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have protruding disc osteoporosis degenerative spine and hemangioma concern about male pattern baldness used finestride consult a dermatologist bloody stool lower stomach pain arm pain reasons hard to penetrate tight vagina any advise constant headaches short memory loss dizzy worried small child bacterial infection unable to walk high fever treatment why nerve pain and hip-knee pain use pain killers miscarriage ectopic removed fallopian tube did ivf failed ideas migraines low memory and sneezes why pain in kidney nauseated tired sore nipples and heart burn chances of pregnancy laziness not exercising stopped walking taking multivitamins with breakfast treatment protected sex condom failure taken i-pill medication chances of pregnancy pus from navel is it a cancer symptom advise treatment painful lump in the cleavage is it breast cancer am i balding what are the patches there suffering from urinary tract infection is it a serious disease suffering from asthma bloating obesity on asthalin inhalers treatment heart heaviness nausea stress treatment for stress stomach pain above belly button nausea fluttering below rib cage intermittent not painful history of cardiomyopathy how to increase height of children cannot have sex for long medicine to prolong sex can a red spot on face be cancerous sore breast discharge vomiting reddish spotting what could it be mri shows disc dessication indentation over thecal sac precautions chest pain below collar bone irritating had unprotected sex taken postinor cause of no periods meat in anus no pain normal unconscious tia high potassium gums and feet bleeding kidney failure vaginal discharge itchy burning what do you think ear pain blocked tubes taken amox what can i do back pain shoulder pain headache abnormal stools after taking colospa fluctuation in lymphocyte level have eczema cause planning for baby is pyricontin safe had unprotected sex bleeding nausea pregnant numbness in chin and ears excessive saliva inflamed tonsil scared unable to close jaw painful taken advil which doctor child was vomiting not eaten something to be concerned about is a displaced navel treated by pressing breast in ayurveda white spots on gums mouth tongue history of tonsillitis treatment positive pregnancy test spotting closed cervix active bleeding miscarriage occurred done left foot construction swollen toes sensitive nerves help tiredness weakness long period of illness poor health treatment red skin around anus severe sweating irritation inflammation treatment child has wheezing taking seroflo is it harmful raised spots on ankle not itchy have diabetes and hypothyroidism had heart attack er level 50 how close to death always tired no energy normal tests help child has red bumps on face swollen what are they arm injury bruise large lump painful any suggestions black and stringy bowel movements abscess in colon answers cause of cluster headaches advised ultracet painful periods fever nausea body pain what is wrong have pcos overweight can i take weight loss pills regularly constipated swollen stomach take colace twice solution ear pain bleeding after using q-tip should she be checked back spasm vomiting taken ibuprofen should i go to er stomach pain dizziness frequent urination unprotected sex chances of pregnancy chest pain pain when sneezing heart related problem spotting orange heavy breasts headache bloating concerned penis got bent and became thin and short solution cluster headaches smoker of cannabis taking prednisolone verapamil treatment tiredness popping in lower back knee pain chest pressure treatment frequent urge to urinate bleeding on urinating recurring symptoms treatment shaved sideburns growing thick and coarse help abnormal prominent endometrial stripe should i get this looked at stomach bloating breathing difficulty acid reflux burping treatment why did my sugar level increase so i have diabetes has marfan syndrome should we make him new glasses cough and stuffy nose with headaches why is chest painful suffering from thyroid taking thyroxine thyroid test done treatment bleeding after stopping pill can i be pregnant suffering with short period cycles and abdominal pain help spot on stomach and back what can it be dengue fever altered state of consciousness talking oddly normal symptoms shoulder pain cracking and popping in shoulder have impingement syndrome have braces gum between front teeth getting squeezed and elongating large movable lump on neck sinus infection swallowing difficulty treatment lump on head hard should we worry because it hurts wrist pain turned purple have metal plate in forearm blood sugar level increases at night help can my lungscar be removed what can help ptb why is my child suddenly misbehaving give him divalproex have had pcod why is period irregular take gestin tablet under treatment for herpes zodex diagnosed with sinus bradycardia further have spondylolysis consistent bruises on back why the discomfort why have my periods been delaying what is the possibility why am i still bleeding post sonar on duphaston now hurt my shoulder why does it hurt after sneezing lining of uterus thickened on hemanex why has bleeding increased underarm waxing been hurting what is the scar studied folicles infertility treatment why were they raptured help can excitement cause stuttering is it related to hypertension on amoxicillin over dose why is the baby irritated now toxic smell what is the rubber burning stench preterm baby why has the stool become infrequent with pain body felt warm pregnant what must be the temperature cold blocked nostrils difficulty breathing thick brown phlegm headache treatment had laproscopic surgery removed endometrosis adhesions why am i bloated palpitations are they stress caused why is the intensity increasing on mr met for pcos why is period delayed child had fever does ciphon have side effects child has typhoid also stomach pain what can i do bp rose after taking stamlo related take olmesartan instead suffering from arthritis why does it keep recurring permanent solution chronic eye pain or discomfort no redness no discharge help have epidermolysis bullosa why is skin itchy take protopic egg ruptured had intercourse taking miprogen will i conceive had coil fitted during pregnancy termination did it come out has moderate pulmonary stenosis why should i repeat eco online depression screenings show high depression what can i do recovered from chickenpox can i have sex discomfort in bladder when empty urinating blood any ideas renal tuberculosis failed to put stent cannot control urine back pain shortness of breath sonography normal solution doing splits heard a pop near buttocks pain in knee mucus in throat headache thick vaginal discharge abdominal pain after urination enlarged prostate done spinal injury suggestion sore labia minora dryness swelling sexually active treatment options prolonged period cycles spotting before periods prescribed livogen cycloset treatment pregnant used to have eczema used steroids infection likely pain and pressure in stomach uterus anteverted multiple fibroids meaning injured middle finger why does it swell broken arm smashed humeral head burning sensation sore thumb treatment have lower back pain nausea dizziness what is the cause have halitosis gum disease what is it exactly prescribed susten after scan pink spotting will it cause harm child cries before urinating tries to push stools releases gas forehead injury sensitivity to light slight headache treatment of symptoms tailbone hurts have swelling and bruising take ibuprofen had sex condom broke semen leaked fear pregnancy food chart for starting solid food for baby is lycostar an effective all purpose anti-oxidant abdominal pain bloating swollen stomach cause and remedy pain below sternum worsens with food intake belching vomiting do not have periods trying to have baby swallowed a staple internal damage no abdominal pain throat normal delayed periods excessive bloating cramping iud placed pregnancy chances blood in phlegm after coughing cause lower abdominal pain after doing crunches 33 year old having spotting not on birth control reason numbness in head normal mri have eye heaviness help tooth extraction blurred vision cataract surgery done treatment applied magnesium sulphate to bartholins abscess painful dizziness taking antidepressants not sure what to do having fever body ache pain in ankles cough advice itching on ankles shins thighs legs taking attrax help have diabetes bleeding after urination what is wrong delayed periods with abdominal pain had flu causes child has fever can he be allowed to swim swollen and red tonsil painful taken antibiotic have neck pain difficulty in urination what could be wrong missing periods taking medroxyprogesterone trying to conceive need help heavy period watery discharge on trinessa normal discoloration on the forearm without injury no pain insect bite having diarrhea stool test showing pus cells medication pain near uterus thigh anal passage all tests normal help late periods period-like pain brown bleeding what is wrong pimples on face taking azithral deriva and dacne suggestion swollen and sensitive penis corona reasonhistory of circumcision sore hips and stomach pain bloating need remedy chest pain coughing fever what to do colorless bump on lower lip swollen feeling lightheaded diagnosed as acute sinusitis taking amoxicillin worried child has fever and vomiting what should i do irregular periods overweight thyroid and prolactin normal have pcod reasons child scratched by stray dog applied dettol vaccination needed abdominal pain spotting negative pregnancy test suggestion have sun burn on head swollen eye taken fulcloxacillin concerned newborn child has low platelets medical advice had protected sex late periods negative pregnancy test chest pain done blood test ecg and echo suggestions pain back leg and hand after c-section have hypothyroid done stool exam please explain taking microgynon missed some pills had sex am i pregnant pregnant headaches and lightheadedness why is it getting worse pimples on forehead are hormones acting up use benzac breast sore to touch pimples on nipples normal why do i have depression at the age of fourteen child has green and semi-solid stools suggestions suffering with paranoid schizophrenia has fluctuating behavior advisable treatment bruising on arms what is the throbbing sensation why fatigue affected by symptoms of tuberculosis what does esr suggest is the semen analysis fine are there problems pregnancy possible pregnant experienced bleeding what can the reason be pcos have periodic acne on isotretinion creams slight improvement suggestion infant diagnosed with gerd prescribed jr lanzol is it safe brown liquid from nose why does it happen tooth abscess flesh colored lumps tender gums between teeth treatment bump on buttock stings on touching bleeding pus discharge treatment dizziness low bp high pulse rate nasal mucus treatment options high bp have discomfort and ribs pain why discomfort in lungs using auto pap machine ankle pain swelling itching discoloration migraine vomiting and cramps am i pregnant worry about palpitation pregnant why do i have bad stomach pain take paracetamol could stress cause spots in labia minora gained weight had brain tumor have fever tiredness cognitive disorder bloated stomach pain clear discharge had sex pregnant suffering from sunburn prescribed derantox triglow cream treatment done liver test do i need further investigation suffering with tb advised akt4 what is the dosage have vertigo prescribed montemac and banocide is the medicine fine blood in stool was that why my stomach pained emergency did vaginoplasty have hypoplastic uterus is there a treatment severe cough taken zincivit will it have side effects had sex according to ovulation calender saw blood implantation bleeding scrotum started to swell why was there pus undergo surgery have chrohns disease and enlarged spleen what medication is used hair transplantation done prescribed finestride minidoxil side-effects of medication renal colic ultrasound shows hydronephrosis history of recurrent uti fever boils on the elbow constipation taking clavam-bid treatment why are some diseases categorized as hereditary diseases 6 weeks pregnant sinus condition breathing difficulty taking sudafed treatment itching on scalp hair fall tried tablets and lotion child has vomiting and loose stools any ideas nerve related twitching fluttering tingling in fingertips vision disturbances treatment severe bleeding after getting colonoscopy done should i be worried masturbation stomach pain indigestion weakness memory loss insomnia treatment mild pneumonia cough yellow sputum taking amoxicillin prescribed azithromycin treatment cold sore behind the molar need medical attention itching in the genital areawhite bumps present what are theses brown bleeding spotting mild abdominal pain symptom of pregnancy epilepsy patient taking epsolin medication stress epileptic fits hospitalization required difficulty in getting pregnant advised prenatal vitamins will they help does masturbation before puberty onset slow down the growing process pancreatic cancer symptoms progressing rapidly vomits bile prognosis impression said uboptimal inspiratory effort renders mild bronchovascular crowding explain what are the benefits and drawbacks of masturbation is it possible to diagnose endometriosis through trans-vaginal scan only blocked fallopian tubes failed ivf cycle what treatment will help what treatment will help in tightening the vaginal muscles dizziness sick feeling after taking citalopram can i discontinue it will figaro olive oil help in hair growth and shine thyroid under control with thyronorm measures to reduce weight maculopapular rash on body taken medrol help non-healing cuts on feet does not hurt or bleed slimy substance in ears irritation itchiness ear pain pain management pain after injecting boldenone cracking body weakness justification mark underneath front tooth what can it be variable heartbeat shoulder pain abnormal ecg solution chest pain shoulder ache throat spasm done spray painting related chest fluttering difficulty breathing dizziness feeling faint rapid heart beat brown spots on hand not itching due to stress pain after delivery superficial gap in suture open perineum scared hair loss fatigue tingling after stopping synthroid thyroid problem non-healing injuries lumps pink discoloration permanent spots remedies chronic diarrhea blood in stool taken oflox done colonoscopy want to conceive prescribed pyricontin should i continue severe gastritis nausea vomiting sensation taking rantac-d raberite-d endoscopy required will proglyuton stop me from getting pregnant have pco have gi bleed done standard tests any new tests heavy periods blood clots stress taken i-pill chances of pregnancy taking glucophage and duphaston no periods bleeding after sex hurts to urinate stopped birth control wrist pain mri shows bone cyst arm pain why pain bruised feeling near tailbone done colonoscopy coughing and cold x-ray shows primary infection due to tb lump near groin grows bigger concerned tickling in anus feeling of movement what is this for which disease is vertin prescribed weakness unconscious hair loss wrist weakness taking sertraline and thyroxine normal cramps nausea hot and cold flashes bloating causes for symptoms history of cancer painful liver cyst something more serious nausea headache green stools vomiting diabetes or medication racing heart tingling hands taken vitamin b12 taking antidepressant floating stools constipation cramps burning stomach gurgling brown spotting at 7 weeks pregnancy back pain normal hardened vein after injecting opana what could cause this dark spot behind eye vision improvement not overweight any ideas dizzy weakness shaking legs no pain or fainting stroke recurring bug bites itchy no fever burning urination blood in urine frequent urination what is wrong headache palpitation shallow breathing arm weakness using treximet headache and runny nose after taking repeflo for enlarged prostate pain in ribs lower spin upper abdomen normal angiogram treatment pain in hand taken antibiotics darker hand infants soft spot hit being fussy advice have blister on buttocks recurring what could this be blue veins on palm headache what is wrong had unprotected sex taking microgynon could i still get pregnant eaten light breakfast feeling hot and breathless seeing white dehydration suffering with oligoasthenospermia advised maxoza fertomid carnitor duralast advice unable to conceive done follicular study advised oosure help childs routine test shows pus cells rbc epithelial cells guidance done angioplasty prescribed ecosprin and clopilet only clopilet fine connection between taking xanax and gluten allergies diarrhea after recovering from glandular fever common white bumps under cornea irritation scratchy feeling done lasik related skin thickening at base of tongue uncomfortable when talking worried pain in stomach and between shoulders gas done appendectomy worried taking vasograine for migraine replacement for vasograine redness on cheek soreness done cavity filling why insomnia feel uncomfortable in heat dizziness taking metfort normal difficulty getting erection no interest in sex what is wrong diarrhea taken lomotil what to do have mono pain in calf and quad muscle dehydration frequent urination bloating burning urination what is going on done hysterectomy sonography showed hepatomegaly any cure vaginal itching darkened skin help scan shows renal calculi fatty liver any liver disease pap smear shows c1n1 is that like having cancer painful intercourse bleeding after sex is this a problem trying to conceive uterus is exotexture and anteverted advice abdominal pain done ct scan history of fever labia swelling applied monistat home remedies groin pain numbness in legs pelvic pain frequent urination causes light dots in urine back pain done urine test worried fainting headache confused short-term memory loss brain problem ckd advised cetil and mircera correct medicines child has gray matter heterotropia treatment typical neuralgia side effects after taking medication suggestion pregnant sore throat headache eye pain can i take dolo headache twitching pain killer ineffective abdominal pain dizziness nausea post workout colonoscopy endoscopy done causes for symptoms delay in taking telmisartin for high bp risky unprotected sex withdrawal method missed periods negative pregnancy test pregnant follicle in ovary taken progesterone what is wrong had miscarriagebr diabetes high blood pressure high serum creatinine level advice done cataract surgery myopic sea sickness feeling faint expected headache back pain digestion problem what to do stomach pain blood in stool nausea constipation worried about heartbeat keep watching pulse and checking chest done torch test cause of abortion skin attached to vagina cramping back ache continuous brown discharge after sex normal head heavy neck and shoulder stiffness red eyes guidance wanted chest and arm pain uncomfortable gall bladder removal hair loss tiredness flank pain elevated calcium history of endometriosis shadow above ovary in scan meaning sinus problem flaring after quitting smoking normal numbness tingling in head arms and back feeling faint lower back pain spotting borderline hb incomplete miscarriage problem change in heart rhythm light headed can anyone help chest hurting when inhaling smoke coughing due to weather protected sex tiredness fatigue taking anti-viral flu medication hiv symptoms calf injury spreading bruise stiff muscle blood clot pregnant spotting what could be causing this weight gain after taking steroid treatment for allergy suggestive treatment taken unwanted 72 after having sex delayed periods pregnant continuous nausea lightheadedness on periods should i be worried blood work showed high triglycerides absolute monocytes is it alarming ecg showed sinus tachycardia holter monitor normal advised tolol suggestions trying to conceive taking imazole discharge after uterus infection culture shows klebsiella growth what treatment should be taken flab around waist diet plan to reduce it mouth sore dizziness taken penicillin what is my problem back cramps stomach pain clay stools leg cramps enlarged liver swelling and burning in pubic area tightness around inguinal area bronchial asthma using foracote and asthalin regular lung functional test seborrhic dermatitis hair fall using minoxidil help child has diarrhea stomach pain vomiting stomach bug runny nose only at night why is that swollen glands in neck chest pain worried fibromatosis aggressive breathing with ventilator accurate prognosis taking menopure ecosprin and duphaston cramps spotting headache help had unprotected sex want to know about abortion pill ultrasound shows collapse of gallbladder stone fatty liver curable pregnant taken azaron and omnacortil help trying to conceive light bleeding stress inter-menstrual bleeding causes feeling dizzy frequent urination family history of diabetes help scratched by kitten no bleeding chances of infection feels like shrinking paper sound inside ear plugged reasons testicle pain usg showed varicocele taken ciplar infection 8 months pregnant vomiting blood reasons having fever and headache is it a viral infection car injury unconscious feeling dizzy when trying to sleep diarrhea abdominal pain chills nonproductive vomiting now sweats normal tachycardia chest pressure taking inderal diagnosis knee replacement done belching hiccups wheezing stomach gas treatment options done lab tests is it dm type 2 or di frequent occurrence of hydradenitis suppurativa permanent remedy blood in stool itchy anus what is wrong swollen bloated stomach weight gain strange cravings tiredness pregnancy symptoms multiple anal fissures negative imunocromatography caused by hiv infection pcos periods further apart heavy bleeding sore breasts scared head hurts always in different locations reasons feeling lightheaded passing out after exercising causes ovarian cysts eggs not rupturing reason child has klippel feil syndrome trouble organizing thoughts suggestions continuous dizziness after electrostimulation therapy taken meclizine and prednisone help can inhaling marijuana react with anesthetic for frenuloplasty jolting in heart and head in morning dizziness vomiting diarrhea due to spiked drink lumps on lower legs not painful tender opinion diagnosed with fibroids have continuous bleeding can i conceive bleeding diagnosed with pregnancy unsure of conception date help recurring uti temporary relief with medicine permanent solution head spinning unclear vision nausea blood phobia masturbation addiction want to regain sperm loss increase stamina suggestion child suffering with adhd dyslexia learning disabilities maniac disorders prognosis done semen analysis am i infertile tests before circumcision surgery showed low heart rate underlying cause suffering with back shoulder neck pain whats the reason ibs diarrhea constipation gas after protozoa infection help cerebral palsy taking tablets more information small lump on forehead while waking up possible causes done liver function test do i need medication taking paxidep for panic disorder causes weight gain sore throat headache green mucus blocked nose ear pain history of lower limb dvt should i continue acitrom vaginal and clitoris itching abdominal pain possible reasons diabetes fluid retention ultrasound showed splenomegaly what to do do stomach acids really make one feel dizzy hepatitis hepatomegaly stent inserted in kidney curable pregnant back ache lower abdominal pain taken metronidazole upset stomach painful swallowing swollen throat glands nose blocked help intermittent painless bleeding with blood clots after miscarriage primolut helpful cold asthma coughing mucus with blood headache mental stress anxiety gained weight blood pressure problem itchy face ultrasound showed early pregnancy pregnancy test negative what to do taken azithromycin coughing yellow stuff overdose of ibuprofen anything i should do using betnovate for pimples suggest home remedies done follicular study chance of getting pregnant anxiety negative thoughts blank mind mild pain near anus constipated treatment pink blisters on elbows no itch or pain advice small child hoarse voice allergies coughing sneezing treatment options on klacid 500 containing clarithromycin can i drink headache sleep apnea overweight fever breast lumps treatment options had high fever on tylenol what can she do what does my echo and doppler study report lack of facial hair less beard moustache hormonal medication elbow injury pain when putting pressure did i break it pregnant cramps on bump and lower back means anything psoriasis redness itching dryness memory loss diarrhoea intestinal ulcerations bowel resection done safe to conceive can the leg be saved gunshot injury to lower limb redness hard burning pain in vagina cirrhosis iron deficiency drink irish cream serious issue heavy bleeding taking norethisterone not stopped feeling faint hard bump on buttock itching have ms taking avonex itchiness clitoral pain frequent urination vaginal irritation post intercourse infection hashimotos thyroiditis throat tightness throbbing taking thyroxine water retention blood in spit in the morning not tb help child has pink eye not eating green urine taken tylenol stomach pain belching gas worsened by stress parasite nausea diarrhea loss of energy weight loss colonoscopy fine stomach pain light headed vomiting what is wrong henoch schonlein purpura taking cell-cept joint swelling rash stomach pain chronic microvascular ischemic changes headache how to get relief enlarged lymph node ct scan normal nodule on thyroid related child has diarrhea vomiting weakness fever what do you think hard movable lump in hip bone painful when touched child has stomach pain stool test showed entamoeba histolytica worried sudden finger pain bruised cramps what could this be ultrasound shows myomatous myometrium myoma distorting normal anatomy meaning severe cough with breathing difficulty stringy white mucus treatment septic optic dysplasia contracted pupils dizziness causes for symptoms do i have bladder infection done tests continuous spotting mammogram showed lump in breast conclusion child has retraction pocket without cholesteatoma hearing loss surgery ok white bulging from vagina during bowel movements serious random bites scabies severe itch history of scabies hives can any online doctor help with results of hormone test weight gain long cycle duration normal thyroid normal wet vaginal discharge irregular periods bloating abdominal pain increased pulse headache dizziness diabetic need good doctor in aliganj clicking noise behind nose in center of head damage red itchy spots over the body any ideas hypothyroidism fatigue ultrasound shows coarse heterogeneous texture body pain hypertension taking antibiotic done kidney biopsy low cost treatment pregnant dark vaginal discharge no smell or itching normal cutaneous horn on eyelid is it inherited pain in belly button smelly pus no stomach swelling worried blood and phlegm in stool cramps diarrhea hemorrhoids heart attack blood clot prognosis taking blood thinners nitro pills use of ecosprin gold medicine incisional hernia itching in vagina late periods uncomfortable what is it trouble swallowing in the morning had sleep device help possibility of hiv transmission through touching wounds on finger stomach pain bloating painful taken digestisan stomach cramps diarrhea can oreo cause this hormones checked sperm count checked have history of hyperprlactinemia further have fever given malaria treatment pantaset zanocin what next sweating in palms feet chills weakness dizziness serious condition tested for vdrl and tpha worry regarding sex got the contraceptive implant why headaches back pain sore breasts got the nexplanon implant had brown discharge chances of pregnancy stomach pain fever vomiting done blood test help taken prednisone spotting brown discharge should i be concerned child has green stools done blood test help feeling cold after delivery done chest x-ray taking tb medication illiac fossa pain endometriosis what is it done urine analysis history of silent stones help weak penis due to masturbation does this lead to impotency delayed period had sex bloated and hard stomach normal will whey protein harm my body masturbation leads to bp and breathing problem pregnancy issues can irregular period be a reason dizziness fainted why does head feel strange after sneezing child has red area on buttocks and hip help sore tongue taking prilosec any ideas thirsty no appetite blockage in aortic valve time running out stopped breast feeding havent got period affect my ovulation on implanon birth control severe bleeding chances of pregnancy graying beard in early adulthood why hormonal imbalance pcos overweight regular periods will fertility be affected increased incidence of enlarged palmar veins why are feet swelling had fits taken epsolin feeling restless dry mouth sleeplessness suggestion had sex during periods light orange spotting pregnant chest stinging stomach pain constipation what do you think bloating lower back pain headache cramping tiredness pregnant afraid of pain during sex what pill would you recommend red spot in stomach frequent urination nausea colonoscopy done cure constipation had catheterization safe to take dulcolax suppository cramps swollen breasts tenderness had sex pregnant pain when pulling out tampon what did i do brown spotting after unprotected sex bloating headache swollen breasts no menstrual period after dc what is wrong tongue pain diarrhea throat obstruction had oral sex std electric shock in arm tiredness lightheaded dizzy headache iron deficiency or low blood sugar encephalomalacia after suffering from stroke life expectancy growth near tear duct no pain serious diplopia after having stroke medication itching and tingling rash on arms and abdomen child has fluffy yellow foul smelling stools had vomiting crohns disease raised lipase levels reason child has watering eye help knot near acromioclavicular joint arm numbness pregnancy tight stomach when standing too long or tired normal preeclampsia during pregnancy related to thalassemia minor blisters on penis head could this be from sweat scratched by monkey should i take antirabies injections itchy skin on calf prescribed paraffin oil hand tremors taking pacitane and inderal for writers cramp treatment child has shunts for meningitis can he live without shunts is it my fault that i masturbate have no ejaculation breathlessness increased heartbeat have atrial septal defect back ache indigestion loose motion periods ended pregnancy changing stools had ovarian cysts abdominal pinching ibs vagina clitoris and butt cheek were numb solution suffering from breast cancer dizziness taking chemotherapy sessions medication what does urinalysis suggest what are mucus threads frequent stomachitis with gastroenteritis may i have stomach ulcers recurring pain and spasm in upper back waist stiffness cure scoliosis sounds from back when lying down related having blepharochalasis does it effect vision constipation after taking doxycycline for uti are chocolate cysts in ovary curable had protected sex penis irritation when urinating taken antibiotic reason taking storvas had asymptomatic angioplasty can i do combat training unprotected sex started periods repeated intercourse pinkish spotting pregnancy symptoms has cold and cough fever and dehydrated is immunity bad renal failure shrunk kidneys how long before dialysis what can help pre-ejaculation and suggestions for long sex life on allegra with clonate ointment what treatment is advised pain in stomach and back why miscarriage explain situation pcos overweight prescribed melodene contraceptive will it counteract hormonal imbalance have acne problem on azethromycin will it work had unprotected sex taken unwanted 72 chances of pregnancy have diarrhea what is the level of hemoglobin thyroxine tsh cystitis after spinal cord surgery burning urination bed wetting help loose stools teething on upper jaw causes for loose motions had spinal fusion can i lift weights and play sports penis pain when urinating remedy foul smell in nose facial pain history of sinus surgery recurring fissure eating balanced diet done sitz bath pulling sensation in stomach headache dizziness what is this blood in urine after taking plan b feel pressure child had fever headache tiredness heart murmur fuzzy stools diarrhea done colonoscopy what is it x-ray shows ptb in upper lobe want permanent cure mild fever at night weakness tiredness cough cold treatment options irregular periods putting on weight prescribed megest pills treatment options done blood test prescribed silybon and liv52 help raised beta hcg levels ambrodil safe during pregnancy ovarian cyst prescribed deviry should i get cyst removed pregnant are my reports normal taken rife- fd for tb can the medication be stopped pain in eyes nausea the cause recommended vasograin why light headedness why did my vision weaken with headaches swollen meatus taken antibiotics help can working near a slaughter house cause persistent cough child has stomach pain vomits help weak erection dizziness when urinating smoker occasionally drink alcohol burning sensation in eyes after intercourse reason continuous bleeding after taking unwanted pills why no periods labial irritation after urinating redness inflammation burning sensation strong smell sore throat pins and needles feeling sound in ear hard lump on roof of mouth had cavity filled serious chin hit and bruised isnt fading why is it discolored knuckle injured are they sore why the uncomfortable suffering from hyperthyroidism why is weight gain not happening knee injury leg pain after stumbling what to do painful to lift arm with bent elbow soreness dizzy vomiting nausea stomach bug is it true that dystrophin helps repair or grow muscles stopped nuva ring nipple and breast pain swollen feet pregnant elevated bilirubin heartburn lower back pain related blood in stool low hemoglobin premature to diagnose cancer painful bumps in armpit prescribed clotrimaderm car accident concussion mri showed sinusitis headache light sensitivity abdominal pain nausea constipation pain due to appendicitis pregnant dizziness seeing white spots intermittent spotting headache second opinion frequent fever throat infection fatigue hiv or aids symptoms nausea muscle stiffness lack of appetite nosebleed any idea brown discharge between periods dizziness what is happening pink spotting cramps back pain pregnancy irregular bleeding during period cause finger pain after cut by rusty nail surgery required continuous bleeding after abortion normal done stool analysis what is the diagnosis done cataract surgery have headache normal mri had protected sex abdominal cramps brown spotting pregnant bone scan shows symmetrical abnormalities cause spotting after a bowel movement during pregnancy cause had myocardial infarction angiogram shows buildup felt chest pressure common dizziness swollen neck pain in head ear and eye help throat tightness constant swallowing of excess saliva burping advice cough nasal congestion due to pertussis taken antibiotics feeling suffocation condom failure during sex light inter-menstrual spotting cause of concern stomach pain bloating after eating pink urine abdominal discomfort headache nausea tiredness exhaustion light spotting cramps negative pregnancy test pregnant painful swallowing sore back and shoulders no stomach pain throat problem urethra itching positive urine culture taken antibiotics taken loestrin when period started now bleeding stopped pregnant body tenderness swollen throat difficulty breathing had sinus infection stopped depo had sex brown discharge cramps headache advice knee injury black scab tenderness should scab be removed knee injury sore to touch should it be checked pregnant hypothyroidism will high tsh affect babys growth cold purple spots on hand caused by low income environment recurring lumps in groin bleeding pus bacterial infection myasthenia gravis drooping eyelid done emg prescribed pyridostigmine bromide on depo shot cramping passing blood clots help child has diarrhea semi-solid stools stomach ache is bacygil ok objects in stools any information brown discharge ultrasound shows heterogeneous uterus what is this do i have gas and upset stomach due to mecalvit dry mouth difficulty swallowing headache salty taste in mouth reasons red and swollen penis not painful partner had hpv help edema after taking pregabalin and pavesca together help losing consciousness chest heaviness angiography suggested is it needed back pain mri shows disc bulge how to get relief finger swelling after bandaging advised exercise in hot water advice painful lumps under skin when walking cause brown menstrual bleeding with clots what to do asthma severe coughing attack prescribed budecort using nebuliser correct treatment done follicular study was it okay to take lupride want immunization schedule for fifteen month old baby hair fall baldness taking togain 5 finalo jocare-c suggestions pregnant constant urge to urinate lower back pain taken keflex done bypass surgery chest pain taking nitro pill worried cough and respiratory problem start using asthalin throat obstruction burning chest discomfort after eating medicine sunken eyes tired look help renal disease hypertension diabetes continue present treatment abdominal pain high heart rate history of hysterectomy swollen lymph nodes in groin advice stomach bloating pain kidney cyst pleural effusion in lung help migraine pulsing under chin what could this be viral fever on levolin t minic expect signs of improvement pcod hypothyroidism miscarriages oligomenorrhea taking clomid laproscopy done infertility treatment temperature keeps fluctuating body feels hot inside what is it abdominal pain questionable pid cramps what is wrong pink and heavy eye no discharge history of viral conjuctivitis have pcod on deviry why is period infrequent been treating nail fungus why is it painful use peroxide been taking spasmo proxyvon am i dependent for life what does the report state regarding haematorict neutrophils lymphocytes suggest why do i have premature ejaculation take nano leo capsules why are my periods always delayed why am i spotting had a miscarriage high bp failed to conceive possibility suffering from filariasis problem suggest treatment for swelling knee pain recovered from dislocated patella connected to previous injury pregnant can an yeast infection affect the fetus fracture on forearm got titanium plates can i use sofradex had intestine removed what can issues with eating diagnosed with bladder infection and vaginois had hysterectomy help trying for a baby normal reports what is unexpected fertility white blood discharge that is sticky is it pregnancy heat redness and swelling around navel why is it painful pain in ribs and around why should i worry bloating nausea dizziness and headaches are related to pcos ear drum feels stabbed due to pain see a doctor pregnant constant bleeding low hemoglobin advice cannot pull back foreskin when erect should i do stretching delayed periods have protected sex stomach and back pain help discomfort in head neck and chest burping pulling sensation help constant throat infection cough fever help child has hypersalivation can econorm be given lightheadednesschest pain arm pain cold chills have high bp shaky vision trouble talking fatigue hand tingling burning sensation in vaginal area after using tindamax herpes bone growth above right eyebrow not visibly noticeable headaches causes shaking uncontrollably reigers post incomplete enteroscopy under anaesthesia propohol causes lump under collarbone movable history of cough help swollen bump on scalp fatigue headaches shivering suggestions white spots on tonsil no pain help blood in urine done urine test what can this be chest pain no trouble breathing taking synthroid and hydrocortisone granule in throat taking omeprazole how should i approach this have benign thyroid tumor elevated alkaline phosphate level related black spot on vagina itching had oral sex thrush sore throat bruised tongue white spots on tonsils sore throat cannot swallow smoker throat or larynx cancer reddish bumps on scrotum and anus itching not std spotting when off thyroid pill premenopause delayed periods partner had wiped hands before fingering pregnancy chances how can one differentiate between bleeding and spotting between periods diagnosed with mild tb will it hinder chances of employment are anti-depressants addictive and do they cause side effects done semen analysis is pregnancy possible with this result semen leakage with urine how can i control it brown discharge mucus-like pregnant should i be concerned about miscarriage sexual dreams conscious sperm leakage fantasy dreams at night solution done semen analysis am i fertile done coronary angiography discomfort in heart rate vpcs recurring normal variable fasting blood sugar level oral medication for diabetes cold tingling sensation above nipple any insight painful bump in shoulder hurts when moved at certain angles child hit head swollen bruise what can i do now ultrasound shows single live fetus grade 1 need full interpretation black spots inside gums what is it called bed wetting at thirty five years of age help chest tightness palpitations need to clear throat constantly tired dizzy dissociative disorder taking inzofresh tablets side effects clear sticky vaginal discharge cramps no periods have mirena cause can low-dose estrogen cause bilateral joint pain used tuagin for hair fall how can hair regrow swollen painful toe after being hit need medical attention child has low grade fever cough loss of appetite headache nausea reduction in eyesight losing hair help can eglonyl cause breasts to enlarge redness and swelling under eye peeling skin itching cause negative pregnancy test pink spotting had unsafe sex increase in itchy rashes after taking dexamethasone and avil scars on nose redness how to get rid of them left side of cheek is leathery what is it chest pain when swallowing burping have fibromyalgia worried chest pain when swallowing chest pressure what could it be pocket of fluid above knot on shin after injury normal child has pain in buttocks relief after passing stools delayed periods negative hpt spotting cramping bloating pregnant bleeding wart above eye how is this handled head injury headache dizziness nausea tiredness taken tylenol done cystoscopy now bladder oain and burning have herpes paronychia on finger skin separated from nail swelling suggestion masturbation sudden pain in muscle below knee muscle tear high sgpt levels non-alcoholic prescribed ursodiol chances of hepatitis b scabs on legs after taking antibiotics for infected bumps waiting for kidney transplant on dialysis help taking atorvastatin high uric acid and cholesterol levels chest pain panic attacks what should i do will using male chastity devices cause any psychological issues delayed period intermittent cramping bloating tiredness negative pregnancy tests cause is there a natural treatment to avoid repeated dialysis constant bump on the cheek that is bruised treatment advise peripheral blood film showed mild anisopoikilocytosis early signs of leukemia can i use dermadew lotion daily as face moisturizer what could be the reason of sudden fainting stomach ache fat body in stool headache nausea muscle ache done dc vaginal pain and discharge taken antibiotics depression shaking arms and hands headache help polio scoliosis lipoma growing in legs and hands headache suggestions child has sore tummy no vomiting or diarrhea growing pain myoclonic seizures taking rivotril and epilex help child has recurring bumps during cold allergic reaction taking wysolone for low platelet count cause of disease erectile dysfunction after using serlift50 when will side effects decrease stomach bloating heel pain weakness excessive yawning uric acid causes endoscopy shows gastritis and gerd no constipation other tests using duphaston to get periods negative pregnancy test no periods pregnant ultrasound shows fetal renal pelvis noted bilaterally normal child hand tremors shaky and uncoordinated finger movement abnormal gait cause numbness and pain on upper back and neck help knee injury hurts to walk is it healing pregnant may have diabetes will this continue after childbirth extreme heat tender nipples gaining weight done embolization for fibroids vomiting after drinking alcohol and smoking pain in sternum cause lump on jaw biopsy shows non cancerous green fluid treatment bitten lip white area stinging applied benzocane remedy done post-thaw semen analysis what does it mean typhoid fever weakness prescribed desatax-xl widal test report done cure umbilical hernia vaginal spotting surgery scheduled spotting cause of concern child has high platelet count inherited beta thalassemia advice done lumbar mri what does it mean buildup of food on esophagus any suggestions excessive vaginal wetness during foreplay premature ejaculation cause of worry raised red bumps on upper body itchy bug bites pain in buttocks arm numbness tingling legs help lump on eyebrow had tonsil and adenoid removal help pregnant stomach pain taking naturogest and emfolic dha advice fatty liver raised sgpt and sgot curable missed period after having sex should i take regestron how to stop hand practice and regain sperm power fluctuating fever headache ear infection vertigo taking clarythromycin cure itchy bruised elbows after drawing blood symptom of an infection fever chills taken tylenol should i go to hospital child has tongue pain no fever or blisters any ideas child has cough difficulty breathing losing voice calf pain family history of blocked arteries worried does masturbation cause frequent urination child has purple darkening under eyes should i be worried tingling sensation in arm after getting electrocuted advice fluctuating fever sore throat slight cough any natural remedies headache throat pain ear pain virus no bleeding after taking cytotec for abortion will primolut help pain near belly button when bending done ultrasound rib compression done semen analysis what is the problem diagnosed with stevens johnsons syndrome on medication what to do wash hands after passing urine fingered partner pregnancy chance done ecg is my report normal done pelvic ultrasound pregnant advice child has nappy rash treatment for yeast infection child has fever cough with phlegm given calpol headaches clogged ear watery eye taken sinus medicine breast pain burning lump above nipple normal swollen finger painful to bend reason ear injury loss of hearing no pain reason frequent periods taken morning after pills what could it be loose motions taking probiotic increased tsh levels advice red spots on legs help child has unilateral upj are there chances for conservative treatment thin penis erectile dysfunction do i need hormone replacement therapy black dot on clitoris sexually active no pain cancer taken next choice after unprotected sex no bleeding pregnant pregnant stomach itching reddish color reason abdominal pain ultrasound shows ovarian cyst treatment swollen wrist history of ra possible to remove antibodies back and scrotum pain addicted to masturbation chondromalacia patellae arthroscopic surgery ankle sprain sciatica pain on paracetamol and urbanols take ativan swelling in arms nausea and headaches what can i do done lft values of total bilirubin sgpt and sgot suggest missed pills had sex bled brown sounds like pregnancy could have daltonism does it affect vision cyst in the eye getting bigger treatment had lenses replaced injured vertebrae experienced dizziness reason pregnant with twins why did i bleed worry pain in the chest while breathing or coughing advice suffering from premature ejaculation any medication without side effects suffering from persisting mouth ulcer need permanent cure brownish growth on the scalp what is it random bruises anemic is it cancer should i worry bright and thick blood in stool emergency worry why blood in stool hgb was abnormal why ideas have acne on medication why does it keep coming back havent bled after sex post total vaginal hysterectomy worry yet had bronchitis on steroids had severe allergic reaction help indentation on leg below knee no pain help taking duvidilan stomach cramps safe for baby period pains vaginal bleeding caused by alcohol ultrasound shows bulky ovaries have irregular periods cure dizziness blurred vision anxiety depression taking klonopin serious knee pain body twitching headache ear ache help child has stretch marks on back cushing disease hives on cheeks and between eyebrows is it from heat nipple pain headache cramps tiredness pregnant irregular periods spotting negative pregnancy test reason sore nipples nausea stomach cramps tired lower back pain pregnant tingling breast bloating frequent urination can i be pregnant can fortzaar be taken instead of hyzaar forte irregular heartbeat nausea breathlessness pressure behind ear joint pain during urination no history of bladder infection theories child has prominent vein no pain congestion history of nosebleed thumb twitching discomfort in forearm and wrist probably benign urticaria chest pain shoulder burning what is it hard lump on jawline near chin redness depo shot itchy red bumps on legs due to injection pain behind ear taking medication for high bp reason sweating vomiting swollen eye headache neck pain migraine can a cyst on the ovary cause tail bone pain irregular periods and spotting reason done widal test taken medication no fever cured of typhoid lower back pain fatigue taken anti inflammatory tablet excruciating knee pain no relief with medicines remedy when should one start oralcon birth control hsg results showed left cornual occlusion what does this mean on hrt have diarrhea bloating on eating cause what is the best treatment to avoid recurrence of gct nausea after eating irregular stools gas what to do bipolar disorder taking axetol can dosage be increased pregnant brown discharge after sex no cramps or blood help pimple on scrotum spreading white bumps itchy painful undergoing follicular study taken fertigyn and decapeptyl will egg rupture irregular menstrual periods prescribed m2 tone correct dosage taking melmet for pcod does clofert help become pregnant itchy vagina and anus dry vagina discharge trichomoniasis done semen analysis trying to have a baby help no birth control had sex late periods cramps reason clavix causing stomach irritation alternative tablet brown patches after pregnancy increasing applied metasone cream solution red eyes feeling sleepy high bp help gastric problem irregular stools taking lodiomil and alprazolam cause of recurring mucus cyst on lower lip treatment arm pain indented lines on arm help child has infection in blood prescribed gardenal syrup safe ultrasound shows ovarian cyst flatulence treatment depression nervousness memory loss taking rexipra solution lumps on buttocks bleeding soreness had miscarriage for how long can i take ovacare tablets pus-filled lump on inner thigh near groin increasing size help sore nipples cramps constipation and diarrhea headache missed period pregnant cut on inner lips of vagina post menopausal reason fever burning sensation in stomach low hemoglobin headache reason high sgpt level serious problem fibroedema in breast hypoechoic mass lesion surgery or homeopathic treatment pregnant dampness and spotting green vaginal discharge no odor mucus collection in throat itching what is wrong gained weight use medari tablet or syrup had c-section precaution suffering from alzheimer on donep valance fear being bedridden cysts in scrotum affected erection what do pus cells mean toe swells with reddish color after contracting herpes suggest medication had stroke by aspratic pneumonia was in coma recovery taking fiber supplement for constipation why cant i stool regularly pimples on face repeatedly hypothyroidism treatment polio drops and fever what is wrong recovery give milk child could have consumed melted plastic danger rapid heart beats felt on neck why what is the sensation near my thighs should i worry have acne storet capsules help what other treatment itches like mosquito bites what are the bumps taking entecavir baraclude what is the problem had hydrocele had yellow and watery poop what is it pregnant on ecospirin issue with miscarriage earlier next irregular periods on hormonal medication ultrasound shows pcod treatment options had prostap injections were stopped bowel needed major dissection help going through perimenopause night sweats hot flashes and headache advice no periods after taking ipill negative pregnancy test medicine lower stomach in pain had corn with rice emergency tenderness in lower back history of spine injury why does bone bruise hurt so much what can help severe nerve compression abdominal pain inguinal hernia muscle pain sharp throat pain on swallowing headache diarrhea on eating suggestions diarrhea vomiting episode upset stomach burping causes for symptoms why chest pain why the pain frequent urination growling stomach have diabetes sore throat area of smashed fingernail getting warm suggestions chest pain clearing throat lung cancer late period nausea sore breasts emotional what is wrong cramping and bleeding after stopping contraceptive pill pregnant scaling and tingling fingers touched zucchini pricked myself with pin odds of contracting hepatitis c virus tiredness shivering headache dizziness advice breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy okay to take koenzim trt therapy injection swollen redness is it a hematoma knee abrasion yellow pus soreness pain cure for condition smooth red patch on tongue no pain diarrhea sharp stabbing pain in stomach treatment options had unprotected sex having frequent periods pregnant abnormal vaginal bleeding squeezing pain in ribs kidney problem swollen tonsils with exudate taken amoxicillin what should i do sore back painful to laugh or cough what to do knee and shin pain burning shin x-ray normal had pigmentation issues using elocom what can help irritating rashes brown lumps in pubic area bleeding when disturbed normal odor in groin area have anxiety no stds headache diarrhea frequent urination bleeding heavily moody pregnant child has abdominal pain not eating how to make child stop passing stool in pants chest pain had artery unblocked with stent had heart attack lump above knee no pain movable what could this be have pain mri shows degenerative disease and sciatica head injury pain in head confused done semen analysis are the results good or bad used tegaderm for road rash pus building up ear pain after smoking cannabis through a pipe worrisome unable to maintain erection due to regular masturbation not able to digest food gas problem medication suffering with writers cramps is it curable through homeopathy taking phenytoin and clonazepam have deja vu syndrome help delayed periods medicine to delay periods further pregnant taken nyquil will that hurt the baby is my cylindrical power normal can i wear spherical lenses no periods after tubal ligation bloating cramping heartburn want to gain fat on cheeks what to do mri shows thecal sac compression should i get surgery done bloated stomach vaginal bleeding what can it be idiopathic ventricular tachycardia should i go for a rf ablation child hit forehead what should i look for light period why is there spotting sexually active relate it what can help childs hyperactive behavior epilepsy patient pregnant on folic acid diet genetic inheritance chances dry mouth choking sensation what is this no erection in penis result of nervousness bad joint pain in knees and shoulders instaflex side effects pregnant no heart beat try to conceive again swelling in forehead vein bulge why headaches what can help cysts in scrotum swelling why affecting erection why loose stools delayed period pregnancy tests negative pregnancy chances small spots on penis why has sweating increased elevated wbc diagnosed with microscopic cholitis suggest child has fever history of respiratory infection what is it miscarriage blighted ovum should i start ascard before conceiving partially protected sex light headedness dizziness unbalanced ringing ears std child passes painful loose stools done stool test guidance headache stress dandruff taking lipitor for high cholesterol suggestion dizziness nausea normal blood pressure stopped birth control pill body itching red lumps looking like blisters is it possible to know if i am delaying pregnancy have mirena brown spotting mid cycle normal have had side pains have excess cartilage in ribs treatment copper coil irregular bleeding what is happening painful ribs fever cough tingling feet night sweats suggestion done bilirubin level albumin globulin sgot sgpt are these normal have dark circles using hh lite diet cure