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pressure in left perineum leg pain painful period on left side and leg left leg pain when pooing left leg pain when trying to poop pain in left leg told im pregnant sharp shooting pain in left leg pain tingling left leg std leg pain throbbing upper left thigh pain in left leg when urinating left leg painful to walk on 5 weeks pregnant painin left leg red patch left leg poor reflex in left leg ramipril left leg remove water and swelling in left leg warm sensation in left leg sometimes sensitive skin on left upper leg left leg is shaking weak shaky left leg sudden shivering of left leg sore left testicle and leg spots on left leg yellow spot left leg throbbing left stomach to leg why is my left leg swelling tingling left leg and testicle my left leg tingles whats wrong tremors in left leg light yellow urine pain left side left neck sore lightheaded left side pain and lightheaded lightheadedness and pain under left rib ligiments pulled on left side symptoms pee smells like onions pain left lower stitch like pain lower left side needle like pain in left shoulder nettle like pain in left side lower left lip pulsating lower left lip shaking swollen lower left side of lip spasms in lower left lip lower left lip twitching numbness upper left lip and teeth left upper lip numbness left vagina lip numb vagina lips shooting pain on left side shooting pain on left lip of vagina pain in left side of vagina lip slight pain in left lip of vagina swollen left vagina lip painful pain in left vagina lip why is my left vagina lip pulsating upper left side of lip shakes top left lip wont stop twitching left lip twitching swollen left scapula region lipoma large lipoma left scapular lithium user numb left side popping under left ribcage little pain little spots on left palm minimal ptb left upper lobe ptb left upper lobe sharp spikes left temporal lobe left thyroid lobectomy symptoms nodule located under left rib stop loestrin witha week left loose motions vomiting sensation left stomach pain my left nut moves a lot left testicle has lots of veins low pulse left side neck throbbing on low pelvic left lymphoma lump on lower left rib moveable nonpainful lump lower left rib lump in left side lower neck tender lump on lower left throat pain in lower left pelvic area male lower left rib side pain in men menopause lower left sided pain moveable lower left rib left nipple lower than right lower left pain from paragard severe lower pelvis left thigh pain lower left side pelvic pain severe pain lower left rib when pressed pain and tenderness in lower left ribs left lower rib pain when touched pain in lower left ribcage lower sharp pain left side stomach pain in lower left side when swallowing throbbing pain in left lower side pain on left side of lower waist lower left stomach pain when touched tingling in lower left penis pressure in lower left side rib rumbling underneath my left lower rib ribs tender lower left side spleen lower left ribs sticking out squishy lower left rib swelling under the left lower ribs lower left rib tender to touch lower left rib wobbly why is left testis lower than right warm sensation left lower thigh skin yellowing lower left stomach ncp left lumbar pain lump in left lung pulled muscle lump left ribcage painless lump on left side of neck lump at left neck pulse neck small lump left side symptoms pain under sternum lump on left rib upper left stomach pain lump in throat painless lump on left shin painless lump on left side of throat painless lump in left side above waist sore on tongue left painless lump left pelvic lump pea sized lump on left side of pectoral top plum lump vagina on left side lump left side pregnant purple lump on left side of tongue lump on left rib lump on left side under ribs top left rib lump small stitch swollen lump on top of left rib toddler lump under left ribs lump on left side of scalp lump on left scapula lump left side of skull small lump on left side above waist soft lump on left side of spine lump on left side of tailbone vertical lump on left side of throat lump in tummy left side lump under skin upper left torso soft lumps above left testis lump left of spine stomach left lump tender unexplained lump above left temple lump in left upper throat white lump on left tonsil lump on top left of windpipe mild left side lung pain minimal ptb left upper lung left lung pain right muscle twitch soreness occasional left lung left paracardiac opacity in lungs palpitations over left lung left lung rattles and side pain sharp pain in left lung left lung pain for a smoker ptb left under lung wheezing sound in left lung tightness in left lung vertigo when lying on left side only vertigo when lying on left side left lymph node swollen sore in mouth lymph node left neck painful lymph nodes on left side swollen lymph node under left ribs lymph nodes left side of waist left supraclavicular lymph node swelling tender to touch left lymph node sinus makes left side numbness left ventricle widow maker left nipple pain male sore left nipple in male sore spot under left nipple male male left nipple stings peeing pain on left side male pain on upper left side males swelling male left pectoral left sideextra renal pelvis in male left pelviectasis in males male perineum swollen left side nicorette patch left red mark nicotine patch left a red mark stitches left marks on penis stomach upset with left ovarian mass left mastoid tip opacification terrible throbbing left mastoid process mild mucositis in left maxillary sinus left maxillary sinusmild to moderate mucosal thickening opacified left maxillary treatment mole under left nostril meaning left ovary msf means left ovary size is msf means what left ovary msf means what what does left s1nerve root mean thickening of mucus membrane left nasal swelling left temporal membrane left side twinge post menopause metallic taste left shoulder pain left side rib pain metformin numb left side meth meth and left testicle left shoulder pain post mi left middle toe numb stomach twinge left middle swollen upper left temple and a migraine mild numbness left side sharp pain in left ovary with mirena mirena and left side pain can tte mirena left side pain left overy pain miscarriage left ovary pain missed period mole under left nostril mole on left palm mons pubis left side swallen 6 month old protudingl left rib pain under left rib 8 months pregnant mottled skin left side left side mouth sluggish strange taste in left side of mouth swollen left tonsil nodule moves while swallowing left side paralysis but moving toe something moving under left ribs left tonsil moves when swallowing stabbing pain through left ribs with movement movement under left ribcage mri of left vallecula what is left ovary msf swelling and mucus left side of nose left sided throat pain with mucus twitching muscles left thigh and neck muscle pain above my left nipple numbness on left side muscles twitch pulsating pain in left pectoral muscle sharp shooting pain in left pectoral muscle stabbing pain in left pectoral muscle throbbing pain in left pectoral muscle left shoulder pectrol muscle pain left side muscle pain with vision problems muscle spasm in left pec left pectoral muscle spasm swollen left pectoral muscle left pectoral muscle twitch above left rib muscle spasms left side tightening of muscles twitching muscles left side left temporal muscle spasm left thigh muscle withering testicle problems mushy right swollen left nagging pain in my left thigh pain in my left toe nail left rib pain and nausea left rib pain and nausea in teen pulsating tissue left of navel left side neck pain near throat twitches near left ovary pain near left ribgage pregnancy pain on left upper side near ribs pain to left side near throat left side pain near tonguetonsil swollen left side near ribs left side of neck pulsating no pain no pulse in left side neck noticeable tendon left of my neck left side neck pulse pain left neck pain and spinning sensation upper left shoulder and neck pain tension pain in neck on left side pain in vein in neck left side left neck vein pain pea size swelling on left neck very sore neck left side pinch pressure in neck left neck tension left side protruding vein left neck vein pulsating rash on left side of neck left side neck thicker than right left side neck sensation vein wierd sensation on left neck vein in left side of neck sore left side neck strain vein swollen on left side of neck tension in left side of neck left side of my neck thicker throbbing vein in left side of neck vein left side neck twitches vein left side neck woke up left vein neck throbbing needle pin pain in left testis left thigh sudden needle poke pain pins and needles in left palm pins and needles left rib pins needles under left side rib pins needles left shynn pinched nerve in left pectoral pinched nerve in upper left rib throbbing nerve left side of vagina night sweats pain left side smelling urine pain from pleurisy under left nipple sharp pain above left nipple strange sensation from left nipple sharp spasm in left nipple tender under my left nipple left sholder pain relieved by nitro left testicle pain for no reason swollen left temple no pain nodule on left tonsil runny nose out of left nostril left sided nose pain left nostril sore and nostril numbness in left nostril why my left nostril is only running pain in left nostril serious pain in left nostril pain in left nostril and throat left nostril piercing and pcod left nostril plugged and tonsil sore stuffy left nostril tingling runny right sore scabby left nostril sore sensation in left nostril split in left nostril pain left pinky nuckle numbness in left palm only left temple pain and numbness upper left pec numb left side penis numb numbness pressure under left ribcage left side numb vagina second trimester numb upper left side of stomach throat tumor left side numb left side toes numb numbness on left side of vagina sudden numbness in left toe left nut sac swollen in pain stabbing pain in left nut my left nut is sore whats wrong left nuvaring in for six weeks odd shaped testicle on left side sphincter of oddi pain left side two year old rash left side having left testicle pain only while sleeping swollen vagina only on left side oral sti left tonsil swollen orange palms left side pain left side posterior osteophyte pain outer left wrist vein 1 ovary pain left pain recurrent stabbng pain in left ovary sharp pain in left ovary when sneezed sharp stinging pains left ovary left ovary and right uterine tube removed sol on left ovary white spots on left ovary why is my left ovary throbbing ovarian pain on left side tips pain left shoulder overeating puffiness over left ribs left pregnancy test overnight left testicular pain overuse left shoulder pain ovulation pain in left side spine pulsating pain left side painful pain pain in left palm pain in left palm when sad sharp pain left palm pain on left side of palm stabbing pain left palm paragard pain on left side pain in left part umbilical left pectoral pain and swelling left shoulder pectrol pain pain left side and yellow pee sharp left side pelvic pain why penis pain in the left side painful swelling above penis left side perimenopause and left rib pain physiotherapist pain in my left thigh left shoulder pain as pms symptom poking pain on left side of stomach left testicle pain while pooping left testicular pain when pooping pregant shooting pain in left shoulder pain in left temple pregnancy left shin pain when pregnant pregnant shooting pain left shoulder pregnant left side pain threw up pain in left side when pregnant pregnant pain left temple left upper quadrant pain and pressure prostatitis pain left ribcage pain on left side above pubic region pulsing left shoulder pain pain when pushing left side pain in left upper quad throbbing pain in upper left quadrant upper left quadrant pain with trouble urinating sharp shooting pain upper left quadrent quit smoking left side throat pain pain in tailbone radiating on left side left rib pain and rash razor sharp pains under left rib reflux and sharp left pain surah for stomach left side pain relief sharp shooting pain under left ribs stingy sore pain left shoulder and rib when smoking weed left side rib pain painful ribs tender to touch left side pain under left ribs when sitting pain in left ribs when standing sudden pain under left rib and thirsty sweats and pain under left rib throbbing pain in left rib left ribs touch pain vague pain under left ribs wind pain under left rib pain on left side of ribcage pain swelling and tenderness underneath left ribcage risperidone pain left side left spine scapula throbbing severe pain pain left scapula tachycardia treatment for pain under left scapula left scapula pain when walking sciatica pain in left shoulder self vomiting and left shoulder pain pain and shaking left thigh sharp pain left side shoulder left side vagina sharp pain sharp pain in left waist when sneezing upper left sharp spasmodic pain in stomache pain left testicle shiffering throbbing pain in left shin shooting pain left side of vagina shooting pain left thumb area shooting pains left wrist left shoulder pain and tremors pain in left shoulder when ungry pain in left side and sick painful sleeping left side left side pain when i smoke pain in left side sore to touch stabing pain in left side underarm stitch type pain in left side pain when i swallow on left side painful swelling left side of vagina throbbing pain on left side of throat pain throat left side touch pain under left side of tongue left side pain with urinating pain on left side when urination urinationabdominal pain left side left side pain in vagina pain above my waist left side young women left side pain zygomatic pain on left side tight pain in left sinus left testicle pain when sitting spasm pain in left temple left testicle pain yellow sperm stabbing pain in left thigh stabbing pain left waist stabbing pain in left wrist stabing pain in upper left thigh pain left of sternum swallowing pain from stomach to left testicals stomach pain tied to left testical sudden pain in left wrist left testical swallow pain pain in left testis throbbing pain in my left thigh left underarm throbbing pain unexplained pain in left wrist pain in the left wrist vessels pain in left wrist for women painless throbbing in left side of ribs left soft palate tissue tag ulcer in left soft palate swollen top left palate palpitation in left palm left part of palm throbbing my left palm smells swelling in left palm while walking throbbing vein in left palm palpations under left rib palpitations under left rib stroke left side paralysispain red purple patch on left testicle left pec sensitive to touch left pelvic region is sore prominence of left pelvicalyceal system splitting of the left pelvicalyceal system trace left renal pelviectasis purple spot on left penis ridge penis left side is soft swelling left side above penis pimple on my left side testicle pimple on left testical pin prick spot on throat left side left underarm pin pricks pinching sensation upper left ribcage left temple vein pops out and sore tww stitch left side pregnant 8 weeks pregnant throbbing left side pregnant and tingling on left side pregnant left side weakness pressure under left ribs right pressure is more than left pressure in left wrist prickly skin in upper left shoulder area prominent left side veins protruing stomach left side pus spots left side scrotum pulling sensation under left rib pulpitations in left side under ribs pulse left side ribs pulse under left rib pulse in left shoulder strong left thigh pulse pulsing vein left temple left side rib pulsating pulsating sensation in left temple pulsating on left side left side of the throat pulsating push on left side under rib tender swollen upper left quad raised vein on left temple rarely sometimes my left testacle stings rash on left rib toddler rash left side rash on left side of torso rash on left side of vagina rash on left side of waist left testicle sagging real stool left in rectum red sore area on left scrotum swollen left tonsil red veins showing red spots on left side of stomach red spot on left side at waistline redness to skin on left torso red spot on left tonsil sore to touch ribs left side tender to touch ribs left side left side ribs throb throbbing in upper left side under ribs tightness on left side under ribs left side warm under rib whats on left side under rib sore to touch skin at left rib sore spot on upper left rib left first rib sore to touch treatment for sore left ribs stiffness in left rib stress left rib area tender left rib swollen toddler toddler swollen under left rib tender under my left rib tightness under left rib uneasiness under left ribs what is under my left rib throbbing vein under left ribcage rumbling stomach tightness in left side under ribcage tightness under left ribcage varicose veins on left ribcage ricola left on tongue left shoulder is weaker than right left thyroid swelling more than right left scrotum rub against thigh sagging left scrotum surgery swollen left testicle and scrotum sting left second toe left temple twitch seizure warm sensation through left shoulder tingly sensation on left side spasm sensation in left temple warm sensation left of stomach weird sensation in left upper thigh shaky thumb left side shock on left shoulder veins visible on left shoulder stree test shows left ventriculomegaly skin sore on left side of stomach soft spot on the skull left side left side tonsil small sore spot left side above waist white spot on left side of stomach left side of tonsils white spots left side of throat stings stinging left side when wiping vagina throbbing stomach left side stomach thumps left side tightness in left side of stomach tingling in left side of stomach stomach weirdness left side white strip in left side of throat swelling of left side and vein swelling left side around waist left side of vulva swollen tender in left waist side tightness on left side of throat throbbing left side at waist tingling on left side of tongue tingling on left side of vulva veins visible on left side sore throat left sideface sore area left stomach swollen left tonsil and super thirsty transient swelling left supraclavicular swelling left of tailbone swollen vein in left waist throbbing vein in left temple tightening in left temple xray if left upper temporal area tender area left waist torsion of left testis vein in left testical warts on left testical tightness in left testicle left testicles has wrinkles why is my left thumb tingling whiteheads on left tonsil vaginal vacuum left in the vagina pain in leftside metallic taste in mouth restless legs and rash on lower leg painfull leg and leg rash weak legs and sore legs from running mass lesion in leg panderm plus lesions on leg pink lesion on leg raised lesion on leg lethargic stomach rib pain leg weakness leukemia right leg is swollen swollen legs from leukemia leg pain low sugar level low ptasium levels and leg swelling sharp pain when lifting leg legs squish testicles when i lift weights light spot on leg lightheaded shaky weak in the legs pain in lower legs and lightheadedness lightheadedness weak legs neck tightness lightheadedness weak legs pregnancy swelling of legs and lightheadedness rash on leg looks like sunburn leg spasms that look like seizures what leg thrombosis looks like sunburn like rash on lower legs pea like lump on toddler leg mole like a sore on my leg needle like pain on leg rashes spinning sensation like sea legs night sweats no strength in legs like rubber pin like pain in leg sharp pain like pinprick in leg sharp sting like pain in legs why are my legs shaped like parenthesis pimple like sores on toddlers legs small pin like rash on my leg pmple like on leg stinging like rash on leg sunburn like rash on legs welt like rash on legs sunburn like redness to the legs snake like skin on legs white lines on lower legs painfull red line on leg purple line on leg red line on upper leg lines under skin on legs white lines swollen legs leg swelling from lipoman stinky liquid oozing from my legs little puffed spot on my leg veins showing legs liver problems red spots on leg liver livogen and leg swelling lletz procedure pain in leg location of leg nodules leg lock up teen needle lodged in leg restless leg syndrome loestrin leg petechiae from sitting too long year long leg rash why do my legs look red snake skin look on legs loose motion with leg pain rashes in leg and loose motion loosing power in legs loosing strength in legs losartan medication and restless legs syndrome losartan and leg pain losartan and strange sensation in legs lose movement of legs losing power in legs lose strength in legs momentary loss of power in one leg sudden momentary power loss in leg sudden loss of power in my leg temporary loss of power in leg sudden loss of strength in legs temporary loss of use of legs lost muscle strength in legs suddenly temporarily lost power in leg painful spot on lowe leg pain in legs low sugar lump lower leg muscle lumps over veins in lower leg painless lumps in lower leg by shin painless soft lumps on lower legs lump on lower leg pregnancy red lump on lower leg lump on side of lower leg soft lumps under skin on lower leg lumps under the skin in lower leg lower leg soft tissue lumps 3 sore lumps on lower leg tender lumps to lower legs throbbing lower leg lump metal plate in lower leg pain lower leg pain in the morning red mottled on lower legs reddened mottled lower leg lower legs mottled scaling mottled skin and swelling on lower legs unable to move lower legs needly prickling lower legs nodule to lower leg while walking lower leg gets numb lower leg rash 3 year olds tinea versicolor on lower legs only onlywhite spots on lower right leg thickening of tendons on outer lower leg pulsating pain on lower leg ramipril lower leg pain lower right side stomach and leg pain lower leg pain rod lower leg scab pain sharp pain in lower leg 2 weeks pain in lower legs when standing lower leg pain and stiffness strange pain in a lower leg sudden pain lower leg sudden painless lower leg skin redness pale area on lower leg parapsoriasis on lower leg rednes son lower part of leg purple patch lower leg red patch on lower leg six red patches on right lower leg small red patches on lower leg permanent red rash to lower legs persistent tingling lower leg skin pigmentation lower leg pin prick rash under skin lower legs lower leg small red pin pricks red pinpoint spots on lower legs pitikii in lower legs pityriasis versicolor of lower legs pregnancy lower legs red pressure tightness in lower leg lower leg visible pulsating purple spot on lower leg pustules on lower leg red spoty rash on lower leg unexplained lower leg rash red ring around lower legs lower leg scaly red skin redness of skin on lower leg sore red spot on lower leg red splotches on lower leg splotchy red lower legs swelling red tender lower leg lower legs turning red and swollen ring around lower legs sock ring around lower leg white scabs lower legs warm sensation in lower legs and shins strange sensation lower leg warm sensations in lower leg shaving legs lower testosterone lower leg swelling tight shiny sinus weak lower legs tight skin on lower legs skin wheals on lower legs small welts lower legs swollen lower leg sore to the touch tender spots on lower leg yellow spots on lower legs lower leg swelling tenderness tight unexplained lower leg swelling swollen lower leg symptoms lower leg tight and swollen temporary weakness in the lower legs tender lower leg when walking why are my lower legs tight lower leg tiredness tingling twinge in lower leg lower leg gets warm lukemia swollen legs remedies lummp on toddlers leg lump where leg meets torso lumps in legs mono movable lump in leg soft movable lump in leg lump under leg skin that moves moveable lump on leg painful moveable lump in leg mri for lump on leg mri results leg lump lump next to vagina near leg lump in right leg near the testicles lump in leg near shin lump on leg near testicle lump near vagina and leg lump on leg pins needles leg lump no pain soft lump on leg with no pain lump on leg for no reason lump noticable on leg when standing numb lump on leg 5 year old with lump on leg lump size of orange on leg lump with pain right outer leg tiny white lump over vein in leg tender lump on top of leg overnight painful peasize lumps top of legs tender leg pain red lumps sudden painful lump in leg small painless lump on shin of leg lump on upper leg size of pea lumps in leg and pregnancy squishy lump in leg pregnancy prostate lump in leg rash and lumps on legs red lumps on legs red swollen lump on leg tender red lump on leg red lumps on legs of toddler rheumatologic lump on leg lump at top of scrotum leg lump on leg and septicemia small lump on shin of leg small lump in leg just under skin lump on leg under skin small surface lump in leg vein small lump on leg when tensed soft lump in upper leg vaginal lump sore leg warm sore lump leg warm spot lump on leg lumps on leg with white spots lump on leg stinks swelling lump in leg lump on teenagers leg throbbing lump on leg thyroid and lump in leg lump on toddlers leg lump on leg warm to touch lump in leg and vagina warm lump on leg white lump on leg lumpy veins in leg of young male lumpy thickened skin on leg lungs and sore legs lutenyl pain in legs swollen lymph nodes leg pain lymph nodes in upper leg restless legs and lymphoma lyphatic system in legs macrocytosis numbness in leg can medications make your legs become weak medicines making legs weak sittinog on stool makes legs numb can smoking make your legs weak my legs smell male smoke marijuana and my legs shake red marks all over my legs red pin marks on legs purple mark in leg reddish purple marks on legs red mark on leg red marks on legs while sleeping red warm mark on leg red marks on women legs scratch marks on legs sratch marks in legs marks on upper legs marvelon pill swallowing leg leg pain from pancreas mass squishy mass on leg massive leg pain at night leg nerve pain mastocytosis mauve patches on legs mauve pink spots on legs mcad and leg pain numbness in legs from taking mdma mdma and leg pain mockled legs what does it mean mole on leg means what does mottled skin on leg mean what does mottled legs mean what does pain in leg mean what does pulsating in leg mean what do red splotches on leg mean what does tingly leg mean what mean when your legs get warm what does weak legs mean can measles start on legs medical term for nervous shaking legs medical red spots and swollen legs medical white scabs on legs nail in the leg medicine soframycin medicine for large pimple on leg medicine twisted leg syndrome medicine for twisted leg pain where leg and vagina meet where the torso and leg meet where leg meets vagina melanoma in toes scalp and leg prognosis pimples on legs of men menieres and numbness of the leg parfalcine meningioma leg pain torn menisucs legs numb weak legs is this part of menopause menopause symptoms pulsating legs weak legs in menopause unbearable pain in leg with menstruation pain in your leg mercilon metal plate in leg pain tips removing metal plate from leg metal plate in leg and sunbeds metal rod in leg and tanning leg swollen from rusty metal metformin spots on legs open pores meth legs stain purple legs on meth meth and restless leg symdrome tingling legs from smoking meth meth sores on legs meth and leg swelling tingling in legs meth use methotrexate and leg painswelling pains in legs while on methrotrexate metoprolol and rash on legs micobacterium weakens leg muscles tingling in legs microgynon red sore white middle leg pregnant red ring on leg with white middle red sore white middle leg migraines and swelling of leg minor tremor in legs miscarriage with severe leg pain miscarriage and sore legs sore legs and missed period missing veins in leg leg pain and mitral valve prolapse mitral valve legs weak mohanlal legs are small mold on legs from razor new mole on leg purple mole on leg leg pain from mono mono rash on legs legs numb 9 months pregnant when walking 5 month old scratches her legs 3 month postpartum leg pain leg swelling 3 months postpartum leg shock 8 months pregnant sores spreading 2 months legs moon shaped rash on legs leg out of socket in morning tingling in legs in morning morphea and leg muscle twitches morphea and leg weakness 2 year old mottled leg skin weak legs with purple mottled skin transient mottled rashes on legs red mottled skin on legs mottled skin on legs when standing rash on legs nd mouth leg and mouth sores does nerve pain in legs move around nodule on leg that moves sharp stabbing pain moving up leg pain in legs moving toes sensation of moving in legs moves legs while sleeping my veins in my legs move movement in my leg mri of the leg thoracic mri leg pain leg stents and mri safety stents in legs and mri leg shocks pin prick ms spots with mucus on leg multiple small nodules on legs multivitamins for swollen legs leg muscle nerve twist pain muscle pain in legs for no reason popping noise in leg muscle painful leg muscle temple vein pain muscles in leg pulsating pain skin rash on legs with muscle pain right leg muscle and vagina pain muscle pain and swelling in legs thigh pain and leg muscle twitch stomach muscle peak when legs raised swollen vein penis muscles legs