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enlarged papillae and white spots on tongue reasons have acute thyroiditis could it be caused by taking duromine thinning hair stressed irregular eating habits what should i do is there any chance of pregnancy in oral sex received oral sex but could not ejaculate why 24 weeks pregnant is the 4d sonography report normal got hit on thumb and started feeling pain whats wrong optic nerve damage due to accident can vision be restored cough gas trouble history of eosinophilia have high cholesterol sore throat breathlessness related to wall paint hot flushes chest pain have cardiomyopathy panic attack headache increased heartbeat what does this mean noticed spotting after periods took norethisterone any suggestion had miscarriage fishy smell in blood clots fever drowsiness worried frequent sneezing pain near nose and eyelashes addicted to masturbation how can i overcome this habit suffering from intestinal tuberculosis given streptomycin best treatment internal lump on butt crack painful growing bigger suggestion increased cough rough throat taken vicks and vitamin c child had head injury soreness headache should i be worried had unprotected sex now migraine nausea moody pregnant or pms child has amorphous deposits and blood trace in urine reason stomach bloating painful negative pregnancy test regular periods phantom pregnancy what is meant by esr blood test smoker diagonised with emphysema asthma treatment child has fever since immunization frequent quivering normal stopped masturbating suffering from nocturnal emissions normal symptoms suffering with aml cycles of chemo what can help recovery tiredness profuse sweating tremors pain while breathing signs of thyroid stomach cramps back pain diarrhea blood stools emergency bad breath due to copd how can i overcome it unprotected sex pain on the left of vagina pregnancy possibility white head below the penis head is this normal missed period had unprotected sex during safe period pregnancy possibility brown gooey discharge after taking plan b normal symptoms late period on depo chances of pregnancy is pregnancy possible without sexual intercourse done semen analysis is the morphology and sperm count normal dizziness vertigo loss of appetite taking vertin24 stugeron treatment options photometry test done what is the analysis and treatment urinary tract infection burning on urination green pus itching treatment can effexor cause leukopenia and monocytopenia is there any relation between infertility and appendectomy taking iret-20 want to impregnate advisable to continue the medicine had unprotected sex while on crisanta chances of pregnancy low grade fever weakly positive sperosis mild hepatomegaly treatment advice masturbation addiction darkening of penis foreskin is masturbation unhealthy suffering from dark lips black discoloration natural medication for treatment ulcerative colitis taking mesacol to prevent re-infection safe to conceive suffering from fever medical test normal any solution have painful lump appeared on jaw any home remedy red dots appeared after mosquito bite should i be worried sticky sore belly button with smelly white discharge infection newborn diagnosed with pda papvc undeveloped lobe of lung meaning taking forecox rcinex since months is the disease spreadable trying to conceive taken siphene menotrophin injection will i conceive can i conceive after irregular intercourse got circumcised having clear puss on that area normal marijuana addiction on vyvanase for adhd what are possible risks schwannoma located behind knee how long will the surgery last what is the difference between pulmonary emboli and heart attack prostrate cancer on cumiden has difficulty in waking up suggestion child has fever vomiting normal x-ray and blood work cause lipomas in arms what test can confirm that not harmful severe back pain post masturbation with tingling reason is nyquil safe for a 7 year old weak ejaculation little sperm what is the cause and cure degenerating discs pain in spine stomach colon treatment advise delayed period had taken postinor2 after intercourse side effect infant often scratches behind his ear keeps drooling cause irregular periods difficulty in conceiving treatment advise recurring acne after stopping isotretinion and microdermabrasion treatment effective remedy pregnant have high alt typhoid on medicines suggestion persisting throat irritation headache cold post treatment effective remedy body ache enervation sleeping difficulty what should be done vomiting post surgery for broken hands is this serious child has low appetite vomiting at night frequent diarrhea cause vdrl positive effects of this on pregnant mother and baby dark brown discharge earlier scan showed small yolk sac reason continuous increase in sgpt inspite of medicines and diet alarming is it safe to take amways nutrilite supplements in pregnancy pregnant noticed pinkish purple spot on eye ball worrisome premature greying of hair what is the cause and remedy resurfacing seizures taking levepsy what can be done can i take alcohol after tetanus injection addicted to masturbation have side effects suggestion to overcome it suffering from pain in wrist and joint after masturbation solution follicular test showed a decrease in dimension reason mri shows mild chronic microvascular ischemic change alarming low white blood cells tiredness what could the cause be rib pain while shivering with cold what is the cause bruised swollen ankle after a fall treatment pregnant having blood in urine infection detected why severe nausea after getting discectomy done abdominal cramps cause growth on the thigh getting bigger what is it severely injured fingers bruising swelling numbness pain on touching treatment undergone c-section severe constipation any natural remedy toddler swollen left temple puffy cheek what is causing swelling bruise on right shoulder blade hurts slightly solution knee hurting slight numbness what could it be 6 years old sore throat could it be meningitis tpha positive in one clinic another lab result non-reactive help hypothyroid have increased sleepiness fogginess forgetfulness menopause or worsening thyroid recurring bleeding had taken ovral l to start periods suggestion b-mode ultrasonography of gravid uterus done any complications in pregnancy excessive burping stomach pain nausea no vomiting pregnancy a possibility worsened facial skin after stopping use of betnovate solution experiencing abdominal pain ruled out celiac appendix cause for pain missed periods negative pregnancy test can i take mensovit tablets severe gastritis acidity chest discomfort taking homoeopathic medication treatment options shrinking penis after masturbation weakness during sex treatment severe diarrhoea suspecting benign ibs suggestions having fever dry cough since delivery suggestions recurring infection in scalp even after using antibiotics reason prescribed folinal plus medicine during early pregnancy reason skin peeling on biceps history of vitiligo psoriasis serious symptoms results show abnormal stress ecg mild mitral regurgitation normal having sleep disorder reason treatment severe headaches dizziness weakness vomiting chronic symptoms treatment options taking akt4 having delayed periods spotting abdominal cramps pregnant cath test done is it possible to reduce the lesions lower lip discolouring turning into light pink nursing baby solution have subclavian lymph nodes painless reason for suggesting stat us infant passing stools frequently developed red rashes is it normal excessive sweating symptoms of hyperhidrosis taking rigevidon having nausea during nights intolerance to pill are sport supplements such as creatin protein amino acids safe irregular periods heavy flow blood spot after sex suggestion pimple on pubic area painful bleeding is it an infection chest pain feel nauseous high heart beat solution for pain feels lump in throat difficulty in swallowing solution for pain had a vsd have teflon patch can cause cancer treatment have flaky and itchy skin behind ear what is wrong can fabolite help reduce weight has ild on defcort explain dry cough nose bleeds cold history of bronchitis have esinophilia infection post sex how do i know if its std having recurring yeast infection itching remedy medication required to control premature ejaculation viagra can be used wrinkled tummy after childbirth suggestions history of miscarriage trying to concieve using susten continue having vaginal discharge sleeplessness tiredness after having sex pregnant smelly anus took medicines maintained hygiene not effective suggestions suggestions for severe hairloss dandruff pounding heart head spinning weakness in legs solution baby having diarrhoea weakness vomitting serious want to get tattoo on beckers nevus suggestions pinching sensation before urination held up sensation during sex reason recurrent fungal infection in groin prescribed medicines permanent solution is there any painless treatment for teeth filling taking akt3 got pregnant continue taking tablets want to take gynaset to postpone periods is it safe fluid in lungs and abdomen congested liver breathlessness any feedback having allergic conjunctivitis using fluorometholone safe having yellowish vaginal discharge mucous on stools solution episodes of stinging pinching sensations in urethra suggestions pain in testicle inner thighs after exercising solution safe to take tablet allergex during pregnancy strange smell emanating from body taking chlorophyll tablets solution dislocated ankle having swelling numbness see a doctor burning sensation during urination diet prevention having fever cough vomitting on crocin instant relief for vomitting decrease in sex desire problems during erection solution diarrhea and vomiting gassy bad appetite on zantac why experiencing dizziness mid back pain weakness what is wrong have hypothyroid taken tapazole unimazole medication recommended have endometriosis light period had unprotected sex explain abnormal ecg what should we express concern over translate it facing memory loss issues what to do stage 4 pkdckd extreme symptoms why does flaky particles in urine mean i am pregnant chicken pox scabs dropping off any restrictions to abide by neck pain swelling feel like a hangover help fallopian tube blocked took placentrex injection no relief remedy having itchy bites all over body what could they be menstruation before due vomiting and diarrhoea reason has ovarian cancer bloated abdomen swollen legs cystic ovaries help diagnosed with dementia memory difficulties and personality change life expectancy diagnosed with costochrondritis have multiple ribs protruding pain serious suggestion cough sore throat cold on co-acetylene alternate medication using suppositories for anal fissure severe constipation need medication pain in the testicles since adolescence should i be concerned memory loss after falling down headache reason sore breasts pain in the abdomen had unprotected intercourse pregnant sore pimple in the ear difficulty in eating treatment pain in the stomach cold sweats is it diet related irregular period light bleeding brown discharge what is going on irregular periods after a miscarriage no std reason testicles bigger than penis feel something attached to penis suggestion scar on the legs due to ingrown hair need remedy suffering from piles used lysine does piles make herpes worse itchy cracked lip corners with dark spots what is reason missing periods chances of pregnancy home pregnancy test negative lump in right breast with yellow discharge suggestion developed headache dizziness lightheadedness chills gradually after blood donation cause thick brownish discharge in clumps like flesh worry aching pain under shoulder blades on ibuprofen and advil ideas been on depo shots extremely tired headaches spotting pregnant again diarrhea with light green stools sweet smell signs of norovirus suffering from frequent headaches migraine headache pregnancy results vary what can confirm excessive skin in the vagina genital warts child with headache vomiting and pain in the face reason extra foreskin on penis tip is it std projectile vomit ash colored stool cold symptoms had bronchiolitis worry had unsafe sex why am i spotting am i pregnant leg bruised bump formed why is the bump still there upper thigh pain can it be related to hernia injured si joint lower back grinding sensation is it normal have pcod spotting white discharge what is wrong pregnant what does amniotic fluid index indicate have high blood sugar level on gluconorm metformin glimperide medication root canals have consistent pain have sinus infection help why does penis not erect right what is wrong lump on neck getting sore not lipoma what is it bleeding during intercourse prescribed with birth control pills why excessive sweating lightheadedness dizziness and nausea causes recurring pus filled lumps in the armpits surgery advised stomach feels bloated and full frequent bowel solution periods delayed after fingering any chances of getting pregnant whites of eye turning yellow what could it be irregular bleeding after taking althea is it okay taken hydroxurea for polycythemia vera will prednisone help with itching taken contraceptive pill after sex can precum cause pregnancy peeling skin in thighs itching treatment bleeding after end of period what to do childs knees and ankles clicking exercises to strengthen muscles what are the side effects of mega-3 capsules recurrent boils on testicles what can i do painful lump in armpit possible that it is a risen child prescribed torfix due to frequent stools side effects taking zicam and trika for depression have hyperacidity nasal congestion tickling in nose difficulty breathing allergic to dust missed period negative pregnancy test worried clogged nostril pricking in throat swollen tonsils acne after taking gardasil hormonal balance affected unable to gain weight how to increase 10 kgs knee pain x-ray shows no fracture what should i do taking medication for schizophrenia want to get rid of medicines gastric problems stomach pain ultrasound shows fatty liver stomach condition unprotected sex partial penetration took emergency contraceptive chances of pregnancy can diabetics consume milk powder weird smell taste draining in throat caused by teeth took depo shot having bumps on vagina std had unprotected sex having cramps chances of pregnancy gastric problems constipation forehead pain taking antibiotics cure for symptoms pain and swelling in the palm what is the reason dent near the crown of head depressed skull fracture chrons colitis frequent stools stomach irritation taking omnacortil medication cure severe skin itching using permethrin lotion crotorax ointment suggestions dizziness headaches taking multi-vitamins causes for symptoms suffering with knee elbow pain mri done suggestions for treatment irregular menstruation taking letrozole unable to conceive suggestion abcess on gum above tooth causing fever headache solution had root canal treatment previously now having dental pain solution teenager had sex spotting brown stuff frequently reason in confusion under mental trauma after confronting fathers affair suggestion losing hair due to dandruff suggestions treatment had sex missing periods any medications to get periods itching burning swelling in vagina discharging clear liquid reason can hot baths decrease testosterone levels aching after getting tooth extracted infection passing red urine after being administered ferrous matter of concern had intercourse having continuous heavy bleeding due to iud donated plasma having fatigue dizziness chest pain matter of concern abdominal pains after delivery diarrhoea passing black stools digestive infection lost power in legs around knee cap painful suggestions hole in gum leaking blood pus not healing cancer periods delayed after unprotected sex took i-pill immediately worried throbbing pain in chest feel like vomiting suggestion had unprotected sex now cramps migraine headache growling stomach premature ejaculation pain in testicles loss of confidence treatment options undergoing follicular study are the results okay prescribed metronidazole for bacterial vaginosis could bv have triggered herpes has diabetes prescribed galvus met side effects taking elthroxin will it cause infertility fluttering sensation under ribs light headedness feeling faint child has trouble drinking lactogen what should i do bloating frequent urination white discharge faint line in pregnancy test done sperm analysis is it possible to conceive naturally prescribed tiomist and formomide for asthma safe to use numbness in palm tingling hand what precaution should i take night sweats after fitting mirena coil now cramps dry hard skin cracks bleeding from skin around knuckles suggestions painful lump near trachea taken antibiotics sudden re-occurring periods abnormal discharge need to urinate concerned prescribed douluton to delay periods had unprotected sex pregnant attempt to commit suicide hypoxic brain damage memory loss treatment vomiting diarrhea taken ice chips how can i help increased anxiety stress and insomnia after quitting smoking having dark light coloured patches on face using sunscreen suggestions itchy pimples on face redness and pus started after periods taken mala-d irregularly am i still protected have hyperhydrosis suggest government hospital with facility of ets surgery small breasts wants to have breast implant surgery safe surgery prescribed nordette as emergency contraceptive can stronger doses be taken history of cvid what are the suggested tests for late period cramps negative pregnancy test moody tired pregnant dizziness associated with eye movement ear infection throat pain depression panic attacks taking censpram fluanxol dine continue medication couples with same blood group complication and solution hernia bulging stomach after coloplasty any suggestions smoking addict ejaculate without masturbation on seeing erotic movies solution lump in the groin hurts when touched serious having jadelle implant having utis all the time reason random hot flushes nausea dizziness stomach aches stomach infection need help in analyzing the sperm test report pregnancy possible throbbing pain in the temple area aneurysm or tumor semen analysis done can any online doctor advise me suffering from anxiety disturbed sleep taking clonazepam suggestions infant with constipation how to solve it had tonsillitis taking amoxicilin temporary relief suggestion rashes on the genital area and thighs severe itching contagious white discharge late periods dizziness and spotting pregnant small child foot injury unable to walk treatment for injury small child mucus with blood in stools diarrhea serious symptoms nausea cramps late periods diarrhea pregnant fatigue chest pain on pristiq medication suffering from depression concerned about the penis length what is the normal size chills fever vomiting cold pregnancy or infection symptoms chunky-white stuff and burning while urinating whats wrong abdominal ultrasound showing cholecystolithiasis distended gall bladder no-surgical treatment hernia protruding above groin suffering from constipation is it dangerous is total sperm count of 38 million normal sudden chest pain at night short episodes causes for symptoms red itchy foreskin swollen glands had circumcised twice solution have endogeneous eczema can this cause one to feel cold baby sweats while crying normal used common toilet vagina become sore and swollen treatment scab on penis red bumps could it be an std pain in testicle when sexually aroused solution irregular periods light period spotting what is the problem recurrent acne black marks on skin how to remove spots itching on penis head no std is this pe stomach ache with nausea had watery diarrhea reason child diagnosed with croup becoming red in night treatment getting clear discharge from ear any treatment have tubercular meningitis on steroid any alternative treatment prescribed yasmin for pcos when will i get periods discomfort over nipple painful tender lump redness itching allergy and vertigo light headedness what to do hair loss dandruff not overweight contraceptive patch fell off bleeding concerned about pregnancy on nexplanon brown discharge taken clindamycin for cold concerned decreased wbc count semi-liquid stools what does this indicate yellowish color in white of eyes normal blood test reason done tests for life insurance what do the results mean late period decidual bleeding watery discharge am i pregnant have endometrial hyperplasia will hormone therapy be sufficient unexplained bruises on arm yellow color feeling of locked ear possible that jaw is locked prescribed cytolog before abortion reason itching in anus scrotum and thighs tried cortisone any ideas urine report shows pus cells what does it mean foot twisting fall causing swelling difficulty in walking remedy delayed periods sore breasts taking cerazette chances of being pregnant black specks in phlegm recurring condition non-smoker causes for symptoms explanation of sheering as a part of brain injury severe cramps diarrhea mucus and blood in stools emergency condition frequent increased motions constant smell near anus any solutions abscess in mouth swollen face can i take penicillin pain in the lower stomach constipation what to do diagnosed with bilateral varicocele can it be cured with homeopathy pain in coccyx watery brownish yellow diarrhea treatment for symptoms severe pain in the back not able to stand reason pain in the back and chest while breathing breathlessness treatment is shingles transmitted through air contagious child with migraine is growth spurt the reason nausea vomited reddish pink stuff after dinner reason taking alprax during pregnancy will there be any side effects infant with crying at night have severe constipation reason bleeding from the mouth after brushing should i be concerned delayed periods with light bleeding and mild pain pregnancy chances increased appetite headaches and dizziness pregnant feeling tired without much exertion is this normal what is the reason for early periods had constipation bloating lower back pain with nausea delayed periods what to do itching and soreness in the genital area white discharge cure pain in the lower stomach is it due to gas itching in the vaginal opening lump getting bigger reason have alcohol addiction and social anxiety worrying all the time short period cycle brown bleeding from vagina implantation bleeding bumps on lower spine after fall x-ray normal trouble reason for calf pain after partial menisectomy abdominal pain history of jaundice unpredictable bowel movements stools with green mucus concerned sudden blackouts prescribed lonazap should i have a child history of miscarriages brown discharge no heartbeat reason reason for not being able to achieve orgasm migraine pain in ear discharge from ear suggest proper treatment periods have stopped how long should regestrone be used child has cerebral hemisphere atrophy done physiotherapy any further treatment bleeding after intercourse nw have headache related history of gestational diabetes prescribed betnesol injection is it safe bitten by unvaccinated street dog what shall i do penis bleeding during intercourse dizziness lightheadedness what do i do chronic bronchitis chest pain taking inhalers help child has trouble passing stools what to do x-ray shows nodulocalcific densities likely granulomata meaning done pre-vaccine screening test do i have hbv have pancreatic cancer started vomiting what should be done took dolo 650 for fever will it affect conceiving baby ear started bleeding after using ears gauged worrisome suffering from sneezing and blocked nose suggest some effective medicine missing periods after unprotected sex can i start primolut n have cervical incompetency how soon after miscarriage can i conceive have red cervix could it be due to loop diathermy child has fever and cough prescribed mefkind and microcef safe condom breakage during sex scared about sexually transmitted diseases child has vomiting loose motion fever cause of infection obstruction during urination does masturbation harm the penis child has fever unable to draw blood is it harmful switched to junet from generis now no period worried have diabetes following healthy diet exercising how to cure diabetes wrist pain after childbirth do i need surgery anxiety gastric problems heart skipping beats constipation treatment for symptoms frequent urination cramps pressure in underbelly what is your idea consistently losing hair family history of pattern baldness recurrent acne on face due to frequently travelling abroad lower back injury nausea weakness should i be concerned cause of abnormal weight gain abdominal pain scan shows enlarged liver what can be done knee joint pain taking glucosamine sulphate now pain in shoulder trouble focusing get distracted easily treatment dead sperms found in seminal fluid test serious low platelet count no symptoms normal result lump at base of throat what could it be child has fever weakness vomiting black liquid taken calpol extreme bloatedness slightly releaved after vomiting reason diabetic persisting high levels inspite of medicines guidance chest x-ray shows bronchovascular prominence costo-phrenic angles clear meaning suffering with sunburn how can i get rid of this pcos take regestron on absence of periods any side effects semen analysis done what is the analysis pelvic pain back pain ultrasound shows polyp in uterus endometriosis child has circular indentation on forehead since years abnormal fusion hot sensation in neck nausea tiredness wheezing cause of worry excruciating pain in tooth post root canal is it possible sick feeling low appetite sleeping difficulty what could be wrong random thumps in chest history of murmurs possible causes leg injury during game swollen tender to touch numbness diagnosed with cervical cancer had bleeding post cystoscopy prognosis spotting instead of periods on nuvaring why infant administered vaccine during diarrhea has delayed milestones related frequent pain in the abdomen will enzoflam help severe tiredness enervation loss of focus since delivery help trying to conceive ovutrig injected chances of pregnancy one-sided headache seasonal condition cold cough heart palpitations treatment dizziness and nausea while sleeping cause semen analysis done can i impregnate pimple-like allergies on face round spots spreading over face cure abdominal pain cramps vomiting bladder pain treatment options lip swelling with pain underneath it after taking adderall emergency frequent cold sores taking citalopram what could be triggering them masturbation addiction frequent urination back pain symptoms of prostrate cancer small child taken vaccine pentavac fever pain cure missed periods pregnant taken progesterone negative pregnancy test successful abortion increasing cholesterol level putting on weight cause for weight gain tmjd facial muscle weakness social anxiety suggestions to overcome this severe back injury rib fractures basal atelectasis prescribed painkillers cure small child high fever taking metacin dolopar maxtra-p treatment suffering with schizophrenia hears various sounds remedial resumes suffering with blood clotting no progress with stoin guidance got periods after missing bcp should i continue the pack nasal congestion sneezing clear mucus discharge taking homoeopathic medication treatment small child chest infection cough diet recommendations and medication suffering with thyroid taking thyroxin sodium dietary recommendations sore and bleeding gums using a soft brush cause toddler with fishy smelly stool is it normal toddler with fever given calprofen temporary relief is it flu low grade pains in chest left upper back cause trying to concieve having white smelly discharge after sex infection child with running nose mild fever and whooping cough suggestion hypothyroid have hypoglycemic incidents could this be related to menopause discovered pregnant after episodes of drinking affect foetal health spondylolisthesis causing back pain advised fusion surgery consequences vision going black momentarily after standing actual reason for dizziness having lichen planus using aveeno baby lotion continue protruding mole on scrotum with light burning sensation suggestion shooting pains in the face ears after having tonsillectomy normal having fever took medicines fever persists solution feeling naseus diarrhea and headache is it due to flu having yellow bloody discharge from vagina not std suggestions trying to concieve having spotting light discharge reason baby having cold cough nose blockage solution had oral sex ejaculated out risk of hiv extra tissue flap inside vaginal opening is this normal child with throat and chest infection vomiting suggest a medicine pregnancy test positive suggestions on tablets to abort can severe physiological stress cause brain cyst addicted to pornography often masturbate will it effect fertility having irregular periods pcod weight gain prescribed modus natural remedy having cut on penis redness around penis burning sensation suggestions small red dots on penis not itching cause having hpv having continuous clear watery discharge from vagina cancer tickling sensation in bum itching is this worms random bruises on head occurring behind head cause of worry vitiligo on lips prescribed trioxsalen tablets with omnacortil surgery required severe stomach ache fever not passed bowel is it e-coli air bubbles coming out of anus indications epididymitis blood in urine testicles feel heavy reason how does folliculitis spread over entire body on medication precautions bleeding cramps after having protected sex why on sugar pills having sore pubococcygeus muscle having pain during sex erection suggestions how to deal with child having adhd had periods after abortion had unprotected sex delayed periods pregnant cramps in stomach nausea had unprotected sex no period pregnant foul-smelling discharge discoloration in underwear related to hypospadius abdominal cramps heavy periods anything to worry about child has fever taken antibiotics due to uti have erectile dysfunction taking bodybuilding supplements is viagra insured bruise in corner of mouth related to sun exposure used prohormone trying to conceive is it causing infertility soft lump on arm abnormal ecg tiredness blocked nose using rectogesic for fissure have pain trouble passing stool delivered child done urine test need help in interpreting results bumps on hand painful what is suggested by the symptoms history of hysterectomy abdominal cramps black stain in underwear normal headache pain above right eye taking tramadol for knee injury upset stomach headache irregular sleep how can i keep studying lower back pain when walking can you help rash on neck itchy redness what products should i use ear popping fatigue underweight help chest pain radiating to back obstruction in throat lump in scrotum swollen help chest pain when breathing in how to stop the pain bloating nausea insomnia bleeding gums painful breasts am i pregnant swollen and painful labia majora no pus discharge currently menstruating itchy skin on arms legs and back difficulty breathing have tennis elbow taken cortisone shots now dizziness pinched nerve knee stiffness swollen calf pain spotting pink after periods start sore breasts fatigue pregnancy history of influenza a infection have cough sore throat normal seeing purple spots right side of face numb worried light period brown bleeding not pregnant any insight bronchitis persistent cough low wbc count due to two illnesses child has painful urination any home remedy had unprotected sex bloated abdomen sore breasts irregular periods confused safe to have orgasm during pregnancy history of dc child has fever cough nasal congestion headache child has vomiting given zofran something to worry about bruise on abdomen itching what could it be no injury pregnant history of miscarriage is it safe to climb stairs throat pain when swallowing or yawning what is wrong fishy odor from anal region no discharge cold sore throat swollen lip swollen tongue bleeding after razor cut on leg how to stop bleeding pregnant need safe way to abort have cramps have bronchitis and spasm taken ambien woken up shivering bump inside vagina pus and blood-filled ingrown hair blurred vision with lenses how can the problem be solved child has fever and cough given fepanil suggestion foul smelling chest sweat taking sporanox and clarithromycin loose penis ejaculating early best medicine area below knee sensitive to touch applied warm bag done blood and urine test for typhoid want verification pimples oily face dry cheeks should i try snail gel have sperm discharge at night want to gain weight solution itching penis after having sex leaking white substance prostate problem had unprotected sex worried about getting pregnant suggest preventative steps stomach pain sweating pale confused help take pills after having sex future side effects history of miscarriage ultrasound shows ovarian cyst worried ear discharge itching tonsil sore throat taking moxikind appropriate medicine taken isotroin for pimples have erection problem help headache after vomiting what could this be should dosage of norethisterone be strictly followed can rabies be transferred through ingesting unvaccinated dogs saliva backbone pain is treatment possible taking birth control pills is delay in period normal hair thinning after childbirth suggest supplements blister on tailbone itching scheduled for cystoscopy what is it extra piece of skin hanging from vagina after childbirth light headed dizzy cold hands not taken blood pressure pills is there any age barrier for doing circumcision severe hair fall why are they weak brittle and dry having fordyce spots on testicles get help from tretinoin cream having bloating stomach fullness weightloss no pain gall bladder issues going through menopause experiencing chills sleeplessness solution had a bilateral oophorectomy and salpingectomy have vaginal bleeding reason bilateral paracardiac area opacities-pyogenic what does the x-ray indicate semen test showed low sperm count go for iui 7yr old having bed wetting problem rectal prolapse cause having vitamin b12 deficiency prescribed injections diet pregnant experiencing dizziness nausea minimum pregnancy symptoms is it normal abnormal periods dull aches around ovaries pregnancy test negative problem trying to conceive started spotting when will i conceive dark brown spot in scrotum area increased in length cause pregnant started spotting bad cramps passed pink tissue miscarriage been on implanon spotted after sex what is going on pain in stomach uti detected cold sweat what can help had unprotected sex bled very little am i pregnant had valicocele will it help fertility issues and sperm count lost weight painful stomach bad appetite what is the reason had colonoscopy severe aches in lumbar area took tylenol further heavy period abnormal nausea iron deficient related had a miscarriage pregnant again low hcg score could mean pregnant blood in urine is it normal off opiates anxious high craving sleeplessness legs twitching help dizziness under shower stomach pain what has been happening have masturbated excessively why do i fail at an erection have high bp taking toprolol and lisinopril results thin moustache and beard what can increase thickness diagnosed candida on lips taking nystatin why are lips dark on birth control why havent i got my period pain in gallbladder area difficulty swallowing history of gerd treatment had unprotected sex brown discharge smells like period pregnant sore throat cold very low body temperature causes for symptoms rashes small pustules around hips pain in area treatment options hypothyroid acidity nausea headaches taking thyronorm treatment for symptoms marijuana addict mentally disturbed suggest de-addiction centers head pressure behind head nasal congestion yellow mucus treatment options soreness on ankles taking levaquin side-effects of medication severe gastritis acidity difficulty evacuating bowels chronic pain treatment options lump in tummy bleeding when pinched should i be worried dizziness nausea tiredness stress anxiety cure for symptoms using primaleve any long-term side effects have hot flushes depression child has swelling in thigh after dpt vaccination painful taking althea pill now abdominal pain brown spotting hand injury painful deformed knuckle is the knuckle broken neck pain hurts to swallow saliva have reflux unable to have an orgasm what is wrong sound in ear pregnant have sinus problem help child has recurrent fever stomach pain prescribed antibiotics next step painful patch on penis where foreskin retracts aggravated by sex rash on neck around eyes have headache child has low body temperature profuse sweating from head reason swelling protruding left ribcage difficulty breathing lifting arm bending cure child has congenital glaucoma how long should we wait have diabetes want to know dosage of mixtard child has fever cough headache given ibuprofen medical attention needed have diabetes tested tmt positive can this be serious sudden bleeding after menstrual cycles stopped done scan prescribed pause-mf lower back spasms stiffness pain what is going on had c-section want to abort present pregnancy without medicine help swollen labia minora used anticandida for thrush need help small penis regular masturbation how can i have normal size early period cramps back pain abdominal pain constipation gas cause blood in urine white fluid discharge what to do dizziness sinus problems headaches cold stomach upset medical attention needed have bradycardia increased heartbeat and blood pressure want complete checkup masturbation addiction weak erections shrunk penis treatment options sore eye redness applied eye ointment suggestions pain on lying down difficulty sleeping lower abdominal pain cure noises and discomfort in stomach taking omeprazole cause of symptoms child has squint in eyes is her eye power severe injured with pencil bleeding now numb fingers is this serious scarring after applying garlic on pimples why did this happen abscess on penis shaft swollen tender what can i do vaginal mucus discharge after unprotected sex soreness swelling applied ice have bone and liver cancer in pain life expectancy want to know about the dosage of novalgin drops boils in groin area itchy painful pus-filled what is this red bumps on stomach pus-filled what are they groin tightness muscle cramp in back discomfort between legs have swelling on penis short frenulum do i need circumcision rash on penis red inflamed itching what could it be prescribed zoloft for anxiety will drinking alcohol have side effects cough fatigue runny nose sore throat watery eyes painful bump behind ear what does this sound like throat pain worsens when bending forward what do you think have unprotected sex cramping after periods finished pregnant swollen lymph node under armpit prescribed antibiotics is this alarming small child crying excessively screaming corneal abrasion cure sore throat irritation diarrhea mucus behind throat strep throat infection pregnant constipation diarrhea nausea back pain cause of worry chest pain indentation in chest hurts to touch less hair on face hormonal levels normal genetic problem loose motions fever prescribed zenflox typhoid nose bleeds dizziness taken z pack related symptoms had unprotected sex after period finished can i get pregnant can i change my complexion from brown to white breast tenderness done hysterectomy can you help thick uterus lining something to worry about child has diarrhea vomiting should i take him to er irregular periods had sex started birth control possibility of pregnancy itching in vagina after having sex cause swollen thumb hard lump under skin purple coloration taken painkillers tiffa scan shows renal pelvic calyectasis could you explain knee joint pain unable to walk can surgery be done nausea throat obstruction need suggestion can cerelac cause constipation in baby child has chronic constipation unable to urinate blood clot blood in urine treatment suffering from pytriasses alba will the paleness remain permanently negative pregnancy test taken cytotec brown blood discharge excessive salivation at night family history of condition treatment options currently 17 weeks pregnant advised tiffa scan details red painful rash pale stools allergy what is wrong kidney malrotated blood in urine and had gallbladder removed treatment stomach virus weakness diarrhea and fatigue am i lactose intolerant congenital heart failure with a stent treatment level of seriousness kidney stones large calculi staghorn in renal mid means penis unable to erect oozes water occasionally solution blotch on chin that gets darker are they hormones related patch of dry skin on palms what can they be had intestinal issues have constant diarrhea celiacs disease take cuturelle dizziness lightheadedness and nausea have low blood sugar help spot on penis flat and glossy what is it cramping bloating mood swings with spotting what is the reason urinary tract infection kidney stones due to excessive protein intake prolonged heavy periods taking norethisterone tablets stopped bleeding reoccurred normal urinalysis results suggest is blood present small child sneezing coughing wheezing using mucolite drops nasoclear suggestions vaginal pain spotting post intercourse stomach pain frequent urination cure severe throat injury bleeding swelling how to control the pain bladder infection unable to swallow appetite loss treatment for infection gerd sudden knot like pain below rib cage treatment options pain and weakness in joints negative rf worried burning feeling under neck cramping restless leg what is up scalp injury boils on neck taking doxycycline done blood test for child what does it suggest done semen analysis can my wife conceive pain in ribs spreading to shoulder and arm cause itchy ankle and calf white bumps on ankle vomiting in the morning related to norovirus urge to urinate frequent urination ultrasound normal prescribed solifenacin solution have hairfall low ferretin level can i use mintop history of bladder infections any medication to kill the infection white pus pockets at back of throat cause burning sensation in forearm white patch with white spots weakness fatigue joint pain after having sex have enlarged fallopian tube done oophorectomy natural treatment weakening eyesight masturbating regularly what to do prescribed glyciphage folvite and ecosprin during pregnancy reason scratches on foreksin applied cream what shall i do how to remove dark burn scar from face short periods cycle bleeding post intercourse pink bleeding pregnancy symptoms burning pain in chest history of allergies anxiety hepatitis-c causes high levels of tsh cholesterol and triglycerides medication breast feeding suggest a protein meal replacement ideal ingredients pregnant sonography shows small baby size can i take duphaston had sex tested for uti symptoms resemble pregnancy suggest what does the urinalysis suggest is it denoting danger stubborn child suggest doctors to help handle pain in testicles dizziness prescribed docxycline hyclate treatment options knee injured have stitches swelling increases despite stitches medication injured wrist swelling due to sprain or fracture hbsag positive hbv dna level abnormal what does this mean diagnosed with pcos irregular period normal fsh level pregnancy stomach problems have vaginal discharge pain in abdomen sounds like dizziness lifeless limbs why did i faint developmentally disabled has bad cough on robitussin with codeine emergency yellow-green bowel movement in a child soft and watery worry pregnant have scanty blood discharge urinating clots abdominal cramps meaning delayed period pregnancy test negative possibly early for a test swelling in clitoris not painful dangles what is going on lump over eyebrow what is it what can be used wasnt on birth control had sex have breast tenderness pregnant how can i lose weight try weight loss pill 5 year old with moderate brain atrophy treatment options have hypothyroidism taking synthroide led to hair fall reason persisting pimples need a permanent cure sore on the testicles severe pain with discharge inflammation erratic heart beats ringing in ear face numbness increased heartbeat fatigue dizziness back pain thirsty had flu symptoms of hiv have cold late period orange discharge what could this be brown discharge after taking birth control pills no period hard lump outside knee pain when walking treatment frequent periods cycle heavy bleeding abdominal cramps tiredness treatment child has sore throat movable nodule in neck infected cyst using levlen had unprotected sex late period am i pregnant history of acne have ulcerative colitis what is going on suffering from anxiety suggest some effective treatment have had miscarriage found pregnant and getting menstrual cramps normal rashes appeared all over body what treatment should be done penis size decreased after masturbation what should be done memory loss headache fatigue difficulty concentrating suggestions taking thyronorm have hair fall and hair thinning solution recurring boils all over body any permanent cure sweating after waking up ecg showed right bundle block worried loss of appetite dry mouth smoking hookah pipe noticed blood after fingering can hymen break from fingering done stearic acid peel for melasma want results taking gynaset for pcos positive pregnancy test due to gynaset obsessed with sex how to get rid of this what treatment should be done for premature ejaculation what is the pediatric dose of augmentin suffering from lower back pain mri done looking for treatment incomplete urination no abdominal pain done urine test have migraine pain vomiting taking vovron and emeset had chronic constipation large stools reason suffering from alcoholism sudden dizziness explanation pain in wisdom teeth painful to swallow pain in gums have premature ejaculation is it curable does it affect fertility had unprotected sex taken morning after pill stomach cramps worried child having cough and vomiting advice effective medicine for cure feeling heavy tired headache and bloated have overactive thyroid related ear pain after speaking on cellphone headache suggest solution have night fall erection while sleeping suggest medicines can sunburn cause numbness numbness in arms and legs prescribed glucophage for pcod spotting instead of period abnormal thyroid had protected sex pain burning nausea blood in urine small child passing frequent soft stools taking smecta probiotics suggestions diagnosed with hepatomegaly with diffuse parenchymal disease treatment advise trying for baby semen analysis done is it normal is my semen analysis normal body pain fever knee swelling prescribed anti-inflammatories symptoms of flu missed periods had touched the vagina post handjob pregnancy small child having cold bleeding gums low grade fever suggestions spot on knee redness pimples around it using bactracin suggestions small child stomach infection vomiting loss of appetite treatment options skin color turning in black suffering from epilepsy cure would taking concertaadderall have a negative impact on testosterone levels have fever and rashes appeared how to get cured suffering from constipation what treatment should be done concentration problem causing unorganized behavior how can i fix this diarrhea and burning stomach treatment to be done what are the side effects in masturbating daily pain under breast and arm inflammation in chest cavity suffering from constipation and passing mucus without bowel movement worrisome got head injury feeling nauseous and headache any risk have dandruff and hair loss problem suggest some effective medicine rashes appeared on back and shoulder could it be scabies what is the best medicine for rheumatoid arthritis is dubagest 200mg safe to take during pregnancy what treatment should be done to increase penis size noticed blood in stool required treatment is precum discharge normal taking ayurvedic medicine history of bronchiectasis how should i avoid getting re-infected taken alprax for high bp difficulty maintaining erection solution suffering from nocturnal emission suggest some permanent cure got ear pierced pus filled boil appeared keloid or infection done aortic valve replacement increased heart rate anxiety prescribed atenolol discomfort in lower back abdomen and groin causes and treatment red dots below knees itching stinging sensation taking antibiotics cure injury pain in elbow cannot extend elbow what is wrong sinus tachycardia heart palpitations what are the risks bad head cold heavy discharge itchiness congestion remedy bleeding post intercourse done with menstruation days ago possible causes small child chronic wheezing several attacks due to food allergy wants to enhance height will step up help stomach bloating nausea frequent urination breathlessness on walking cure is there any device to increase bone density in humans child has productive cough had diarrhea after antibiotics suggestions how long does stomach viral exanthem last withdrawal symptoms even after 2 weeks of quitting smoking normal slight dryness of scrotum flaky is it eczema or psoriasis pain in ribs inflated what may be wrong sharp pain after a stool why is it not leaving been bleeding after each intercourse what is the reason irregular periods used ayurvedic treatment not helping what else can lump above testicle and near epididymis what are they pregnant brown spotting abdominal cramps on duphaston normal feeling depressed and dejected what can help recover loneliness pregnant positive results for lgg explain situation suffering from folliculitis is it bacterial or fungal cracks on foreskin tightening of skin what is going on depression have attempted suicide codeine can be dangerous if multinodular goiter with multiple cold nodules in left lobe explain using gargenal syrup for fits has it impacted his speech feet are extremely black inspite of hygiene will evion help orange color on bottom of feet hard skin reason abdominal discomfort scan shows enlarged liver treatment child has cold and cough should i give fenistil any side effect of giving cerelac to baby losing tightness of penis due to masturbation suggest medicine have constipation hemorrhoids can i take isabgol while breastfeeding have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis should i be climbing stairs dark patches where nose meets eye cause have generalized itching tried lyclear history of rls have acne on forehead white powder on scalp itching forehead had unprotected sex now whiteheads on penis and foreskin painless brown spotting before period taking ruaccutane for acne is istamet a substitute of insulin taking humalog and glucovit high heart rate leg pain have diabetes and high bp pain below shoulder blade lower back pain nervous head injury fluid-filled lump rough no pain coughing fever blocked nose throat infection taken antibiotics have hair fall prescribed tugain and renoica taking cipralex for depression weight gain concerned about withdrawal symptoms headache pain when coughing or sneezing neck pain difficulty passing stools soft stools normal colonoscopy pregnant ultrasound does not show fetal pole prescribed duphaston itchy bumps in inner elbow to neck no bed bugs taking dianette contraceptive pill light periods could i be pregnant abdominal muscle pain swelling using diazepam can you help abdominal pain hurts to walk frequently passing gas any idea pain in hips fingers shoulder and elbow pain in ribcage had cough earlier clear liquid discharge from buttocks bleeding what is wrong have mole below ribcage sore to touch need help irregular periods and spotting after iui will i conceive suffering from amoebaiasis using ciprofloxacin metronidazole alternative medication will prolonged use of seroflo rotocaps cause dependance unprotected sex pregnant spotting bright red bleeding cause of worry cold sinus ear pain sore throat difficulty opening jaw treatment chest pain while swallowing hiatus hernia pain in throat hurts to swallow solution for pain pregnant have white stuff in bowel cause are valsartan hctz and hydrazide the same type of medicines can tpha be positive with rpp being negative difficulty breathing blurred vision neck and chest pain heart problems stomach flu vomiting diarrhea recurring symptoms treatment options nausea bloated feeling had protected sex could i be pregnant liver tests show elevated sgpt cause of concern bites on buttocks what are they undergoing knee surgery impacts sperm count motility and morphology severe tan on hands face used tan removal packs suggestions vomiting diarrhea loss of appetite pneumonia treatment options frequent urge to urinate not sexually active non-alcoholic treatment options liver enlarged increased echogenicity in homogenous manner risky painful knees make noise havent injured what can help me stomach gurgling hiccups vomit excessive saliva diarrhea what is wrong is poppers bad for lungs does it contain tobacco oval-shaped organ swelling next to eye what is wrong had protected sex missed period take contraceptive now have pcod took fertyl is my follicular ultrasound normal on deviry when shall i expect pregnancy red bump over front teeth advised root canal treatment opinion chronic cough diagnosed as allergy internal weakness treatment options pap smear report shows peps grade 2 inflammatory indications troubled marriage several misunderstandings mistrust psychological issues professional help needed chest tenderness cold cough fever headaches cause of concern itchy pimples on penis heat rashes recurring condition treatment options any suitable face wash available in middle east brown bleeding watery blood unprotected sex chances of pregnancy severe chest pain stent inserted in chest precautions suffering from ibs for years frequently passing stools medication required pregnancy prescribed gestofit vomisafe richfol-dha totalax is there anything serious mole on ball sack tingling itching will popping it help 25 years old fever watery eyes droopy what is happening cold blocked nose throbbing headache using nasivion nasal spray suggestions have typhoid bad headaches abdominal pain lethargic cough fever fatal severe breast abscess nipple inverted causing stress disruption treatment sharp headaches excruciating enough to bring tears mri essential have diverticulosis diarrhea pain and vomiting is laparoscopy available sour stomach creamy looking stool painful throat is it virus suffering from alopecia areata using nanogen fibres will they work have been suffering from pcod spotting acne taking meprate treatment head injury cold mild fever headaches serious symptoms popped blackheads on nose redness with blood is it bad period cycle has changed have lesser flow fewer pms reason itching in urethra tube not std what could it be suffering from copd feeling faint breathlessness on oxygen nebulizers suggestions laparoscopic hysterectomy done pain in cervix fallopian tubes normal sore vagina itching bleeding cracked skin treatment options recurrent impetigo atopic dematitis on cephalexin clindamycin what is recommended have taken mifeprestone and misoprostol not bleeding yet reason semen analysis done prescribed testosterone injection course is pregnancy possible 16 year old with stomach pain after eating reason is over dosage of restyl 1 fatal get angry overreact for silly things ways to overcome it missed periods no signs of pregnancy still be pregnant having bleeding twice after taking ipill suggestions diagnosed with lupus due to tropical climate and water changes rectal pain burning sensation using water to relieve pain cure baby suffering from severe cough cold advised nebulization opinion getting pimples on face scalp reason treatment reports show high bilirubin sgot sgpt levels indications suffering from high bp and cholesterol how to control it suffering from epilepsy taking valparin vinleb tablets any medication side-effects tested ict positive pregnant what are the risks pregnant cbc hemoglobin packed cell volume and urinaylsis indicates worry have solitary swellings on body done fnac painful to touch stomach pain diarrhea nausea what should i do urine shows protein frequent bowel movements cause pelvic pain hurts to cough or laugh not pregnant vomiting diarrhea stomach pain diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome help endocrinology test suggests thyronormalcy want correlation with clinical conditions child has difficulty urinating penis pain is it uti skin turning hot suddenly redness after drinking coffee suffering from severe diarrhoea constant pain in body suggestion swollen stomach and abdominal pain is it a gastric problem experiencing frequent dizzy spells stressed out worried about cause ekg shows sinus arrhythmia short pr interval indications itchy burning rash on scrotum medication for relief semen test done what does my sperm count indicate bleeding during pregnancy depot injection given should i be worried trying to conceive missed periods and vomiting chances of pregnancy terrible itching in vagina after sex relief for the pain infant with high wbc and lymphocytes cause for the results suffering from eosinophilia allergy during cold season any home remedy brsmall white string in urine what could this bebr taking levlen had unprotected sex chances of pregnancy leg hurt swollen skin got darker why been fighting cold irritation in nose painful taking naquil help have had cough running nose with blood what is wrong prescribed duoluton l for dysmennorhoea worried about pregnancy suggest sharp shooting pain in the head what could this be white spots in vagina itching suggestions 20 days pregnant suggestions about medical abortion did not get periods after taking gestone chances of pregnancy having severe bleeding only during intercourse no cramps pain reason bump on scrotum popped and drained still feels hard suggestions pain in few areas in the scalp when touched serious suffering from tb weightloss diet for weight gain having nightfall after stopping masturbation no energy solution having high bp exercise remedy persistent ting sound in ear after using headphone suggestions sudden dizziness nausea temperature terrible headache difficulty walking reason lump in chest told it was hair follicle cyst opinion experiencing hairloss dizziness tiredness headache reason child having fever swollen face swollen lips bleeding reason prescribed niltan cream for black spots use frequently second period in same month what is wrong constipation testicle pain itching feeling in penis stomach discomfort forehead feeling bruised pain above eye difficulty sleeping worried had partially protected sex taken postinor can i get pregnant vomiting and diarrhea diagnosed as acute gastritis correct diagnosis stomach pain blood in stools concerned burning sensation urge to urinate after having sex