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i had a bowel movement and lost 5 pounds i had my period 3 weeks ago but it was light just brown and now its heavy brown i had normal ct scan but im still worried i have a dull pain in my chest around my heart i have a headache that has lasted for 1 12 to 2 weeks im r i have a mole in the conjunctiva i have fell down the stairs and my coccys is painful i have itchy blister on outside of vegina skin i have pain and inflation on my left side testewhat is the cause i have radiating pain from my stomach to my kidneys and chest pain what is this i have really bad pain in my belly i have recurring headaches in the lower back of my head whe i have sudden soreness in my right temple also my right eye gets a twitch i just picked the inside of my nose thinking it was a booger i keep waking up in the night with an itchy penis i pill effects after 2 weeks i put dettol on my chest for an ingrown and it burnt my skin ichy breast scally skin ideal blood pressure for men 40 yrs old iliofemoral ligament tear im gettin white patches on my head indigestion and light headedness indigestion right and left arm go numb when i sleep informations sur streptoquin injection naturogest after pregnancy injuries to clitoris irregular cycle orange discharge irregular periods for endometrial thickness is 137 94 blood pressure bad for a 42 year old is 92 heart rate normal is a liver count of 73 considered high is a pulse of 86 ok is a pulse reading of 112 good is abdominal tuberculosis infertility is belching dangerous is cerelac good for 2 yr old is fever side effect of femilon is hemiplegic migraine a chronic disease is it bad if my head hurts after i sneeze is it bad to smoke if i have mastoiditis is it dangerous to have aortic valve replacement is it normal to have very small particles in urine after taking cipro for 10 days is it okay if i forget to take my statins for one day is it possible to go blind from pain is it safe to exercise after i pill is itching at the anus symptoms of entamoeba histolytica is jaggery good for 4 year olds is seeing my heart beat through my shirt and im overwight is there any problem in using i pill without pregnancy is watery sperm a sign of an std is wine good foe blood type b itchiness and vyvanse itching of anus and scrotum sac caused due to iud constipated pain jabbing left lower back pain jaw muscle cramps during pregnancy jelly blood after period jittery shaky hands voice kenalog effect on pregnancy test kidney measures labia majora problems laparoscopy and diarrhea laxatives and intestinal worms left atrial abnormality more exercise left eye blure left side of neck hurts after treadmill leukemia of the nipple levonelle missed period light headed confused sweaty depressed bloated light pink discharge headaches weight loss lightheadedness std line of extra skin on my foreskin lipid test during menstruation lomela lite uses lomofen side effect long term effects of enlarged right ventricle lotrimin labia minora low blood cell count and jaundice low blood cholesterol and anemia low bp high pulse low blood sugar low carb diet bubbles in pee low grade fever 96 low grade headache week low red blood cell count and sleep apnea low white blood cell count and hematologist lower back pain hair loss hurts when i finish peeing lower lip quivering drinking lubrication is less after periods lumbar spondilytis lump behind testes lump in throat detox lump in throat gag pregnancy lymphangioma in the abdominal wall malaena stools male pubic itch secretion medicine stomach fat reduction medicines for reducing high blood uric acid methylprednisolone anger metrogyl denta 20 mg metrogyl skin cream metronidazole good or bad for farting mifepristone and weed mild cardiomegaly unfolding of arch treatment milk of magnesia mouth sores mirena blurred vision misreading on blood pressure machine missed period 30 years old mixed connective tissue disease palm mouth souring during heart attack movable bump on anus my ankles are swollen and im wheezing my back hurts when i breathe my chest hurts my hearts fluttering my clitoris is swollen and so is my vulva my left knee and left ankle hurt very bad right now i woke my partner is 29 hes had degenerative lumber spine disease my pectoral and back hurt when i take a deep breath my period blood is orange clots and bad pain my poop burns and itches my anus my vaginia is red and burns for a week myxedema coma in children names of acne gels nasal congestion no mucus natal cleft defects natural remedies for swollen labia nausea and sore breast menstrual cycle symptoms necatoriasis symptoms neck injury symptoms tender to the touch need a wee a lot and hurts to wee nervous farting problem newborn lower lip lump newborn sweaty hand feet night sweating fever shortness of breath no period yet lactating nodules on lymph glands enlarged spleen enlarged liver non hodgkins lymphoma sore toes non reactive lab results normal ldl direct level normal range of pus cells in stool routine test nose bleed with long blood string in 3 year old nose bleeds skin mottling novelon and endometriosis cyst numb hands and hemorrhoids numbness in arms after eating a meal numbness in feet and peeling skin on hands numbness itching burning pain in right leg nuvaring brown spotting oil glands foreskin ointment fistula omnacortil benefits only right nostril blocked all the time ovarian cancer and rt side pelvic pain ovarian cyst urinary retention ovral tabs ovulation and postinor 2 oxyelite leakage pain and pressure in tailbone in the middle of the night pain backside right arm pain between shoulder blades chronic cough pain in armpit ball pain in nerve below ear pain in right shoulder and hands go numb pain in tailbone no injury tip of penis painful red area near anus painful swelling in the neck foamy chest pain painless lump below knee paint fumes runny nose pancreas and heart palpitations papillary serous life expectancy patch of dark thickened skin pdms knee pea size lump jawline pebble lump breast pee hole too big pee sting men few times peeing alot with sperm peeing black chunks peeing only hurts when the last bit drops out penis bleeding and parkinsonism period at 53 years old period is 10 days late and have a stomach bug period pains and leg cramps but no periods periods after lupride injection pexidep 125 tab pilonidal cyst numbness in legs pimple on chest stop bleeding pimples and delayed menstruation pink spots on tongue pip splint pressure sore pistachios and strong urine smell pityriasis rosea anal plexiform bone wiki plugged nostril and nose bleeds pneumonia metallic taste in mouth poems on heart attack problems popped boil on inner thigh precautions to do with cervical polyps precautions to take during glaucoma pregnancy discharge cheesy 8th week pregnant inhaling accidentally inhaled bleach primolut n and amenorrhea problems in puberty chest pain problems occuring due to sitting before computer for long hours products with beta alanine hypertension propranolol 10 mg for headache control psoriasis ecstasy psoriasis on head and shaft of penis puffy pubes puffy wrists pulsing sensation in head while lying down purple mouth sores pus smell in my nose qlaira and thrush radiating pain into my back from breastfeeding radiofrequency ablation papules pearly ragi and kidney stones raised atl levels raised veins bruises on hands ramipril bleeding gums rash behind ear blisters rash on wrist laptop raw spots knuckles rbc distribution width high reactions to bee sting swollen glands in neck reactive arthritis typhoid reason to have headache for six days reasons for pus cell 40 60 rebamipide pregnancy red blotchy patches on back of lower leg red bull urinary analysis red bumps on skin that burn on legs red cloritis red discharge during ovulation red dot on urethra red dots on tongue that tingle after you drink red face after wisdom red itchy bumps on feet around new tattoo red itchy rash armpits elbow pit red lips and liver disease red ring around anus with pimples red sore soles of feet red splotchy face and neck red spot on lip smoking red sticky period lasts for only 2 days am i pregnant red streak inside mouth red stretch marks by armpit red water leaking after intercourse red wine makes heart beat faster reddish round spot on breast redness on legs and arms reflux in toddlers and bloated stomach renolog tablets use reocurring nerve pain on the bottom of the big toe return to work after radial nerve injury right eye pressure and stomach pain right nerve pulsating on side of head ring of rough skin around anus robitussin ok with heart stent romatism sickness roof of mouth sore after drinking alchol rub fishoil on hair saliva as lube is it safe salmonella typhi diet sample follicular study schizophrenia grey hair scientific explanation body shaking after workout scrotal contact dermatitis scrotum sack extra gland scrotum varicocele hernia seftum 500 sgpt reducing fruit shaking after sun exposure shaky hand after playing tennis sharp abdominal twinges sharp calf pain urinate standing up sharp chest pain above left breast sharp infrequent chest pain shivering and trouble breathing shivering in body 102 temp 13 year old 80 kgs shooting pain from tailbone to neck shoulder pain nausea chest pain arm tingle sick and stomach burning sickle cell disease emedicine side effects lozart h side effects of combiflam with liquor side effects of flucos 150 mg signs of pins and needle feeling in left breast signs of tight heel cord silicone laced weed sinus headache radiates to neck skin blisters after exercise skin irritation from just for men beard hair color skin itches and pee a lot skin tag on tongue and hurts skull bone bump in children slight burning sensation at tip of penis smell of metal on hands and taste in mouth smelly mons pubis smelly urine chills sweating smokeless tobacco anal fissure sneeze often tonsillectomy snorting thyroid horemone soft bumps on scrotom sore breast throwing up lower back pain headache sore clitoral head sore clitoris treatment sore dent in head sore inside butt sore nipple and yellow pus from nipple sore ribs indigestion sore wearing pad to long sores in mouth rhinovirus spasms of cerebral arteries sperm and urine pipe spermatocele treatment in ayurveda spotting a few times after intercourse postmenopausal spotting red after plan b positive pregnant spreading rash in armpit ssi and motor neuron disease sternum caving with pain steroids and dilaudid sticky eye discharge yellow cat sticky saliva with acid still bleeding heavy after uterine polyp removal stinging nostrils symptoms stinky pimple pus stitches in normal delivery stitches removed red dots stomach ache hiv symptoms stomach aches associated with karitosis pilaris stomach flatter in morning 26 weeks pregnant stomach pain 30 weeks pregnant gas stomach ulcer and salt taste stoping the pill side effects hot flashes stretch marks from bad posture on computer strong odor during period stuffy head legs heavy and achy subcentimeter follicles fertility sudden calf pain at rest sudden chest pain with bad taste sudden shaking and chills sudden sinking feeling in chest sugar in urine with a count of 600 sugar rub on clitoris swallow wrong pipe pain vomiting sweaty palms common cold sweaty with cold skin neck glands swollen swine flu symptom excessive sweating swine flu symptoms tingling nose sneezing swishing sound in ear and thyroid swollen and bleeding gums fever one year old swollen and sore jaw swollen ankle from std swollen arms that are red with a white line swollen face after smoking weed swollen irritated labia and hemorrhoids swollen lower legs and dizziness swollen lymph node left collarbone hiv swollen lymph nodes due to hiv infection swollen lymph nodes in neck after vasectomy swollen lymph nodes in neck swollen gums swollen lymph nodes white stuff head swollen salivary gland that moves swollen stomach pain alcohol swollen tongue even after benadryl swollen tonsils purple blood vessels in throat swollen uvula with cipralex symptom of swine flu is ankle pain symptom sore ribs stomach pain bloating symptoms of sneddon syndrome symptoms of sweating cold hands dizzyness twitching numbness symtoms for typhid systolic 97 high tablet levoflox tablet sinarest pregnant tailbone smelly fluid taking half plavix taking simvastatin 30 years old tamiflu causing bloody stool ten week negative hiv test terminal ileitis pregnancy tetralysal and contraceptive pill the middle of my back hurts and i am tired thick white scab patch on scalp thickened endometrium possible after miscarriage thin white coating on back of tongue cant brush off thirsty all the time tired and swollen lymph nodes throbbing vein back of head throwing up with numb arms thrush discharge tastes sour thrush zicam thumb is swollen and is tingly ticking at back of throat tieford flu tightness in lower lungs and heart speeding up tingling feet and hands sore hamstrings symptoms tingling lips peeling and scabbing tinnitus vertigo pink eye tiny clusters inner foreskin tiny skin tags on glans tiredness at onset of labor toddler acne chalzion cyst toddler anus sores toddler complaining of neck back pain with cough toddler fever swollen bloody gums toddler gets diaper rash after eating yogurt toes ache when cold tongue tastes bitter after fever torch elisa tests trace of blood in mucus with stool trace of blood in urine 39 weeks pregnant treatment for papular cystic acne treatment for penis blisters treatment frenulum sore cant see tear treatment sarcoma clear cell cancer treatment thick viscosity sperm triglycerides 193 ldl 169 trouble locking the knee when standing trouble urinating when your 36 weeks pregnant tryptomer migraine tubectomy after a normal delivery tuberculosis diet chart twitch and collar bone hurts ulcer bad smelling farts unani cream for vitiligo. unconscious due to stroke unexplained large bruising on lower half of leg towards rear calf mussel unexplained lump on wrist no pain upper left abdominal pain radiates left shoulder left mid back urinating white puss urine flow feels restricted urticaria cerazette usesof oxalate ion in body using hair dye dermatomyositis vagina and groin itching especially at night vaginal pigmentation loss vdrl sample report venous stasis scrotum vertical ridges and red spots on penis glans vertigo root abscess vicodin irregular menstrual cycle vinegarhow to naturally unclog arteries virus pain in toe vision shaking side to side vitamin c ascites broiler vulvar hematoma surgery wake up aching back for months waking up with shaky vision watery yellow liquid coming out of ear wbc in urine but no rbc weird periods after a dc wetting the bed and menopause what are the side effects of messing up your birth control routine what are white spots on the lining of the womb what causes a raspy throat what causes a stinky pimple what causes a sudden choking sensation what causes blood pressure to bottom out what causes hands to go numb while sleeping low blood pressure what causes pus bumps on the back of your head what causes this red botches on my face after a hot shower what determines the color of sperm what do little bumps on the right side of forehead mean what do nonspecific st ekg changes mean what do smelly stools mean what do you write in a card to someone who is depressed what does a knot on your sternum mean what does a little blood on qtip when cleaning ears what does a low heartbeat mean what does a non reactive vdrl test result mean what does a reactive test for valley fever mean what does bulky ovaries mean what does fetal skin swelling mean what does it mean to have a wet spot of the underwear what does it mean when its hard to breath what does it mean when you have a sinking feeling in your chest what does it mean when your bum is itchy and it hurts what does it means single live fetus in cephalic presentation what does random purple bruising on arm mean what does semen culture klebsiella pneumoniae indicate what does squeezing keloids do what food to avoid to decrease the liver enzymes what happens with stage 4 prostate cancer what is a communal fracture what is below my stomach and above my genital area what is fl in tiffa the report is showing fl 31 cms what is focal bilateral tendonitis mean what is nasal turbinate demineralization what is normal blood sugar in a 13 year old what is the average bp of a male 60 years old what is the body temperature for an hiv positive person what is the cause of a blood blister behind my ear what is the danger level for cholesterol i am 67 year old m what is the difference between a movable lump and an immovable lump what is the life expectancy of elderly people with secondary bone cancer what is the test bdrl for what is the treatment blood sugar level of 280 what is the treatment for sclerosis of the mastoid what to do about very high ejection fraction gallbladder what to do if you wake up and feel weak throughout the day what to expect when your cherry gets popped what will cause red itchy bumps on breast stomach arms and neck what would cause fluid in the cervix what would cause your top lip to feel numb whats the reason for eye glare when i eat i feel bloated and feverish when urine sits becomes cloudy while pregnant and you have keystones in your urine white bumps on tongue and tongue feels burned white callus patch on end of nose white patches around private areas white patches on gums and dizziness white tongue and sore on adenoids white wart cluster frenulum whole body aches shaking muscles why after stool my anus hole burns why am i constantly passing black water faeces why are my ball sack lumpy why are my eyes sensitive to light when i wake up why do black heads smell why do cancer patiens get intractable hiccoughs why do i feel a tingling sensation in my left arm why do i feel dizzy when i cough why do i have an open wound inside my buttcrack why do i keep getting headaches and bloody stuffy nose why do leg muscles hurt to touch why do you feel shaky when woken up suddenly why does my lower stomach hurt when i pee during period why does my nose bleed in the shower why does my right arm hurts after open heart surgery why does my vagina feel stingy why does my vagina sting and throb after i go pee why dose the heart start to double beat why i feel short of breath before sleeping why is the skin dark around our privates why to use anxinil drug why would i have cystic acne after menopause and ovarian pain why would my doctor send me to have a echocardiogram whydo i go dizzy when i cough will diabetes kill me will low potassium cause dandruff woke up in the middle of night and vagina burns and hurts woke up with pain on my breast xray chest yellow or orange mucous from anus zerodol p and omez tablets for what purpose because i have taken fungal i cant poop regular i tried enmia lung capacity mohs micrographic surgery newborn double butt creases superficial siderosis tingling due to scoliosis verrucous perforating collagenoma cholesterol spots on penis cold after typhoid coughing constantly at different times during the day cramping in lower back and sides cream for dry skin near vegina cremaffin syrups how to take it after food or before food crocin syrup mix milk crust on penile tip crusty yellow hairs on scrotum sack cures for itchy skin near the tailbone dark red clumpy vaginal discharge dark scabs on penis dark smelly loose stools dark spot at bottom of vagina dark spot on the bottom of the penis glans dehydration after a nap dengue on sickle cell infants dermatillomania of the labia descending ball sac diabetes blood transfusion legs amputated headaches diet chart for people with pcod diet chart for renal patients difficulty in erection after urination disc herniation treatment discharge after pooping discoloration inside hole of penis diseses and mx3 capsule do campbell de morgan spots occur on the face do you have to be put to sleep for an echocardiogram doctor in ft worth who treats lichen sclerosus does dehydration raise blood pressure does dryness cause boils in vegina does having an extra rib affect me during pregnancy pregnant does it hurt if i swallow one of my ball from my tongue ring does little sleep stunt growth does masterbasin creates problems does masterbating affect u on geting pimples does masterbating cause any side effect does masturbation affect sgpt level does smoking meth cause breast pain does the pill femulen give you spots dry mouth red spots on tongue with swollen tonsil dry scaly patches on vagina dry throat hcg duromine causes itch ear wax removal and now i cant hear ears hurting after airplane flight eating non veg in fever eating uncooked rice and stomach cancer eating uncooked rice deficiency effect of smoking on people having malaria effects of decreasing vyvanse doseage effects of omnacortil on menstrual cycle ehlers danlos syndrome type 3 information leaflet ekg enlarged heart left side low blood pressure ekg test for fetus elevated bilirubin level nausea elevated liver levels and hyperthyroid eltroxin oral thrush encopresis with spinal injury l4 l5 enterobacter cloacae sinus iv treatment enterogermina cold entire details of potklor tonic epithelial levels in a urinalysis numerous eritel composition evion tablets for body pain and inflammation excess amniotic fluid viruses excess fluid in testicals excess skin stretch shaft penis exercise after coronary stents extra skin at bottom of vagina causes pain eye twitching and burning sensation in temple eyesight blurry in one eye after nap factor xii deficiency contraceptive pill fainting after hysterectomy fake weed and bloody stool fast growing lumps fast heart rate and common cold feel difficult in breathing feel drunk after a nap feeling lightheaded when dieting feeling of heaviness in chest at night femilon and antibiotics fibromyalgia and sore testicle flaccid veins flum pharyngitis flume while coughing folliculitis excessive urination folliculitis safe to have sex food for rsd food poisoning on warfarin foreskin itch and red foreskin swollen treatment fungus of the willy funsi on testis garlic thyroid benign cells gas nightmares missed period gastritis and missed period gerd lithium carbonate gettin eroded tooth pulled getting pregnant with chondromalacia patella goodwell for hair got a little battery acid in my eye grey skin came out of ear gushes of discharge during exercise had blood transfusion eyes keep watering and red had ecg but found shadow on lung hair loss primolut n care hair removal from chin home remedies hard bump interior wall of vagina hard lump in the center of my chest hard lump on 6 month olds thigh hard red sore vein behind knee hard sperm hard stomach in hiv patients hcg stomach cramps head and eyes feel weird headache after doing meth headache between the eyes remedy headache fever burning skin rash headache thirsty overweight shaky healing skin cancer naturally with bakeing soda heart attack or pulled back muscle height increasing instruments hello doctor im 30 m i think im suffering from pinworms hemoglobin 94 hereditary angioedema and chemo herniated disc and low body temperature hi bilirubin levels and metabolic disorders hi nicip tablet hienal hernia in the upper chest area what is this high blood pressure and a itchy throat high cholesterol 336 high sgot and ggt during pregnancy histiocytes uti hit on the leg and developed black spot hiv spots dark spots on penis hiv window period myth home remedies for pvc horners syndrome and visual disturbance how bad is triglycerides of 340 how dizzy do you feel with mastocytosis how do u get rid of boils on vagina how does stress affect hearing how long after dvla medical will i recive my l how long does nicotine stay in your system once you how long is radiotheraphy if underarm lymph nodes how to avoid primary complex how to avoid sygerine pregnancy how to control blood pressure in 8th month of pregnancy how to improve viscocity of sperms how to raise iron level in 2 weeks how to reduce cardiac enzymes level how to reduce sgpt levels in weeks how to treat lipoma with hiv hungover and blood in stool hydrocele coffee hymen post partum hyperextended pinky toe hyperhidrosis for 6 years old hyperinsulinemia nasal congestion hyperlipidemia miscarriage hypersensitive pneumonitis mucus blood hypertension ankle rash hysterectomy cervical polyps i am getting a rash on my chest and nipples i am skinny and want to bulk up i fell on my back and my stomach is bruised i get beating lumps on my neck i got sick and now i cant stop pooping i have a white kind of sticky kind of spot lump at the back i have had a blood test in spain the report states that 039 trigliceridos is 278 and high 039 any ideas what this is i have this achey soreness pain in the bottom of my stomach i have type 1 diabetes and am spitting up blood i missed my dose of meprate i put a hole in my eardrum with a qtip i ve been feeling sick for the past few weeks now i have st if cholesterol 278 what is tips if i get cancer throughout my body how long do i have to live if one has burning itching after ones period why if you get diabetes how long does it shorten your life at 18 iliofemoral ligament pain when standing im a 25 year old why am i so tired im burping always and feel always full what is the problem im pregnant and have mild dyskaryosis incontinence rowing machine increase absolute eosinophil count cough treat indigestion and pink sputum infant has bluish lump on breast infected toe with abcess inflammed oesophagus and zoloft insomnia and high wbc intestinal gas coming up to the stomach investigation of raised esr is a blood glucose of 113 good is air con bad for tonsillitis is asthalin allergic is cremadiet good for fissures is it bad to have splitting headaches everyday is it common to miss a period while on birth control is it normal for your heart to ache is it ok to have cat scan while ovulating is it right to take blood pressure medication if vomiting is itchy skin a sign of rsd is its normal for a 2 year old to have cloudy urine is left axis deviation in ecg a problem is my ldl 49 cholesterol too high is pot noodle ok for type 2 diabetic is susac syndrome genetic is taking nyquil too often dangerous iss this mintop is used for dandruff it hurts on the left side of my vigina when i pee it hurts when i breathe is it angina itching in left eye only itchy cracked skin near vagina itchy scalp and stroke itchy throat blood in phlegm itchy whitehead ive passed stool 5 times today and im 36weeks pregnant jaw soreness cigarettes keratolysis exfoliativa how to heal klebsiella pneumoniae and bad breath knee replacement causing seizures or deaths laser hair removal black dots left arm vein twitches left breast pain radiating in the left shoulder blade leg and foot pain unable to walk leukorrhea pregnancy symptoms lichen planus herpes light pink bleeding and peeing sensation after peeing lines in earlobes and heart disease lipocut slimming tablets lipoma headache nausea lips black after death little patches of kp on my forearms liv 52 cancer loprin 75 is safe to control cholesterol in the body loss of color in face after exercise low grade fever before hysterectomy low hemoglobin by looking at eyes lower right adominal pains constipation changes in bowel m lump changed from spongy to hard on leg lump in upper back due to muscle sprain lumps on dimples of back marfans syndrome and stretch marks maxillary nerve causing facial pain medical reasons for black palm medicine to increase pulse rate meloxicam flu metallic smelling burps metformin swollen gums meth user spitting up blood metrogyl taken with penicillin migraine bruising on legs mild cardiomegaly and exercise mirena and back pain and vomiting mitral valve prolapse and shouder pain mnemonics for dsm criteria moisturizing cream for genitals motion sickness after detached retina moxikind cv 625 mg tablet mri of lump behind knee mri side effects mucus ball inside mouth multiple large skin blisters multiple painful lump behind knee my follicular study report says rt ovary a cyst measuring my groin flakes scales my inflamed tonsils are bleeding my knuckle hurts but no sign of injury my nipple and alveola itches my nipples have a funny tasting discharge my penis tip is soar and hurts to pee my pennis hurts when i urine my sugar is 204 and i have a myocardial infarction the widow maker myositis and hot body mystery bruising on body nausea pain and dizziness with bowel movements negative effects of microgynon nerve pain relief in ear nerve trembling cause by depression neurobion forte drug neuroma on the tailbone neutrophils high weight loss newborn lumpy breasts nicotine and hyperthyroidism noise in ear pulsating non stop vaginal bleeding for 2 months normal level of thyroxine in blood in newborn norprolac and lower back pain numb ear blocked tube numb knee caps at night ocid 20 purpose odd rubber chunks in my poop on the hcg diet and feeling shortness of breath overly red lips oxy elite pro fasting oxyelite pro ncaa out of system oxyelite pro oily skin pain ache tighten anus pain after a erpc pain external urethral meatus pain in gentiles pain in lower left abdomen when walking pain in neck and throat behind left ear lobe pain in right abdomen when taking a breath pain in right breast and shoulder and heart palpitations pain in right side ribs and back weight loss pain in stomach feeling nauseous sweaty pain in tailbone and knee and calf pain in thigh and peeing a lot pain in upper arm with sudden movement pain relief for ls5 slip lower back painful black spot in mouth painful lump on toe painful throat on one side crunch painful zits in my armpit parasite human ear lobe paroxetine stomach problems passing black stone in stool passing clots urinary tract infection patient complaints with colostomy peanut smelling pee pectoral muscle lump male pain pepto bismol for oily skin per rectal bleeding in neonates perimenopause and bed wetting perimenopause qlaria period 10 days late and lower back painright side pain period no menstruation nuva ring period pains but no period cerazette periods after coming off micronor persistent thyroglossal duct pimples on inside thigh placenta previa and dizziness poked myself with staple is tetanus a concern polyp near vagina poor nutrition and low grade fever popliteal cyst ovary popping noise in head after cough post cotal bleeding and cervical cancer posterolateral anular tear pounding headache left temple queasy pounding headaches and nausea precautions of elephantiasis pregnancy 5th week blood in stool pregnancy blood pressure 113 77 pregnancy moniliasis presence of eh cysts in stool pressure and urinating fresh blood preventive measures for irregular periods prickly heat rash near hairline prickly pain in pubic area during pregnancy prostatism beta blockers psoriasis unani medicine pubococcygeus muscle pain during pregnancy puffy nipples steroids pulsating vein left nose purpose of allyoestrenol tablets pus cells 10 15 hpf in urine indicates hiv pus discharge from penis and burning sensation puss coming from cut in gum puss in gums r cinex for children rablet it antacid radiologic findings mild pelviectasia raised amalease random blood sugar of 74 random itching late in the day random purple bruising on body rash axilla groin rash from cat scratch rbbb genetic rbc in urine occ hpf rbc normal value semen reactions to accidental injection of insulin by a nondiabetic really bad stomach pain with very smelly stools reason that your urrine smells reasons for heart rate going to high too fast on stress echo rectal bleeding after a poop rectal rashes with sticky secretions and itching red blister on lower lip red blotches on vagina red dot with ring around it red dots mouth std red elbows allergic reaction to cortizon injection red marks on penus red poo from beetroot red sore skin on back red splotches on torso and chest after exercise red spots on skin arthritis reflux and swollen ankles reoccurance of tb resting pulse 130 restless legs sitting office desk swelling right side discomfort around liver area right side of my head to my forehead aches roofing shingle allergy runny nose sneezing after being in the sea runny nose watery eyes coughing and vomiting safe to take metoprolol hydrochlorothiazide mega red salty taste in mouth after coughing sats oxygen levels at 65 scab on penis after one day scrotal sac seam sed rate 120 sensation of warm hands and feet menopause severe lower abdominal pain when going to toilet severe pain in inner thigh sgot and tb medicine sgot level of 80 sharp superficial chest pains shifted disk l4 l5 shin bone numbness after a fall shooting meth and affects shortness of breath after smoking weed sick with 107 heartbeats per minute side effects measles vaccine at 9 months side effects of long term acitrom use single red spot glans sinus infection pins and needles siphene 100 use sizodon plus schizophrenia skin cracking at base of penis skin graft looks bumpy skin irritation from urine sleep disturbances vicodin slimy discharge at 37 weeks pregnant slimy stool during pregnancy small heart xray small nodular bcc on nose small sis in my throat smelling tobacco from nose smokeless tobacco histamines smoker having hard time breathing smoking and blood spit in morning sore mouth corner and throat hurts when swallow sore ribs in children sore throat bump inside lip neck pain sore throat ear ache dry cough nausea sore throat flesh coloured lumps sore throat white spot contiges sore tight chest high temperature sperm count after typhoid spinal stenosis lumbar region without neurogenic caudication