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hi im on the pill microgynon 30 opiates hi my triglicride and cholestrol values are 401 and 250 resp hi taking wysolone 10 bells palsy hi there i am 35 weeks pregnant and have had a uti all thro hiatal hernia and drinking alcohol hiatal hernia cycling hiatal hernia shortness of breath when sitting hiccup chest caving in hida scan in the neonate information for parents hifenac mr for pain high alanine transaminase alt liver high alkaline phosphate in children high alkaline phosphate in your blood high alt and ast and mild fatty liver high alt levels related to gallbladder high ast alt low alp high bilirubin count due to statin high bilirubin in adolescents high blood creatinine level and mood swings high blood pressure and halo vision high blood pressure deep teeth cleaning high blood pressure slow pulse eye twitch high blood pressure standing up head hurts feel alot of pressure high blood sugar and liver enzymes high bp during 9th month of pregnancy high bun level in babies high calcium levels and elevated liver enzymes high cardiac enzymes in blood test after a seizure high cholesterol and nose bleed high dose b12 missed period high enzymes enlarged spleen high eosinophil count with joint stiffness high epiglottis repair high esr chronic pain and fatigue high esr normal cbc tb high fever after a bee sting high fever after drinking rum high fever and farting high fever and headache in children high fever temp for 14 year old high fiber green stool high ggt level tiredness high glucose related to emphysema high grade fever with pulled groin muscle high liquifaction time and high viscous semen high liver enzymes and erectile disfunction high neutrophils in cbc hiv high potassium levels in blood in bulimia high protein diet and green stools high protien in urine without high blood pressure during pregnancy high pulse fever chest pain and light headed high pulse rate 130 in pregnancy high pulse rate 137 high pulse rate fluctuating blood pressure high respiratory rate cause high sgot and sgpt levels after dengue fever high sgot and sgpt levels and methotrexate high sgpt alkaline phosphatase high sgpt and sgot causes but clear liver result ultrasound high sgpt count after typhoid high sgpt foods to avoid rice high sgpt remedies high temp 4dpo high temperature backache chest ache skin sore high temperature hands and feet go numbcough high temperature numb feet chesty cough headache high triglycerides back pain and headaches high uric acid and liver function high uric acid high cholesterol high blood pressure high wbc high neutrophils high blood pressure swollen hands high wbc with sore throat symptoms high white blood cell count does it mean you have aids himalaya speman hing for constipation in babies hip and lower abdomen pain hip and upper thigh pain during menstruation hip neuritis hip replacement and staph infection histeo cancer histiocytosis tooth decay hit hard on leg got swollen hit head numbness in arm hit in the ankle with a puck now there is a lump that hurts hit in the ankle with softball and ankle is hard hit in the chest now having chest pains hit my head and i feel strange hit my head forehead hard and i feel very tired hit my head hard and know i am a bit dizzy and have a heaqdache hit my head now dizzy next day hiv and back acne hiv and mold anaphylaxis hiv axillary lymph nodes related hiv combo test negative at 4 weeks hiv diabetes prick pen hiv duo test accuracy hiv fever 8 months after exposure hiv from one night stand hiv negative 9 months hiv peeling skin hands hiv positive symptom of boils alone hiv positve and enlarged spleen hiv skin discoloration hiv symptoms swollen tongue hiv test accuracy after 6 weeks hiv test after 22 days accuracy hiv transmission through lap dance genital secretion hives and a racing heart at night hives and liver problems with pregnancy hives and nausea 8dpo hives due to tb medicine hives reaction ppd skin test hives swelling chin hoarse voice elderly hoarseness and shortness of breath and neck stiffness hold urine excruciating pain lower abdomen holding in meth smoke hole at top of bum hole in gums hurts hole in the back of the heart hole in the heart caused heart attack holes with black pus on inside on skin hollow eye contacts home medicine for threadworm disease home remedies for achalasia cardia home remedies for acne holes home remedies for correcting eye power home remedies for delayed periods of 2 weeks home remedies for dented scars home remedies for fissures n fistula home remedies for frequent bowel movement home remedies for sputum home remedies for tummy reduction home remedies in rbc in urine home remedies to reduce melanin in baby skin home remedy for black eye does sunlight help home remedy for blood and mucus in stool home remedy for clear latrine home remedy for facial skin erosion home remedy for heart skip beat home remedy for late period home remedy for loose motion with vomit of 6 months old baby home remedy for sneezing allergy due to season change home remedy to gain weight for babies home tips to reduce flum homeo medicine for triglycerides homeo treatment for sinus bradycardia homeopathic treatment for wet dreams hormone changes by having a uterus ablation hormone imbalance and sense of smell hormones frozen shoulder hormones produced in glands causes wrist pain hot and cold flushes sick dizzy nausea hot and cold headache and whole body aching hot around waist hot clammy skin all the time hot cold flashes nausea after eating hot face after eating men thyroid bum rash sore throat hot face and feel dizzy hot flashes and nausea during pregnancy hot flashes varicocele hot flushes ramipril hot painful lipoma hot red spots on knee hot sensation on top of foot hot stool hot sweats after surgery hot tired weakness sweaty hands and feet hot water running down leg hot wax burn treatment how accurate are ecg and tmt tests how accurate hiv duo test 27 days how accurate is elisa test after 12 weeks how accurate is the p24 hiv duo test 2010 how accurate is the test for ureaplasma how bad 154 gestational diabetes how bad is a cholestrol level of 248 how bad is ldl 208 how bad is ventricular tachycardia how before side effects appear after radioactive iodine how being around marijuana affects a baby how come i sometimes hear noises in my stomach how come theres a hole after pimple how comes i get nose bleeds in hot weather in the same nostril how common are hickeys how common are lipomas in babies how computer damage our health how cure too much protein in urine how deep is eardrum patient forum how do i know if i have fractured my scaphoid bone how do doctors replace your pacemaker battery when it has run out how do get rid of palpitations heartburn and cough how do i arrange my teeth in order how do i build up my iron level how do i control body odor between my legs how do i control diarrhea while traveling how do i get hubby to get circumcised how do i get rid of a twitching lip how do i get stitches to stop itching how do i know if i need to get liquid drained from knee how do i know if theres food in my lungs how do i prevent sugar crash during workout how do i reduce the swelling in my spleen faster how do i repair the hole in my face where there was sebaceous cyst how do i test my eye degree how do i use cytotec to terminate my pregnancy how do men feel when they see an old flame how do mosquito bites cause sleep disorders how do people get in coma how do people get vdrl how do they read a holter monitor how do they remove an abcess from the bottom how do u fix low pulse how do u know if u have brain problems how do you contract streptococcus anginosus how do you get ecoli in the womb how do you get rid of headache caused by nitroglycerin how do you get rid of nervous red blotches how do you keep herpes whitlow from spreading how do you know if youre going into diabetic coma how do you raise a low heart rate how do you slow down your heart rate after alcohol how do you stop getting a sore neck from shaving how do you stretch the vaginal opening after menopause how do you treat bilateral mastoiditis how does a drop of blood goes from the nose to the big toe how does a infected bottom eyelid looks how does acyclovir work on pink eye how does alka seltzer affect my baby how does bartonella henselae attack how does biting your nails affect your kidneys how does cancer affect your muscles how does catarrh get in eustachian tube how does copper help tendinitis how does diamicron work for diabetics how does drinking affect bppv how does drinking cold water affect heart rate how does heat affect nuvaring how does hyperlipidemia affect epithelium how does loud noise affect newborn hearing how does marijuana affect the human hormones how does marijuana affect your organs how does marijuana affect your pulse how does marijuana affect your salivary glands how does metformin help in getting pregnant with endometriosis how does morphine act on nervous system how does nicotine affect kidney stones how does oxygen affect your brain how does oxygen carried by capillaries get into the body cells how does pranayama lower blood pressure how does pregnancy affect an umbilical hernia how does red bull effect your blood pressure and pulse how does round ligament tear how does short menstrual cycle effect due date how does skin color change in preemie babies how does staph infection get energy how does the hypothalamus directly control growth from infancy to adulthood how does toilet rash appears to be in the inner thighs how does warticon affect normal skin how easy to come off rivotril for anxiety how effective is microgynon when taking antibiotics how effective is sizodon how effective is unwanted 72 taken within 24 hrs how far along in pregnancy do nosebleeds start how far along pregnant do you have to be for acid reflux symptoms to start how fast do ldl levels change how fast does a 5 year olds heart have to beat per minute how fast does a malignant tumor grow how fast does chew cause mouth cancer how fast does microgynon work how fast does my heart rate have to beat to burn fat how fast plaque build up in arteries how fenugreek seeds help in weight loss how fresh does urine have to be for pregnancy test how good is mustard oil massage for new born how high does blood pressure have to be to have a stroke how hours does kalms tablet last how is a scope put down your throat to check if you have an ulcer how is an ankle hairline fracture diagnosed how is monocytosis conditions produced how is pityriasis rosea transmitted how is staphylococcus std contacted how is the lump caused in taking steroids how is threadworm spread how long after quitting cigarettes will atherosclerosis go away how long after quitting xanax will i be abl to sleep again how long after taking aleve would you notice stomach bleeding how long after your heart stops do you go unconscious how long are you protected by anti rabied vaccine how long before logynon ed takes effect how long before you get results from an echocardiogram how long cancer patients survive without eating how long chest hurt after bypass how long do i wait to go swimming after hysterectomy how long do it take to heal after wart removal how long do medicated people live with hiv how long do people live with a morphine iv how long do people with bile duct cancer live how long do stroke patients need to rest after having a stroke before they start therapy how long do you bleed on megestrol how long do you have after your appendix bursts how long do you have after your appendix bursts do you have to get medical attention how long do you have to fast before a cholestoral test how long do you have when ascites starts how long does 1 hit of marijuana stay in your system how long does a chemo session take for ovarian cancer how long does a patient live with bile duct cancer how long does a person live diagnosed with cervical cancer how long does a person usually live with liver cancer how long does a person with stage 4 melanoma have to live how long does a tin of skoal last how long does blister from wart removal stay how long does hiv antibodies take to form how long does hiv blood live outside the body how long does hiv survive in water how long does it take for a mustache to grow back how long does it take for a stroke vegetative state to heal how long does it take for milk of magnesia to get out a babies system how long does it take for wart removed with electro surgery to heal how long does it take garlic to lower blood pressure how long does it take lisinopril and toprol to get into body how long does it take to clear throat after quitting smoking how long does it take to fully recover from typhoid fever how long does it take to get brain damage after heart stops beating how long does it take to get deviated septum cocaine how long does it take to get the results back from how long does it take to pinworm to incubate how long does it take to reach stage 4 of stomach cancer how long does it take to recover from cerebral malaria how long does it take your body to react to food poisioning how long does methadrone stay in your system blood test how long does mifepristone stay in the body how long does stool remain red after eating large amount of beets how long does thc stay in amniotic fluid how long does thc stay in your mouth how long does thc stay in your saliva if i smoke daily how long does the average person go through chemotherapy how long does the hpv last in the air how long does the pylokit hpilory antibiotics take to cure the patient how long effects of duphaston how long fish bone in throat hurts for how long is a tickly cough contagious for how long it takes to control sgot 54 sgpt 53 how long malaria in body how long off alcohol does it take for the alt and ast to decrease how long rabies vaccine will protect me after taking it how long rapture egg live in ovaries how long till a pill dissolves how long to avoid alcohol after jaundice how long to feel effect from too much bengay how long to get lisinopril out of body how long to get rid of folliculitis lump how long to heal tfcc injury how long to live after chemo treatments are stopped how long to live after recurrent small cell lung cancer how long to live with liver cancer now having morphine through syringe driver how long to recover from angiogram how long to recover from cauda equina syndrome how long to recover from pinched neck nerve how long to repair fatty liver from high choelesterol how long to wait after drinking to take nyquil how long to wait to conceive after taking doxycycline in male how long to wait to get pregnant after taking misoprostol how long will a person live with malignant squamous cell how long will i live after double heart bypass how long will i live if i smoke 2 packs a day how long will it take for my increased dose of thyroxine to start working how long will pericarditis pain last how long will someone live with untreated stomach cancer how many bpm is considered dangerous how many crocin tablets is it safe to take how many days after stopping duphaston are you supposed to bleed how many days does it take to get periods after taking meprate tablets how many days does the cytotec take to abort 8 week pregnancy how many days of rest for jaundice how many hits is to many first time smoking meth how many kilo will lose if you eat 800 calories how many ornof tablets in a day how many times does a baby pass motion in 3rd month how many times one night urinate during eighth month of pregnancy how many times per minute does the average adult heart beat how many weeks of pregnancy thick uterus lining 17cm how massage gums with mustard oil how meprate tablet help how much blood loss is normal during hysterectomy how much do 14 yr old models weigh how much dosage of celestamine tablet per day how much potassium pomegranate have how much potassium would kill me in 1 day how much time does patient survive when massive heart attack comes how much turmeric daily for thrush how much turmeric to use with sesame oil how much vaginal fluid is requirrd to transmit hiv how much weight have you lost from vyvanse how much will cholestoff lower how often does a 30 year old get lung cancer how often to get an echocardiogram test how old is my baby now in my womb how old is too old to study medicine how quick does stage 4 melanoma spread how quickly does cholesterol respond to diet changes how safe is heart bypass surgery what are the chances of dying during surgery how serious is the condition of the cardiomegaly how soon do stitches come out after birth how soon does penicillin work for tonsillitis how soon for clitoral stimulation after hysterectomy how soon is d dimer elevated in pregnancy how susten 400 works for concepttion how t o avoid hydrosil how to abort 1 month baby from womb how to abort a pregnancy without surgery how to abort child at home how to avoid acne from crystal meth how to avoid chromosomal abnormalities chromosomal abnormality pregnancy avoid how to avoid dreams while sleeping how to avoid frequent fever and cold how to avoid nausea after epley maneuver how to avoid tight latrine how to beat the glucose pregnancy test how to become fair in one week how to become fat with ayurveda how to calm down chest pains how to care for dissolvable stitches on a 4 year olds chin how to check calcium deficiency how to check pulse rate during pregnancy how to check to see if a person smokes cigarettes how to clean out your system while pregnant how to clean vaginal hair during pregnancy how to clear urine from meth how to control forehead hair fall how to control nightfall at night how to control sperm loses during sleep how to control urea in human body how to convert black lip to pink lip how to cope with a arm cast how to counteract a sugar crash how to cure a swollen saliva gland in my cheek how to cure an ear infection bump due to gauges how to cure babys hoarse voice how to cure cervix ectropion naturally how to cure clitoral oversensitivity how to cure holes after pimples how to cure hot wax burn how to cure my childhood scars how to cure shivering hands legsd how to cure sleepiness at work how to cure small testes how to cure sperm leakage how to deal with a cocaine overdose how to deal with baby hair on forehead how to dehydrate my body overnight how to detect artery blockage how to detect artery blockage echo how to detox from prilosec how to discourage masturbation and nocturnal emission how to dye grey beard how to feel fresh after little sleep how to fight streptococcus pyogenes and klebsiella how to fix bad vaginal discharge taste how to fix blocked ears tinnitus how to fix boils and pimples how to fix curve pinus how to fix eustachian tube dysfunction how to fix low blood sodium how to fix low white blood cell count how to fix the vaginal bacterial flora how to gain 10 kgs with in a month how to gain fat cheeks how to gain weight after typhoid how to get dla for sleepwalking how to get off toprol xl how to get painkillers from the doctor for knee how to get proper motion in the morning how to get red lips by using medicine how to get rid of a pimple without a head thats on u ball sack how to get rid of bad taste after chemo how to get rid of being high from marijuana how to get rid of black mark on forehead how to get rid of blackheads and acne on armpits how to get rid of blackheads arms how to get rid of blister inside bottom lip how to get rid of brown spots on cheeks how to get rid of burn scars from waxing how to get rid of congested child cough how to get rid of crystal meth body odor how to get rid of dark stains on tongue how to get rid of enlarged papillae how to get rid of excess saliva how to get rid of fish bone in throat how to get rid of fungal skin infection near testis how to get rid of grey pubic hair using vitamins how to get rid of injury marks on face how to get rid of low hemoglobin how to get rid of lump in throat from post nasal drip how to get rid of marker ink out of tongue how to get rid of mtg oil smell off your scalp how to get rid of nasal worms how to get rid of nerve stomach aches how to get rid of paraffin oil smell how to get rid of scars on genitals how to get rid of small goiter how to get rid of smelly bellend how to get rid of stomach cramps after getting hit in the nuts how to get rid of tailbone pain fast how to get rid of the smell on the bell end how to get rid of viagra enduced erection how to get rid of white tongue and bitterness during pregnancy how to get rid of whitehead nodules how to get swollen feet down during 8th month how to get thc out of your system overnight how to get your nut sack to hang lower how to give birth with vasovagal syncope how to heal a ear drum without surgery how to heal a pulled ligament in tailbone how to increase hb in 8th month how to increase height after 23 age male how how to increase hemoglobin during pregnancy how to increase learning power how to increase newborn baby weight how to increase sperm viscosity how to increse panies with out madecin how to kill fungus between legs how to know if your liver is damaged how to loosen your sphincter how to lose weight after novasure procedure how to lose your voice easy how to lower blood pressure before going to doctor how to lower blood pressure during medical examination how to lower ca125 how to lower your mch how to lower your red blood cells mcv 101 how to measure genu varum in adults how to naturally cure glue ear how to nebulize honey how to overcome being winded how to overcome from pimples n marks how to overcome the weakness after viral how to overcome white hair how to perform ecg on toddler how to pleasure yourself with a water bottle how to pop a bartholin cystic how to prepare diabetic atta and what it will do how to prevent airplane barotrauma to eardrum ruptured eardrum how to prevent dark shadow of shaving head how to prevent hair loss on mustache how to prevent heart racing from drinking alcohol how to prevent jaundice during pregnancy how to prevent menstrual cramps when you wake up how to prevent white hair in ayurvedic methods how to read a follicular ultrasound report how to read a nerve conduction velocity ecg how to read a sperm analysis report wbc high how to read a tread mill test how to read calendar method of birth control how to read follicular ultrasound results how to read mri of soft lump in lower leg how to read restriction map how to read ultrasound tiffa scan how to recognize an impotent man how to recover fast wrist fracture how to reduce a deep voice how to reduce fasting blood sugar in gestational diabetes how to reduce funsi from face how to reduce glycated hemoglobin how to reduce hair growing in hands how to reduce high sgpt value how to reduce holes on face how to reduce paranoia how to reduce sgpt and sgot levels how to reduce sgpt count how to reduce swelling and pain on tragus how to reduce the darkness of skin on the side of the leg how to reduce the size of very swollen tonsils how to relax tail bone muscles how to relieve a sore bum after pregnancy how to relieve ball ache how to remove a boil from your scrotum how to remove a puffy face how to remove black color from elbow how to remove black of back side of neck how to remove black spot on my hand how to remove black spots on the thighs and buttocks how to remove black spots on tongue how to remove darkness of labia minora how to remove dettol burn skin from face how to remove fungus from cheek how to remove hpv from mouth how to remove onion smell from breath how to remove stitches mark after pregnancy naturally how to remove the vaccine scars from the arm in natural way ayurveda how to remove underarm rash how to remove white patches on face how to remove whiteheads in children how to repair face damaged by dermovate use how to replace low amniotic fluid how to satisfy husband during pregnency how to save your sperm for fertility how to shrink swollen tonsil how to shrink your labia how to solve testis problem how to solve the fever of 16month old baby how to solve the problem of discharging sperm early how to speed up stomach flu recovery how to stay awake at work during first trimester how to stop a 20 year old from wetting the bed how to stop a developing sore throat how to stop bleeding after a post tonsillectomy how to stop blood from leaking on my tampon string how to stop boils on back of neck how to stop having to go to toilet to poo how to stop having to pee at night how to stop leak sperms in night how to stop nexito medication how to stop pregnancy forever for life how to stop pvc heart how to stop runny poo how to stop semen leakage with urine how to stop sneezing loudly remedy how to stop sperm during dream how to stop stomach pain after drinking how to stop the belly button from bleeding how to stop the sting in my stomach ulcer how to stop vomiting sensation how to strengthen polio affected leg how to tackle lust how to take care of 18 month old baby with fever how to take care of baby complexion how to take care of oily scalp but dry hairs how to take primolut n to delay period for a week how to tell if cellulitis is gone how to tell if liver cysts are benign how to tell if someone is snorting meth how to tell if you have elephantitis on knee how to test if you had a stroke in the past how to thicken thin uterine walls how to throw more sperm how to treat a boil on forehead how to treat allergic reaction z pac how to treat gastric pain how to treat high sgpt fatty lever how to treat hpv on eye ball how to treat radiation burns how to treat swelling of the labia majora how to treat verruca plana on face how to unblock fallopian tubes blocked by tuberculosis how to unblock fallopian tubes by ayurvedic medicine how to unswell an ear canal how to use betnesol drops for eustachian tube how to use inhaler with spacer and mask how to use nair on back how ultrasound scan do for ovulation how we use horse milk as treatment for psoriasis how will dermographism skin react to tattoo how will take to feel better after quitting alcohol for liver how zinc changes color of stool howto get rid of ingrown hair scabs hpv and pregnancy swallowing sperm hpv virus eye problems hpylori and puffy eyes hsb viral infection hsg delayed spill hsg report with left corneal blocked hsg side effect or period delay htlv 1 associated hucog 500 injection and susten 100 during first trimester huffing silly string huge bump on my head the size of a quarter filled with puss huge pimple on ball sack huge red bump with smelly white puss huge rib cage good for swimming huge swollen arm bite human chorionic gonadotropin hcg urine smell human parasite that causes dandruff humans black spots and gums and blood hunger and nausea hunger pains in children huntingtons disease saliva choking hurt my ankle but the lower leg hurts hurts also hurting pressure when i pee hurts to eat coughing chest pains aching body headache hurts to press diaphragm hurts to swallow after 10 days of quitting smoking hurts to swallow and chest pain after cervical surgery hurts to take deep breath excessive belching hurts when peeing if dehydrated hv rai nodes swelling hydraulic acid pregnancy hydrocele and erectile dysfunction hydrocele hernia discharge hydrocele problem hydrocele self treatment hydrocephalus low body temperature hydrocephalus rolling of eyes hydrocephalus skull defect hydrocortisone valerate athletes foot hydrogen peroxide burn tongue hydrogen peroxide cures tinea pe hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse cancer hydrogen peroxide scalp psoriasis hyospasmol syrup is it good for new born babies hypercellular marrow with increased myeloid precursors hypercondriac and chest pain hypercondriac disorder hyperextension of big toe injuries hypermobility neck hyperpigmentation buttocks hypersensitivity during pregnancy hypertension during menstruation hyperthyroid cough sweating hyperthyroidism and burping hyperthyroidism and excess saliva hyperthyroidism and vaginal discharge after menopause hypertrophic cardiomyopathy roller coasters hypoglycemia blotchy skin hypoglycemia ejaculation hypogonadism treatment hypokinesia echo hypoplastic kidney disease hypopotassemia treatment hypotension in tuberculosis hypothyroid and chest pain hypothyroid white hair hypothyroid with bronchitis hypothyroid with gastritis sore throat fever hypothyroidism and airplane travel hypothyroidism and glomerulonephritis hypothyroidism and knee replacement surgery hypothyroidism sweating white patches on skin hypothyroidism tsh is 56 is this level ok hysterectomy low blood pressure hysteroscopy signs of infection i accidentally consumed a small amount of lysol i accidentally peed my pants i always get pimples after laser hair removal i always have stomach ache and poo i am 10 years old and weigh 170 pounds i am 19 years young 60kg weight 57 hieghtgoing regul i am 2 weeks pregnant is is safe to travel i am 20yrs old my s typhi h is1 160 positive wat is the i am 22 year very thin boymy body weight is 40 kg my height i am 33 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure is in 140 90 i am a 47 year old woman who has total hair loss any suggestions i am a male almost 60 i feel tired lately and feel a dull a i am advised to take syscan 150 mg 1 tab week for 6 months i am always tired low energy even if i get a year worth of sleep i have upset stomach nauseous i am bulimic and have a pain in my chest when i swallow i am constipated my right side hurts and i have a slight urinary tract infection i am coughing up blood and my throat hurts i am down with fever since yesterday i am experiencing a time distortion i am i am farting alot and they smell bad i am feeling inner chest pain and peperish hurt what is the cause and sollution to it i am forming gas in my stomach due to pregnancy i am having a tingling sensation in my urethra and am also s i am having alot of bloating in my abdomen my hips hurt and my stomach is sore to the touch what is wrong with me i am having stomach pains and hurts when i push to poop i am in 6th week of pregnancy but hcg test shows 4th week i am in entecavir therapy for last 15 months hbv dna was be i am light headed when i am standing and moving around and h i am suffering from cervix erosion after my i am suffering from loose motion and a bad smell from gas i am suffering with chondromalacia patella is there a cure i am taking folvite tablets will it help me to be pregnant i am using conditioner after head bath but my hair is falling i am using modus 10 mg tablets will i conceive i ate too much and now i have diarrhea i been throwing up blood do i have stomach cancer i belive i have pectus excavatum and i dislike the way i lo i bruised my toenail now it wont grow i burned my eyes at the tanning bed i cant bend my knee or weight bear i cant breathe through my nose from cocaine i cant poop because of my rectum i cant push out my poop i cant put pressure on my leg i cant seem to get drunk or high is this some medical condition i dont know about i cant stop farting medical condition i cough and gag for no reason i cry every day what does this mean i discovered a painful red bump on my areola and it has swelled every hour i dont eat much why does my stomach look for fat i dont feel fresh even after sleeping for 10 hrs i drink too much water and i have stomach pain i dropped one of my microgynon tablets down the sink i eat blackheads i fair but now 2 days my clours is black shed in my face i fart a lot after a meal i fart more since i stopped smoking i feel bloated and windy for the last 2 weeks i feel bloated headache and dizzy whats wrong i feel dizzy and have floaters i feel dizzy every morning when i wake up i feel dizzy hungry all the time i feel dizzy nauseus and lightheaded whats wrong with me i feel dizzy when i stand up and my hair is falling out i feel drained of energy and i ache i feel fat and ugly all the time i feel fetal heart beats in my lower abdomen i feel giddy when i look down i feel guilty after masturbating is it noomal i feel hungry all the time and my back hurts i feel lazy all the time i feel lightheaded nausea bloating in my stomach what wrong is this i feel little senseless in my left leg i feel my heart beating in my neck and arm i feel my throat blocking my breathing i feel shaky and stomach hurts and heart racing i feel sleepy during 18 weeks of pregnancy i feel so tired and weak and my gums bleed i feel tired and energyless most of time i feel tired during exercise do you have hole in the heart i feel tired when i snort meth now i feel very sick my stomach is churning i threw up my lunc i feel weird for a week after drinking alcohol throat strange sensation i fell a few days ago and hurt my hip i cant put weight on i fell and hurt my knee and now seem to have fluid i fell on my tailbone and now my leg is numb i find it hard to swallow and my chest and back hurts i found brown sticky stuff in my underwear 13 years old i found green stuff on my tampon i get a really bad stomach ache about 2 weeks before my period i get a shooting pain in my ear and neck i get dizzy when i stand and sometimes i lose my balance i get itching on my body after taking shower what is it i get lightheaded and dizzy between meals i get painful red bumps on my legs and they fill up with puss i get random sharp pains in my arms i get sore gums when exercising i get stomach aches and feel faint and get diarrhea i get sudden intense burning in my chest area and my throat i get swollen armpits with herpes outbreaks i get this burning in my throat everytime i wake up in morning i got a wound on my foreskin do i have hiv i got headache and neck pain with vomiting sensation i got hit in my ear now air comes out when i blow my nose i got hit in the head now i have floaters i got nair in my urethra i got punched and my arm feels hard or swollen i got punched in the forehead 2 weeks ago i had a big lump b i had a bruise and now its swollen and a knot i had a echo cardiogram and found out all 4 chambers of my heart are enlarged is that serious i had a kidney infection is it harmful for me to smoke marijuana i had a migraine and i felt my eyes roll back inside my head i had an abortion 4 weeks ago pregnancy test still positive i had an abortion and now i have vaginal swelling and itching and burning i had an ear infection and now my ear is clogged i had been having tingling sensation around my forehead so i had keloids but i wnat my ears repierced i had shingles sometime ago gone but left dark spots i hate my unborn baby i have 206 blood sugar after 2 hours of meal i have 33 liver enzyme test i have a 25mm cyst on my kidney i have a bad headache muscle ache a sore throat occasional dry cough for 5days whats wrong with me i have a beige colour discharge i have a blood clot in my mouth how do i get rid of it i have a boil inside my mouth i have a bruise and a lump on my shin that wont go away i have a bruise on my thigh that has turned hard and very large i have a bump and it hurts when i squeeze it i have a bump next to my shin on my right leg i have a bump popping out of my wrist i have a count of 0 2 hpf in my red blood cells i have a cramp near my heart i have a cyst that is located outside of my right corner eye i have a gooey thick vaginal discharge i have a high resting pulse rate 95 100 even though i work i have a hole in my upper gums above my teeth i have a huge bruise on my stomach and it is swollen i have a itchy scaly rash behind my ear i have a knot by my groin and it itches i have a knot on my leg from where i was hit 6 months ago i have a large lump that appears on my forehead which i have a large varacose vein in one leg i have a little peice of flesh hanging off my tonsils i have a little piece of excessive skin on my neck i have a little piece of hanging flesh on my scrotom i have a lot of blackheads on my nose i have a lump in my throat after throwing up and it is sore i have a lump on my scrotum that has puss i have a lump on my shoulder that is spongy to touch i have a nagging cough with a lot of phlegm i have a painful lump in my inner labia it also itches it i have a purple spot on my mons pubis i have a raised vein in my foot that slightly hurts i have a rash around my waist line i have a really bad headache and right side of my head is swollen i have a red mark above my eyelid i have a red rash with yellow in the middle i have a ripple of bone on the back of my skull is this a common thing i have a runny nose burning sore throat and a horrible cough what do i have i have a sebaceous cyst on my groin is it ok to have oral i have a sharp pulsating pain in my right temple it occurs i have a sinus headache and no energy what does that mean i have a skin tag on my ball sack i have a small lump on my inside lower calf when i flex it i have a small rash that burns i have a small red patch with spot in on my neck after holiday i have a sore throat and my uvula is swollen and my mucous is brown i have a spasm in my stomach near my rib cage i have a strange bump on my heel i have a swollen gland in my groin area that really hurts i have a tingly feeling from my stomach to my blatter i have a tonsil that in the morning oozes white stuff which i have a white boil in the top corner of my eyelid i have an excruciating pain everytime i stand up whether i i have anemia and have also been fighting altitude sickness i have anxiety attacks a few days before my period starts i have been chewing one to five excedrin a day for about 5 y i have been getting random nose bleeds frequently urinating i have been given vibrox capsules prednisolone by doctor i have been hacking up hard mucus from the back of my throat i have been haveing a throbbing pain in my lower right side i have been having bouts of dizziness for about the past wee i have been having intermittent right side collar bone pain i have been having menstrual bleeding for ten days now and i i have been having peri rectal pain for about 1 month off a i have been having sudden pains underneath my right armpit t i have been nauseous for three days whats wrong i have been taking lisinopril for 6 months and feel unwell i have black stain on my inner thigh i have blood in my discharge and headaches all the time i have circle spots on my chest and arm it looks dry i have constant catarrh at back of my trhoat for six months i have cramps in my lower abdomen as a male i have dark acne marks on my face how to remove it i have dark skin on my groin area arm pits and buttocks an i have done test for rubella igg and the result was positive i have e coli in my urine and im pregnant i have fever bones hurt headache and started to get what i have flu and my left nostril bleeding i have found a lump in my neck and im pregnant i have gallstones and high liver enzymes in my blood i am d i have gestational diabetes is 171 high i have got itching and pus formation i have had a cough with green mucus watery eyes headache i have had a stinging tingling sensation at the tip of my pe i have had shaking chills headache and stomach cramps the i have high tsh and my fasting blood sugar is 121 i have huge pimple on my testes i have inhaled bleach fumes 7 days ago i have itching big bumps on my arm what is it i have itp my platelet count went down after i had the flu is this common i have just had flu now my period is late i have knock knees im 16 male i have little blisters on my hands and my skin peels i have lost my voice whats wrong i have mild to moderate mitral valve regurgitation do i need surgery i have no energy and feel warm all the time whats wrong with me i have numbness in my feet and legs below the knee when walking what causes this i have numbness on the front of my left thigh that has sprea i have pain in both sides of my throat when i swallow my sal i have pain in my upper calf muscle and back of the knee it i have painful bubbles in my groin i have pains in my lower abdomen lower back and scrotum i i have pooped in a week bad stomach cramps i have pulsating arms and feel tired i have purple blotches at the top of my legs what is it i have razor burn in my groin i have recently been getting little red spots on my chest t i have recently started taking sea kelp supplements and my p i have scally patches on my hand knuckles i have sever cramping in the front of my lower legs i have sharp pains in my stomach and i threw up i have small holes on my face any ayurvedic or home remedies to cure that holes i have some type of white bumps on my private area what are they i have sore throat it hurts to swallow i have spots on my bikini line i have st depressions in 2 3 avf v 4 v6 i have started isotroin treatment for about 10 days nowi a i have stomach pains tired and gum infection i have swollen knots in my legs and arm bruising easy whats wrong i have taken isotretinoin 20 mg for 8 months and once i hav i have the symptoms of no appetite always tired moody i have throat neck and ear and eye pain on the right side i have to pee pretty much every half hour my bladder always i have watery eyes yellow mucus nose sore throat i have white patches of skin on my groin area i have white spots on my tongue does this mean i have oral cancer i have yellow stains in my eyes i haven t gotten my period in 7 months i hear a noise in my stomach and im pregnant what is it i hear noises in my head when i turn my neck i hit my forhead really hard on cement n i keep getting dizzy i hit with door my upper lip swollen i inhaled alot of stove gas i just fell down the stairs and hurt my ankle ice done ice i just started the optifast diet because i am obese and trig i keep getting a burning feeling in my throat i keep getting a left swollen tonsil that gets very sore i i keep getting black flickering spots when i i keep getting headaches and my vision in one eye is blurred i keep getting nosebleeds when i bend down i keep getting viral infections in throat every month i lose my voice due to sore throat i m 12 weeks pregnant and have had diarrhea i m 39 weeks pregnant and it seems hard i m having sgot 44 and sgpt 67 and trigliceride at 400 i m i m shitting blood i m suffering from mouth ulcer at regular interval i manstrubate three times a day is it harmful