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is there chance for child after so much masturbating i have been giving him adco-loperamide i am suffering from stomach cramps dizziness nausea my 4 years old child keeps puking over 15 times slow hair growth for my kids please suggest remedy sharp pain when i inhale i have been getting reoccuring sinus infections i have a bad smell when i pass my urine what are the disadvantages of drinking wine every day can anxiety cause leg cramps and tingling lips developed post surgery as enterocutenous and enterouterine fistula lump on left cheek is it cancer why did i get my period like 3 weeks early tips on growing my penis i have neck and back problems after neck surgery how to growth hormone i recognize as croup and really need your suggestion i am suffering from emotional stress induced nausea i have chronic problem of constipation my father is having liver problem kindly help can i have weak sperm due to masturbation bp 12262 at the age of 21 is it ok premature ejaculation problems kindly suggest groin pain what could this pain be i want to gain weight please suggest me side effects of naporisn medicine i excited my penis flow a lot of lubricant i dont know if i am pregnant any suggestions it is either mini stroke or migraine any ideas magic eye in improvement of eye sight bone brain fever what does it mean small testicle grow back why is this why my butt smells funny is it safe to gt copper t how can i maintain atopic dermatitis disease please suggest me remedy for hair fall is forehead thermometers are not accurate my child is suffering from green diarrhea numbness and swelling feet legs while sitting at computer do i have some stomoch infection should i need to see different therapist labour induction using misoprostol kindly suggest i have molar pain kindly help me out increased pulse rate is there anything for worry i am troubled by cough and cold please suggest my left testicle hangs much lower than my right is it safe to take antibiotics while pregnant discharge of white liquid from vagina i have been peeing excessively am i pregnant can same blood group couple marry i am having real bad acid re-flux water in lungs with stomach issues my problem is that i always felt sleppy i have irregular menstruation suggest me the remedy i am 6 months pregnant blood stains found i have less beard please tell me the treatment i am suffering from asthma and a bad cough my daughter hit her head on a pole can there be a relapse of neurocycticercosis please concered me about cervical cancer healthy pulse rate for a man jelqing - does it make the penis bigger health drinks for a 9 months old baby i had a miscarriage please guide me bruise like area on babys backwhat could it be vomits and stomach pain is she pregnant shall i take this tablets in diabetes compactibility of o and o neg for marriage what time would we check for pregnancy can i prevent insulin injections i got suicidal over a lad whose fault was it my toenails have turned dark red body ct scan during menses high fever should antibiotics be started stinging cervix in early pregnancy i am worried home remedy for pink eye mucus i get a weird feeling in my body could a 14 yr old have type 2 diabetes what is the use of metrogyl i have shivering problem and i dont smoke i am suffering from depression need advice and guidance inflammtion around penis and pubic hairsis it serious what are the uses of silver-ex ointment hpv uinfection mild dysplacia symptoms feeling of not having enough sleep how to remove sweat bumps and hair follicles completely waht should i do to increase my ejaculation time treatment for acute nephrology pancreatic attack how to stop pregnancy with no side effects period stopped halfway is this a pregnancy sign i am having night fall problem plz help me my frind having mentally disorder please help him my placenta lies low and is about to touch cervix what is the reason to occuring of tonic-clonic secure is age 15 ok right for doing masturbation loprin as a precaution for heart my husband has stage 4 esophageal cancer tab nuzeu - skin allergy antibiotic please suggest long term heavy breathing problem unrelieved by inhalers please help my mom has swollen kidney and stones in it i want information on via ananas pills diagnosed with gallstones and fatty liver i want to know the treatment of piles i had black poop with globs of blood from uterus i want to improve health and weight itch rash on my ear please help pain in urinary track infection i am suffering from hepatitis b suggest me the treatment vaginal discharge leaks out how do i stop it 6yr old complains of boneaches headaches please suggest remedy will i have a bad reaction please suggest remedies for deep face holes my sgpt report is 842 dark urine and vaginal itching where i can get breast implants missed periods and experiencing many pregnancy symptoms is masturbating dangerous for women having a breast pain with headache breast pain with horrible headache what could be the problem krimson 35 for family planning does hyperthyrodism effects pregnancy easily forget what i have done i suffer from all symptoms of hypothyroidism please suggest me hiv test and vdrl test my brother-in-law diagnosed with leukamia suggest me the treatment tell me about my urine analysis report pmdd depression anxiety and anger testicles hurt during and after lifting weights why what can i do to have a perfect body diet plan for tb patient amount of milk for a one year boy kid with a bump on knee please help is it save to use novelon to prevent pregnancy had unprotected sex whitish bumps around rim of penis what is the average hieght for a 7th grader can people with high blood pressure jump rope as exercise is it reaction to peanuts weight loss and breathing problems marks n oily skin advice are there any side effects for overdose of lactare post stroke follow up what can we do i am suffering from aphasia burning sensation on skin after angioplasty heartbeat is like swells up what that it mean face is little swollen sperm gets leaked out very soon i was wondering am i pregnant or is this usaul black spots on my legs how long dose alchole stay in you am i suffering from epilepsy misdiagnosis visible veins can i treat them post typhoid febril condition in evening kindly help what does mean by dislocation of spine disk how can i maintain my skin complexion what exactly happens in endometriosis surgery head trauma suffered in youth please help bp 14391 at the age of 30 is it ok how to get cure from hepatitis c virus infection getting brown discharge after having sex suffering from headache fever dizziness after having sex i think i got std why does my penis burn what does it mean by sgpt i have a headache kindly help me i have ebsteins anomaly cardiac condition upcoming urinalysis what are my chances of passing i am feeling chestabdominal pain kindly help me my lungs when i inhale hurt how can u remove a baby teeth without pain swelling of face and under eyes circleheave eyes is musterbing a reason for pimples how can i over come from over masturbation is pilonidal sinus permanently curable does i-pill affect periods penis bleeding alot during the intercourse is this a puberty symptom itchy is it safe to treat it with benadryl inflamed eye 9 months after cataract surgury i have had access saliva for two months suggest me what can cause severe low back pain vertigo disease due to my ear why after iui doctor say to do intercourse my 15 months old baby got rashes will lactogen-2 cause any harm to the baby teeth i started having fever with throat infection and general weakness we have lost our 3 children should we try again itchy bumps all over the body and private area i am suffering from chest pain please help what is the best course of treatment for adenoids i cant sleep at night what to do swallowed food down wrong pipe what can i do ear is red and swollen after mosquito bite positive strep test for a female please suggest i have a sexual problem of premature ejaculation please help does pubic hairs cause infertility is leptaden helpful to get pregnant what is the treatment for facial hair how to use ovral g as birth control painful erection in 60 year old male i have petite mal seizures after delivery extra skin is it normal is electrocardiogram necessary for shortness of breath what does this mean by irregular rib xray is my previous used of pg affects my pregnancy lower part of body itching temporal lobe epilepsy tell me about this lower right abdominal pain - what is causing it masturbation with dad is it wrong is it dangerous to eat your semen my childs food pipe is not properly developed pinched nerve cause of masturbation which tablet are used in cancer give me suggestion in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura itp problem of small pennis premature ejaculation please suggest about my liver profile burning pain in shoulder blade area neck missed period for 25 years treatment of epithelial cells in urinalysis in pregnancy i have developed a lymph on my armpit please advise blackoutsdizinesslight-headed what could be the reason for this i am suffering from chronic myelogenous leukemia do i use siphene for conceive whole body numbness during sleep i am a diabetic patient albumin in urine urinary and motion sensation problem after a leg surgery how can i stop my tobacoo chewing habit spotting on birth control what is going on is any treatment available for roussy levy syndrome i have had swollen glands and now a rash i have missed two periods i have pregnancy like symptoms is cyclo-progynova helpful in pregnancy pregnant and miserably constipated what can i do whiteyellowish discharge from my clitoris what is the problem bruised penisis there anything i should be worried about i am suffering from wet dream i am having pcod problem what should i do i got eye infection please suggest what is the percentage of me being pregnant my foreskin darkening why it is so i had myomectomy and i want abortion flip flop feeling in my chest i can not swallow food how to control appetite is nose bleeding common in summer too i have quite heavy bleeding after masturbation please help armpit lump in my 9-month old granddaughter white balls which come out from the back of mouth my baby is suffering from a severe cold 6 month old has rashes behind ear what could be the reason for vaginal itching treatment for intramedullary astrocytoma of spinalcord how to plan a baby neeri tablet for burning sensation how to treat acne scars and redheads i need clarification for weight loss surgery detail my child was very high speed breathing i am 55 kg of 6 feet am i underweight i have fissure problem plz suggest me the diet what is the diabetes controlling device cost and side effects of radiotherapy tartar bleeding gum bad breath i have headache since 3 days suggest me a remedy non-viable intrauterine gestation missed abortion what does it mean tingling feeling in chestarms and hands my daughter got cold leg during the asthma attack i have digestive problem how can i solve it knot on breast please help i get sleep paralysis almost every morning shoulder pain ectopic pregnancy packaged milk and juice r unhealthy or healthy 41 yrs old female is suffering from constipation how do i bring high blood sugar down my daughter suffered from tga vsd please help her how much duration should be there in polio vaccines quick ejaculation n and belching is trichomoniasis and urinary tract infection same what type of doctor handled abscess of the gums i am having pain due to knee joint slips how to increase penis size using any medicine panicyl as a natural remedy for social anxiety and depression i am feeling depressed about my health i think i am suffering from liver disorder diet and execerise to increase sex stamina my daughter is patient of tga vsd i have lower back pain probably from pogo-sticking i want to grow my penis could i be pregnant while on depo suffering from lower abdom and back pain diagnosis of anxiety in children chelation therapy or calation therapy hole in the ears of my daughter i have a third small testicle is that normal i have a small thrid testicle is this normal could i be hiv positive my sons intestine comes out while going to latrine unusual letter whether it could be a mental problem extra skin growth at vagina is same blood group harmful while marriage can a woman get pregnant by having anal sex my pennis is cracked and peeling please give me suggestion does it sound like kidney infection or just uti horrible rash that was healing now direly infected please help headache more than 3 years horrible scabbed rash was healing gone wrong now it infected boilbump in the middle of my vagina what is the treatment for villous adenoma how to confirm a child affected by adrenal hyperplasia congenital my father face joints pain please help process of laser eyes please advise i am on nuvaring but have recently increased my zoloft dark fore head and cheeks spots could a condom be blocking my cervix my testicals started to get really sore is it possible to have too much spinal fluid mri report shows a little white specs on my brain black scrotum enlarged testes high white blood cell count is it wrong to have a chunky sperm missed periods cramps blotted tummy what these symptoms indicate i am worried because arent these symptoms of chf want to know about circumcision healing i have blood in urine had a history of dvts why i am always havings heart palpitations what will happen if i missed itaconazole 100mg dose my son has had loose stringy greenish color stools back pain after a kidney surgery should i take oral antifungal medication i get sudden weakness dizziness cant focus on anything tmt positive after 35 months of cabg i feel burining sensation on penis after sex is there any remedy or cure for this condition suffering from gland tb please help how to get rid of bleached hair my husband has radius neck fracture suggest the treatment i got some soap in my throat and it hurts i want to have large penis i am suffering from constant throat infection kindly help me having blurred vision due to accident chemo and my premature baby my skin tone has changed during pregnancy please suggest mme i am having a long period after taking of progestin i am getting farting sensation pls give a solution i have a vervy heavy discharge what is it i have yellowish bumps on my arms i have horrible cramps how to get rid of this what can i do for swollen gum suffering from asthma and chest infection please help pimple like bumps under my breasts with smell behavioural problem of my wife can i get some advise is tb completely curable in a newly diagnosed patient does minoxidil really work for regrowth of hair is clindamycin safe for hypertensive patients sudden deafness it that due to wax buildup increased the size of breast and liquid is leaking out length of penis in men shooting pain in left breast and under left arm pit my daughter has fecal impaction constipationplease help i have irregular period cycle i am 43 i have a problem in ejaculation i want a baby suffering from cancer please suggest tratment suffering from low abdomen pain my father is suffering from heart problem is my stimulant too high my health has been declining fast please advise me will i pass a pre screening drug test tonsil and adenoid removal can you get gangrene would you recommend biopsy what medicine can i take in backbone pain solution to diabetes at age of 26 can azithral cause an itch reaction is high shprl curable by medicine is there any link between vacterl syndrome and leukemia my baby is suffering from loose motions suggest me to reduce weight which food should take in diabetes throat tingle after swallowing ejaculation i am 15year old boy my cleft pallete i ingested 30 tylenol pills 15grams black dot on neck with a red bump under it should i worry enough about urinating i have serious heart pain i am 18 years old metrogyl during breast feed please help tell me the treatment of disk probem morning wood is it normal is coffee good for weight loss i want to know about my pregnancy status i have acidity and head spinning problem i got semi hardhalf hard erections placental cysts found in my 20 weeks pregnancy period shivering of hands and leg irregular menstruation should i be worried my wife is having motion problem kindly suggest the treatment i have constant belly ache and cramping how to treat high co2 in blood my husband has having dizzy and indigestion i am having pain after osteochondritis dissecans operation possibly a second period in one month kindly advise me does eating ice make you gain weight i got light bleed vagina after intercourse my son pee hurts please suggest me the remedy bumps on inside lip of my vagina with bleeding do you control when you take a boner my eye gets dirt when i wake up pentavalent whole cell vaccine instead of hexavalent cellular vaccine will pregnancy show up in ultrasound for fibroids black lump on back pls help how long can take frutaplanta diet plls i am suffering from sexual diseases is hepatitis b the serious case or what why i am gaining weight after copper t i have soling in my left hip kindly help me my periods yet not started how to avoid pregnancy after an unprotected sex loose motion during pregnancy will it harm my baby abnormal ecg with normal angiogram report want to increas my sperm count cant stop masturbating please help emergency contraceptive pill in periods i have type 1 diabetes and hoshimotos thyroiditis white substance from swollen bumps on scrotum what is this is masturbation ok at the age of 17 treatment for acne scars and dark circles i have increased tsh as well please help sufering from bed sores please advise sperm motility and stronger ejaculation how to get rid of acne pits fast ejecting not stronger penis can you get pregnant with an iudintrauterine devices mobizox prescribed for hamstring injury isit a safe drug revital tablets for hair fall and increase haorgrowyh i am always tired and no energy i am worried i have lumps on side of my legs i got nightfall and sex problem eg hair right above ankle how to increase blood in body eye flickering any problem or not i am suffering by sinus please suggest me what is femur diabetes myelitis 32 week pregnant is this also good or i am having pcod problem and missed 3 months date my penis size is 6 inch errect i am suffering from alopecia what shoud i do alternate of taking medication for deep venous thrombosis i want to gain weight kindly suggest how do i know about the onset of menopause whether ibs is curable or not why i am gaining weight instead of losing it i want to confirm my pregnancy i feel sharp pains on both side of my head what could be the reason of fluctuating bp my private area has been getting very itchy will folvite tablets cause any side effects penis not fully developed please help black scabbed lesion kindly help me differences between fosinipril sodium 40 mg and lisinopril 20 mg i do have scolosis on my lower back kindly suggest my 2-12 years old daughter is suffering from regurgitation what can cause spontaneous swelling of the footleg itchy and burning sensation around my vagina what is mycobacterium lentiflavum suffering from psoriasis is it curable am i going to die i am getting tensed often wat should i do my 4 yr old boy has swollen testicle please advise how to stop quick ejaculation nightfall a boon or a bane for men i have blood sugar frm last 15 years perfect diet chart for a blood sugar patient what are the effects of i-pill i have a fishy order in the rectum kindly suggest my penis rash please suggest me remedy couldnt find a heart beat should i be worried is daily masturbation harmful for my health my penis problem what can i do i saw blood in my daughters ear please advise me i have a heart pain when i breathe or laugh paternia tablets use and side effects newly born baby having black tongue does excessive masturbation leads to infertility in men i am feeling burn sensation please suggest me the treatment otrivin s for cold to my baby am i pregnant or paranoid i am suffering from ebesteins anomaly procedure to increase height after 25 age have nausea vertigo pain missed period headaches harpies in eyes vain please suggest lump in the perinuem area tremor on rapid eye action kindly advice what is the cost of hymenoplasty unicoruate uterusi want to avoid hsg again headache and fever please suggest remedy medicine for occult blood test positive i got cut on my forehead by cat scratching femilon tablet for unwanted pregnancy i found black stool also been feeling nausea with headaches where is my baby sitting in my belly the color of my sperm varies all the time i have been having palpitations is my bp fine i am suffering from testicular problems kindly suggest i have been having problem with my stomach kindly help i have weakness after stopping the treatment of hypogonadism i am loosing my hairis there any cure taking the qlaria pill how can i skip my period can you advise me for the after effects of mtp what could be causing bladder pain i am 42 now had discharge from nipples i have not been able to conceive after stopping pill what is polycystic disease cause of it how to control your anger n depression need a abortion can u help me can an oral sergain tell if you have oral herpes will citalopram increase my weight discomfort around the base of the head of my penis painful cuts and tight skin around my penis area normocytic hypo-chromic anemia is severe or normal disease after smokeing my heart will race n beat fast i had a high fever then got bad headaches skin tightness what could this be i have nausea abdominal pain could i really be pregnant is eating raw rice bad for health blood pressure 11761 is it ok i got a itchy vagina after shaving i have been getting pimples with discharge from vagina unborn baby without or underdeveloped a stomach permanent cure for cml please suggest me my father has a high cholesterol with hear problemkindly suggest is this vaginal discharge or something else laser operation for eye its sideefects what happens when lantus is left in the sun sunburn and a sore throat is this sun poisoning i have difficulty in conceiving have polycystic ovary syndrome i want to quit smoking kindly suggest wanted to know about hcg diet my son has swollen glands under jaw please help i want to lose weight i am 11 issues with post surgical infections need thoughts for second opinion i am trying to conceive what treatment should i take what is the risk factors of tsh reading 867 did the doctor prescribe me wrongly with medroxyprogesterone i am having problem of frequent urination please advise white gel ejaculate while sex is it normal how long can i have sex to get pregnant is it bleeding for ipill or normal period how to stop pregnancy delayed complicaton of cataract surgery my friend is suffering from hallucination when does a newborn follow your voice i am not able to poop my wife have some problem in piraidmc please help her does nodular hyperplasia caused due to hcg diet what precautions can i take for cholesterol i used to have vaginal burning sensation after sexual intercourse shoulder blade pain and weakness after sex please suggest me blood vessel in my left eye has burst again testicular pain in right testicle what this might be advice or treatment for enlarged papillae is eating pan masala injurious to health suffering from neuropathy suggest me the treatment armelbow swelling what could it be i feel uncomfortable after food is it because of gastric my stomach just hurts constantly after eating foods is there any relation between smoking and mumps ringing in my ears has gotten worse doctors cannot find the place of cancer of my father blood after passing motion what should i do my father is suffering from tumour in chest please guide me to avoid miscarriage please provide solution for gums teeth problem my mom started puking and retching and coughing kindly help i have been experiencing body itching kindly suggest congenital dislocation of a 2 months old child treatment for congenital dislocation of a 2 months old child does acid reflux cause belly pain can i take doxt while pregnant is there any permanent solution for dvt how long should a 15 year old male penis be got pregnant after using morning after pill structor of 6cmx3cm in my lower left abdomin my 2 yr old daughter poked me in the eye how does hpv cause genital warts will i-pill work on the third day after intercourse suffering from itching of penis nipple blister and engorgent please help i am losing my hair i am only 18 suffering from low temperature fever i am having some oral problems what to do i keep getting stomach pain please help i am experiencing stomach ache with watery shit i am suffering from headache migraineand dizziness is it ok to smoke after bare metal stent placed blood disorders please give any suggestion i feel my brain moving what marker is used to check throat cancer rapid heart rate and shortness of breath alcoholic symptoms please suggest therapy how to control blood creatinine does masturbation affect penis forcibly confinement of my mother in mental hospital is co2 laser ambulation safe for pearly penile papules solution for extreme dry skin does self gratification have bad effects on health side effects of 32 500mg co-codamol tablets bleeding very little after taking i-pill please help my 3years old son is always vomiting how to gain weight slowly 20 pound in 3 months 15 years boy suffering from chest infection and breathing trouble damage eyes suggest anything on this case pls please need know the if she health or not i am getting pain when i masturbate suffering from breast cancer for last two years addict in masturbation and want to control it how can i increase my testicular size i have breast reduction surgery and take ecstasy can warfarin users try hcg diet acne on face getting really bad implantation bleeding ectopic pregnancy or just pill period how do i increase my sprem count are fruta planta pills dangerousfor health is re-nerve capsule helpful in sciatic pain my belly aching what can it be do guys or husbands bother about stretch marks is it possible to enlarge the size of penis effect of daily penis service what is hsg test suffering from high fiver and body pain plastic surgery to match the face of another person exactly how to treat typhoid psychosis please tell me some home remedies for fungus on scalp does amino fuel liquid has any side effects can you suggest me medicine to abort 2 month pregnancy i am suffering from severe pain and nausea during periods my mother is suffering from bone tb please help i have my cycle but period not come how can i gain my weight height growth tell me the details about bio bust breast cancer due to natural breast enhancement products my mom has tumor along with anemiais it dangerous when i pee it burns what is the proper dose of ceftum 500 mg how do i feel when in ovulation ecogenic intracardiac focus on the right ventricle of my baby is there any medication to increase the sperm count how to increase height after 22years i am suffering swelling in tailbone area i keep fainting what do i do can lead poisoning cause severe hand cramps clusters of tiny white dots around foreskinbeneath frenulum pain in right side and right ovary male with pain in nipple please suggest my 7year old son has been vomiting up for 6weeks i am suffering from clitoris discomfort jaw fracturewhat can i do how can i built my body i recently suffered dizziness after a head injury is my toddlers bulging rib normal risk in pregnancy after pulmonary tuberculosis red ring around butt whole how much do cardiologists make for echo study capsule endoscopy or regular colonoscopy - which is better how to get lighter smooth skin colour i feel dizzy headache 7 other symptoms uneasiness in the chest kindly advice severe abdominal pain with nausea since last two year clear substance coming out of vagina with itching can masturbation effect on my health i got abnormality in stress test and non working pacemaker i have been feeling dizzyheadachebody tinglingfaintingloss of balance can too much sun cause hair loss i have been feeling chest pains kindly help me i am suffering from digestive problems with drowsiness tell me the details about lumbar degenerative disc disease sperms coming out early during sex ants around my childs urine can i have smoke and drink after c section sufferring from sever urticaria please suggest the treatment my mom is having facial numbness problem please suggest her monistat cream for brown hairs how to get rid of head ache in back side constant cough causing him to vomit alot my breast have been so sore lately kindly suggest i had a by pass surgery about seven yrs ago i am suffering from semen leakage i had a disc problem kindly suggest i want to lose extra fats how can i improve my eye sight loose motions with abdominal pain i have night blindness and i also see colour distortion sexual problem due to excess masturbation i have heart pain and dry cough problems i want to know about about my semen i have had recurrent thrush for a year having dark purpleblue dot on penis shaft i have hip pain suffering from spinal muscular atrophy blood pressure reading is 183113 atypical squamous cells cannot exclude hsil daughter is having carlpal tunnel syndrome do penile ring works heart is weak not pumping enough blood into body lack of interest in sex kindly suggest 2 pills of primolet n will i be pregnant does scoliousis cause your breast uneven getting rid of a baby spots on my glans penis please help my wife has yeast infections continuously please suggest me my father has prostate cancer is this serious infertility test and doxycycline treatment how to reduce breast quick sharp pains on left side of my nose i am suffering from asthma kindly help me my period is irregular help me out im pregnant and getting dizzy when i stand too quickly i have been suffering from knee and ankle pain my son has bleeding throat please help my knee hurts when i stand up need help is there any relationship between masturbation and menstruation late period lost virginity pease help me out could you please find out my symptoms please i am losing weight day by day had kidney infection when i wipe after i pee it hurts near urethra i suffered from shoulder dislocation i need a permanent solution whole back of the earring was stuck in my elbow what is fnac smear why should i take this ovutrig 5k injection i have no pus cells present please advise me i always feel tired and not fresh in the morning i am having period but getting positive pregnancy test i am worried about my white hair sight problems after fast paced exercise my wife is suffering from thrombosis from last 8 years i am suffering from nightfall problem massive heart attack in non smoker is it possible i have warts on my vagina area and that hurts about penis is that normal have i got an sti can hpv be spread by having sex what is the reason for urine pus i got blood during urination why am i sweating more than usual yellow and watery semenplease tell me any resolution tampons make me sick is it possible is tricyclen helpful to skip a period boil on my penis is it a serious problem hepatitis how harmful it could be aclr titanium tibial screw removal i had anterior cervical laminectomy discectomy and fusion kindly suggest how effective is yohimbine tablet emanzen d during early stage of pregnancy is it possible to have my feet narrowed i want to know detail about cataract surgery my son has stomach aches please help him i have brownish vein before the head of my penis remedies for chronic nocturnal emissions how to increase spearm count please suggest me tell me the medication of pain caused by podagra is there anyway to control excessive masturbation can headache be a tobacco withdrawl symptoms how to get rid of dead skin how to get a brighter skin i have a bumps around the opening of my anus treatment for cirrhosis of liver with hepatitis b i got bleeding during intercourse i am on depo shot my 15 days baby is crying while passing urine i am suffering from gynecomastia my wife has a bad smell in her nose how to get cure from neurofibrome please suggest me about copper-t removal is brain dead possible during open heart surgery red rashpatches of red with white flaky bits my father is experiencing heart problems what is this burning pain in my joint symptoms of pregnant and negative test results my penis has stiffhard flaccid after surgery hardstiff flaccid penis since the surgery why does my vagina smell how to get rid of i got sperm in my eye white blood cell count is 31 what does that mean my penis has too much skin please help i am suffering from urinary track infection alternative medicine for t-zurig 80 mg chest pains centered around heart do i have chlamydia or cystitis can period be delayed for taking i pill i have got stomach upset and loose motion swelling on kidney is this disorder curable getting sick after a broken toe vomitting every morning i think i am suffering from sleep disorder what is the side effects of proxyvon how safe is laser operation can your appendix hurt from drinking alcohol 28 male nipple lump black spots and cracks my testicles are swollen and hard but painless i have a problem of wrist drop after a fracture i am losing my hair suggest me a remedy how long will thc be in my saliva i cant speak in front of people what are the risks of taking kigtropin hgh please advice on insomnia schizophrenia please suggest me how to avoid pregnancy i got burned with hot grease in my eye does mastribution effect people i have both pimples and scars on my face low bp for cronic heart patient kindly suggest urine report what is the treatment severe abdominal pain without any reason intercourse during menogon injection treatment will it disturb treatment for tuberculosis in uterus please suggest me pain when i am running please suggest me lump at babies face pls help me during periods time my breast become more tight painful i got blisters on my head because of the sun what foods are good for child can i take nexium while on methadone is folic acid helpful in pregnancy how to enlarge the length of my penis i am looking for kidney transplant i have memory loss and hearing problems please advise me my son having sore eyes please suggest him remedy my 9 months old son swallowed combiflame ointment is it ok to take wysolone in breathing problem suggest me a treatment depends upon my semen analysis report medications before a fasting blood test suffering from paralytic attack on left side kindly help increas in size of nipple what precaution should take after brain surgery i have been sufferic from gout and cist please help blood clots and burning when i pee about my semen report please advice what are the effects of benzocaine on sperm how to get rid of eating gutkah my vagina does not become wet during sex elderly male has multiple nosebleeds please help test negativeim just wondering if she could get pregnant my blood creatinine level is 144what does it mean adenoids of 4 years son my leg hurts while running why i feel uncomfortable in chest is it heart problem can a scratched mole cause skin cancer please tell me about my semen report in what case cesarean delivery is needed i am not getting my period after birth control blood clot in brain please suggest late period lower stomach pain but negative pregnancy test peeing and pooping blood testicles hurt why is this urge to vomit and semi-formed stools after meal side effects of recita forte tab i am suffer from skin trouble from my birth rumbling and tightening feeling in my stomach please help alternate to operation in nerve compression in the back bone i am worried about mouth please help feeling of suffocation please assist me whats the sucess rate for the first time of iui will curved penis affect my sexual life how to reduce weight of a arthritis patient what might be the interpretation of urine examination report yellowish water came out when pass motion reasons for yellowish whitish tongue is pre hypertension curable only by exercise my face looks so different from both sides physical implications of not masturbating i had a pain in my chest that quickly subsided pain and swollen breast in menstrual cycle what cause of i am unable to ejaculate headaches on the right side during any activity im having severe itches in my sexual area is male masturbation harmfull hole in ear membrane due to insect bite please help i am feeling fatigue insomnia headache want rapid growth for my daughter kindly advise me why i am getting pain during masturbation can valve block in heart be solved by acupanture method i feel very tired even after sleeping is heart rate of 48 bpm too low why did i feel sick after sleeping pregnancy after dc please suggest i have not got periods for two months kindly suggest i have an acne below my eyes for 5 years penis not get erect for long red spots around head of my penis how to get rid of dark scars due to pimple suffering from blood cacer from past 35 years normal level of pus cells during pregnancy irregular period and pain in the abdominal left side will duromine diet pill cause scrotum shrank how to get pregnant if i have irregular periods cold after swimming and then fever tell me the treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd my sgot is 54 is it ok i had flu like symptoms what could it be i was wondering if i am healthy kindly advice me i am suffering from heart palpitation i am having problems with my underarms and pubic area what is the use of imitinef mercilet will i ever be a mother hair loss and hair greying problem how to control what is the treatment for my hsv virus how to eliminate the habit of thumb sucking body pain with blood from intestine i have right testical pain hip and knee pain compatability of tablet acitrom glynase please suggest me what is the reason behind these headaches i am having problem of hair loss my baby girl is suffering from lactose intolerance please help can pregnancy test be effective on birth control pill head pain in the root of hair is a early semen fall disease i am bleeding after having a protected sex i have trouble breathing for years what could it be can i take penicillin and xanax together i have vaginal discharge everyday please suggest me i have persistent intrusive thoughts is it cause anxiety attacks loose motions in child kindly advice about diet is there any side effect of taking akt-3 i am suffering from nose pain medication for low sperm motility can i take primolut to stop my period i have swollen feets how to fix this what is use of anolet 25 mg tablets tell me the treatment for tooth problem i have problems sleeping at night kindly help me pee turned whitemilky white while i was peeing orange oilafter passing a hard stool four year old had bloody poop please help can arizona iced green tea causes delay in period abdominal painsoff and on fever shiversand shortness of breath why i have shaking and fast heart rate tell me the treatment for bipolarity need help on cystic echinococcosis sex during menstruation is any chance to get pregnant my child has a bad temperplease help my child i lose control of my bladder if i am running why i get chest pains all of a sudden will i need a catheter for a 4-hour surgery will surgery affect my birth control penis head sensitive and it hurt afterwards how to overcome infertility problem treatment for swelling around the anus small white spots on the left lip of my vagina do you take klonopin for alcohol withdrawal i got burnt from wax please suggest me remedy can i use supplements being an hiv positive how to increase penis length breath can i have chapati after upset stomach does imitinef mercilet cures cancer i am having fungal infection problem on my head there are some growth in my vagina is there any relation between hyperthyroidism and weight gaining throat hurts after smoking please suggest me the remedy my daughter had white mark in her stomach please suggest my glucose tolerance test result 122 i am pregnant i have low hcg levels please suggest me having stomach ache nausea with 3 negative pregnancy test missed period but not pregnant had pelvic inflammatory disease pid fetus with air in heart please help what is the merits of having paya soup i suffered from panic attacks and extreme anxiety i have longer period than normal and painful breasts two vessel cord of a unborn baby can i get help with digestive symptom i have a weird mole signs of melanoma please suggest 37 days since last period iud how much water should i take per day how to treat extremely dry frizzy hair home remedy for vaginal infection safe delivery when 30 weeks of pregnancy sex after gall bladder surgery for testicle problem which doctor to consult which medicine good for for ankylosing spondlytis what make me a aa2 genotype is there any processmedicine to improve quality of egg i am suffering from irregular period problem due to tri-sprintec multiple hepatic hemangiomas how serious is this i need to have 2 teeth extracted how to get cure from valvular disease except operation what is the cure of peptic disorder is there any chances to have cancer by lovenox treatment for lumber disk prolapse except surgery stopping aspirin for dental extraction my cheeks are too hollow although i eat really much i have weird shaped legs is human growth hormone helpful to heal how to take prevention for chicken pox what is rivotril tablet i have had shaky hands have asthma what should be the minimum time interval for male masturbation i constantly feel tired body weakness please suggest me pain under left breast near the ribcage how to stop masturbating please suggest me itchy vagina what should i do my veins on my right leg down my calf burst what is the treatment for stammering i want to know about she-males is a sugar level of 82 after food good my father-in-law has indigestion problem with diabetes i am feeling pain and bleeding duringafter intercourse how to reduce enlarged liver i had a breast reduction surgury kindly advice me post tahbso recovery experience some very slight spotting-light brown spotting can i get little bleeding if i am pregnant is medicine only the treatment for rheumatoid arthritis is unwanted 72 pill harmful in any way which one is the best surgery for myopic