature no periods mildly positive pregnancy test can i confirm pregnancy how to increase the sperm cell count diagnosed with gallstones experiencing weight loss is this common pregnant pain in stomach vomiting solution stomach bloating swollen breasts pregnancy symptoms negative pregnancy test pregnant peculiar burnt smell in nose any particular reason swollen upper lip and cheek not responding to antibiotics abdominal pain backache took tablets but no help solution hypertension taking diovan and tenormin further indulged in sexual activity get myself tested for hiv urination bloated stomach vomit what is wrong pap smear result abnormal nutrophils high heavy sweating possible treatment forehead and eye voluntary tick obsessive compulsive disorder suggest irregular periods pains nausea dizziness normal in teenagers binge eating periods delayed no other symptoms pregnancy chances blood sugar test done result positive stressed high blood pressure dizziness taking xanax any natural remedy spotting blood from anus recurring symptom cause of worry thumb swollen clicks on moving hurts badly possible reason nausea cramps in hands tonsillitis ear infection cough related symptoms suffering from paranoid disorder refuse treatment how to treat it dizziness vomiting stomach cramps diarrhea treatment for symptoms reason for curling in fetal position unable to find problem pronounced fibula in child need to worry about it want to stop taking metroprolol suddenly safe brown patches on the hand what is it small child upset stomach low grade fever lethargy treatment options nauseated sleep disturbance burping helps what is wrong frequent urination stretchy feeling started clomid ovulation test negative meaning bulimia disorder skipping meals vomiting what can be done can i get hiv from hand job where can i get best treatment for linatus plastica vagina swollen itchy sore to touch std sharp lower abdominal pains while sneezing also reason for pain on medication for anxiety underweight how to gain weight worms in vagina during period what is it high bp hyperthyroid anxiety chest tightness taken verapami reason carried rh blood factor does it carry schizophrenia increased menstruation after taking vyvanse are these related have bartholin gland abscess chances of cancer what happens if alcohol is taken between verorab shots on ivf recently having breast tenderness headaches no periods reason feeling uneasy angry irritated always reason puff eyes and drowsiness after sexual intercourse is it normal symptoms of non std pid little semen comes out prior to ejaculation reason taking levlen having light to no periods at all solution using birth control pills to regulate periods have spotting reason reddish brown spotting irregular periods why itching and swelling in the penile foreskin what is it persisting breathlessness and wheezing took antibiotics for pneumonia sinus drainage cold have diabetes and hypertension suggestions 11 year old with migraines can he take sumatripan not getting periods prescribed althea pills no help suggestions persistent low grade fever bodyaches headaches caused by virus bruise on the buttocks will it go away does running elevate the igm levels have itp and hematuria pain in the penis reddish semen what is it chances of rabies infection puppies not vaccinated licked the wound liver function test done is the report normal foot pain no redness swelling no injury reason epithelial cells found plenty few amorphous urates in urinalysis means severe body pain sensitive skin symptoms of flu or pneumonia difficulty breathing compression in chest cough taking antibiotics treatment does mintop work for baldness had unprotected sex have blotchy irregular brownish discharge pregnant headaches stabbing pain dizziness when i stretch whats happening difficulty breathing during sleep dryness in throat treatment lower right abdominal pain severe gas cramps causes for discomfort infant having trouble breathing while crying symptom of asthma fell light headed exhausted sleepy had unusual period pregnant had sex delayed period pregnancy chances bloating acidity and uneasiness after lunch any solution prolonged menstruation history of irregular periods any advice taking tegrital for hyperhyroidism getting blurred vision side effect taking diuretic replacing potassium level losing fluids suggestion lump under armpit having nausea tiredness anxiety see the doctor suffer from hemorrhoids pain while sitting treatment 23 year old with vaginal discharge with foul smell medication irregular periods with heavy bleeding is it a menopause stage infant with recurring fever despite taking antibiotics cure short in height wanted to grow taller is it hereditary suffer from pyria gum surgery suggested alternate treatment option mild kidney infection on antibiotics still having flu like symptoms fluttering feeling in the lower abdomen nausea lightheadedness pregnant urine analysis done what does report mean taken duphaston have delayed periods no pms symptoms cause severe hairloss excessive bald spots on using finasteride help findings show situs solitus levocardia avva cocordance indications stomach cramps ibs stools red medical help required passing stools with blood having low blood count reason brown front teeth discolouring in all teeth bleeding gums suggestions primary lung cancer mastesised into brain stage4 prognosis missed periods pregnancy tests negative caused by ovarian cysts taking medicines for uti have difficulty in walking any suggestions child started to stutter post a concussion is this normal diagnosed with osteopenia what type of exercise should i do nausea flatus diarrhea taking erceuryl what should the dosage be greenish brown bruises on thighs what is the cause have rectal bleeding before periods reason pregnant have light bleeding frequent urination had tubal litigation suggestion child abused by schizophrenic mother need guidance have pain in ribs and thoracic spine healing time child has injured elbow pinching sensation while lifting arm treatment bleeding after period no pain should i be concerned have weak adult teeth and pain in the gum suggestions have cracked sore lip no pain cure child has tight motion with pain does enema suggestions taking vovoran for rheumatoid arthritis any side effect had jaw revisional surgery got swollen gland any infection can some body with anorexia get cervical cancer weakness constipation diarrhea nausea burping treatment for symptoms problem with eyes looks abnormally tired what could it be penis size too small premature ejaculationwhat is the solution ultrasound done during pregnancy is it normal seeing glittery bubbles for a short while any ideas sharp pains in head headache blackouts causes and treatment taken antibiotics for kidney infection have lower back pain normal severe migraines high blood pressure medical attention required child has pimples on face fever itching need for worry ear pain yellow discharge prescribed antibiotics history of ear infection loneliness drowsiness attention grabbing is the behaviour acceptable ultrasound done during pregnancy is the report ok chronic depression anxiety suggest the best ayurvedic antidepressant for treatment irregular periods delayed periods prolonged menstrual cycles light bleeding causes post hysterectomy ultrasound shows cysts enlarged ovary ovarian mass suggestions suffering from bladder lesions causes and are they curable lower abdominal pain hurts to walk stand see the doctor having frequent migraine headaches see the doctor ultrasound showed sequelae of the pancreas what does this mean swelling lumpy feeling post squeezing bumps post vulva shave cause have acne between eyebrows had treatment for acne earlier solution periods not started urine comes while sneezing am i pregnant have stomach pain and nausea no regular bowel movement recommendations have itchy scalp and ears cure have swollen scar should i worry irregular periods after cyst operation suggestions abdominal pain and nausea on eating certain foods child suffering from ulcer and asthma has wheezing suggestions peri-menopausal have heavy flow with tiredness should i be worried blood sugar test done guidance for healthier diet swelling and tingling in the ankle sprained ankle bloated skipped period had clitoral stimulation lead to pregnancy lump on the upper arm pain after falling broken arm colonoscopy recommended after a rectal examination blood in stool hemorrhoids difficulty in getting erection trying to conceive solution altered menstruation after child birth reason bipolar disorder alcoholism getting a treatment worry small lump on the forehead what is it blister on the ankle swollen leg reason is there any treatment for typical calcific density sore throat vomitting lethargic buttocks hurting viral infection depressed feel alone how to control the sadness fever red mark between eyebrows headache tingling limbs help abdominal pressure cramps constipation nausea period delayed abdominal pain after c-section normal frequent nose bleeds taking nasonex for seasonal asthma any suggestions dark raised bruise above knee what is this burning sensation in back starting from shoulder abdominal pain negative pregnancy test clumpy red discharge pregnant delayed period stomach pain breast pain pregnant child has itching during urination is circumcision safe done test have elevated segmeters what does this mean feeling tired headache pain in jaw arm and back taking mp forte had sex missed period worry on glycomet for diabetes medication changed to galvusmet proper treatment vagina hurts unable to see hole what is going on increase in weight suggest diet and exercises have spotting and bleeding i am post menopausal suggestions sensation of throat obstruction have cold possibly strep throat suggestion unprotected sex boil on stomach what may have happened bleeding in stools prescribed diltiac ointment is the treatment right pink discharge itching uncomfortability cravings taken new birth control connected stress induced insomnia taken vyvanse and benadryl side effects cold cough slight enlargement in nostrils undergoing fess permanent cure piercings done nausea feeling faint symptoms of low blood sugar have sore with yellowish discharge on vagina leaving scars reason am pregnant had miscarriages do i need complete rest had unprotected sex not pregnant do i have fertility problem do piercings in body cause any risk during surgical abortion have gas tsh is high is it related having fast heart beats and fatigue had anti-malarial drugs cause urine test done leukocyte is positive suggestions had miscarriage heavy bleeding have thickened endometric and cystic meaning given duphaston and malaron to delay period worry about liver chest x ray showed calcific speck right upper serious have painful dry cough had cabg procedure done reason frequent sore throat bronchitis and pneumonia feel itchy suggestion has tonsillectomy adenoidectomy has leg pain restlessness on lortab normal suffering from hyperthyroidism high tsh levels 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leaving scars dizziness leg pain and swelling knee pain increased weight why painful ear bleeding nausea whooshing sound pulsating sensation meaning rashes welts after using qvar inhaler recurring condition allergic reaction body overheating sweating lightheadedness nausea boils in buttocks taken ofloxacin cefixime diclofenac what to do tender breasts itchy dizziness back pain negative pregnancy test pain in hand and shoulder acidity symptoms normal recurring penis cuts do i need antibiotics nauseated bulge on stomach heart burns headaches what is wrong irregular period stopped pills not pregnant what is wrong epileptic delay milestone inability to express oneself treatment cough runny nose sore throat any medication numbness tingling in arms affecting sleep what could it be dull pain under collar bone stiffness in neck reason salivating excessively soreness in lips uncomfortability prognosis severe itching on the toe reason anxiety depression could it be due to alcohol consumption suffering from anxiety taking cepralex will wellbutrin medication help taken paracetamol reoccurring itching looks like an insect bite cause immediate erection ejaculation after watching porn movies how to control had sex during periods breastfeeding chances of pregnancy child causing problems in school compaining blaming confronting teachers solution ankles feet swollen all tests normal reason for swelling mild concussion headaches motion sickness causes and treatment kurplunk in stomach vomiting sweating badly pale lips diagnosis common to experience constipation diarrhea after laproscopic appendectomy white bumps on tip of penis home remedies periods delayed on iud sexually active on clydamycin is crohns disease described as a disability having premature ejaculation during masturbation solution baby having catarrh having dry chesty cough piriton syrup effective no periods brownish spotting any suggestions pounding in the head reason pain in the head and scalp reason middle ear infection eustachian tube dysfunction daily headaches suggestions sharp pains below rib cage nausea possible reason had pain in testicle scrotal ultrasound normal ultrasound reliable is blood work enough to screen for cervical cancer psoriasis on scalp having severe hairloss solution sudden appearance of acne in the jawline itchy pre-menopause symptom backache bloated stomach breathlessness after effects of stress elevated wbc distended abdomen weightgain mild fatty liver bedridden suggestions weaning off of oxycodone opana side effects 72 yr old arms shakes while sleeping sleep walking suggestions taking clindamycin for cyst near tailbone healing time frequent urination after sex used condoms reason have red and itchy lumps on face recommendations have chest pain drank monster energy drink medication had acanthosis nigricans since childhood cure intermittent fever cough runny nose vomitting loss of apetite suggestions have abdominal pain and cough had appendix removed reason sudden shortness of breath when not doing physical work cause painless lump on inner thigh sebaceous cyst stomach pain cramps blurry vision headaches dizziness reason having light bleeding brown discharge during periods reason swollen leg calf after falling numbness in shin severe damage sharp pain behind eye temple having headache solution experiencing lower back pain in both sides cause having white stringy discharge backaches nipple tenderness pregnant having trichotillomania started to eat the hair follicle solution pregnancy test positive no signs symptoms false positive discomfort in abdomen have motion more than once recommendations frequent pimple breakout leaving scars alternative medicine have erection dysfunction on medication for diabetes healing time have nausea and strong sense of smell cause have wrist pain little finger was twitching related have pain in head recommendations excruciating pain in uterus bloating after having intercourse cause child having green colored motion keeps licking floor treatment have blister on penis no pain and itching suggestions have irregular period and pregnancy symptoms what should i do have fever cough and weakness recommendations throbbing headache hurts to cough while bending down reason breast tumour prescribed prima tumour painful getting enlarged solution dent on the forehead after falling serious severe chest pain on laughing unique problem cause of worry hpylori acidity heart burn taking hp pantop nexpro rd suggestions have small itchy bumps on vagina cause and cure protected intercourse condom failure taking birth control chances of pregnancy have irregular periods on duoluton l any side effects have chest pain had tooth removed chest x-ray fine suggestions gastric problems stomach gas moving towards head headache treatment options have strong pulsing sensation on chest no pain reason bowel movement immediately after food possible reason migraine taking topomac since a long term possible side effects irritation itching swelling in vagina yellow discharge possible reason have agoraphobia scheduled root canal chances of major infection multiple kidney stones will homeopathic medicines help negative pregnancy test pale face chance of pregnancy have irregular periods had partially protected intercourse pregnancy chance runny nose headache blocked ears swollen glands any comments child not listening when being spoken to what to do bruised leg after fall numb shin bone swollen ankle chest heaviness after cleaning room coughing itchy underside of neck light and flaky stools clay like stools concerned paralysis due to brain fever after birth any treatment stomach pain nausea taking prilosec what is the problem does mifepristone and misoprostol cause any side effects pinching and bleeding after having intercourse for the first time pain in shoulder blade intensifies when coughing need diagnosis history of knee surgery need knee replacement done endoscopy prescribed enzar forte mebiz want better medication blackening leg swelling after accident can anything be done lips turning black need help had partially unprotected sex stomach discomfort nausea bloating pregnant have ankle fracture painful swollen wearing boot for fracture depression on medicines experiencing extreme lethargy drowsiness suggestions how long does usually the morning sickness last had a stroke having pains burning tingling in body reason stomach discomfort loose stools taking pankreoflat losing weight help using lonasep stalopam having sexual problems after discontinuing medicines reason diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia have allergy towards medroxyprogesterone alternative treatment bleeding while ejaculation damaged penis had oral sex related consistent period post testing after depo shot is this normal cts showed thoracic aorta aneurysm is there any danger has skin colored pimples painful is it molloscum contagiosum treatment have periods after sex reasonbr have irregular periods pregnancy test negative suggestions how to postpone periods without side effects diagnosed with ruptured eggs what does it mean green stool since starting mononessa bc cause of concern had orange color urine after sex i am pregnant cause will mt pill help to abort any side effects diagnosed with lipoma non mobile experiencing discomfort biopsy required infant drinks milk only once a day recommendations have swollen leg dizziness and high bp had cancer related sore head abdominal soreness dizziness possible endometriosis help have bloating after eating food and have gas recommendations swallowed a fish bone how dangerous can that be has sinus infection and feels tired cure abnormal period after ovarian cyst removed twice medication