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back pain hurts to take deep breaths pain when swallowing sore throat dry cough migraines vomiting itchy am smoker light bleeding then brown bleeding what does this mean what causes bump on the inside of the lower lip having erectile dysfunction due to nervousness what to do vomiting after spending time outside the house causes bloated stomach frequent urination diabetes sensitive nipples pregnant white bump on eyelash line will it require surgery why does child keep vomiting can something help hit elbow need a surgery if pain persists loose vaginal muscles want to use aquaflex directions for use excessive flatulence after starting weight loss program cause diagnosed bronchiolitis was on nebulization duolin why is she constipated swelling and pain above eyebrow redness watery clear nasal discharge pain in anal area cannot keep steady erection headache neck pain eye pain dizziness what could it be ultrasound showed hypoechoic lesion of uterus little spotting treatment blood in urine after cystoscopy what could be wrong child has frequent stools greenish color frequent urination choking sensation pain in the chest palpitations indigestion symptoms reddening of skin itching welts applying betnovate suggestions white lumpy vaginal discharge after taking emergency contraceptive pill pregnant suggest good face wash moisturizer and sunscreen to improve complexion coughing sputum production regular whiskey drinker and smoker tb stomach pain nausea dizziness headache right specialist child does not listen destroys objects headbutts objects help done semen analysis what are the chances of pregnancy tiredness and headache after stopping glycomet had bilateral polycystic ovary lump near anus inflamed reddish pus any thoughts growth at bottom of tongue stud sensitive to touch having insomnia from childhood headache and weight gain remedy delayed periods unprotected sex when should i take pregnancy test child has gas tight stomach diarrhea nausea had flu symptoms have hypothyroidism prescribed thyronorm have headache dizziness and low bp had unprotected sex taken norlevo now heavy bleeding scared back pain after fall is there any need for x-ray forearm bruise reddish turning dark should i be worried have nose bleed done blood test please help spotting after periods abdominal pain foul smell have iud can sperm last long enough to get me pregnant diagnosed with hpv menopause bleeding after intercourse is it normal am very thin eating regularly want to increase weight is a bp of 9663 during 30 weeks pregnancy normal itching area between vagina and anus aggravated by toilet paper fluttering hard beating heartbeat reason how to get relief want to increase height what are the recommended treatment measures had unprotected sex swollen clitoris watery and yellow-brown discharge painful have been masturbating will this cause any trouble in marriage palpitations loss of appetite will amitriptyline stop palpitations difficulty in conceiving advised fertigyn injections is it useful brown menstrual bleeding irregular timings something wrong positional vertigo dizziness shivering hands prescribed diligan cause had unprotected sex brown discharge no periods am i pregnant have adhd cannot concentrate what should i do child shakes when concentrating should i find a specialist child is lethargic what could be the problem shin injury bruising lump painful and swollen any idea itchy rash due to tick bite spreading worried childs stool report shows pus cells rbc and mucus explain nerve pain due to c5-c6 ruptured disc taking anti-inflammatory medication bleeding from cervix after smear test sign of chlamydia taking trisprintec had unprotected sex bleeding brown discharge cause have dark knuckles wrinkled hands how effective is laser treatment major depression over breaking up how to overcome this had unprotected sex night sweats nose discharge sore neck std bowel problem painful blood in stool how to get relief upper abdominal pain pain on swallowing taken heartburn medication treatment constipation took duphaloc still not relieved remedy severe lung pain chest x-ray shows inflammation cloudiness treatment periods stopped after removing iud concerned about pregnancy does masturbation cause loss of sperms and physcial illness 8 weeks pregnant experiencing bleeding back pain miscarriage done mri of back what does the reports indicate runny vaginal discharge cramps hungry side effects of birth control external heammarhoids still breast feeding any ointments to apply unusual bleeding pattern during periods reasons heat boils on the scalp immediate medication taking pcp delayed periods hcg pregnancy test negative reason psoriasis stops itching when smoking marijuana suggestions heavy headed and tired why do eyes start to water suffering from depression suggest some psychological cure cramps delayed periods negative pregnancy test what may be wrong child has frequent stools taken easy 5 vaccine having erectile dysfunction smoking addiction treatment is it moral to date when one has hepatitis c pregnancy immediately after child birth what should i do white spots on the back of the neck std acne breakouts on the forehead after eyebrow threading treatment sensitive red blotchy acne prone skin blackheads white heads treatment child having low sodium levels cause prescribed glasses how long should i wear my glasses get watery creamy cervical mucous am i fertile high blood sugar levels suddenly after taking asacol hd inter-related fullness in the left ear robotic sound labyrinthis reoccurred reason ultrasound shows cystic hygroma advised to terminate pregnancy suggestions 40 years old prolonged periods on noriday mini pill advice delayed periods after having unprotected sex should i be worrried urge to urinate no burning no cyst uti without pain when should i take tab yasmin to delay periods fatty liver kidney stones prescribed medicines alternatives congestion pain in the throat over the counter drugs white patches on hands taken candida and sulphur side effects arm numbness taken plan b started period early cough headache sore sinus chills body ache taken advil bumps on lips tingling causing anxiety fordyce spots dark patches spreading around lips looking burnt lower back pressure after back surgery no bladder control prescribed metosartan for blood pressure how long should i continue multiple tiny follicles with no dominant eggs prescribed progynova feedback have elevated cholesterol extreme hyperhidrosis taking lisinopril runny throat mucus build up unpleasant sensation vaginal itching taken caneston suggestions have diabetes swelling in legs teeth pain frequent urination easily ejaculate cannot enjoy what should i do fainting symptoms spaced out blurry vision dizziness nausea hip pain abdominal pain back pain headache is my kidney going bad fluttering in neck anxiety attack tight muscles child has cough taken montair and cetrizine for wheezing bump on thigh pink and inflamed no pain foot rash sinus tach constipation arthritis numbness swelling between neck and collarbone after neck surgery headache trying to quit smoking methylphenidate heightens cravings alternative rubbing on the genitals felt wet no intercourse pregnant boils on the body swollen and red applied neomycin cause stomach hard pregnancy tests negative pregnant trouble in swallowing food choking prescribed inflammatory spray advice mirena iud expelled bleeding with large clots chances of regnancy abdominal scan showed bulky uterus intra mural fibroid treatment tingling in right side of head swelling advice prescribed amoxicillin for acute pharyngitis wondering if methoprednisolone will help found a pimple in foot diabetic what can they be been getting pain throughout chest why are they gallstones child has black line across toe painful what is it headaches back pain stomach pain taking birth control advice intermittent spotting brown spots with mucus discharge ovarian cancer symptoms and ways in which meningitis spreads diarrhea with vomiting exhausted reasons have copper iud on noriday planning for removal suggestions red itchy bumps pus-filled what is it flaking white substance from vagina taking birthcontrol related had homosexual intercourse worried about hiv want to gain weight what food should i eat irritation around anus painful what could they be itchy underarms bumps on skin what is this have benign cysts in tonsil start of cancer burning itching outside vagina during menstruation why advised endometrial biopsy and colposcopy could i have papilloma virus have ibs fullness in stomach what is the issue zaps in heart while laying down condom breakage during sex taken next choice periods delayed pregnant abdominal cramps foul vaginal smell no itching or discharge std sore breasts headaches tiredness dizziness early periods pregnant bleeding heavily after having sex what can this be have irregular periods can i take clostil without menstruation child catches infection easily when will this stop itchy rashes on face used clotrimazole cream help triple eyelid should i ask my eye doctor teenager has high choleterol dizziness sluggishness lightheadedness why cannot ejaculate just staying aroused is something wrong taking microgestin fe no periods pregnant mouth ulcers nausea painful related to antibiotics and stitches taking loseasonique missed a pill had unprotected sex pregnancy black patches on limbs has lichen amylodosis treatment painful intercourse ultrasound showed cysts cure blood in stool white substance floating not pinworms have insect bites cleaned house nothing is helping pain in testicles soreness cancer breathlessness coughing producing mucus have hiatus hernia any ideas headache after stopping rexipra any side effect on fetus warm sensation on ankle where is it coming from acne face rash taken cycloreg have heavy bleeding urine stream is twisted what problem is this have cml rib pain stomach pain can you help child has skin allergy should i stop using lactodex headaches fever taken tylenol had unprotected sex hiv is it possible to increase height by implantation losing hair getting baldness what should be done blood in stools using duramine is it hemorrhoids missed periods endometrium is thickened what can that mean pregnant having miscarriage sore breasts tired headache brown spotting advice blotchy rash on limbs itchy tried antinflammatory medication answers sternum fracture after accident is mere resting sufficient bleeding during masturbation sign of std done urine analysis for child help with reading report increased muscular pain seizures tablets not working iris has a bubble in baby why discomfort worry having bad cough taken ascoril why is cough sticky have dural sinus thrombosis weakness in limbs taking homochek help done cbc test how to increase mch and mcv drinking lots of coca cola does it cause bad breath hip pain after being kicked by a donkey help have nervousness increased heartbeat tremors taking prodep complete solution dizziness while standing or sitting what should i do prescribed norethistrone to delay periods when should i take it red and swollen lips difficulty opening mouth burning itchy remedy stomach pain during pregnancy should i be worried ovarian cyst having medicinal side-effects prescribed with norgest treatment pain in center of abdomen what could be the reason prescribed with microgynon what are the side-effects of this medicine red bumps around lip piercing no pain tingling burning itchy burning urination had fever frequent urge to urinate advice painful bumps on right leg reason how to get relief pregnant taken zitotec 200 will it affect the fetus chest heaviness using anti-inflammatory puffer what is this black spot on leg bleeding bulges under skin why do i feel so unhappy have supportive family have feverish feeling closed nasal passage done tympanometry and audiometry exhausted thirsty lost weight what is wrong minor discomfort in knee mri clear what is going on what does the culture report indicate severe headaches done brain scan what could be the reason have post typhoid swelling on fingers is it ok sticky yellow discharge after abortion did not pass blood clots would kepra hydrocodone and xanax cause aneurysm persistent fever negative for widal and urine diagnosis red and swollen temple have anxiety anything to worry about abdominal pain blood in stools diverticulitis or colitis suggest a device for acoustic neuroma dry skin under arm worried about parasites dizziness difficulty in learning memory problems help have jaw spasms when anxious or nervous advice bitten by dog no infection strange smell what is it work out a lot blood sugar be different worry been experiencing heart palpitations also stomach issues having endoscopy help lung nodule in upper lobe anteriorly located suspiscious of malignancy underwent reroot canal treatment hair line fracture possibility stomach pain normal stools no fever or nausea taking ganaton delayed periods gastritis protected sex negative pregnancy tests pregnant stomach pain constipated bloated what is going on inside me blood with stools abdominal pain due to tear in anus teeth bleaching done chills sore teeth causes and treatment sprained ankle on crutches why pain lump appeared hurts why sensitivity in legs while laying down no pain ultrasound shows calcifications in uterus started spotting had appendix rupture white spot on penis skin after scratch healing dangerous disease runny nose sores inside nostrils bleeding what to do burning sensation in ears painful will i go deaf drunk alcohol dizziness severe imbalance cause of concern hair thinning after stopping aminexila and minoxidil suggestions pregnancy symptoms positive urine test negative blood test pregnant yellowish vaginal discharge yeast infection taken fluconazole cause of concern abdominal pain urine discoloration abusing vyvanse and adderall tips 5 month old folliculitis spots around mouth sores treatment no pain after doing tkr second visit necessary small child bites on legs discharging liquid treatment options bloating difficulty voiding after exercising any advice abdominal discomfort stomach problems redness in cervix infection pregnant strep throat taking amoxicillin cefzil history of miscarriage treatment testicle coming out of sac while ejaculating during sex treatment stopped smoking vomiting after stopping nausea treatment options fatigue fuzzy head blood test normal high cholesterol parasitic infection hypothyroidism fluctuating levels taking medication tsh test done treatment head injury fluid behind ear taken doxycycline ct scan required vitamin b12 deficiency nausea tiredness taken injection causes for symptoms bruise on chest wall painful stretching sensation have ontogenesis imperfecta lower back pain taken medrol x-ray clear help stomach pain vomiting blood ultrasound shows inflamed gall bladder worried applied cortisone cream to clear eczema patches lost pigmentation cure penis foreskin darkening pimple developed pain and swelling solution kidney pain after taking antibiotics for lung infection suggestions burning urination white bump on labia am pregnant rash on foot spreading itching any ideas vomiting nausea fever headache tingling ideas nerve pain in foot swollen is it fixable pain during sex smell in vagina urge to urinate causes i am pregnant pelvic pain is this normal negative pregnancy test spotting darker than normal pregnancy possible bulges under breast painful wearing belt having surgeries for stents bruise on calf sore welts cause shiny rash on penis itching in genitals likelihood of std decreasing libido less erection how effective is himalayas confido nausea cannot tolerate smell of food changed breathing any medication lower back pain abdominal pain nausea diarrhea frequent urination pregnant swelling of eyelids used eyedrops hurts to touch itchy palms white bumps on body any suggestions had unprotected sex have bleeding negative pregnancy test worried dizziness after having laparoscopy hysterectomy blurry vision dark stools normal sore breasts after having sex intermittent bleeding is this common constipation bloating large belly taking miralaz help lump on labia majora painful to touch or move help eye injury during landscaping can something be done burning urination frequent urination no discharge treatment can i use cypon syrup for my short penis finished periods but still have cramps no bleeding cause is levolin used to treat asthma in children drooling headache nausea should i get a ct scan lumps in neck blowing green mucus bleeding nostril insight child has profuse sweating done blood test more investigation child has sore penis red spots burning cause brown spotting cramps mucus discharge nausea moodiness taking azurette have multiple system atrophy have attacks facial tightening help rashes on vaginal lips itching used clotrimazole cause sudden anxiety done urine test vision change any ideas knots in leg first degree tears in soleus remedy have depression consequences of leaving depression untreated for long cramps below rib cage migraine drank magnesium nitrate advice is gloxi height enhancer effective and safe sensitive back of neck burning sensation muscle problem and deviated septum issues related to cleft lip child has g6pd deficiency low weight help have dribbling when passing urine and stools suggestion done blood test why is my protein level elevated stopped depo shot bleeding after intercourse side effect swelling and loosening of penis skin after protected intercourse child has pus in ears flesh lumps in ear redness how to leave spv do i need rehab center want white complexion of body and face blood blister on labia minora discharging clear substance have migraine taking vasograin help nausea after taking generess fe will this side effect end headache after fall what should i do irregular periods not taking birth control abdominal cramps pregnant brown discharge after taking birth control pill problem pain below breast stomach discomfort near belly button nausea child is constantly crying gurgling tummy gaining weight tried colief child is asthmatic coughing fever taken omnacortil allergy shin injury veins prominent tingling tenderness rashes on chin itchy dry peeling recurring after medication allergy taken contraceptive pill after having sex reason for early periods memory loss chest tightening have underactive thyroid rash pain in ribs dizziness ear pain vomiting after meals change in voice normal thyroid scope cause red spots that grow to become abscesses what is wrong had chiari malformation decompression why dizziness fainting spells black stool and hard constipated and red chunks why delayed period with spotting negative pregnancy test worrisome why has urine smell changed why do i feel uncomfortable pain in shoulder and armpit why is it persisting problem with controlling bowel what treatment is suggested patches on testes prescibed canestan is this sufficient tibia and fibula was broken why did it move again sensitive skin have pimple on face on alovera what else does oosure help start periods have pcos normal thyroid profile doing ivf have reflux nausea vomiting and vaginal infection suggestions child has cough vomiting and fever want antibiotic for her lumbar back pain on left side taken nimesul and aulin pus-filled bump under belly is it worrisome hair loss during pregnancy taking biotin safe hair loss after typhoid seasonal solution unprotected sex on birth control delayed periods reason bleeding and yellow discharge after septoplasty solution dizzyness feeling like fainting shaky legs advice rash on both sides of neck burns worried had nexplanon inserted arm aches stings why watery stools fever taking norflox and paracetamol need tinidazole headaches in the mornings difficulty in opening the eyes reasons severed ulnar nerve from elbow what does that mean is it safe to take deworming medicines while breastfeeding how long can i use soliten tablets safely trying to conceive on carbimazole is successful conception possible intermittent high fever chills headaches after appendicitis surgery worrisome asymmetrical testes one side longer than the other normal avid swimmer have sun burn acne on shoulders swimmers itch gap between front upper teeth that is increasing why sex during menstruation period pregnancy chances diagnosed with deteriorated retina treatment options teen have headaches due to stress advised neurologist consultation serious can u suggest some medicines or shampoos for hairloss light nasal bleed after nose cauterization is this normal pus-filled pimple on forearm wet not raised any home remedy how often can one take tadalafil suffering with acne blackheads stable periods permanent remedy for acne stomach pains diarrhea cramps post change of food remedy sex with clothes precum at the penile tip pregnancy chances will having different blood groups create complications in married life is clomid better than lezra will i conceive diagnosed hydrosalphinx and pcod had miscarriage can i conceive started bleeding then spotting was nauseated sign of what are the possibilities of bruga ecg pattern inheritance low appetite want to increase hunger will silybon syrup help trying to conceivehave constant hip knee abdominal pain pregnancy sign stomach pain everytime after sexual intercourse what is the cause suffering with melasma pigmentation temporary relief with melacare permanent remedy light yellow discharge had taken emkit post intercourse pregnancy chance recurring numbness in foot advised pelvic and abdominal ultrasound cause done semen analysis test explanation pain in the lower stomach during sex or masturbation cause night sweats green sputum after pneumonia treatment tb chances unprotected sex taken althea pills will it be effective itchy testicles and penis spreading leathery texture shiny jock itch circular shape on penis foreskin worried about cancer pain in neck when laying down had spicy food help child has fever forehead pain vomiting feeling lethargic mild lightheadedness could it be flu pregnant had abortion earlier worried have add recommendations to help focus had oral sex with sex worker chances of getting hiv sweating episodes vomiting chills dizziness help lump on forearm no trauma purple bruise severe hair loss and overweight any medications taking birth control pill yaz no periods pregnancy chances stomach cramps vomiting sore throat greenish discharge from anus advice pain in the chest while breathing what is this pus drainage from bumps in gluteal fold used neosporin worried prescribed lansporazole for excess stomach acid cause of disease constipation bloating brown discharge symptoms of pregnancy will norethisterone work if taken when periods start have seminal fluid leakage prescribed penegra proper solution have severe hairfall minoxidil and amenexil combination ineffection solution light bleeding heaviness in vagina negative pregnancy test delayed periods pain after drinking wine having ruq cause of pain not able to conceive taking microgest what does it mean have fever weak done blood test had hysterectomy report normal intermittent hot flashes headache chest pain delayed periods yellow urine discharge with blood frequent urination pregnant child has white patches on body reason spotting and discharge negative pregnancy test should i take fertomid may have aspergers syndrome any advice child has green stools without pain reason have fatigue burping full breasts am pregnant scared about miscarriage prescribed prednisolone for brachial amylotrophy do i need steroids had unprotected sex abdominal pain body ache pregnant have frozen shoulder taken steroid injection how can acupuncture help prescribed endogest for less growth of fetus is everything normal intermittent wrist pain hard bump non-movable painful red rash on leg smelly pus applied caniston any ideas shuddering down left side numbness mini stroke lightheadedness dizziness rapid heart beat sweating diabetes or hypoglycemia is it possible to get pregnant after having anal sex have fever nausea bloated stomach acidity vomiting positive widal test spotting between periods used ovral-g want to get pregnant taking levaquin for klebsiella pneumoniae should probiotics be continued child had fall sore back when bending anything seriously wrong have insomnia and degrading vision want accurate eye exam ct scan shows adrenal hypertrophy perfusion anomaly in liver thoughts prone to spotting after sex can i have oral sex have several small shiny blisters on eyelid fluid filled ideas diagnosed with astigmatism need vision correction creatinine level risen kidney transplanted why frequent stools zyrop helpful has frequent stools why are they now semi lose severe joint pain taken diprofas injection persisting pain cure baby tooth struck and darkened premature fall try antibiotics tongue numb after pain in collar bone started musinex worry suffering from typhoid was prescribed ceftas why mild fever pelvic lesion itchy not painful herpes throbbing in temple have aneurysm bp normal child is vomiting taking lanzol and sufracal suggestions can i take daine after using it six months ago bruised areas on legs like insect bites taking steroids have leg pain and burning intermittently any idea headache not prone to migraine could it be stress related surgery for hernia above pelvic bone failed worried am pregnant have infected follicle on leg after waxing risk red bump below rib cage itching what might this be swollen leg above knee pressure no pain am i dying short temper stressed depressed mood swings something i can do have dizziness ringing ears headaches what can i do pimple on bikini line pus-filled ingrown hair any idea have abdominal wall abscess taking antibiotics too long a wait pricking sensation sleeplessness have diabetes and tb suggestions uncontrollable leg spasms painful potentially serious stomach cramps after fingering what could be the reasons cannot get erection when with a girl nausea abdominal pain may have diverticular disease child has pus-filled bump on head and leg have implanon birth control bleeding after sex is something wrong upper leg pains getting worse with age cannot walk have gas bloating stomach pain diarrhea colon cancer cramps and breast pain periods ended losing weight constantly blood work normal any suggestions feeling weak while masturbating medicines to overcome stinging pain during intercourse treated for bacterial vaginosis any suggestions bypolar uncontrollable what can control his drinking habits suffering from gastric problems fatigue sweating sleeplessness allergic to seafood no bowel movement after bowel operation is it normal aborted baby after marriage why cant i get pregnant again having pus filled pimples remedy cavernousvenous angioma linked with paresthesia prognosis episodes of dizziness migraines 17 year old what is wrong feeling dizzy hot flashes pregnant bleeding miscarriage what are the different stages of pregnancy and fetal growth need help in interpreting the semen analysis test report pain and size difference in testicles will this cause infertility can you help reading the sperm analysis report hyperacidity dizziness lost apetite taking pantocid l please guide ringing in ears dj by profession damaged hair cells help pregnant hypothyroidism worry about heart brain iq level of baby hypertension in the later stage of pregnancy on medication complications ovarian cancer reoccurred rounds of chemotherapy what treatment better fits and fever brain swelling parts functioning low swelling on skin are they allergies are they mosquitoe bites sticky acidic stools difficulty in eating had appendicitis surgery semen test showed 50 normal is it ok low hcg levels inconclusive transvaginal ultrasound having stomach cramps is there a permanent cure for chicken pox scars hand burnt by oven can i be prescribed medication why is my period delayed why is lower abdomen bruised surgery to remove lumps from breasts why am i nauseated had a miscarriage lost blood will it happen again chances right side pains knots on knees what are they hit ankle on cephalexin why is spot redder and burning iodine injections involving iv why did veins keep collapsing rash that resembles chicken pox fractured leg treat both abscess drain in buttocks what can stop the leaking continuous bleeding after taking abortion pills is it normal hit skull during skating dizziness treatment felt dizzy with sweating and fainting suddenly reasons cough with wheezing struggling to breathe what to do done hiv hepatitis abc test what does the reports indicate diagnosed with sjorgrens itchy hives on upper body medications aspiral pneumonia treatment recovery time precautions during medication vaccination 4 months old refusing to nurse any suggestions delayed motor skills pronunciations bad grunts on speech therapy help was diagnosed with swimmers ear prescribed augmentin ciprodex infection throat pain ear pain bleeding ear help strange discharge pain on wiping cuts on genitals treatment advice on any abortion pills available to take huge boils near genital area come during periods medications increased uric acid levels lowered after taking zyloric further remedies lower back knee upper leg pain no uti kidney infection dizziness heart palpitations sick in stomach wpw ablation done treatment why has eosinophil raised can ripe mango cause allergies cylindrical eye power difficulty reading prescribed powered glasses treatment abscess on mustache no hair growth in area treatment options grayish painful rash on the labia minora what is it any home remedy for hair loss normal hemoglobin levels suffering from stomach pain and diarrhea medication spotting in pregnancy taking prolutone injections is this safe movement in lower abdomen after periods back pain treatment deterioration in sexual performance after starting workout cause severe acne recurring condition redness marks on face treatment options spots on face acne marks on entire face treatment options nausea diarrhea cramps unprotected sex taking buscopan treatment premature child low weight taking domestol baby drops treatment nausea vomiting dizziness weakness pregnant taking doxinate treatment have puberphonia voice disorder can this be treated blackheads on nose pus filled pimples on forehead cure pregnant saw brown discharge can it simply be implantation bleeding pain in the lower abdomen on sneezing or coughing appendicitis painful subcutaneous hard bruised nodules what are these constant cold sneezing fatigue viral infection is it harmful to take i pills frequently cold coughing phlegm secretion history of coughing problem treatment ankle swelling loss of appetite dementia symptoms of heart failure recurring vaginal yeast infection and spotting treatment suffering from spacial type of constipation heaviness in legs why had stomach pain during pregnancy have fibroid uterest prescribed continue wheat skin color allergic to creams medication to improve complexion ear pressure vertigo dizziness tinnitus memory loss causes and treatment warm feeling behind calf no pain redness causes and treatment small child not alert difficulty breathing twitching causes and treatment ear keeps ringing trouble hearing can bilovas help elevated sgpt means to lower it why am i urinating often why always tired and dizzy had unsafe sex ultrasound confirms twins will i-pill effect pregnancy exposure to shingles while pregnant never had chicken pox worry bulky uterus with heterogeneous uterine parenchyma analysis will viagra help to get multiple orgasms stopped pill had intercourse pregnancy chance severe pain tightening under right breast nausea cause bleeding during urinating burning sensation yeast infection suffering from klinefelter syndrome weight gain wide hips treatment options tooth ache and headache getting sinus infection does masturbation affect fertility or is it harmful bottom of both feet hurt almost all times causes what is the possible date of conception back pain have bump what might it be frequent diarrhea and fatigue ibs diagnosed further tests needed side effects of using zanaflex and tarer scripts together vomitting nausea stomach pains missed periods gastritis or pregnancy growth on the penis bleeding on touching what is wrong spotting before periods history of normal periods pregnant light periods light headed nauseous burping negative pregnancy tests treatment developed hearing issues ear feels blocked have sinus history treatment having diarrhea swelling in the throat need medical attention bleeding post tonsillectomy bp high pain throat what to do spotting urine pregnancy test negative pregnancy chances difficulty in having erection stress related what are the causes cramps during night undergone ivf treatment normal light headedness and dizziness sudden headaches suggestions having dandruff and hair loss grey hair present permanent cure tips to reduce belly fat after delivery dry patch on leg that itches burning sensation treatment have thrush using pessary discoloration of pessary why what does an early closing fontanelle indicate suffering from jaundice can i drink green tea diagnosed with gerd on nexium feel nauseated anxiety suggestions have excessive hair fall is biotin minoxidil and nidcort effective ejaculates quickly hyperthyroid any advice suffering from thyroid on eltroxin tips to reduce weight high creatinine urea and potassium multiple biochem analysis needed how to correct lazy eye sensitive penis quick ejaculation natural cure medications inner vagina skin hanging loose what is it have pcos used metrofin or primolut pregnant now penis is curved and nerves protruding why lack of confidence leg polio affected using crutches can i get it operated been diagnosed with multinodular goitre do fnb do thyroidectomy help recurring water infections family friend diagnosed with pid treatment options difficulty sleeping exhaustion breathless dizziness taking mini pill cerazette treatment blood test results abnormal what do the numbers mean gas formation in stomach pain weight loss tiredness indigestion causes taken antibiotics for cough and chest infection worried frequent urination uti drinking water cranberry juice tingling feeling treatment fits on tegritol on weaning process will weaning cause recurrence had a miscarriage with bleeding had sex later meaning constant tiredness procrastination colds running nose lack of concentration treatment difficulty in controlling diabetes have blurred vision light headedness suggestion tubal during c-section clear ovulation discharge chances of pregnancy child birth tenderness in abdomen cough endometriosis infection heavy bleeding upt weakly positive sonography normal treatment suggestion which test should be taken to check virginity stopped using minoxidil what are the possible after effects tingling towards end of urination followed by bleeding cause changes of pregnancy without intercourse child has schizophrenia prescribed fluoxetine and olanzapine want homeopathic remedies is typhoid fever associated with thrombocytosis delayed period prescribed primolut n will it help yeast infection is it normal among women popped lumps on head itchiness with heavy pus advise trying to conceive have sore breasts pink discharge pregnancy chances pregnant ultra scan done what does the reports indicate diarrhoea taking microgynon possible side-effects of medicine or hormonal changes delayed periods brown mucus discharge done hpt possibility of pregnancy taking microgynon how likely is it that i am pregnant upper respiratory infection chest tightness phlegm sore lungs lung cancer headache tremors seizure-like symptoms hard bump on back painful has black solid material inside numbness in legs and feet afraid of falling thyroid profile done want to know proper dosage of eltroxin thick endometrium dilated fallopian tube endometrial cyst suggestive of endometriosis dizziness breathlessness chest pain tests clear what can it be irregular bleeding after intercourse pregnancy symptoms negative pregnancy test advice recurring abscesses above nose chin and groin fainting help soreness in anus and lower colon blood in stool thoughts lightheadedness dizziness burping head spinning vomiting sweating scared pain in legs vomiting sensation acidity problem reasons food supplements that help increase weight have bad breath smelly nose explain my problem does medication called going tall help to increase height incomplete bowel movements flatulence could you help does prolonged use of soya milk cause infertility males ejaculating once in a liquid thick stream is this normal unprotected sex took i-pills is it harmful child with elevated ammonia in blood hospitalized cause and remedy irregular periods gap of months with lengthy menses worrisome erectile dysfunction faster erection loses hardness rapidly remedy was given yasmin as contraceptive does it cause weight gain have anemia low vitamin b12 vision problems related headache chills nausea weight loss abdominal bulge pregnant lightheadedness could not speak scared have cramping no bleeding am pregnant worried about miscarriage difficulty swallowing muscle twitches weakness clean emg scared pain on right side swollen belly taking lactalose done total hysterectomy for ovarian cyst dark urine no pain itching under foot become a callus blood from buttocks red lump no pain what is this dizziness heaviness tiredness nausea headache child has diaper rash steroids ineffective biopsy worth it child has perianal abscess diagnosed as fistula alternatives to surgery blister on penis after oral sex not painful possible ct scan of thorax showed spondylosis interpretation had unprotected sex have signs of pregnancy pregnancy without ejaculation stopped depo no periods brown discharge breast pain pregnant had tympanoplasty pain after burping early indications of failed graft what are the side effects of drinking antifreeze have high bp checking bp continuously bp varying leg pain cramps in toe taking advil help bleeding after fingering clitoris what caused it done semen analysis test spermatogenic cell present is this normal painful lump in chest hurts to breathe bruise on foot sore bottom feels like lump child has popping in brain done ear exam brain tumor swollen throbbing and warm biceps discomfort overworked muscle no periods pregnancy test negative prescribed sysrone suggestions had protected sex delayed periods worried about pregnancy sudden pain bleeding from clitoris what cold be the reason skin lesion enlarges becomes reddish turns yellow and bursts treatment masturbating daily cannot feel ejaculation sperm discharging slowly remedies clear liquid oozing from forehead irritated what could this be joint pain stiffness joint locking movement limited remedies painful mouth sores prescribed acycylovir and cephalexin herpes abdominal pain after walking on treadmill should i continue walking child has sore throat headache stomach ache any ideas swelling and numbness in hand after picc line no spots continuous stomach pain sleepiness does it require immediate medical attention prescribed productive m for low sperm count correct treatment have itchy bumps in vagina had protected sex herpes had convulsions mri showed tuberculoma safe drugs for epilepsy continuous bleeding swelling on knee wound after fall done tests want to lose weight taking glimeperied metformin vildagliptin combination ok pain on right side chest pain lumps had kidney stones have irregular periods due to thyroid problems prescribed maintane purpose creamy nipple discharge heartburn am on depo shot related have giant cell arteritis am regular marijuana smoker want information fainting feeling vomiting weakness taking thyroxine for thyroid suggestion taking glucopage mebex and montair fasting sugar level has increased spasms after smoking weed neck discomfort what should i do abdominal pain after taking primolut alarming taken mobizox for back pain want anti-inflammatory medication taking librax for ibs want an alternative for norflox discomfort in esophagus high bp feeling anxiety have high uric acid levels knee pain taken zyloric treatment prescribed naturogest for hormonal imbalance will it support my pregnancy can lack of sleep cause minor pain on forearm child losing hair gradually had patch on head suggest medication hair on face after applying pendrem cream skin darkening solution moles after shaving pubic hair diagnosis delayed period white and sticky fluid discharge pregnancy ultrasound shows bulky uterus expanded myometrium cystic mass surgery necessary prescribed terbiforce and terbinafine cream for frequent balanoposthitis medication sufficient red anus painful patches of blood friction burn child has stomach pain dizziness is this anxiety have lung tb prescribed forecox what is the problem had unprotected sex taken contraceptives no periods pregnant done tsh test am i significantly better painful pus formation in lower buttocks discharged black blood worried breaking out into sweats fever sinus infection anxiety thoughts taking metaloc for bp will alprazolam help bring down bp inner ear pain head ache like needle pricking suggestions had abortion yesterday bleeding brownish discharge today normal abdominal swelling polyuria urgency to urinated had miscarriage taking sumatriptan for migraines now vomiting and dizzy thyroid spotting between periods delayed periods vaginal discharge tender breasts pregnant tiredness bloating frequent urination nausea heartburn history of ibs treatment high indirect bilirubin level cold hands legs reason sore throat tongue sexual intercourse possibility of hiv std diagnosed with complex ptsd prescribed mirtazepine quertapine suggesttion breathlessness chest discomfort after drinking rum what is going on spotting using gnc product normal symptoms or pregnant weakness softness in the skin weightloss on medicines advice partial black stools constipation followed by diarrhea treatment chest injury raised bump under skin cause of concern scraped knee after injury swollen shin with pain infection is breathing cleaner for mr nose harmful how to overcome the habit of hand practice can i take nutralite products with ongoing thyroid problems came off depo started bleeding heavily is this normal trembling hands arms jerking movements family history of condition treatment urine pregnancy test negative after unprotected sex severe bleeding miscarriage difficulty in urination frequent urination should i be worried blood test done what does the reports indicate treatment measures brownish vaginal discharge after using primolut for delaying periods pregnant reddish itchy swollen leg after a bee sting treatment change in menstruation what are the causes diagnosed achard-thiers syndrome alternate medicine for cure lips of vagina is turning purplish anything to worry pregnant with vaginal discharge what is wrong is it normal to have spotting after penile insertion continuous periods bleeding heavy bleeding what could be the reason delayed periods pregnancy test done possibility of pregnancy done coronary angiography what does the reports indicate bump on external urethral meatus what could be the reason difficulty in breathing chest discomfort increased heart rate concerned cough diagnosed tb positive on medication severe headaches reasons having chest pains what could be the reason relief treatment dark brown spotting what could be the reason done clinical pathology what does the results indicate delayed periods unsure of pregnancy medication to control pregnancy irregular periods masturbation red mucus from vagina causes and treatment enlarged bladder pressure unable to empty bladder completely bloating causes short menstrual cycles hypothyroid muscular pains can i conceive again is there any side-effect of deviry on the fetus suffering from bronchitis allergy wheezing issues will homeopathy help suffering from hypertension and water retention stop dytide take natrilix chronic asthmatic have extensive polypoidal sinus mucosal disease explain pimples on neckline and chest why are they recurring ingrown hair can i have sex trying to conceive failed ultrasound detected ovulatory cycle further dry lips ultrasound scan shows fatty enlarged liver diet recommendations have night sweat hard lymph node on neck painless advice protected sex where condom failed had pill will i conceive pain in the toe nail no swelling or redness infection high bp taking medication shall i proceed with nabistar miscarriage brown discharge from vagina taken cytotec bleeding continues treatment sonography shows bulky and long uterus no periods suggestions back pain and mr scan finds lumbar spondylosis help pain in left wrist redness on underside of wrist treatment bleeding during intercourse cramps what is the problem back pain no periods stomach pain acne treatment diabetic vomiting gagging on a regular basis non verbal treatment have hemochromatosis done blood test recommendation have nosebleeds on left nostril what can i do discoloration on stomach abdominal pains light bruise sores on arms itching what could they be feet slipping lower back pain left side sore applied ice slight bleeding trying to conceive implantation bleeding lessened sperm count after varicoccele operation taking vite3 advice suffering from vertigo loose stools dizziness are these allergy symptoms distended abdomen exercise regularly good diet no help advice having chest pain after taking alcohol is this heart related random stomach ache when laying or sitting down reasons child having continuous cough with vomiting no fever medication severe lower abdominal pain history of infection after cesarean delivery growing painful lump on the clitoris advice clear discharge from belly button should i be concerned itchy skin during periods no std treatment oily scalp with itching and dandruff need medication herpes symptoms after sexual contact is it sexually transmitted delayed maturity ultrasound shows small uterus hormones normal suggestions feeling tired dark circles under the eyes any suggestions sore throat heavy chest difficulty in breathing treatment pregnant taking folic acid optogest white discharge normal pregnancy symptoms cyanosis ear pain headache throat pain treatment options reddish rash like marks spreading on the cheeks allergy male pattern baldness on forehead can trigaine help landed on back pelvis and hip hurt home remedy irregular heartbeat sweaty palms shaking uncontrollably heart racing treatment swollen breasts tenderness frequent stools little bleeding pregnant inguinal hernia open surgery with mesh problems with erection problem blood pressure diabetes prescribed losar lepicuretriglimiarbophage second opinion have impaired diabetes regular diet losing muscles and weakness meaning undergoing infertility treatment done hsg iui who can interpret laproscopy pregnant first time is spotting in red normal high bp blood rushing to head headaches taking atenolol treatment head injury vomiting bile dizziness sleeping lack of appetite treatment ovulation white vaginal discharge unprotected sex spotting cramps implantation bleeding lose weight how cant starve help ankle sprain lump on ankle bone increased pain treatment tiredness weakness dizziness sad negative emotions tests conclude anxiety treatment throat pain taking nexium swollen tongue help have depression cannot live with girlfriend help testicle pain lump above testicle prescribed defin b12 expert opinion abscess drained in mouth cheek swelling pain normal symptoms nagging cough short of breath finished tpe further cancer that stopped paining have smoked in past consequences include have varicocele testicular pain exercise or home remedy have menorrhagia waiting for hysterectomy taking norhisterone and prostap injections swelling in inguinal region appendix surgery done treatment brown discharge before and after periods delayed periods virgin causes colonoscopy spleic laceration left sided abdominal pain diarrhea treatment have acanthosis nigricans applied melalite fote will homeopathy work swollen knees tingling feet pain in hip any insights have thoracic back pain mri shows spinal twist any ideas have polio-affected leg any surgery to improve legs have mood swings feeling empty getting angry easily help increased heart rate after exertion am overweight arms legs and nose tingling when flying what is this have pleomorphic adenoma below ear can homeopathy shrink the tumor had car accident toe numbing related muffled ears after injury no blood will it heal fetal ultrasound showed possibility of achondroplasia likelihood of dwarfism lump on stomach discoloration sore neck glands swollen lightheadedness child has hypothyroidism symptoms will synthroid cure her bleeding sores above pubic region redness itching discomfort genital herpes habit of moving tonsils taking vyvanse mucus accumulating oral sex immediate ejaculation weak numb erection post ejaculation treatment fluttering in ear when laying down any ideas rash on buttocks after unprotected sex itching help tingling arm dizziness feeling faint any idea headache when watching tv or films any suggestions done semen analysis have no child complete treatment what are the different pre-marital blood tests required persistent sore throat strep negative bumps in throat any ideas scalp pain headaches neck pain pain on touching hair treatment have psvt prescribed dilzem for increased palpitation right medication have cough with blood am pregnant bleeding in lungs cause delayed periods brown bleeding short periods cramps nausea tiredness causes anal fissures hard stools took cremaffin plus loose stools treatment got diarrhea for two weeks while travelling causes and treatment pink and brownish sticky discharge instead of usual period pregnancy dizzy lightheaded have depression have low blood pressure suggestions finger-like growths in vagina any home remedies for curing this prescribed fertomid and medication for hypothyroidism does hypothyroidism affect fertility unable to concentrate on studies due to cousins love affair prescribed emeset for vomiting is it safe during pregnancy throat feels tight swollen tongue have hyperthyroidism have not been eating well nausea what is wrong have red eye doctor said no infection cuts on penis after having sex painful advice done valve replacement in heart now brain dead what happened uterus pain bleeding cramping am pregnant is there any hope semen discharge during bowel movements and when applying pressure reason child has intermittent fever previous viral infection cause child has fever ear swelling painful help no joint pain or fever reducing weight high esr reason cancer detected again after surgery and radiation best treatment rash around beard sore skin taking antibiotics airbag dermatitis urine culture shows ecoli infection prescribed moxicip safe for fetus pain when sitting taken injection have dry and tickly cough more saliva breathlessness hay fever stomach burning constipation have hiatus hernia is surgery necessary itching in arm electric shock-like spasm burning help abdominal pain radiating to chest prescribed topcid remedies passing rbc after activity normal blood test enlarged prostate child has fever will it be good to give meftal intermittent bleeding after taking zintotec after abortion suggestion have cellulitis in leg oozing suggest right doctor have infected bartholin cyst not convinced with draining progress help loose motions headaches fever watery stools taken ors tablets treatment blood donation extreme pain on bending wrist cause of worry have bump on head not painful inflamed muscle back pain leg pain related to previous fracture l5 dry flaky and lighter skin after taking recreational drugs suggestions nausea trouble swallowing frequent bowel movements after increased kivipride dosage hyperpigmentation sensitive skin can cosmo peel help me frequent urination ejaculation without erection suggestions cough difficulty in breathing prescribed levofloxacin and ascoril suggestions drainage from the ear thin watery clear foul smell causes suffering from premature ejaculation treatment alternative medicine lighter periods think am pregnant how to abort at home light pain and stomach pain with diarrhea during period why have fatty cyst what is the pus oozing why fever pooping from vagina why green and thick has vaginitis next redness in eye on tobramycin what is the bump now used tylenol helped fever sneezing and coughing true having typhoid on oflaxacin fever persists whybr butt hole has a bump is it a bite cause urinalysis said negative microscopic pus cells moderate epithelial cells meaning unable to control urine bladder fullness foul odor treatment options have acne using cream why black spots and stretch marks have intermittent brown spotting had epidural and anaphylactic shock related pain in the chest after eating seafood reason shaking of hands and feet what is the disease bleeding during sex going through menopause cause have body jerking tingling neck pain tremor suggestions hard bumps in the vagina no pain very concerned taking rozavel working out continue it or switch help small white patches on body why are they growing treatment taking oxital and frism should i take tegrital too twin kids not increasing in height any medications in homeopathy itchy nasal when asleep sneezing depriving of sleep help giving similac can i give lactare and feed my baby what is the white substance on penis after anal sex testicle pain abdominal pain on adderall express concern had unprotected sex missed pills taking althea possibility of pregnancy have pancreatic cancer should we go for whipple surgery does acutret 20 have side effects problems in conceiving sagging rib cage chest shrinking breathlessness causes and treatment what does the sperm analysis report conclude had a minor blackout but no convulsion epilepsy what is the significance of szetalo prescribed for depression had unprotected sex on fertile days does it guarantee pregnancy elevated sugar levels determined by prick test quick relief measure vaginal discharge on urination post ivf what is the cause have plural calcification in lung homeopathic treatment done blood test need advice done seminogram is my report okay any deficiency have irritated urethra precribed doxycycline negative std worried child has recurrent strep infection immune deficiency orange colored bleeding from nose forehead causes and treatment nausea heartburn dull ache in back and pink discharge reason light periods followed by stomach cramps what is the cause small testicles penis tried vigrax penis enlargement creams exercises treatment painful urination frequent urination light bleeding had tubal ligation uti heavy bleeding after abortion worried how much solid food should i feed four month baby head injury upset stomach headache taking tylenol advil treatment child birth itching in clitoris taking microgynon causes for symptoms hut shin lump formed why is it painful crawling sensation on body now why rashes and itching scabies prolonged periods bv slight bleeding brown blood using gel treatment hemoglobin hematocrit chol hdl results out meaning had unprotected sex can precum cause pregnancy have painful lump between breasts called for second mammogram thoughts have visual disturbance and panic due to distress marijuana have lump in forearm movable had injury while wakeboarding advice tight penis rashes during sex urologist suggested frenuplasty circumcision treatment motor bike accident headaches cold severe pain suffering from typhoid started spotting and bleeding should there be an emergency cesarean chronic acne new pimples dry skin taking tuffacne accutant treatment cough headache dizziness eye pain nasal discharge due to allergies pregnant swollen lymph nodes headache infection ear pain treatment have bradycardia heart rate below 50 why throat twinges suffering from skin allergy irritation taking odoxil vizylac treatment have polycystic ovary prescribed ubiphene chances of conception fever stomach pain nausea abdominal pain any idea small child frequent watery stools redness on buttocks treatment breathlessness when walking taking pulmorest history of bronchial disorder child taken suprax for sinus infection but still has fever small child nasal congestion coughing taking ambrodil drops oxydrops treatment elevated creatinine levels breathlessness extreme exhaustion history of diabetes treatment child has fever taken crocin viral fever acne and marks allergy what about hair near chin sorbiline syrup for a hypothyroid patient what changes in diet thyroid patient pregnant take ecosprin safe for baby have eczema breastfeeding baby done tests interpretation am a heart patient done tmt seeking expert advice becoming aggressive sometimes tired recovers from depression want opinion have been suffering with pain and heartburn why abdominal pain am bed wetting dizzy stressed going to start ivf pain in pubes itching had unprotected sex help pain near the testicles no lumps inflamed epididymis frequent bowel movements stomach burns colonoscopy shows piles suggest medication child has fever red and itchy spots on face diarrhea abnormal bp difficulty breathing afibrillation allergic reaction to heart valves done semen analysis test want explanation have many moles done breast implant surgery malignant melanoma headaches nosebleeds starts behind head blurred vision treatment am diabetic have finger tendonitis taking onglyza advice have spine tuberculosis low back pain is surgery needed pregnant home pregnancy test positive history of miscarriages prevention tickling in throat allergies tried singulair history of asthma treatment problem getting erection suggest medication to improve erection have sebaceous prominence a gland significantly swollen masturbation cause area of mustache black and sensitive why treatment abortion severe bleeding with clots on copper coil dislodged treatment suffering from hepatitis b positive viral quantification test done treatment have male pattern baldness side effects of minoxidil and androanagen had implanon inserted yet pregnant do not want child diarrhea taking microgynon has the pill stopped suiting me heavy bleeding blood clots soreness cramps negative pregnancy test worried chronic leg and back pain taken naproxen and ibuprofen sciatica painful breathing blood test positive for whooping cough had bronchitis discharge rectal bleeding pelvic pain after polyp removal worried child has dry cough taking fluzet hyperactivity after medication worried child is vomiting tired sweating taking chamomilla remedy numbness in forefinger swelling and bump on neck advise itchy red and swollen legs and thighs help